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General Manga writer discussions / Help with story writing?
« on: February 22, 2018, 01:35:58 AM »
So I want to dedicate to a story that I'd like to share on Webtoons and other sites but keep finding myself stuck on fleshing out the entire story and script layout. I haven't even reached the storyboard portion.

To put it simple, I need help. 

A graduate who, even when in school had always kept to himself, is still trying to figure out his life. Work is difficult and he's generally annoyed by others so he tends to keep to himself until one stormy day. The MC comes across a stray cat and decides to take it in to only become aware that it's no normal feline.

Character Ark:
I plan for this introverted character to begin opening up, find friends, and eventually find love. While at the same time the female gains trust and acceptance. Something she's always struggled with.

The twist:
The neko had actually gone to school with the main protagonist yet he never noticed her unlike her who noticed him. Before senior year she went missing. The story starts 3 years later after she has been living alone, mainly as a cat, since that life changing decision.

Things to note:
I don't plan to make them instantly fall for one another or even have the 'love spark' happen quickly after realizing the cat he rescued is the girl who went missing in school. All I know at this point is I want love to eventually bloom along all the other things I've already mentioned in the character ark above.

My original idea behind the 'werecat' is based on a family curse that dates wayyyy back. A curse that only activates when they lose hope in life. When that applies to her, it's because of her outlook during school. The way she is treated and how her loneliness and being bullied is leading to negative thoughts. Then bam, turned into a cat with no idea how to turn back.

The style of manga I want to attempt capturing are a mix of  Orange, a slice of life manga (example: https://sliceofasianlife.com/2015/08/29/orange-manga-review/ )
And My little monster (example: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/65/e1/89/65e189d08f903b0c97e67ed004b7e725--monster-manga-my-little-monster.jpg )
AND if I can manage it, Blue Exorcist ( example: http://images.mangafreak.net/mangas/ao_no_exorcist/ao_no_exorcist_13/ao_no_exorcist_13_1.jpg )

General Manga writer discussions / About Webtoons
« on: September 18, 2017, 07:17:29 PM »
Hey everyone, I'd like your opinion on Webtoons and the type of comics on there that you personally like.

I'd like to eventually begin uploading work on there but feel a little intimidated. If I were to go through with it, it would be drawn in the normal manga style (black & white with tones) but I mainly see these full on illustrations. ^^;;

My top favorites are: I love Yoo, Super Secret, Lumine, and Lackadaisy.

Manga Art Gallery / Razkit's Random Art
« on: September 15, 2017, 02:53:33 PM »
I had a gallery at one point but it's now full of old projects so here's a fresh gallery! First art piece I want to upload is an OC of mine, Hikari Katsumi. A character that has gone through a lot of changes through the years, lol. I included the steps I took to make the illustration.


Develop Your Story / Light & Dark - ongoing project
« on: September 15, 2017, 03:23:59 AM »
Author note: Roughly a year ago I began a post in the gallery about this project: Light & Dark. It has been an on going thing of mine for years with even more work to be done. It's like a never ending piece of work, lol. Anyways, I've officially sat down to write it out yet I still have not reached even 10% of the story in the narrative form I am aiming for. Though I do know where I want to go with it, all the steps from the starting point to the finish line, so now it really just falls down to all the details. In the old gallery I had concept art of the characters, the world map, and so forth but I think I will change up some of the characters- again, so I won't link the old gallery since some things have been revised since then.

Dark & Light
Mature for language and violence.
Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, and Action.
This story will be a mix of where many creatures live however, 'worlds' do separate the species usually.
For example, the main world takes place in a universe full of Kitsunes. Where they pretty much fill in the spot of humans, etc.
The time era is a tad older too with a strong Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese origin.

Every 10,000 years two kitsune's are born with unique orbs, a black and white one. With said orbs comes a prophecy of destruction. That the world will be destroyed if the two were ever to cross paths. So an organization that can be perceived as old as time takes it upon themselves to hunt these cursed kits down and do away with them before anything can be done. It is how it has always been and how it will continue to be done. However, what happens when centuries go by and the story becomes folklore? That the families that bare the next generation of white and black orb kits decide to protect their children by all means instead even if it means death? Better yet, what happens when one is thrown into a different realm, with no clear way of returning, while the other is on the run? Will they ever meet up? Besides if they do, what good will come out of it anyways?

Final note:
Elements and magic do play a role. I mean, the main characters are kitsune's so that should be a given.
Other than the two main OCs, every Kitsune has an element of the basic four: water, earth, air, and fir.
Some families have magical skills too though they range on what type of level depending on said family line.
Really it all depends on where they end up on the society scale on how they go about using their abilities in their day to day life.
Just think of Avatar the Last Airbender and you pretty much get the picture.


My name is Hikari and I'm the last of my kind, my race, my species that I know of.

The moment the world was ripped away from me I was merely a child, but to be honest it actually started shortly after I was conceived. My mother and father did not know this would happen. It wasn't like it was in their DNA so there was no warning, no manual-script. To be exact; I was picked randomly for this gift, for this curse. I was just born at the right moment, the right year. At first, they didn't even know why I was so different and tried to push it off as an abnormality until the Organization came to our small village; scourging around talking nonsense about a prophecy. Of course, at the time they played it off as them spreading an old wise tale, a story you'd tell your children, but it was only a cover up for them to dig around in secrecy. Their ears and eyes shifting, hoping their story would trigger a certain response.. and it did.

My father over heard the story one day as a leading Guard of the Organization told it to a bustling crowd of villagers in the square. The story described, well, it basically described me. A kitsune born of not a regular elemental orb: Not of Fire, Water, Air, or Earth but instead one of a clear crystal. He also spoke of another just like me but instead of white, their orb is pure black, the complete opposite of my own. The ancient prophecy went on to describe that we, the kits born with these unique orbs, will cancel out the entire world. Destroy life as we know it, especially if captured an raised by the wrong hands. So this organization brought it upon themselves to wait for every ten-thousand-years; when kits of these powers are reincarnated, to kill them and prevent the destruction of the world.

To put it simply; they were here to kill me..

At this news, my father fled. He rushed back to our farm home as quickly as possible but his action did not go unnoticed and he was pursued. At this time I was an infant, only a month old, so of course, I could not defend myself. I was just a ball of fur curled up around my orb, powerless. Once my father came bursting through the door, frantically explaining what little he could in what little time he had, my mother quickly acted. She bundled me up, kissed her mate goodbye, and we fled. That was the last time she'd ever see her lover.. but what else could she do? She had me to protect so I can't and won't blame her for fathers death. She had a choice and her decision kept us alive for roughly a hundred-years and even though I've never met the man I still look up to him for being so brave. For defending us so we could escape.

We were always on the run from that day on. Never staying one place for too long and basically treating our lives like gypsies; Trading goods to make a living. There were some close calls but we always seemed to get out of town before anything could majorly happen.. until one day. I guess it was only time before the Organization caught up with us to try once again to kill me.

Even though I am one-hundred-years old I don't look to be over twelve and my short stature, chubby face, and childish manner does not help my case despite a number of years I have been alive. This is to be expected though since our species live as long as ten-thousand-years. Though naturally, from what I've come to understand, living anywhere over eight-hundred is rare. That only royalty live to be of that age and upon reaching the ten-marker is when they descend to the cosmos and become a matter of some sort that looks down upon us, to guide us, some mojo like that. If you choose to believe in that. Why do they do that? Why can't we live older than ten-thousand? Simply because our mass and power at that rate become so difficult to maintain that us just breathing is sucking the life force out of the planet. So we disperse our energy to become one with the land, air, and sea to give life to our world so it may prosper longer- at least that is how my mother explained it to me. But of course, the average citizens don't normally see over the eight-hundred marker for multiple reasons, especially depending on where you sit on the social meter, but the most important reason is that no one is allowed to be that powerful but the King.

Through our travels, I've come to realize how our world revolved. We live under one King but also four head families in which those head families are tied into the four major cities. As you probably guessed; each family represents an element. Their blood is the purest of the pure in which cross breeding elements is a huge no-no in that family chain. What do these family do? Well, the four families have the highest of responsibilities under the said King; the first son takes over his father's position, the second takes over their military, to give you an idea. Outside of those family, it is okay to fall in love with another element but at the same time, it is not. It does not break any laws or rules but yet it is seen as something to be ashamed of- I do not understand now and I don't understand it then. Other than being a number in the army, the working-class is basically the manual labor to the middle and upper-class citizens. Blacksmiths, farmers, shop keepers, and traders tend to fall under that class and we are like the bread to their butter because without us they would not have the material to create their luxurious clothing and houses. The Middle-class have the higher end jobs, fewer hands on, while the Upper-class are basically the four major families since they work right under the King.

How our country was set up is with the Kings establishment in the center, four large cities are set up on each corner, smaller towns on the outskirts of those, and then villages even further from those. The further out you go the more farms you see and the closer you are to the King, the more prosperity you see; shops of all types with the finest cotton and silks, you name it. Of course, I've only visited the main district once so my memory of the place is very vague. I remember large crowds, shiny objects, beautiful robes, and a gigantic fountain with a beautiful lady statue in the center, but that is all. I think, if I had the option, I would go back to that place to check it out once again.

Anyways, that is my world and where I am from. Now the moment that the world that I've come to understand was ripped away from me is the moment I was helping my mother load up our cart with a fresh bundle of new hide. We had just traded our recent bundle of wheat for this stack and planned to visit the North City to trade once again. A route we have been using for a few years now that have done us fairly well. Even up to the point we even have a room waiting for us in North City for the winter. Everything was looking pretty good but I guess that should have been a warning for us since usually when something is going so well, there is always something terrible waiting around the corner.

It happened so fast that we were completely caught off guard. One moment it is just me up in the cart taking a bundle of hide from my mother's arms, over and over, when suddenly our horse freaks out and jerks into a full gallop. Sending me rolling out of the cart smack dab into my mother causing both of us to fall into a disjointed heap on the dirt path. Instantly my mother goes into panic mode but before we could even react properly we are surrounded by the Guard. One snatched me up by the back of the shirt, having a firm grip on my vest, while two others pinned my mother down with their weapons. I couldn't just stand by either so I course began to thrash around and scream while my mother begged for my safety. All they did was sneer and yowl out threats until eventually I freaked out altogether and summoned my element. Doing something I promised my mother I would never do for fear of my life yet I had no choice but to break it; from my perceptive, they were going to kill us so this was my only option to save us.

I feel I should explain at this moment that my father was a fire-kit and my mother an earth-kit. A child born of two elements tend to lean toward one or the other depending on the dominant gene upon birth so no kit is born with both. Yet you already know I was born with neither but that has already been explained. Since my mother asked me since I could comprehend 'doing something bad' to always hide my orb I have never known what my element could do completely. It was uncharted territory but despite that, I have never expected what happened.. to well, happen.

When I summoned my element I instantly started to glow white and the guard behind me quickly let me go, probably due to fear. Even to this day, I am unsure if my anger was controlling my actions that day but I can still hear their screams of the first beings I have ever killed regardless. As soon as that Guard dropped me the white mass surrounding me shot out and covered him. Just as quickly as he dropped me he sparked into a burning mess, my element taking on the effect of fire without appearing like fire. He yelled, ran, rolled, until finally falling silent and just burning there in a motionless heap. I could feel myself facing the two holding down my mother yet I had no control over my body. I could feel my emotion fueling me and even though they quickly dropped their weapons and ran it did not stop me. My arms shot out, the white mass following my motions in which they snaked out to reach their fleeing forms, then they too were swallowed up in the white fire. Falling just like the first Guard.

I wish I stopped there but I did not.

My vision shifted to the form of my mother. The smell of fear rolling off her as her large green eyes stared up at me from her seating position. She was scared of me. At that moment I could hear my self-growling but could not comprehend why. I was angry but why? It almost felt like an outer-body experience. I felt my body shift closer to her and watched as she shrieked and tried to crawl away from me. With inner turmoil I watched my hand rise from my side, engulfed in the white power of my element, dancing like flames, and aim for my mother. And with tears falling down my mother's cheeks I heard her speak the last words I never wanted to hear from her; 'You are the one to end us all.' Something she denied for so long, her baby could not be some monster, I was no monster, but now it was like a vial was lifted from her eyes.

Before I uncontrollably lashed out my destructive energy against my willpower her lips formed an enchantment with her left hand pressed flat against the ground. Her right hand shot out and grabbed my outstretched wrist and with a mouthed 'I'm sorry' the ground opened up beneath me and I was swallowed up. My mother had just used an ancient ability that only elders knew of- that was forbidden for us to practice yet she knew because of her mother, she had open up a portal and just threw me into the frey. Blackness swallowed me whole as my body fell with no way to tell which way was up or down. I fell for what felt like forever, long enough for my element to fade, for me to realize what I have done, for me to realize that my mother just cast me away. The world I was born into was no longer a plane of existence for me.

As far as I knew it was now the last of my kind, my race, my species for I was no longer welcomed in the world where my kind lived.

Manga Writers wanted / closed
« on: August 08, 2017, 01:57:53 AM »
Hey there, I am seeking a writer willing to collaborate a story with me and to write/flesh out the first chapter entirely. This will be nothing too serious so no pay. Just something for both parties to use to gain some practice. I for one, need the practice in drawing full pages for I am no expert in that field yet.

Something to note before committing: I am still attending school and cannot work on art on a daily bases. Mainly on the weekends do I have the time and even than it's still limited until I am complete with school. Which hopefully will be around October. So yeah, please keep that in mind.

Again, this is a free and fun project so please don't jump into this thinking it'll be a complete, top notch work, ready to sell. Same applies to me, I will understand if you are still improving your writing skills.

I love paranormal, psychological, multi-verse, slice of life, different species (kemonomimi, youkai, oni, werebeasts) and related genres.
I am a fan of: Inuyasha, Bleach, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Deadman Wonderland, Wolf's Rain, Cowboy Bebop, etc

I will update this post with examples of my art as soon as I can. Currently on mobile.

Sketches: https://m.facebook.com/razikitsune/photos/a.914986868601909.1073741829.665091736924758/1008977025869559/?type=3&source=54
Line art:
Fully colored: http://fav.me/damlbx6 & http://fav.me/dalhsvx

General Discussion / A place to discuss visual novel stuff?
« on: August 08, 2017, 12:59:29 AM »
Do we have a place in the forum where we can discuss subjects about Visual Novel projects? By visual novel, I am referring to the game related stuff. Especially the more anime looking the better.

I'm only bringing this up because I have not come across a place in here yet for it and I have played around a little with the concept.

Maybe it would be something to consider for the forum?

Hey everyone, I had a idea come to me while I was sitting down thinking about short story projects and I'd love some feedback on it.

First off, it's a semi-slice of life genre with the romance and also a touch of fantasy. Something I don't generally work on but than again, I have not developed a lot in the actual drawing of said manga portion. For example, I need work on my panel layouts, backgrounds, and dynamic poses. How do I go about improving those sections of my art skills other than actually drawing them? Well, other than just studying them. So that's why I want to work on a short project.

Secondly, the love interest is a nekomimi ( also known as a neko girl/ cat girl ) Though she is also considered a werecat since she can shift into an actual cat. 

A graduate who, even when in school, had always kept to himself, is still trying to figure out his life even after officially living on his own. Work is difficult and people are generally annoying to him so he continues to keep to himself. Until one day he comes across a stray cat and decides to take it in to only become aware that its no normal feline.

Character Ark:
I plan for this introverted character to begin opening up, find friends, and eventually find love. While at the same time, the female gains trust and acceptance. Something she's always struggled with.

The twist:
The neko had actually gone to school with the main protaganist yet he never noticed her unlike her who noticed him. Before senior year she went missing and was declared a runaway. The story starts 3 years later after she has been living alone, mainly as a cat, since that life changing decision.

I have not developed full on background stories yet. Nor have I sat down to design their character appearance but once I do I'll edit this post. 

So, what do you all think? Interesting enough to perhaps read?

Manga Art Gallery / YYH Fanbased Manga (Inprogress)
« on: June 27, 2016, 05:57:26 PM »
Hello everyone!
I am ecstatic about this new project of mine. After reading a extremely long fanfic, that I enjoyed greatly, I contacted the author and we started chatting about the possibility of it being made into a web-comic. She was super psyched about it and pretty much talked my ear off on how I have full artistic freedom/etc but I told her I rather work closely with her. Once that was agreed on, she tossed me some revisions of her story, a story that started back in 2010 -so she felt the beginning could be tweaked a little- and we got the ball to rolling. Of course there will be parts of the visual novel I will have to capture a little differently then the written story but she just reminded me of the fact I still have freedom to change how I see fit. She was just general happy that she inspired me to do this in the first place. The author is a nice lady ^-^

Anyways, onward about the story!

Cover art- Volume One

"After dying on her 20th birthday, Dani is offered a surprising choice:
Be sent peacefully to the afterlife, or enter the world of Yu Yu Hakusho and use her knowledge of the anime to prevent an impending apocalypse. Koenma tells Dani she was chosen for this mission at random. Too bad Koenma's a liar, leaving Dani unprepared for her role in a plot spanning multiple realities. "

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Yes there will be a pairing but this wont happen right away. There will be more action then romance.

Warning: Cussing, blood, violence will play apart in this story

Style: Manga (B&W with tones) Read Right to Left.

Artist notes:
This is a fanbased story so by no means am I exspecting this to made into a real doujinshi-of sorts due to copyright of the original characters & anime/manga universe. This story of Dani's adventure with them is original all on its own but it doesn't change the fact this still revolves around a already existing world.
Besides that, I am doing this out of inspiration, fun, and gaining more ground in the comic making process.
I will be posting the process through here along with actual manga pages when those are done~
but I will also be using smackjeeves to upload complete pages as well.
Over all, I thank anyone that checks out this thread!

Smackjeeves Site for Future Talk

Chapter One
Birthday Surprise

folder just for concept art

FanFics / Hellsing Ultimate Fanfic (Alucard/OC)
« on: June 22, 2016, 06:17:04 AM »
Heads up, this is a graphic fanfic in the fighting sense (bloody/cursing/etc). You have been warned.
Also I am aware my grammar is poor... I begin this fanfic last year but never got around to completing it..
This fanfic is inspired by a lot of things so get ready for some cliches.  :blush:

Genre tags: Adventure, Romance, Mystery, and Supernatural/sci-fi.

OC appearance

Chapter one
Chapter 1: The Life In Which I Live

Asami Hitomi stood above the city, the buildings among her could not reach the height at which she stood, for she was perched on the tallest and one of the most known landmarks in London. The very tower that the city became famous for shortly after being built, the Big Ben clock tower. The clock ticked away beneath her as she stood at the very edge, peering out at the city she had come to call home and it looked better then it did when she first arrived. London once appeared to be falling apart due to it's lack of structure within itself. The government taking money from the poor who barely had any to give and not to mention the appearance of the city itself; many buildings needed to be attended to back then. Now London was slowly becoming a sight to see compared to eighty years ago.

'My, has it been that long?' she thought to herself as she reflected on the past.

Letting out a sigh, she put away such thoughts about the past. Asami's breath becoming visible before fading away into the dark cloudy sky, reminding her it was nearing winter. Two hours ago the Big Ben clock declared it was midnight and Asami was just patently buying herself some time. Now it was time to do what she was best at. From where she stood, she lifted on her toes and allowed her body to pivot forward over the edge, letting gravity take over. Her heart did not race nor did her golden eyes close or widen as her body began to plummet toward the roof tops below. Her long black hair dancing around her.

As the Palace of Westminster approached she shifted her weight to brace for impact, landing on the black slanted roof top with very little to no difficulty. Without wasting anymore time she took off in a sprint, dancing on the roof with ease and agility until jumping across the gap from the Palace of Westminster to a lesser known building. She continue this till she reached her destination. Stopping on the building next to the location she was assigned to tonight. Asami mapped the place out in advance during the day so she turned to her left and jumped over as if diving feet first into a pool of water, to land on a platform which had stairs leading down to the ground level. She stood there on the platform for a second; taking this time to pull the extra fabric around her neck, the neck piece of her tethered black cloak that draped over her upper body, to secure it over her mouth and nose.

Down the stairs, she turn and strolled over to the now closed pub. Everything dark but a window above. The owner of the pub taking residence in the same building made this mission easier then most. 'Must be his living corridors.' Asami assumed before eye balling the distance, guessing it to be a little over six feet up. She stood at 5'2 but this wouldn't be a issues for her. While smirking she jolted forward, closing in the eight feet gap, the ball of her left foot hitting the wall the same time as her right palm. She used that momentum to give her a boost up, successfully grabbing a hold of the ledge just a few feet below the dimly lit window, then proceeded to lift herself up. Her golden eyes peering over the window seal as she crouched on the small ledge, not wanting to expose herself just yet. She needed to see the layout and make a plan.

A tall blonde gentleman with tired green eyes sat at a desk. He gave a stretch in his seat, his body expressing just how tired it was from a long evening attending to the bar, before going back to his paperwork. He wore a white bottom up collar shirt and dark brown overalls that attached to his dark brown work pants. From what Asami guessed, his boots were probably still on too. The Assassin didn't know who this man pissed off or wronged in some fashion, but he was now 'marked' and her job was to do away with the 'marked' ones.

Asami quietly watched from her perch outside the window. Give or take fifteen minutes passed and luck appeared to be on her side as the man look to have nodded off at the desk. Neglecting the bed behind him.

'Poor soul..' she thought while sliding the window open slowly till there was enough room to squeeze through. Once inside the small room the Assassin silently approached the male from behind as her right hand reached to her slanted belt for her weapons adorned within the belt. It sat on her waist above her leather skirt and black tights. She pulled out one of the kukri blades, ready to claim another life.

The shot came quick and caught her completely off guard. Searing pain slowly bubbling to the surface and bringing her attention to her stomach, her hand unconsciously pressing against the new wound with blood pouring between her fingers. The gun was fired at such a close range that her corset didn't even matter, armor or no armor, the bullet clearly hit it's target.

"You bloody fool, did you really think I wouldn't know?"came the mans hysterical voice as he stood up, the chair making that ugly scrapping noise as it glided over the wooden floor with force. "Who do you think you bloody mutts are messing with, huh? An idiot?! This is my pub, Mine! That dirty for nothing wanker will never have it!"he continued, his boots coming into view as he approached her. Her eyes drifted up to take in the figure of the male to only lock eyes on the pistol aimed in front of her, almost touching her nose and already cocked. Every detail of the gun sharp, the mans figure now a fuzzy mass in the distance. "You know what this means don't you, mutt?" his lips tugged up into an ugly grin, a cocky demeanor practically glowing off of him.

Asami only smirked as her arm continue to brace her stomach, her eyes shifting focus from the gun to the males face."Heh.. What?" she asked, a semi upbeat tone in her voice despite the tremendous pain she is experiencing at this moment. Her eyes showing no emotion unlike her voice. A bullet to the gut would of killed a human in a matter of minutes, depending on what organ it tore into. Asami was no human but even fatal wounds like these can end her life and she knew she was losing time. Besides that, the Assassin had doubt that replying would do any good and not replying wouldn't of really made a difference but she decided it wouldn't hurt to play along. It didn't take long for him to speak.

"That you *censored*ed up! Ya'dug your very own bloody grave!"his cocky voice bellowed as his finger pulled the trigger, the gun firing.

Time seemed to slow down as the assassin quickly reacted, leaning low onto her haunches she jolting forward, avoiding the bullet as it flew through her hair and embedding itself into the wall behind her as their bodies made contact. The force causing them to slam to the hard ground, this knocked the air out of the gentleman that took most of the impact. Asami now straddled his form while hunching over causing their faces to be about six inches apart, her curved blade to his throat and digging in slightly as if to make a point. Shock and fear now displayed on his face as he looked up into her unnatural golden eyes. Those stern and fierce golden orbs.

"What.. What the hell are you!?" his shaky voice asked."Yo-you can't be human.." This, this was normal to hear from her victims. The cocky confidence now ceased to exist within the male before her and she much preferred this. His mouth open again as if to speak and she placed her index finger on his clammy lips.

"Shhhh's..."and with that said she gave her hand a yank, the blade slicing right into the jugular as blood sprayed. Only wet gurgling protest could be heard as his hands flailed around him, trying desperately to push her off with wide scared eyes till finally those eyes rolled back into his head and his body went motionless.

Asami sighed as she stood up, wiping the blood from her blade on her cloak before sheathing it. Her right arm embraced her stomach again as she bite her lip, eyes shutting and eyebrows scrunched up in pain. 'Oh' *censored* me... this really hurts..'. She took off her left black fingerless glove with her teeth and then placed her bare palm against the wall she approached. She relaxed and began to concentrate a ripple appearing like a pulse causing the wall under her hand to begin to distort. It rippled as if it was a body of water but other then that it did not change it's appearance, it still looked like normal dark wood. ' ..Come'on concentrate..'her mental voice strained as her hand pushed through. A step forward and she was walking her body into the wall till there was nothing left of her in the dead gentleman's living corridors. The deed was done.

It was only a split second of darkness before her hand felt cool air and her body emerged from a wall. She used the same wall to help hold her up as she staggered along the marble like street gaining only a few feet before pausing. 'Wait..What is this?' she asked herself. Her eyes looking up from the ground to take in her surroundings. "Where am I?"

A light post appeared to be the source of light that guided her pathway, few feet ahead stood another then another, so on so forth. The wall holding her up was huge and see through, a big window with figures standing inside with odd clothing gracing their forms. Clearly a market but she didn't recognize any of the clothing. A slight movement reflected off the window and she focused on the reflection. The person was a few feet behind her, five or eight steps, and seemed to stagger as if drunk. Their features were very rugged and the smell that hit her noise was almost like a slap to the face. This person smelt like they were dead but yet they continue to slowly stalk toward her, reaching out for her. A gurgling roar escaping its gaping mouth. Behind him popped up another staggering body, then another and another...

Wincing, Asami twisted around and placed her back to the window, her eyes heavy and threatening to close on her as a wave of dizziness struck her. "*censored*ing bloody guns!" she screamed at the clearly dead group of people. She'd be royally pissed off if she died right here because of some ranking smelling corpses and a bullet wound...

Chapter two
Chapter 2: Different Universe

Her chest heaved as her body shook, sweat running down her face while she hunched over. She could feel the grungy blood on her, covering most of her body, and thankfully the only skin visible was her face. There had to be about eight bodies sprawled out around her now, motionless. It took Asami a few good slices before she realized the normal tactics had no effect on them. Slicing the throat, going for the arteries, and even multiple stab wounds to the gut; all futile. What did bring these undead people to a stand still, was a precise stab to the heart or their head being whacked clean off their shoulders. A shuffling noise caught her attention and reminded her that more were making their way to her position. She struggled to stay on her feet, legs threatening to bow in, as she raised her head up to see them.

There were so many and they just kept coming no matter what Asami did.. in this state she felt utterly weak. The loss of so much blood finally effecting her vision and no matter how hard she tried, she could not focus. Cursing to herself she felt her knees buckle. Her body sliding down the blood stained wall while she felt the last of her powers draining. Long slender black ears lifted up off her head and hung low from exhaustion. Following shortly after, a swift black bushy tail furled out into view, the tip white. She weakly grinned to herself and the dead people, her eyes covered by her black uneven bangs. Canine fangs now visible. Asami could see that the staggering bodies now stood about a foot away from her. Tightening her grip on the handles she lifted her arms, her Kukri knives in both hands, poised for the last blood they will ever shed.


The one closest to her halted. The dead mans head appearing to distort before stopping, a gaping hole now replacing his face. He fell to his knees before her and toppled over to the side.


Came the following shots, heads exploding, some limbs flying from the sheer velocity of the power behind the weapon. Asami tilted her head down as blood flew in every angle possible, coating her even more. The thudding sound of bodies hitting the floor following shortly after. '*censored*ing guns..'she thought to herself as the assassin signed in relief, her arms went slack falling to her sides. Her head now rested back onto the wall with no more strength to give. The smile that she gave earlier, now gone for Asami knew she was slipping away.

"I think we got a live one over here!" yelled out a male. Asami could only make out blurry shapes as they approached her. Her eyes half open as one of the male hunched down and leaned a hand forward. Index and middle finger on her throat, checking for a pulse. "Yes she is alive! But barely..."

"Hurry and get her to safety before anymore ghouls show up." A females voice answered out to his statement. "Take her to the infirmary, she just might be the only survivor. I'm going to go help, Master." The fading of quick footsteps were the last thing that her ears caught before darkness consumed her completely, memories flooding her mind.
"Recite it!"came a stern elder lady's voice. "This time, do it right damn-it!" with that statement came a hard whack to my thigh, the object used on me being a crop. The already bruising spot began to tear to allow the blood beneath to ooze out. It had already been thee hours since our session began and now I stood before my teacher, bloodied and bruised with whelps forming.

"I must not fear."came my voice, despite being hit just a second ago my voice did not tremble,"Fear is the minds killer! Fear is death in which it will bring total obliteration onto me!"I gave her my coldest stare, golden eyes peered up to the elders while giving a pause.

"Continue!"came another blow, the crop making contact with my left shoulder.

Even so I did not flinch. Taking a breath I gave into the command and continued,"I will not fear the monster within me.. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.. and when it is gone, I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear now travel I will follow becoming stronger with the night."I finished.

"Good. Good, you are ready." and with the first stage of endurance complete my teacher stepped forward and placed her hand on my forehead. Her palm covering my eyes and so I closed them. Purple shadows consumed her wrinkly hand before disbursing into me. I could feel the aura wrapping around my body, seeping into all my wounds. "Now that you know the path of which you sought after, it is time to give you the power of Darkness so you can learn to harness it."

That's when the heat came, steam began to lift off my body, mostly around the wounds that had split skin. They visibly began to seal as if the three hours of endless punishment had never happened. The blueish purple bruises fading out till it matched the skin color around them. The necklace around my neck in which I keep hidden, lifted itself from my cloak. Revealing an oval shape pendent. The substance in the pendent was once a cloudy shifting fog, begin to bleed purple like ink to paper. The shadows swirled around inside it.

The hand drew away and revealed my face, eyes closed. My expression calm and heart beating slow. "Now we begin stage 2 of your training."Came my trainers voice. "If you do not die then you are worthy to wield this power and claim the shadows as yours." I slowly begin to open my eyes but I couldn't see a thing. Blackness had formed over them, slowly covering it all, even the white parts of my eyes. "Will you survive, little one?" her question rang out, coming and going as if bouncing off walls around me while everything gave away like a tunnel effect, pulling me away from my teacher.

Everything went still and now I could see but there was nothing to see. I had no idea where I was or what I was looking at. There were no walls around me just a empty black void with shifting purple.. smoke? Then something caught my eye, a figure begin to crawl out from the darkness. Huge and black mass of blackness with bright purple eyes. They seemed to glow as they glared down at me. It reached for me, growing tall like a wave and with that action the shadows came down upon me, devouring me.


A rushing feeling pulled her out of her dream like state, her heart pounding in her ears as she sat up fast. Asami's eyes already wide open and staring at her hands. She could feel the sweat gliding down her temples as she watched the fading purple shadows seep into her palm. If she'd let her dream continue, there was no doubt in her mind that something bad would of happen to her physically. Just like before.. Recalling on such memories made her feel uneasy as she sat there. Letting the minutes tick by while given her heart rate time to ease back to normal. That's when she looked away from her hands and took in her whereabouts, pushing those said memories back into her subconscious once more. It was extremely bright and at first hard to focus but slowly she realized she was in a room. Though a practically empty room, it sill had the essentials. A bed, side table, a desk against a wall, and a dresser. The door opposite of the bed was probably a closet making the door to her right, the exit.

Asami winced as she prompt herself up against the bed frame before giving the blanket a tug, uncovering most of her lower body from the thighs up. 'Few at least my sweater is still on and tights.' though she noticed the clothing was clean. The assassin lifted her long black cotton sweater to chest level and took note that her abdominal area was now treated and skillfully bandaged. Only a slight maroon color stain was visible, the shade of the blood telling her it was old. The wound still pulsated a dull sensation, probably from her moving around but she was indeed still alive and that was what mattered. Since she was alone Asami began to reflect on what happened because honestly she should of died.

After framing it step by step; The assigned job, dead people attacking her, and to mention the transportation. It riddled her brain on how she managed to travel to a new place entirely. Asami's intentions were to return home to recuperate and heal before she lost too much blood. Not warp to a unknown dimension with who knows what time frame it existed in. 'I must of lost concentration..' was her only reasoning for messing up.

A knock came to the door, drawing her attention away from her thoughts. She took note of the blanket and quickly covered her waist again before the door opened. A tall lanky figure coming into view as he stepped through before closing the door behind him. "I hope you don't mind me intruding Miss. I'm here on orders from Sir Integra to check on you. How do you feel?" he was a rather polite older man despite how his eyes appeared. Asami could tell those grey eyes have seen many things in their life time. His accent was also British so apparently this was still Europe. 'Well, that's good.' As he walked closer she could see a silver tray balanced in his white gloved hand. A cup and a bowl perched on said tray.

A monocle caught the light and reflected it, making it difficult to see his left eye in particular as he approached her bed side. Leaning over, he placed the tray on the side table. Asami recognize the apparel this older man wore; White sleeve collared shirt with a black vest over it, black suit pants. Yes, this was very similar from where she came from. She watched as he stood, still waiting for a reply. This made her question the year even more or his taste in clothing compared to what she saw back at the market. 'That or old habits die hard?'

Asami draped her legs over the side of the bed as she shifted, now sitting on the edge. "Thank you, Sir.. um.." she trailed off, not knowing his name.

"Walter C. Dornez, Miss. Please call me Walter."he spoke as he place his hand over his chest, bowing politely.

"Thank you Walter and I am doing fine."She replied to his question earlier. "May I ask you a question, Walter?"

"Yes Miss?"came his quick reply. Obviously used to this type of situation.

"Where am I and how long have I been out?" Asami felt it must be normal to ask these types of question when you wake up in a place you don't recognize. Specially after killing already killed civilians and knowing personally that you warped here..

"You are currently residing in one of the many rooms of the Hellsing estate and you, have been asleep for over forty eight hours. Now, do enjoy your meal, Miss. I will return shortly." and with that said he took his leave, closing the door quietly. This prevented Asami from asking her following and most important question. 'What year is it..?'

Turning her eyes from the door to the tray Asami gave the food a look over. 'Roast Stew? Mmmm..' her nose tingled,' It smells delicious." despite this her mind went over the possibility of it being drugged or even poisoned. She picked up the bowl and brought it to her nose, giving it a few sniffs. Her long slender black ears tilting back as she tried to catch anything that would smell unusual. 'Nothing..". Tilting the bowl she gave it a sip like a cup of tea. Tasting the contents and seeing if her tongue would go numb. Again nothing happened. 'They did save me after all.. why would they go through the trouble of attending my wounds if they'd just end up killing me with stew?' the thought made her chuckle a little. "I feel like an idiot. I guess that's what I get for being so paranoid." Asami remarked aloud while picking up the spoon, scooping up some meat and vegetables. She brought the spoon to her lips and took her first bite. Asami practically melted in the bed as her taste buds lit up. "This taste absolutely amazing!" Her long fluffy black tail swishing behind her to emphasis just how good it indeed tasted. She begin to engorge herself like a hungry wolf. Eating food wasn't a necessary thing but it still tasted good.

One hour past and the bowl was empty including the glass of water, the kitchen ware sitting on the tray. Asami no longer sat on the large bed but now stood staring out the window, glad that her black tights were still on her body but her boots were gone. The wooden floor cool on her bare feet. The scenery before her was odd to her. Compared to what she witness the other day and now could see from the window, it did not match. Asami decided that she must be in a tall building and about four floors up but couldn't tell if the building had anymore above her. There were no other building she could see just a tall partially brick fence, the other portion being iron fencing. Past that were just layers upon layers of trees, meaning a forest must surround this estate. A long paved road did guide up to the huge iron gateway and continued up to the building, making a large circle. The only access to the outside life. From what Asami could tell she must be facing the front grounds.

A knock came and Walter stepped in again while Asami turned around, "Sir Integra would like a word with you now, Miss." Asami saw this coming, if she was this 'Sir Integra' she would want to speak to her too. The people that did rescue her must of seen the state in which she was in, not to mention her honest form. With that thought her ears twitched above her head. Then again, she didn't know if her kind existed in this world or not. The kind butler appeared to not mind her appearance. Not a single surprise feature on him reflected about the ears on her head or the tail she sported. Realizing she had yet to say anything to his comment, Asami finally gave a nod to express she heard him while watching the man pick up the tray.

Walter turned away toward the door as he spoke,"Please follow me."and with that, she followed in pursuit.

They stepped out and down the hall to the stairway only a few corridors down. Pictures framed the wall to her right, a couple of doors to her left, other then that it was mainly blank walling. Once reaching the stairs, they continued downward till they reached the second floor. Asami assumed this because in the estates she adventure into the offices were on the second floor. What looked to be men in uniforms, 'Guards?', stood in the hallway they walked through and this made Asami's tail hang low. A feeling of discomfort washing over her, for guards and her never really seemed to get along. At least from what she's experienced in the past. 'Sir Integra must be a very rich person or a powerful person for this place is clearly well guarded'. Walter stopped at a large brown door and gave it a push before holding it ajar for her, ushering Asami to step through before him. Once she was through, he shut it, staying outside of the room.

The first thing Asami noticed when she stepped into the room was a lady sitting behind a large oak desk. She appeared to be about her age with long blonde hair cascading around her body. Her chin resting in her palm, the elbow prompt on the desk. The second thing the assassin noticed were the eyes on this women. They were piercing and cold. She meant business..

"Take a seat."came her order. Asami knew this must be a regular thing for this lady, ordering people. But she did as told and took a seat in the chair in front of the desk. "I am, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, and you are?"

"Kimi Kumiko."Asami's eyes didn't even shift as the alias came forth. Having many years under her belt of portraying a stage name made this easy. She lost count on how many she's used in her life time but Kimi Kumiko was the most recent one. She quite liked the way it bounced off the tongue. Asami wondered what question would come next. 'More small talk?' she assumed but what Sir Integra said next caught her off guard.

"Are you a Lycan?" Asami didn't know if to laugh or be concerned that she was almost accurate.

"No, Miss-"she was interrupted, "Sir Integra, Miss Kimi, continue."

This made Asami blink, 'Ah, right.. Sir'. "Sir Integra I am no Lycan but you are sorta close." with that said her tail swayed behind her. She felt kind of excited, Asami must admit. This was a first for her, no other beings besides her parents and teachers, have ever seen her honest form. "And from how you ask, I assume Lycans exist in this world?"

'This world?' Integra thought, 'odd' but continued without questioning it,"Yes, as well as vampires and demons. Which you are one, I assume." her free hand gesturing to the girl in front of her appearance. "If you are not a werewolf, then what are you?"

"It depends on your definition of 'demon,' if I am one. Technically I am a phantom or spirit, a yokai with freewill. I am a Kitsune." Asami explained while watching the lady closely. To catch any reaction but to Asami surprise, Sir Integra merely sat back in her chair and placed a unlit cigar in her mouth. No shock.. nothing but a thoughtful expression.

'Well, that's a new one.' thought Integra as she pulled her hand up, flicking the lighter to ignite the cigar, then taking a breath. The cigars tip burned amber as a few seconds passed in silence. Then she pulled the cigar away and a cloud of smoke seeped out, ready to speak "In our world you are a myth despite the creatures that slink around in the shadows here. Where are you from?"

Asami was unaware of what exactly Integra was meaning by that statement. A certain somebody was indeed watching from the distance, going unnoticed in the shadows.

The fox knew she wasn't from here but at the same time it was very similar to her home world, being Europe and all. Not including the infestation of monsters of course, for the world she called home did not have them other then her. That Asami knew of anyways.. She indeed traveled from a world where spirits and phantoms resided back in her homeland, but the human world in which she called home, only wrote fictional stories of monsters and demons. "From what I have gathered.." she began. "I am from a different dimension very similar to this world, minus the monsters. This is Europe, right?" Integra gave a nod before Asami continued,"In my home world; the vampire, lycan beings, and demons are only stories written in books." she gave a pause before continuing,"Far as I am aware, I am the only supernatural creature to have visited that world and have been there for over a century. I think I would of come across others if they did exist." Now that she answered Sir Integra's question it was time to ask a question. That's how it worked, right? "May I ask, what year it is?"

"2000. Dawning of the 2000th century,."came Integra's reply. "Why do you ask?"

'Well then.. that explains a lot. ' Asami signed and leaned back in her chair, golden eyes cloudy with thought. Now both woman taking a step back to reflect, but Asami didn't have a cigar to puff on like Integra did. Their eyes made contact as she finally replied, "I'm from the 19th century.."

Interested in more? Leave me a reply and of course you are more then welcome to leave a review~

Manga Artists Wanted / [Un-paid] Sketch poses
« on: June 22, 2016, 01:58:17 AM »
Thought I offer some poses that the community can use, basically like a template. These will be sketches regardless and will not have super details regarding character designs such as; facial expressions, hair, or clothing. These are only meant to be pose/posture reference material.

As Suuper nicely put it; "You can use anything I create to make for your own personal use with or without credit."
So throw me some suggestions! I'll do as many as I can in bundles and upload them here.
So if a certain pose or theme has been bothering you, dynamic or not, toss them my way! =)

How you can make a request:
-post a message in this topic with what you want!
-add as much information as you can or is necessary to capture the pose/posture
-you can also post any RL pictures/photo's if you happen to have one for reference
-unless specified otherwise, i will not add weapons/items/accessories

Current requests(in order of priority)
Adoss - Scythe stance
Echo_River - Sitting on floor + knife
Echo_River - Sitting on chair abnormally
Tarajadestone - girl/person holding a Arabian sword in attack position.

Completed Requests
none at this time

Manga Artists Wanted / Character Commissions [PAID]
« on: June 18, 2016, 10:33:27 PM »
This post is currently active and open for commission. Once full I will update this!

I'm not entirely sure if this is the proper placer to post this but I know I have seen similar sorts posted in this section of the forum. What I'd like to offer is not entirely manga/comic art related. Please keep that in mind. What I'd like to offer are ref-sheets for people (ex; writers) who need their character fleshed out in a visual form.  Along with Single character thigh/waist ups done in a manga style (B&W with tones.)

Reference info
The ref will have front & back, busts/portraits with three different emotions, and a box for info or accessories. Weapons can be included though the character will be holding them to show size differences.  Inked and done with flats - no shading or lighting so it doesn't mess with the color palette.  The price ($50)

Thigh-up info
It is a single/solo thigh/waist up done in a manga style (B&W with tones). Speech bubbles optional with English or Japanese font. The price ($20)

All transaction will go through PayPal.
I can draw male and females, any species.
Body types are slightly limited (super muscled or fat I can not draw well)
So? If interested send me a pm with all the necessary info needed.

Any questions, please ask below!

break Room / Question has been answered (can delete if you like)
« on: June 17, 2016, 12:24:00 AM »
Not entirely sure where to post this but I thought the break room wouldn't be half bad of a guess to at least ask.  :hmm:

I'm wondering, if I want to offer commission work that isn't exactly manga related, where would be the best to post? I know I have seen similar sorts posted in the "Manga Artist Wanted" forum area but never was 100% sure if that is where I'd put it since its not entirely manga/comic art related. 

  • What I'd like to offer are ref-sheets for people (ex; writers) who need their character fleshed out in a visual form.  The ref will have front & back, busts/portraits with three different emotions, and a box for info or accessories(can include weapons).  Inked and done with flats - no shading so it doesn't mess with the color palette.  The price ($45)
  • I'd also like to offer a solo thigh up done in a manga style (B&W with tones). That price being ($20)

All transaction will go through PayPal.
I will post examples of both services later today~
So? If interested send me a pm.
If you think I should post this somewhere else just tell me

General Discussion / Fighting in Manga/Anime
« on: May 31, 2016, 09:09:07 PM »
Hello there!
I just want to throw down a conversation piece about fighting in anime's and manga. I think this fits in this thread, If not I apologize in advance.

Battles/fights/war takes place in a lot of our adored series with different variety of tactics.
I'd love to hear other peoples favorites and why or why not if anyone is down for a laid back discussion.
I for one enjoy the fighting style shown in Soul Eater, Naruto/Naruto shippuden, and Seven Deadly Sins.

From fast movement, magic/power aspects, to the weapons; I just enjoy how they go about portraying a fighting scene.  I mainly enjoy series that can capture a good sense of martial arts or supernatural powers. I love lots of different shows, hell FMA is also a good one. Anyways; I'd love to hear other peoples thoughts on this subject and look forward to reading the replies!

One of my favorite Youtube Artist, CUBEBRUSH, posted this video a few hours ago and I found myself nodding a lot to what he was explaining.
I've been doing freelance work for roughly two years now and what he explains is basically the deal depending on where your art takes you. Really check it out, if you haven't already, and I hope it helps you understand the path to starting your own artistic freelance career!

Video ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLRuRqiRiAM
Written version ---> https://cubebrush.co/blog/kickstart-your-freelance-career

Tips and Tutorials / Ear & Tails - Kemonomimi Tutorial
« on: May 25, 2016, 06:55:45 PM »

I thought it would be nice to present the forum how I go about drawing ears and tails. Now this was to be very simple - I think, and not super complicated - hopefully. It is based mostly around neko(cat) tail and ears but captures the general idea on how to go about drawing these additional features. I even drew characters sporting these add-ons to help sort of show where they "come from" or " commonly position" on the body.
As a tip; don't stress too much on tuffs of hair and jagged edges, and more on the overall shape. Drawing from shapes are really helpful!

Edit: I will place more how to draw tails and ear process and images for other species underneath this tutorial as time progresses.

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