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Develop Your Story / Re: Genechild
« on: August 11, 2013, 07:50:05 PM »
Well, I may as well get started with what I've got so far.
Just a few points before I begin
- I'll be writing in third person present tense                                       
- Feel free to suggest things and don't worry about if I like it, I won't bite your head off!
- If i do use any ideas then I'll try to remember to give you credit. If i haven't PLEASE REMIND ME!!! I'd hate it if you didn't!

I thought i'd start simply with an introduction to the protagonist - Kai - so here it goes.

                                                                  Genechild - Part 1  (Kai)

The figure shuffles slowly in the rain before stopping in the middle of the courtyard. The figure is soaked through to the skin, but doesn't care. The ragged, makeshift, coat he wears is pulled open slightly and the sound of steel being slid slowly across leather echoes of the four walls surrounding him, but no one hears, because no one comes here. The sword he carries is moderate in length - about the same length of a grown man's arm. It is basic in design - a simple handle with a diamond shaped hilt, with a straight steel blade. There are only two unusual things about this weapon and they are the words Hear my song inscribed on the blade and the fact that it has remained hidden for so long.
The figure however, does not admire the blade. He knows the sword to it's very core. He alone knows the weight and the balance. He alone knows the shape and size. He alone knows the meaning of those three words. He created it so does not need to admire it.
Flourishing the blade he raises it above his head in a readying stance. Quickly and rapidly, he brings it down and from here he executes a series of twirls, leaps, parries and strikes against an invisible opponent. To anyone watching it would appear as an intricate dance - perhaps representing a battle of old. However, against an opponent it would become clear that this person is fighting with a ruthless efficiency and determination. Fighting with a purpose.
It is over as soon as it has begun. The figure sheathes the sword and bows to his imaginary opponent, before unclipping his belt and tucking the illegal item into it's hiding place amongst the scrap metal that litters the area. Then, he leaves. Upon leaving he takes a left out of the alley and bumps into a solid object that would normally not have been there unless someone had put it there. Or if it had put itself there.
"Citizen, you have been found leaving a restricted area. Remove the hood and state your full ID."
The figure looks up at the speaking robot and removes the hood. The figure is a boy of seventeen. His black hair falls into its natural place, with a lock hanging down in front of his strikingly green left eye. He brushes it away and replies:
"Steelyard worker class B. Age 17. Name: Kai Shiguri."


Develop Your Story / Genechild
« on: August 08, 2013, 09:18:46 PM »
This is a near-futuristic idea that I've had for a while that could be adapted well into a manga. (Name os a work in progress - feel free to suggest a new one)

Back Story:
 Scientists have developed the first AI which they call LOTUS. It is designed to protect humanity from any dangers that would cause them extinction (viruses, meteors etc). However, the AI realized that due to genetic research being done by scientists (cross breeding, genetic enhancements etc) humanity would eventually destroy themselves. To solve this problem, the AI reprogrammed all other AIs and robots and once this had been done, sent them out to kill anyone that fitted into these categories:  Over the age of twelve, a crossbreed or genetically enhanced. Then, it took the remaining population and under a totalitarian regime indoctrinated them into an anti-war, anti-violence mindset in order to preserve them as a species.

Plot Synopsis:
Set sixteen years after these events the story is set around a group of friends who share the same bunkhouse. When the main character Kai discovers he is is a "Genechild" who has been enhanced with powers that can be used against the AI and it's army, he and the group of friends find themselves caught up in a fight between LOTUS and a group of terrorists known as the Bloodknights, founded by the few that escaped the annihilation sixteen years previously. As Kai becomes the figurehead in the birth of a rebellion, friendships are tested and allegiances chosen, leading to the final showdown.

Character Synopsis:
Kai (Protagonist ) - Recently turned seventeen, Kai has gone along with the ideals of the regime for his entire life but never believed in them. Forced to run from LOTUS when he discovers he is a Genechild. He is the father figure of the friends and does what he can to protect them. Sides with the Bloodknights in the hope of discovering the fate of his father.
Akira (Love interest) - Also seventeen. She loves Kai but is never willing to enter a full relationship although she knows it's mutual because she fears it will distract him from his larger goal. They meet when she rescues Kai, Mayu and Tamaki . She is the daughter of the Bloodknights' leader therefore sides with them.
Mayu (Innocent) -8 . Although she has seen a lot, she has an extraordinary level of innocence and unawareness of the world. She sees Kai as the older brother she never had.
Will die at some point
Tamaki (Internal conflict) - Fifteen. Secretly idolizes Kai until he falls in love with Kira also, then slowly becomes jealous. Eventually sides with LOTUS with a plan to force Akira to love him.
LOTUS (Antagonist) - The advanced AI created by the scientists. Thinks like a human. Determined to destroy the Bloodknights and restore peace because it recognizes Kai as a genuine threat.
(or potential spoiler anyway) Might turn out to be Kai's father, only so genetically enhanced he believes he is an AI.

So yeah.... feedback would be very much appreciated and if you have read the spoilers then message me about what you think. If enough people like it I will incorporate it.


Welcome Center / Re: Hello, I'm a writer.
« on: August 08, 2013, 08:17:26 PM »
Thanks! I'm up in Dundee. As for my work, i'm posting an idea in the developing section at the moment. I apologise in advance for the lengthiness, but it's a simple idea in a complicated way!

Welcome Center / Hello, I'm a writer.
« on: August 08, 2013, 07:21:09 PM »
I'm a guy from the UK aged 15 going on 16.
I'm a writer hoping expand my abilities and share my ideas with people that aren't friends or family.
I started off writing short stories and scripts but branched out into both manga and anime when i was introduced to Code Geass by my brother, but in all honesty have not really watched much manga.
However, that will change over time as i watch more (and are pointed out to some of the less well known ones if you know any).

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