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Holding a poll, I am at lost for a name for this story.

Kendall is a well-mannered college student.  But secretly, she craves an alternative rock lifestyle and likes to go by the nick name Kenny.  But… it is a lifestyle her parents do not approve of.  She hides her alter ego Kenny from her parents at night.  And by day is Kendall; a reserved and polite young lady.  Will she be able to be her true self and achieve her dream knowing her parents would disown her?  Or be respectful and honor her parents and their wishes.

Episode 1: Kendall? Kenny?

Kendall has finished up her college classes for the day as she walks through campus heading to her dorm.  When she gets home she immediately changes out from her school clothes, an ironed white collar blouse and pale pink knee length skirt.   She takes out her braid and pulls it up into a nice bun securely fastens by a few hair clips and into her green scrubs.  She then grabs an apple and a backpack and leaves for the hospital.  After putting her stuff in a locker in the break room she clocks into the computer and logs her hours for her college nursing program and begins her intern routine.  She goes over the previous nurse’s shift notes and heads to greet a patient in one of the hospital rooms.  She checks and records his vitals and checks his stitches that he received during his appendix surgery. 
“Everything looks good Mr. Wahn, hopefully you will be discharged tomorrow morning.  We want to make sure you are cleared of infections before you leave, so let us know if you have any discomfort, okay?”
Mr. Wahn, nods his head and drifts off into a nap.  Kendall continues her route, checking patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature, making notes in their charts and notifying the doctor for any inconstancies.  After a few hours into her shift, she goes on her lunch and eats her apple.
“I’m so glad that this month, all I have to do is monitor and prepare discharge for patients, last month in the ER was so intense!”
Flashback to a time where she was cleaning up laceration on a grown man’s leg till blood starting squirting out, he became nauseas and ended up throwing up on her.
“May the power of Christ compel you…” goes through her mind.
After her break, she continues her routine for the rest of the evening.  As she logs out of the computer, recording the credits she’s earn for tonight shift, she heads to the locker room, changes into an all-white uniform and makes her way down to the hospital kitchen. There, she grabs her clock-in sheet and begins to work her part time job.  She prepares dinner meals, beverages, and dessert for patients making sure to follow chart orders that may require any special diet or food restrictions.  She looks to see what floors she is schedule to deliver food and takes the elevator and steps out walking while pushing a cart full of food and drinks in and out all the patients rooms.  Once she is completed with dinner service, she heads into the kitchen and goes over the menu with the head chief.
“I was thinking of making cannoli’s tonight for tomorrow night’s dessert, what do you think?” 
Chef nods.
“That sounds great; I can’t wait to try one for myself!  I’m impressed with your baking skills.  Let me know if you need any help, otherwise I’ll begin prepping tomorrow mornings breakfast.”
“Thank you Chef!” Kendall replies and she begins grabbing utensils and mixing bowls.
Later on, she is on the last try of cannoli’s and starts stacking them in the refrigerator. Chef pops his head around the corner.
“Great job getting those done by yourself, you can head home.  Also, we had leftovers from dinner, I made doggie bags, make sure to grab one and thanks again for picking up tomorrow night’s shift as well!”
“No problem! Thank you Chef!  I could use the extra hours. Have a good night and see you tomorrow.”
She stacks up the last of the cannoli’s, grabs a doggie bag, and clocks out and heads to the break room to grab her belongings.  It’s pretty late but for some places the party is just getting started, and she thinks to herself “Perfect timing to meet up with everyone!” and rushes to her dorm.  As she enters, she kicks off her shoes, drops her backpack down by the front door and goes to her bedroom where at the end of the bed is a locked trunk.  She unlocks it and starts going through it.
“Ooooo, what to wear tonight!?”
As she looks trying to decide, she starts eating the leftovers.  After a few minutes, she finally makes a decision.  She pulls out a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, red tank top, fish net off the shoulder crop top, and leather combat boots.  She also grabs a makeup bag and a jewelry box and takes out a spiked choker necklace and safety pin earrings.  She puts on her makeup, foundation and contour, does a bold winged liner and mascara, fire engine red lipstick, and fills in her eyebrows.  Once she get dressed and accessorized, she grabs a leather jacket from her trunk and closes and locks it.  As she makes her way to the front door she takes her out her bun and shakes her long, mocha brown hair and with a smirk on her face says to herself:
“Watch out everyone, Kenny is coming out tonight!”

Figured I still continue working on this story, in hopes it comes together, and its something to do....

Episode 2: Into the Night

It’s late at night and Kenny is strutting down the street to The Rex night club to meet with her friends.  The Rex club is not like any 18+ club/ bar, it has a vintage punk-rock look and feel, where people tend to wear a mix of anything from glam rock to gothic.  It’s just around the corner and you can hear the music thumping, its 90’s alternative rock playing tonight.  She makes her around the corner, excited as 90’s rock music is one of her favorite genre to listen to.  She approaches the Club and greets the bouncer with a simple smile.
“Hey Javier”
“Hey Kenny, figured you be here tonight.  Mia and Mickey got here a bit ago.  Also that quiet guy…” Javier squinting his face and shaking his head.
With a laugh Kenny response “That’s Rodney!  You should know that by now!”
“The guy freaks me out, he never says anything, and has half his face covered with hair!”
“He’s harmless!  I’ll see ya later Javier!” and with one last chuckle she walks into the club.
She walks pass the bar that’s to the right of her, and to the left is the dance floor and stage where the DJ is set up. There’s quite a bit of people on the dance floor, few of them head banging, few girls dancing in a group together, and of course the drunken couple grinding up on each other.  Kenny thinks to herself “get a room” and snickers as she makes it to the seated area.  She spots Mia from behind with her pink hair up in a ponytail wearing and fitted black dress and red converse shoes.  She sneaks up behind, wrap her arms around her shoulders “I made it!!!!”
“Ahh, Kenny!  You scared me!  About time, didn’t think you were gonna make it!  We got a table towards the back, Mickey and Rodney are there.”
They head towards the back and finds Mickey and Rodney sitting there, in silence.  Rodney is into the music, nodding his head to the beat with his eyes closed, his black emo hair swooshing all around in front of his face.  He rarely ever talks, Mia saw him at the club one night, by himself, and decided to invite him to our table.  Mia is very honest girl and when she saw Rodney’s poor dye job on his hair she offered her saloon service to help him out.  Since then he’s become a solid friend, he’s taken Mickey and Mia home numerous time after they’ve partied too hard, and when he does talk, its mainly about music.  Kenny glances over and Mickey, who seems bored, looks like he rather be in bed than here.
“What’s wrong Mickey?” she asks.
Mickey runs his hands through his navy blue hair
“I should be asleep… I have an early day tomorrow.  I took a new client today and we have to go over his meal and workout plan.  But no, my evil twin wouldn’t leave me alone, and you know how she is!”
Mia pops over “I’m not evil!  You made plans to come out tonight!  You can’t bail!”
Mickey trying to keep his cool “I know, but tomorrow morning was the only time I had with this new client, we come here all the time anyways, what’s the big deal missing one night…”
“I’ll tell you the big deal Mickey!  We made plans! End of story!  Stop being lame!  Did you forget your protein shake today?!” Mia says sarcastically as she crosses her arms and turns up her nose.  Mickey starts turning red.
As Mickey and Mia start arguing, Kenny turns to Rodney “They are the worst set of twins, only Mia and can get him this angry...  At least it’s entertaining.” Rodney nods in agreement and they both continue to giggle at Mia and Mickey’s bickering.
She takes off her leather jacket and sets it behind the chair.  She starts enjoying the music and starts people watching, this time avoiding the drunken couple on the dance floor.  As she’s glancing around her green eyes catches a guy leaning up against the bar starring at her with a subtle smile on his face, then quickly looks away.  She’s never seen him before, he must be new.  He is dressed very casual for a unusual bar, with blue jeans and a white button up, but a few of the top buttons left unbutton to show a little of his chest, and he has beautiful dark brown eyes and hair.  “He could be a model” she thinks to herself.  “What is he doing here at a place like this, and was he checking me out?”  As she still starring in his general direction, watching from the corner of her eye, he glances at her again with a soft, gentle smile again.  She caught him this time and he turns his head down and laughs a little.  She gets a little bit of butterflies when he stands up straight and starts making his way towards her.  Mia and Mickey are still bickering in the background, and Rodney is still in his own little music world but once they see him approaching Kenny at their table they all unanimously go silent and turn their heads at them.  Kenny sits up straight in her chair, wide eye, wondering what this guy wants.  He extends his hand out and says
“Hi, I’m Ren.”

Yep, still writing this.  Enjoy? 

Episode 3
Ren the “Serial” Killer? ;)

“Hi. I’m Ren.” as he extends his hand out to Kenny.
“Kenny, nice to meet you.” She’s a little hesitant, on guard, not sure what type of guy he is.
“Can I buy you a drink?” He says bashfully, acting a little intimidated.
“I’m not 21 yet” Ren starts turning a red from embarrassment “Sorry… well it was nice to meet you.” As he starts to turn to walk away and return to his spot at the bar, Mia nudges Kenny and whispers in her ear “Dude, he’s hot!  Talk to him!” and pushes Kenny off her chair making her stumble into Ren’s back.
“I’m so sorry, I must have tripped out of my chair… um, how about a soda, I’m thirsty anyways.” She says to Ren and takes his arm to head towards the bar, not before shooting a quick death glare to Mia.  Mia happily stands there wavy goodbye.  She and Ren get to the bar, and he orders 2 sodas.  “You don’t have to get one because of me.”
Ren grabs both drinks, handing one to her. “No its okay, I just turned 21 myself, I’m not a big drinker.” And take a sip
Kenny is intrigued by this guy.  She wants to know a little about him.  She’s not one to be rude to someone new, and he doesn’t seem to be a serial killer either.  Not yet anyways. “So, where are your friends at?”
Ren leans up on the bar “To be honest I don’t really have any, I go to school full time and currently interning at the hospital, and I do volunteer work when I’m not studying.  This is my first night out in a long time… I was out for a walk and heard the music, so I thought I check it out, I’m more of a classic rock type guy, but I had my grunge phase.”  She’s impressed.  Also, he’s interning at the hospital, she wonders if it’s at the same one she’s interning at.
“Wow, that’s impressive, I can tell you’ve never been here” gesturing at his attire.  “What do you do at the hospital?”
 “Oh, I’m in the surgical center.  I have about 2 years left in my acceleration program.”
Her eyes grow wide. “Wow, you’re enrolled for the acceleration program, not a lot of students make it into that program in college! No wonder I don’t see you around, those must be crazy hours at the hospital, and on top of that lectures and homework!”
“Thank you!  You seem you know a lot!  May I ask what you do?”
She stares blankly at Ren.  She doesn’t want to indulge into her complicated personal life with someone she just met.  Thinking fast to respond with a generic answer the DJ announces “LAST CALL!”  Phew, saved by the… yell. 
“Sorry Ren, that’s my Que.  It was nice meeting!”  As she steps away from him to head back to her table to see off her friends, Ren comes to her side.
“Can I walk you home it’s late!”
She’s a little saddened when he mentioned he had no friends, and given how busy his schedule is it makes sense.  So why not invite him. “Ren, I haven’t determined if you’re a serial killer yet,” she smirks, “but if you have any free on Saturday, come hang with us here, they have a band playing that night.”  Ren looks at her taresen (blue in shock), thinking to himself “She thinks I could be a serial killer.”
“You seem like a nice guy, odd, but nice.  Hope to see you Saturday, goodnight!”
And with that she follows Mia, Mickey, and Rodney as they make their way to the door.
Ren standing near the table they were sitting, rubs the back of his neck.  Proud to have some courage to speak to a girl he notices her leather jacket on the chair.  He grabs it and dashes out the front door of the club.  Looking around outside, he doesn’t see Kenny or her friends anywhere.  “Till we meet again, Kenny.”
Kenny gets back to her dorm room.  She takes her shoes off, grabs them and heads towards her bedroom.  She grabs her PJ’s, a gray blank t-shirt with cotton shorts, from her dresser and changes out of her ripped black jeans, red tank with fish net crop top, and jewelry, folds them nicely and puts it away in her trunk at the end of the bed, locks it and places the key under the mattress.  She plops on the bed and gets under her white with delicate flower pattern blanket, and looks at her alarm clock. “I have to be up in 3 hours for class.  Good thing I completed my homework assignments earlier this week.  And then meet with my parents for lunch before I head to the hospital...” She rubs the front of her head getting a headache.  She creates a mental checklist for meeting with her parents tomorrow.  Ironed collard blouse, no pattern, no outrageous color, absolutely no wrinkles, can’t be tight, and not baggy, maybe black but that might be too dark.  Also, need to wear skirt just pass the knees, no wrinkles, maybe navy blue, and pair with the white button up.  She takes a pause from her mental check list. “Ren was wearing a white button up tonight.  Wait why am I thinking about him?!  Ugh, just admit to yourself, he’s hot, liked your look, and wanted to buy you a drink.”  She turns into an 11 year old, giggling school.  “Snap out of it, I doubt he’ll make it Saturday with his schedule, plus, I just met the guy!  I wonder if he attends the same college I do… I’m thinking about him again…” As she rolls over to her side, she manages to clear her mind, takes a few deep breathes, and drifts off into dream land.

Develop Your Story / "Red Room/ The Victims" Story idea UPDATED STORY
« on: February 10, 2019, 04:08:19 PM »
I have this story idea.  I think it would be nice to get some feedback.  Its a little dark but it could be an interesting comic.  Looking for your thoughts.  This is a rough outline of my story idea!  So I'm gonna take a leap and see what happens.  I am very nervous about this, but I got to get over that.  Sorry, its this is unpolished.  I am going to clean this up as time goes on, but I figured I'd start here.  My goal is to make this into a manga/ comic one day.  I am currently writing out the rest of the story and eventually write it into a script/ storyboard type format.

(((((UPDATE STORY)))))

This is a story is about a girl, a blonde hair, green eye beauty who is about to graduate high school.  Out on the weekend with her friends, they attend a concert.  What seems to be a care free fun night and letting the music take her away; she gets separated from her friends.  Knowing them, they most likely met some boys.  Before she starts to look for them again she uses the little girl’s room.  As she looks in the mirror touching up her makeup, in the corner of her eyes one of the bathroom stall doors opens slowly.  Before she can turn around to see what's going on, a figure leaps out and bashes her in the head.

She wakes up dazed and confused in a small room tied up to a chair, unable to move her hands and feet, just her head.  How did she get here?  How long has she been out for?  Her head hurts and her body aches.  She looks around the room.  Above her is a red light bulb and the entire room is lit in red.  There is also a table in front of her with many items including a saw, needles, knifes, pliers, and a blow torch.  Next to those items is a laptop and camera setup. She notices the camera is recording and also what appears to be a chatroom of some type on the computer screen.  But she can't see what is being said on the screen.
A heavy set man walks in, wearing a partial black mask where you can only see his deep socket black eyes and greasy spiked up hair.  Now known as Spike, he goes to the computer and starts talking about his "guest" and who is the current highest bidder is.  She is still confused, starts crying, pleading to be let go.  The man turns around and tells her "Congratulations, the highest bidder wants a good show tonight."
Spike makes his way the table of weapons, slowly tracing his finger over each item, the needles, the knife, saw, until he stops at the pliers.  As Spike grabs them, he makes his way to the girl.  She starts screaming, yelling for help!  Spike moves behind her and starts laughing, covers her mouth, looks at the camera and whispers into her ear "You’re not going to like this, but we are... let the show begin" and proceeds to yank out her nails with the pliers. 
The modern version of the snuff movie, a Red Room is a live stream of the torture and murder of a person for the entertainment of others.
After a few more bids inflicting torture (pouring chemicals into her freshly ripped off nails, branding her in the arm) Spike takes a break. He goes into the wash room that is attached to the red room and cleans off some blood around his face, takes a drag of a cigarette before the final bid is made for the big finale, her death.  As she is crying, and in pain, knowing what fate is to come, she starts singing.  It’s her coping mechanism, which is odd, but she needs to find peace before her demise.  As Spike walks back in, he hears her sings and is impressed. “Too bad to see such talent be wasted, but the show will go on.”
As Spike moves towards the chatroom with excitement to see who the highest bidder is and what tools and technique to use to execute her, he sees an overwhelming amount of bids!  Reading many messages, one bidder wants her tongue pulled out, another bid for her to sing while being stabbed, but there is an overwhelming amount of bids to force her to sing otherwise pain is to be inflicted. Finally, Spike finds the highest bidder; the amount he is paying is the most he has ever seen!  Accepting the amount and reading his request, Spike becomes very intrigued.  An offer and partnership has been proposed.  Spike is puzzled, this never happens, it seems the Bidder is infatuated with her.  Is this a trick?  The money offered is unrealistic, but the payment went through!  Spike has a decision to make that could back fire, or yet, be a set up. Even if it could have been a set up or the authorities, they wouldn't have enough money to do what had just happened.  No, the Bidder is a powerful man, with a plan.
“Looks like it’s your lucky day Songbird.”  The Bidder and Spike have come to an agreement to keep her around and try out a new business venture in the dark web world.  Spike comes up to the camera, and tells his audience "to be continued" and cuts off the live stream.  Spike grabs one of the needles from the table and stabs her into the neck.  As she screamed her world goes black.  Over the next 24 hours Spike and the Bidder goes over details, income, and what the Bidder wants to accomplish.  Songbird is their slave.  Bidder is a rich and sick powerful man that runs many gangs around the world for human trafficking.  He sets up monthly meetings at different locations ranging from restaurants to casinos conference halls, with security monitoring the build and doors.  Spike is the keeper, something different and new for him.  He’s been doing the red room thing for a while now, and is craving higher status in the dark web world and to make more money to achieve some personal goals.
The Bidder gets restless of the same ol' boring meetings.  Songbird will be preforming at conferences where these men and woman meet up to discuss kidnappings, weapons, human trafficking, and the secret underground world that provides to the dark web.  The Bidder wants to provide entertainment to not only himself, but to his guests and provide a welcoming environment for future clients.  He has provided a new environment with his clients during meetings and now parties, such as illegal gambling. The underground world is enjoying it, the Bidder is playing his cards right, coming closer to being the boss of an organization he has long and desired for.  What is the Bidder’s desire, what does he have up his sleeve?
While Spike has Songbird in the red room till she is needed for entertainment purposes, he lives streams, forcing her to perform for certain dollar amount.   Songbird is threaten that if she escapes, seeks/ asks for help, or does not comply; she will be tortured or meet her ultimate fate.  As time goes on, the Bidder and Spike "recruit" others to form a band.  The Bidder hires people to go out to bars, small venue concerts to find a drummer and guitarist, now known as Stix and Strings.  A behind the scenes look of how kidnapping works and how the victim’s identity has been torn away from them and sold into modern day slavery.  They are locked away next to Songbird and forced to practice.  Some “customers” in the live streams like to set them up to fail, sometimes having them hooked up for electrical shock if they miss a beat or off key.
Stix is a young talented drummer and has just graduated from high school.  He decided to take a year off and travel with his band to play at any venues.  Hoping they would be offered a music deal one day.  One night after playing at a small concert hall, him and the band head next door to the local bar and set up their booth to sell merchandise.  A gentleman approaches him, with false information, about being a manager at a record label and how they need a drummer to lay down some beats for an upcoming solo artist.  Stix agrees to meet up the next day, ecstatic to go over a contract, compensation, and free hours in a recording booth.  The gentleman offers a courtesy service to pick him up to which he gratefully obliges to, only to be drugged with chloroform during the ride and wakes up in his own red room.
Strings attends a fine arts college to peruse a degree in painting. He also has a part time job at night playing guitar in the back ground at restaurants and wineries.  Little does he know that he is being stalked.  After a late night playing at a restaurant, he is abducted.  A black SUV with 3 men pulled up behind and yanks him in.  He fights back swinging his guitar case at the abductors and manages to break the back window.  He takes his chance and starts crawling out the back window, receiving deep cuts from the broken glass. Before he is able to break free and jump out of the moving vehicle, 2 of the men grab him, pull him back in and bash him over the head, knocking him out.  When he wakes up, the room is lit in red.
A rich man, who owns many luxurious hotels, is secretly a leader of a gang involved with human trafficking, a “friendly” competitor of the Bidder.  Lux holds meetings at his own conference halls at many of his hotels, where innocent people stay and have no clue this type of stuff goes on right under their noses, hiding in plain sight from everyone. he is holding these private meetings, going over requests from cults, brothels, red rooms, who are looking for certain types of men, woman, age, color, race, and so on.  Coming up with estimates and forming hunting parties to travel out into the world to find these people that have been requested.  But at the same time this hotel owner gives the appearance of being a charming, hardworking, smart businessman.  Impressed with how the Bidder runs his business, even having hos people sent out to find his drummer and guitarist, Lux seeks to hire the Bidder's band, now known as The Reds to perform at one of his clients Brothels on occasion. He takes his party of rich friends and other clients to show them a good time and to spend plenty of money at these brothels.  He notices at these brothel parties that a few people have their eye on Songbird.  Lux asks Spike about selling her out after preforming.  Spike declines proposals for her, knowing she could get killed, and he is not ready to lose his investment, at least that soon.  Lux may need to steal this idea from the Bidder and Spike, or yet, why not steal her?
What will happen to Songbird and the others?  Will they be forced to do this for their rest of their life?  Are they going to fight back?  Will they escape or be hunted, tortured, and killed?  Or give in to become one of them.....


Story is about a girl.  She wakes up dazed and confused in a small room and she is tied up to a chair.  She looks around, it has a red light bulb, so the room is lite in red, there is also a table in front of her with many items including a saw, needles, knifes, pliers, a blow torch.  As well as a laptop and camera setup.  She notices the camera is recording and also what appears to be a chatroom of the type on the computer screen.  Then a man walks in, wearing a mask.  He goes to the computer and starts talking about his "guest" and who is the highest bidder.  She is still confused, starts crying, pleading to be let go.  The man turns around and tell her "Congratulations, the highest bidder wants a good show tonight" and he starts to pull off her nails with the pliers.  The modern version of the snuff movie, a Red Room is a live stream of the torture and murder of a person for the entertainment of others.  After awhile of torture, the man takes a break before the big finale.  As she is crying, knowing what fate is to come, she starts singing.  Its her coping mechanism, which is odd, but she needs to find peace before her demise.  As the man walks back in, he hears her sing.  He is impressed, but moves to the chatroom to see who the highest bidder is and what tools or technique to use to execute her.  Well... everyone in the chatroom loved her voice.  Odd, this has never happened before, they really don't want to waste that talent!  The man see's the highest bidder and is intrigued by his request.  Looks like its her lucky day.  The highest bidder and the man have come to an agreement to keep her around.  They have come to an agreement to try something new in the dark web world.  She is their slave, she will perform at meetings, conferences, where these men and woman meet up to discuss kidnappings, weapons, human trafficking, the secret underground world that provides to the dark web.  Guess you can say, to provide entertainment to  these business men.  They keep her in the red room, live streaming, forced to perform there as well, threatened if she escapes, seeks help, or does not do as told, she will meet her fate.  As time goes on, the bidder and the man "recruit" (kidnap) others to join her to form a band.  Going to bars, small venue concerts, finding a drummer, and guitarist.  Forming the band The Victims.  What will happen?  Will they be forced to do this for their rest of their life, fight back knowing they will be hunted, tortured and killed, or give in to become one of them.....

Tips and Tutorials / Any tutorials for Clip Studio Art?
« on: January 21, 2019, 11:04:37 AM »
I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for tutorials, tips, and tricks for Studio Clip art?  I am new to the program and having difficulty learning it.  Hoping someone can recommend youtube videos and ects.  Also, what are your thoughts?  Do you like the program or is there others I should look into, pro's/con's?  I would love your thoughts and feedback!

Manga Art Gallery / A little Rustee: Drawing Gallery
« on: January 16, 2019, 12:40:57 PM »
So, it has been about 10 years since I've drawn manga.  When I started, I was consistent for about a year or 2, but for some reason, I stopped.  I wonder how my skills would be today if I didn't stop.  Here are my first attempts, I did follow tutorials on youtube for guidance, I have a hard time trying to create my own drawings, I'm not good with angels and shading.  My drawing skills are poor and always have been, unless I have something to guide me.  Also, I have tried digital art... ekk!  I decided this will take some time to learn, so I started by focusing on the eye.  I'm more of a writer than drawer, but I thought I share my milestones.

Welcome Center / Hi everyone! I am new and excited to be here!
« on: January 15, 2019, 02:05:53 PM »
I have never done this before, so I'm a little nervous.  So I copied this to help get me started.

01. Your real Name: Rustee (its a nick name)
02. Gender: Female
03. How did you find the forum ( Google, FaceBook, Hi5, Other Forum etc ): google
04. You are an artist, writer , just Manga/Anime Fan or Webmaster
05. Your Age: You don't ask a lady her age
06. Where are you from ( Country, City ) Oregon, America
07. Your Favorite Manga and Anime: Too many! Black Butler, Attack on Titan, right now I am into webtoons!
08. Your others interests / Hobbies: Softball and Halo
09. what you like to do in forum .. ( Post your drawings, Stories, Talk about Manga/Anime etc ): I would like to write a comic series and post onto webtoons.  I have a bunch of story ideas, and characters, that I want to share!  Buuttttt..... I lack in drawing and digital art....  I really would like to find a team mate, who will take this journey with me one day.  But for now, I am looking to better myself, my ideas, and hopefully help others as well (tho I may not have much to offer right now).

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