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Manga Artists Wanted / Re: Artist Needed! (Collab)
« on: February 23, 2015, 03:23:01 AM »

It goes both ways, not just one Kinre. Both the writer and the artist must be good in their work. But most importantly, they must be compatible.

A good writer cannot always draw well, and a good artist cannot always write well. If you can do both, good for you. (I can't speak for everything or everyone...)

But to the point, this is a forum for constructive criticism, to help improve someone's plot or artwork, not to push one's ideas or opinions. You can say things from your own experience, but you must say it is your own, not speak as if you know everything. You can easily start an argument here by doing that. ^-^

Always remember to keep the posts in context of the OP.   :thumbsup:

again, keep saying thing are 50/50, but is not, writer are always writer artist are always artist, is their mind set.

and again, you are trying to make a manga, so is artist base, not writer base like a novel

and the context for the OP are finding a artist, not improving how to write,
now i am saying thing of what a artist are thinking, and writer will need to know what the artist like to have, and not from a writer.

and the thing you are saying ,is also base of what you thinking, but it does sound like you are saying is the only right way.

i don't talk nice, but does not mean i not helping, wise person learn from your friend and foe , and not just follow to people who   talk nice.

and i believe  argument is where we learn thing. can't always stay at your safe zone.

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: Artist Needed! (Collab)
« on: February 22, 2015, 11:07:47 AM »
is that so? well why does it sound like a kid.

and  i do will like to know if people view will change when people see how well the artist can draw.

and 1 more thing word are cheap.

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: Artist Needed! (Collab) -Paid-
« on: February 22, 2015, 08:23:03 AM »

That's a matter up to opinion  ;) It all depends on the team itself, and as everyone knows, you can't stereotype every team on the planet.

well that is up to the artist, what the artist really think of. in the end your role is not a artist, so you will not understand until you try to be 1.  but if you really want to know go and make a vote, and see how many artist agree with that.

i speak as what i know, if people take what i say that good for me ,
 if people don't like what i say then, what can i say.

you want to speak for writer, that is fine, but i speak as a artist. if there is artist does not agree with me, it is fine for me that we  debate . but if you speak for writer, you shouldn't keep saying that that is only me who saying it.
as you don't know what artist are thinking.

and we all know that 1 black sheep does not mean all sheep are black. but  it is a very common thing that all artist or designer that have to work for other, understand that it is always hard to work with or for other, as writer love to make it hard for the artist,  not because they want to but it is a very common thing.  and it is our job as a artist and designer to understand what they want and what they want to say.   so here i am not saying that writer is bad, all i am saying that is also 1 of the artist job, and is 1 of the harder thing to do. which only artist will understand.
and writer love to say thing like the artist is bad or don't understand, as they can simple 1 look and say if the drawing or design is good or bad.
but artist can't say much about the writer or story until there is more to see.   so  most people don't really understand what artist have to do to make other people story.   in the end, artist who want to make manga it is always better to make their own story then help with other.

in the end it is up to the writer to understand what artist are thinking,  as it is the writer need artist for manga,
and not artist need writer , as artist can make their own story for manga.

and a point of view, writer always like to think that they the 1 who make the story so they are the god of their story. but never do they think what we artist can do, we can also make a story too.  but problem come with if the writer are really doing their job. or just pushing job to other.    it is easy for other to see what have the artist did, but is hard to see what have  the writer did.

and at another point of view, if you think you are good, you can always make a novel. when you get money for your novel you can pay a artist.

and forget to say 1 thing, 1 of the big mistakes that writer does do is that, they think writer and artist are the same, that is why most writer always like to do 50/50.  but most of the time the writer are not even ready.
but really, again if the writer really that good go make it in to a novel and sell it then hire a artist.

at last i will say he do better then some people who only say is fun to make a manga and let make together.

well now

could probably take 10 or more years to complete

i on the other hand think he's just throwing himself in a different pit

i agree that he is making a diff pit to jump in, but better then jumping the same old pit which we know that will fail

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: Artist Needed! (Collab) -Paid-
« on: February 22, 2015, 01:57:22 AM »
at last i will say he do better then some people who only say is fun to make a manga and let make together.

most of the time the artist will only care how much work they have to do, and how good the person writing skill.

most writer skill is bad, very bad until that the artist will have to do a lot of work, more work then if he or she do it alone. 

so unless you story and writing skill is soo good, no artist will help you with out a good pay for a long story.

a fair warning , if you want to have fun it is best to do it your self, when work with other there is no fun.


I would dispute that, you seem to acknowledge the difficulty of manga writing but underestimate novel writing, I also think that type of statement is down to opinion mostly, in which they are the 'cheapest commodities'
so we can just agree to disagree.

i didn't underestimate novel writing,  it just come from what i know,  from exp and from what i see.
is most people thinking that making a manga is the same as novel,  but the problem of  that is that manga and novel is not the same thing from the start,  both type of writing need to be diff. 

and novel got alot more way to make it then manga.  and the time is needed is also a big diff.  but people still like to think they are the same, cause they are in a book.


A writer must understand what comes with writing before he writes a manga story. However, Kinre I think Objective was getting at a different point  ::) :D

i didn't get that.   

but let me say other thing for a while,  the harder part in a team, will be team work, and alot of problem will be there, so i will suggest   that you should make thing easy for other, let other to work on small part, focus on their part.

and just to add on, i am a artist and a ass person to most people who know me, as i had see many writer always ask for artist, but yet had no ideal if their writing skill is up to the level.   
i can't really say if you got skill in writing but i just want to let you know that making a manga is alot harder then a novel. which most people always say that they know making manga is hard but all i see is that they have no ideal.

so if you just want to have fun you should just think of making it in to a novel.


...I'm speaking in context of promoting a story they're developing, not necessarily a finished work per-say. Sure hell its better if it's an actual finished work with edits and everything, but even recognition for a concept idea or loosely-done work is a great way to get yourself known and get more feedback along the way  8)

it come back to the same thing that i say,   is all about your skill and understanding how to tell the story and sell the story.   when you try to sell your story ,you not really telling a story, but just giving key word the the reader , that need skill and understanding of what viewer like. 


If that's case, perhaps one-shots are a good way to promote street-cred for everyone (artists get recognition for art-style, writers their stories, win-win?*  :angel:)

i disagree that writer is recognition by their story,  writing a story need skill and understanding of what is a writing is.

any 1 can make a story, but not every 1 can tell a good story.

i agree with amanomai ,
although there a few thing i will change,

1 chap is more then enough, it can tell your writing skill and many other thing,  and i will also say that, a long story is just the same as short story, it just you keep using the same char and background setting only.

make use of every chap, and take it like is a short story is the best.  if the first  chap is boring no 1 is going to cont.
and about the char design,  the important i believe is not about drawing but how detail you can make it ether in writing or drawing .   most writer i see they just give information of the char to draw which is boring,  etc 167 tall, green eye , school clothing or something.  i think that is bad, because the writer just write what he want to look like. and not really  about how viewer feel the char. 
i am going to give a etc how i will say but again every 1 is  diff, 
char is a guy that look like around 30 , that look very big and tall ,and have a big stoma , even though he look big  he have a sad looking face ,  and his clothing look like he work as a chief.

is really very confuse, and base on what you had write, can't really tell what the story is about.

if you want to find a artist it is always best to  let people know what the story is about,  and not giving char information. 

and show how you going to show the artist your story, etc novel,script,sketch/name/storyboard. that is what artist will take note when helping other people too.

just a add on about the stealing story thing.

if the person really want to steal he or she can simple pm you and use some pic on the web and say he or she are a artist, and make you believe what ever he or she say. and you will give any information that he or she want.

in the end if the person want to steal there is always a way.
 but the real Q is not able  if people can steal your story. the real Q is that if your story is that good for stealing.

and another add on for that , if your are a good writer, you will know how to post your story and show your writing skill with out really let other steal your story.

so for me, as a artist, when the writer say pm to get more information, that already tell the level of skill of the writer.

first of all, there is less artist then writer, that is true. and does artist work free? well that have to see who you talking to

2nd does artist lazy then writer? well that you will have to be a artist to know.as a writer you can't reallyo say that the artist are lazy.

3rd does artist work hard? well from what i see most manga are only done by artist not many artist like to work with a writer. why well only artist will know and even the artist say it our the writer will never agree.(beside the exp 1)

4 does this arguing help you with any thing? well at last more people are viewing it , and at the same time people can understand what type of person you are.

5 if you really think that your story so well why not just make it in to a novel ?

6 manga is not as easy as you think.  if you think is easy you are welcome to draw it your self.

7 why artist want money? well i guess that is very simple to understand, why not you just give your story to other people who want to make your story to manga.  and if you think that is stupid think about it you are asking people to do the same thing.

last thing  working together, beside money, the best way to get a artist is also your skill, working together skill.
and base on what you say i take it that you don't really know how to do it.
and if you are thinking that it is best that the artist choose, then i will tell that i am very sure that most artist will love for the writer to just make a sketch/name/storyboard/panel . although saying that most writer not able to do that.
so in the end is all about the writer skill , nothing much about the artist.

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: Writer/Creative Director looking for Artist
« on: February 09, 2015, 10:28:57 AM »
just to say your email wlil be take away later when they see it

and maybe you are asking too much from a artist . as what i see from your post. well don't know the detail so can't say for sure.

but you should be more detail about how you going to work with the artist.

as other had say, artist will not want to make the story with other, if the artis want to make the story he or she will make it them self, it is alot easy to work alone.

but if you want to work under a artist that already got a story, then that is a bit diff.   

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