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Welcome Center / Hey everyone!
« on: November 08, 2017, 10:48:14 PM »
Hello all!

New to mangaraider.

I'm Nick from up in Canada. I've been a writer for a looong time now, and for a long time focused on creating light novels/text manga (as I cannot draw, wah wah). To this day it still heavily influences my novel writing and I always have tons of ideas for manga bouncing around, the issue always being that I can never draw.

However, a lot of my writing took off when I joined Wattpad to share it many years ago (and now it's my job, woohoo). I have tried to find a community there for a long time, but inexplicably only recently came to the conclusion I should just look for a specific, manga community online, just like Wattpad is a story community, which brought me here (thanks google). While I have dreams of collaborating with someone to finally create a manga, I know in my heart I would most likely want to share it online with a vibrant community, much like writing, and equally know not every artist wants to pursue that path (with good reason, drawing is hella work). So while I keep that aspiration in the back of my mind and will always see if I can find a like-minded artist to collab on, I figure even if I never find them, I can still sit in here geeking out with everyone else and helping anyone with writing advice from my lengthy studying and experience in the field and expertise as part of my job.

Feel like the best manga for me is still Zetman. I have not found something better. Biorg Trinity but nobody translates it so I had to go to Japan just to get the volumes and have to learn Japanese to read them but perhaps someday I will actually read the rest of it and it can be my fave then. Has ridiculous artwork I can flip through in the meantime.

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