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Develop Your Story / Chosen Beta chapter 1 I'm rewriting so far
« on: November 04, 2018, 01:12:34 AM »
I'm thinking of adding Ukrainian mime military cause i'm in to mimes and I want to make them a danger to society in my manga I'm thinking of them becoming demon mime magicians so far my characters are going to be clashing with the deadliest magic organizations. There will be one to one fights with powerful enemies, tournaments and war like warring state periods idk etc... But i'm trying to find a direction with my story for my characters and I need help. I want to add feudal stuff, science, religion, aliens, monsters, and a little bit of a dark fantasy further in the series. The Viking guy is not answering my discord so yeah..

Andou techniques we can discuss in this thread here since you guys haven't answered my character movelist thread

my inspirations

If I were to make manga I would like great art style and story like gantz for example: I would like to relate it like this story to be like a certain magical index, yu yu hakusho, hunter x hunter, fate / stay night unlimited blade works, saint seiya, gantz, beelzebub, bleach, the law of ueki, magi, UQ Holder, One piece, Kingdom, Jet Set Radio Future,Trails of Cold steel, tokyo underground and zatch bell.

Other Wikia i’m trying to relate too




My manga writing

Andou Keitohno is a water user and is capable of using abilities called sacred vases, using the the power of his eyes and many others. Later in the series he can use his abilities as much as he wants. The power of his eyes is called siren chaos later in the series he wears different outfits like martial art clothing and much more..

Manga Talk / A Certain Magical Index
« on: November 01, 2018, 09:34:53 PM »
Hey can anyone explain to me about the world of the anime a certain magical index about science and magic.
It is quite interesting to me I'd like to explain things like that in my manga even the concepts of hunter x hunter and maybe berserk in a dark fantasy kind of way later in my story..

General Discussion / Fineline 3 stylus questions?
« on: October 29, 2018, 03:28:37 PM »

Hey does anyone know if this device can work on LG G6 and Pavilion pc that I have. I can just downloaded photoshop sketch and maybe it can work.
Could this work I'm planning to buy one.

Manga Creations / Water Kahn Beta manga want to join my team
« on: July 28, 2018, 09:18:30 PM »
https://waterkahnbeta.wikia.com/wiki/Andou_Keitohno ~ to sort up rainstorming characters descriptions and the world and such. We hope to make a great plot. This Section is about setting up my writing in the Wikia Water Kahn Beta.

Join here > http://oeiji2000.boardonly.com/

https://discordapp.com/invite/6et2ReZ ~ group chat

And yeah just so you guys know I have summer vacation homework and classes
I'm gonna be available a bit later in August.

I gotta take that exam and pass..

I am open to anyone who wants to help me in this thread about: Water Kahn Beta manga writing 1-2 chapters so far


After I talk to MK and Vikings1428 and set some things up on my writing to structure it well I'm gonna post my word document here or in discord if you guys want to take a look and discuss about and please don't leave this thread stranded!!


I'm actually targeting 2 other artist but them seem to be inactive and busy 1 of them is Prassart he said he will help me after his done with someone else's manga..

I just got a reply from Naesse 19 from deviantart in email that said she or he was on a trip and give me a couple days to answer back.

Maybe around August I will post my writing in this forum and see if anyone would like to help out and collab
if you so they can join my website in order to update my wikia page and plan out a really good story.

I also have someone who is fully available helping me out with art cover and of light novel or such. I have Natsuri Natsuno, Naesse-19, Prassart - to help with manga related stuff.

I just need character designs in order to make manga panels my drawing skills are noobie and I would like to focus on light novels for a while than later on make manga.

If anyone can help with making me manga I would be happy I'm just picky with the artstyle..

I'm just gonna make a lot of light novels to publish in nanasu to do contest than see what kind of way I can become a anime cartoonist I hope to be my own mangaka one day!!

Powers / Andou Keitohno Movelist
« on: July 28, 2018, 08:48:42 PM »

Did anyone get this

Tell me if you like and if it is ok

or if you want to add any ideas to it

I'm planning to make this Wikia to a anime wikia join me in brainstorming characters descriptions and the world and such. We hope to make a great plot and Manga


here's what Ice col looks like for my character

with this

Imagine this in anime and manga

The Vishnu Avatars Vase is for Andou in Arch Kokutou while releasing that power floating in front of his hands

Powers / Andou Keitohno Movelist
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:38:06 PM »
Normal State: Andou Keitohno

Info of Normal State:

This is the Sacred Water Vase Peak:
This is the Vishnu Avatars Silver Vase:
This is the Minoan Steatite Rhyton:
This is the Zakros Sanctuary Rhyton:
Diesinglong Movelist (Sacred Movelist):

ANDOU’s secret of his own art form Diesinglong Crater

?   Ice col: A wind shape of ice conditioned as an energy attack. Andou first new abilities when being activated as the contractor of the ice demon Terrance the Alien Yeti.
?   Diesinglong Acre: Andou strongest energy attack becomes Andou largest attack. The power level of Diesinglong Acre energy attack is colored with rainbow and mystical dust it is effective.
?   Hokuto Indefinable Energy: Andou pushes through his limit with this body reinforcement energy. In his normal state his energy colors his whole body it becomes purple and Andou physical attacks become faster. When unprotected and unequipped, Terrance lends Andou to learn a new technique. This technique can be use after image physical attacks. This Aura can absorb energy attacks making Andou`s physical well being a strong body reinforcement of spirit.


?   Monumental Strength: Andou learns merely the art of the demonic parrot within him. He can defeat tough opponents within 8 minutes if he even tried. Andou can send opponents flying, Break through enemies defense in an instant, his punches and kicks can get into sync with enemies combat, and he possess a high degree of strength.
?   Monumental Speed and Reflexes: Andou can evade and counter attack opponents in combat easily. His agility is his backup from this power he activates. His speculation gives him a mere thought to react. He learns all of these senses throughout his active adventures and his further training from Lchiv.
?   Monumental Durability: Andou has consistently shown himself able to take a great deal of punishment and still be able to continue fighting. He is at times lucky with his endurance and will to survive. His strength measures closely to Lchiv. When he is unconscious his strength becomes a tenfold and he continues to surprise people.
?   Converter: The Converter is 8 colorful goldish crystals surrounding the left eye that charges up the ability Andou is using to go to the next level this is the maxed up form of that ability that is going to be used.
?   Sacred Water Vase Peak: Sacred Water Vase Peak is summoned now Andou can create another version of Hellmove Whistle Shot. This Vase has 3 holes. 3 types of water hurricanes come out and it becomes another version of the Hellmove Whistle shot.
?   Parroting Sacred Water Vase Peak: The Sacred Water Vase Peak attack repeats itself coming out of three holes in different timing the 3 water hurricanes become mixed with lightning bolts. This attack can keep going on.
?   Noumenal Sacred Water Vase Peak: A final super bomb of combined water hurricanes form out of Andou Sacred Water Vase Peak. This is Andou’s highest power.
?   Rhyton: Another type of sacred vase this vase is called Zakros Sanctuary Rhyton. A powerful water hurricane comes out to pierce out any denfensive mechanism.
?   Minoan Steatite Rhyton: A sacred sword that calls upon a heavy water element. It can purify evil.
?   Slashing Wave Catalyst: This can be only 50% of this form power and when turning into Arch Kokutou it becomes a 100% when using slashing wave this shock wave can blast people away. Andou uses it to turn his entire body into a catalyst for his parrot potential.
?   Optic Ice: Andou has the ability to release powerful energy blasts from his eyes. It can be uncontrollable and explosive when activated explosively icy.
?   Vanishing Gale: Andou uses one ability or none to disappear in front of a person and appear behind the person using a ability or just brutal force.
?   Air Wave: A transparent blast that has a texture of mystical wind when fired it can blow away matter or such with outstanding results the damage is massively painful this comes out of the left eye.
?   Age of God supplement gage: A Big Bang blast is being used for the second extent for the original attack. When using converter and both of his eyes shoot out a massive blast from any attack he is using.

Transformation #2: Arch Kokutou Omu Puteradakuchiru Terrestrial Form (Core)
Andou has cyan shining energy energizing on his skin and energy around him and on top of that purple energy of a mixture of a parrot and pterodactyl combines into some sort of creature being on Andou’s back when carrying this ability.


ANDOU’s secret of his own art form Diesinglong Crater is now doubled

   Andou gets into a berserk state he can use all the abilities from normal state he will learn new techniques and I will list them down here. Blue feathers come out of his back forming a bluish parrot and pterodactyl form into one creature holding the main character.

If anyone would like to help out and collab with my writing I would be happy
if you so join my website in order to update my wikia page and plan out a really good story..

I'm into great art style and stories like gantz for example
I would like to relate it like this story to be like a certain magical index, yu yu hakusho, hunter x hunter, fate / stay night unlimited blade works, saint seiya, gantz, beelzebub, bleach, the law of ueki, magi, UQ Holder, One piece, Jet Set Radio Future, Kingdom, Trails of Cold steel, tokyo underground and zatch bell.

I hope we could interact more

I'm wanting to put like folklore mythical stuff, demons, war, magic, espers, enemies, tournaments, drama, goals, mythology, stuff etc..

The summary of the story starts like this
There are 12 landlords of 5 unknown mythical islands. This is located at Tokyo Japan, Greece, Seda (Sertar) in Kham Tibet, the desert of Pakistan, and Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. 2 brothers get involved with magic. They become the demon contractor one with ice and one with fire. These creatures are the last of its kind. The blue one provides Holy magic but is too weak to use it so Andou tries to learn it. The Red one provides Horror magic and is too strong so Irugin tries to learn it in a different pace. 2 brothers become fugitives of many powerful magic organizations. They are after Andou Golden Letter and Irugin’s. These Golden Letters provide secret maps to various places and events. These espers are hunters.  One day when encountering the good news Andou becomes approved to St. Taurus and Irugin walks his own path to become a weapon collector and a strong Sorcerer. In FRSC Island there are schools named after Astrology. They are horoscope school regions. Andou takes his time researching about them and eventually get’s recruited into Class Vessel a team that develops a one man army of espers. These individuals overcome the danger that circles around them. Andou becomes a chosen candidate of the structured calendar, when defeating the challenges of the structured calendar. He and his friends unlock the rest of FRSC Island region. Andou starts off having the power to levitate items with his eyes and learns more about his esper powers from the sesame creatures, outsourcing, warrior feats, battles, war, magic side of religion, and life time experience. Later on him, some people from the horoscope schools regions and outsiders team up to prepare for more horrific adventures. This relates of taking care of evil beings that could possibly take over the planet.

Please message me about the links I can't post it here I need 25 posts

Andou Keitohno

Terrance the Alien Yeti

I sometimes don't understand my story and the point of it I just would like to make it like hunter x hunter and attack on titan in a way!!

Anybody there to reply!!

General Discussion / does anyone know what happen to petetoy
« on: July 08, 2018, 10:57:59 PM »
I am doing a project with that person but that person is inactive for a long time

we are planning to make manga together??

*link removed*

*Link removed*

Hi I'm Evan I'm in need for my own art style to improve so I can be a mangaka, I'm aiming to have my own anime
could you check my links to understand what I need.

I actually got this guy helping me out, but his kinda busy his said he will help me out soon

*Link removed*

I'm just in need of character designs please check my link and please contact me as soon as you can

I have someone making me a manga cover too

I need to help to become my own mangaka

If you want to message me and know all about it join this website *link removed* to continue this project I'll send you my writing and you can see it, please check the second link I send you it's about character designs and you'll know what I mean!!

I'm also collaborating to as many people I can to make a creative story usually i'm doing this at aminoapps!!

i'm looking for this kind of art style

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