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break Room / Ipad Stylus Recommendations?
« on: April 10, 2019, 10:54:03 PM »
so asked this on a different forum and... didnt get a real answer so i came here. it seems all i have is questions XD

So just going to copy from the other forum

"So i have been looking for a stylus for my Ipad. i have looked everywhere and i can't find one that would be perfect for drawing with and i am looking for recommendations. only thing i ask is that you recommend a stylus you have tried or used yourself.

i tried using an Adonit Jot Mini... i hated it o-o.

i also need to confirm that my Ipad is NOT a pro so no recommending the Apple Pencil

i guess im really looking for something with a fine rubber tip and possibly pressure sensitivity (but that seems like a stretch)"


ok they were recommending the apple pen... which does me o good

break Room / New Comic Hosting Site Surfaced (trying to help)
« on: March 17, 2019, 07:08:53 PM »
So i been really... Really trying to cram my boot up Tapas' ass, i been trying to get a small Comic Hosting site some traffic since well, the big sites don't care about their free content creators

Global Comix its small... really small... sadly. so i wanna help it, if anyone has a comic series, consider posting or atleast mirroring on there

you know, to kick Tapas off their high horses  >:(

if you cant tell... i hate Tapas

break Room / good ways to promote your works?
« on: February 12, 2019, 11:37:17 PM »
so recently, i have been trying to see how to get my comic, Royal, some more traction but i have no idea where to start... and no, social media is not helping

if theres a thread opened that is similar, let me know

General Discussion / When everything you ever do is "Wrong"
« on: September 30, 2018, 09:09:07 AM »
i know, bad topic to return to, so i been working on my comic and getting along with a group from Tapastic... well until recently

it seems specific people have many problems with Royal, little nitpicky things. and that i should remove it all from my comic or i'll get in trouble with the fiction police

i'm not allowed to call things certain things and one of the biggest scenes was when Oliver and Danny get together officially, that scene is problematic to them too for a stupid reason (Cause Danny's 17 while Olivers 18).

the thing that is outright pissing me off is they are treating it like its real life, its stupid and im about to cry cause i cant talk about my comic to anyone on this discord server cause if these specific people see a scene involving drugs or a character getting beaten up, they have a massive problem

i think what im getting at is... what do i do? im developing anxiety attacks from this.... and i know, they have no control over my story... but... im just losing my *censored*ing mind over here

break Room / Anyone here know hungarian? (need help)
« on: August 31, 2018, 01:13:22 PM »
i dont know where to put this so sorry if its in the wrong spot.

I need help with a line in my comic, since one of my characters is hungarian i wanted him to have that moment where he yells something out in his own language but i had no luck finding someone who could properly translate or give me anything that would make it seem more natural, if there was a slang or shortened phrase.

so as of recent, i went and visited my family doctor about my weight, he told me some things i need to do to fix this

  • Think about getting off my medication
  • eat a little more healthier
  • drink water
  • Get a Dog

he has been suggesting the dog since i asked about my depression and anxiety issues and now i figure i can be responsible enough to have a dog... that and we are out of that apartment into a place where a dog can live comfortably. so i go "ok my budget is say $350 since we are not looking for any purebreds....

what the *censored* is this?.... $1000 for a Lab/collie mix, ok this dog is too big for me but still... Blue was supposed to be a lab/collie mix (we was purebred lab tho) and we only paid $100 for him 22 years ago, why are people being so stingy with dogs, mom even told me that back when she was my age, you didnt have to pay for a dog at the pound, now its $400, a cat? $60... i dont want a cat, cats are assholes... plus they wont walk with me, the more i go deeper into the depression the more i see a dog as a medical necessity.

so i decided, ok i'll commission, then i realised i cant transfer money from paypal to credit card (to pay my bills so i can put money aside for the dog)... im up *censored* creek, is there any way i can get commissions? is is safe enough to attach your debit card to your paypal? why are dogs so expensive? even at the pound, i checked into it, they want too much and im about to cry

MR Pub / From " I Don't Like, I Don't Like" to "I Like, I Like"
« on: July 20, 2018, 01:34:49 AM »
So i had 2 experiences like this XD

so first was this really old movie... really old XD, so as a child, i was afraid to even watch "The Yellow Submarine" and this fear kinda stuck with me fow many years... well til this year, so back in april i found the trailer for it, bit the bullet and watched it.... ok wtf, only good thing is i finally figured out what my main fear, The Glove's purpose was. its an enemy, anyway then i waited and waited, went to my dad's... this was it, i told him i was going to grab some movies and snuck that one (1999 DVD rerelease) in my bag, came home and watched it.............and watched it.............and watched it, and then dad noticed it went missing XD so i gave it back............... and then i bought my own copy (2012 remaster) and watched it and watched it, til i couldnt talk about anything else. my friends were drivin nuts, i also found the supposed 2012 remake that got canned and holy*censored*, thank *censored* it got cancelled

Story 2
ok i know a lot of gaming fans are going to stone me for saying this but, i did not like Ocarina of Time, as a kid, it bored the crap out of me, i actually never had it as a kid despite owning an N64, i bought it at 14, then i bought the game cube version (not master quest) and even on the Wii VC, i just couldnt get into it at all well until a few days ago, so this month, the month of July has been Zelda month when it came to games, i bought Breath of the Wild wich i played til i got stuck and quit for now, Hyrule warriors, played that for 3 days straight til i mistook the power button as the pause button again, thanks Nintendo 3DS for having that stupid power button location, i got pissed off and put in the last game i purchased.... Ocarina of Time 3D.... im addicted to it, funny enough i remember how some of the things are supposed to work, i remembered about the way to get through the Lost wood or how to get Epona (i knew you had to jump over a fence) and holy *censored*, it also has Master Quest, i am excited XDD

so yeah these are 2 things i thought i would never like and well, i liked XD

What have been yours?

Suggestions And Feedback / just get rid of the wanted boards....
« on: August 22, 2017, 12:59:33 AM »
now i have seen many people break the rules for the wanted boards and its becoming a huge frustration so....

have only 1 topic in each board but locked, only the mods can comment on the topic and it is only to add who is available for work, the ppl have to fill the requirements to be able to be added, if they dont log on after a couple of weeks without warning, their name gets removed

it is that simple... this is how we can keep members hanging around instead of "taking without giving back"

« on: August 08, 2017, 03:11:05 AM »
i have lost 2 and a half chapters from google docs mobile, and i am very upset

General Discussion / I REGRET THIS THREAD
« on: July 22, 2017, 01:41:35 PM »
ok, i am an artist... you are probaby an artist too, maybe a writer, same thing.

something i have been seeing a lot is favouring artists, like i know what you are saying "its because you dont see your name there"... yes, it makes me feel like garbage (and possibly other people), i have been dealing with so much and seeing ppl say "this artist is better" i feel other people can be just as jealous while it makes me again feel worthless,

quit my manga no point my art is *censored*, like yes im bad with hands and backgrounds but other than that i have pride in my art, i know i will get better but... i know... shut up ... im just going to ....

Edit: it just *censored*ing angers me, and mostly it doesnt have much to do with me

break Room / is anyone else on Tapas?!
« on: July 15, 2017, 10:13:25 AM »
o-o thought i would ask since its only me and 2 other members, so it seems :/

break Room / Posting on Tapastic?
« on: July 04, 2017, 09:20:43 PM »
i know its nolonger Tapastic but i dont care

so.... i wanna get Royal out there a little more but i also heard of people having issues with Tapas (like the weird we own your *censored* misprint) so i was going to ask if i should post on it?

OK i am really struggling here, we need to come up with $1000 to move us out of this HELL HOLE so im really pushing commissions, so please commission me, my site here has all the info (in the CONTACT page)


MR Pub / i cant do this anymore...
« on: June 29, 2017, 02:22:57 PM »
i know this doesnt need a topic but honestly... im losing it, i cant think, i cant draw, i cant be happy, i cant smile

the things i want to do the most are illegal

i spent last night crying, a tiny knock terrifies me, i horrified to go pay the rent because i'll see "her" there, no one will take us without a reference from "her", i sat here and cried because everyone is laughing it off, i am getting to the point where i feel i would just be better off dead

seeing people happy upsets me, seeing people not having to deal with this upsets me, seeing people have time to work on their manga upsets me

i want to be happy but i am afraid to be happy

i'm attempting to do this so i figure i could give you the challenge

now lets say your character is anatomically correct......for the most part (since my style takes a rather lanky form i cant say its anatomically correct XD)

like you have your style, take like a chibi doing a pose and try to replicate this pose with your style

i'll post mine eventually.... if its possible XD

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