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General Manga writer discussions / Character's accent
« on: May 06, 2018, 02:21:44 PM »
Evening guys,

I've realized last year that in my writing i had a problem in my writing, that happened after watching "Grimm" the series. that i do not focus on my characters accents and sometimes even their "Motto of talking" for example let's say in One Piece each character has his own unique way of talking for example Marco the Pheonix says "Yo" a lot. So i've tried to do the accent or character different use of terms kinda hard because am more exciting of writing what's next than fixing what's behind.

Any tips and tricks around this matter?

Manga Writers wanted / Writer
« on: May 06, 2018, 07:29:32 AM »
Good Afternoon (In my time-zone at least)

So this is an interesting site i have spotted and i am really glad that i found it.

I've been pitching ideas/stories/novels/mangas you name it since i was 16 years so basically more than 10 years now. I have started watching animes since i was 14-15 around and started with Love Hina...oh damn it.... then GTO. Anyhow this is not the point, Since then i just kept adding knowledge and ideas to my collection of ideas. I did start writing when i was high school sitting back in the class writing with my slobby english and i kept writing till i was 20 years then stopped for 2 years and came back at it when i was 22 with all new developed english from college etc, i did re-write my story and kept re-writing it through the years slowly (with no commitment just as a hobby). As well i have written a lot of short stories and make-up side stories for movies/animes even character profiles. However, Lately am turning this hobby into more serious interest in my life. I've started to write on weekly basis and even sometimes i write at work if am free and keeping a note with me all time just to punch any idea comes to mind.

I am the type of writers who cares about every single detail each spoken word each incident to connect them together later on in the story. let's say am the annoying type you have to bare with in the story to find the ending master piece.

To sum up my introduction what am looking for someone who can draw and have an extreme passion to Shonen manga or Young Adult fiction. I decided to be a writer to one of those, i would like to have a story effects the new generation and make it grow with them as they grow i want to make an influence.

Note: I can also boost up stories, edit, write drafts for any random story just give me a topic am great at that. so please free to contact me.

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