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Manga Writers wanted / (UNPAID) Need a writer~?
« on: September 01, 2017, 07:32:58 PM »
Hey! I'm a nonprofit writer who'd love to be able to make a project with anyone interested. I've been writing ever since I was young and can write any genre. I've also been writing some short horror stories on Nosleep; https://www.reddit.com/user/TheOnlineCat/ (Reddit) and developing a novel.

I write stories that are real and understandable. Not one of those ones with storylines that don't make sense and terrible characters with unrealistic expectations and stereotypes. I do not like writing stories that disappoint. Like the ones that gives you a seemingly interesting plot but the way the story is written is not what the readers want. For example; straying from the story, super slow, repeating the same stuff, terrible characters, poorly written, etc.

I've always had so many plots, dialogues, places, characters, etc. in mind for mangas and would like to actually put these ideas to work!

Here is an example of a plot I wrote that I also posted here on MangaRaiders:

It's called Boy By Day ~ Girl By Night, I'm hoping to one day make a manga out of this.

Anyways, if your interested please feel free to respond to this post or send me a message for more details! I'm looking forward to perhaps be able to work with some of you.

Hope to hear from you guys soon~

Develop Your Story / Boy By Day ~ Girl By Night
« on: August 31, 2017, 04:39:37 PM »
Title: Boy By Day ~ Girl By Night

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, gender-bender


Rin Nakamura has always been strong and independant. Even though Rin thinks otherwise; she is very pretty. And with her kindness, many people would want to go out with her. But Rin has always disliked guys due to her father leaving with another woman and most boys attracted to her were rude and immature. She would always refuse to get into a dating relationship with a boy.

But when Rin gets into an accident after trying to save a boy from being run over, she's saved by an old lady that Rin has never met before. But the old lady accidentally saves her in the wrong way, turning her into a boy by day and girl by night with a supposedly irreversible spell.

Her mother, shocked by the new transformation, helps fake Rin's leave from her school and transfers her back as a boy with the help of the principle, who is also Rin's aunt.

In the place of Rin Nakamura the pretty girl is Rin Saitõ the handsome boy.

A few weeks of adjusting and reintroducing herself (or should I say himself), the old lady that saved her life asks a favour. The old lady asks that in return of helping Rin turn back into a girl, Rin and her mother would have to take care of her grandson, Kaito Yamamoto, that will transfer to Rin's school.

But what they don't know is that Kaito is the type of boy Rin hates the most; arrogant, a major player, and a drool worthy handsome flirt... on the outside. To top it off, Kaito was the boy Rin had saved from being hit by the truck and he doesn't know about Rin's secret or that Rin is that girl who saved him.

What no one knows is not only did he move in with them because of his grandmother but also to look for the girl who saved his life.


NOTE: I WILL be making a full version of this.

I hope to one day team up with a manga team and make a manga out of this. I know it might be hoping a bit too much but I'm quite proud of this storyline. I'd love it if you guys would leave some ideas and tips to improve the story.

Thanks for checking this out~!

Welcome Center / Hello! I'm a new writer
« on: August 31, 2017, 03:39:53 PM »
Hey, guys!

I've been a manga fan ever since I was small. Although I like drawing, my skill in that department isn't really publishing material, I still want to learn more and improve it.

What I am proud of though is that I love writing manga plots and novels. I can write fantasy, action, romance, you name it! I don't write for profit so if anyone is interested in teaming up with me for a manga I would be so happy. I'm still new with teaming up with people with my stories so I apologize if I'm sometimes not familiar with things. But if you like my ideas or plots I'll gladly be interested in teaming up.

Looking forward to meeting new people and maybe teaming up with some of you as a writer and maybe one day an artist.

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