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Welcome Center / Hello to the Manga Raider community!
« on: July 17, 2017, 11:09:13 AM »
Hello all,

Just a brief introductory post to say hello to everyone here.

I am a learning manga writer looking for a good community that loves manga whereby material can be posted for feedback by those that love manga stories and art. I am yet to look around the forums to get a feel for the community ethos here.

I've chosen some of the guidance material to help me introduce myself. Here are my answers to the suggested items:
1. Gender - Male
2. How did you find the forum - Google search
3. You are an artist, writer , just Manga/Anime Fan or Webmaster - I aim to be a writer of manga, as well as other types of literature.
4. Where are you from ( Country, City ) - The United Kingdom
5. Your Favorite Manga and Anime - Too hard to answer... I'll name a few of my favourites: Fist of the north star, Akira, Afro Samurai, Death Note, Fate Stay Night... too many to list quickly, to be honest.
6. Your others interests / Hobbies - Another one too long to list. I'll go with my most active current projects/hobbies: Padding out story ideas, Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar
7. what you like to do in forum . - Get feedback on content, read other's work, look for a good sense of community.

Thanks all. Speak to you soon.


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