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Manga Art Gallery / shishi's (very sad) drawings ;w;
« on: December 24, 2017, 06:02:09 AM »
Im back and chilling in MR. posting my sad sad drawings in the forum ;w;

wip, dev challenge. challenge the dev (and slam)

theyre not clean atm. i will eventually.

Develop Your Story / [Novel Marathon Workshop] By Heart, By Soul
« on: August 02, 2017, 08:32:47 PM »
Title: By Heart, By Soul
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Synopsis: In the realm of the endless brightness, Alva is considered the brightest of them all. All beings in there have bright souls inside their hearts and it radiant brightly according to their colors. But life in there wasn't fair according to Seishun, a young teen whose light was shunned by his peers for being inferior among the rest. He tried to live life way pass the borderline of poverty but everything changed when a pack of soulless came and wreak havoc in a little town of Hana. He swore to get rid of the soulless once and for all. Will he achieve his goal despite being inferior? Only way for him to find out is to start his journey towards the central city of Alva, where everything started.

Chapter one: Purpose version 1

Every day was the same in Seishun’s life. He woke up early to help with the kitchen. Then, he went out to buy soul food for the guests. He distributed it in moving trays. he checked the guest if they have extra request. He changed the bed sheets, vacuumed the rooms and cleaned the furniture and floors. Whenever the guests came in and out, that was the time when he has to work. Working at the Inn of Dreams can be fruitful, but he can only have minimum wage for being non credential teen. He didn’t go to school. His single mother, Cara didn’t have the money to send tuition. He did everything to sustain themselves by working on small time jobs. And so far, the inn has best pay to cover the rent and basic needs. It would be motivating for him to do everything if his mother could give him any attention.
In the Alvaic realm, everyone was tested for their abilities at their young age. The little town of Hana was no exception. The way they were tested was to look at their soul colours. It will determine their status and where they will be placed once they are ready to serve the realm. Seishun and his mother were not so lucky. She has a colour orange soul, which means her purpose is to bring warmth, fun and laughter into the realm. She, for some reason, couldn’t bring it out of her since her lover left her after the discovery of her pregnancy. She became bitter since then. She was hopeful that her son will have the high rank soul colour, but it didn’t turned out well. His soul colour is yellow, meaning his purpose is to bring clarity, acceptance and belonging to the realm. Both of their colours were ranked the bottom three of the soul hierarchy. It did affect their livelihood and way of life. However, there were rumours that a soul colour can evolve but there were no basis in this information. It has been 12 millennia since the last update from the professors about the soul cores being change in colour, for everyone else, it has been accepted that no soul colour can be changed no matter what.

Seishun has already accepted the fact that he is yellow and his mother being orange. But he didn’t accept the fact that the hierarchy exists. He couldn’t do anything about it. After he finished his shift, he went to the library so he can catch up his high school credits if he wanted to be better than his current role at the inn. He was greeted by a short, grey haired but youthful looking lady at the door.

“Good evening Seishun.” She smiled. “Do you need some help with the credits tonight?”

“Good evening Miss Erika.” He greeted back. “Yeah, I do have a couple of questions about Alva history.”

“Certainly, I can help with that.” She accepted and lead him to the tables. “Let’s have a talk about it.”
He and Miss Erika talked for more than two hours. After he did the mock exam and got it marked by her, She was pleased at his progress.

“You manage to pass History, well done!” She congratulated him. “The only thing that you need to do is to take the official test at the town council in order to get you tested.”

“Thanks Miss Erika.” He thanked her with a big grin. “I will sign up for high school exam as soon as possible.”

He packed up his things and then greeted the lady goodbye. He went out to the town square to buy dinner for two. As he walked towards the superette, he was stopped by two taller individuals.

“Well well well, if it isn’t Seishun Valley. What a pleasant surprise!” A sneered voice came from the back of the two guys revealing his face. “You got some nerve to show your face around here yellow boy.”

“Abrax Fellows, what are you doing here?” Seishun looked at him suspiciously. “I don’t  remember that you come out at this hour.”

“Didn’t the last beating made you learn that you don’t belong here?” Abrax reminded him. “Go back to the hole where you belong!”

The two guys who were with him laughed at him. They moved towards Seishun that seemed to be planning to beat him up again. He changed his stance and tried to fight them off.

Suddenly, a loud roar echoed the evening skies. Everyone at the square stopped on whatever they were doing and looked around for the source of the sound. The town went quiet for a minute or two, and then large flapping sounds were becoming louder. Something large was coming to the town, one by one they started to freaked out and ran in different directions. As the chaos began to follow, the two guys were unsure on what they should do. They were given a cue by Abrax, who was starting to freak out when some shapes are forming from the moonlight sky. He realised what they were, they were soulless shapeshifters, and they are coming to this town.

“LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!” He shouted at the two. “THEY’RE GOING TO END US ALL!!”

The trio ran off, leaving Seishun behind, stunned at Abrax’s reaction. Another set of roars became louder by the minute. He didn’t understand why him of all people didn’t freak out. He began to sweat furiously on where to go. The cries from the townspeople didn’t help him to decide at all. And then a thought came to his head, that was where he started to fear from the outcome.

“Mother…” He thought “My mother’s in danger.”

He began to ran towards home. It was very far from the town square. He didn’t care, he got to find his mother fast before it was too late. By the time he was almost arrived to his home, a grim expression showed his face. He saw a trail of blood towards the open door. He has no choice but to go inside the house and find out.

Develop Your Story / Late night series of stories
« on: July 26, 2017, 09:55:32 AM »
Hi, I am a confused cookie, I am compiling the stories that just popped up on my head on every late night and probably this story will be the one, one day.

Story 1:
Title: A Thousand Years (to be rename)
live responsibly
What happens when a person can live forever?
Facing problems can let you overcome fears
-I will add more-
The idea:
In some fictional town thousand years ago, there was a young lady who got caught in a "dimensional shift" where her body significantly change. She became an immortal, but with a price. She doesn't know what a dimensional shift is, it's a rare phenomenon where all the "dimensional selves" are put into disarray and become one body. In turn of becoming immortal, she lost her existence in the town. She lost her fiancé Tom for he doesn't remember her. A thousand years later. She roam the world with bitterness with her heart and wisdom in her mind. Fate willing, she was given another chance and found a person who just looks exactly like Tom. Will she finally found true love? Will she ever be go back to a normal mortal?

Story 2:
Title 2: Leave Out All the Rest (to be rename)
Be yourself
Facing hardships can make you stronger
True love forgives
The idea:
Once there was a man who can't remember his memories. All he knows that he is stuck in a hellish place full of demons and he is tormented for his amnesia. A mysterious man came to his aid, claiming he knows him very well, he took him away from the place. He was grateful but as he and this mysterious man went for a journey, he started to remember bits and pieces of his past. He felt the dread in his heart that he shouldn't remember them at all. Will he be whole again? Will this past would shape him or will it consume him to darkness? Only his mysterious friend can tell.

That's all for the late night ideas.

Manga Writer workshop / Fundamentals of Writing?
« on: July 26, 2017, 08:41:02 AM »
Hi, I'm an artist but I want to make my overly difficult story to be written properly (and easily). Yeah I just heard the term fundamentals of writing once and I am intrigue. Can someone teach me tips on the building blocks of story? I can read a lengthy response.

General Discussion / How to be creative?
« on: July 23, 2017, 04:17:00 PM »
Yikes, this is my problem. I am not comparing to other artists but I do check myself (due to my circumstances) I stopped being creative when doing my second wave of art fundamentals. One thing that can give me creativity is inspiration from shows or books that I have read. But I don't have anything original on my own. In the past, I had so many hiatuses. So if I did attempt to be creative back then, I wasn't get used to it now. What are the tips should I do as an artist to return my creativity if I want to become a concept artist?

Hi, it's the first time I am doing manga panels. With some advise, I am doing pre-manga process like character drafts, background designs, story boarding etc before trying out the sequential art slides for manga. I give all credits to Liger_zero for writing this story.

forming the characters for the first time

low to middle end robots

Will be doing soon:
Robot drawings
Full body characters (in heights)
Background designs, houses, horizons etc
Technology stuff

I wanted to do a semi realistic but my character Yumi doesn't have a real face so I kept it anime style.

Automation: in the close future, humans have developed an entirely autonomous society in which machines manufacture and develop everything without assistance, the only job left for humans are the creative ones, music, art, and writing.

Manga Art Gallery / Shishi02's gallery
« on: July 17, 2017, 04:32:36 AM »
My arts before the second wave of art fundamental practise.
My art goal: Semi-realistic art, paint style

Welcome Center / Hi, Im new
« on: July 16, 2017, 11:52:04 PM »
 :sheep: Heya, Im shishi. Im new to the forums. Nice to meet you!

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