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Comics and other Gallery / Comic: Danzo vs Mizukage
« on: June 27, 2018, 10:44:17 PM »
A full naruto fight! Danzo vs the Mizukage. Check it out!

Check the rest:


Looking for an artist to make an illustration of a character.

Please send me a link to your gallery and general comissions info.

Develop Your Story / Alexandria: Greek fantasy action comic
« on: May 28, 2017, 05:41:13 AM »
Alexandria is a greek world inspired fantasy action comic.

Lately there has been some discussion in this board about the Manga Artist Wanted section and the "25 posts and 2 weeks time" rule. Some members have said that this rule scares away people, some of them who would have ended up paying comission work to an artist here. I think they have a very good point. It would be great if it was easier to get hired here as an illustrator.

When this is pointed out, other members respond that if you remove those restrictions then this section will get filled with a bunch of newbies looking for an artist to draw their stuff for free This is also true.

The solution: Split the board in two sections. Paid and Unpaid. Do not enforce the 20 post rule in the paid section. Just like the art gallery section has a starter gallery sub section, something like this could be implemented here. That way the pros and the people who are serious about this would have their own section without it getting cluttered by newbies looking for free stuff.

Someone who is serious about their project (and they are if they are willing to invest money on it) doesn't exclusively looks at this site. He wants to cast the widest net posible so he post his offer on Deviantart, here and in all the other sites he can find. During the 2 week you force him to wait he will probably find an artist somewhere else. If someone is actually wiling to spend money on the artists here, you should not be placing extra hurdles for him to do it.

We should be testing this right now.

Develop Your Story / Unholy Love
« on: May 04, 2017, 07:12:41 PM »
This is an idea for a tragic love story. So far I don't have many details, just the synopsis. Please tell me what you think!

This is a story about the forbidden love between a christian girl and a muslim guy. The story takes place in spain in the middle ages. At the time, there were a lot of arabs on spain and there was a large muslim population. One day, a christian girl meets a muslim guy and they fall in love. The start a secret romance, since romantic relationships between muslims and christians were forbidden.

One day the girls father realizes she is seeing a muslim guy. He gets very angry and has the muslim guy killed. Unable to cope with grief, the girl takes poison and kills herself, so they both die and go to heaven.

The twist is, since they had different religions each one of them goes to a different heaven. The girl goes to the christian heaven and the guy goes to the muslim heaven. Upon arrival, each of them tries to find the other one but they are unable to do it. They both ended up in heaven but they can't be happy. They are destined to roam heavens forever, eternally looking for each other.

This is based on a song by Mago de Oz El paseo de los tristes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI7WF2DD9es

Comics and other Gallery / Walter's Comics
« on: April 24, 2017, 04:46:37 AM »
This thread is for my comics. I made A comic for an OCT in Deviantart. My character Tristan fights a firebreathing Lion! The lion is called Harja and belongs to velojello http://velojello.deviantart.com/

Check the rest:


Manga Art Gallery / Grandpa's Paintings (PROFESSIONAL)
« on: June 06, 2016, 03:22:49 PM »

Develop Your Story / The first Sage (shonen, fantasy, superpowers)
« on: April 12, 2016, 02:05:31 PM »
This is basically a Naruto ripoff. I'm thinking of just making it in the naruto universe (in this case it would be considered fanfiction right?)

Anway this is the synopsis for the first chapter:

It tells the story of the first ranger who learned how to use nature energy from the frogs and became the first sage.

 This is a world where Rangers can use elemental magic (or ninjas with jutsu). The main character Bruno is an earth Ranger. He can make earth walls rise from the ground and temporarily turn his fists into rocks. He is on a mission with his younger brother Sago to search for a very rare medicinal flower which only grows in the Frog Jungle. It is common for Frogs to attack rangers invading their territory, so Bruno hired three mercenary Rangers to go with them for protection.

The first Mercenary is called Pyro. He can use fire magic. The second one is Willy and is able to use wind magic. The third one is called Weasley and can use metal magic. Weasley uses a sword and knives.

So the group is walking through the jungle minding their own business when suddenly; they are attacked by the frogs!!

A group of about a dozen frogs suddenly surround the group. A couple of them shoot poisoned darts at the group but Bruno makes an earth wall appear to block the darts. A few of them jump on front of the group and prepare to attack. Pyro makes a firewall appear between the group and the toads in front of them.  Using the firewall as cover Weasley uses his weapon magic: triple knives. He throws 3 knives at the toads and quickly multiplies them to make it 9 knives (orginally it was the shadow shuriken jutsu). The 9 knives fly towards the toads and manage to wound a couple. The firewall prevented the frogs from noticing the knives in time so they couldn’t dodge.

A few of the frogs try to approach the group from the side but Willy shoots wind bullets at a few of them and forces them to keep their distance. However, this was a distraction to allow some of the frogs to climb the wall and jump from above, surprising the heroes. They land right next to Bruno and Sago. They fight them off alongside with Weasley but Sago gets scratched with a poison knife in the process.

Seeing themselves in a pinch, Pyro and Willy decide to use their most powerful combinatory move: the fire tornado. Willy blows a tornado straight at the frog while Pyro lights it on fire. The huge tornado kills two of the frogs and forces the other ones to back off.

The frog leader decides to retreat because such a powerful fire technique can end up burning a big part of the jungle if the fight drags on. The Frogs go away.

 Bruno looks at Sago’s wound and it got ugly real fast. Soon his limbs starts feeling numb and it gets difficult to move. They take him to a cave nearby where Bruno starts treating him with a medicine he brought along. The medicine can help the body fight off the poison.  The three mercenaries want to go and they tell Bruno they will send help. Bruno asks for one of them to stay and offers to pay double but none of them are willing to do it. After offering triple the payment, Weasley decides to take the offer stay and wait with him and Sago while Pyro and Willy go get help.

 Bruno administers the medicine as Weasley goes to the river to get some water for Sago. On the riverside, he notices a weird spiked balloon under the water and it jumps straight at him! He dodges and a huge lizard like spiked creature comes out of the water ready to attack Weasley.

The creature attacks with its spiked balloon thonge. Weasley is able to dodge but the balloon tongue suddenly expands and one of the spikes gets him. The spikes are poisonous too.

Weasley freaks out about the poison so he yells to Bruno for help. Bruno comes and helps weasely fight the creature off but is too late. The poison is already in Weasleys blood.

When Bruno and Weasley get to the cave, Weasley tells Bruno he will take the medicine as payment. Bruno refuses because his brother needs the medicine and offers to give him a little, but Weasley wants it all to be safe. He is prepared to take the medicine by force if he has to.

Weasley tries to surprise attack Bruno with his sword but Bruno can easily block his sword with his hands by using his earth fists technique. They exchange blows a bit but Weasley knows he can’t overpower Bruno, specially with the poison taking effect, so he decides to use one last dirty trick.

As a last resort, Weasley throw his knives at Bruno. He uses his weapon magic at the last second to make the knives multiply and send some of them in Sago’s direction!!!. With only a splitsecond to think, Bruno decides to make an earth wall protecting his brother and lets the knives stab him.

“I knew you would not let me hurt your brother, you will pay for this with your life” Bruno is on the ground with big knife wounds. Weasley gets closer to finish him off, when suddenly a big frog creature tongue grabs him from the neck. The group is suddenly surrounded by Frogs again.

“Throwing your knives at a sick person. Do you have no honor?” Having said that the frog kills Weasley on the spot.
Later the Frogs take Bruno and Sago to their camp. They tell him someone willing to sacrifice himself to save his brother is worth saving and let him recover with them. Later on he befriends the frogs and they teach him to use nature energy. He begins now his quest to become the first sage.

Which was the best fight of the tournament? Vote now!

Read the fights here.

Develop Your Story / Alexandria: Greek Fantasy Adventure Manga
« on: March 16, 2016, 12:10:17 AM »
I had this cool idea for a Greek fantasy adventure manga where the characters have all kinds of crazy superpowers Hunter x Hunter style. I appreciate feedback  ;D

According to Plato, reality consists of two realms. There is the physical world and there is a world made of eternal perfect “forms” or “ideas.” Some special people in this fantasy world can interact with the world of ideas and "manifest" some idea in physical form. For example, a person in connection with the idea of fire can manifest fire in different form to use it in battle. Another person bonds with the idea of a sword and becomes able to manifest the weapon, and so on.

This is the main character Perseus. He is a mercenary who can manifest an armor or light around his body to absorb damage and enhance his attacks:


These are his teammates Cronus and Morpheus. Cronus can manifest a Javelin for long range attacks. Morpheus can manifest illusions:


To connect with the ideal world, a human needs to spend many years training, meditating and studying philosophy.  This superpower users can be divided in four main different categories according to which philosophical school of thought they adhere to.

Heraclitus: Students of Heraclitus believe reality is in constant motion. Their manifestations have a transcendent component to it. Many of them use elemental manifestations like fire, wind, lightning, etc.

This warrior can manifest fireballs:


Solon: Students of Solon specialize in the manifestation of more tangible objects such as weapons or armor with special properties.

This character can manifest wings:


Hippocrates: Students of Hippocrates specialize in manifesting a transformation on their own bodies. They can adopt a special form to use in battle.

This soldier can manifest a minotaur armor


Democritus: Students of Democritus specialize in manifesting their will into a real object. They can give powerful abilities to weapons and other belongings but in compensation they need to carry around that object in order to use their power.

This character can manifest her will on a special water. The water can be turned into ice and be used as an ice sword and shield. it can't be just water it has to be that specific bottle of water so she needs to carry it all the time


The world also includes fantastic Greek mythological creatures like minotaurs, manticores, cyclops, mermaids, etc.

Will post more info when I flesh out some cool ideas for characters
  ;D ;D [/size][/size]

Manga Artists Tools / 3-D human model tool?
« on: March 03, 2016, 09:52:24 AM »
Hi guys. Wanted to ask, is there a good human body 3-D online tool or free program that you can use to make references for your drawings.

That you can move around the body parts a lot and also freely move the camera so you can see how it looks from different perspectives.

Maybe that you can have several models for a group illustration.

I'm looking for an artist willing to donate a nice illustration for the MangaRaiders OC character tournament. We would use it in the arena as cool pic for the OP.

It features 8 OC Mangaraiders character from different members. Two of them are brawling and the others are looking at the fight. It would look more or less like this:


The descriptions for each character can be seen here:


I thought it would be a cool thing to have there.  ;D


This is a workshop to practice our character design and fight scene writing skills.

How it works:

Everyone can enter their character along with powers, abilities and any special moves it may use in battle. Please also add a short description I can use as headline.

You can have your character challenge any other character you want. Write a battle scene between the two character and post it here for us to see. Members can then leave feedback, make suggestions on how to make the fights more interesting, etc.

You can also take two characters and have them fight even if none of them belong to you.

We can also make group battles, several characters going against one powerful character, etc. Anything you can imagine.

Right now I am looking for an artist to donate one illustration we can use for the arena. Will post more details later.


Tristan: A devil with a nice suit

Kata: Shadows of the Kitsune and Nogitsune

Dakota: A teenager with no purpose in life but to destroy her enemies.


Kalvin: The earth manipulation Artifact user

Ryoni: Demon Hunter


Manga Writer workshop / MangaRaiders Character Tournament. (WITH PRIZES!!)
« on: February 15, 2016, 11:16:26 AM »



Winner: Xiana

Welcome to MangaRaiders original characters tournament! Here you can submit your character for the project. We will have battles involving each other's character and the community will vote on the winner. The winner will advance to the next round and get a chance at taking the prize for the first place.

Please submit here your character with powers and abilities as well as any special moves it may use in battle.


The winner will get a beautiful colored illustration of their character made by a great artist!!.

Congratulations to Xiana for winning the tournament!!


Tristan by Walter B

Description: His name is Tristan. He is a devil who likes to wear nice suits.

Powers/abilities: His main weapon is his pointed tail, which is very hard and fast. He can use it to pierce through people's hearts and quickly swing it to cut off their heads.

Concept Art:


He has a special suit which is bulletproof, highly resistant to elements and looks very nice on him.

He can use his tail in many ways to attack his opponents. Slashing, piercing, grabbing enemies, grabbing objects to throw at them, etc.

Tail Jump: Uses his tail against the ground to propel himself and jump very high.

Special move: Tail spear. By taking his tail and coiling it around his arm he can use it as some kind of armored spear in battle.

Secret move: Surprise tail elongation. By restructuring the molecules in his tail, he can make it longer and thinner than normal. The tail loses most of its strength however so he doesn't do that often. Usually as a way to surprise an enemy who is trying to stay out of the tail's reach.

Kalvin by Hope4Future

Character: Kalvin


origin: Artifact

age: mid-twenties?

eyes: grey

hair: black

appearance: T-shirt and jeans (i still don't know the appearance i'm going for but i'll work on it)

personality: stubborn, fierce, determined, doesn't give up easily, and never refuses a challenge in a fight  8)

other character traits: may look cocky at times but becomes deadly and serious when in a tough fight. never shows off his true power right away, keeps the opponent second guessing. often aims on fighting the opponent within close combat.

uses a silver gauntlet (just on the arm, not the hand) that grants him the abilities to manipulate earth and rock, commonly referred to as an Artifact. by breaking and collecting earth around him, he could use it by recreating it to create objects, weapons, barriers, and even armor when necessary. he also carries an additional Artifact that he usually keeps hidden in a small cloth but is only used on rare occasions; its an Artifact that collects and feeds on anger; the more anger is stored, the stronger its user becomes.


common combos:
- creates rock blades on his arms, sometimes spears but their not as sharp as the blades.
- creates blunt chunks of rock on his arm; solely used for hand-to-hand combat.
- creates walls or barriers by recreating the rock or by simply stomping his foot on the ground to have it rise from the ground up.
- levitate and hurtle rocks at the opponent like gunfire if he doesn't consider the battle worth fighting; less larger rocks or several smaller rocks, depends on the situation.

rare combos:
- by stomping his foot on the ground, he could have a section of earth travel beneath the floor and launch directly below the enemy as if it was a pillar rising from the ground; often sends enemies flying when enough force is applied.
- mainly used if it requires heavy resistance, he gathers the earth and rock to create a thin suit of rock which covers his body as much as possible. he often combos this ability with rock blades as he intends to strike directly, sometimes rock fists. it wont be as strong as the barriers but it helps him fight difficult situations up-close without any direct damages. sometimes he creates the armor by charging through a rock wall or when underneath the ground.

super rare combos:
- by placing his hands on the ground, and if he were to really concentrate, he could cause a powerful earthquake around him; also add to it, like launching an earth attack from the ground or rock spikes. the more he concentrates, the more stronger the shockwaves will become.
- in desperate times, he could bury himself within the earth and travel underneath the ground; weather for a sneak attack or to avoid the fight until regaining enough energy (this was planned to be used in one occasion of my project, otherwise he never does this).

secret combos (by meeting certain conditions and summoning a lot of strength, he could use these combos but will use up a lot of energy):
- by concentrating greatly and by doing so may leave him vulnerable (which is why he normally doesn't use it), he could break apart the rock chunks into smaller chunks until it became sand; by doing so, he could manipulate sand. although, it wont be as strong of an attack as the rock and requires him to concentrate on each grain of sand, he could use it as sneak attacks for certain situations that required it.
- the Hail Mary of all combos, when desperate times call for it; this requires the Rage Artifact: instead of collecting the earth on himself, he could concentrate it within thin air and molt 2 separate pieces of collected rock into giant floating rock hands. he could levitate these hands as perform powerful punches and attacks.

forbidden combo:
- simply put: this has never been used (not even within my own project! and if it was it wouldn't be until near the end); it requires the Rage Artifact at its maximum power and a lot of energy: when it comes for such a power to be used, he eyes will glow bright (to match the color of the gem on the artifact but idk which color yet; lets say red for now) and he will use the very last of his energy to collect all of the rock and earth his abilities could reach. by doing so, he uses it to create a rock armored suit, but not just any armor ... a much larger shell. depending on how much he collects, he will use it all to cover him as a colossal size rock suit of armor. this one hit kill will surely finish the job of any fight, although this has and may never will be used ... so pray it doesn't come to it.   :devil:

team-work combos (if it ever happens):
- could create all sorts weapons made from rock and give them to a fellow ally to use, it may break if he doesn't concentrate on it too much.
- could break the ground around the ally and use the earth as a platform that could levitate them, by doing so keeps him from fighting since it requires much focus to move it.
- could redirect the rock and assemble it onto an ally instead of himself; blades, armor, etc.

even though a lot of his abilities require a lot of energy if used too much, to summarize it best: if there's no earth or if his Artifact is removed ... he's screwed

FRAAGON by  Killer B !!SAMA!!

Power: Nature, can sense incoming energy (like naruto but different because theres no chakra here). He can also breath fire

Story: On the mountain of FROGILAND there is a statue there a hero,of FROGILAND and 1 frogmen idolizes this hero he start hard training and after several years he became master of nature energy and the rumors said he killed a magical dragon that given him the power of a dragon

based on the rumors says that FRAAGON get obtained the power of a dragon
the rumors are not true and unknown at some point
ill reveal the truth then

FRAAGON fight the black dragon and the truth,he was defeated and died,but the black dragon

liked him and some point gives his power to FRAAGON because he got bored of being the

powerful magic dragon,he possesed on FRAAGON'S body and they become one.

FRAAGON wakes up and its already midnight,(talking silently on his mind while looking on

his body) what happened i died right?.
(BLACK DRAGON talking in his mind):no foooooool u dint die u win and killed me

so FRAAGON have this abilities also because of the black dragon

attitude:badass and talkative

This ablitity is only used when fraagon is weaked and exhausted
the black dragon takes control of his body of course he cant sense nature energy
black dragon like to face to face combat
(the black dragon speaking) HAHA FRAAGON let me remind you that your body is producing red

sweat(blood) you fcking jelly ace,hmmm hahaha let me give u an example to fight like a big

junior high

ability 2:his body is covered with armor scales and gives him physical strength a glimpse

black dragon's power and the one only can do that is of course him not fraagon

ability 3:FRAAGON eye will become the black dragon eyes and the armor scales become thinner

and solid gives him speed and strength of a dragon power the dragon's real power

and the ability 4 it is only can used when they are bond to each other FRAAGON&BLACK DRAGON

ability 4:combination of nature and black dragons power now he can sense nature energy and

he we gain some dragon helmet on his head this time the one is on control is FRAAGON,black

dragon will just be talking talking into his mind pissing him off.

Grave by MisterSherbertLemon



Name: Gabe "Grave" Thalyx
Background: Squad leader in a monster hunting guild.
Personality: Light hearted but has a dark sense of humour, acts on instinct over logic which can make him reckless, experimental in his fighting style, carefree, slightly creepy at times.

Eyes: Pale green, wide-eyed, slightly crazed looking. Dark circles under his eyes.
Hair: White, shoulder length at back.
Facial Hair: Very light stubble
Clothes: White vest top, brown leather jacket, pale green shoulder pads, pale green bandanna (covers top of head, not your rambo style nonsense), brown trousers with lots of pockets, an accessory belt with glass vials.

Primary Weapon: Uses a two handed bastard greatsword as his primary weapon but swings it in an unconventional manner.
Side Weapons: A flintlock pistol and knife.
Abilities: Uses a variety of alchemy potions on himself, his enemies and his weapons. These can do the following:
- Enhance his strength, speed and reflexes.
- Shield his skin or other objects against certain elements.
- Can seal deep wounds but does not heal them.
- Strengthen his weapons or give them elemental traits or poisons.
- Damage enemies directly, poison them, damage their weapons, alter their senses.

Grave is proficient in using alchemy to do all of these but his greatest strength is in his ability to cause illusions with his alchemy, primarily by afflicting the enemies' mind with toxins but not limited to it. He also likes making fireworks.

Corporal Daina Allens by Operative13



Name: Corporal Daina Allens

Height: 5'7’’ (170cm)

Personality: Staunch and unrelenting, Corporal Allens is fierce and precise in her executions in the heat of the battle. Death, fear, and suffering are nothing new to her, and as thus grown to be harsh and emotionless. This is especially true with the new recruits sent to train under her, and even more so with her enemies. Loyalty and Sacrifice are Daina's driving force, and so will tend to do things that endanger her life more than it should if it means completing her objective.

Physical description: A 23-year-old woman with long, dark hair and bright blue eyes, Allens sports an olive-green uniform with matching-colored wool beret that has a long, black braid hanging from the back.

Abilities: Tactical Analysis (Identify and exploit weaknesses), Crackshot (Hit a target with extreme accuracy and precision), Gas-Mask (Invulnerable to Lethal Gas, Airborne Toxins)

Powers: Situational Awareness (Resistance to Ambush Attacks and Traps), Battle-hardened (Resistant to fatigue and morale shock), Specialized Combat (Excels in close-quarters-combat and unconventional warfare)

Weakness: Prefers close-quarters-combat and will be quick to overexert herself in order achieve her objectives (ex. using the neurotoxin canister early on), lack of self-concern

Combat Type: Ranged/Melee Fighter


MOVE 1: Close Quarters Combat - Allens uses her knife and pistol to engage the enemy.

MOVE 2: Focus Fire - Allens uses her bolt-action rifle to engage the enemy.

MOVE 3: Bayonet - Allens mounts a bayonet on her rifle and engages the enemy. Suited for defensive, long-reaching melee.

MOVE 4: Guerilla Warfare - Allens makes use of her skills in unconventional warfare to stay hidden from the enemy and plant boobytraps. This helps to catch an opponent off-guard and turn the environment against them.

MOVE 5: Suppressive Fire - Allens takes out her SMG and lays down a hail of bullets onto the enemy.

MOVE 6: Fragmentation Grenades - Allens utilizes her stick grenades to destroy an area with explosives and shrapnel.

MOVE 7: Rifle Grenades - Allens mounts rifle grenades to the end of rifle muzzle to strike the enemy with long-range explosives. Ideal for clearing out enclosed positions from afar.

MOVE 8: Scoped Sight - Allens can equipped a mounted scope on her rifle to strike at extremely long range.

Special 1: Neurotoxin Canister - Allens explodes a canister of toxic gas in her immediate area, temporarily paralyzing anyone nearby and weakening their affected body overtime until rendered useless. A gas mask is required to prevent the effects of the gas from affecting the user.

Special 2: Bundled Grenades - Allens uses bunker-busting Bundled Grenades to destroy heavily armored units.

Toucan Power! by Kata_Misashi

Toucan Power!

(copied from AoC as well ;3)

Name: Xiana

Story: (Post) Avian Rangers ( http://forums.mangaraiders.com/index.php/topic,14509.0.html )

Main or Secondary: Main

Height: 5'5

Personality: Xiana is a excited, always pumped toucan who's friendly to most and a 'tornado' to those who piss her off. When not serious she's a tad cocky, scattered brain, and sarcastic but is easily pissed off when teased or when others are in the wrong. When serious, Xiana's silliness disappears to a more focused and controlled state. Despite her anger issues, Xiana cares deeply about family and friends. Has a tendency to squawk when startled, angered, or scared. 

Physical description: A humanoid toucan who looks to be around 21. Exceptional fit, and is often mistaken for a boy given her 'figure'. When not angry, Xiana has blue eyes. When angered however, her blue eyes turn gold.

Abilities: Flight, Super Strength/Durability/Agility, Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant, and talk to birds of any kind.

Powers: Aura projection and the power of 'Will'. When focusing or angry, Xiana summons a gold aura around her body that she uses in various forms. The power of 'will' increases her determination when preforming stressful activities. (Fighting, Lifting heavy objects, saving a life, etc)

Weakness: Water, as it makes it difficult for her to fly. Xiana also can wear her gauntlets or hold objects while flying as her arms and hands double as her wings. Xiana risk breaking her wings when using her strength to punch through firm objects without wearing her gauntlets.

Combat Type: Cerbral and Barrage Style. With a mixture of disciplined martial arts along with her short temper, Xiana fights furiously without trying to give the opponent a chance to breath.

Equipment: Xiana main weapon is a pair of golden gauntlets that allow her withstand tremendous damage to her forearms and hands when worn.


(1) Gold Rush: Able to extend the reach of her punches and kicks by volleying gold 'Aura' energy from her hands and feet.

(2) Halcyon Knuckle: By forming her 'Aura' around her fist, Xiana can fire shots of gold kinetic energy are her foes.

(3) Minds-Eye: Focusing her Aura to her eyes, Xiana can briefly view the world going slower than it actually is and react to overcome projectiles or speedy targets. Downside: Upon deactivating, Xiana suffers strong migraines.

(4) Earth Shifting: With both her 'Aura' and super strength, Xiana can punch the earth to cause earthen structures to form. (Walls, spikes, paltforms, etc)

( SM-1) Phoenix Heart: With her black feathers turning gold, Xiana enters a state which allows for her to take one fatal blow and get 'reborn'. Can only use once a day.

(SM-2) One Inch Punch: Focusing her Aura to a single, Xiana perform a 'one-inch punch' with drastic damage to what she hits.

Zenbu by OhGodHelpMe



Male antagonist who wears white bandages around his entire body except for his eyes. Over that, he wears a hooded white cloak and keeps a katana without a hand guard sheathed on his back. He uses a chain whip as both a belt and a weapon, and he has a folding-iron war fan tied around one of his wrists, which he also uses as a weapon. His eyes also shine blood red, and is part of his power.

Going into his powers is kind of tough. The story he's from uses a particular system of magic called the Marluxian Arts, in which someone can draw power from each of the planets. Each planet has their own set of powers, and each power is associated with a specific organ. Zenbu however is immortal and immune to these effects the Marluxian Arts has on the organs (Immortal, but not indestructible. He can still die)

Anyway, just think of it like this. Zenbu has the power over fire, water, wind, speed, teleportation, earth, gasses, lightning, intangibility (can walk through solid mass), and can create an exact clone of himself to aid him in battle (these copies of himself are very vulnerable and are usually just used for diversions)

I have fight chapters on hand to better illustrate how the Marluxian Arts work in combat, but this describes Zenbu's appearance and powers. Personality wise, he's very intelligent and calculating. He always thinks ahead. He was created for that very purpose.

Ryoni (Demon Hunter) by Ser0ooo


Appearance: has a family tattoo (meant for warriors) it is visible and goes up from his hands to his forearms. looks like tribal
Tattoos symbolize protection which protects their body from the demonic souls entering their bodies, tattoos of strength to give them the strength to control the demons as well as use them for battle.
Tattoos of capture that contain the demons within the tattoos so they do not have access to the users body., and lastly tattoos of the mind that strengthen the mind to not allow the demons to cloud their judgment and decision making but it takes a strong will of the character to fully control themselves 100% of the time. Without them the demon would have control of the mind.

Hair: short sides and long hair on top. Generally falls to one side showing the short side hair.

for the tattoos.
The ceremonial tattoos goes from the hands to the forearms because the link between them and the demon happens when they grab their weapons and from there the tattoos shape the users body into the demon which is inside the weapon.
The ethereal demon that he cannot control is contained with a giant seal on his chest to contain all the power. a huge chest tattoo that slightly resembles angel wings but with a magical seal look to them.

Clothes: wears a form fitted black and white jacket that rises up around the neck covering his mouth (like a turtle neck but looser). over that he wears a tattered all black poncho meant to cover all his weapons when walking around the city.
wears dark colored jeans
Personality:he is very serious and task driven. He does whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand. He is tactical and precise but once he is in a situation he was not prepared for he has a late lack of self confidence that makes him focus less on strategy like he normally does. He is very cold and serious unless speaking to his brother. His brother is his only separation from his job as a demon hunter.
He tries to be like his father because his father is very cold and serious and he is a great hunter so he thinks that's what it takes to be a great hunter. He strives to make his father proud by excelling in his training. He masters every weapon that he is taught to use and has a gift for combat. He uses a large variety of weapons and carries them all with him unlike most hunters who specialize with 1 or 2. This gives him an advantage over most people since he can use a weapon specifically to counter his opponents.
Although he seems to be exactly like his father his inner self is much different. Less confident than he seems and more caring than most people think and not as serious.

Abilities when not wielding weapons:
he uses magic to enhance his speed, strength, durability and reflexes.
master with very large variety of weapons ranging from swords and shields all the way to more modern weapons like guns and rifles
Able to harness the powers of demons through the use of weapons. when he wields a weapon he begins to change form into the demon that is trapped inside the weapon.

Physical demon: sawed off shotgun: shotgun can shoot flaming bullets, athletic build, has 2 long horns,  3 arms, one large 3 fingered claw like armored arm on one side used for strong melee attacks as well as meant for defence and 2 arms on the other side used for using shotgun and any other weapon he creates. creates weapons by reaching to the ground and forming a weapon out of the element earth. weapon can burst into flames. has large horn like spikes coming off of his shoulder blades physically durable and has extremely enhanced strength, can create large one handed weapons. ex. large axes, and huge swords to fight with Demon is cocky and arrogant so it causes Ryoni to show slight moments of cockyness. sawed off is attached to his right thigh in a holster

Physical demon: Bo staff: Has a medieval looking knight helmet on but it is the demon's face. long horns coming out of the side of his head with a slight curl to them.  lean build. Can manifest flame wings to fly briefly. wings come out of lower back and are long and thin. Durable and Extremely strong. Demon is focused and very tactical which enhances Ryoni’s fighting ability when wielding his bo staff. bo staff is strapped to his back

Spiritual demon: shortbow: Very fast, Has wings and no legs. can shoot up to 3 homing shots at once made of energy. able to process information very quickly and has a hit and run type tactic when fighting but Ryoni is not limited to that strategy. short bow is in a collapsible tube that expands to form the short bow. it is attached to the back of his belt. he does not carry arrows because the demon can create homing energy arrows when wielding it.

Spiritual demon: chain with blade: Lean build. large sharp teeth and nails are sharp like claws. Extremely fast, but not as physically strong as the physical demons. Uses the Chain blade to attack enemies at long and short range. is constantly moving. can also use the chain blade to maneuver quickly around the battlefield and quickly change directions. can become intangible for brief moments, can make a clone of himself that only last 5 seconds at a time. Able to teleport short distances. attack strategy is very aggressive and relentless sometimes to a fault. when Ryoni is in this form he has moments of impulse  Chain is wrapped around his left arm and the blade is connected to a strap on his forearm that makes it protrude from his fist like a bladed knuckle that allows him to do a stabbing punch even when not wielding the chain blade. the chain is connected to his chest. he wears a leather strap across his body and around his shoulders that the chain is connected to. it allows him to brace his body for sharp turns and swinging from the chain instead of his arm bearing all the load.

He throws the chain blade and swings it to keep his distance from his opponent while he strategizes and finds out his opponents weak spot and then he wields it as a sword when he does quick close attacks.

Ethereal demon: dual kukri: large God like demon, stands at 4 stories tall. can manipulate and create hellfire, can summon a small army of demons, telekinesis , occasionally  uncontrollable due to its immense power.

He becomes the ethereal demon by wielding both of them. It is so powerful it had to be contained by 2 weapons. He can use one kukri and gain some of the ethereal demons abilities and a large amount of power but not to the level of power he would have if he wielded both.

When first turning into it, it is still ethereal demon in control but the family with divine intervention help contain it and put a holy seal on the weapons to help him control it. Eventually he needs its full power so he breaks the seal but because he is much stronger than before after a slight loss of control he regains control of the demon

He quickly changes weapons to mix his abilities in battle.
He can go from the bow to fly and maneuver quickly and at the last second switch to the sawed off to become a larger stronger demon and use the momentum from the speed he build up to land a devistating punch on the enemy.
He is skillful at swapping weapons mid battle to keep his opponent off guard.
His general strategy is to keep his opponent at bay while he prepares his strategy and then overwhelms them with speed and power through relentless attacks once he finds out how to defeat them.
He is willing to take non mortal wounds in order to gain a tactical advantage but will only do this if it means he can land the killing blow.
Ex. In his sawed off shotgun demon form he will allow himself to be attacked, grab the enemy with his large armored hand, and then shoot them in the chest point blank with the sawed off and stab them as well if he has a bladed weapon in his other hand.

Round 1:

1. Corporal Daina Allens vs. Zenbu

2. Kalvin vs Xiana

3. Tristan vs Fraagon (with art!)

4. Grave vs Ryoni


1. Fraagon vs. Zenbu

2. Grave vs Xiana


Xiana vs Zenbu


Art Gallery



Art: Dragonflame (Fraagon)

Art: Tristan vs Fraagon

Grave vs Xiana

General Manga writer discussions / Manga with awesome, detailed art.
« on: February 06, 2016, 08:48:56 AM »
Can you guys recommend me manga with some really mind-blowing art. Kind of like a lot of the art on Berserk.

Is there any kind of trick or shortcut to make super great looking, detailed art quickly? (Other than just spending a ton of time on it)

These are some examples of what I mean:

Berserk in general has a lot of awesome art like that. The kind of art that makes you go "WOW" because all the textures on everything are so detailed and well done.  Did the artist just spent a ridiculous amount of time on the piece or is there maybe some way to apply those textures and give this kind of look to your art without a massive time investment?

And what is some other good manga with amazing art like that?

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