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Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 14, 2021, 07:44:16 PM »
@Manimal - What do you think of the new AC/DC track?? AC/DC - "Witch's Spell"

I wasn't a big fan of the new album, it was just like "okay, they're still here and that's nice but uh...ya". This song sounds good, I like that Phil Rudd's drums are just as grooving as the old days. It's not like bad or anything but it doesn't muster up much of an opinion from me.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 13, 2021, 04:32:44 PM »
Thin Lizzy, Black Rose: A Rock Legend 

I'm so happy I gave these guys a chance, this is another great album. It rocks hard and the guitars are just cooking. "Toughest Street In Town" is insanely good. "Sarah" is a lovely tune with a melody you can be singing along to on your first listen. I am still in disbelief how good they were. The solos on "Got To Give It Up" are so spicy! Gary Moore is a great addition to the band here. The songwriting is very strong also. "Roisin Dubh" is a multi-part song that has some super great guitar passages. This was just a really cool record and I need to own it like the other ones.


The Who, My Generation 

This album didn't impress me the first time I heard it and I only feel a little better about it the second time. There are some brilliant tunes but most of them are meh. I don't like the three cover songs at all. "Please, Please, Please" especially doesn't work for me. "I'm A Man" is basically a parody of Bo Diddley's original and the extended instrumental is a waste of time. A lot of the originals are rock solid and hard hitting. "The Kids Are Alright" is an amazing song. I love the melody and of course Keith's high energy performance. "Much Too Much" and "It's Not True" are great songs with excellent lyrics that feel very characteristic for the band. 'The Ox" is a very heavy duty instrumental and sort of ahead of it's time. Keith is out of his mind, as usual and so is Pete who gets into a feedback solo at the end.

I simply don't like "My Generation". The version on Live At Leeds kicks ass but that is one song I can do without overall. I personally feel it hasn't held up over the years but I understand the impact it had at the time. I think this album sounds pretty good and clean. I don't like Roger's vocals on some of the songs but everything else comes through great. While some songs are dated I think others are still awesome today. But overall this album feels messy and inconsistent. There are way better b-sides and singles from this time like "Circles" and "I Can't Explain" which would of greatly improved this record if they were included. "Bald Headed Woman" is hilarious, especially when it erupts with the harmonica solo.


The Rolling Stones   

Their first album is just a bunch of covers and one real original. That's not a bad thing however because this is a pretty enjoyable record. "Route 66" is a great opener and "I Just Want To Make Love To You" is fast and fun. They do Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry justice with their great covers of "Mona" and "Carol". This is a good album to trace the DNA of the Stones and what sort of music inspired their sound. It sounds electric and youthful. It's not really a debut that hints at the greatness they would achieve, even though the one Jagger/Richards original "Tell Me" is catchy, but it does show their Blues foundation and energy. You can listen to most of the artists they covered here and get a solid education on Rock 'n Roll. 


The Kinks

These guys have just never clicked with me but I put this on while I was listening to all these debut albums again. This album is not good. Some of the originals are decent and the covers are easily the weakest part. Compare the lame "Long Tall Shorty" cover with it's awful stereo panned vocals and boring tempo to the following song "I Took My Baby Home" which has a great melody and lots of energy. "You Really Got Me" needs no explaining. Of course I prefer Van Halen's version but there is no denying the original is a defining moment in Rock history. It's still a good song also. But honestly there are only a few good songs, most of them are just outright bad in my opinion. I feel there is no reason to listen to this album, all you need are "You Really Got Me" and a few other originals.


Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 08, 2021, 06:51:36 PM »
Cheap Trick 

I don't get this band. I love their live record At Budokan but every studio album I've listened to from them doesn't click. It's like, I'm almost into it but there is something off to me. From the first song this album didn't feel right. "ELO Kiddies" was pretty silly. "Taxman, Mr. Thief", "Oh, Candy" and "Hot Love" were almost good songs. I liked "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace" and "He's a Whore". I didn't like the last song "The Ballad of TV Violence" at all. The production didn't sound right to me either. Cheap Trick is just not my band.


Thin Lizzy, Bad Reputation

This is an amazing Rock album that has a lot of power. There is a very unique sound to this record and the songs are top notch. It's an improvement sonically over Jailbreak and the songs all flow together nicely. "Soldier Of Fortune" has a beautiful dual guitar lead. "Opium Trail" is an amazing song! You can hear the influence Thin Lizzy had on Heavy Metal bands with tracks like this. The riff in the verse is absolutely killer. "Killer Without A Cause" as well. I can't believe how amazing this band was. Everyone has always said so but I never listened. These songs are so distinct and extremely cool. "Downtown Sundown" is a great chill Rocker. I love this album and I need to own it. When things are back on I'm going to search everywhere for Thin Lizzy records. Man they were something special.


Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 07, 2021, 04:47:35 PM »
Thin Lizzy, Fighting

Another good album. There is a solid variety and damn Phil Lynott was just super cool. He was one of those guys like Jimi Hendrix who sang with the natural flow and vibe of the track. The guitarists are absolutely killer, these solos are top notch. The dual guitar work is iconic and the leads are super tight. "Freedom" is a showcase for the twin guitar parts. "Rosalie" is an amazing opener and fantastic Rock song. "Ballad Of A Hard Man" is full of great riffs. Good stuff.


The Who, A Quick One 

I haven't enjoyed The Who's 60's material very much but this is a fun record. It has some maniac garage rock energy. The production is mixed, the drums are poorly recorded and sound quite shrill, especially the cymbals. "Run Run Run" is a nice trashy sounding rocker. "Boris The Spider" is fun tune sang by John Entwistle. It's weird hearing Keith Moon sing on "I Need You". His drums dominate the track and go way too loud on the chorus. "Cobwebs and Strange" is insanely ridiculous and I kind of love it. Once you stop taking The Who seriously you start to understand them. "So Sad About Us" is a brilliant Pop tune, such an excellent melody, guitar part and serious energy. That song is absolutely amazing and I can't believe I've never heard it before. It sounds like it should of been a massive hit. "A Quick One, While He's Away" is pretty stupid. I see the humour in it but to me it's not a good song, especially at nine minutes. I listened to "So Sad About Us" again right after because man that song is INCREDIBLE! Worth listening to the record for. That is easily my favorite Who song I've heard so far behind "Won't Get Fooled Again".   

Raven, All For One   

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal is one of my favorite movements in music history. In my opinion Brits made better Punk and Heavy Metal than Americans did in the late 70's and early 80's. I still have a lot of gaps to fill so that's where this album comes in! Right away this kicks ass, you are pummeled with their Sledgehammer Rock. There is a ton of energy and life in this music. The riffs are awesome, the vocals are cheesy but they fit. "Take Control" and "Mind Over Metal" are excellent. "Break The Chain" is an awesome melodic Metal tune. Raven and Metallica had songs called "Seek and Destroy" in the same year but they are both different and great. I didn't like every song but it was a good listen.


Saxon, Denim and Leather 

Saxon is a band that bigtime 80's Metal fans lose their minds talking about. I have never listened to them until now. Honestly this album is just okay. "Princess of the Night" has some fast riffing but the vocals are quite soft. This band has more of a stomp and groove. I like "Play It Loud", it has some Bluesy riffs played heavy. "Midnight Rider" is decent also. This album wasn't too impressive overall. The title track was way too cheesy for me.


The Stooges, Funhouse 

Second listen. This is great filthily Rock 'n Roll. Everything is so trashy and bathed in garage here and it's great. The guitars are powerful and Iggy is so in your face. When the sax appears the songs get crazier. I am a much bigger fan of Raw Power but this is an awesome album as well. It's just nasty, you know. "Loose" and "TV Eye" are excellent. "L.A. Blues" is when this album really loses it's mind. and this is from 1970, wow. I love it.


The Doors, Waiting For The Sun 

This is a really weird album that is full of surprises. It's a total LSD record full of odd ideas. "Not to Touch the Earth" is a pretty tense and crazy track with some wild sounds. "Spanish Caravan" and some other songs have these big pick-ups. "My Wild Love" is an acapella track made up of strange sounds. This was a cool listen and not what I expected.


ZZ Top, Rio Grande Mud

This is a fairly unremarkable Blues Rock album. It has some pretty good songs like "Just Got Paid" but then some typical boring Blues tunes. Since this is their second album it's clear they hadn't developed their sound yet. The production is quite dry as well with very muddy guitars. But again, "Just Got Paid" is really good and the reason I listened to the album. It has a brilliant riff and groove. I just didn't find the rest of the album exciting.


Sly and the Family Stone, Fresh 

I wasn't all that into this album. It was a sort of laid back Funk record, nothing really stood out and burst through the speakers to me. Maybe I'm just not into this sort of tone. I felt like all the elements were good but it didn't make me feel anything. It was just passively on. Nothing much to say for me.


Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 03, 2021, 12:04:43 PM »
The Who, Quadrophenia

This is one of those albums I've wanted to hear but since I didn't like Tommy I was iffy on it. I have to say it was a pretty good listen. "Is It In My Head?", "I've Had Enough" and "5:15" were highlights. "The Real Me" was covered by W.A.S.P. so I knew it before. The original is great. "Love Reign O'er Me" though. That is easily the best song here and it's an amazing finale. The vocal perform is ripping and if there's one reason to listen to the whole album it's to here this song in the proper context. I liked this record. 


Thin Lizzy, Jailbreak

So, I've had this record for like 8-9 years but I've never put it on. I don't know why I haven't listen to one of their albums before but man this is a killer record. I used to listen to the title track and it was one of early songs I learnt on guitar. "The Boys Are Back In Town" is one of those songs that overplay hasn't killed for me because it's actually good. It's one of those Rock tunes that makes you feel good, and it's a classic that has endured for a reason. But there is far more to Jailbreak. "Angel From The Coast" is amazing! What a groove. "Romeo And The Lonely Girl" and "Warriors" have killer guitar solos. "Cowboy Song" has such a great build up. Wow, these guys were good. I don't know how I've managed to look past them this whole time. 


Todd Rundgren, Hermit Of Mink Hollow

I never listened to this guy because he looked like a boring Folk artist to me. I was utterly floored when I heard a few seconds of "Izzat Love?" and I instantly knew I'd love his music. "All the Children Sing" is an amazing opener, such a unique style and sound! The melody, bright instrumental and catchiness just burst out. It's such a colourful and excellent song. There's some weirdo tunes like "Onomatopoeia". Like jeez who is this guy. "Determination" is a Jangle Pop tune! "Out of Control" rocks! There is such an undeniable style here and I'm amazed how fresh and new this sounds to my ears. Such a cool album with amazing songs and melodies. It sounds excellent and his vocals are great.


Majorly disappointing. "Go All The Way" is quite an opener. When that riff comes in you just know it's gonna be good. But then it does the same thing most 70's Power Pop albums I've heard do. It looses all life. There's a glimmer of hope with the great Rock 'n Roll songs. Then we get boring ballads like "Waiting" and "Don't Want To Say Goodbye". Both songs are lame and boring. Those type of ballads make me sleep and when you start an album like it's gonna be a Hard Rocker it's even worse. "I Can Remember" tries to be an epic with all these changes. The strings and vocals killed it. What a lame song. Awful album for me. I can't believed I wasted my time on this. Not worth a damn after the first few songs. 


break Room / Re: The Gunpla Thread
« on: May 26, 2021, 05:52:26 PM »
Some of my recent videos. I've had a new one every week so far. I'm hoping to get better the more I do. I'm really enjoying making these.

MG Master Gundam

HG Kampfer

MG Gundam Spiegel

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: May 22, 2021, 11:21:26 PM »
Super Cub Episodes 6 & 7 

I totally loved episode 6. It was really great. What I really like about this show is the friendship with Koguma and Reiko and how Koguma has been changing. Reiko inspires her to be a bit of a troublemaker. I loved the scene where they ride on Koguma's bike. They sneak away and do something Koguma was directly told not to do on their class trip. This youthful disregard of the rules to have fun with your friend is a really realistic moment. Just like Reiko's grunts in reply to Koguma's morning greetings.

Episode 7 shows that they are an awkward and weirdo duo among their class. The new character Shii makes it obvious that these two are not average people. The way they talk to Shii is weird, Koguma basically tries to discourage her from riding a motorbike. I like seeing how Reiko has been influencing her, this is a very interesting dynamic to me that I haven't really seen in other anime. It's certainly my favorite part of the show along with the wholesome moments of Koguma enjoying her life by enjoying the small things.

There was one scene in episode 7 that took me out of things. I understand this whole thing is meant to advertise Hondas but it goes from relatively normal dialogue to a full on commercial in one scene. A teacher mentions that she wants to driver her Grandpa's old Cub so Koguma and Reiko tell her she needs to buy a new one because an old one is too risky, basically. That was just too blatant for me. 

Nagatoro Episodes 6 & 7

When I started both of these episodes I was wondering why I was still watching a show that is so mediocre and painfully unable to evoke any strong opinions. Episode 6 has a super dry and boring Isekai scene that is a long set-up of literally nothing interesting just to have Nagatoro in a cute demon girl outfit. Just when I want to turn the episode off it gives me something though with a sort of okay dynamic between Nagatoro and the guy. In episode 7 he gets slightly bolder. I like that their connection is growing episode to episode.

I don't like how cartoony the art is, especially with Nagatoro's noodle arms and the weird Sonic leg running that four characters do in episode 7. If this show didn't sprinkle in a few decent moments I would've dropped it after episode 2 or 3. But somehow it is able to deliver atleast something.

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: May 15, 2021, 10:01:04 AM »
Sabegebu! (Re-Watch)

This is a truly special one of a kind anime that has giant balls swinging like a Grandfather clock. It's such a refreshing series that tramples all over the tropes of these club based Slice of Life shows. This series gets crazy with it's concept and characters and it just does whatever it wants for 12 episodes. It's a survival game club so the show gets into their imaginations and shows the characters getting into increasing outrageous gunfights.

Although the designs are very cute and bright the characters themselves can be really rotten, but in a good way. Momoka is the anti-protagonist, she is a mean, selfish, greedy and ruthless person who, as the show states, transcends good and evil. Urara is the funniest part with her extreme machoism and strength of an Eastern Lowland Guerrilla. Everytime Momoka does something bad there is a consequence and then the show ends with a big payoff for Urara after being abused the whole time.

I loved this show when I watched it six years ago and it is one of the most memorable anime I've ever seen. There are so many parts that are burnt into my memory. The episode where Urara breaks the toilet flusher after taking a sh!t is so hilarious on many levels. The shoot out with Platy and the crab has to be my favorite moment in the show though. You will never forget so many moments from this show because of how insane it is. I love that this series has the guts to do everything it does.

There are some meh skits, and almost half of an episode is wasted on an advertisement to recruit more hunters in Japan. That was shady and they didn't even make the scene funny. The Predator parody bit was also a bit too silly, even for this show. But a few meh bits don't ruin the many amazing parts in this show.

Rumi Ookubo was so great as Urara, she made her sound cute and then she would snap into the most deep and guttural sounds. Ayaka Ohashi was also excellent as Momoka. She also sings the decent OP, "YES!!". I just love seeing characters like this be so wicked and crazy. It's such a great chance of pace from normal school anime. Sabagebu! is such a great series and watching it again was just a reminder of that. This is a gem that truly stands out.

Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW EP)
« on: May 10, 2021, 11:38:49 AM »
Kanttila : Mundane World End (EP)

1. Mass Driver Railway (Feat. Legomaestro)
2. Deep Fry The Key
3. Overclocked
4. Rockin' Out At World's End (Feat. Cola)
5. Rosie Posie

All songs performed by Kanttila
Full Credits On Bandcamp


A new EP with 5 songs. Two duet collabs with Legomaestro and Cola. This is my last "Gundam album cover" release and it captures a spell of boredom and a changing time. This is the EP to end the era of my music that began with Melancholy 2020 from last May. I can't say these are my best songs but it's what came to in a short time and I put it together as an EP.

I want to improve a lot of things, my singing always, but also my recording and mixing. I really want to make a Heavy Metal record next, as in the 70's and 80's type. I never know what I'm going to come up with though, so I'll just keep on seeing what I spit out.

"Mass Driver Railway" is a song based on Foreigner's "The Modern Day". Lego wrote his lyrics and captured the loose vibe of the music. We both wrote lyrics without knowing what the other was doing and came to the same sort of theme somehow. "Deep Fry The Key" is harmony practice. I didn't nail it and the melody is super basic so I went silly with the lyrics. "Overclocked" is about my most dull personality traits and it went in a better direction than my initial idea. I let my songs form when I'm recording them. I play the guitar track but then the drums decide everything. I rebuild from there.

"Rockin' Out At World's End" features Cola doing another fantastic vocal. We both wrote our own lyrics from the theme of a Rock band being the last survivors on Earth and just continuing to play because, why not. "Rosie Posie" is like a 60's style thing, but not really. I don't know if I nailed the vibe there but it's something.

Anyway that's Mundane World End! Let's see where things go now with my music.


Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: May 10, 2021, 08:01:05 AM »
Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie

This is one of those movies that didn't need to happen and honestly it didn't add a whole lot but it was enjoyable to watch anyway. The story had been told so all this movie did was dial back character development, especially for Ruby and Leah. The flow is similar to the original Love Live Movie where the girls go to a different location (Italy in this case) during the middle. This movie had a really dumb story and the cheesiness was set to maximum. The Saint Snow bits were the best part, just like in the show. Again though, I feel like a lot of what this movie does was already taken care of in season 2.

I liked the bits of the characters interacting and being goofy the most. That is what Love Live is really good at. By this point the cast of Sunshine was so defined and it's fun to see them go. But watching this movie made me realize how refreshing the third generation of Love Live, Nijigasaki Academy, is. They really scaled back on the cheese and made a smaller story. Sunshine was always too corny and this movie is no different. Watch it for Yoshiko, she was great in every scene. Aika Kobayashi did a great performance and I saw some of the dub clips and shockingly her dub voice is REALLY good as well. Morgan Berry made her sound really seductive and still just as crazy. I might have to watch Sunshine in dub just for that. Oh anyway...ya the movie was just okay.

Super Cub Episodes 3-5

Episode 3 was truly fantastic and really showcased everything the show has going for it. Watching the friendship between Koguma and Reiko develop was lovely. There were a lot of small details such as the body language of both characters when they were eating lunch on their bikes. Koguma is turned away but when she notices Reiko is facing her she slowly turns around. Episode 4 was good also but Episode 5 was a bit strange. It was Reiko focused, which was good but it sort of went against the realistic feeling tone of the show. Reiko is trying to ride up Mount Fuji with her Super Cub but she keeps wiping out. She falls off her bike multiple times and even rolls downhill for a few seconds but all that happens is her clothes get dirty. She would of been really injured from those falls. It was a bit tone breaking for me. I understand that it was done to show her drive but it was a bit odd for a show like this. Everything else was nice in the episode.

Nagatoro Episodes 3-5

This show is getting surprisingly more enjoyable with every episode. The relationship between the two is developing and you do get the sense that they like each other. This is sort of like one of those series that is trash but not ass. That's about all I have to say, this show doesn't make me think much. It's just a thing to watch, but not a bad thing.

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: May 08, 2021, 09:19:04 PM »
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team

Finally, I watched this 12 episode OVA in one sitting tonight. It was a good one overall with a lot of really cool aspects that make it unique in the Gundam franchise. I can't say it's more realistic because it's still you know...Gundam...but there is more thought put into how the Mobile Suits would function in a real battle. The characters are not Newtypes or anyone fancy either, and a "forbidden love" type story runs throughout. The OVA peaks with a very classic scene and then it misses the mark on the finale for me personally. But ultimately I really enjoyed watching it.

The 08th MS Team has the same issue as Stardust Memory. Both are 12 episode OVAs that go at a good pace and then kick the story into overdrive for the end. Both end in ways I found underwhelming also. This OVA had that amazing episode with the Gouf Custom, which is so cool. Every second that thing was on screen was glorious. It was such a menace and the whole fight in an abandoned city was awesome. Episode 11 was so flat in comparison and Episode 12 was just tacked on as a bonus basically.

I liked the first half and the dynamics of the team. Another thing with this show is that the Gundams aren't treated with a sense of awe like the other shows. Honestly only the Gouf Custom was showcased as being super cool. I really liked Kiki, she is one of my favorite Gundam characters now. Karen and Sanders were great as well. There are so many great moments in this OVA and fights in dark lighting. The animation is good as is the soundtrack. The dub is okay. Michelle Ruff is always great and she was perfect as Kiki. Steve Staley made Shiro sound condescending at times. I couldn't watch the dub for Stardust Memory, but this one was fine.   

I've been meaning to watch this OVA for basically a year and now was the right time. It made for an enjoyable evening. I prefer Gundam to be more outrageous and focus on things being extremely cool but I appreciate the approach of The 08th MS Team and it made this series stand out.


Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: May 02, 2021, 03:39:31 PM »
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam

This is a great series that I believe gets an unfair reputation. Victory is very odd but from beginning to end I was completed engaged in the story and the rapid pace of the plot. I didn't completely understand what the themes of the show were but ultimately I really enjoyed it and it's one of my top 5 Gundam series that I've seen so far.

People always say Victory is depressing, and yes there are some gut wrenching moments here. But this show isn't nearly as crushing as Zeta Gundam was in the end. Victory had a really great ending and a ton of really memorable and emotionally moments. There were scenes that almost made me cry because of how strong the combination of music and visuals were. It had a lot of the same problems with Tomino Gundam series, most notably how some female characters will completely change midway through and become more and more difficult to understand. Katejina was poorly written and she was really hard to follow.

The production values are good and the show is able to stay consistent by scaling back on detail and shading. The last two episodes are incredible and they look almost OVA quality. The fight above the clouds made for a striking backdrop. They put everything into animating it nicely! The opening is also the most incredible one I've seen from Gundam. The animation sequences are so insanely smooth and well thought out. The first opening "STAND UP TO THE VICTORY" is an absolute masterpiece, the song is an incredible inspirational hero anthem. "Don't Stop! Carry On!" is also really good, although most of the animation from the first OP is reused. 90's Gundam is easily the best looking for me, nothing comes close to the sheer coolness. I recommend everyone to watch this opening and appreciate the sheer coolness of it, link.   

My favorite characters were Marbet, Usa and Fuala. The show is unique in that Uso is younger than other Gundam protagonists. Marbet was a great character who is underappreciated. Fuala was just, ya. I liked the cast although I feel the writing for a lot of them was downright strange. Tomino puts so much weird and questionable stuff in these series, it makes it entertaining but sometimes it's too much with the baby stuff.

I loved the drama of Victory and the sort of silly way every character talked. I love dramatic anime, that is why I like SEED so much. This show was full of battles and characters using unique tactics. There is a motorcycle theme to some of the bad guys, they ride around in red bikes on earth, then they build giant wheels for the mobile suits to fly around in AND THEN THE BATTLE SHIPS HAVE GIANT WHEELS ON THEM! I love this weirdness that 90's Gundam is packed with. I really enjoyed Victory, I thought it was a great weird show. I understand why people might not like it but I feel it gets unfairly bashed. I'm happy I gave this show a chance. Gundam is great because it's weird, dramatic and doesn't totally make sense. 


MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2021
« on: April 28, 2021, 11:55:40 AM »
Specific Recordings put out a Seiko Oomori compilation on record for us Western fans! 

This is a fantastic release, it's 19 songs on two records with tracks from Kentai Shoujo up to her latest album Kintsugi. I'm so happy they included "draw(a)drow" along with my other favorites like "I Kill The Time 4 U", "TOKYO BLACK HOLE", "Shinigami", "GIRL'S GIRL" and "Nostalgic J-Pop". Every Seiko fan would pick 19 different songs for this so I think they did a good job choosing a set of songs that showcase her variety and strengths. In my opinion the only glaring omission was "Imitation Girl" which I would of included over "Kodama ja Nai Mon 17" from the same album. But again everyone would have different picks.

The packaging is nice, the cover is the same as Kintsugi which is a great shot. The records are purple and yellow and there is an insert with two pictures from the Kintsugi booklet. It's awesome that Specific Recordings put this out for us, they also released Haru Nemuri and NECRONOMIDOL's albums on record. I have two of Seiko's albums Sennou and KUSOKAWA PARTY on record so I'm really happy to have another.


break Room / Re: The Gunpla Thread
« on: April 27, 2021, 12:09:05 PM »
Thanks Suuper! I want to make something nice to watch. This is my third video on the High Grade Wing Gundam.


Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: April 24, 2021, 11:14:49 PM »
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing about that could you explain why Catra goes ballistic and want to wipe out everything.

That was when he was overwhelmed by the Zero System. The Wing Zero Gundam took the pilots into overdrive and increased their combat skill and reaction time but it made them all go crazy if they couldn't handle it. Everyone gets a go at piloting the Wing Zero and they are all tormented by images of what they fear the most. 

Quatre was already losing it after what happened to his Dad and the Zero System made him snap. I believe he wanted to destroy all the colonies because his colony betrayed him and his family. So the Wing Zero amped up his emotions.

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