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Develop Your Story / Zorestis
« on: April 24, 2018, 12:38:13 AM »
Brief Synopsis

A plague annihilated almost all of humanity. The plague didn't just kill, it created monsters. Humanity of today although struggled managed to survive with the little they had left. The world had come to an end. But this didn't stop them, the gods saw how they struggled but they were helpless as well, A goddess had an idea which required all of the gods and goddess to bless some humans. A hundred years later it wasn't uncommon for people to have unique abilities. The story follows a boy named Zeke Larestria and his fight.

(I imagine them to be in a field similar to this)

There is no end to the things in the heart.

"Someone once told me that if you really took something to heart, really brought it inside those velvet folds, then it would always be there for you no matter what happened, it would be there waiting."


Blue is all I saw. It was everywhere. But speckles of white were within the blue. I felt as though I was looking at a endless pit of blue and white. I could keep looking up forever. "It's called a sky" a flurry of yellow surrounded me letting me know my mother was the one who whispered that in my ear. "Well it's beautiful just like you mommy." She smiled at me as she stood back up and I let the yellow run through my fingers. "Mommy has such long hair, I love it." She picked me up and swung me around and we giggled together. She rubbed her nose against my face and she smiled at me. "Mommy am I special to you?" She gave me a funny look. "Zeke, I love you very much, you are my only son." "Good cause I want to be mommy's favorite forever and ever." She just started laughing. I love seeing mommy be so happy. Mommy's been so sad lately and I just want to do anything to make her smile. "Zeke.." "Yes mommy?" "Please don't be mad at mommy for doing this to you, please understand I love you and i'll come back someday." "What do you mean, please don't leave me.." i started crying that didn't sound good. "I'll be a good boy please, what did I do, I'll be strong for mommy, soo please don't go."

"Zan ex trio mar valotus."

"I will always love you my child." That't the last thing I heard mommy say. "Mommy I don't want you to go..."  My eyes finally closed and I welcomed the darkness that waited for me.

(Character switch)

Tears rolled down my cheeks and spilled on to my son as I cradled him in my arms.. He's to young to understand anything... A voice surrounded us making me glance around. "So the sky has blessed him." Finding the source of the voice she appeared. "Athena.. welcome." "May I?" Assuming she wanted to hold him I past her Zeke. "I bless you my child with beauty and my wisdom." My mouth opened in shock I never expected Athena to give a blessing or show kindness at all especially to what type of child he is. It was very rare. "Ares came as well." "As well as I." Hephaestus said startling me. I gave him a hug. "Although this is a sad moment, why are you here." "To return a favor from the past." He gave a warm smile but looking at Zeke his face turned sour. "Why the face?" Ares joked. Scowling Hephaestus glared at Ares. "What a handsome man he will become. As long as you bless him with something other than your temper," he said snickering. "Well hopefully Athena's beauty spell will work because he may catch your ugliness." "Alright enough." I scowled at the two childish gods. Everyone knew they picked on each other the most ever since Ares broke Hephaestus's prized possession. The sword of blah blah blah.  " I gave him creativity and innovation." "Well I gave him tactical, strategic and leadership skills." Ares boasted. "Can we start already." Athena gave them a pointed look. "Now that's enough boys, it's time."

We all huddled together and started are enchantment for Zeke.

"Zech nef ret tilas siwa nama."
"Zech nef ref tilas siwan nama."
"Zech Nef Ref Tilas Siwa Nama."

Zeke shimmered and a soft glow surrounded him. He started shrinking and morphing. My 5 year old son changed  into a little baby. As I ran my fingers through his hair it blew away in the wind. "Send him away now."

"Bang" The sky shook and the god of the sky appeared before us. Giving a sad smile he whisked him away.

I turned around and a sword was embedded into my heart. "I'm sorry Artemis, I'll give you atonement, a painless death." "I am immortal, why would you do this?" So many thoughts went through my head. "You had a son Artemis, you were supposed to be a virgin goddess." The other two were know where to be seen.

"This sword is meant to kill gods your soul will scatter across the world. So don't worry." "Your son is safe by the way." There was nothing I can do the order was out anyway. I'm happy my baby is safe. "You know your son will be the most powerful god in the world. Poseidon is the father, but you made a wise but foolish choice." "Rest in peace Artemis and don't worry." "I will I trust you." She gave me a rare smile. "Thank you sister."

Artemis story ended here. Her soul scattered through the wind and she was able to give few people blessings before dissappearing into the unknown.

Poseidon didn't know about Artemis disappearance and couldn't find his son. But unbeknownst to him his son was in a different realm.


"Hephaestus, are you here?" Darkness seemed to envelope me in a never ending fortress of mystic as I stepped inside. My breathing slowed as I tried to take in more of the stale, humid air.The further I walked in the more I bumped into spires of rock that stood erect upon the floor.

The further I went a soft glow appeared and I can tell it was from one of the fires that hephaestus made. It helped light my way. "Hephaestus?" I whispered. Frightened to speak any louder if bats flew out. "I'm over here." I looked over and Hephaestus was standing by the fire. He stretched his hand out and I gave him the package "What is the child's name?" I asked Hephaestus.

 "Zeke Larestria the child who was blessed by the 3 gods."

Do you think you can picture where each scene is taking place?

This is my finished version of the epilogue.

Welcome Center / A complete Newbie
« on: April 23, 2018, 05:00:24 PM »
Hello Everyone I am completely new to this site,

I actually was able to find this website because I gave up trying to draw my characters. I am currently making/working on a story that I will post in a little while. Please critique it an don't hold back hahaha. I am looking for someone who possibly was looking to draw a character for me. So an artist.
So I am a female and on here my name is Soresza :)
I found a forum on google it says want to join a manga team and I thought to myself "heck yeahhhh". Than I was like never mind... This website was posted on it and I joined. I read the rules and yeah I literally copied and pasted the introduce yourself post here so I can answer haha I got lost for a while cause i didn't understand how to work the website :( but I was able to figure it out baby steps.
If you really wanna know my age read what I write.
I'm from USA good olé America
My favorite mangas are eggnoid, Lookism, Bloodbank >.< Kinky ik I can go on forever mwahaha. Anime, I love so much anime I am a fan (Naruto, dead x wonderland, dxd, hunter x hunter, another, skip beat, saiyuki, bleach) just a small list of my loves :* although I don't collect figures or have posters I do watch anime online and read mangas online. My room is literally two tvs videogames a laptop and a bed cause i need to sleep 'obviously duhh' a dresser and a piano I do play :) uhm well yeah I am a writer I am like super excited to be on here because I hope people can critique my stories and give me advice I think it'd be great to hear new ideas and meet people who are experienced or new like me.
Fun fact I graduated highschool yay well a long time ago lol!
Also I rarely ever work so my spare time is like

     () ()
     (' . ')
    \(     )/
      ( )( )
That big!!!
Well I look forward to meeting people and thanks for reading about me the newbie haha.

Also I can draw. But I get to lazy. I'll post some sample work later on. Thanks for helping me. I now have learned the way of the samurai.

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