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break Room / Questions into Anything
« on: November 05, 2016, 04:31:55 PM »
So I'm a philosopher by trade (hence the name) and I have a large working knowledge of all sorts of subjects ranging from Metaphysics to Epistemology to Axiology and more. I thought I'd open up a board where people could ask serious questions (such as "why is there evil in the world?") and offer some various thoughts on those matters from various schools of philosophy (and perhaps mix in a few of my own).

This is really just for anyone who's really curious and wants a more intellectual conversation. That and I don't usually have many people to talk about this sort of thing with so I thought I'd see if anyone here would bite.

Topics we touched on but haven't explored:
- Free Will
- Land Ethics
- Occam's Razor
- Philosopher: "William of Ockham"
- Fideism
- Gaianism

Collaboration (Art Exchange) / Visual Novel Collab
« on: October 26, 2016, 11:24:06 PM »
So I recently found TyranoBuilder and a friend of mine and I have been playing around with it. (Edit: people have been telling me that TyranoBuilder is not the best thing to use for VNs. So think carefully about what you want to use.) We've been musing about trying to make a VN with it and publishing it for real on Steam...

...The only problem is it comes with an extremely limited gallery and neither of us have the skills to make OCs. So I wanted to throw my hand into the pond and see if there's anyone here willing to give it a shot with us before we go onto the internet and beg people on various sites to let us use their work in a commercial product.

Here is a taste of the kind of writing I'm capable of (although I was kind of half-YouKnowWhating it). http://forums.mangaraiders.com/index.php/topic,16815.0.html

My friend is more of the tech savvy kind so he'll be helping with figuring out all the really cool features we can do with TyranoScript. He's also pretty decent with photoshop so we shouldn't have any problem with formatting the pictures or making a custom title screen, buttons, etc.

Also we haven't really decided on a story idea yet. I know that a lot of artists have stories they want to tell so I'm kind of curious what they would want to make with someone like us in their back pocket. Pitch me an idea if you're up for it and if it sounds good enough we might actually help you make it. Otherwise I'm fine with coming up with an original story line with everyone's input. I have a few ideas of my own but I know that artists don't usually sign on to a project for free if they're not immediately invested in it. I don't want to be that guy who comes in here trying to get everyone to do my thing. For me good leadership is leadership that listens.

Hope to hear from a few of you soon!

Develop Your Story / Chosen
« on: September 06, 2016, 09:14:55 AM »
So this is a story idea I've had on the back-burner for some time now; if I were to ever make a manga this is the story I'd write. And I've wanted to write it for years but never got around to it due to school and jobs and basic living. But I have more free time now so I thought "why not start now and share it around?"

The basic premise is that the story is a deconstruction of "The Chosen One" trope where the chosen one is usually some person who is destined by fate to do something spectacular. They're also considered to be the center of the universe in a proverbial sense: they are given all the tools in the universe via the narrative to accomplish that task. Usually that last bit is glossed over in these kinds of stories but in this story the MC literally is the center of the universe--it literally bends to accommodate him and his path so that's no longer simply a narrative device but instead a central theme of the piece. Now that could get a bit stale if everything were set-in-stone so I added that the main thing that makes him different from other "chosen ones" is that he's not fated to do anything. In fact he's the only person whose destiny isn't set-in-stone; he could deny and prolong what the universe wants from him as long as he chooses. He could even choose to go against it. His story is his path of choosing whether or not he will complete the destiny that is always trying to shove itself on him.

Mix that in with a fun superpower system (power scaling all the way up to reality warping and other OP superpowers), general battle-manga antics and a decently complicated plot and you get this story. So here's the first installation. Let me know what you think:

Rain pours on the intersection of Rosdale and Franks. A boy with jet-black hair in a long-sleeve, spring jacket, a t-shirt and jeans trudges through the darkness and the puddles in the street. Ahead of him, the only light source, a street lamp, casts its luminous shadow on the sidewalk lined with stores that are mostly closed. The boy stops in the street and stares up at the sky.

Boy: "I'm lost again... Well, I guess that's for a reason..."

The boy moves slowly in the direction of the street lamp. A woman emerges from the darkness on the opposite side on the sidewalk carrying groceries at a brisk pace. She runs toward the intersection and begins to cross the street toward the opposite corner only to slip and fall halfway through, her glasses falling off and her groceries scattering across the ground. The boy looks on at her, blankly. The woman scrambles to find her glasses among the groceries on the ground picking up a few of them and putting them back down. The boy turns his focus to the woman and moves closer to her. The woman continues her fruitless search as a faint glow appears in the distance of the street adjacent to the one the boy stands in. The boy reaches the side of the intersection, looks to his left and sees the light. He mutters something under his breath.

Boy: “You better hurry up, lady… Otherwise you might die...”

The light in the distance slowly grows. The boy looks up at the sky again, water streaming down his face.

Boy: “Me? I’m already dead… But I doubt you’ll die the same way I did…”

The woman still hasn’t found her glasses and is now getting even more frantic. The light in the distance grows into two.

Boy: “I guess that’s just your fate… But then…why am I here…?”

The lights grow larger and larger. The hum of an engine can be heard in the distance. The woman still searches, this time more broadly and on all fours.

Her fate is her fate. Am I supposed to watch her die…? Why does that seem so…wrong?

The engine of massive, eighteen-wheeler truck roars as its form becomes visible through the rain moving swiftly toward the woman. The boy looks in its direction once more, opening his eyes wide in realization that his time musing there runs thin.

She can’t stop her fate. No one can... But then she’ll die… My purpose here... My purpose...! You can’t stop your fate...

The boy takes off, putting himself between the oncoming truck and the woman with his back to the driver and his arms stretched wide in a protective stance.

But I can!

The horn of the truck and screeching tires blare as the truck bears down on the two strangers in the street.  The sound of twisting metal splits the air and the truck lifts up off the ground slightly before falling with a crash. Steam floats away from the truck, stopped cold, as the rain continues to pour. The driver of the truck attempts to pull himself out from behind the airbag only to see the woman in the street basking in his headlights along with the mangled remains of the hood. The man makes haste to inspect the situation, kicking out the warped door and stumbling into the street. He makes his way over to the front.

Driver: “Mam, are you alright—”

The man stares at the front of his car. The woman finally finds her glasses and puts them on looking up at the driver and the wreck. Both of them look in awe at the front of the truck, the metal contorted into a human like shape with the boy standing in the same pose as before with his head down.

Driver: “K-kid! Are you ok!?”

The boy slowly looks up with a strained expression. He slowly removes himself from the human shaped crevice in the truck and glances at each of the two dumbfounded people staring back at him. The boy gazes back up at the sky, clenching his fist.

Boy: “I’m alive…”

Suddenly the boy turns to look in the opposite direction from which he came. He stares for a second only to make a mad dash away from the wreckage a moment later. As he ran the driver calls out for him to stop but it was too late—the boy was gone into the torrential downpour and the black of night. The truck driver and the woman, shocked faces illuminated by the headlight of the truck, glance at each other then back at the direction the boy ran, silent and in disbelief.

Develop Your Story / Payment as Due [Short(?) Story Idea]
« on: September 01, 2016, 12:52:38 AM »
So here's a random, story idea I came up with not long ago and decided to put some writing to. I thought I'd make a few scene snippets so people can get to know me more as a writer. It's not my best work, but it should give people an idea of where I stand.

That said, I'm not sold on Gabriella's name. I think Vinnie works great for him but that's going to bother me for a while.

A man in his mid-twenties leans on a wall while reading a newspaper in the slums of Giddier. The streets are almost empty, barring a few puddles from yesterday's rain, and only the sounds of the nearby sweatshops can be faintly heard. Plumes of blackened smoke raise from the chimneys of nearby houses and the town reeks of soot. A commotion echos in the distance as a group of people round a corner nearby. The man peeks over the top of his newspaper to inspect the situation.

"Shut up! I told you that your job is only to guard me and that's final!"

Across the street and to the right walks a woman in her early twenties with beautiful, golden locks and a fancy dress accompanied by two large men in full black suits and matching hats. The man with the newspaper raises an eyebrow and whistles quietly at the woman's beauty. His eyes then dart toward the left where a boy in overalls looking down at a watch briskly walks toward the woman and her bodyguards. The two parties come closer and closer until one of the body guards moves in front of the woman just before they would collide. The boy, not looking where he's going, is shoved aside and into the gully by the bodyguard out in front. The man with the newspaper shakes his head, folding the newspaper and placing on end in his back pocket. He jogs over to where the boy now lays. The boy, still in shock from his departure from the sidewalk, slowly gets up rubbing his head as the man reaches him. The man bends down next to the boy and puts his hand on his back.

"You ok, kid?" the man asks.

"Yeah, I should be fine, sir."

The man turns his attention to the group that has passed them. He shouts at them to get their attention.

"Hey, you! Lady!"

The woman stops and looks over her shoulder with a cold face, the bodyguards moving out of the way so she can look at the man addressing her.

"Aren't you going to have your man apologize for hurting a poor boy who didn't mean any harm?"

The woman stares at the man speaking to her with a look mixed between astonishment and disgust. She points at the boy with an air of superiority.

"Why should I have my men apologize when that child was the one who wasn't paying attention to his surroundings? If anything, he should be apologizing for almost running into me."

Hearing this the boy puts his hand on the man's leg and shakes his head signalling to give it up. But the man is undeterred.

"Sure, he was in the wrong there but that doesn't give anyone the right to send him flying off his feet. No one owns the sidewalk, you know."

The woman scoffs and fully turns around to address her advisory.

"I don't think you understand who you're dealing with. My name is Gabriella Murillo, daughter of Franco Murillo--the man who oversees this area by command of the King. If anyone owns this sidewalk, it would be me."

The man is taken aback for a second but soon his eyes thin and he begins to smirk as if holding something in. Suddenly he starts laughing.

"What's so funny about what I said!?" the woman huffs.

The man collects himself and stands upright, helping the man with the overalls to his feet. He then squares off against the woman.

"So you're one of those types, huh?"

"One of what types? Choose your words carefully, swine."

"Oh, you know, the kind that lives in the lap of luxury in their ivory tower away from the worries of the world. Us hardworking folk are nothing in the eyes of you aristocrats. I bet you haven't had a day of suffering in your life."

"Excuse me!?" the woman exclaims in offended disbelief.

"You heard me," the man continued, "all those days of never feeling any kind of pain has left you spoiled rotten."

Immediately one of the guards places his arm in front of the woman while the other cracks his knuckles.

"Leave this to us, Milady. There's no excuse for trash like him to be badmouthing someone of your status."

The two begin to move toward the man but he stands his ground.


The guards continue to move toward the man now raising their arms in preparation to pummel him.

"I said wait!"

The two men turn back at Gabriella who has called off their attack.

"But Milady? He--"

"That's enough," the she says sternly. "I will not prove this man right by denying him the manners he believes I lack."

The man with the newspaper smiles coyly.

"Color me impressed, lady. You're pretty smart. But you don't get points for fixing a problem right after you've been told about it. Who says you'll stay that way once you leave?"

"Who says I'm not that way regularly?" Gabriella replies casually.

"Oh yeah? Prove it."

"And why do I have to prove anything to you?"

The man grins devilishly. With arms open wide he response with with utmost confidence.

"I'll tell you what--if you can prove to me that you're not a spoiled brat then I'll become your slave for the rest of my life."

The four other people on the street take a moment to process what had just been proclaimed. They look at each other for reassurance that they had all heard the same thing, dumbfounded that anyone would ever do something that brazen. Overcoming his dumbfoundedness, one of the guards speaks up.

"A-Are you crazy?"

"Crazy?" the man replies. "Maybe. Or maybe I truly think I can't lose."

The woman's lips being to curl into a greedy grin.

"Are you sure you're willing to take that gamble?" Gabriella asks. "I'm generous enough to allow you to take that back, but only once."

"More sure than anything I've ever been in my life," he replies. "Give me one week of studying you and at the end of it I'll give you my honest thoughts."

"And how do I know that you'll tell the truth? Or even that you're not looking to take advantage of this deal? I am the daughter of a very rich man, after all."

"By all means, lady, if it makes you feel better I'll even sign a contact and keep notes that you can look at whenever you want. If I go against my word you can shoot me on the spot."

Again the group looks on in shock as what seems to be the words of a madman ring in their ears. The guards turn to Gabriella for direction but she has the same bewildered expression plastered on her face. Gabriella shakes her head to snap herself back to reality and stares into the man's eyes. Nothing. Not a hint of fear. Gabriella beings to laugh, nervously at first, but then bursting out into an obviously forced laugh of triumph.

"Very well, then," she begins. "If you want to throw your life away that badly then I will gladly fulfill your wish. What is your name?"

"My name? Yeah, I guess you need that sort of thing. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier. The name's Vincent. Vincent Heartway. But my friends call me Vinnie."

"Well then, Vinnie," Gabriella says with venom, "it seems we have an agreement. If you do not contact my residence within twenty-four hours I will have every policeman in the county out for your head for crimes against my family. But if you do then you will be given temporary stay at my mansion while our deal is playing out. We will establish the conditions of our contract after you are settled in."

"Sounds great," Vinnie adds, "but are you going to give me something to contact you or what?"

Gabriella snaps her finger.

"Gastolf, my card."

Gastolf, the guard who pushed the boy over earlier, glances at Gabriella again, a look of sheer denial.

"But Milady, you're not seriously--"

Gabriella cuts him off.

"My card, Gastolf."

Gastolf looks back and forth between Gabriella and Vinnie. A moment after he hesitantly begins to move toward Vinnie, slowly reaching into his coat pocket and producing a contact card. He trudges up to Vinnie and sheepishly extends his arm with the card. Vinnie casually grabs the end of the card but Gastolf doesn't let go.

"If it were me I'd have you sitting in a pool of your own blood right now," Gastolf growls quietly.

"It's ok, Stolfie. Maybe next time," Vinnie replies cheerfully.

Gastolf shoots him a deadly glare and turns toward Gabriella to walk away.

"Very good," Gabriella concluded. "That settled I've spent far too much time here and must be on my way. Good day, sirs, and I do hope you understand what you've gotten yourself into, Vincent. I will not be merciful."

With that Gabriella and her two henchmen turn and begin to walk away.

"Watch you step, lady," Vinnie shouts. "You wouldn't want to ruin your dress!"

As the three move off into the distance the boy from before stands in a trance-like state, in complete awe of what he had just witnessed. Vinnie turns to the boy and puts his hands into his pockets while smiling.

"Don't you have somewhere to be, boy?"

The boy, started, snaps out of his daze and looks at his pocket watch again and realizes he's extremely late.

"Shoot! I have to go!"

The kid begins to run away but soon stops and turns back at Vinnie who is looking in the direction Gabriella left in.

"Hey, sir?!"

Vinnie looks back at the boy who is standing there, perplexed.

"Thanks a lot for looking out for me, but are you sure you're gonna be ok? I mean, you basically just sold your soul! I don't think you would do that for no reason. What could you have possibly gained from that?"

Vinnie looks closes his eyes and shakes his head with a large grin on his face. He then turns back to the boy and with a huge smile proclaims:

"That, kid, is how you get a date with someone who is way out of your league."

To Be Continued...?

Welcome Center / New to the Community
« on: August 24, 2016, 08:05:42 PM »
Hey there!

My name is Byron, I'm am 21 years old, and thank you for reading my introduction! I've made a few posts already but after realizing that this was here I thought it best to give it a go. So here we go~

For starters I'm an aspiring writer who absolutely loves the conceptual side of story-writing (which happens to be because I'm a philosophy nut so that shouldn't be too much of a surprise). Give me a plot idea and I can have it fully fleshed out--characters, themes, plot, the works--in a few hours and from feedback I've gotten they've all been top-notch. Specifically, if you're looking for someone who can make a great deconstruction, I'm your guy. But that's not to say I'm a one-trick-pony: I can pull my weight in actual writing and editing too I just don't fancy it as much. Actually I specialize in writing fight scenes which I hope to share some with you all.

I found this forum while looking for an artist (and perhaps a co-writer) because I really want to get something published to my name so here's hoping I find a few people willing to take a risk and try for the gold. But I figure making a few random friends on the way can't hurt. I'd also like some feedback on my write-fights (what me and my friends call them) since I haven't had a lot of people look at them and I think that getting some constructive criticism would be good for me. I hope that my time here will be well-spent and I'm looking forward to meeting many like-minded people.

Just an FYI, my favorite manga of all time is Medaka Box. It has everything I'd ever want in a series and I'm just super jealous I wasn't the one to write it.

Anyway, that's my introduction. Still getting the hang of this place but I suppose everyone starts off slow in a new community. Here's to a new beginning.

Oh, and PM me if you're interested in working together on a project. I'd be more than happy to.

Tips and Tutorials / The Relation Between Pacing and Conflicts
« on: August 24, 2016, 02:17:27 PM »
I've always been interested in the inner workings of writing and I have a few ideas on how different aspects of writing relate to one another. So I thought I might bust out an idea I've been working on and see if anyone else agrees.

The relation between pacing and conflicts can be summarized with a simple rule of thumb:
"For any case with two or more conflicts, the less distance there is between subsequent conflicts the more the pacing of a story/scene increases. Likewise adding more distance between conflicts will cause the pacing of a story/scene to decrease."

Simple application follows: if I have a story with five subsequent conflicts and these conflicts are spread out over the course of five chapters then each chapter will explore each conflict from start to resolution. As a result the pace of the story will decrease as a whole as more time is allocated to exploring each conflict. On the flip side if I were to jam five conflicts all into one chapter then that chapter is going to move faster in order to resolve each conflict in less allotted time.

This is also really good advice for pacing a fight scene (which I do a lot of). When you have two characters going at it you can think of the entire scene as a series of conflicts and resolutions. If you add more conflicts within a smaller space the action of the scene increases and this gives off the perception that the scene is moving faster. Likewise you can slow the fight down by adding a standoff where the conflicts from before the break are given some time before the next set come into play. This gives the perception that the scene has slowed down.

That about sums it up. Anyway, it's really only a working theory but I'd really like to know if it makes sense to anyone else. Thoughts?

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