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Develop Your Story / writer marathon portfolio
« on: January 19, 2018, 05:11:15 AM »
Title: 90 days to kill my master.

Genre: Parody comedy fantasy i think i accidently added some romance too(not the goal)

synopsis: halgar gets transported to an fantasy world.
but with an mysterieus contract that forces him to serve as butler for an landlord.
halgan here is your room.  Master is very excited to see you in your uniform. So please get changed and head to the dining hall.
Wait but i .
too late he is already gone,
I scratch my head and start walking into my new room.
The room contained only  an bed with an big box on top of it.
"This is ..... Disappointing" at least I will able to work away my debt in an few days.
I opened the box.
It contains an letter with my name on it.
It says.
Congratulations you have been selected to become an hero!
Your class and stats are picked from your most played rpg game.
You will be able to use the powers and ability's when you equip your costume.
Note: Your powers can't get used when not wearing your designated costume.
Class: Dark knight
Main weapon: Badly dyed kriegsmesser max lvl
Armour: Dragon sca...... New data available updating ("armour").....
All kinds of symbols are filling up the letter.
Wow that is awesome. I wonder what I will be getting.
After an minute of 2 was the letter finally readable.
Armour: Limited edition combat maid outfit (max lvl)
"this must be an bad joke right"
I was hoping for some kind of edgy teenager protagonist armour.
"Bye harem, I whispered to myself while i let out an lonely tear.

There it is. so cute!

if i had an girlfriend she definitely had to wear this.
I stare an couple of seconds toward the outfit.
……Enough fantasizing time to get dressed.
 But first, let’s hide this outfit.
The outfit vanished!?
The door opens
"halgan are you ready we are getting late.
Suddenly He started to burst out in laughter.
"you definitely suit master tastes, call me Bernard.
"i look forward to working with you.
“So i don't need to get changed or anything?
"no worries I am sure master wil love the ribbons.
Ribbons!?....... oh no suddanly I realized where the maid outfit went.
I looked down and there it is the cute ribbons. It fits me perfectly!
There is still hope for me!

’’I can’t wear this I need to go back right now!
"halgan getting any later will get you severely punished your contract will be permanent, the last one got sold as an slave!

This is going to be one hell of an first impression! Who doesn’t love an boy who is late because he was crossdressing,
I remain silent and follow Bernard to the hallway.
Bernard opens the door for me and I walk into the main hall.
There are 2 other men standing in line they are Dutch and  Sam.
At least they are still fine.
They are being informed about the roles they will have in the household.
It didn't take long for him to notice me. He stopped talking and started walking towards me.
This can't be good, he doesn't seem to be pleased. I am too late and wearing an maid outfit on top of that. Just stay confident and everything will work out... Yes that's it.
As we came closer i noticed the man was smiling.
Bernard what is this wonderful present you got for me!"

He likes it!?
Halgan falls on his knees. 
‘’You are late boy. Disobeying my commands will not be tolerated. 
He crouches before halgar and whispers in his ear.
”I am sure an little kiss will solve the problem.

Halgan looks up and says ‘’don’t worry I already found an solution.
Halgan managed to summon his sword. One quick attck should and this.
Halgan swung his sword at his master head.

the master blocked the blade with his bare hands an few centimetres from his head.
The master swiftly disarmed the surprised boy and pushed him against the wall.
‘’an hero, you are full of surprises!
He starts smiling and says. “ you get  90 days to kill me,
‘’and what if I cant kill you in 90 days.
After 90 days you simply can not resist me, all thanks to the curse I just cast on you.
Oh and that’s not all we still got an contract that forces you to serve me as butler  or in your case maid!
I give you this day off so you process everything that happened, 
 ‘’you will pay for this.! halgar left the room a moment later.

Any objections the master asked to dutch an sam who where still standing in the same spot as earlier.
‘’Not at all sir
Sam you will be helping bernard in the Kitchen.
Dutch you will be in charge of the garden.
Yes master.
The master gives off an irritated look and says.
"don't call me master only halgan has the right to call me that! You will be addressing me with my real name.
Both of the servants burst into  laughter .
“What is so funny about my name!

Bristel says hiding his anger.
Sam explains that his name sounds similar to the city Bristol in England.
He remarks that they burst into laughter by hearing his name. But seeing their friend running around dressed as an maid doesn't make even make them smile.
Well he would show up like an maid sooner or later, it is rather Disappointing how long it took him to wear girly clothes.   Dutch began rambling on..
Sam comforts Dutch, and says
"we where planning on forcing him to crossplay next week at an anime con.
Suddenly an load voice rings through the hallway.
"you wanted me to do what!
The three men turn around only to see halgar crouching on the floor.
Bristel softly says.
"Are you lost or did you miss me?
Halgan face turns red.  I am certainly not lost okey!
  I am just exploring the mansion idiot.  He proceeds to run away.
"He turned full Tsundere....Dutch remarks.
Okey so if you cant take my name serious. Why not give me an nickname. Bristel tells while barely holding back tears from the incident.
Sam try's to comfort Bristel and says.
"Actually I think Bristel is an very good name.

Manga Writers wanted / found one (should we delete these kind of posts?)
« on: December 06, 2017, 03:58:47 PM »
 hello fellow manga raiders,
 i really love the forum and want to contribute something more then half done sketches and the commun welcome messages on the forum.

 i  hope to start an 4 panel comedy manga with someone and post it on the forum.
note: the art may not be great at the start, but dont worry i will do my best to make every issue better then the last one.

pm me if you are interested.

kind regards eukocar..  (i have read this is polite to do)

General Discussion / rate my setup!
« on: June 09, 2017, 08:20:23 AM »
i thought it would be fun to share our drawing/writing/lurking setup. and give some ratings.
here's mine i use opencanvas 6 for drawing.
i got an cheap tooya master drawing tablet.
my room is too small to use the tab and keyboard at the same time hehe.
the vodka bottle's are filled with water. exept on Saturday.
i kind of like to collect girls und panzer figurines and manga. i love the artstyle!!
under my keyboard you will find my manga collection including dvd's.
thats all for now  :D

Welcome Center / goeie
« on: May 15, 2017, 03:20:24 PM »
My real name is Marco.
I am living in an small village in Friesland(upper part of the Netherlands).
My first language is frysk. I speak mostly Dutch because none of my friends understand frysk.
I think my English is acceptable.

I am currently 18 years old. And I still live in the middle of nowhere.

I love manga/anime.   when I discovered it I gave drawing a try.
I was really bad at drawing when I started I couldn't even draw the simplest of things. This was 1.5years ago. I kept trying to improve and came a long way.

I would like to share my progress on this forum and would love to make some friends here too.

I love comedy manga/anime  like d-frag  gintama    good luck girl   detroid metal city and a lot more.
Nothing beets jojo tough. Battle tendancy is my favourite arc. Jonathan is awesome.

That's all.

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