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Manga Writer workshop / Help! Looking for Beta Readers!!
« on: July 26, 2021, 02:01:25 AM »
Hey, I'm looking for Beta Readers. Need someone to read my story and give an honest review basically, willing to compensate but serious about this.
If you're interested reply or PM me!

Develop Your Story / Nemesis
« on: June 16, 2020, 01:13:47 PM »
go check out my story on Wattpad, need more readers and feedback

Nemesis Volume 1


Volume 1 is completed and if you haven't done so, please go check it out!
Volume 2 is out now though
Here's the link
Nemesis Volume 2

P.S. Let me know what you think of the cover art!

Manga Writer workshop / Writing a Fight Scene!!!
« on: March 13, 2020, 12:53:34 PM »
Guys, I wasn't sure how a great literary fight scene was from the start to finish, so I gave it a try within my attempt at a light novel that isn't finished with editing, but here it is, and I want to see everyone here try their hand at a literary fight scene as well!!
I'll give feedback and also like feedback on my attempt as well!

“Hey, you!!” Yuki shouted, maintaining eye contact with the man, as Theo didn’t really notice Yuki within his hypnotic state. Theo was startled by Yuki shouting, but attempted to merely look away, hoping the boy wasn’t yelling at him.
“Did that child actually notice me… No, that’s impossible…” Theo thought while nervously looking to the ground now.
“Yeah, you! Librarian!” Yuki shouted, without much of a plan on what to do afterwards.
“What… Impossible…” Theo thought, then suddenly took off, stifling his way through the crowd in the process.
“He’s running!” Yuki shouted as he began pursuit after the librarian which started with a leap over the yellow tape and into the crowd. Anastasia took notice, the only one who gave Yuki attention as he was shouting, others dismissed it as another one of his emotional outbursts after seeing the crime scene.
“What is he doing…” Anastasia thought.
“He actually thinks he can escape?” Yuki thought while in pursuit, then shouted, “Hey, stop running!”
Theo on the other hand remained running, ignoring much of the obnoxious shouting by the child who happened to be running after him. “Did he figure it out... How did he even see me...” Theo thought as he began to push pedestrians over, attempting to slow Yuki down.
“Get out the way!” Yuki shouted as he paid no mind to the pedestrians who had been pushed over by the suspect. Theo changed his straight forward direction and took a sudden left into an alley beside the main street. Yuki, without much thought, ensued into the alley as well, following the suspect, hoping to finally stop these murders from continuing. His emotions may have overpowered his thoughts during this whole process. As soon as Yuki made the sharp turn, he saw Theo standing there with his back turned at least halfway into the alley. The alley itself was pretty narrow, it could barely fit Theo if he spanned his arms out.
“You actually thought you could run…” Yuki said, surprised that the suspect halted the chase.
“I’m surprised you figured it out… who would’ve thought a kid like you would’ve figured it out. How did you know?”
“I saw you in the surveillance footage and you happened to be in the crowd when another body showed up… you running away didn’t help either.”
“So you know why I have to do this then, right…”
“What is he planning…” Yuki thought as his guard was up, as one should be once they corner their prey.
“It doesn’t matter though… I’ll get rid of you quickly.”
“You have nowhere to go pal, just surrender.” Theo began to laugh at Yuki’s confidence as he whipped out a knife, Yuki spots the weapon almost immediately and thinks “Now I’m at a disadvantage… I can easily get out the alley but do I want this guy to really get away? My best bet is to beat him here or hold him off until some of the others realize I’m gone.”
“I’m guessing you’ll be the next victim!” Theo shouted in excitement as Yuki hadn’t the slightest idea what he was capable of.
“He’s completely different from when I first met him…” Yuki thought as Theo began rushing towards his opponent.
Theo goes to plunge his knife downward into Yuki’s chest, after all, with the height difference, this motion is ideal. This is what Yuki trained for, a situation like this, with his back against the wall and his one goal is to subdue the criminal in front of him. Yuki swiftly blocked Theo’s attempt to end this quickly, which led to a physical rift between Theo attempting to push the knife further and Yuki holding his arms up to prevent that scenario. Yuki needed to get himself out of this situation, after all, how long can he hold a block like that, especially with Theo’s height advantage, he needed to do something before Theo was able to pin his blade into Yuki’s ribcage. Yuki, still somewhat struggling holding the block, grasped onto Theo’s wrist, attempting to get the knife out of his hands. However, that plan only made things worse, Theo used that slight opening to his advantage, and swiftly pinned Yuki to a wall to his left, using the momentum he had previously that was halted by Yuki’s block. Yuki literally found himself against a wall now, the tight space within this alley didn’t help much, and somehow, Theo’s pressing seemed to be getting stronger by the minute.
“What the hell?! He’s getting stronger… he’s pushing me against the wall…” Yuki thought as he pushed back from Theo, attempting to gain separation from the malicious hot iron.
“How did he do that? Was he holding back before?” Yuki thought as his shove worked for now.
Theo doesn’t let up his assault, barely giving Yuki much time for a second breath. Theo goes for a reckless swing for Yuki, hoping to land a fatal blow, but to his surprise Yuki was able to easily dodge the first thrust, and so he continued for another, to which Yuki was able to dodge, albeit just barely, again. Theo couldn’t quite understand how Yuki was able to keep up with his attacks let alone capable of dodging them, this wasn’t something he was used to. His victims prior to today would always freeze in utter terror, not knowing what to do other than scream for help, which ultimately is recognized as useless. But dodging? No, that hasn’t ever happened prior to today, he was quite shocked at how Yuki wasn’t shivering in fear by now, this was unexpected to say the least. Nonetheless, Yuki remained on the defense even though he couldn’t do much to alter that situation.
“Dammit, I can’t let it keep going like this…” Yuki thought.
“Are you going to keep resisting boy?” Theo questioned Yuki’s drive to continue this assault.
“All I have to do is get that knife out of his hands…” Yuki thought as he focused on the sole weapon that created this disadvantage in the first place. Yuki barely has his back off the wall, still in a bad position as Theo doesn’t relent his attacks. He swiftly goes for another fatal blow, to which Yuki barely dodged, but it still made Yuki bleed by leaving a small hairline scratch on his right cheek. Theo continues, this time aiming for Yuki’s heart, a blow that doesn’t usually miss, nor does Theo use much since it isn’t much fun if he were to kill his subject with just one blow. He felt it was necessary for this occasion as Yuki’s agility became a nuisance to him. To Theo’s surprise, Yuki caught his wrist before he was able to land the fatal blow. Yuki smirked at Theo as he knew he finally got an advantage within this altercation, he swiftly twisted Theo’s wrist, making it habitual for Theo to drop the knife. Yuki kicked the knife further into the alley, and smirked again, finally, it was an even playing field now.
“You actually think that you have a chance now?” Theo redundantly asked.
“Well, without that knife of yours, we’re even now.”
“Hahahaha!!—” Theo broke out into a deranged laughter before finishing his response with “Hehe… you’re so naive boy.”
“What?!” Yuki shouted as Theo swiftly went to punch Yuki in the chest. Yuki couldn’t dodge it in time with the amount of speed Theo put into the hook, it caught Yuki off guard a bit on how quick it was compared to his previous attacks. Yuki was still able to defend himself with a block using his right arm. To Yuki’s surprise, his arm breaks like a twig with the impact of Theo’s straight, which Yuki creates further separation between the two, facing his back at the edge of the alley towards the main street, still questioning what just occurred. Luckily, the adrenaline made the pain not as noticeable as it should be, he didn’t know that it was going to hurt a helluva lot later, if that ever happens.
“My arm, how did he break it… just how strong is this guy…” Yuki thought.
“Do you get it now boy?!”
Yuki grasped his arm, feeling the clean cut break on his forearm, thinking “Dammit, I don’t think I can last much longer…”
Theo doesn’t allow Yuki a second more, the shock from the previous blow didn’t help Yuki’s case either, as the speed from Theo was too much for a dodge or even another block.
“You’re finished kid!”
“Dammit… I can’t move…” Yuki thought. Was this is, was this the end? Talk about a poor way to go, not only did he confront the person similar to the culprit within his own case, he couldn’t even land a single blow on him, just how far did he have to work to get where he wants to be, was these past two months not enough? Yuki expected another hurdle or two, but he didn’t even think in his wildest imagination that the gap was larger than a mountain, how could he ever achieve to leap such a distance. This is it, after all, the only bright side to all of this is maybe he’ll be able to see his father again, even though he’s leaving with shock and a large pack of regret. It couldn’t be like this, could it? He didn’t want it to end like this, there’s still far too much he needs to do, and like this, at the hands of a psychotic deranged killer, no, not like this.
   Then, suddenly, something grabs Yuki’s shirt from his backside, and yanked him to the right, to which Theo’s fatal blow is able to miss Yuki completely. Yuki is tossed a bit to the right, barely having his back off the right wall of the alley, still surprised that he’s somehow still alive, and yet, there stood the person that saved his life, well, the back of the person that is. It was Anastasia, the swing that missed Yuki left Theo wide open, and Anastasia capitalized on that by kneeing him in the gut. The impact, as well with a retreat thereafter, allowed Theo to separate himself from a surprise guest that allowed Yuki to go beyond his expiration date.
“Next time you should tell someone.” Anastasia said.
“Sorry, but I didn’t have time for that.”
“It’s her…” Theo thought, then said, “Well well well, it looks like my plan worked out in the end after all…” Theo couldn’t withhold all of his excitement from his plans succeeding.
“What… did he want me and Yuki here?” Anastasia thought while glancing back towards Yuki, already identifying his broken arm.
“This was part of his plan?” Yuki thought, still shocked that he’s still alive, and the fact that he now knows he walked right into the belly of the beast willingly.
Theo couldn’t waste this perfect opportunity, his plans had worked just as he set it up after all. Theo darted towards Anastasia, attempting to complete his blueprints, and attempts a full on assault on her by swinging recklessly and testing her capabilities. She was able to easily dodge his onslaught of bone breaking swings with ease, even managing to land another blow on him, which allowed a pause within the assault.
“Hmph… you’re better than the boy…” Theo let out before swinging straight for her temple. Anastasia dodged it, yet again, by simply outmaneuvering it, but Theo didn’t let up, he resumed the assault, with another swing, this time to the side of Anastasia as she left herself open for a fraction of a second after her successful dodge. She managed to push his wrist out the way, making sure whatever he isn’t able to land a blow that seemed to be enough to break her ribs. He swung towards her again, this time heading for her cheek. She dodged it with ease, but didn’t expect him to already have launched his second attack, as it was T-minus two seconds towards impact. She barely dodged the second one to her left cheek, but in the process, she somehow still got a cut on her right cheek from dodging the nearly career ending blow.
“What... but I dodged it...” Anastasia thought as she looked at the small scratch on her right cheek. This irritated her, but this didn’t stop Theo’s assault, he swung again, this time aiming for her neck area. Anastasia easily dodge this by ducking and still going through in a sweeping motion in the process, successfully cutting through Theo’s legs. He was down on his back, similar to a flipped over tortoise, as she didn’t hold up from her part with a knee going straight into his chest, pinning him onto the ground.
“Don’t move.”
“You actually think this’ll hold me?!” Theo shouted as he began to grasp onto the ground beside him. The ground began to crumble away like shortbread as Theo sunk his fingertips into the concrete.
“What the hell is he…” Anastasia thought before stepping back from the situation that was very threatening to say the least.
“Yuki, can you move?” Anastasia asked, now knowing it’s going to take more than just her to
last a couple rounds with this guy.
“Yeah…” Yuki is a bit surprised Anastasia was able to gain an advantage, even though it only lasted a few seconds. Theo slowly rose from the ground, smirking and barely holding back laughter as his lust for blood was palpable, the sinister smirk alone was enough to scare large animals away. Just what was he? It was as if they felt a big gust of the screams from the underworld blast through their pores every second they gazed upon the sadistic beast.
“You… you’re the gold that my brother needs…” Theo said while holding back his joy from becoming a double edged sword.
“What… what is he?” Anastasia and Yuki thought as the foul presence of Theo was so overwhelming that they even questioned their own capabilities in the few seconds of him standing there.
   Anastasia couldn’t help but think of the past during the overwhelming ocean of bloodlust being poured onto her and Yuki. A dark room, a slim man sitting in front of a fireplace that was presumably her father spoke to her.
“You’ll know when you see someone like this one day, Ana.”
Anastasia was much younger than her present self, standing innocent and childlike and idolizing the still man in front of the fireplace who gave off the impression of experience with just a glance.
“Papa… but how?”
“When one is consumed by their own bloodlust, one would be consumed by fear at the sight of this. Whatever you do, don’t let the fear consume you or you will freeze.” her father wisely said as his breath was visible even though he sat directly in front of the fireplace.
“Huh?” Innocent Anastasia couldn’t understand what her father was talking about let alone even define the concept of bloodlust. This brought a smirk to her father’s experienced face, to which he gave her more attention by turning towards her while still being seated in the chair.
“Don’t worry, one day you will see.” her father finished, and turned back around to continue bathing in heat. Anastasia’s past was more than this, but this alone was brought to the surface as she finally experienced just what her father talked about. For what it was worth, his information was useful as Anastasia snapped out of it from the sheer screams of a wailing banshee.
“I’ll kill the both of you!!” Theo is consumed with rage right now, as he heads straight for the two of them who are stuck within the fearsome aura, it feels as if they are neck deep in swampy waters, unable to avoid the speeding bullet, the one way train to hell.
“I can’t let it consume me!” Anastasia thought as she slowly overcame her fear, although it felt like it took forever, it was a mere half a second. She was able to move just in time, and just enough to shove Theo to the side, avoiding his murderous intent. Unfortunately, she shoved him straight onto Yuki.
“What the hell!” Yuki thought in frustration as the bloodthirsty demon’s breath oozed onto Yuki’s cheek. Yuki’s shoulder hit the right wall, causing slight pain as his broken arm pressed against the brick, especially with Theo having lost complete control and basically squirming about on his other shoulder. Theo grudgingly swings his palm straight for Yuki’s cheek, attempting to crush his head against the brick wall. Luckily, Yuki was able to slide forward a bit, just barely stepping out of the way of the devastating hand of the underworld. Theo’s hand crushed the brick wall, as if it were a sheet of styrofoam, to which he swipes through it, hitting Yuki further into the alley. It looked as if Yuki was thrown by a twister as he begins to roll deeper into the alley. Theo then swings through, using the same arm he crushed the brick wall with, heading straight for Anastasia who was behind him. She was able to duck down under his vicious swipe.
“I can’t let him land an attack on me...” Anastasia thought as Theo was already swinging his palm downward towards her as she just dodged his initial strike. She stood up and sidestepped the downward swipe.
“He’s fast.” Anastasia thought as she attempted to land a kick on the deranged beast that stood in front of her. Theo blocks it as if he was fighting an infant, it looked far too easy for him to do so as he smirked at Anastasia, possibly smirking at the very fact that she even attempted to do such a pitiful counter. Theo swiftly reacted by grasping Anastasia by the throat, such a swift motion that Anastasia didn’t even see it coming even though he stood right in front of her.
“I finally caught the little birdy…”
“Dammit…” Anastasia thought as oxygen was a luxury at this point, each breath being more precious than the last.
Theo slammed Anastasia against the wall behind her, still having a firm grip of her throat, which was strong enough to knock her unconscious. Theo didn’t recognize this, nor has he even been pushed this far, he never knew the lustful essence of his strength that lay beyond the picket fence. He continued to press further, and further, even though she was unconscious, he pressed her almost halfway into the brick wall. This feeling, the feeling was much, much more blissful than the first bite of an egg salad sandwich while watching the birds sing along to classical music. The very thought of this very situation brought a feeling of euphoria, more than enough to stiffen Theo enough in pure excitement. The feeling was nothing like he’s ever felt before, even though he was doing this for his brother, the benefits were truly something to die for, were they not? It was far better than anything he’s ever experienced before his first kill, even though that one still remains special to his heart. Each one brings him to a new height, a different height as well, as each had their own erotic and undescribable feel that brought individuality to each carcass. This feeling was truly something else, but it was cut short, far too short than what he was used to by now. Theo found himself back to reality, and away from Anastasia, who was still pinned in the brick wall in the alley.
He found himself on the outside of the alley, standing on the main street, staring at a gasping Yuki who had just launched his head straight into Theo’s ribcage, but only causing him to step away just a few feet.
“Dammit… what am I doing… I should’ve just played dead... but I had to throw my
safety away to help her… I… Couldn’t stand by and watch him take another innocent life...” Yuki thought. His appearance was far different than what he looked like before this altercation, both of his arms dangled from his shoulders, his face was similar to an old road, bumpy and rough. He could barely see through his eyes as they were swollen, his cheeks were stained with blood, he didn’t really know where from though as his entire body and face were numb, and this is with the adrenaline and dopamine still in full effect.
Theo, who now is fully aware that he is out in the open now, takes a halfhearted step forward towards Yuki, questioning whether he should still continue and kill the only bird left, was it too much of a risk being that anyone could have seen him by now? He was very hesitant with taking a second step towards Yuki who was a few more breathes away from passing out. No, he had to end this now, he already finished off the candidate, but now, he has to tie loose ends, it’s only the logical thing to do. Risks shouldn’t be a problem now, the only thing that is a problem stood a few feet in front of him. Theo’s third step was halted by the sounds of sirens in the distance, he grew more conscious in his next decision, what should he do, what was the best choice of action here?
“Dammit… They’ll probably be here in two minutes, but he’s standing right there… I…” Theo thought as his eyes began shaking in relentless fashion, he couldn’t control his infinite amount of thoughts that led to no conclusions. The sirens grew louder by the second.
“They’ll be here any second now…” Yuki gasped towards Theo, which brought a confident smirk to his face.
“The gods granted you your life for now, but let’s see if it’ll do the same for my next victim…” Theo said with arrogance.
“What?!” Yuki surprisingly shouted, then thought, “Dammit... the police will probably be here in another minute or so... He can easily escape if he wanted to... I just have to hold him here for a bit longer...”
“If you do that, who knows when you’ll get a second chance on me… leaving me alive may be regretful…”
“He’s actually trying to make me stay here... I underestimated him, I’ll make sure I don’t make that mistake the next time I see him...” Theo thought as he gazed at Yuki, then said, “I’ll save that for the next time.” once he finished his words, he took off, leaving Yuki’s poor field of vision.
“Dammit… I couldn’t keep him here… It wasn’t enough…” Yuki sadly said while gasping for air. Those were his last words before he fell unconscious to the ground, it was surprising that he was able to stand up at all after being dealt that much damage, let alone attempt to get under Theo’s skin, risking his own life to make sure Theo stays at the scene for a few more seconds. Nonetheless, his bravery was something to be looked up to, a hero? Maybe not, but he was still able to stand his ground against a demigod of Hades, that in itself should be something to be proud of, shouldn’t it?

Good luck with your attempt at a literary action sequence!!

Develop Your Story / Nemesis Vol. 1 (Editing :c)
« on: January 06, 2020, 03:36:55 PM »
So I kind of finished the rough version of my novel, which was originally a manga concept but I put it into novel format. I'm sure you can tell it as a manga concept just by reading it or it being on this site to begin with lol. just wanted to get some objective opinions on it and editing recommendations as well. I'l post the link to the draft at the bottom, just lmk what you guys think. Also, was thinking about dividing the novel based on acts/arcs within the first volume. well, enough blabbering and I'll leave the reading up to you guys   ;D

Develop Your Story / My Current Story
« on: July 26, 2019, 03:23:25 PM »
I guess I'll just post stuff about Arcs I currently have and update along the way, My story is titled Nemesis and has a re-occuring theme I tend to use a lot throughout the story, which is revenge. some characters go through their own arcs, whether it be overcoming said theme or completing it and having to deal with the aftermath of it. alright, I'll just get right into it then.

The introduction to the story introduces the reader to the main character, Yuki Madota, a teen who is still going through the pain of losing his father in an accident. he goes through counseling in the very beginning of the intro and after that session, he finally decides to take his counselors advice and go outside for once. he doesn't live alone, he lives with his robotic companion, named Trivy. Yuki decides to pick up some food, as the signs of depression are shown through his current living situation. it is revealed that someone is following him on his way to the mini market aka corner store, and he, unaware of his surroundings, remains ignorant to this fact. That is, until he is approached by a Woman whom he's never seen before. She tells him that someone is following him in somewhat of a conflicting manner (covering his mouth and telling him not to alarm the person who is tailing him). He does just that though, and a chase seen begins, Yuki having no Idea why this is happening to him, especially on the first day he decides to leave his home, is sort of saved by this woman from the person who was tailing him. the Woman tells Yuki her name, Maria, and tells him that she works for the IJA, the International Justice Agency. Yuki has no idea what this is, which sort of surprises Maria that he isn't knowledgable on the world even though he's still in high school. they soon arrive to the HQ of the IJA after finishing off the stalker (not killing him just shooting out his tires). once they arrive there, Yuki and Maria are greeted by the Director of Operations at the IJA, Lynden Silverstein. he tells Maria she did a good job, and soon answers the many questions that Yuki has, such as why is this happening, who are you, where are we, etc. Lynden tells Yuki his theory as to why Yuki is being targeted and followed, he suspects that the accident that involved his father's death was no accident at all, and whomever was responsible may have been targeting you as well. Yuki is taken back by the realization that his Father's death wasn't an accident, and doesn't really know how to handle this news, when Lynden offers Yuki a proposition. Lynden offers Yuki a position in becoming an agent here at the IJA, and possibly an opportunity to seek Justice for his Father. Yuki blindly accepts this offer, and is soon submitted into a training program aimed to train youth into becoming successful agents within the agency, it is titled the Youth Program. Maria questions Lynden's proposition and Lynden says he has a feeling that Yuki will be a fine agent one day.

General Discussion / Discord
« on: July 23, 2019, 01:05:40 AM »
Hey fellow MR folks, was wondering if I started a discord chat for the fellow people of MR, would anyone be interested in joining it?

Alright, I officially created one for MR, if you'd like to join it, just use the link below.

This is an MR exclusive Discord, you must have an MR account in order to stay within the Discord.

Develop Your Story / stuck at a crossroad
« on: July 14, 2019, 03:41:13 AM »
Ok, I'm writing a current arc within my story and I'm kind of stuck on what I should do next. the part I'm stuck on is basically near the conclusion of this arc. I'll try to give details before giving you the part I'm stuck on.
So the arc starts with my MC needing a new arm after losing his within the climax of the previous arc, and my MC has basically been on a losing streak lol
So he, along with another member of his division and his childhood robot friend head out to another country, a city within this country that is known for their advanced robotic parts. they are also escorted by three other agents, one of which is from the town that they are heading to.
they all get on the train and head straight there, the town is called Astalo and it is surrounded by mountains and in a snow covered environment, Train is the best and safest course of travel to get to Astalo.
Once they arrive there, Jax (the agent from Astalo) is greeted by his hometown friends and basically given a bit of a backstory of Jax as well as a tourist guide of the city of Astalo. my MC also meets two other agents who are stationed at Astalo and currently on an unrelated mission of their own, the two agents who are on a mission within Astalo already are also familiar with our MC's captain, but are devastated by the news that she didn't make it from the previous arc.
after purchasing an arm, the MC meets with one of the two agents again who didn't leave off on good terms, and who wants to apologize, but knowing really no true way of doing so, they instead talk about the mission that they are currently on within Astalo
The Mission is a massive amount of people have gone missing near Astalo by the northern mountains, where the main tourist attraction (Ski Lodge) used to be located but now vacant because of the disappearances. they were to scout the area of Astalo and soon head to the mountain, but they soon realized that the trek to the northern mountain and what's left of the ski lodge wasn't a mission for two people. the MC, knowing they need more people, willingly joins along with everyone else who was brought here, all don't join as willingly as the MC, and they head to start their trek.
before they officially do so, they are confronted by a droid who knows nothing more than one word: Danger. they dispel of this threat but are taken back by the fact that they were attacked by something that was made for human companionship and hardship. they suspect something much more malicious is happening further to the northern mountains.
after their first debacle, they are approached multiple times by different and more threatening droids, until eventually the threat grows to strong for just there group. they eventually call for backup.
once backup arrives, they decide to head to the source of their unfriendly droids and investigate.
they do so, but miserably fail, but not completely as they still came out with some clues as well as one huge lead.
I'm just going to fast forward as I'm getting vaguer by the second, but the Main Villain is the leader of the droid colony and his main goal was to Destroy the Human Race for reasons of objectivity (even though deep down it's also a form of revenge as well). big bad war happens, tables turn multiple times, twists happen, etc. The King is defeated, willingly, and not killed. he has accepted his death already but was ultimately saved, now almost everyone is on the same page, and one of them is trying their best to save the King before it is too late, so the moment I'm at is the person who is trying to save King has finally brought him to the repair station to get the repairs he needs before he dies, I was wondering should I keep him alive? (King is OP if he actually tries btw) and maybe degrees him (possibly or keep him at 100) or should I just kill him at that last second, not sure as both are huge for the rest of the story even after the arc is over.

break Room / Fantasy
« on: August 12, 2018, 02:38:06 PM »

Manga Writers wanted / Freelance Writer here
« on: July 23, 2018, 11:38:14 AM »
I will post my Portfolio here. within it are things that I worked on either freely or for a creative writing course as well. within my portfolio consists of 2 short stories, 8 poems, and 2 Manga Scripts. I hope you find what your looking for here and don't hesitate to reply or PM me if your interested or have any questions.

Manga Creations / My Manga Story!!
« on: July 18, 2018, 03:46:28 PM »
I'll post my first three chapters for (still unsure about a title it is now between hypno proxy or morpheus or maybe dream agent) but lmk if I should post more if you guys wanna keep reading and still looking for an artist for it as well. plus tell me what you guys think!
Also Chapter two and onward are more organized by pages and panels (P) and the 1st chapter is just a script.

Chapter 1,19217.0.html

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Chapter 32

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

Chapter 38

Chapter 39

Chapter 40

Chapter 41

Chapter 42

Chapter 43

Chapter 44

Chapter 45

Chapter 46

Chapter 47

Chapter 48

Chapter 49

Chapter 50

Chapter 51

Chapter 52

Chapter 53

Chapter 54

Chapter 55

Chapter 56

Chapter 57

Chapter 58

Chapter 59

Chapter 60

Chapter 61

Chapter 62

Chapter 63

Chapter 64

Chapter 65

Chapter 66

Chapter 67

Chapter 68

Chapter 69

Chapter 70

Develop Your Story / help with developing story
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:17:23 AM »
I have a question about my story
Early on in my story my character has to train in order to up his physical abilities and endurance. I'm unsure on whether I should go over this in a couple of chapters or don't really use that much time on it and go over it in like a couple of pages or one chapter.

I settled this problem but have another question below... lol

BTW here is the story in the link below,19237.0.html

Manga Artists Wanted / Looking For Artist
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:56:49 AM »
Hey I'm just gonna leave the first chapter here. Title varies as of right now between somni proxy, envoy somni, dream agent, and the mole... but i'm looking for an artist for this and i'm willing to slit the revenue 50/50 or 60/40 to the artist that is willing to take a chance on helping me create this. But enough rambling, if your interested to read more or interested in this oppurtunity just reply here or pm me and i should respond asap.

Suggestions And Feedback / Spoiler bubble thing
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Does anyone here know how to put text in that spoiler bubble. Im surprised i havent figured it out yet lol

Manga Writers wanted / Manga Writer here
« on: February 26, 2018, 11:15:57 PM »
I'm a Manga Writer and I'm willing to help out anyone on here that is in need of a Writer to write or help out on their story.
I enjoy writing Manga, Short stories and sometimes even poetry and even full length stories (concepts at the most right now though).
I like more of the Shonen based manga more than anything but I wouldn't mind writing another genre.
That's about it and really wanted to use this thing  :sheep: lol

Manga Artists Wanted / [Unpaid For Now] Looking for an Artist
« on: January 22, 2018, 02:47:06 AM »
Hello, I'm a writer and I'm looking for an artist to help me out with my story. I have multiple stories that I wrote and I don't mind whichever the Artist wants to help with, I just want to go on this creative journey with someone. Ok, well the two stories i have are called Dragonstone(for now) and Waynack.
- This story is about a boy by the name of Ace Barnett. He lives and works in a scrap shop with his grandfather and his job there is to search for the scraps or antiques. one day, while he's out searching, he stumbles upon a crashed cargo airship. After searching through this airship, he finds a very powerful stone that gets stuck within his hand. this story takes a long journey into the unknown and Ace's life takes a huge turn as he is seeing the power that this stone has and how many people want it.

- Waynack is a fantasy medieval story that follows the adventure of William Waynack and his quest to fulfill his dream, to find the Holy Grail. The legend is whoever finds the Holy Grail is granted to be the King of Terra/King of Kings. He is bestowed this journey along with help under Merlin of Camelot. others will also be looking for the legendary holy grail as well. Who will find it First?

both stories are shonen action/adventure and both have a lot of fun characters. Dragonstone is set in a fantasy, futuristic setting and Waynack is in a fantasy, medieval setting. I hope i could find an artist and if i do and we turn any one of these stories into profit, i will be more than happy to share the profits 40/60, that means the artist will get 60% of the profits. I hope someone will be willing to take the chance here. If you would like to know more or read some of the scripts please reply or PM me.

More Info On Dragonstone
Dragonstone has various futuristic looking cities and post apocalyptic looking cities as well, but it is in the future. there is many large and unique cities in this story. there is also different classifications and roles within these cities defense forces and there is also bounty hunters within this world. There is a group known as the Astro 13, which is a very prestigious and elite group of bounty hunters that will also symbolize the Celtic animal Zodiac, which will be cool. there are other Drragonstone's within this world but very rare, each holds their own unique power. A dragonstone also holds the spirit of a dragon within it and that dragons specific ability.
Other  Characters are:
- Artemis, a teenage girl who is supposedly a tracker for her clan (her back story is very dense) and found Ace KO"d after the stone got stuck in his hand. she is an expert with her blade and also a tracking expert and a good fighter. 
- Jax Landers, a professional bounty hunter who went out to capture Ace for a bounty but ended up joining Ace on his adventure. He has a robotic arm and is good at combat too but tends to rely on his arm.
- Trivy, Ace's trusty cute robot companion, he's very small compared to the other characters and has been with Ace since Ace built him. Ace is good at inventing things.
There are many more unique characters and different and dense Arc's within this story as well.

More Info on Waynack
Waynack uses inspiration from various folklore such as Arthurian Mythology, Greek Mythology, and Mythical Beasts as well. Waynack is from a small village which is claimed under the Pendragon Kingdom. There are many different Kingdoms within this story as well and the Top 12 Kings/Queens of the Top 12 Kingdoms are known as the 12 Wonders of the world. Other 12 Wonders are Dracula, Mei Liang, General Hanzo, King Arthur, etc. Dragons are also present in this world put are very rare and people are afraid of them because it's believed they only bring chaos and calamity into the world. There is also Greek Gods within this world but not as present mainly for prayer than anything until much later into the story. what makes up a powerful kingdom that would be recocgnized by the wonders are 3 or more powerful clans that join together to create a kingdom. For Example, the Pendragon Kingdom consisits of Powerful clans such as the Emrys clan, Du Lac Clan,  Calvados Clan, and much more. There is also Elemental powers, Magic, and Magical weapons within this story as well
Other characters are:
- Pierre Emrys, the youngest son of Merlin Emrys and from the Emrys clan. A new teacher of Magic before he was sent out to accompany William on his journey for the Holy Grail by his father. Expert in Black Magic and holder of the Sword of Eternal Darkness. Very intelligent as well.
- Forest, a baby dragon that William happens to find and keep within the story and he becomes the Tamer of this Dragon, A Tamer is someone who is given the abilities that the dragon has by the dragon to share.
- Raynard, an old friend and ex class mate of William during there time in Knight school, he was inspired by William to also search for the holy grail on his own path and become the king of kings, unfortunately his path will be alot darker compared to William's but they are destined to meet again someday.

There is much more content and characters in both of these stories and would be more than happy to share if anyone is interested just reply or PM  ;D ;D

I have another story called Either Dream Agent/Dream Agenda/Trance Agent/Trance Agenda or maybe something else but it is about a teen kid who recently lost his father in an accident and now lives alone. He recently found himself in a crazy situation and found out that his father was killed rather than an accident and that he used to work for the IJA (The International Justice Agency) which is a high up law enforcement and secret operations agency. Driven by the news about his father, he joins the IJA and gains a personal mission to gain the strength in order to be able to find the person who killed his father.

More Info:
This is a shonen/action-adventure/school based manga and also has a very large cast of characters. The power system is unique and cool where people use dreams and memories in order to gain a special unique ability they can keep. Their is also different classifications of Agent Rankings ranging from C class all the way to S class. You would have to join the Youth program to train you the skills you need to learn in order to become a professional agent at the IJA. There is also a name for the top Agents within the IJA, titled the Ju-Genju. the power system just doesn't include the special unique ability and other parts of it is very complex.

Yuki Madota- Our Main Character, he is a bit of a hot head and he is driven on finding the killer of his father. he is willing to do whatever it takes to become stronger in order to gain the strength to find who killed his father. he believes that this is his destiny. his special ability that he gains is plasma energy.

Asami Kowal- A classmate within the Youth Program of Yuki, she is also a daughter to one of the Ju-Genju. she is quiet and nice, she also has a bit of a lack of emotions. she is trained and pampered by her father. her special ability is Mask of Memories, which is a Mask that allows her to change the appearance of herself using the memories of her own or from her enemy.

Jerome Murasaki- the teacher of the Youth class and an S class agent at the IJA. He didn't want to teach the class but was chosen to do so. He is very skilled at combat and his special ability is the use of neon energy.

Maria- She is an S class agent who is introduced within the first chapter and helps Yuki and brings him to the IJA. she is also excellent at hand to hand and even better with weapons like knives. her special ability is called Hawk's Eye/Eagle's Eye where when she uses it she gains a target that only she can see and whenever she gets a direct hit on the target she can see in longer distance and the target gets bigger and easier.

That and the other two are still available and still looking for an Artist. if anyone is interested in either one of the three up there and want to know more or read a chapter of one of them, just reply or send me a PM.

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