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Manga Writers wanted / Looking for writers
« on: March 04, 2016, 11:36:09 AM »
Hey im starting a short manga series, It'll be an action comedy and is inspired by the series ONE PUNCH MAN.

It's about a female protagonist who magically obtains HUGE boobs.
She uses this power to defeat evil and stuff.....

Target audience: 14+ Males

email me at: tehcrayzPLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL ADDRESSES.co.uk for more details

thanks for reading

*link removed*

well you dream big i will say.
from what i see you don't really have a story, what you have is only idea, which alot of people have.

and how can you ask for people to help you with the story/script -_-..... it just like asking people to write for you..... and you need artist for so many thing...... some writer can't even find 1.........

first thing you need to do is to write the story down.... after that then you find a artist.
the most harder part in making thing are always the detail. you will need to write alot of thing to really make people want to work for you for free.

I have come up with some of the story however there are parts i feel may be a bit off putting, i want a writer who most likely has experience to help me with that. Yeah sure i dream big, I was never certain that someone would help out, but i thought i might as well put my idea out there.

Hey there, i'm TehCrayz, a 15 year old individual that lives in london. I am working on becoming a Programmer and a Animator. I also would like to travel to japan and continue my career there (I'm learning japanese at the moment  :dance: ). I'm currently working on a 'Triple baka' animation to start my career.

Ok, now that that's out of the way. I would also like to create my own manga called Yami no Fukkatsu, roughly translated to Darkness Reborn, it's about a the Earth having a dark side and a light side, a sort of explosion far away corrupted the earth causing the dark side to be reborn as a human, and he is found by his future sensei and raised (lol, dbz much?). He soon finds out he has the ability to edit the world's contents by opening a portal at which he can stick his hand in, however this uses up a lot of Okatsu (life energy, reitsu, chakara, whatever you want to call it.) So basically, he meets Koyuki who later knows about him being the dark side and so they set of to find the truth. I hope to add a lot of humor into it.

The main character (His name is Axel for the time being) can store any item (only 1) in his 'little space', he chooses to store his special sword, Kuro Ryuu which means Black dragon. Here's a pic of the sword in real life:

They will face a tough journey, will they be able to find the truth and meet friends along the way? FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF.........

So yeah, i'm aiming for atleast 10 chapters, then can probably find some animators to help me on making the anime, and my programming may come in with making a 2.5d game. I got it all planned out, i just need people to help me, i'm 100% possitive i can not make this succeed by myself.

So, here's what i need help with:
NUMBER ONEEE: Somone to help with story and script
NUMBAA TEWW: Manga artist, i will be using Manga studio so i'd prefer if you have a tablet and pen with a working version of Manga studio 5.0. But it is alright if you are a traditional manga artist, you can scan and we can go from there.
NOMBIRR TREE: Like i said before....Did i say it before?....Anyways, i want to publish with Kablam, so we got that.
NUMBER THOR: Payments. hmm... My YouTube career is meant for a way for me to get money... Perhaps we can give it ago, any money i get from the Manga, we can split via Paypal.

I want to get a team together. Some working on the Manga, and some working on Cartoons and Anime. We just need a little push. I've noticed there are so many unrecognised people with a lot of talent. I figured if we could team up we could actually be recognised.

So yeah, i guess that's the end of my babbaling. Congrats if you got through it all, boo to you if you skipped to the end.

PM me for contact.

For now, i'll be focusing 100% on my Animation which hopefully should be out...in...a month? :/


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