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Develop Your Story / "Red Room/ The Victims" Story idea
« on: February 10, 2019, 04:08:19 PM »
I have this story idea.  I would be interested to see what people think about it.  I feel like its a little dark.  I think it could be an interesting comic.  Looking for your thoughts, or see if there is something similar out there.  This is a rough outline of my story idea!  So I'm gonna take a leap and see what happens.  I am very nervous about this, but I got to get over that.  Sorry, its this is unpolished.  I am going to clean this up as time goes on, but I figured I'd start here.

Story is about a girl.  She wakes up dazed and confused in a small room and she is tied up to a chair.  She looks around, it has a red light bulb, so the room is lite in red, there is also a table in front of her with many items including a saw, needles, knifes, pliers, a blow torch.  As well as a laptop and camera setup.  She notices the camera is recording and also what appears to be a chatroom of the type on the computer screen.  Then a man walks in, wearing a mask.  He goes to the computer and starts talking about his "guest" and who is the highest bidder.  She is still confused, starts crying, pleading to be let go.  The man turns around and tell her "Congratulations, the highest bidder wants a good show tonight" and he starts to pull off her nails with the pliers.  The modern version of the snuff movie, a Red Room is a live stream of the torture and murder of a person for the entertainment of others.  After awhile of torture, the man takes a break before the big finale.  As she is crying, knowing what fate is to come, she starts singing.  Its her coping mechanism, which is odd, but she needs to find peace before her demise.  As the man walks back in, he hears her sing.  He is impressed, but moves to the chatroom to see who the highest bidder is and what tools or technique to use to execute her.  Well... everyone in the chatroom loved her voice.  Odd, this has never happened before, they really don't want to waste that talent!  The man see's the highest bidder and is intrigued by his request.  Looks like its her lucky day.  The highest bidder and the man have come to an agreement to keep her around.  They have come to an agreement to try something new in the dark web world.  She is their slave, she will perform at meetings, conferences, where these men and woman meet up to discuss kidnappings, weapons, human trafficking, the secret underground world that provides to the dark web.  Guess you can say, to provide entertainment to  these business men.  They keep her in the red room, live streaming, forced to perform there as well, threatened if she escapes, seeks help, or does not do as told, she will meet her fate.  As time goes on, the bidder and the man "recruit" (kidnap) others to join her to form a band.  Going to bars, small venue concerts, finding a drummer, and guitarist.  Forming the band The Victims.  What will happen?  Will they be forced to do this for their rest of their life, fight back knowing they will be hunted, tortured and killed, or give in to become one of them.....

Tips and Tutorials / Any tutorials for Clip Studio Art?
« on: January 21, 2019, 11:04:37 AM »
I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for tutorials, tips, and tricks for Studio Clip art?  I am new to the program and having difficulty learning it.  Hoping someone can recommend youtube videos and ects.  Also, what are your thoughts?  Do you like the program or is there others I should look into, pro's/con's?  I would love your thoughts and feedback!

Manga Art Gallery / Attempts at hair and body work
« on: January 16, 2019, 12:40:57 PM »
So, it has been about 10 years since I've drawn manga.  When I started, I was consistent for about a year or 2, but for some reason, I stopped.  I wonder how my skills would be today if I didn't stop.  Here are my first attempts, I did follow tutorials on youtube for guidance, I have a hard time trying to create my own drawings, I'm not good with angels and shading.  My drawing skills are poor and always have been, unless I have something to guide me.  Also, I have tried digital art... ekk!  I decided this will take some time to learn, so I started by focusing on the eye.  I'm more of a writer than drawer, but I thought I share my milestones.

Welcome Center / Hi everyone! I am new and excited to be here!
« on: January 15, 2019, 02:05:53 PM »
I have never done this before, so I'm a little nervous.  So I copied this to help get me started.

01. Your real Name: Rustee (its a nick name)
02. Gender: Female
03. How did you find the forum ( Google, FaceBook, Hi5, Other Forum etc ): google
04. You are an artist, writer , just Manga/Anime Fan or Webmaster
05. Your Age: You don't ask a lady her age
06. Where are you from ( Country, City ) Oregon, America
07. Your Favorite Manga and Anime: Too many! Black Butler, Attack on Titan, right now I am into webtoons!
08. Your others interests / Hobbies: Softball and Halo
09. what you like to do in forum .. ( Post your drawings, Stories, Talk about Manga/Anime etc ): I would like to write a comic series and post onto webtoons.  I have a bunch of story ideas, and characters, that I want to share!  Buuttttt..... I lack in drawing and digital art....  I really would like to find a team mate, who will take this journey with me one day.  But for now, I am looking to better myself, my ideas, and hopefully help others as well (tho I may not have much to offer right now).

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