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Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: July 20, 2019, 02:58:04 PM »
Faces, Ooh La La 

Blues Rock with Rod Stewart and later Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. I didn't even realize it was Rod at first. I might not of listened to it if I knew just on pre-judgement, good thing I did though because this is great. Great production, excellent guitar tone, fantastic tones and damn I didn't realize Rod Stewart was actually a Rock 'n Roll singer, really fantastic rasp. I always thought of him as a joke but this is awesome. WOW, this album moves, it has such feel and vibe. "My Fault" is a GOOD ASS SONG. "Borstal Boys", DAMN. This album is TIGHT AF. When it gets mellow the basslines take over, and it all sounds so good. Did I ever think I'd be saying, wow this album with Rod Stewart on vocals is really good? No. This is a damn good fricking album that I instantly must have in my collection.


Andrew Bird, Armchair Apocrypha 

A pretty solid chill Indie Folk kind of album. The songs are varied and have a lot of cool sounds throughout, his voice is very low and gentle, and fits well with the music. Aside from "Cataracts" I enjoyed every track. "Fiery Crash" stood out with it's interesting twists in melody and "Heretics". "Armchairs" is a pretty neat song with good dynamics and spacey sounds. The ending track "Yawny at the Apocalypse" is great and "Dark Matter" is cool. Overall a solid album with a good sound and style.


Sunny Day Real Estate, How It Feels To Be On Something 

Moody emo-y album with a bit of a hazy feel. Some loud guitars and drums and a bit of British Pop sensibility. I actually quite enjoyed this album the more it went on, starts a little bland but you get sucked into it's mood by the end. The only songs that really stuck out where "Every Shining Time You Arrive" and "Two Promises". I did like it overall however.


Johnny Thunders, So Alone 

An okay Rock 'n Roll record that is all over the place. It has some stomping numbers and acoustic based tracks, carrying attitude the whole time. The guitars are slamming and the vocals full of energy. There are a lot of covers, including a sort of unfitting but super fantastic version of "Pipeline". The album doesn't Rock as hard as I figured. The bonus track "Dead or Alive" is the best track, a slow moving slammer. This album is not...amazing or anything, but it's okay. I was kind of expecting better given how often his name is spoken. It has energy and fire but feels put together and overall inspires nothing. One of those live acts that never had a classic record I suppose.


Music / The Manimal's Music (2 NEW SONGS)
« on: July 16, 2019, 07:28:32 AM »
50/90 time. Here are two new songs, one rocks the other still kind of rocks.

Life moves in new directions fast, and I've been hit with many good realizations since quitting my previous job. I want to make a double album that can reflect that along with the same ol' brand of Goof Rock I always do. I intend to make better use of this 50/90 to make looser songs and try some new things. "The Declaration Of Kanttila" is simple but was very fun to do, the lyrics say "this is the album opener". Nowhere near as strong a statement and song as "No Reason But My Own" (one of my top 5 songs yet) but you know, can't always top yourself so easily. and that song would be absolutely nothing without Lego's vocal melody. "Contingency Plan" is a song that came about very quickly and I just added more to it until I was like, damn okay. So this album, more guitar solos like mad, more 50's Rock/Country vibes I hope, and more whatever I feel like doing in the moment.

I am beginning to feel I am often not making music for the best of my abilities at times. Like, "No Reason But My Own", "Star Of Memories", "Magnus Bridge" are songs I used my best for and meanwhile I make songs that are just silly and stupid like it's nothing with sometimes bad or overly reference based lyrics ("When Your Time Comes"). I am always conflicted, so instead of a conflict I just do both whatever I feel like it to keep the vibe of my music natural and alive. "Contingency Plan" is atleast a song I brought my best for.  I just don't make tunes often enough or just straight up songs. I too often go off in a track and it tuns into something else.

Days Of Our Lifenheimers was a bit incomplete, and could've done without "When Your Time Comes" and should've had the song I couldn't find a vocal melody for "Life Is Comedy". But I am overall quite happy with that album, more so than others. I think in terms of instrumentation it's my best album. My vocals aren't horrific on it either, compared to other albums. Blurry Knuckles not so much, but it's just a quick EP before 50/90 and better than last year's attempt at that. Plus it has "Star Of Memories", which is way too close to "Country Club" but different vibe.   

The Declaration Of Kanttila

Contingency Plan


Video / PC Games / Re: Gaming
« on: July 13, 2019, 04:12:40 PM »
In the last few months I play only two games, Black Ops 4 or Dead Or Alive 6. Both casual games to play online while listening to records. I like both a ton, BO4 is nothing compared to the first two games but it's fun enough and DOA6 is a good time, I've never been good at a fighting game online until now. It's an actual competition now, not just getting destroyed. I played through all the Senran Kagura games recently, which I also enjoy as record night games. I don't like to play anything I need to listen to unless it's really good like Spider-Man last year.

Sometimes I play on my NES, normally a Sunday thing, and Crazy Taxi has proven to be a good morning coffee/record game on the Dreamcast. I just really like that game, simple fun like my favorite PS2 games Driv3r, LA Rush etc. I love the controller (for some reason) and playing on the thing, I just don't have many games yet.

Music / Re: 2019 In Music
« on: July 08, 2019, 07:33:07 AM »
Oyasumi Hologram, 5 

The Idol duo are back with another album, with two songs from last year and eight new ones. The group have Poppy electro sounds but always bring the prominent Rock guitars. 5 does trend a little more on the dull side at times, after the first three songs, which are pretty solid, it's sort of hit or miss. "Ghost Rider" is an excellent tune but not much else sticks out. The album is good for the background but it's not really all that hitting. The vocals are fine and the production is not bad.


Atsuko from BiSH has a solo song "A La Mode".  It's a fun song and video, the other members are backup dancers and they wear their dorky oversized Life Is Comedy outfits. Nice Atsuko got the spotlight, her voice isn't bad. The English "We can't stop music, I got the best music" is so corny I love it and the pre-chorus part where she gets confused and the other members look puzzled. I kind of love the cheesy M and D dance moves. Atsuko has the best idol smile I've see also. It's a fun song, I have really warmed up to it. It has that old style chorus and I love the piano before the last chorus. This song just works really well.

I have really come to love Seiko's new single "Re: Re: Love", I didn't realize how good it is when the music video came out. It's a fiery track with very catchy melodies and it increases in intensity. Seiko's vocals are super good on it, and I love when her and Mineta increase the violence in the last chorus. This song is nothing short of classic Seiko, it's what made her good in the first place. I have no idea what the hell she's doing this year though, everything is so dramatically different from the last. A confusingly bad new version of "Zettai Shoujo", the first song with her idol group, a super anime song and now this.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: July 06, 2019, 10:59:05 AM »
Making my ultimate Stones tape on a 90 minute. Listening to Exile last night, since I finally got the record, really got me going. Amazing record with the sheer force of Rock 'n Roll perfectly captured and harnessed. Where Sticky Fingers and Some Girls, albums I once liked, have amazing songs they feel illegitament to me at times, mostly due to Mick Jagger's awful vocals on some tracks. But on Exile, it's down and dirty pure full on cock & balls on the table Rock 'n Roll music. Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed, Exile and Hot Rocks are all you need. As I've said "Street Fighting Man" is one of the Top 5 best Rock songs ever made for me (because of how badass the instrumentation is and how mighty the acoustics are recorded), and Keith Richards has one of the three best guitar sounds next to Malcolm Young and Johnny Ramone. Not to forget how awesome Brian Jones and Mick Taylor where. The solo at the end of "Sway" is one of my favorite ever. I absolutely love that song, it's so damn good in that primal way the Stones hit.

They are not a band I have a definitive view of, but they have so many songs that hit in a raw and simply dirty way, and "Sway" is the perfect example of that. I don't know what it makes me feel but it makes me feel something. A band like Led Zeppelin I enjoy when I listen to a record but there is no song that hurtles my gurtle (besides "Your Time Is Gonna Come", "The Rain Song" & "That's The Way"), that makes my blood boil in the way Bruce does, Ac/Dc does and the way the Stones at their best do. What emotion does "Tumbling Dice" make me feel, I sing along and I have no idea what the verse lyrics are, it's just awesome. The songs like "Monkey Man", "Rocks Off" and espeically Keith Richards songs like "Before They Make Me Run" are just so fiery and inspired in a certain natural way. I love Keith's songs because he is so legitimately terrible at singing and his voice is awful but he sounds sincere. 

I might never list the Stones as a favorite band but they have so many songs I just absolutely love and always sing along to. "Just My Imagination", "Time Is On My Side" so many songs that are just so good in a primal way. and yet they have so many songs I am sick to death of and just despise at the same time. I'll never tire of "Start Me Up", "Paint It, Black" and some others though. and "Waiting On A Friend" is my overall favorite, a song I adore.

Start Me Up
Hang Fire
Rip This Joint
Paint It, Black   
Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
Tumbling Dice
Time Is On My Side 
The Last Time
Mercy Mercy
Play With Fire
Rocks Off
Monkey Man

Street Fighting Man
All Down The Line
Let's Spend The Night Together
19th Nervous Breakdown
Get Off My Cloud 
Before They Make Me Run
Miss You
Dead Flowers
Waiting On A Friend   
You Can't Always Get What You Want


Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 29, 2019, 05:01:26 PM »
Stevie Wonder, Songs In The Key Of Life 

One of those albums most everyone knows the name of and the legacy, but perhaps not the music. I recently got a copy and while I previous listened to and enjoyed an album or two of his before this was really an eye popper. It's a double album that is packed with amazing songs, the most spicy grooves I've ever heard, and a lot of cool things. First off "Love's In Need Of Love Today" is a beautiful song that is 10 or more years ahead of it's time, with wonderful R&B instrumentation and just a song that makes me raise my arms and let the sun in. "Have A Talk With God" is absolutely sick. I seriously had Bill Cosby faces going because the groove and the weird ass instrumental was just amazing. This song has weird computer beeps and all kinds of sounds and it's just amazing, this song is so spicy I died to death. "Contusion" is an insane Disco Jazz-Fusion instrumental that is just a wonder on the ears, featuring an excellent guitar lead.

"Summer Soft" is absolutely amazing. A brilliant track with an excellent chorus, "She's gone", and instrumentation that is insanely good, like most of the record. I would love "Isn't She Lovely" if it didn't have a long ending with random recordings. The groove and feel is so good otherwise. "Ngiculela-Es Una Historia-I Am Singing" is another highlight with an excellent melody. The album is a lot to take in at once, it's dense. It has some bad points like "Village Ghetto Land" that imposes pretty decent lyrics about poverty over high class type synth-strings, fine idea but I don't like the song. "Black Man" has a fine message but the ending is terrible with the call and answer featuring a bunch of kids. It goes on too long. Not a fan of "Ordinary Pain" and "Pastime Paradise" is just surreal because it's only ever going to be "Amish Paradise" to me.

I think this album is decent overall, it has some big time highlights and there where many times I thought "no way this is 1976". It has ambition but some songs fall flat and go on for overly long. I also am iffy on Stevie's voice as a whole, he didn't develop his weirdo tone from his 80's guest spots yet (refer to the Michael Jackson song "Just Good Friends" and it's opening NANANA-NANA-NANANA) but I wouldn't say he is a favorite singer or anything of the kind. Worthwhile listen and inspires future spins. 


Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW EP)
« on: June 22, 2019, 03:59:32 PM »
Kanttila : Blurry Knuckles (EP)

1. Battling The Squares
3. Cyclonus Bolognus
4. Arrival Of My Rival
5. I Gotta Know (Cover Song)
6. Star of Memories

All songs written by the Manimal sans A5 (Evans/Williams)
All songs performed by the Manimal

So here we have it, an EP that is just a couple random things and current inspirations. It started with the first two songs which are just straight up Hard Rockers, with the double tracked guitars and all. This wave didn't last though, and I wanted to have a seventh song but I got nothing left for this. 50/90 will start soon enough anyway, this is just my in-between of albums.

"DiALONE" is one of my best full on Rock songs yet for sure, and "Star of Memories" might be a lot like "Country Club" but it is perhaps the only truly chill song I have ever made yet. "I Gotta Know" is a fun Elvis song from Golden Records Volume 3 that I thought I'd cover and included it since it's the first thing I recorded here in the Post-Pawn era. This is the beginning of the Post-Pawn era and this EP reflects it where Days Of Our Lifenheimers reflects the end of my Post-Kansas era of life.

My albums connect to the eras of my life, of course they do. and of course I group my life into eras. Now that I'm jamming with people we are making our own things, I'm just going along with what they have, my songs wouldn't work for anything but my own thing. and it's fun to work with simple stuff from other people I've found. We recorded a track last night with me on guitar and drums which was pretty cool. I hope we get stuff done so I can post that as well, we just gotta keep at it. Jam #2 and we have 3 songs already.

So this is Blurry Knuckles, it's just you know what it is. Just a little something or other.


Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW SONG)
« on: June 16, 2019, 12:20:28 AM »
Here we go. Before 50/90 I have to do something. I got in a rampage with something and that wave of inspiration has already left me. But I got three songs out of it, all I need to do is make 2-3 more than I can have another EP, this set is called Blurry Knuckles and for a reason. This song I am super duper proud of the instrumental. My vocals are whatever, not great. I made the mistake of playing in half a step down which I am unable to sing well in. I wrecked my voice trying to sing a cover that may or may not be on this EP. But anyway this track is me in my brighter moments. It has my normal thing I stick to because it works and I like it. Rhythm guitar power to the max, no solo because it didn't need one. So let's battle the squares, yes. 

I finally jammed with some dudes last night and, I have feeling it could be the start of something maybe. They are serious about making and recording music and seem like perhaps fun to be around, perhaps. I was getting excited and I felt alive when we put together a track yesterday. I really felt this energy in me, like wow I'm writing a song with people! and there are suggestions I can add and see how other people feel! It's not just me! and they have songs I can add to and put my input to? This is all new to me. I'll see where it goes.

Battling The Squares


Music / Re: 2019 In Music
« on: June 13, 2019, 07:49:26 AM »

GUERRiLLA released on Apple Music a few weeks before the July 3rd release date. BiSH's 5th album is unlike anything prior, shuffling three different styles and approaches into one 14 track album. It's rampaging & aggressive, high energy & endearing, dramatic & epic and it changes song by song. This album rips with Punk spirit beginning to end as normal but with a lot 90's Alt in the mix. "FREEZE DRY THE PASTS" is what a 4th Nirvana album might of sounded like and "Yashashii PAiN" is Lo-Fi J-Grunge. "CHOP" is like a lost song from BiS' amazing IDOL is DEAD. "DiSTANCE" is a sharp opener instantly ravaged by "Tsuini Shi" a really intense and cool song with a...unique vocal. "MORE THAN LiKE" is a very nice song, so is "I am me." followed by the decent ballad "NO SWEET". "O.S" is excellent, featuring an amazingly badass Ayuni D rap in the verse. Oh my God I love this song it's so fricking cool, BiSH have never ever done anything like it. "Mada Tochuu" is an absolute pumped up JAM. "Identity" and "MORE THAN LiKE" are good simple songs. "FiNALLY" is badass, ,"CAN YOU??" is excellent, the finale "GRUNGE WORLD" is actually a nice mid tempo song that is not very Grunge besides the guitars in the chorus.

BiSH have evolved from the start, perhaps the best change is Ayuni D's emergence of confidence last year. She's changed from her modest indistinct parts on KiLLER BiSH to being an absolute weapon of attitude and Rock 'n Roll. This album is new territory for BiSH, it lacks the polish of previous records and also changes up the formula with a lot of new twists and turns. Previously they showcased this intensity in small bursts with "DEADMAN", "First Kitchen Life", "Am I FRENZY??" and "SHARR". But both KiLLER BiSH and The GUERRiLLA BiSH couldn't harness the power of these songs all the way and ended up being good but somewhat samey albums by the end. CARROTS AND STiCKS on the other hand is a complete work of Rock 'n Roll power and energy. It's the most creative and distinct work BiSH have yet to do. It's more than the same old, it packs some punches and is overall a jumbled, mismashed rampage. 

A really good record is going to have to come out to make this not be my album of the year. This is pure Rock 'n Roll music, this is more than Alt Idol style mixing, this is natural, this feels genuine. This is joyous, energetic and awesome all around. It's nearly as good as BiS' previously mentioned IDOL is DEAD, the best Alt Idol album of all time & one of the greatest true Punk spirit records, and although it doesn't have the tunes and super fun songs of the debut and FAKE METAL JACKET a few more listens might tell if this is BiSH's best album to date. CARROTS AND STiCKS obliterates everything else I've heard this year so far.


Music / Re: 2019 In Music
« on: June 12, 2019, 07:50:33 AM »
BiSH's new song and MV "DiSTANCE" is very good! It's one of their take-off epics but with a really nice sound and a perfect line balance. Atsuko explodes in the second chorus with her best vocal performance yet, normally she is secondary, even though she has the most instantly noticeable look with her fancy glasses, so it was surprising and cool to hear that part. Chiiti also pops out. I can never decide if my favorite member is Ayuni, Atsuko or Aina. This is a good song overall and one to sort of break the standard BiSH formula, atleast in the verses. I keep saying it but it's surprising how the group seemed to stagnant and get caught in the same old thing last year but have now showed three distinct style and image changes in the last few months, released two awesome inspired EP's and ya...I'm thinking CARROTS and STiCKS is going to be a KiLLER album even better than The Guerrilla BiSH. 



EMPiRE's new single "SUCCES STORY" ain't bad. EMPiRE have never struck me as an interesting or unique group, but they do some fun songs, and this one is enjoyable. Their outifts are...kinda dumb but, like every WACK group besides BiSH, but maybe their next album will be good.


I've come to really like ZOC's "family name". It has Seiko stamped all over it, the pre-chorus and the double bass rolls in the chorus are completely her ideas. It's actually a really good song, I like it the more I hear it. The b-side isn't good, but as a debut single it's pretty solid. I wonder how long ZOC will last...         

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 08, 2019, 08:00:26 PM »
Got some new records today.

Elvis Presley 

Finally, took forever to find this album. Elvis' first record is a collection of Sun Records songs and new RCA recordings. It opens with "Blue Suede Shoes", which states it's intent right away, and goes about a varied tracklist that showcases Elvis' early talents and ability to make everything his own. Aside from a flat Little Richard cover this is a good set of tunes. "I'm Counting on You" and "I Love You Because" show Elvis' soft side, "Blue Moon" is lonesome longing side (a wonderful take of the song also with a longer ending), "One Sided Love Affair" & "Just Because" his Rock 'n Roll and "Tryin' to Get to You" his divine emotive voice. This is quite a nice set of tunes, I really enjoyed the variety and although I got a stereo version (fake stereo) it still sounds pretty good. Nice to have it.


Steely Dan, Aja 

Um excuse me what is this amazing album that has just graced my ears. This is a Holy production of insane perfection and tightness. What in the...right away you are greeted to a sound that is divine. A tone that is so good you can't believe it. Everything is not merely right but better than anything before. This is easily one of the best sounding albums I have ever heard in my life. Every note has it's place, the drums are grooving, bass popping, guitar fills in all the right spots, keyboards that are wonderful and the album never seems glossy or over-produced, it just sounds ridiculously good.  This is what beauty in recording sounds like. Oh my God, what the hell. I hate "Reeling In The Years" and think it's a garbage annoying song so I wrote off the band, but this is next level. This is insanity. This is a pillow for the ears. This is the best new to me album I have heard since the Clash's "Give 'Em Enough Rope". 


Megadeth, Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good : The Final Kill   

Once again Megadeth's first album is remastered and finally avaible on record, albeit with a terrible resolution pixely cover that looks awful. The album is, good. This remix is, okay. This album will never sound great, and Dave's vocals will never not suck on this record, but this is a serviceable version. The bonus record of live songs and demos is a pointless add-on that just drives up the price. I like this album but it's not a favorite by any means. The aggression and pure ginger rage is there, and some of the songs are wicked amazing like "Looking Down The Cross" and RATTLE YOUR GOD DAMN HEAD. It's a bast of fury and the guitars scream with anger. Killing Is My Business is absolutely nothing compared to Peace Sells and it's masterpiece "My Last Words" an album that also nothing compared to the best Metal guitar record of all time Rust In Peace, but it's a fine debut album and one of the most genuinely angry albums I've ever heard. I don't know how this mix compared to the CD I have, but it's alright. Good to have in my record collection.


Listening to Metallica's Ride The Lighting again shows me again why I love the band's first five albums and the effect it had on me. "Fade To Black" is a masterpiece, "Call Of Klutu" is a fantastic instrumental, and the record rips with amazing songs. "Trapped Under Ice" always felt lackluster but "Escape" has grown on me. Master Of Puppets is a better record, afterall "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" is either the best or second best Metal song of all time along with Iron Maiden's "Hallowed Be Thy Name" in my opinion. Also "Disposable Heroes". But Ride The Lightning has "Creeping Death" which is also one of the best Metal songs ever made.  It's a more dynamic album than Kill 'Em All but not quite as well assembled as Master Of Puppets. But only one Metallica album has both "Fade To Black" and "Creeping Death".     

Eagles Hotel California is not their best album, that honour goes to On The Border, but this album is notable for having..."Try And Love Again" one of my favorite mellow Rock songs ever. I don't listen to this record often anymore, opting for the first greatest hits mostly because who needs to hear "Life In The Fast Lane" again. A song sung so tame Pat Boone might as well of done it. I never tire of the title track and "New Kid In Town" but "Wasted Time" is kind of dull and "Victim Of Love" is empty. If "Pretty Maids All In A Row" was the best thing Joe Walsh could bring to the band he must've been saving the good stuff for his insanely good album, my beloved But Seriously Folks. I might of said this before but the Eagles are a band I don't like on the radio but love in my basement post 6 PM. This album is good but it's not some masterpiece. "Try And Love Again" though...what a song. No matter where I am in life I always go back to that song, I just absolutely love it. "Take It To The Limit" is not my favorite Eagles song anymore, this song has lived on for almost 5 years in my life as a stone cold classic to me. 

What is this?


Sure is a long way from when you posted the first chapter. These books always have weird dimensions, I got something else on Amazon that was made the same way and it's a strange size. But the text is really easy to read, lol. Now I can read it in the best format.

Music / Re: 2019 In Music
« on: June 02, 2019, 08:28:54 PM »

The second EP leading up to CARROTS & STiCKS, it's been out for a month but only on Apple Music. None of my sources ripped it so I was like fine, I guess I'll make an account for a trial. STiCKS was the wild lo-fi BiSH and this is the nice hi-fi BiSH. "I am me." is a fantastic song, high energy, great guitar sound, vocals on point and a very lively track, the music video is really great. Showing the members in the future in their own paths in life and then a flashback to the girl from the "Promise The Star" video designing their costumes and doing the dance with them. It's a bright sunny video for a nice shining song. "Mada Tochu" is totally awesome, it's like late KiLLER BiSH, fits right in with "summertime", a high energy but bright song with lots of Ayuni and an awesome chorus. "CAN YOU?" is hard rocking, an absolutely pounding Pop Punk instrumental with classic BiSH vocals. Aina sounds so good (like always). WOW, where was this energy in 2018? This is the BiSH I love! The production is way improved from previous albums, the guitars rip and tear and the bass is full frontal. "NO SWEET" is a ballad to end the set. Um, excuse me a BiSH ballad that doesn't sound like anything else they've done? It's a good song, not great but it serves it's purpose.

Okay this EP is really awesome. It feels fresh for BiSH, like a life has been pumped back into them to make awesome Rock 'n Roll Idol music again. "Mada Tochu" and "CAN YOU?" are complete jams and "I am me." is really nice. This EP is the exact opposite to STiCKS and has me wondering what else will be on CARROTS & STiCKS. This is a blast of energy back, the mix is so much better there is so much more space and life. Ayuni is more in the forefront, having found her confidence (full PEDRO album in August!) and everyone else is sounding great as always. Good stuff.


PASSEPIED, More Humor   

A group that came right back onto my radar with a pretty neat album! I previously only knew "Nagasugita Haru" which was a cool song and it seems PASSEPIED have expanded their sound since. They have all the good J-Rock elements as well as some tricks of their own, high voiced vocals, cool electro sounds, and a...proggy feel? "resonance" is an amazing song, stood out as my favorite right away. "R138" is a mad jam, 80's keyboards and synth bass flying at you, it's so cool sounding. This album is half really great songs half good songs, at a tight 10 tracks I can say this is one of the best albums I've heard this year so far. I outta go back and listen to their other albums.


Seiko's new song "Re: Re: Love" is pretty good! It has a raw feeling and a classic Prime Seiko freakout in the middle. The music video is great.

Movies and TV shows / Re: The last movie you have watched
« on: May 27, 2019, 08:41:29 PM »
Watched Goodfellas

Enjoyable movie, it has some pretty good scenes. Mostly I liked the comedy in the movie, I think the tone was good and the scene where they have the body in the trunk and eat a full dinner at the guy's Mom's house was amazing. The soundtrack has many great choices that work well with the scenes, and I forget it was based on a true story until the ending. The acting was pretty good. I found the movie didn't have much if any tension or intensity for me. I also thought it went on longer than I thought it would, I thought it ended with the "Layla" scene. I liked the movie, it wasn't like...amazing, but it was an enjoyable watch.

Than The Shawshank Redemption 

So this is the movie? I figured I'd watch it since it's such a "classic", but I found it to be a good film that kind of threw itself off with an unrealistic and silly ending. It took me out of the movie a little bit, but everything before was fine. I really felt the length of the movie though, it wasn't boring, but I wasn't overly taken by it. It had it's moments and the cast wasn't too bad. I didn't feel it was some great masterpiece, I thought it was just a fine movie to put on and try to not think too much about the logistics of tunneling through a prison wall with a tiny axe. It is a good twist ending though if you knew nothing about the movie. Maybe this movie was more profound when it came out. 

I think The Godfather was just so good other movies seem lamer. 

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: May 24, 2019, 07:25:04 PM »
Wait "Stuck On You" is about heroin. Okay...alright...nevermind. I just heard a phrase or two and I was like okay. Didn't think it was that kind of song. Then again I missed "When you shoot it deep, straight into my mind", okay I'm a little embarrassed but whatever.

Oh I know In on the Kill Taker quite well, well "Good Cop" is really the only song I love on that album, but I bought the record a while ago, along with Steady Diet Of Nothing. I have not found Repeater yet. I will look into those other artists, I'm a little interested in the genre because of Relationship of Command.

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