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break Room / More like a question... than a topic.
« on: May 10, 2017, 12:46:38 AM »
Hi, as you know I am kinda new in the forum but I would like to create a Role Game Story here, so it could give me an insight about how girls think and behave. I am currently working in a manga and I would love to have it as accurate as possible. So, is there a way to create such thing? And if so, would some members would be willing to participate, is kind of a harem, action, fantasy style of manga that includes six girls and one guy (and that would be me hehehe).

Any info will be appreciated. Have a great day.

Develop Your Story / Goddess Legion: Street Saint Warrior
« on: April 18, 2017, 11:09:58 PM »
Yeap a long title that is currently in development in my mind. The whole story is based on "Prince rescues many Princesses" but with the Mexican Spice that makes everything tastier

GODDESS LEGION: STREET SAINT WARRIOR is about a normal/average high school student that came to the US when he was 16 turning 17 years old, and went back in grades due to his lack of the English language. He had just a regular life, enjoying every day with friends and sleeping on class.

The first two chapters are going to trap the reader as if it was a slice of life/shounen/love/romance/school story. Everything is going to take a turn on the unknown on the main character's Summer Break (going into senior year) when he finds out about the truth of the universe thru an accident that was not ment to happen, even less to him.

He was on the wrong place at the wrong time, at least is what he keeps telling himself. The story evolves itself into saving the "GODDESSES" in order to provide him with the elements to defeat the forces of another dimension.

The only thing with which I'm having trouble right now is   the creation of Genesis, I do not want to get trapped on how is the story even possible, so I am creating a "Genesis" Arc in order for the reader to get hooked on the story even more. Not getting on any troubles about religions and stuff, just something that will make the mind of the reader flow but at the same time remembering that is only a story. I started writing at work (yes, my mind cares so little about places) and came with this:


1 In the beginning there were Evil and Good colliding themselves on the "Vast Emptiness of Space" (giving step to the Big Bang Theory and the Bible's way to explain the creation of the universe). They were Darkness that swallows even light (Black Holes/Anti-Matter) and Light (Energy/Matter) that obliterate Darkness.

2 The two forces colliding reached their limits and exploded. Creating the universe and everything visible and not visible. One of their unwanted creations was the Soul.

3 As thus the souls were created, there were no purpose for them, it was when the remaining Darkness and Light began to swallow them... gaining nothing in return. They started to released the souls, while Darkness released things called Demons, the Light released things called Angels. Soulless beings/entities unable to feel for themselves.

4 After incomprehensible eras passed by Darkness and Light began to take shape in our world of existence. Darkness began to have a physical vessel when it consumed the evil deeds done by the demons as for the Light, the good deeds done by the Angels.

5 Angels and Demons began to worry, with their numbers reduced it was just a matter of time before they all be gone. Soon the Angels and Demons began to plot against their creators. They escaped the grasp of Darkness and Light which eventually they called GOD. Flying from them, they (Angels and Demons) found a virgin planet, a paradise that covered their existence to GOD, from a brief moment. They were astonished knowing that there were more life that besides them.

6 They began to destroy everything on the planet, they were so mad that (yes they felt due to the darkness, darkness infused with words started to corrupt the Angels) started to destroy the Earth and everything on it, thru Earthquakes and a gigantic ball of fire. As everything was consumed and destroyed, a vast amount of souls were out, and the strength of all those lives attracted the GOD.

7 When the GOD arrived and saw the devastation it punished the Demons and Angels equally, sending the Demons to a place called Hell and the Angels to Heaven to prevent corruption from each other. They were not more than prisons to hold them in order to be consumed.

8 Then they realized that all the things in the cosmos were created by an external incomprehensible force. As they explore the planet even further they found out that they were not alone. They got down to Earth and felt a force residing in every single organism, the power of existence,  there were a soul in all of them.

9 When they presented themselves with the humans, humanity began to worship them as Gods. They began to feed on the energy of their souls thru actions. Good deeds began to feed the Light while bad deeds began to feel the Darkness.

10 One day the Architect decided to teach its truth to humanity and the lies from those entities. The Architect sent his essence thru a vessel in order to be born as a human, one which many began to call HIS SON.

11 The Architect son was crucified and humanity began to divide in different factions, religions and believes.

And well that is all I have for now.... it needs a lot of work in order not to contradict myself and to have a nice foundation in how everything is going to develop. So basically this Genesis Arc is based on how  those two entities began to mess around in those humans reality. To explain that when they clash each other, they open a gate between dimensions, into those humans dimension.

This Genesis is preserved by a "faction" that protects the Truth, a chosen few that carry the will of the Architect.

Hope you enjoy it and I will try to put mi ideas in order to give you a full story. See you later!

It has been some days but I am still writing, once I have plenty to read I will share.

Manga Art Gallery / Some of my Work (just random images)
« on: April 18, 2017, 08:50:44 PM »
Hi guys and gals... here I am going to show you some of the drawings I made, hope you like them.

this is just some fan work I did for a Role Play game:


This is a little cover for a manga I started writing back on 2007, the title.... Secret Fantasy X:


This one is actually a page from Secret Fantasy X: (is in Spanish thou :( )

Here I was practicing funny faces...

Well, I hope you like them... feedback is welcome, but do not be so aggressive, I know they are not good, but I always try my best.

Welcome Center / Hello!
« on: April 18, 2017, 08:28:53 PM »
Hi members of Manga Raiders, my name is Hekutta Saint and this is my first time joining a forum about manga, so I am counting on you to guide in this new journey and i hope that I can learn a lot from you as I am open to share my knowledge. I have been on other forums, mugen forums that is an engine that lets you create fighting games using Allegro and c++... although I am not really good at it, but it is an interesting hobby. i have always worked on mangas, but never finishing them or even start to draw them, but I think that with your support and knowledge, I could manage to at least correct my shortcomings. Sorry, i was just supposed to introduce myself.... anyhow, I am a guy that is always looking forward to meet new people and love having lots of hobbies  to keep my mind at ease. I hope we could be great friends... Saludos!!!

(oh yeah, sorry for my grammar and language, English is my second language.)

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