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Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW SONGS)
« on: Today at 02:16:25 PM »
Happy with this one mostly! Like "Today's The Annviersay Of My Favorite Movie" but better.

The Motherland Calls

Pretty much a riff song that happens to have vocals and drums like "2002 Magazine".


break Room / Re: Favourite Anime Style?
« on: November 16, 2017, 02:18:07 PM »
K-ON for sure, everything about the art stuff is divine. It has supreme direction with a great focus on small details, and a vivid setting. The characters are anime like but also have their little touches of "realism" which is not as often seen in slice of life shows of the kind. Though moe, K-ON transcends everything else in it's medium but way of Kyoto Animation's brilliant touch. Every element of design, from the music videos, to the instrument choice. It's such a nice show to look at, everything is so squishy and cute but also so well designed. I can go on for decades about why K-ON is so great, but the style is one big part of it. The look is perfection much like the show and movie.

Second is Tamako Love Story. Also with Kyoto Ani's magic touch, it's another wonderful looking show with very cute characters, but also fantastic direction and setting. Again the world is so vibrant and the art so wonderful. Tamako has a simply design but she's so memorable with her twin tails and neck mole.

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2017
« on: November 15, 2017, 08:54:23 PM »
Went on Omegle for kicks today.

Wow. I just played guitar the whole time and I ran into an Italian man playing the Bob Dylan song "Stuck Inside Of Mobile" and we talked for like 40 minutes trading songs. Then I waved my Finnish flag until I found a real Suomi stoner. We talked, then I found atleast 3 people who wanted to know my Soundcloud, many more who pulled out guitars to battle me, played every GH3 song I knew for one dude, gave life advice to a sad kid, met some drunk Norwegians and...not too many ding dongs where seen! 

What a time, I thought no one used the site anymore but man it was an adventure today.

Anime Talk / Re: Fall Season 2017 : First Impression Reviews & Discussion
« on: November 11, 2017, 06:23:44 PM »
Love Live Sunshine S2 : Episode 6

The streak had to end soon enough. After all those fun times we need to get some more progression to the plot. Aqours are getting ready for the Love Live preliminaries, or qualifiers? I don't know, one of those. From the third years failed idol days Kanan has a dance so intense that she fears bringing it into play as Mari injured herself trying to the central move last time. After some convincing Kanan's choreography is practiced and Chika has to work hard to nail the big cartwheel. Through hours of failing, and somehow not gravely injuring herself Chika nails the move with the power of friendship and Aqours performs a new song.

It was another episode high on the cheese with all the themes of trying hard and friendship. It seemed like a Kanan focus episode, but turned into more of a Chika one with her iron reserve. Kanan is still just the very serious character. There was one silly bit where she's about to throw her notebook with the choreography in the water, prompting Mari to do a dramatic dive to catch it. Then of course everyone gives a speech on how great Chika is and bam the group makes their performance. The song was alright, atleast up tempo. I really liked the outfits as well with the differing hair pieces for everyone. Kanan's sense of style is great also, she rocked the stripped sweater and jeans with only one rip.

Yohane and Riko have become the new ship the series pushes, now from last episode they have "made a contract" and Riko is Yohane's little demon Lili. An odd pairing, especially when Chika and Riko where pushed as being gayer then gravy for each other in season 1. The third years as a group don't have a lot to offer as characters at this point, while Dia and Mari are great on their own, Kanan doesn't do much more then put her hands on her head, be serious and wink. There weren't many cool bits of character as in the previous episodes.

A high point is how when phoning one of the girls from Saint Snow, it's actually noted how hard it is to follow the originals and "pioneers" of Love Live. Like the show is saying "ya Muse is hard to top". Sunshine's strong point is in the fun focus episodes, the characters shine and it's fun. In episodes like this it gets a little too corny. It's not a bad episode but it broke the string of great episodes.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: November 09, 2017, 03:42:56 PM »
Acda en de Munnik : Naar Huis

90's Dutch Acoustic-Pop. With fine melodies and a duo harmony dynamic, this is an album of fairly samey but enjoyable tunes. The first bit of tracks follow the same ideas with the acoustic, piano and organ combo over a steady beat. After some drumless dramatics we get a nice jazzy flow on "Bj Haar Zijn" one of the better tracks. There are some English phrases to help understand. The Beatles and Johnny Boy are mentioned in "Laat Me Slapen" and looking up the translation presents the narrators reaction to his death. Overall the album is enjoyable and there are many single tracks that are quite good.

MR Pub / Re: Dream Thread
« on: November 07, 2017, 08:56:21 AM »
I had a big dream where a lot of things happened but I'll try to remember key details.

First I was in high school and hanging out with my friends. One of my friends (whom in reality I had volunteered at the Polish community center with) led us to this little Polish center like a library with some couches and we ate but this one Pole was getting mad that we weren't talking about Poland and Polish issues so we had to leave.

Then I was Kim Jong and I walked on this bus where everyone was sitting 1 to a seat so it was a big deal who I'd sit next to. I sat next to this blonde girl who had her head down and everyone was like "whaaat why didn't you pick me" one girl was like "I'm so much prettier then her, why didn't you sit next to me". That was odd, but when we got off the bus I suddenly switched roles to some random guy who was getting searched. I had nothing but the dude was like "No in your hand". I gained the dream power to take myself out of that body and look at it from the side. The guy was hiding some kind of needle directly in his hand. weird but okay.

Then I went to a big house and hid in the antic. I looked down to a messy kitchen where John Lennon in late 70's Dad mode was cooking up some eggs. This is the part where I forget things but I wish I didn't because it was a pretty action packed dream. I later ended up in a hotel somewhere near home...I don't know it was a wild dream time.

Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW SONG)
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:16:51 PM »
This was going to be an instrumental until I realized there is a tune to put over it. I have an idea for next album now which will likely have Dia's Pain In Spain and the previous tune. This is a song with the Inuit of Nunavut and Greenland in mind. I'm thinking perhaps every song will be framed around a different country, but not necessarily about them.

Arctic Whispers

Anime Talk / Re: Fall Season 2017 : First Impression Reviews & Discussion
« on: November 05, 2017, 12:15:38 PM »
Love Live Sunshine S2 : Episode 5

Cute episode! Yoshiko stumbles on a lost pupper but can't keep it at her condo so she hands it off to Riko who is deathly afraid of dogs. Riko slowly over comes her fear and comes to love the pup, arguing with Yoshiko over who gets to keep it until the owner is found. The girls get depressed and miss the little doggy, they get over their little arc and it all ties into the themes of invisible magic, strings of coincides and the little events that spark life movements. It was a very nice episode that paired two characters (both in the sub unit Guilty Kiss) who never really interacted before. Riko gets to face her fear of dogs and we get to see the rare serious side of Yohane.

Yoshiko is a compelling chuuni character because her reasons are clearly explained, she is an unlucky awkward kid who gets carried away with her Gothic imagination. This time her and Riko both come to love this pup and there is a good arc to this episode, and nice to see a dog focused ordeal instead of the normal cats. There is a really funny, and depressing, scene where the two draw the dog in the sand and throw a stick yelling "fetch". The season is making the right moves, as the main focus with Chika and everything is certainly a lot less interesting. Sunshine has a pretty colourful and fun cast of characters, and they are finally showing unique traits to differ themselves from Muse.

This was a good showcase for Yoshiko and Riko, with an interesting set-up and as normal, a classic corny Love Live way to connect everything. There was a bit in the narrative that felt odd, and Riko keeping the poor pup in it's kennel was not nice, but it was fun overall. 


Movies and TV shows / Re: The last movie you have watched
« on: November 04, 2017, 09:51:36 PM »
Rewatched Fubar, still a classic film. One of the best comedies for sure, it's a very effective no budget mockumentary of two very really feeling characters. Two hosers chill out and one of them has cancer in his balls so he gets to enjoy his last weekend with two testicles. It doesn't even seem like either of them are acting, these are the classic drunk headbanger Canadians. So many brilliant moments of improv with the profound line about every year your death anniversary goes by without you knowing it. The acting is really natural and it works to make something really stupid and greatly amusing. So much gold in this movie, the same appeal as early Trailer Park Boys.

What prompted me to rewatch it was the new TV series that started. I don't think it'll last too long, Fubar was really a one time thing. It felt real the first time but now they are overly defined as characters. The idea of them starting the Alberta wildfires is amusing but the internet gimmick is pretty old by this point, not helping with some of the awkward flat jokes. I mean it's 2017, Terry and Deaner don't have Internet at home but the idea of them discovering this magic now is such an early 2000's thing.

Then I was like, I'll rewatch the first Cheech and Chong. Bad idea, it's not a very good movie after all. Poor structure, incompetent narrative and in general a real lack of good jokes. There are bits of giggles here and there but long stretches of staring at the screen going "okay". I know the appeal is to get stoned and chuckle over it, but really it's one of the most effective anti-drug movies there is. As I recall the sequels are no better.

Music / Re: 2017 in Music
« on: November 04, 2017, 02:10:33 PM »
Dhani Harrison, In Parallel

He sure looks like his Dad but don't expect the same sound, Dhani's first solo release is a long droney set of tracks. With a sort of psychedelic and slow sound, the album has a neat sound but doesn't do much with it. There are a lot of strings and elements to the instrumentation, some cool bits here and there. Dhani's vocals are very plain and simply delivered, with occasional guest vocals providing more excitement to some tracks. I think what he set out to do with this record was cool, and the mix of styles and overall drone sound is neat, but I didn't find it a very interesting listen. At the very least Dhani has his something to offer.

On second listen St. Vincent's latest is quite good indeed. The CD is an odd one, the disc backwards in the case which lacks an inner card. The picture on the disc is the flip side of the cover. The booklet is blue background on red font, just to piss off your eyes. "Sugarboy" is my favorite song on it and "Savior" which has a neat way of framing it's lyrical theme. Good stuff. SZA's Ctrl isn't quite as good the second time, I think "Love Galore" and "Doves In The Wind" are poor songs. "Prom" is still one of my favorites of the year and "Garden" is fantastic. The album is pretty good, but not quite as great as I first thought.

Another update to my ratings and rankings. 

Lorde : Melodrama (9/10)
Wednesday Campanella : Superman (9/10) 
Seiko Oomori : kitixxxgaia (8.5/10)
Kendrick Lamar : DAMN. (8.5/10)
Paramore : After Laughter (8/10)
St. Vincent : MASSEDUCATION (8/10)
SZA - Ctrl (7.5/10) 
Lights : Skin & Earth (7.5/10)
Kesha : Rainbow (7/10)
PASSPO : Cinema Trip (7/10) : Not Not Me (7.5/10)
E Ticket Production : Rap Show (7.5/10)
Sun Kil Moon : Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood (7/10)
Lee Ranaldo : Electric Trim (710)
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart : The Echo Of Pleasure (7/10)
Haruko Tajima : Haruko ni Umu (7/10)
Mika Nakashima : TOUGH (6/10)
BAND-MAID : Just Bring It (6/10)
Rinnie Hip : Uraharanwei (6/10)
Beach Fossils : Somersault (6/10)
Linkin Park : One More Light (6/10)
Dhani Harrison : In Parallel (6/10)
Japanese Breakfast : Soft Sounds From A Distant Planet (5/10)
Real Estate : In Mind (5/10)
Slowdive : s/t (5/10)
YUKI : Mabataki (5/10)
Nelly Furtado : The Ride (5/10)
Thurston Moore : Rock n' Roll Consciousness (5/10)
miwa : SPLASH WORLD (5/10)
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile : Lotta Sea Lice (5/10)
Shiena Nishizawa : Break Your Fate (5/10)
Natsume Mito : Natsumelo (5/10)
Koda Kumi : W Face (5/10)
Michelle Branch : Hopeless Romantic (5/10)
Kaji Hitomi : Naked (5/10) 
Nana Kitade : Violet Cry (4/10)
Pink Guy : Pink Season (Unrateable)
Marilyn Manson : Heaven Upside Down (3/10)
Tyler, The Creator : Flower Boy (No rating, just not my thing)
Katy Perry : Witness (*/10)

Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW SONG)
« on: November 02, 2017, 01:46:13 PM »
Not happy at all with what I've been doing, needed to have fun again. I don't know what to do, I never do. So I need to follow mah heart as I do here.

British People Are Weird

Say you say I drink your afternoon tea
Oh by the old country tree
There really aint much to see
In your raining city

You bake beans for breakfast
And your always the best dressed
Take a train to your block
Whats with the way you talk

Say you say
Im a hoser you're a jokester
La la la
Im a hoser you're the jokester

Say you say well your music was hot
But your a knobby lot
Eat your potato chip
You honky honk dip

Your Queen is on my money
Mr. Bean's pretty funny
Your land can fit inside me
I dont take milk with my tea

Say you say
Commonwealth means give me wealth
Say you say
Commonwealth for better health

Made it simple, dumped the last four songs in an EP, get rid of them along with my Halloween track for the Happy Hour "Don't Die". Cast it away, this starts the next set.

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2017
« on: October 31, 2017, 09:27:11 PM »
Exciting Halloween.

No pumpkin for the first time since I was born, no horror movies, just chips to give to the few kids that came by, and well, it's always cool to see people dress up in like Tims and stuff. and I listened to a lot of themed stuff this month, naturally ending with Sabbath's debut today. I've been in the Christmas spirit since snow hit a few days ago however, know.

Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW SONG)
« on: October 31, 2017, 04:05:57 PM »
Until Ash

When will the vikings save us, our village is down in flames
No one wants to discuss, erase our claims
Like a curtain hides the sun, four walls tightly contain
We see the outside world, a folded plain

What of the people, what of their pain
What of their worries, shrapnel rain
It's easy to hate, and it's easy to scorn
No red rose without a thorn

But now the desert storm has, whisked away fractured pride
Lay down the castle walls, here comes the tide
A dream in an oil painting, colours flow down the stream
Why can't the vikings save us, torn to the seems

It's easy to hate, and it's easy to scorn
But what of the land where we were born
All are people, all bleed the same
But who bleeds faster under blackened rain

Seesaws rise, heavy tides
Fracture faster, end the ride
Pushing harder, bending harder
Weak wills, pay the bills

Rain rolls down, to a silent town
Rain rolls down, to a silent town
Rain rolls down, to a silent town
Rain rolls down, to a silent town

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2017
« on: October 30, 2017, 11:05:32 PM »
I'm such a swine. How dare I forget pigs and their rich culture. 

Sometimes I forget pigs are real. No really I'm like oh ya pigs.

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2017
« on: October 30, 2017, 08:52:49 PM »
I never knew pig latin was like...real. Or like an actual thing. Huh.

Also I love that someone has made a Soundcloud page for Zellers. It's a marvel, one of those things like the Tumblr page for Dia's mole that is so me yet I would never think of doing. I feel like this is indeed the recordings of a person trapped inside an old empty closed down Zellers, playing a kid's keyboard.

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