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Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: September 30, 2016, 11:05:26 PM »
Funny enough, I decided to play guitar because of these bands. To my surprise - not so much- I went for the electric guitar, but it didn't go as I planned. I then decided to go for the acoustic and ended up staying with it. They do they that you should start with acoustic then move up, but being the stubborn moose I am...So now I play songs that are not related to rock -except for Angie, Hotel California, and some other tunes), but I hear them and it is quite ironic, in my opinion.

Develop Your Story / Re: Elemental Order
« on: September 30, 2016, 10:53:27 PM »
Chapter 13

The group of Elemental Order is now trekking down the hallways. Rosemary accompanies them.
Lance: Say, I thank you for standing up for my brother. I never got to the chance to say so.
Rosemary: You don’t have to. I reckon it is common sense to help those in need.
Lance: Then again, we are not any other person.
Rosemary: Aye, I know. But that doesn’t mean you should be treated as beasts.
Lance: Perhaps we should…
Edon: Stop being too hard on yourself, Lance. We can speak of this in another time. Right now we have to focus on this issue.
Lance: Very well.
Nina: We are here.
They stop in front of a giant iron door with symbols engraved on them. The doors had the words “Room of Judgment” in ancient writing.The symbols that are engraved are those of the elements of the school. The doors open with a mighty sound and the group steps inside once the doors fully open. They begin to walk and inside the room is a semi circle shaped table and on the opposite side people are sitting. The people sitting in the table weren’t ordinary. It was the council men of the region, the great generals, and the director of Elemental Order, Lady Starr. The meeting called upon the most powerful people in Aurora. It was sure to be important.
The group stands in front of the table and await judgment. Nina, Arlyn, and Rosemary step aside as the people in the table stand up.Edon and Lance stand in the middle. The person in the middle, Lady Starr, raises her hand.
Lady Starr: Come forth, lightning wielders.
The Pratt Brothers approach the table closer. Lady Starr tells them to stop and they do.
Lady Starr: Today you are here to be given the right to enter the mighty school of the wielders, Elemental Order. Your staying has already been decided by the council of the city. So tell me, lightning wielders, what is your reason for me to allow you to enter my school?
They both look at each other as to who should speak. Finally, Lance takes a step forward.
Lance: You see, we come here to-

Lady Starr stomps her foot on the ground and the whole room shakes violently like an earthquake had just hit.
Lady Starr: I wish not to speak to you, but to him.
She points to Edon.
Edon: Uh, me? Why?
Lady Starr: Are you denying a request from your possible future superior?!
Edon: No. It is just that I don’t really know what to say.
Lady Starr: Then think fast.
Edon looks down to the floor and takes a deep breath. He takes his stand
Edon: Lady Starr, I come forth here to you to tell you why you should take us into Elemental Order. Over these past years my brother and I have gone through what most people would call a living hell, but to us it was a style of life. The day that we were born we have been brought up to live and learn that stealing, blackmailing, kidnapping and murder were all acceptable. We knew no other way, no other escape. Then we became aware of our new found powers and they exploited us for them. The tasks that we were given to do are despicable and atrocious, but that is how we were taught to live. We now see that our common ways are horrendous in your eyes and we accept that. Lightning wielders have been known to be destructive beings, beasts, war machines, but we still feel. We still are human.
Edon takes a knee.
Edon: I kneel to you and say this: We are at your disposal. We are your war machines. We will go by any order, by any command. Let the act be moral or immoral, your call is our will. We beg of you to use us to any given point in our lives from here on now.
All of the people in the table turn and look at Lady Starr. She looks down at Edon and gives a slight laugh.
Lady Starr: You. You are sure to give me what I ask of you. I can see it in your eyes. Your determination, valor, courage is written all over you. *Looks at Lance* Thank your brother for without him you’d been fed to the guard dogs. Pratt boys, you will be my pawns, my war machines. I don’t have anything else to say or hear. I’ve heard enough.
You two, come with me.
The Pratt Brothers come together and approach Lady Starr as the rest of the people walk out the room. Nina comes close to Edon.
Nina: Good job. Now you just have to endure hell.
She walks away. The doors close and now it is only Edon, Lance, and Lady Starr.
Lance: And so now we do exactly what?
Lady Starr: You shall be quartered here in the school. Elemental Order is now your home.
Edon: It is such an honor and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Lady Starr.
Lady Starr: Oh boy, don’t thank me just yet, for what is about to happen won’t be pleasant for you.
Lance: And what would that exactly be?
Lady Starr: Fighting me.
Lady Starr raises her right leg up to her head and lays it on the floor causing it to break violently. The Pratt Brothers quickly react and jump away from the zone.
Edon: I…don’t know what to say to this.
Lady Starr: Nothing to say, just fight.
She appears in front of Edon and quickly punches him making him fly far away and hitting himself against the wall. She comes down to the floor. Suddenly Lance comes from behind and prepares to lay a punch on Lady Starr, but she quickly moves and comes behind him. She then does a takedown and has him in a chokehold.
Lady Starr: You waste no time. I like that.
Lance: Go to hell.
Lance jumps up and escapes the chokehold. Lady Starr then looks to the roof and weapons begin to fall. It is for them.
Lady Starr: If you wish to use them you may. I don’t need them.
Lance: Cocky woman. All I need is my fists to bring you down.
Lady Starr: You won’t lay a hand on me.
Edon comes from behind Lady Starr and engages in hand-to-hand combat. Lady Starr quickly has the upper hand and pushes Edon to the side. Lance comes to her and does the same. Same result. Edon stands up while wiping blood off his mouth.
Edon: She’s something else.
Lance: We can still take her.
Edon: No, Lance, I am serious. *Looks at Lady Starr* She’s too much for us to handle.
Lance: We haven’t even used our lightning yet.
Lady Starr: Aye, you haven’t. What is holding you back?
Edon: We don’t want to hurt you.
Lady Starr appears in front of Edon and punches him in the gut and kicks Lance in the face, bringing both of them down.
Lady Starr: Who is the one being hurt?
Both of them stand up and engage in hand-to-hand combat at the same time. Lady Starr takes them both on and no hits landing on her. In one of the moves she kneels and Lance kicks Edon in the face. They continue the fighting and again they mismatch. Edon now punches Lance in the face. Lady Starr then does a spinning jump in the middle of the air and kicks them both down.
Lady Starr: Your teaming is poor. You should communicate better.
Lance quickly goes for a punch with his eyes raging and his hand with lightning. Lady Starr moves back.
Lady Starr: Finally you get serious.
Lance throws himself at Lady Starr and he becomes faster.
Edon: Lance stop.
Lady Starr: I like your rage…
Knees Lance in the gut.
Lady Starr:…but it blinds you.
Lance falls to his knees.

She focuses her attention to Edon and engages in combat with him. Edon tries his best to dodge her hits, but he fails and gets knocked down to the floor. Lady Starr puts her foot on his head and squishes down.

Lady Starr: Come on, Lightning beast. What is so good of having you here if you don’t even show me your strength.
Edon: I...don’t want to hurt you.

Lady Starr stomps the floor with his head underneath. The floor breaks violently under them.

Lady Starr: I demand you to hurt me. Show me what you got!

In that moment Edon’s hand begin to turn blue and his feet as well. He was entering the first stage of fusion. Lance then comes to attack Lady Starr from the back, but she does a backflip in the moment that he threw himself to her and puts her hands on his back. She then stomps him down while Edon is still underneath. She jumps far away from the zone and stands aside.

Lady Starr: I don’t see why I should keep you around if you are just going to slack off.

In the moment she does a half spin and in front of her stood Edon ready to give a punch to her face. His eyes projected madness. He throws the punch and it takes a lot of rubble off the ground, but it hits nothing. She moved away fast.

Lady Starr: Their moves got faster and stronger. How exciting.

Lance comes from the front and begins to shoot lightning from his hands, but Lady Starr deflects them with her hands. Lance stops.

Lance: How is it you are able to deflect that. The only possible way is if you were a lightning wielder yourself…

Lady Starr: You aren’t up-to-date on technology I can see. *Shows hands* These gloves are especially designed to deflect lightning attack. So your little bolts are basically useless right now.

Lance: Then I only have to touch you in another area that isn’t your hands.

Lance dashes towards her and attempts to make a touch on her, but she simply kicks him off and he is off away. Edon comes and engages with her with a sword.

Lady Starr: You finally get serious.

She draws her sword from her back and the blades clash. Lance watches from a distant.

Edon: You said to hurt you. I will.

The blades begin to moves faster and faster. The sound of rapid clashing is heard across the room. Each strike moved the rubble near them. The fighting continued until Lady Starr punches Edon in the face, gives her back to him, and stabs him in the gut.


Lady Starr: This is how it will be in the war.

Edon: Good. It was too easy.

Lady Starr gives a sharp look at Edon and she is punched in the face. She kneels and stays there. Suddenly the room is breached by soldiers with black uniform. They close in on Edon and Lance and hold them down quickly and secure Lady Starr. She wipes her cheek.

Lance: Hey, let us go!

Lady Starr: No one has landed a hit while sparing since bootcamp. I stabbed you, boy. How did it not slow you.

She approaches Edon and lifts his shirt. No mark. No stab. No wound.

Lady Starr: I sure felt piercing something. Are you hiding anything from me? Such as a special technique?

Edon: I was just too fast…

Lady Starr: Fair enough. Do not tell me. I will find out sooner or later. Let them go.

The soldiers in black uniform let go of them.

Lady Starr: I am watching you closely, Pratt Boys. Dismiss.

They walk out the room.

Meanwhile in Ciana

Rook is being taken to the downtown hospital in which they have the best equipment to save him. If by save is old equipment from 20 years ago then yes, the best. He is rapidly rushed through the doors of the hospital by 4 men on a stretcher. One of them yells out for attention and he is given such. Rapidly, a group of nurses surround him and he is quickly rushed into one of the rooms.

Rook: Where am I...My body feels strange...I can’t move a muscle…

A doctor quickly comes to Rook.

Doctor: No worries, Rook. We will take care of you.

Rook: You sure will.

Once they reach the room the team of nurses get on him again and they open his shirt with a pair of scissors. They see the injuries he holds and they look like a pattern, a weirdly beautiful pattern. Would make a great tat. The nurses begin to hook him up into machines and inject liquids into him.

Rook: I didn’t even feel the needle pierce my skin…

Rook begins to feel his eyes feel heavy and he falls asleep.

Meanwhile in Aurora

Night time has come and the Pratt boys are quartered in a room within the walls of the school. They are now part of it. Lance is standing outside in the balcony looking at the moon. Edon decides to join him.

Lance: Nice view, I’ll give them that much.

Edon: Better than the one back in Ciana.

Lance: I suppose.

There is a brief silence.

Edon: Say, are you mad at me?

Lance: What makes you say that?

Edon: For basically submitting into the power of Lady Starr.

Lance: Oh, that. Meh, a little.

Edon: I had to show that we were willing to obey, Lance. I didn’t have much of a choice. Besides, it is not like I wrote a script and read from it. Her calling me out like that was unexpectedly terrifying.

Lance: *sigh* I suppose you are right. You know, it is just that I don’t like it when people see down on us. Or even worse, different. As if we were some sort of savages and uncivilized beings. We just manage to be called out and do everyone’s dirty work.

Edon: We have had that sort of lifestyle for quite some time now, but this time it will be different. I can feel it.

Lance: The only difference is that we will now be in cute little costumes fighting under a salary against our own. Different road, same destination.

Edon: If you put it that way…

A knock is heard at their door. Lance approaches the door.

Lance: Who is it.

Brenton in a high pitched voice responds

Brenton: Room service~

Lance opens the door and sees Brenton and Nina. They both walk into the room and Lance closes the door.

Lance: What is it you want?

Brenton: Oh nothing, you know. Just wanted to come by and drop a fruit basket for our new neighbors.

Lance: Really.

Edon walks into the room from the balcony and sees Brenton and Nina.

Edon: Well, this isn’t awkward.

Nina: Rest assured, Edon. Brenton isn’t here to cause a fuss.

Edon: The guy tortured me.

Lance gets up and clenches his fist, but he is touched in the shoulder by Edon.

Edon: But it is okay now, Lance. I hold no grudges.

Brenton: Not like you could even take me on but whatever.

Edon: Anyhow, what is the reason for your visit?

Nina: I come here to let you both know that your training with us shall begin tomorrow right before sunrise. So you both be on time.

Edon: What exactly will we be training for?

Nina: You’ll just have to wait and see for yourself tomorrow.

Edon: Very well then. We will definitely be there.

Nina: Good to know. Let’s go, Brenton.

Brenton: Aye. See you at sunrise, Sparkies.

The door closes behind them.

Lance: Sparkies?

Edon: Perhaps some sort of slang referred to us lightning wielders.

Lance: What a lame one it is then.

Edon: Don’t think on it too much. Now come on. We have to get a good night sleep.

Lance: Yes, sir.

They both head to their beds.

Meanwhile in Ciana.

Rook slowly opens his eyes to inspect where he is. The room surrounding Rook was sparkly white clean. It is a rare thing for any building in Ciana to be this taken care of. He attempts to get up, but he is restrained by bands around his body. He can’t move. He panics a little and tries to break from them, but he is too weak to do so. The meds are still active in his body. Suddenly he hears a door open from behind him. Though he can’t see the people he knows from their voices that it is two men and one of them is Lord Zarus.

Zarus: Is he stable?

Man: He is asleep at the moment.

Zarus: Good. He will need rest and plenty of it. For what will come for him will not be pleasant.

Man: Indeed.

Rook is startled by that statement and moves so much that he makes noise. Zarus and the other man hear him. They approach Rook.

Zarus: Hello, Rook.

Rook: Lord, what is this unpleasant experience you speak of?

Zarus gets closer to Rook’s bed and lays his hand next to it.

Zarus: You see, the bolt that struck you was quite fatal. It was so fatal that several of your internal organs were severely injured and even you heart stopped. We managed to keep you running, but that can only be for so long until your body gives out.

Rook stays quiet for a moment, startled by the news he received.

Rook: Will I...die?

Zarus looks over to the man in the room.

Zarus: You have a great chance of dying, yes. Though this man here can make a difference. Doctor,if you may.

The doctor approaches Rook’s bed and looks down on him.

Doctor Resurgis: Hello, I am Doctor Resurgis. I am the head of technology advancement in Ciana. I work to make this great country as innovative as it can possibly get. You, child, are one special person who will forever revolutionize human beings!

Rook: I...don't understand. How am I special?

Resurgis: You see, you are about to the fine specimen to open a new gate between humans and elementals. You will the mediator of us both.

Rook is confused.

Zarus: Cut to the point, Doctor.

Resurgis: In conclusion you will be subjected under a trial of tests and we will see if you are able to keep up sort to say.

Rook: What kind of tests?

Zarus: We will look into whether you can become an elemental through science.

Rook is shocked to what he hears.

Rook: Is that even possible?

Resurgis: We don't know. That is why you will be the first to attempt this on. Isn't that just fascinating?!

Rook: Sounds dangerous…

Zarus holds Rook’s hand.

Zarus: And it may will be. This has never been performed anywhere else. We do not know whether you will survive the trials or not. But i see you as the perfect candidate. You are on the verge of death and there is no other possible way for you to make it out of this. If you do this and succeed you will make history in the whole world. All I would like is your consent and we will begin immediately. But I must warn you, it will be painful.

Rook reckons deeply on this knowledge he has gained. He looks at Zarus and responds.

Rook: For you, Lord, I would do anything.

Zarus grips his hand.

Zarus: Magnificent! You surely are a brave boy. Just like your father. We will begin the procedures immediately.

Zarus lets go of Rook’s and the doctor and him begin to walk out of the room. The door opens and closes behind them.

Resurgis: Why ask the lad for permission, Lord? You could have gone against his wishes.

Zarus: You must win their hearts too, doctor.

~End of chapter~

It has sure been a while. One year since the beginning of this story. Quite amazing I must say! I do admit I had lost interest in progressing any further in this story. Moved it as one of my side stories within my planner, but I will give it a shot. I'm working on Blood Pacto and Dulce Resonancia and that is enough work as it is, but I put that torture upon myself. I got a schedule for them now so hopefully that goes as planned (never does). I hope you enjoyed the read, have a fantastic day and as always: Stay fancy, my friends.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: September 30, 2016, 06:57:40 PM »
I could say that they are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Guns n Roses. To name a few. Though it truly depends on the mood, of course.

Modern bands, you could say, I like are Coldplay, The Strokes, Twenty One Pilots, Arcade Fire.

I can see you share a similar taste to mine. Good to know someone who likes things I do is here!

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: September 30, 2016, 06:39:36 PM »
Pick for the weekend:

The Rolling Stones - Angie
Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son
George Harrison - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Love version)
AC/DC - Fire Your Guns
Tom Waits - Alice
Bob Dylan - The Times They are A-Changin'
The Eagles - Hotel California
Paul McCartney - Here Today
Led Zeppelin - Ramble On

Develop Your Story / Dulce Resonancia
« on: September 30, 2016, 03:11:23 PM »
Hello, community! I bring on to you a story I would rather want to experiment upon, mainly because of the genre. It is a new take for me so I would like to hear what you all think. I'd appreciate the support. Critics are always welcomed, enjoy the read and stay fancy, my friend.


The start of a new school year arises and an aspiring guitarist strides into Johnson High, home of the Knights, as an incoming Junior. As he had to move from his previous school due to an accident, Felix now has to adapt to his new school environment.

He is accompanied by his childhood friend, Anna. She is an artistic cellist from her school’s orchestra and will help Felix get by anything he needs her for. As they begin the school year they meet Zora and Shawn, an ingenious violinist and a proficient pianist from the same orchestra.

The journey for new talents to emerge will begin and all of them want a piece of it. They will strive with everything they can, even if some bonds have to be broken

Chapter 1

A morning rises over the head of an sluggish teen. The rays of light enter through a window and strike his face and opens his eyes. He immediately closes them up, for the light has startled him. He opens right eye to take a glance at the clock. It is 6:59 AM, a minute to the alarm.

Boy: Kill me. Kill me now...

*Beep-Beep Beep-Beep Beep-Beep*

Boy: Hmmmm...Uggggh…


The alarm stops. The boy lifts his upper body and rubs his eyes with his hands. He looks around the room to see what to choose for his day at school. The room’s walls are covered in posters of rock bands, latest guitar models, music sheets, all to do with music. He stands up from his bed and heads for his closet. He snatches a shirt and some jeans to put on. He puts them on and goes to his cabinet where he gets his deodorant and sprays it underneath his shirt. He glances over his bed and picks up his backpack.

As he walks towards the door he sees a case, a guitar case. The case is covered in stickers of many rock bands from top to bottom. The color is navy blue, his favorite color. In the middle of the case it can be seen the big words of “It's okay” with a sad face [ :( ]. He stares at the case for a while and gives it a big smile. He picks it up from the chair it was resting on and takes it down the stairs in where his parents are eating.

Father: Good morning, son. How was your slumber?

Felix: You know, the usual. A good 6 hours of interrupted sleep. What else can I ask for?

Mother: Oh Felix. You should get yourself to sleep much earlier. You should stop using your phone before you go to sleep. I read on the internet that it isn’t very healthy.

Father: You also looked up your symptoms when you were sick online and you said you had a brain tumor.

Felix sits down.

Mother: The symptoms were all so exact. Anyhow, honey, how are you for your first day of school? It is your Junior year and so you got to make the best out of it. I would like for you to give it your all and make good memories to treasure.

Felix: Yes, I guess? I do not see it any different from any other year. I simply will go with the flow, just as always.

Father: That’s more like it. Though you should start thinking of a career now. Do not tell me you are still on that idea of being a musician and all? You have to start thinking about a real job.

Felix: *Sigh* whatever.

Mother: Anyhow, here is your plate.

Mother lays the plate on the table.

Felix: Sorry, I got to go already. I need to meet up with Anna for some music stuff.

Father: Is that so? Not going to go study some AP Biology or something?

Mother: Charlie!

Charlie: Mary, relax. The boy is nearly seventeen. He ought to know all of this by now.

Felix: Not from you, dad.

Charlie: *Laughs* You and Anna are always together. Just ask her to be your girlfriend.

 Felix slowly gets up from the chair. He picks up his backpack and guitar.

Felix: Hilarious. Cya later.

Felix walks out the house.

Mary: You shouldn’t have said that.

Charlie: Jeez, sue me!

Felix goes down his front stairs and looks at the sky. It is getting cloudy. He turns around to go fetch an umbrella, but he is surprised by-

Felix: Ah!

Anna: Hey there, Bucko. How is your morning?

Felix: You sure scared me. Who wouldn’t be with that face?

Anna: Not my fault you are such a wuss.

Anna sticks her tongue out.

Felix: I got to go back inside to get my umbrella.

Anna pulls out to umbrellas from her backpack.

Anna: I know you don’t check the weather so here you go.

Felix: Jeez, where would I be without you?

Anna: In prison, praying to God so that your cellmate, Julio, doesn’t violate you in your sleep.

Felix: True.

Anna: Here, have the pink one.

Felix: I’d like the black one, please.

Anna: Oh.

Anna pushes Felix aside and makes a break for the street.

Felix: Anna, please do not make me chase after you. I can’t run with the guitar in my hand!

Anna laughs in the distance and the rains begins to pour down.


An alarm rings in a room. It makes a dripping sound from the phone. The sound keeps playing until a hand reaches to the counter where it is resting on and it is turned off. Silence sits for a moment. A girl sits up from her bed. She looks around with her eyes barely open. Her room is covered in posters of classical music sheets, as well as with poster of Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Chopin. She stands up and does her routine. She takes a shower,brushes her teeth, fixes her hair, puts on her clothing for the day. A routine she has kept for a while.

She sees her violin case rested in a chair. The case is royal blue with several stamps from around the world. They go from Paris to Japan, Quebec to Santiago. She picks it up and takes it downstairs. Her mother is waiting for her.

Mother: How was your sleep, darling?

Zora: I slept quite well.

Mother: Yes, I heard you practice all night long though. It was around 10 when you stopped playing.

Zora: And let me guess, your ears were filled with pure ecstasy once I stopped.

Mother: Dear please. You play magnificently. I could never grow tired of your playing. So, ready for your first day? It sure will be different. Your Junior year as a high schooler. The time will go by fast and as soon as you know it you will graduate, you know? But I am sure you’ll do just fine.

Zora: Yes, I guess? I will just do as I do all years. Though slightly better to really get those scholarships.

Mother: That’s more like it.

Zora laughs lightly. After a while, she finishes her meal and gets her things ready to go.

Mother: Off so soon?

Zora: Yes. I have to go to the practice hall with Shawn to drop off my violin. Our performance comes up in a couple of weeks and so we will be staying there again after school. By the way, will father be here for that?

Mother: I doubt it, darling. You know how busy he is and his schedule is pretty tight. But I will gladly go see you, that’s for sure!

Zora: Oh, I see. I guess...Thanks, Mother. I’ll be going.

Mother: Alright. Say hello to Shawn from my part.

Zora exits the house. She notices a black 1969 Dodge Charger. It is him after all, Good ol’ Shawn. She walks down towards the street, puts her stuff on the backseat and aboards the vehicle

Zora: You know, everytime I see this I always get that adrenaline rush and it’s not the good kind. By the way, my mother sends her regards.

Shawn: Oh, Zora. Relax. We’ve been through this multiple times. And how sweet of her.

Zora: If my mother weren’t to know you I wouldn’t be able to ride this thing.

Shawn: Well, lucky you since you would have to walk. Or worse, take the bus.

Zora: *sarcasm* Oh, Shawn. You are a gift from God himself.~

Shawn: No need to say that twice.

They drive off.

Felix and Anna arrive to the school. They leave a couple of minutes away walking. They see students swarming in from all the high school grade levels. They see some of the freshmen nervously walking to the building, fearing they might get bullied by the Seniors. They blend in with their own, the Juniors.

Anna: Ah, the new boy walks in with his guitar at hand. Pretty douchebaggy, don’t you think? Being new and looking like you own the place?

Felix: You told me to bring it…

Anna: I did?! Oops.

Felix: Let’s just get to class fast. You have officially made me nervous.

They walk into the school and go for the practice room. They enter the room. Felix looks around and he can’t believe the size of it.

Felix: This room is humongous.

Anna: humongous what?

Felix: Ahaha, no -_-.

Anna: *Smiles* Anyhow, you can leave your guitar in this cabinet.

Anna opens the cabinet and inside are several violins, violas and flutes in their cases.

Felix: *Whistles* Nice.

Anna: You think this is impressive? There is literally dozens of other instruments in other places here. We have quite the budget.

Felix: That sounds incredible.

Anna: Come on, now. Let’s get out of here before you dirty your pants and are late to class.

Felix: *Smirks* Alright. Say, we have the same schedule, right?

They exit the room.

Anna: Yes. What? You now think you are too cool to be hanging out with this hotshot?

Felix: I think anyone is, but that’s not it. It’s simply that I do not know my way around and I would like a tour guide.

Anna: By all means, I will be of service.

They walk to their first class. All of the other students are already here and waiting for the teacher. They find their desks and sit.

Felix: There must be, like, 30 people in this class.

Anna: What, claustrophobic all of a sudden?

Felix: It’s just too big for one-

Anna: That’s what she said!

Felix: Wow, you are so mature.

Felix takes a look around the class. He sees what he would expected. The jocks with their douchey jackets in one group, the popular people in another, the smart people on one side and the losers on the other. Despite being a class one can already see the sects. Suddenly, Felix’s eyes are caught by a certain girl. It is Zora.

Felix: Anna, who is that?

Anna: Oh, that’s Zora. She is quite talented and smart. She is the lead violinist in the orchestra and right next to her would be Shawn, the pianist.

Felix: Is Shawn her...you.

Anna: Felix Stark, do you have the hots for Zora Taylor?

Felix: What? No. I simply am curious.

Anna: Aha. To answer your question. No, they aren’t a thing. But they might as well be. They are always together. They do everything together. Shawn even brings her to class and back home.

Felix: The poor bastard is in the friendzone?

Anna: Oh no, not at all. He is quite the fellow. You see him change girls like underwear. He gets his way around.

Felix: Ah. Well, we might actually be looking at a platonic relationship. That’s quite rare.

Anna: Uh, *smacks in the arm* there’s us.

Felix: Yes, but now we won’t be special anymore.

Anna: You are right. Quick! Kiss me and make me your, Stark!

Felix: Oh, piss off!

They both laugh. The laugh catches Zora’s attention.

Shawn: So you up for practice later on today, right? You have to be. Our performance will be in a couple of weeks.

Zora turns around and looks at Shawn.

Zora: What? Oh, yes. But we have to stay for orchestra as well.

Shawn: Hey, the more practice we get the better.

School ends

The kids are swarming out of class and they go to the busses, their cars, the street. Everyone that is not in an afternoon activity that is. There is still plenty of students getting ready to practice soccer, football, cheerleading and music. Zora and Felix make it to the orchestra room first.

Anna: So orchestra does not start until one hour from now. In the meantime we could go grab something to eat and I’ll head back here. After that we go home and practice our thing.

Felix: Kind of a bummer that I cannot join this thing. Guitars are not liked in the world of orchestrated music. I am discriminated upon!

Anna: Jeez, Drama Queen, chill out. There is another group that you might be interested in joining. That is the music club. I cannot join it due to no one wanting a cellist. Where is my rant on that? Nowhere.

Felix: Well, about your proposal. I could go for a snack.

Anna: Great! Let’s go to the concession stand and get some food.

They head out. In a short moment Zora and Shawn arrive to the orchestra room.

Zora: It is quite exciting to be able to practice here once again with everyone else!

Shawn: Yes. I do like a good group to be able to play with. We are in for great stuff this year. But look at us, lead violinist and lead pianist. How much better can it get.

Zora: I know! Do you want to go inside to practice? We have some time until the others get here.

Shawn: Alright. Let’s get it on.

A while passes and Felix and Anna come back from getting their snacks. Felix has a hotdog and Anna a corn dog.

Felix: This place is pretty neat. It is like it has its own little society within. So far it is good.

Anna: What did you expect? Only because it is public school doesn’t mean it is so bad.

Felix: I guess you are right. I had another mentality put on me.

Suddenly Felix can hear the sound of music generating from the halls. He stops and so does Anna. Felix begins to walk a bit faster and Anna is behind him. He stops in front of the door and sees through the glass in the middle of the door and he sees Zora and Shawn playing together.

Anna: Seems they beat us to the punch.


Anna: Felix?

Felix: This song. It is so beautiful.

Anna: It is indeed. I think it is-

Felix: One of Chopin’s Nocturnes.

Anna: Woah, I am impressed. I am surprised you know it.

Felix: Well, after all, it was one of-

The playing stops half way. Felix looks back inside and sees that Zora is looking at him when the door suddenly opens.

Shawn: Do you mind? We are practicing. Oh. Hello, Anna.

Anna: Shawn.

Felix stands between them.

Felix seems like you both know each other. Hahaha…

Zora: What’s going on?

Shawn: Nothing. It is just that I saw you looking outside and you seemed distracted. I came to see and it is these two.

Zora: Oh. But I wasn’t distracted. I was just curious to see who it was.

Felix: Sorry if we caused any inconvenience. I was just going to pick up my guitar from here.

Shawn: Guitar? Why would a guitar be here?

Anna steps in

Anna: Because I told him he could keep it here.

Shawn: I see. Well, on with your business then.

Felix and Anna step into the room.

Zora: Hey, Anna. How have you been?

Anna: Hey, Zora. I have been well. Say, I hear you have a performance in a couple of weeks. I take that the song that you were playing is the one you will be performing?

Zora: You are right. We need to come out strong and I thought this piece was just that.

Felix: If I may say, the song is quite lovely. I am sure that with the way you were playing just now you will definitely win.

Zora: Why thanks. And you would be…

Felix: Felix.

They shake hands.

Zora: I am Zora. This here is my friend Shawn.

Shawn: Hey.

Anna: Well, looks like practice is about to begin. The rest of the group is coming in.

The students come into the room.

Felix: I should get going then. Meet you after the practice in the front, Anna.

Anna: Sure thing. Now go before they begin to see you as the weird one with the guitar.

Felix: True.

Zora: By the way, nice guitar case.

Felix gives a light laugh.

Felix: Thanks. Much appreciated. Cya.

Felix walks out the room.

Shawn: Say, is that your boyfriend, Anna?

Anna: Maybe. Why would you care?

Shawn: I am simply asking…

Anna: Whatever. I will just go to my place.

Anna walks away.

Zora: Same old Anna.

Shawn: Yeah.

End of chapter~

Chapter 2

It is 5:30 PM and the orchestra practice is over. Anna leaves the room first and the rest of the students follow behind her. Zora and Shawn are the last to leave.

Zora: Well, now off to your house to practice, Shawn.

Shawn: Yes. But man, am I exhausted. We should get something to drink from the soda machine. I buy.

Zora: If it’s free count me in.

They both walk in the hall and at the end of it they see Anna standing and looking at something. Zora and Shawn approach her and they hear the sound of a guitar. They walk towards Anna and stand behind her. They see Felix playing a song. A tender song. The movement of his right hand on the strings were natural. The last bit of the song he ends it with it fading slowly.

Anna: Isn’t he just amazing.

Zora: He sure is.

Shawn: I guess you could say.

Felix notices Anna and waves at her. Anna, Zora and Shawn walk to him.

Zora that surely was a beautiful piece of work.

Felix: Why thank you. I was just bored and I did have an hour and a half to spare.

Zora: What was that song anyways?

Felix: Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones.

Shawn: I thought I heard that. Though in guitar and the way you played it sounds, well, different.

Anna: So, Felix, ready to go?

Felix: Sure. Let’s hit the road.

Zora: You guys going home already?

Anna: Yes. Me and Felix have to do some practice of our own.

Zora: Oh. Shawn and I have some of our own as well. Hey, how about we take you guys home?

Anna: Oh no, thanks. That’s fine. We live close by.

Felix: Wow!

Anna and Zora turn and see Felix and Shawn near Shawn’s Charger

Felix: Dude, this car. It is just so...dude.

Shawn: Why thanks.

Zora: Shawn, think we could give them a ride to their home? They live close by.

Shawn: Uh…

Shawn sees Anna in the background signaling him offensive signs and that he will kill him.

Shawn: Sure.

Felix: Oh God, I get to ride this!

Shawn: Sure, man, hop on in.

Felix quickly gets in the car.

Anna: Hmm, I am not so sure about this.

Felix shouts from the car.

Felix: Come on, Anna! What harm could it do?

Anna: Ngh...Fine.

Felix: Alright!

Anna gets in the back with Felix.

Zora: Are you good with this?

Shawn: Why wouldn’t I be? They live close by. Might as well do them the favor of taking them. Good deeds payback eventually.

Zora: I suppose you are right.

Zora and Shawn get in the car. They drive off.

In a short while they arrive to Anna’s house.

Felix: Well, thanks for the ride. It was sure fun! Right, Anna.

Anna: I guess? Anyhow, let’s get to practice. Thanks for the ride, Zora.

Zora: No problem. Anytime!

Shawn: It’s my car though…

Felix and Anna exit the car and go into Anna’s house.

Zora: Quite a nice thing to know that there are people like us out there.

Shawn: What do you mean?

Zora: Well, a friendship like ours. You know? I always thought of Anna as a lone wolf, but I was wrong. Perhaps she just doesn’t click with anyone in school.

Shawn: I suppose. Anyhow, let’s get to my house and practice a while more. We ought to make a great performance and for that we need to stay determined.

Zora: Determination till we die, my good Shawn.

Shawn and Zora drive off. Meanwhile, Anna and Felix are practicing in the living room. Anna is tuning her cello by ear and Felix is pulling his guitar from his case.

Anna: So, you found the school to be to your fit?

Felix: Definitely! I really enjoyed the classes and the students weren’t as bad as I thought they would be.

Anna: You have a bad reputation of us.

Felix: To be fair, I got it all from you so.

Anna: Shhhht. Well, glad you have enjoyed it so far. Just stay away from the dumba** jocks and the stock up girls. Stay on Mr. Birch’s good side for passes on physics’ assignments and don’t be a dweeb. Other than that, you should be good.

Felix: Yeah yeah. Noted down.

Felix glances over to his right side and there is a chair isolated from them. Anna sees him looking.

Anna: You know, she would be happy to hear you say all of that. About how happy and joyful you are in your new school.

Felix: I’d like to think that too. Well, let’s get to some playing.

Anna: Right on.

They begin to play.

Over at Shawn’s place.

Shawn and Zora continue to practice the same song they played in the school’s orchestra room. They finish off the song.

Shawn: Good as always.

Zora: Yes. But we have to strive for greatness, magnificent, god-tier playing!

Shawn: Zora, please. You are killing me.

Zora: Hahaha, but I liked it. Hopefully with this we can win the competition.

Shawn: We will definitely win.

Zora: You know, I still can’t stop thinking about that guitarist.

Shawn looks at her confused.

Shawn: What about him?

Zora: I don’t know. I just simply never heard a guitarist play like that. At least not in person. And the song. It was a rock song. I could have never guessed a song of that genre could sound so beautiful.

Shawn: Ha, that’s because when you hear the words ‘rock music’ you picture a couple of dudes with painted faces and sticking their tongues out while they worship the dark lord.

Zora: Please, not all of them are like that. Just the one I picture in my mind.

Shawn: Well, I am glad that you have now see a bit of good in it.

Zora: We should talk to that guy more.

Shawn: Hmm, I don’t know. I don’t really see him our type.

Zora: Shawn, he played music you like. I think he is more of your type than mine.

Shawn: I’m talking about our own little duet. Bringing in a third wheel could possibly cause a fuss.

Zora: We could make it a quartet if Anna decides to hop in.

Shawn: Zora, the girl can barely look me in the eye.

Zora: You must have done something to her then.

Shawn: I have never talked to the chick once, once! It just bugs me that someone doesn’t like me.

Zora: Oh, a girl doesn’t like Shawn. Someone call a the news outlets for the big headline!

Shawn: ha ha ha, let’s just get back to practicing.

Night comes and both sides have to go home. Both sides go to the outside of their homes.

Zora: I ought to get going.

Shawn: You don’t want me to take you?

Zora: Nah, I want to walk for a while.

Shawn: Alright then.


Felix: I’ll head home if that is no problem.

Anna: Yes, it is getting quite late. By the way, give me that umbrella back. I need it just in case you forget yours some other day.

Felix: Aight. *tosses umbrella*

Anna: *Catches*


Felix and Zora: Cya later.

Anna and Shawn: Take care.

Both of the doors close and Zora and Felix are on their way home.

End of Chapter~

Chapter 3

Morning comes and Felix wakes up. He does his morning routine, eats his breakfast -barely any- and Anna is waiting for him outside.

    “So you dare show your face around here.” Felix says with a terrible southern accent.

    “It is one that makes the flowers bloom like the coming of spring and, at the same time, makes your life a living hell. Quite the deal I got from the gene store I must say.”Anna snaps back. Felix laughs and looks at her hands.

    “No pink umbrella today,right?” He says.

    “You guess correctly.” She says. “What? Did you want to look extra fabulous and flamboyant today?”

    “Anna, please.” Felix says back. “Let’s get going”

    They walk to the school and in minutes they arrive. They see the same thing as they did yesterday. The freshman running for their lives, sophomores could care less, juniors acting as the underdogs and the seniors acting with senioritis. Felix notices Shawn’s car. It is parked in the same place as before.

    “You think we could ride with them again?” He asks.

Anna gives a sigh, looks down and then back at him.
    “Jeez, Felix, you are going to come out as needy and desperate to them.” She says.

“Remember, you don’t want to come out as a needy dog.”
He gives out a light laugh and looks at her.

    “Ahaha, I suppose you are right. We could keep them for emergencies and such.” He says.

    “You are right. Extremely necessary near apocalyptic emergencies.” She replies. She looks at the nothing aimlessly and then looks at Felix.

    “Say, since today I do not have orchestra practice I was thinking that maybe you and I could go check out that music club I mentioned before.” She says
 Felix looks at her with excitement.

    “Great! Now, let’s get that guitar into storage.” Anna says.

    Anna and Felix head inside the school and go to the orchestra room. They notice the door is slightly open and hear voices coming from the inside. Anna walks a bit faster to pass Felix and get near the door. Felix gives Anna a shameful look, but Anna is too busy eavsdropping. They both get close to the side of the door and they pick up the voices of Shawn and Zora, along with another voice that Feix does not recognize but Anna does.

    “You two always here, working hard and making the best out of it. I am so intrigued.” A woman says with cheer in her voice. Zora shyly laughs.
    “Thanks, Mrs. Kepnes. We simply want to make our best performance yet!” Zora says.

Shawn steps in with his head raised up, all mighty.
    “We are sure to make a good impression onto you and the rest of the judges, Mrs. Kepnes. I guarantee you that.” He says.

Mrs. Kepnes laughs and throws a couple of hand gestures at both of them.

    “So confident. I like that. Well, you all have my vote if no one can top that out. I highly doubt it though.” She says.

    “Good to know. It is getting late so we should probably get going to class.” Zora says as she goes towards her backpack.

    “Oh yes. I wouldn’t want you all getting late to class due to my fault of admiration. I should get going as well. See you kids later.” Mrs. Kepnes says as she walks out the door.

Felix and Anna quickly hear this and the both of them get away from the door as fast as possible, both of them parting from each other. Mrs. Kepnes steps out of the room and simply walks by Felix. She notices Felix’s guitar.

    “A guitarist. How...typical. You better get to class before you are late, kid.” She snarks at him and walks away.

    “Damn, what a b****. But she is the best after all. I truly admire her and despise her at the same time.” Anna says.

    “She just hasn’t heard you and me play.” Felix replies.

    “Well, look at you. Acting all cocky and mighty. I’m impressed.” She replies.

    “But it is true. She simply hasn’t heard us play. About that competition she mentioned, is it open to everyone?” He asks.

    “It is a talent show competition. So there is everything. You know, magic, dancing, singing, talents in general.” She answers his question.

    “I see.”

    “Wait, you are not insinuating that we get into the competition, are you?” She asks and squints at him.

    “What do you think?”
    “I think it is a terrible idea.”
    “Come on. Don’t be a buzzkill.”
    “I just am not sure of presenting in front of people I know.”
    “Anna, we’ve done this millions of times.”
    “Yes, but not in front of people I know!”

Suddenly, Shawn and Zora come out of the orchestra room and they see Felix and Anna.

    “Hey, guys.” Zora says.
    “Hello.” Felix responds. “So, I hear you guys are competing in the school’s talent show.

    Zora says. “We sure are! Ever since elementary we have participated in many events. Most of the time it is the talent show.”

    “Has it been that long since we have presented together? It sure has been a while.” Shawn says.

    “Say, are you going to participate in it, Felix?” Zora asks.

Felix is stunned. “Me? Oh, please. I couldn’t stand up to you both.” He says flustered.

    “Oh, come on. You played magnificently. You really took my breath away yesterday with that song.” Zora says.

    “Really? Why, thanks for saying that. Coming from someone as talented as you I sure appreciate it.” Felix says.

Shawn steps in and says “Though you are right on one thing: We sure are the best.”

Zora looks at Shawn. “I wouldn’t go that far.”

Shawn looks at Zora and taps her shoulder. “Come on, Zora. No need to be modest. After all, we are the leads in our categories and have a perfect sound together.

Zora looks down. “I don’t know.”

    “So might as well step back, Guitarist. Before you make a fool out of yourself.” Shawn says.

Felix has an expression of confusion in his face and Anna steps in front of him. Standing in front of Shawn.

    “You think you are so good, don’t you? Well, let me tell you, pal, that Felix and I are going to join the talent show and we are sure to beat you.” Anna snaps back.

    “Um, Anna, I wouldn’t really put it in those-” Shawn interrupts Felix.
    “Oh yeah? Well it is on!”
    “It is on!” Anna raises her voice.

Anna turns around and holds Felix’s hand.

    “Come on, Felix. We got to store your guitar.” She says angrily.

    “He shouldn’t store it there!” Shawn says as the door of the orchestra room shuts. “Let’s go to class, Zora.”

    “That was pretty harsh from your part.” Zora tells Shawn. While she told him this the bell rang.

    “There is no time to argue right now. Let’s go to class.” Shawn says. They both go to class.

    The afternoon comes and Felix and Anna meet in the front of the school. Anna is carring Felix’s guitar.

    “Well, it is after class and I’d like to know the people I will be joining.” Felix says.

    Anna hands Felix his guitar. “Alright then, let’s get going.” She says. But before they head back into the school building Anna catches a glance of Shawn and he does too. She quickly looks away and she and Felix walk away. Zora noticed the glance.

    “Way to go, assbutt. Now you made a person dislike me.” Zora says.

    Shawn looks at Zora. “That look wasn’t meant for you. She clearly delivered it to me.” He says.

    Zora gives a big sigh. “You have to fix this, Shawn. She is with us in the orchestra and we will be seeing her for quite some time. So the sooner you solve this issue the better.” Zora says.

    “But it would be useless. The anger she has towards me was already there and I do not even know why it started. That argument just added wood to the fire.” He says.

    “Regardless, you have to apologize and make it up to them.” She says.

    Shawn sighs. “Yes, mother.”

They both walk towards Shawn’s car and drive off. Meanwhile, Anna and Felix have arrived to their destination. Felix looks at the room from the outside. It contains posters from bands he likes: The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, The Beatles, Kansas, Bob Dylan and many more.

    “See, they even like the same fogie bands you like.” Anna says.

    “Damn, they sure have my attention now. Though, their room is isolated from many other clubs. Why is that?” Felix says.

     “You will see right now.” She says.

    Anna opens the door of the club, but it leads to another hallway. They follow the hallway and at the end of it they see it goes downstairs. They begin to hear noises the more they get closer down.

    “It sure is getting wild down there.” Felix remarks.

    “You bet it is.” Anna replies. They are soon close to the door and the noise is just a door away. Felix opens the door and he is welcomed by a stream of music he recognizes very well. He sees two guitarists, a bass player, and a drummer playing “Fire your guns” by AC/DC. Felix notices that they aren’t the only ones in the room. He sees that other students are on their own little thing with other instruments. The song comes to an end and Felix claps.

    “Woah, that sure was good.” He tells the singer.

    “Why thanks, but who are you?” The singer says as he inspects Felix.

    “Oh, I am Felix. A new kid from the Junior class.” Felix says as he extends his hand to shake the singer’s hand.

    The singer shakes Felix’s hand firmly. “Alright. You seem to bring a friend. Oh, but look who it is. It is none other than Classic Anna.” He says.

    “Matthew. Seems like you got a hold of the club for yourself. Where is that scum of Michael?” She says as she takes a sit near her.

    “Well, graduation happened. He was a senior and his time was up. He will forever live with us through the sound of music.”
    “Damn, he passed? I would have assumed he failed and stayed a year longer with you all.”
    “Nah, man. He already was here for failing one year. Another one would have just looked bad on him.”

Matthew scratches his chest and looks at Felix. “So, what you down here for?”

    “My friend here is interested in joining your club and so I brought him here.” She says. Felix looks around and he likes what he sees.

    “I can’t believe that you guys are actually all the way here. Away from the main building. It is like you all have your own zone to do whatever you please.” Felix says.

    “Well, the principal wouldn’t let us be in the main building due to noise complaints from the other wussy classes. Bunch of delicate princess with their so called ‘refined taste’ in music. No shots taken at you, Classic Anna.”
    “None taken.”
    “Anyhow, they told us we could use this building if we managed to make it nice and cozy for us. So, we cleaned it up, brought our own instruments in, got some fundraisers to buy any other instruments or props and here is the end result.” Matthew says with pride.

    “Awesome!” Felix shouts.

    “But you wanting to join us. To be honest, you do not have that look that likes this. Why let someone just come and not use this to its potential.” Matthew says with concern. Felix laughs and says it is completely understandable for him to doubt his looks.

    “Say, if you lend me a guitar and give me a moment I can prove to you that I am no poser.” Felix says with a smug look on his face.

    Matthew looks at his crew and they all nod in agreement. “Alright. Show me what you got.” Matthew says.

    “Okay. Though, if I could get the drummer to play with me.” Felix says while looking at the drummer.

    “Jimmy, play with the dude.” And the drummer nods in agreement. Felix gets one of the electric guitars, checks that it is in tune, goes to Jimmy and whispers to his ear. Jimmy nods in agreement.

    “Signal me when ready.” Says Jimmy. Felix puts the strap around his body and positions himself. “Hit it.” Shouts Felix. Jimmy then begins to play lightly and it slowly progresses. Felix prepares himself and it is his token in and starts to play. Matthew immediately recognizes the song. It is “Hotel California” by The Eagles, the solo part. Matthew gets hyped.

     “Boy, you come in with this and you get an automatic entrance.” He says as he rushes to a guitar to join Felix in the middle of the solo. His entry is perfect and the two guitars merge into one and they are both in unison. They continue to play until they both agree to end at the same time and it is done. The students cheer and clap.

    “Bro, I haven’t heard that song in forever. The fact that you played that. It was sweet. You are in my dude.” Matthew says as he points at him with his fingers and the clapping continues.

    “Thank you. Honestly, it was the first gig to come to mind. I really appreciate you letting me in here.” Felix says with a smile. Anna comes from behind and punches Felix softly on the shoulder.

    “Damn, champ. That even got me. You have my respect.” She says.

    “Yes, man. You are welcome to join us. Hey, even to get you in a better mood. I’ll let Classical Anna join.” Matthew says.

Anna looks at Matthew with a confused look.

    “Matt, please. I couldn’t”
     “Do not be modest, An. I have seen you play and you got that funky kinda rock-y vibe to yourself. I am sure that if you worked on it you could be great.”
    “Jeez, now you are just patronizing.”

Felix interrupts. “Yes, Anna. Come on. It can be perfect. You can be practicing with the orchestra on odd days and you can come by on even days. It’s perfect.” He says.

    “Jeez, I don’t know. It’s just that I was rejected before and now I am welcomed?” Anna says.

     “Dude. Michael, is like, gone. He is somewhere out there, flipping burgers or something. I really mean my proposal.” Matthew says. Anna is still unsure and then she looks at Felix and sees a face on him of “Come on, now. You know you want to.”

     “Hmm, fine. I guess I could come on even days.” Anna gives in.

Felix and Matthew cheer and so do the rest of the students.

End of Chapter~

Note: Chapters 1 and 2 are written in one format and chapter 3 is written in another. I'd like to know which one would be more comfortable for you all. Personally, I find the second format adds more description to things. But that is just me. I'd like to hear from you all.

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Chapter 3:


Chapter 4:


Back after a long time  ::). Hopefully I get to cover this story and my others on a more frequent basis and such.

With that said I hope you enjoy the read, thank you for reading, and stay fancy my friends~ :thumbsup:

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Chapter 2

Osias, Cacula, and Granger appear in a forest walking in the night. Cacula is carrying Granger on his shoulders while he is tied with rope around his wrists and ankles, making him unable to move. The forest is freezing from the snow it has, but the blizzard has come to a stop. Osias walks in front of Cacula looking where they should go.

Osias: And you say your castle is not far from here?

Granger: We should reach it in a few moments. Say, would you loosen the knots on my hands? They are kind of tight.

Osias: No can do.
Granger: *Grunts*

Cacula: You do have what we are looking for, right?

Granger: I don't even know what you are in search for.

Osias: Oh please, I am a blood mage, what else could I possibly be in search of?

Granger: You don't say...

Osias: Aye, I am looking for the grimoire of your house.

Granger stays silent for a moment.

Granger: I do not possess such thing.

Osias: Give it up, you most certainly have one. I did not stumble upon you for mere coincidence. I have done my research on you and on several other houses. I know the dark past your family was.

Granger: You dare insult my bloodline!

Osias: I am not insulting it. On the contrary, I am idolizing it. The great name of House Granger was once recognized by the dark mages, but now it drags itself on the dirt like a filthy snake after their 'enlightenment'.

Granger: I do not know what you speak-

Osias: The Grangers were a dark mage house that ruled this lands centuries ago along side other dark mage houses. You all brought terror and violence to those who opposed you. It was then when the white mages came and made you 'see the light' on their ways. The truth is that the other houses had been defeated and only your house stood. Generations have passed since then and you have now proclaimed yourselves as the good guys, but the past will always come back to haunt you. Your house may have converted into white magic, but I am sure that you still hold your past in hidden places.

Granger does not speak.

Osias: No need to speak, your silence says enough.

Cacula: Master, up ahead.

The forest finishes and the men now walk a out of it. They see an enormous hill and on top sits a castle, House Granger. The castle was colossal with four towers sticking from each corner all spiking the clouds. The night made it stand it with its lights, making it spectacular view. Who would have known that a former dark mage house would like so...decent?

Osias: I am guessing this is the place.

Granger: Aye.

Osias: Pretty nice.

Cacula: Say, master, how will we enter the area. The entrance is heavily guarded and it would be a hassle to take them up front.

Osias: No worries, I got an idea.

Osias stretches both his hands with the palms open. He then slides them down to his waist and cuts himself with them. The blood dripped from his hands, he then stretches them out again and utters some words. He then raises his right hand up into the sky and black smoke appears from his hand and the ground begins to rupture. Corpse begin to rise from underneath them. The bodies are putrefied and look like they could break down with a single strike.

Granger: This is taboo...this is madness

Osias: Eh? I am pretty sure your bloodstained family did it back in their times. Now, we have to put the uniforms.

Osias raises his hand and black smoke appears once again. The dead bodies begin to be enveloped in clothes and armor just like the one that Granger's men wore. Osias also binds himself with the clothes.

Cacula: Master, what about me?

Osias: Yeah, I could give you clothes, but no men of Granger stood 2 meters tall.

Cacula: So what is there to do?

Osias: Hmm....I got it!

A few moments later

Cacula is covered in a robe and with chains tied around his wrists and ankles.

Cacula: This is so diminishing...

Osias: No worries, it will only be while we try to get inside. Very well then, I think we are done.

Osias approaches Granger and cuts off his restrains.

Osias: We will walk that hill in a calm manner and say that my fellow servant is a prisoner. We will then enter and everything will be alright.

Granger: And what makes you think I won't inform my men about what I am in?

Osias: Oh, that is a simple answer.

Osias leans towards Granger ear and whispers:

Osias: I will kill you.

Granger becomes silent.

Osias: Alright, on forth! Lord, lead the way. Men, restrain the beast!

Cacula: You are getting too much fun out of this...

They begin to march up the hill. The corpses are walking slowly, but steady. They all wear helmets that cover their faces so the guards won't find out about them. Half stand on one side and the other side on the other. Granger is in front of everybody and Cacula is in the middle wrapped in chains. They reach the top of the hill and stop at the gate. Two guards stand in front of the gate and several others are on the watch towers. Granger's men approach him.

Soldier #1: Lord Granger, I am glad you have returned. How was the night out?

Granger: It was...quite the surprising event.

Soldier #1: I am glad to hear. Say, may I ask who he is?

The soldier stares at Cacula and admires his size.

Granger: He wanted to have it with us in the tavern, but as you can see we managed to restrain him. *laughs*

Soldier #2: That is Lord Granger for you. Open the gates!

The gates open and begin to walk inside. The corpses are still moving slowly, but in synch. The guards stare at Cacula as he walks, intimidating in every footstep. The corpses continue to walk along and they finally reach the front door of the house. The group goes in and closes the door behind them.

Osias: *Sigh* That went better than expected.

Osias extends his arms and makes a fist on both of them. The corpses begin to collapse to the ground and the bodies begin to disintegrate as well as the clothes they were, leaving no trace behind.

Granger: This atrocious magic...

Osias: Yea yea, keep walking and give me the damn grimoires.

Granger: Follow me.

Osias and Cacula walk behind Granger. As they walk they see the house closely. It was humongous and the roof seemed endless. The place was decorated with statues of angels, dragons, fairies, and other creatures.

Osias: I see you like to fancy yourself with the finest items in the land, uh?

Granger: I have earned all of this fair and square, unlike you, that you probably gain your earnings from killing, kidnapping, extortions, experiments-

Osias: It is a bad income, but it is still money.

Granger: If you know it is so bad then why do you do it?

Osias: How about you shut the f**k up and show me the way.

The men continue to walk when they come in front of a bookshelf and stop.

Osias: Let me guess, one of these books opens slides the shelf aside and we enter it. Cliche much?

Granger: It is illusionary magic. I have to dispel it.

Granger gets his hand on the bookshelf and murmurs a few words and the bookshelf begins to disappear.

Osias: Still, it is behind a bookshelf.

Granger, Osias, and Cacula enter the dark passageway and torches begin to light up the way.

Osias: Do not try anything funny now.

They continue to walk down the passageway and eventually end up in a small room. The room was dirty and dusty as if no one has ever been in it for a while now. A stone table was seated in the middle of the room and on it were some scrolls, books, notes, and other written items on it. On the walls there were desks and shelves hanging with jars of mysterious substances and with several papers and other books. Cacula begins to read the documents.

Osias: Now this is a place I can call home.

Granger: It was my great grandfather's room in where he would do his "experiments".

Osias: How do you know this?

Granger: My father once brought me here when I was a young boy. He would tell me the past our family had and it made me feel impure, stained. I never imagined our house came from malignant magic, but now we have been cleansed by the kingdom and we are now a respectable house.

Osias: Cleansed you say. The malignant magic is one that no ordinary person performs. They must be of the highest rank and I know your house was once up there. You were feared by all the others in the land, but now have fallen to such a low degree that it brings no honor to your name. Maybe if you were still bad we could have been good friends.

Granger: Aye, but we are not and now you have me in a tight spot.

Osias: I beg your pardon. We will be out of here as soon as we find what we came for.

Granger: There is hundreds of research documents in here. It will take you several days to go through them all.

Osias: We have the time.

Granger: Ah, but I don't...

Granger rushes to one of the shelves and knocks it down. He catches a jar and in the jar was a black murky liquid. He then then throws the jar against the table on the middle and it shatters, spilling the liquid all over the table.

Osias: Eh, what was that for?

Suddenly the stone table begins to glow red. It catches Osias and Cacula's attention. Granger bursts out a roaring laugh and holds himself from exploding.

Granger: You really think I would let you get the grimoires just like that? Well, you are wrong!

The room begins to shake and as well as the whole buildings. Bits of rock start to fall from the ceiling and the books and jars fall from their place.

Granger: When my father brought me here he explained to me that we have a powerful weapon against anyone. He told me to use it in case of an emergency and this is the right opportunity to use it. The liquid I threw was my great grandfather's blood. I know that you know the blood of a blood mage is still of use even after their death. Even though the person who uses the blood isn't a blood mage they can still cast spells with the blood of the mage.

Osias looks closer into the table and notices there is a magic circle printed on it.

Granger: I call forth the Black Dragon of the Night. Ferocious claws and abominable fire. Scorch thy enemies with vicious wrath!

Granger then places his hand on the table and a black smoke appears. Osias and Cacula are unable to see Granger and decide to run outside out the room. The house still shakes violently and run towards the doors they came in. The open the doors and see the men running around senselessly. The men do not acknowledge Osias and Cacula for they are worried for their own lives.

Soldier #1: Captain, what is happening?!

Soldier #2: I do not know, we need to get in battle position. Rally up the men!

Soldier #1: Yes sir!

The soldiers begin to organize themselves to attack, but attack what exactly? Osias and Cacula walk outside and see up into the sky. Black clouds begin to surround the top of the house. It seems that a storm is about to begin, but Osias and Cacula know what there is to come. Osias gives a giant smile to the sky.

Osias: Cacula, it's coming.

Cacula: Aye, a formidable enemy is coming.

Osias: I haven't had this much thrill since a long time ago.

Cacula: A dragon is the opponent after all.

Osias: Cacula, cover me while I prepare myself.

Osias extends his arms from side to side with open palms. Black smoke begins to surround his body. The smoke covers him whole and it now begins to be absorbed by him. The smoke goes inside his chest and Osias looks up into the sky with a grin. His hair begins to turn black and along with it his skin. It turns into an obsidian color and he kneels with one leg. The white of his eyes turn red and the middle of it goes purple. His skin then begins to pop out small scales. As if those of a dragon. His chest is the first one to go followed by his arms and legs and finally all of his body is covered.

Osias: Yes, I feel so alive!

Osias' hands begin to grow an object from his palms. The objects begins to get longer and bigger, they were swords. The tips come out all the way onto the handle. The swords were made of a black metal and the whole sword was black as well. He then holds the swords with his hands and takes a stance.

Cacula: Master, the sky.

The sky begins to get darker and darker with the clouds and roars of thunder begin to be heard. The men of the house have still not noticed Osias and Cacula, for they are too busy looking after themselves.

Soldier #3: The sky, something is coming.

Soldiers #4: Brace yourselves!

Osias: Yes!

Osias' begins to make his body small and dark wings appear. Veiny and thin they looked, like those of a bat. The sky then expulses lightning and the thunder gets louder. Suddenly, a bolt of light strikes the house and creates a bright flash. The flash is over and an enormous monster stood on top. The claws of the dragon gripped tightly around the roof causing it to crack. The heavy breathing gave a lingering shake on the ground. It looked down on them and back to the sky. It opened its big snot and blazing fire emerges from its mouth. It is furious and out for blood.

Osias: Entertain me!

Osias flies towards the dragon with his two swords by his side. The dragon sees him and spits fire at him. Osias puts his arms in front of him and with the swords he slices through the fire. He then approaches the dragon's mouth and cuts him in the nose. He passes by him in a fast speed that the dragon has no time to counter. The dragon is infuriated and gives out a mighty roar and spits fire on the ground. The men on the floor run away from the path of the fire, but Cacula stands there and lets the flames hit him.

Soldier #5: Someone has been struck!

Soldier #6: But it is not one of ours...

The flames disperse and Cacula stands upright looking up to the sky. His clothes has burned off, revealing his body. The skin is pitch black with blazes of fire on his body, but he is not bothered.

Soldier: #7: Is he...is he still alive?!

Soldier #8: Impossible!

Cacula's body begins to shed and the pieces of skin fall off.

Cacula: Waiting for your commands, my master.

The battle now moves to the sky in where Osias and the dragon are flying around. The dragon spitting fire all over the place trying to get Osias. He maneuvers and dodges the flames with simplicity. The dragon becomes annoyed by this and decides to charge him. The beast moves at a rapid speed towards Osias and with its front leg it knocks him off the air, sending him to the ground. The floor cracks and a cloud of dust surrounds him.

Osias: That sure was a b***h smack.

Cacula approaches him.

Cacula: Master, do you need assistance?

Osias: I am perfectly fine, Cacula. The beast just took me by surprise. Besides, i already did some damage.

The dragon is missing one of its claws. It was cut out the moment it hit him down.

Osias: The bad news is that the blades broke.

Shows the broken blades.

Osias: But I got to match his strength.

He looks at his hands and both start to grow longer and narrower. The tip of the fingers turn to brown claws and he clenches his fist several times.

Osias: This will do. No worries, Cacula, you worry yourself about the men down here. I am off!

He stands up and makes a ground shaking jump. In a matter of seconds he is with the beast again. He flies towards the dragon's abdomen to strike with his claws, but the dragon spits fire. The fire hits him, but he is not stopped. He gets to the dragon's chest and makes a deep cut and the dragons roars in pain. With one of its legs it removes him from its chest and looks at Osias with deadly eyes.

Osias: You sure are one ugly motherf-

The dragon spits fire directly into Osias as the beast grips to him tightly in a fist. Cacula sees this and becomes worried.

Cacula: Master!

Cacula grows wings similar to those of Osias. As he is about to fly towards the dragon he stops and sees something. The dragon continues to spit fire non stop until they are deflected upwards. Osias holds the flames with one hand and with the other he makes a fist.

Osias: Alright, playtime is over.

He extends his fist towards the dragon and he opens it. A beam of black light appears from his palm and directs itself towards the dragon's chest. The light hits the dragon, causing the beast to flinch. The light continues to strike it until it comes to a stop. There is a massive hole left on the dragon and it also passes through him. The dragon's eyes slowly close and its wings slowly stop flapping. The gigantic beast begins to fall with edon still on its grip. Osias' body vanishes and black smoke replaces him. The dragon hits the ground with a mighty force and causes it to shake violently. A big cloud of dust rises and the visibility is low. Osias quickly goes to the ground and grabs Cacula by his arms and lifts him. They both fly off.

Moments later

Osias and Cacula are located near a river with a bit of vegetation around them.

Osias: *Cough* *Cough*

Osias violently coughs out blood.

Cacula: Master, if you know how that transformation gets you in this state then why do you continue to use it?

Osias stands up and looks speaks without looking at Cacula.

Osias: I couldn't help it. I the adrenaline surged my body and I used it. Besides, it is one of the strongest spells I know.

Cacula: But your health...

Osias: I am as bad as it gets and you know that.

Cacula: I sure do.

Osias looks around the area.

Osias: Why is it that we came here in the first place?

Cacula: Well, as we were flying you began to lose altitude and suddenly collapsed. I managed to get us both down safely by landing in the river.

Osias: I see. Well, thank you. *sigh* We didn't get to read those documents.

Cacula: I did manage to get some on my hands-

Osias: Oh really?! May I see them?

Cacula: But when the dragon burned me they disintegrated.

Osias: Oh...

Cacula: I am sorry, Master.

Osias puts his hand on Cacula's shoulder.

Osias: It is okay, Cacula. You always think ahead of me.

Cacula: Thank you, Master.

Osias looks up to the sky and sees the sun setting in.

Osias: I guess we are going to have to sleep here tonight.

Cacula: I guess so.

Osias extends his arm and points it at the floor. A slab of rises from the ground and two others holding it in place.

Osias: Well, shall we rest now?

Cacula: Aye, get some rest.

~-End of chapter-~

Hope you enjoyed the read, have a good day, and stay classy my friend.

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Welcome to the community! I hope you have a great time in here, make good friends, and have an overall good experience. And as always, stay classy my friend.

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Chapter 12: Rebel Move

Meanwhile in Ciana

The infamous group of Ciana sit in their hideout, all of them sit in a round table and eating together.

Pax: Avida, we haven’t gotten any tasks lately and I am starting to die of boredom.

Cecil: You should go out and find some hooker to entertain you.

Pax: *Slurps on soup* Why go out when there is one right here.

Cecil: *Fist light up on fire* Why you little-

Bram: Come on, Cecil, you were basically asking for it.

Cecil: *Big sigh*

Pax: I love it when you get mad. *Smirk*

Cecil: Shut the f**k up, Pax.

Auden: But yes, Avida, we haven’t had any assignments in the past few days and it is becoming a bit boring.

Avida: Well, what do you want me to do? Want me to go ask the people to cause a fuss and be stopped?

Auden: If you could do so kindly.

Rook: I don’t get it, why do you all want to go do something when it is all calm? The less trouble the easier your job is.

Avida gives a light laugh.

Avida: That is the problem, that there is no problem. It is quite strange to not hear any sort of disturbance within the region. The rebels mostly cause a wreck from time to time, but now there hasn’t been any for the past few days.

Rook: Perhaps they have given up?

The whole group laughs out loud.

Pax: I didn’t expect a joker to be among us.

Auden: You really don’t know the region, do you?

Rook gives a look of concern.

Avida: Do not fear, guys, I am sure he will catch up with the program in no time.

Rook: By the way, who are the rebels? I have never heard of such group within the region.

Bram: That is because we do one hell of a job to keep them off your ears.

Cecil: We are the ones that deal with them.

Rook: Is it really that secret? How do you manage to prevent letting the information out that there is a rebellious group?

Pax: Cover ups.

Rook: Cover ups?

Avida: You have heard of those ‘attacks’ that we get from Aurora soldiers every once in a while, no? Well, those are actually the rebels.

Rook: I see, but why would you want to cover it up?

Avida: Isn’t it obvious? If the citizens know that there is a group of rebels wanting to take down the Lord they would join them immediately. We prevent from such a thing to happen.

Rook: So those attacks that have happen for a while now have not been from Aurora but from rebels within the region?

Avida: Nailed it.

Rook: But why now, why not before?

Avida: Hey, I don’t know the answer to every god damn question. I just know that they are around and that they want to take down the Lord.

Bram: You really are green, aren’t you lad?

Cecil: But no worries, he will soon learn.

Pax: He better learn fast then, I am not a fan of slow people.

Avida: Do not listen to him, you will learn fast enough.

Rook: Ah…learn what exactly?

Avida: You will know soon enough.

Suddenly a red light flashes and three quick beeps are heard. Bram gets up from his chair and approaches the corner of the room. In the corner there stood a little table with some type of electronic box on it. Bram glances over the box and sees three quick flashes appear from a little lightbulb.

Bram: We got a party.

Pax hoops off his chair.

Pax: Are you serious?! Action is here?!

Cecil: *Sigh* and I thought I had the week off.

Auden: No time for complaints, get your gear.

The group gets off the table and go towards the wall where their lockers are located. Rook is confused and doesn’t know what to do.

Rook: Wait, what is happening?

Avida: You just come along. It will be good for you to see how real action is taken.

The group gears up on their vests, armor, and weapons. Avida looks around her locker and looks back at Rook. She takes something out of the locker.

Avida: Here, take this.

Avida throws at Rook two small blades with their scabbard. Rook extents his arm and catches them. He analysis the blades closely. He takes off the scabbards and sees the blades. Measuring 60 cm each and with a black grip. The blades are curved and extremely sharp from their looks.

Rook: Sorry, but I have no need for this.

Avida: Do not be silly, just take them.

Rook: I have my sword with me, that is all I need.

Avida: You mean the one that makes you slow as a snail? I say you take those.

Rook looks at the given blades one more time and is hesitant.

Rook: Fine, I will take them, but I will take my sword as well.

Avida: If getting killed is what you want then so be it.

Pax: Come on, Avida, we are all done.

Avida: I see. Very well, lets head out.

The group heads towards the door and make a sprint outside. When they exit the building they could see the people running the opposite direction they were headed.

Auden: Say, Bram, where exactly is the incident.

Bram: Well, it shouldn’t be too far-

A loud explosion is heard from the east. A large cloud of black smoke fills the sky, they know the location.

Pax: I THINK it is that way.

Cecil: You don’t say…

Avida: Let’s move!

The group begins to sprint faster. As they get closer to the building they could hear the screams of civilians fearing for their lives. The group continues to go towards the black smoke and the people begin to run towards them. The people clash into them and they maneuver past them. Finally they are at the scene. Gunmen have surrounded the building to prevent any rebels from escaping. The building was made of three stories high with windows on both the second and third floor. Avida moves past everyone and talks to the soldier in charge, it was Sam.

Avida: What is the situation?

Avida: *Turns around* Avida, it is good that you are here. We have got the enemy surrounded but they are different this time. I have seen a variety of wielders get inside the building, all of them working together.

Avida: Different wielders? You mean to say…

Sam: Yes, HE may be here.

Avida stays quiet for a moment and then grins in a malicious manner. She turns around and informs the group.

Avida: Guys, we may have probably have HIM here.

The group stays silent for they know what she speaks of.

Rook: HIM? Who is HIM?

Avida: I am sorry, Rook, but you cannot enter with us at this moment.

Rook: What, why?!You were the one to tell me to come and I am more than capable of handling myself.

Avida: I know what I said, but these people are on a whole different level. I am telling to wait here for your own good.

Rook: But…

Avida:    If getting killed is what you want then be my guest, but I am suggesting for you to stand-by. Your call. Pax, Cecil, you will enter from the back of the building. Auden, you will enter from the sky. Bram, you are with me. Let’s go.

All: AU!

The team begins to run towards their positions except for Pax that stays for a while behind. He approaches Rook.

Pax: Do not worry, she doesn’t what to say it but she cares for you. I recommend that you follow her instructions. These guys aren’t your average opponents…

He heads off. Rook looks around and doesn’t know what to do. He sees Sam standing and starring at the building. He approaches him.

Rook: Say, may I stand besides you?

Sam: As long as you don’t cry and whine then sure.

Rook: I have a question: Who is HIM?

Sam continues to stare at the building like nothing was asked. Rook sighs and looks at the building. Finally, words are uttered from Sam.

Sam: Well, HIM is none other than one of the greatest lightning wielders to ever live. He is Aiden Rai.

Rook: Aiden Rai…you mean ‘Black Bolt’?

Sam: Aye, the very same one.

Rook: But he is dead.

Sam: Oh, you actually believed the lie, uh?

Sam turns and inspects Rook from head to toe.

Sam: You are still a blooming flower yet to be corrupted. I will tell you one thing, lad:

Sam gets close to Rook’s ear.

Sam: ‘Everything’s a lie’

Sam backs his head away from Rook and he is left confused. Suddenly an explosion is heard and A gigantic ball of fire is released from the second floor. Screams are heard from the buildings and men begin to jump out the windows in flames. The agony heard from their voices made Rook recoil and stood still while watching the men fall. The men would hit the ground and some die instantaneously while others still gave their final kicks. It did not matter for the soldiers that were waiting outside. They would approach the dying rebels and stab them with their swords. The burned man would give their final cry as they were put down. Rook does nothing, for he was in shock by the scene. Another explosion was heard and this time a blue and black bolt of lightning were shot from the third floor.

-A few moments earlier-

Pax and Cecil are in their positions by the back of the building. There is no doors or openings, only a wall to be seen.

Pax: We will enter with a bang so it seems.

Cecil: Get in position.

Pax positions himself against the wall with his hands covered in ice.

Pax: I am ready to go. As the gentleman that I am I insist, lady’s first.

Cecil lights her fists on fire.

Cecil: Timber!

Cecil punches with great might and causes a hole on the wall. Men that were waiting for them were taken by surprise and are pushed away from the wall. Some still stand and fire shots at Cecil with their guns. Pax quickly moves in and puts his hand in front of him making an ice shield. The bullets ricochet off the ice and strike in different parts of the building. The rebels become nervous and approach them with melee weapons, but then the ice shield melts and turns into a liquid. The water floats in the air and starts to take the shape of needles. The water then freezes again and the ice needles are pointed at the rebels. Pax stands up and in a punch motion he extends his arms and the needles fly towards the rebels, stabbing them. The rebels fall to the ground and die. Avida and Bram come in though the front door the rebels were holding off and see that Cecil and Pax have taken care of the business.

Avida: Pax, Bram, take point.

Pax and Bram begin to cover their bodies, from head to toe, in their element forming an armor around them. The walk up the stairs that lead to the second floor and before they reach the doorway a fire blast rushes through them. Cecil and Avida stand behind the bottom doorway where the fire goes through and nearly burns both of them. The fire stops and Pax and Bram are unharmed. They proceed to walking up the stairs and finally reach the doorway. They find a dozen rebels of different elements taking a defensive positions. One of the rebels gushes fire at them, but it does nothing. Pax and Bram extend their arms and shoot out ice picks and sharp rocks. Some of the rebels get to dodge them on time, while others get stabbed by them. Cecil walks into the floor and sees Pax and Bram holding off the rebels.

Cecil: Alright, boys, get your armors thicker because this place is about to blow.

Pax and Bram turn around and see her. They quickly move aside and their armors become bigger and stronger.

Pax: Light ‘em up!

Cecil take a deep breath and closes her eyes. One of the rebels sees her doing this and sees and opening to attack her.

Rebel #1: You are wide open!

The rebel extends her hand and shoots out lightning. The bolt travels across the room and Pax and Bram are too far away to divert it. Cecil, still with her eyes closed, does not see the bolt. The bolt gets closer and closer to her until it suddenly disappears. The bolt appeared to have hit a target, but there was nothing visible for it to hit. The bolt stopped flying a few meters from Cecil.

Rebel #1: What?! How did it not hit her!

Cecil then opens her eyes and they are bright red. Fire begins to bind her body, fusing as one. Her body and her element now become one, a majestic unison. The fire around her starts to get closer and closer to her body, wrapping itself around her. Her hair begins to turn bright orange while floating up and her body turns bright yellow.

Pax: Damn, I can feel the heat from here. Even though I am covered in ice I can feel the heat striking my body.

Cecil then raises her right hand and forms a fist. The fist becomes brighter than the rest of her body, almost reaching a white-like color. The rebels cannot do anything for they are unable to see. Cecil’s fist begins to shake violently as if she is unable to contain the power anymore.

Cecil: Feel my essence…

She opens her hand and a tiny ball of light floats on her hand. The ball then expands wider and wider until it bursts the air. A furious explosion is made and the fire consumes everything in its path. The rebels are immediately scorched and the blast goes through the windows which is the explosion that Rook saw from where he was standing. The fire then disperse inside the building and it is visible once again. The room is pitched black with everything disintegrated. The rebels’ bodies are all lying on the floor, burned from head to toe. Pax and Bram stand up and their armors begin to crack open for them to get out.

Pax: Well well well, that was hot.

Bram: Avida, you are clear to go.

Avida comes up the stairs and sees the floor pitched black with blazes flying around. The entire room has been scorched.

Avida: You did a good job. Cecil and Pax, you both wait outside.

Cecil turns and looks at her. Cecil’s body is beginning to turn back to normal again.

Cecil: But Avida, it is Rai that is up there.

Avida: I am fully aware of that and that is why I need people I can count on outside if he were to make a run for it.

Cecil: When you put it that way it makes sense now.

Avida: Now go on, keep an eye out. Bram, you come with me.

Bram: Aye, madam.

As the two groups were walking their separate ways Avida makes a request.

Avida: Cecil, find Rook and stay with him. He will surely do something wacky if we are not there to watch over him.

Pax: Ah, getting the heart for the new guy I s-

Cecil punches Pax in the head, Pax does not react.

Cecil: Will do so.

Cecil and Pax walk out.

Avida: Alright, Bram, take point.

Bram: Aye.

Bram goes up the stairs first and paces up his speed. Avida follows his movements. Bram gets on the other side of the doorway and positions his back against the wall. They are both on the opposite sides of the doorway.

Avida: Ready?

Bram: Always.

Avida’s extremities begin to turn dark blue, she begins to fuse. She then turns herself against the wooden door and kicks it in with brutal force. The door travels across the room at a rushing speed and it heading towards a man that is standing behind a desk. The door approaches him faster and faster and the man does not move a muscle. The door then is about 3 feet away from him and it suddenly disintegrates.

Three men are standing inside the room. Two big men in the sizes of boulders are standing side by side to the man that was going to be hit by the door. It was him, it was Aiden Rai.

Avida: Ah, long time no see, ‘Black Bolt’

Aiden: Please, do not address me by that name again. I am a different man, cleansed from my sins.

Avida: Cleansed from your sins? By who?

Aiden gives a light smile.

Aiden: By the all mighty God of course.

Avida bursts in laughter and it echoed through out the room. She then returns to her normal state and looks at Aiden straight into his eyes.

Avida: Not even ‘God’ can wash away the stains you have made on yourself. You are infamous, wicked, impure. You’ll tell me that you have left behind your past doings, your ‘good’ for the state?

Aiden: As I said, I have been cleansed.

Avida: The Black Bolt will never be clean.

Aiden: I said to not call me that again!

Aiden raises his hand and the two big men rapidly move towards Bram and Avida. As the men approach them their bodies begin to fuse with rock, they were earth wielders. Bram stays still and keeps his cool as the man that is heading towards him is ready to attack. The man moves back his right arm and makes a fist, ready to hit Bram. Bram is look down and finally looks up when the man is right in front of him. Suddenly, Bram’s eyes glow a light brown and breaths in deeply.

Bram: Fua!

Bram raises his leg and kicks the boulder sized man in the face in a horizontal motion. The man had already entered into a full body fusion and therefore covered from head to toe, but when Bram kicked him his skin cracked. The kick was so strong that the giant was sent flying through the wall of the building. The other giant saw his friend fly through the wall and briefly looks away from Avida. He then turns his head back towards Avida, but she had already impelled his chest with her light blue arm. The man spits blood and is quickly taken down to the ground by Avida. She then extracts her arm from the lifeless body and hold it with her other hand.

Avida: How will it be, Aiden? Will we need to take you out by force or will you be a lamb and come with us nicely?

Aiden stares at the ground with an emotionless look at his face. He then looks up and sees Avida straight in the eye.

Aiden: This country…these people that govern it…are all wicked and vile. The citizens that fear their ruler are helpless and with no ray of hope. Their eyes with empty bodies in absence of a soul. You took away their joy, their hope.

Extends his arms towards Bram and Avida. They make a defensive stance.

Aiden: But I, Aiden Rai, has no right to speak of this. I share the same sin with you all, but I have been forgiven, sanctified by Him. You shall all feel his rage…you shall all DIE!

The scene then focuses on Rook that is standing outside the building while looking at Sam. The building suddenly explodes and a storm of black lightning bursts out violently. He sees the explosion and immediately reacts.

Rook: Avida, Bram!

The building then expels smoke out of the building and strikes of black lightning continued to shoot out. A ball of air began to cover the top part of the building. It was Auden’s work, but he could not be seen. The black smoke stopped coming out from the building, but the lightning continued to come out. Shadow figures then began to come out of the building, three in total. The figures were Avida, Bram, and Aiden getting out of the smoking building. The ball of air then stopped covering the building and it started to come out again. Avida and Bram land on the opposite side from where Rook is and Aiden lands a few meters away from Rook. Rook and Sam see Aiden close to him and quickly realizes who he is. He then take out his blades and prepares himself.

Sam: It…it is him…

Aiden looks around his surroundings and sees Sam and Rook.

Aiden: Foot soldiers, don’t make me laugh.

Rook: Eh? Do you underestimate us?!

Rook points his blades at Aiden and stands straight and stiff. Sam on the other hand is struck with fear and shivering.

Sam: Me-men, surround the rebel!

Other soldiers surround Aiden with in a circle formation and get close to him slowly.

Aiden: Do not waste your time, you will only die!

The ground surrounding him suddenly takes a black and white color. A giant circle forms around the men closing in on Aiden. The black and white circle completely covers the area in which the soldiers are and the soldiers become wary of it. They stop moving towards him and look at Aiden. Without moving a muscle Aiden electrocutes the area in which the black and white circle. The soldiers then begin to scream in agony and shake violently. The shocks stop and the soldiers begin to fall one by one to the ground. Sam and Rook see this and are perplexed. Sam then begins to shake harder and sweats heavily.

Rook: Sam, get a hold of yourself!

Sam: I…I am sorry!

Sam then does a mid-spin and runs away. Rook sees him run off and gets mad. He then turns around and sees Aiden standing around the dead bodies. Rook feels powerless and terrified, but he took his stance.

Rook: I am your opponent.

Aiden: I don’t have time for you.

Aiden then takes a turn to his right and prepares to run, but a knife lands in his path and stops.

Rook: I said I am your opponent.

Aiden: Very well.

Aiden extends his arm towards Rook and black lightning bolts begin to shoot out of his palm. Rook quickly dodges the strikes and at the same time makes his way towards Aiden.

Aiden: He is fast…

Aiden then shoots the bolts faster and Rook adapts to the speed. Rook then is close enough to Aiden to slash him and he does, but Aiden quickly does a backflip and dodges the blade.

Aiden: I see you are no ordinary soldier.

Rook: Do not underestimate me.

Aiden: May I ask your name?

Rook: My name is none of your concern.

Aiden: Very well then, the nameless warrior shall die now.

Rook looks up to the sky and sees a black lightning bolt come towards his way rapidly.
He knows he cannot dodge it, but he tries to deflect it with the blades. He raises both his arms in front of him in a X shape and braces for the impact. He slides back as much as he can before the bolt strikes him. The bolt struck his blades and the electricity flowed through his body. His eyes were wide open and his body was shaking furiously.

Rook: Ya!

He then moves his hands forward and the bolt goes flying out back towards Aiden. Aiden was surprised at what he saw, but quickly extends his arm and the bolt hits the ground. Rook then kneels and is in excruciating pain. He breaths heavily and continues to shake. The flow of black lightning continues to surround his body.

Aiden: That is no ordinary soldier…

As he finished his words an ice spike penetrates his body from his shoulder and lunges forward. The ice spike came from Pax and he was with Cecil. She quickly makes a sprint while Aiden is still injured and she slides behind his legs making him fall backwards. As he fell backwards he lands on Cecil’s body and she then injects him with a syringe with a murky liquid in his neck.
The liquid quickly shows the effects and Aiden is paralyzed.

Cecil: *Grins* We got you now.

Aiden looks straight into her eyes while shaking his head in resistance to the paralytic shot. Cecil then stands up and begins to tie him up with ropes.

Pax: Good job, I wonder if Avida and the rest are okay. Do you see anybody, Cecil?

Cecil: Rook!

Cecil sees Rook in the ground.

Pax: S**t

Pax and Cecil quickly run to him and try to see what is wrong. Before they could get to him Avida interrupts their path and makes them stop.

Cecil: Avida, we have to tend Rook!

Avida: He is covered in black lightning, if anyone that is not a lightning wielder were to touch him they would only get the lightning spread to them and die.

Pax: So what do we do?

Avida: I will extract the lightning from him. While I do this I want two to bring a medical team, now!

Pax and Cecil quickly run and seek someone to help them. Avida sees Rook in the ground still shaking and kneels next to him. She then stretches out her right hand and it turns completely blue and radiant. She then puts her hand on Rook’s chest and his body stops shaking. The black lightning then stops flowing from his arms and legs and it all comes to his chest. Avida’s hand then shines brighter and Rook flinches. She then moves her hand slowly away from his chest and the black lightning is visible. The reckless lightning then begins to flow towards Avida’s body, but is quickly suppressed by her own lightning and disappears. Rook is still on the ground unconscious. Avida passes her arm around Rook’s neck and brings it up.

Avida: Hey, *slap* *slap* stay awake. Do not close your eyes.

Rook does not open his eyes and Avida panics. She then checks if he has pulse by putting her index and middle finger in his neck, no pulse. She then closes in on his chest and buries her ears in it, no pulse.

Avida: F**k!

Avida then lays his head on the ground and puts her hands in his chest and begins to do CPR.

Avida: *pant* *pant* *pant* *pant*

She then does mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and checks his heart, nothing. She continues to do CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Avida: Come on, you son of a b***h, don’t go just yet. You still have a lot to give.

Still no response.

Avida: For f**k’s sake, live god damn it!

She then makes a fist and begins to hit on Rook’s chest. Finally, Rook responds.
Avida: Yes, you are alive!

Rook: Avida…my body…I can’t…feel my body…

In that same moment the medical team arrives and puts Rook on a stretcher. The team quickly lift him and begin to rush away. Avida is still on her knees trying to comprehend what Rook said to her. Her team then sees that she is on the ground and rush to her.

Cecil: Avida, where is Rook?

Avida: The medical team took him.

Pax: How was he?

Avida: Bad…

Bram: How bad?

Avida: He couldn’t feel his body…


A laughter started to come from a distance, it was Aiden still on the ground.

Aiden: You guys, do you even have emotions? After all the horrible things you all have done, you still have sorrowful feelings for you teammate? Do not make me laugh!

Avida stands up and approaches Aiden. She then picks him up from his clothes and puts him right in her face.

Avida: He better come out that hospital walking or else....

Aiden: As if that were to scare me.

Avida: …Your wife and kids die.

Aiden’s face turns from a grin to a pale scared face in an instant.

Aiden: You’re…you’re *censored*ing with me.

Avida: Downtown market, abandoned house in between a red and blue building. 10 guards, 1 woman, 1 girl, 1 boy. We got them, Aiden.

Aiden: You bit-

He receives a punch to the stomach and is thrown back on the floor.
Avida: Let me say my words once again: He better come out that hospital walking, or else…

-End of Chapter-

Hope you enjoyed the read, have a wonderful day, and stay fancy my friends. Thank you for this year of feedback, it is an honor being here. May many more come ahead!  :thumbsup:

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Make it sound like some glorious victory over battle. Remember, remember the '13 of December.

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Age: 17

Preferred Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Ongoing works: http://forums.mangaraiders.com/index.php?topic=13471.msg229356#msg229356
(Though the most I am focused on are Elemental Order and Blood Pacto)

Bio: A mexican studying in the US writing stories out of fun. (Insert mexican swimming the border joke here)

I have been caught on anime from the first time since watching them. My first ever encounter with an anime was Inuyasha and to be honest I didn't really get the whole story for I did not pay so much attention to it. Then Naruto came and that really caught my attention. I started to watch the anime for a while, but then became uninterested and stopped watching completely.

Until recently this past year I have once again stepped into the land of the unknown and discovered way more than I could never imagine. The shows Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Sword Art Online, Akame Ga Kill, Another, and more got my attention and inspired me to come here for the first time back in the fall of 2014.

Now with some stories up my sleeve I am happy with writing this stories and sharing them one here. I still have a way to go on interacting with the community as much, but time hasn't given me the chance to do so (also because I still have a thing of staying in the dark, but that is soon to change!).

What I hope to accomplish at the end of the day is to finish my stories and hopefully make the best out of this experience. I am glad to be part of this community and I couldn't be any more joyful. Hope you like what you see on here, have a good day, and stay classy my friends.

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