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Manga Art Gallery / Robo's Portfolio
« on: July 25, 2018, 10:15:41 PM »
So I'm fairly new to this site, and figured I'd start here by sharing some of my work. I love feedback and critiques on how I can improve.
It wasn't until December of 2017 that I got back into drawing after a long hiatus throughout my highschool life. I stopped drawing seriously and consistently towards the end of middle school and early highschool and took up gaming as an addictive past-time. I'm 22 now, and I've recently reprised my love for drawing. I was always a fan of manga and that's really the style I took up as a template for line-work and shading. Although I'm upset I've gone years without progression, I somehow was able to start off on a level I wasn't aware I was capable of. It seems as though now that I'm older, I have better judgement on form and aesthetics. I'm not perfect and I will always see flaws in every drawing I make, but over the past couple months I've seen a large improvement with my outcomes. Growing up, I was always a fan of Naruto, especially the earlier series. So forgive me if most of my drawings revolve around that.

These will be posted in order of oldest to newest. Sadly since I've scrapped nearly every manga-inspired drawing I've made in my past, we won't be able to compare that subject.


The first one I'm going to post is dated back to 2010. Simple drawing, nothing special. Thumb on one hand is backwards, and as you can see I liked drawing flames as any youngster does.

The next was probably the last one I made with higher effort before my long break, which was way back in 2011

This next one is a recent one and the first of multiple drawings I've done since late 2017. Standard pencil drawing. Rock Lee, to this day, has remained my favorite manga character.

This time I figured I'd start using bold dark lines with gel-pen to capture the essence of manga artwork.

As opposed to the above, this one was drawing on paper, then reworked on photoshop so I didn't have to cycle through pens when they'd run out lol. I wasn't too happy with the eyes, but I figured I wouldn't change it so I can look back at this and see my mistake. To this day I do not have a drawing tablet, so all of this is tediously done with a mouse... Though I have to say I've gotten faster with it recently. Plan on saving up for a tablet in the near future.

Another drawing with digital rework. I was more happy with this for some reason, even though some of the linework is sloppy

This one fooled a few people on reddit into thinking it was a real manga-panel and I was a little proud of that. But I have to say, Sasuke (bottom character) has a bit wide of a face, and one of his eyebrows is wonky. Also I wasn't good with ears, and I still have a little trouble with them, but I'm slowly getting better.

This one took a good while with the background being colored in with gel pen. I'm indifferent about this one. I like it overall, but feel as though the character looks stiff, the knives are too 2-dimensional, and the background feels more of a backdrop than the actual setting.

Next one I tried to improve, yet simplify the background and surroundings. I was more happy with the tree in the background than anything. The drawing of the character seems kinda weird, his headband seems too slanted even for the angle, the hand looks strange and deformed, and the tree in the foreground looks flat. Also the hatching doesn't seem very manga-like in some places and is rushed.

I'm much more happy than I am disappointed with this next one since it marks the first drawing I've done with characters correctly embedded into the environment. Though it still has flaws like size proportions scaled with distance for characters, the steam not being drawn well, and a few other things, it served as a pretty good benchmark to improve on.

Don't feel like commenting much on this one. I think it looks pleasing to look at, but suffers from proportions and shading inconsistencies.

This one took a little bit of reworking as I drew his head a bit too long but in the end I was proud of this after it was fixed. One criticism I'll make of the end product is the lack of detail on some of the wall and some issues with depth with the background. I should have used a point-perspective instead of free-handing.

For once I draw something outside of Naruto! No way! For this one I focused on dynamic movement, speed blurs, and a angle. His closest knee seems a bit too bit, and his hand above the ball is at a strange angle. his 4 fingers should be facing more towards the viewer and not off to the side when dribbling the ball.

This one turned out pretty clean, but my major gripe is that her head seems a bit big. But for some reason I liked it so I didn't change it. In the context of the series, her head is larger here. But in terms of manga, plenty of manga draw their characters heads large so I figured it just fits with a different style.

This was a drawing done with reference for a friend's WoW character.

This next one is actually older than most of the work here, but seems consistent to post since the above is in line with my World of Warcraft works. This one was done for a team in an annual tournament. I used wow model viewer for the characters and their gear, but completely reworked the colors, shading, added a background, and a vector in the end.


Ahhh. Probably my most challenging piece in recent memory. This went through multiple iterations, but it pleases me that it was finished. The character poses were a bit difficult to land.

Here's an attempt to draw a manga spread. While I'm happy with how it turned out, I regret not adding a background in the lower panel. I'd rather not go back and worry about it, because it still looks good imo. People told me they were happy I made this since certain characters like Kurenai never really had much spotlight.

Fish-Eye! Inspired by one of my favorite arcs in the series, I was itching to draw this. Of the multiple angles that was given in the manga and anime, I decided to go for something a little more skewed to make it unique.

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