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FanFics / How did he "No Title Yet"
« on: March 25, 2018, 08:44:11 AM »
This isn't a whole story chapter it's more like 1/4 of the story i made.Translated Version -This Story is about 2 men trying to prove to each other who's the smartest.

When Neon got into the crime scene he immediatly check the dead bodies
Police - i think this people got killed by their rival group
Neon - i doubt it
Police - They have different wounds,3 of them have gunshot wounds,and 2 got stabbed from behind
Neon - yes you're right but look there's another dead bodies with the same wounds,someone punctured their jugular veins,and i'm pretty sure they pinicked when someone attacked the other members,it was their instint who killed them
Police - so you mean this wasn't a gangwar?
Neon - no i'm sure about that,as you can see the light is off,they weren't attacked from the outside the killer was already inside the house
Police - yeah we know but there's no other finger prints on switch,that guy has his finger print "Pointing out one of the dead bodies" but other than that theres no one else
Neon - i could do the same,by putting glue on your fingers you can make another layer of skin,new finger skin with no finger prints
-this is all for now,Can't really share everything cause the story is already paid by someone-

Tips and Tutorials / Shadowing characters
« on: March 25, 2018, 04:18:28 AM »
Yap you draw your intro with covers.but you don't have any idea how to tell the readers that you're adding new characters.this tip is for artist.When you draw your episode cover you need to put the new coming character at the background of the main characters but how will you do that?
You draw the characters smiling,Readers will only notice the main characters not even looking at the background,If you want to give some clues of that new character you draw that character sleeping or holding a gun or sword or maybe beheading someone and that someone is part of the main characters,Giving the clue that this character will be killed by the character that you were showing in the background.

Tips and Tutorials / How i make Hidden Messages
« on: March 25, 2018, 03:01:23 AM »
I cannot really explain or teach everything but i will give you an example on how i make them use their mind
-Basic Example-
2 boys got trapped inside of an unknown world,while this boys are walking they met one character and they start asking questions "pretty basic eh" but that character will say something that make the whole story more interesting like "The God who control this world knows everything" the hidden messages are GOD and KNOWS EVERYTHING,so the story continues,Like some stories the 2 characters will face some battles and that character they met earlier is the one guiding them,You go there i'll go here that character knows almost everything,Now the ending they've reach the exit safely and then asking that character about the 1st thing he said "You said something that the God who owns this world knows everything" they figured it out so late that the character they met is the God of that world but why?like i said the hidden message GOD,We all know that our GOD gives us trials right?this is just an example,They got there because they sinned.and the people who are reading will think like this "oh ofcourse God give them those trials" Half yes half No,it wasn't a trial they got there because of their sins and to pay the consequences.
just a basic story

Tips and Tutorials / My 5 ways on Making Stories
« on: March 25, 2018, 02:26:35 AM »
This are my 5 ways on how to make stories for my customers
1st - I ask about their life,What music they listen to,What attitude they have,what they like the most,everything,if they want to share their personal lives then i write those down.The reason why is to know what kind of main character they want
2nd - what types of things they hate,people they despise,and the reason for this is to make the villians
3rd - i make their characters attitude,The hero and the villian,most of the time they will ask if i could add some more attitudes to the characters.it's easier to make them when you already know your customers liking.
4th - after making the characters now to ask them what type of story they want,the concept
5th - combining everything into one,finishing the whole story.
-Some people are willing to pay some just want to make their first manga so they just ask me to make the story for free or to help them to add more chapters-
-the hardest in making manga stories is when the artist or customer asked you to make a character who is smarter than you-
-the only solution is to read stories about inventors,Detectives,Doctors,Scientist,Kings,War strategist,criminals just try to study their lives-
and this are my ways

How did i manage to write stories in english?
I was part of a team for 2yrs,I wasn't really into making stories cause 3yrs before i joined the team i was a song writer also a music engineer,Then one of my friends told me to try to write stories,Yeah the first attempt was a failure,the story was too understandable that the readers could predict what will happen in the next episode.They do the grammar correctioning ofcourse.and i i tried and tried,failed too many times,until he asked me to go with him so we could relax our minds,i was just imagining at first not really thinking about reality and so he told me to try one last time,i combined everything,My knowledge about the bible,music,my past life,everything my friends lives i add those up and it came good.im a one piece fan a die hard fan,what bothers me about one piece is that people are trying to predict what will happen next and even making theories and i said to myself,hey maybe i could try to make a story like one piece,so i tried,i showed it to my friend made 20epi's and he said this "This plot twist why there's so many?" so i answered "i was trying to copy the style of one piece,he likes it but the bad part was not all readers understood the story.i was so discourage i deleted everything i threw the papers and stop making those types of stories.that story was about an angel who fell in love with a human also about the reason of lucifer for trying to steal the throne,About humans being selfish,about love,about life,about fighting for what you believe.The 2nd was also a failure same reason too many hidden messages and its about 2 guys,One who is trying to be God and one Who is trying to Find someone who could defeat him,more on human anatomy,Hunting gifted humans,Hunting each other,how to enter a prison while bringing a weapon,how to kill a person without living any trace.and yeah i think this is all for now

Welcome Center / Know me more "The Story Writer"
« on: March 24, 2018, 10:08:11 AM »
Hello I'm Kael Zencharia,I'm 24yrs old consider it 25,Found this forum on Google,I'm a Story Writer,i can write any types of story concept and also i used to be a Music Engineer but decided to quit because of piracy.i don't personally publish my own stories because most of the time i write for others.I came here for one good reason,To find someone who is willing to work with me for free ofcourse,who has the same goal as me,maybe someday just someday i want my story to be seen on tv and also you can notice im not really good at english but im really trying to do my best.So i hope someone out there an artist just waiting to be known by others could find his way or her way to meet me or to do projects with me.

Manga Writers wanted / You need a writer for your manga story?
« on: March 24, 2018, 08:49:55 AM »
Hello i'm new here and yes i'm a writer,can't draw but ehm very confident with myself.Any concept you want i can make it happen,Plot twists?Never had a problem making plot twists.How many characters you want to have?My limatition is 60 characters.i can also make back stories of every characters you want.i can connect them by 85%.
For Free - 15 characters
If you're willing to pay it depends on how many characters you want to have and how long your story will be.
Mail me if you're Interested.

General Manga writer discussions / The Struggle Of A Writer
« on: March 24, 2018, 04:59:08 AM »
I'm a manga writer i write any concept.Writing for me is no problem,just want to share my experience with my old partner.He asked me to write a story about love,5 Chapters so i made them for him,little did i know i wasn't really working with an artist,he lied about it he is also a writer like me, someone offered him money to make a story but his story came awful,after making 5 chapters for him,the people who offered him money took the story and paid the wrong guy,i was planning to tell them that i'm the person who really made those chapters,me alone but then my traitor friend told me that if i'm going to tell them the truth he will sue me for copy write issue so i got scared.He claimed the story,Got my money then ran off.i want some advice on how to know if i'm really working with an artist a legit artist.I'm new here and my english is bad so please do understand

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