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Hello I'm Mike and I am a beginner writer and want to make some manga. I plan on make this first one a romance bit action and bit yandereish. Contact me if interested if this series makes money I will split it with the artist. I am more than willing to and even wanting to listen to critics and such. I am also willing to collab with the artist for writing their projects out as well. If interested contact me and I can share any details necessary and would like to see a drawing of your own design to see your skill level.

Thanks for reading
- Mike

Welcome Center / New Writer - Sludge
« on: March 28, 2016, 01:32:38 PM »
How's it going? I'm Sludge(Mike if you prefer). I'm new to manga writing and have many ideas/stories that I wish to do. I'm currently in college so I can't pay anyone yet; however, I will split earnings or something if a work makes money. I would like to keep one or two artist in order to have an easier time working on future projects. I have some really big/long story ideas, but I would like to flesh out my smaller ones first just to get the hang of things. I currently have one project underway I've made a good bit of the plot but still have to story board and such. Anyway I just figured that I'd introduce myself to everyone and I'm also willing to help anyone out if need be.


Manga Artists Wanted / [Unpaid] Need artist for concept art
« on: March 26, 2016, 08:48:37 PM »
There are five characters that I want made. If you need ad help or further detail let me know plz. Also every character is changeable and design is to debate in case you wanted to add more of your style.
1: Male main: age (17) tall (6ft2ish), handsome, muscular, in shape, in the story he has some preexisting scars on his torso and gets more later on(there are meant to look like art think a rose carved into flesh), works at a daycare, likes to wear hoodies and cargo pants, and would prefer shorter hair.
2: Female Main: age (16), short hair, athletic, wider hips, average to small chest, tom boyish, wears sleeveless t shirts and shorts,  and cute.
3: Rival 1: age (18), male, also tall, skinny, handsome(more angular features), is wealthy and like to dress in such a manner, is cocky and kinda an asshole.
4: Rival 2: female, younger that the other characters(15), smaller in height, cute, pig tails, medium chest and smaller hips, likes to wear dresses, and has a deceptive/mischievous smile.
5: Rival 3: female, age (17), is pretty, large in both chest and hips, athletic, wears glasses, longer dark hair, likes to wear blouse and dress/skirt, is stuck up and looks down on people.

Would like to thank you guys for correcting my last post. I apologize for not reading the forum stuff.

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