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Music / The Manimal's Music (2 NEW SONGS)
« on: September 23, 2018, 03:00:30 PM »
Finally I have lifted myself from the rubble of nothingness that followed "Natural Order", atleast for the moment. I have been working on my music at the same pace but with no good results for the last month. After I squeezed the KC wave as much as I could I was left with a feeling of, k now what do I do? I made my big album that took everything in, than everything I made after was garbo compared. I made some quick tracks for 50/90 but none of them felt good, but finally I got a decent take of one song and the other just came about.

This is my spooky Halloween song of the year. I wanted to make a song that sounded foresty, and when I came up with the phrase Witchmaker I googled it to find a movie which I skimmed about to find some sort of inspiration for the tune. I have a new instrumental which is an e-bow, at last! I have wanted one for years based on Paul Stanley's use of it on Love Gun and his solo album. Than I realized Yui uses it heavily in her music which sounds awesome, so I had to make a song which could make good introduction of it. So I am happy with this one.


The next is pretty simple, an album tier Kanttila goof rock song with some weird length of parts that came from mistakes in the guitar guide track that I rolled with. I have found, to advance Goof Rock I try to think of serious things to base the lyrics off and not vomit all over the track like I did last year with the worst moments on Aesthetic. I must destroy Barry Goldman Goof Rock, it got too much and I hate making songs that are worthless and mean literally nothing to me in a single regard. So this song is alright I suppose.

Get In The Robot 

I deleted Save All You Can Hold because it's waaaaay too close to "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle". When I played both back to back intros to my friends and they went "dude wtf" I knew it was too obvious. I love that song so much, it's perfect but I can't feel good about my music if I steal that clearly. So my next album is unknown at the moment, but unlike before where anything went, I find it better to try to make something actually not terrible, like I want to make a way better album than Post America, which is not so possible but who knows. Now that I set the bar higher with songs like Country Club and A Landscape New I outta top it somehow. So I do again. I Don't Know Love is not such an achievement for me anymore when I realized I used a dreaded 4 chord cliche. G, Em, C and D. But it actually has a good melody and the chorus changes so meh.

Also I had a big setback when I bust through my bass drum this morning, but I just gotta buy a new skin, as soon as possible. I was working on a song to, I tried to tape it up so I can get through the track but once I got to the wild ending where I go ham on the pedal and smash the drums up, it just tore more and more until I angrily ripped it apart....but alas. It took almost 9 years of abuse before finally the thing broke, and you know I stomp on that thing pretty hard. So that sucks but it can be solved. Also back to my old amp from last year, since I fried the one I'd been using all year when I did the lead of Natural Order. BAND-MAID has taken over from The Smiths as my mixtape on repeat in the car and musical obsession, and it's cold again so the seasons change and I hope my music can as well. I want to make Barry Goldman's World Tour 2 in terms of doing new things. But whatever I do is whatever I do so not even I know what my next album will be.

Music / Re: 2018 In Music
« on: September 18, 2018, 07:20:40 AM »
Holy, Seiko is starting an idol group ZOC (Zone Of Control or Zone Out Of Control). They don't have a single yet, just a video with one of the best songs from Kusokawa Party, but already they are amazing. The dancing in this video is mad, that bit of Seiko flicking her tongue at 1:11 would make a great I love this idea already, 7 members like 7:77. I have a feeling this group is going to be pretty great, Seiko never stops doing cool things, I think she is like...the coolest Mom in music history by now. We just need some new tunes to hear what kind of vibe they'll have and how the other girls sound.

DAOKO is releasing a new album in November, pretty soon after Thank You Blue so the tracks should flow together a lot better. I haven't heard any songs after that album, I didn't even think she had any singles. Will be an album worth getting anyway. Kero Kero Bonito have a new single "Make Believe" which seems to carry a lot of similar themes to "Time Today" which was a great tune. Likely they will surprise drop an album some point this month or next. I think it will be better than their last if the singles indicate anything. Bonito Generation was good, but it didn't hold up after a while and I never went back. But these songs have been fantastic I think. 

Also I listened to Kamikaze just for kicks, lol all it felt like was an old bitter Eminem complaining about how no one liked his last album and whining about the state of rap. It got really tired early on, everytime he mentioned Revival was mad cringy, he just never stopped bringing it up and being all "2017 was a hard year". It was like, dude stop. He still had some great flow and rhymes, but so many of the phrases where just awful. One of the worst is when he calls to "Humble" by going "REVIVAL DIDN'T GO VIRAL". It was like holy dude, get over it. You made a record that people didn't like, you've done it before, move on. The album wasn't just "take downs" or whatever, but I didn't think it was good at all, even if Eminem still brings it when it comes to his impressive fast raps and lyrical flow.   

Also why isn't "I Love It" a terrible song? My friend played it in the car twice yesterday and it wasn't awful at all. Lil Pump is a pile, but Kayne's verse was...actually pretty unique and great. Like I was disgusted that I was enjoying it than I was just like whatever. The "I'mma sick f**k I like a quick f**k (whoop)" was so ridiculous yet catchy that I couldn't help but be like...fine.

Video / PC Games / Re: What video games are you playing at the moment?
« on: September 15, 2018, 12:12:11 PM »
Beat Spider-Man.

So, it was pretty awesome. The story was good, it plays like the best Spider-Man movie. Everything is linked well and the emotional payoff in the end works perfectly. Some elements where a bit off, Mary Jane wasn't a very dynamic character here. She was written pretty dully, but other characters where just fine. Some missions where a drag, the stealth could be boring and easy to just zip around. It was cool the first few missions but not all of them. It sets up a lot for a sequel and the reveals in the game become more obvious as you go, but are pretty cool anyway. I liked Yuri a lot in the game, and the various clips from Jameson. So as a story I liked it, and it was very fun and engaging to play through. I had to do the classic swing through the city after the last mission, it's not Spider-Man until you dramatically swing with the epic music going into the credits.

There is still stuff left to do and I liked how the world opens up, it's a great environment to swing around in. Detailed and alive city. The combat is satisfying even if it becomes the same thing over and over. On the normal difficulty the game is pretty easy with only a few parts I had to redo a couple times. This was just a great game to play and finally something I got engaged in and played bit by bit everyday till I was done. It helped being Spider-Man, since I watched the Tobey movies a lot in the earlier days like any real 2000's kid I have a built in soft spot for Spida-Man and all the fun that goes along with him. So the game hit me on that level, same as Sonic Mania, where other games like God Of War and Horizon I have issue getting invested in. Now it can be something fun to swing around in and do the little side missions and collectables when I listen to records. It was worth full price to me, and gave me what I want in a game, but I think to someone who wants a long game or something it might be better to wait till it goes down. 

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: September 13, 2018, 08:16:11 PM »
A playlist with a few normals and some new stuff for me.

BAND-MAID : So, What?
The Smiths : I Don't Owe You Anything
DAOKO : Mercury
Seiko Oomori : Noroi Ha Mizuiro   
Allan Holdsworth : Metal Fatigue
Scott Henderson : Dolemite
Chick Corea Elektric Band : Elektric City
Mike Stern : Little Shoes
Joe Pass : Cloe
Wes Montgomery : D Natural Blues
Grant Green : Mambo Inn
Pat Metheny : Bright Sized Life
Yellow Magic Orchestra : Cosmic Surfin'
Yes : Siberian Khatru
Rush : La Villa Strangiato 

I listened to Bright Sized Life and Close To The Edge earlier today. Daaaaamn Yes is not so bad. What a good album that was, shorter in overall length than I feared with the two long songs being real epics with linking parts that worked well, especially the I get up I get down bit. That last song though is crazy, some really great stuff, and pretty awesome musicianship. Loving all this guitar jazz also, randomly came across Bright Sized Life and it led me to other stuff. Damnit jazz guitar I wish I could any way besides normal rock licks. How cool this all is.

Video / PC Games / Re: What video games are you playing at the moment?
« on: September 10, 2018, 11:17:31 AM »
Started playing Spider-Man on Friday.

Man what a game, this is the kind of thing I bought a PS4 for. This is why through time I've loved the Sony systems. This is the classic video game fun I haven't experienced since Saints Row The Third. It's such a smooth and fun game, it controls great, has awesome combat and a fantastic setting. I love games in cities like this, where you can just swing around and go to various areas. It's set up perfectly, going through the story while doing the side missions that expand the game. The story is cool, it takes all eras of Spider-Man, with all the Tobey movie stuff I love and the science stuff from later. The game has good down time and neat puzzles and stuff to relax from all the fighting.

I'm maybe 30% through and I just love this game. It's like all the PS2 games I loved, Transformers, The Hulk Ultimate Destruction, Driv3r and all, same type of feeling. It's an open world I care about unlike boring fantasy ones. You got the city and you got fricking SPIDA-MAN! IT'S SPIDA-MAN it sells itself man. This is such a great game and for once I actually want to beat a title. God Of War didn't excite me even though it was technically good, Spider-Man brings the pure fun I haven't had in forever. The 360 era was all the multiplayer stuff that I still play and enjoy as a brainless thing to play records in the background to. The PS3 was similar but I played some awesome games from PS Plus in 2013 and on. But this game takes it back to the PS2 days for me in a better controlling and looking modern game.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: September 09, 2018, 03:28:42 PM »
Making a magic Smiths tape on a 60 minute. The Smiths Quick II. The first one I made is a tape I always listen to, so I made another one.

I Want The One I Can't Have
Nowhere Fast
Hand In Glove (Album Ver.)
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
You've Got Everything Now (Hatful Ver.)
Rusholme Ruffians
William, It Was Really Nothing
The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

What She Said
Bigmouth Strikes Again
You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby
Accept Yourself
Girl Afraid
Shakespeare's Sister
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Half A Person
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want 


I made a BAND-MAID tape yesterday. Gotta say the band has really snuck up on me. I love them, they take all that's great about Hard Rock/Metal and combine it with melodic J-Rock sensibilities. Saiki is a deadly vocalist and the melodies are so great. The riffs are cool as hell and...they're just the best straight rock band I've heard in a forever. World Domination may end up as my top album of the year, it's really just packed with killer songs. "anemone" shows the band are fantastic at slower tunes as well, Miku is a very impressive composer. The songs follow similar paths but there are some stand out tricks and cool bits that keep things interesting. "Dice" is crazy, all the little changes. It's true what they say, Rock n' Roll never died, it just moved to Japan. BAND-MAID is really fricking good.

I found BAND-MAID in 2015 and I thought they where fine but not outstanding yet, and I liked their previous album, but World Domination really did it for me. I love their visual as well, cool gothic maids, you gotta have a good image to really stick as a band for me, and combine it with excellent tunes. This is where J stuff really nails it. Image matters in music. It's not everything but all the best bands for me have a visual stick to them. Even Bruce though he keeps it simple has that powerful image of the guy who looks like his lyrics sounds with his beat up Tele. Some J stuff gets too gimmicky, but a group like BAND-MAID shows how to combine awesome music with catchy and unique visuals. 

I am very lost musically, my music is completely dead in it's tracks at the moment, I haven't even come up with a start for a new song in 2 weeks or so. I don't know what I can do but I know what I want to do. I want to make a Hard Rock album with jangle guitars and Yui style melodies. But it's hard to come up with a good rock riff without making it so dead simple I don't even bother. I don't know how to even compose good melodies, I want badly to make music like Yui but man that's not something you can suddenly just do. So I keep going on. I want Nirvana out of my music, I like punk of course but there are elements of negative energy I don't want in my stuff. I want to make an awesome guitar album.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: August 30, 2018, 05:55:04 PM »
Yellow Magic Orchestra, Naughty Boys   

Yes Pipe, I shall see just how good they are. Now an album of full on synth pop tunes, it feels a bit like songs that would shine best if other artists sang them, seeing as the vocals on this album are...not bad but not the greatest. The tunes though are good, there is plenty of neat stuff going on. "Opened My Eyes" is a fun pop number and "Lotus Love" has too many great sounds. "Kai-Koh" has those amazing sharp keyboards. I wasn't super taken by the album, but it was fine. 

Dreams Come True, The Swinging Star 

Three piece jazzy 90's J-Pop group with Sonic 1 & 2's composer Masato Nakamura. This is the album made in the mist of Sonic 2 so it has the song I knew from long ago and had the English version on my PSP in the 2008 days "Sweet Sweet Sweet" which has the same melody as the sad ending theme after the boss battle. I cried to that song when I first beat it on the PS2 Mega Collection when I was like 10 because I was already nostalgic for being like 5 when I first played Sonic 2. Anyway, this album is not anything too amazing. It has a very dated sound and production style. Miwa Yoshida is a formidable vocalist and yes, the basslines are damn cool on here. Musically the rest is a lot of dry horns and pretty bland beats. Only in moments like the bass on "Kessen wa Kinyobi" does it sound Sonic 2. It's a fun album of it's time, a little long, often songs just go on, and nothing too great. "Sweet Sweet Sweet" is great though. 

Wednesday Campanella, Zipangu   

The group's first album, a slightly rougher more Hip Hop focused album with less of Superman's fine pop appeal. KOM_I is awesome as ever, with all kinds of neat flows. The production is okay, the instrumentals don't explode like on Superman, it seems there is more focus on KOM_I. There is not much in the way of catchiness, the only moment that stuck out is when she goes "Obi-Wan Kenobi". The album is alright.   


This group became legends when they did the delightfully unfitting OP of Death Parade that bested the show itself. The group is so funky the singer even has an afro for added powers. This is good fun, funky jazzy tunes with falsetto singing and good 70's vibes with a modern production. "LA PA PARADISE" is the single I knew before that I really liked! This group is really solid, it's not an album loaded with winner after winner, it has down moments, but there is enough fun. BRADIO is a group best as one song in a playlist however. They make killer singles. YES is shorter, to it's benefit. "LA PA PARADISE" is easily the best song, I love the groove and instrumentation as well as the vocals and smooth bassline. BRADIO is always good for funky J-Pop jams. 

WANIMA, Are Your Coming? 

Hard hitting J-Rock with fast tempos and high energy. It's decent, melodically sound songs with catchiness and attitude. It's in line with this kind of J-Rock, often I go for girl singers, but this works for a different more aggressive vibe. It's not bad, not something worth re-listening but a good high powered listen. The drummer is a mad lad on these tracks, the whole thing is constant slamming. 

The Smithereens, Especially For You 

A decent 80's indie rock type album. It's very poppy and tuneful with jangle elements. It's not my favorite kind of jangle, in fact the guitars are kind of boring. The vocals are good, especially on "In A Lonely Place". I'm pretty indifferent to this kind of music, while it's enjoyable it never reaches the level of becoming anything really good. This album is kind of whatever. 

Also listening to the Clashs' debut again, it's really not that good. Give 'Em Enough Rope is so much better in every sense, especially production and tones.

I need to start listening to power metal or something way different, I feel like I've found all the good jangle, post punk and punk music for myself to go mad about. Now this new to me stuff is becoming very boring. I love what I've already gotten into, but finding other stuff is difficult now. J-Pop is ever giving, it never ends. Sometimes I get sick of the ani-stuff, but there is still much to explore like the 80's synth stuff and city pop which I have not gotten into yet. Rock Island showed me new indie can still be good sometimes. I outta look at new stuff more, and well now that Fall is coming it will be metal season anyway. I need some refreshing full on Power Metal, corny stuff about dragons and all.

Music / Re: The Manimal's Music
« on: August 27, 2018, 08:38:05 AM »
It's a little too close for me but I went different places. I want to take more inspiration and try to really look at songs I love to see how I can well...make better songs.

J-Pop is such a pain to sing, unlike other songs I can listen to something 100 times and never be able to sing along because I don't know the words, only the sounds. I've been trying to do Seiko's "I Kill The Time 4 You" by printing the lyrics and going along with the song bit by bit to write what the words sound like. Seiko is hard since she goes all over, I love in J-Pop how natural the language works in song and how the singers stretch the words. I've tried to sing Yui and Utada songs. Yui is good to sing, I want to try songs like "Driving Happy Life" and "Summer Song" more. Easier to sing, Utada is next to impossible for a guy to sing.

I just love J-Pop so much, the tones are the best sounds in music for me. It fills something in that other music doesn't. All my top artists offer something different that is valuable in it's own way. There is a certain ideal and comfort. The feel and styles, I've never gotten sick of it. The anime stuff gets the same, but the good stuff is fricking good. I hope I can bring more of that into my music somehow. Seiko especially has this feeling that is unique in all the artists I love. J-Pop hits me different than something like Bruce (whom all the most meaningful music I've heard in my life is by) but it's still this valuable feeling I wish my music could feel like.

MR Pub / Re: Milestones
« on: August 27, 2018, 08:32:05 AM »
You absolute menace. Soon enough I'll get back on there, once we are both past Sai then we may exist peacefully in the top 10.

Video / PC Games / Re: What video games are you playing at the moment?
« on: August 26, 2018, 06:30:44 PM »
Got Sonic Mania Plus today so I played through that in just under 3 hours.     

I railed against the game for being just nostalgia and built only on the old games, which is exactly what this is. In principal this bothers me but because it's Sonic...I'm just like, man this is fun. Indeed this fan game published by Sega is ridiculously enjoyable. It has such great gameplay and the graphics are fantastic. There are a lot of cool touches and bits old levels put together. I think the game should've been only new levels though, as the few in the game stand out the most for Especially the desert level. The choices for old levels where fine, Oil Ocean Zone was a surprise that worked nicely, as was Lava Reef. 

The game takes a lot from Sonic CD, I wish it had the Sonic 3 double jump shield thing. The music sounds great, the new songs aren't as good but still solid overall. Aside from the main boss themes that are not very good, unlike the old games. The boss battles can be very annoying and long, like on Flying Battery. I like when the game gets crafty, such as the Mean Bean Machine bit in Chemical Plant Zone and the reversal of piloting the bomb dropping thing in Hydrocity Zone. I like Eggman here when he does his funny fat guy things. Knuckles is such a bro as well, I outta play  through the game as him, I've never beat the old games as Knux, I found it was not fast enough. 

So ya they made a pretty rad game, though if they make another I'd hope for only new levels. Give us stuff like Genocide City and whatnot, like what they did with the desert level of an original ditched idea. This game had so many creative new elements in the old levels that it felt new enough to not just be a better looking version of the old games. Sonic is always the best for me, it's the series that has always been there, and the classic games are the best video games ever made for myself. Mania is good stuff to, and warrants many replays, but it should've carried on after Sonic 3 & Knuckles to make something new. 

Generations had the right idea, I think it had the best Sonic gameplay ever, it got everything right and felt amazing. It'd be nice if Sega could make a straight forward Sonic game with the boast and homing attacks like Generations and Unleashed but without any gimmick.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: August 23, 2018, 02:51:49 PM »
PassCode, Locus 

Indies re-record album by Alt-Idols PassCode. The album opens with "Toxic" a deadly computerized electro metal track, fast, urgent and full of changes. The vocals are almost Vocaloid, working perfectly with the music. "Axis" is guitar power, with violent yelling and frantic J Pop melodies. The sound is almost overwhelming and extremely rad. More proof that you can do anything with idol pop and it just works. The music goes all over in one track, "Nextage" swings from tone to tone in such a smooth manner. This is such a killer album, it's an absolute menace. The songs don't do one thing for too long and there are so many sections where you just go...oh man. PassCode is such a powerful group, even when it slows down for "Now I Know" it still packs a punch. "Club Kids Never Die" is a spectacle, going from growling vocals to great J Pop choruses to a metalcore breakdown. This is just awesome music, man. 

Yellow Magic Orchestra, Solid State Survivor 

Finally the grand synthpop album, in my ears. What a wonder this is. The first 3 songs are God tier, absolutely stunning arrangements. "Rydeen" especially sounding like arcade madness. The familiar basslines that inspired so many are positively pumping and of course the keyboards are next level. Not to mention all the odd sounds. This is the sound of three masters exploding. "Day Tripper" is one of the most unique and transformed covers I've ever heard. "Insomnia" is great and "Solid State Survivor" is too cool. A neat album for sure, great stuff. 

Music / Re: The Manimal's Music
« on: August 23, 2018, 09:46:39 AM »
Thanks for the comments! The first one I know what you mean, I basically wanted to make a low key arpegio type song, which normally I don't do songs that keep such a steady beat. I was aiming to make a song like this one. Here Johnny Marr plays the same thing the whole song while Morrisey just goes all over. I'm not so good with vocal melodies so my voice went flat during the non chorus bit. I was trying to learn this song but I had no patience to figure it out since Johnny Marr's parts are often too intricate for my patience, and a mistake in the tabs I was looking at had me coming up with my song. 

Haha, I'm going for my style! Really though I'd like to sing better, since J Pop is such a great inspiration of mine (that never comes through in my music) I would like more melodically sound songs but it's harder to make them. Often I struggle to make it through a song vocally, especially with my lyrics that don't always flow well. I figure my vocals are a lot better than 2 years ago but I haven't improved too much in the last year as well...I don't practice singing I just sing when it comes time to finish a song.

Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW SONG)
« on: August 22, 2018, 12:26:55 PM »
Musically this is one of my top 10 songs yet! Singing is maybe weak but man this is one of those magic songs where I just had the idea and wrote it down quickly right before I recorded it. Things just came together. Lyrically it works as well, being about you know, wishing to not disrupt the natural order of things in life and how melancholic I feel when things change like that. But man this instrumental fricking is easily one of my very best yet. It jangles, it mangles and man this is the stuff I wanna be making. Boom boom, Natural Order.

Natural Order

I'll give ya another fine request.

Lithuanian Devi, a random character I haven't fleshed out but made a song for haha. She's a short demon girl...from Lithuania, long brown hair, straight across bangs, green eyes, classic devil horns. She becomes a Northern Ontario hick so basically she wears an old bush jacket, I can't find the right picture for my idea but something like this, but older and less fashionable.

Basically imagine Black Gold Saw chilling in the bush.

Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW SONG)
« on: August 19, 2018, 07:19:48 PM »
and the next set begins! Now we are post Post America and a month after Kansas I can say I've felt some things change in my life, not very many but lil' things, other things I've realized about myself that I'd like to change and so on. This is a strange time in my life compared to last year, slowly adult realities creep up and show themselves, and I find I am so strong with my sense of self, my strong grasp on my identity and my personal principals, but so weak in many regards. and I don't like this. In KC I thought so deeply about myself and my relations with others, as well as my place in the world and there where many times we where hanging out somewhere and my mind was a thousand miles away.

My place in the world has replaced idealization as the biggest theme in my music this year. With my music I find my expression to be stronger than ever, and I am slowly doing more what I'd like to, even if the results are never as good as what I wish they could be. This new song is Jangly and clearly based on the Smiths' "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle". Last album I hit a home-run for myself with milestone songs "Country Club", "A Landscape New" and "I Don't Know Love" so perhaps this album will be along those lines. Or maybe not, we'll see eh.

Save All You Can Hold 

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