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Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: March 16, 2019, 12:14:31 AM »
Man it's such a subjective statement I know but traditional work like this really sells me. I just love the idea of it being real and there in your workspace after working on it.

Until you have to find a place to put it, But seriously, you take it for granted when you do a lot of traditional work. I can tell I have a very different relationship with my own digital art. I wasn't even sure if I should include it in my own portfolio when applying to have the university review it.

So many many...ugh, you're like me. All the OCs. Just about every stereotype and trope will get covered eventually if people like us aren't stopped.

Yeah and I've been trying to go back and flesh out some of the characters I worked on a long time ago. Most of the characters of Izabel have already existed, like Izabel herself, but with different identities. That was originally the goal with Blade Regalia, but then I ran out and had to create brand new ones.

That's called forgery a cool idea.

Not exactly incorrect. Contemporary artwork can have copyrights. I recently found out buildings can be copyrighted. Architecture and interior designs require permission to photograph if it's recognizable.

The more I draw this piece, the more I come to hate Da Vinci for putting me through it.

I love Izabel's design, very simple cute and creepy at all once. I'm curious about the game's story already just from the character designs! Great work with the assignment, you definitely captured Da Vinci really well imo.

During some play testing I've successfully been able to terrify family members without using jump-scares or any audio. Huge win for me since it is my first time working with horror. And it's a bit challenging as I'm trying to avoid gore.

You guys may recognize some of the older works of art in this room. While the game is going to be a reflection on me, the artwork in this room is actually made by the "Mother". The next "enemy" I'm working on is the maid who has been blinded. There will be more artwork that I will have to draw especially for the game because I want the paintings to be your main source of information about what's actually happening. There will be a lot of family portraits. Currently not sure if I want to use any dialogue, so it may be your only source. There's also a few new Blade Regalia characters



Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: March 07, 2019, 02:13:25 PM »
It's been a long time since I've done anime-styled work, but I'm working on a new game project, that I would really like to be able to use for class. So I'm gunning for a demo before May.

It's a horror game called "Izabel". It's designed to turn a story I wrote as a child into an interactive narrative that should feel similar to side scrolling mystery/horror games like Inside and Little Nightmares.

In other art news, the painting is finished. And I also have an assignment to replicate a master artist's work. My professor suggested that my stylistic choices are similar to Da Vinci's work. Which is pretty surreal because for a long time I forgot how Da Vinci inspired the way I draw when I read about him in highschool and how Italian renaissance artists used a technique called "sfumato" which helped separate their art from ancient greek art. Sfumato basically just means soft transitions, and Da Vinci likes to work almost completely without an edge and E.H. Gombrich in his book "The Story of Art" talks about how this, unlike with the ancient greek art, makes it feel like the person has been frozen in time in the image.

That's why I started to love colored pencils because over time you could create the same effect very easily. It's much more difficult in wet media, unless of course, you're using Oil Paint. I'm not finished and I need to work on the eyes, but it's rough because Da Vinci doesn't draw the same way I do, and in order to replicate it, I have to draw it the way he did.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: March 01, 2019, 06:11:44 PM »

Continuing that painting. I also did a project on the skeleton. The interesting thing about this assignment, is how trying to draw the skeleton in the body of a person you've drawn will really highlight any proportion issues in your work. And I can see that I didn't really handle the foreshortening of that leg properly.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: March 01, 2019, 06:06:26 PM »
Your skills are growing and your characters definitely become nicer to look at over time. One thing I could suggest is to do more "masterpiece" work. Drawings that you spend a large amount of time on. The fear of days of work going to waist because say for instance, on the 3rd day, you realized the eyes weren't symmetrical, will pressure you to setup your artwork more efficiently to make those kinds of errors impossible.

We draw from imagination a lot as manga artists, but we don't have to. Don't be afraid to try and find out what different positions look like in real life. Either by photographs or in a mirror. I wanted to take a look at what could be improved in the posture of your characters to make them feel more natural.

This is something I learned from animating 3D models: When one part of the body moves to do something, the entire body moves with it. For instance: Try jumping without moving your neck, it will feel incredibly unnatural.

Blue - Basic flow of the body.
Red - General Outline Changes
Purple - Arrows showing what changes were made
Green - Detailed contour of the new body.


Number 1 it might be better if her arms flowed slightly upwards instead of downwards, but it's not that important.

Number 6 isn't bad, it's just not the way someone would ever position themselves when using a sword and shield. What's sticks out is how she's holding the shield too close to herself and the sword directly out, but down low. Pointing the sword out isn't wrong, so that's up to you, but holding it down low and perpendicular to her arm increase the torque pressure on he wrist, so she would prefer it be as parallel with her arm as possible. That way her whole arm is handing the torque of the sword. Holding the shield further away makes it easier to defend yourself with it. The way I've positioned the sword and shield on her makes it easier to balance the weight in that stance, and it's more defensive.

Number 7 is really nice. Just wanted to say that.

But one thing I noticed can make some of your drawings unnattractive is the way you approach the neck. An important thing to note is that the neck doesn't move much when the head turns. It's more like the head pivots on the top of the spine.

In Number 8, turning the torso helps the head more comfortably turn to look behind her. Otherwise, her neck would be very strained. As I mentioned, the spine is reacting to the head turn because the entire body is moving together.

It would also be nice to use some red hues on the skin. There are particular areas of the body that are more red like the nose, the cheeks, the elbows, and the tips of your fingers.

You might even see some the red from that cloth reflected onto her skin.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: February 24, 2019, 12:06:01 AM »

I'm getting prepared to do an art series on children. I need to prepare a few more works of art for my portfolio review.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Devola's Stuff
« on: February 23, 2019, 02:51:34 AM »
An alternative you could use is the greek/latin term for blood "hemo". There was an old hasbro toy series called Xevoz which included a vampire character where the designers cleverly decided to name him the "hemo-goblin" based on the term hemoglobin. 

Certainly an interesting approach because I don't think I've ever heard of a blood dragon before, I mean I'm sure some designer has tried it.

break Room / Re: good ways to promote your works?
« on: February 21, 2019, 12:39:21 AM »
You've got some options
  • Draw something wild and absurd to grab attention and make yourself stand out
  • Make fan art of extremely popular media like Overwatch, or Naruto, or Bowsette
  • Use hashtags on Instagram and follow trends
  • Draw sexy women
  • Compete in art competitions like on Medibang's website
  • Pay instagram to promote your work
  • Draw very sexy women

General Discussion / Re: Interesting Revelations by getting a job offer
« on: February 20, 2019, 04:23:21 PM »
If your past-self doesn't make you cringe, then you're doing something wrong. That goes for everybody. This is just the side effects of you growing as a person.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: February 20, 2019, 02:04:21 PM »
More oil paint. This time using only thinner. The goal is to get the layers to dry on a similar time frame. So more thinner on the bottom layer and more medium on the top layer.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: February 11, 2019, 02:11:49 PM »
for Veronica, the chain links seem a little unnatural at the angles they are at, being square links. I imagine they would all tilt and connect from corner to corner, not edge to edge.

I actually did not consider the actual physics of chains when I drew it. I really just wanted to give the impression of chains because I did not want to draw them at all.

And here is as finished as this painting is going to get. Her hand was sacrificed as an offering to the gods so that I could meet the deadline. She's supposed to be holding a mirror that shows her reflection in black and white.

"La Hija del Inquisidor"

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: February 01, 2019, 10:35:10 PM »
I've gotten a little bit behind on updating this topic, but my artstation will always stay up to date if you're ever actually curious. Right now I'm working on a painting of a character in the game named Daniela. This painting is for an assignment where the goal is to "make an ordinary object extraordinary". The assignment itself doesn't necessarily have any media requirements but I do need to have some paintings for my portfolio review. The first picture is the basic underdrawing that I used before I laid down the first layer of paint.

For those that don't know, the medium I'm using is Oil Paint, and unlike Acrylic or Water Color, oil paint stays wet for weeks. You can actually control the drying time based on how much Oil Paint Medium (e.g. Galkyd). Looking at her dress, I first applied a layer of purple paint, in the general area. I then went in and applied pure white paint on top to create highlights and pure black paint to create shadows.

The white paint mixed with the purple paint as I applied it and ended up in between as a brighter purple color. This is one of the main advantages of oil paint as it allows you to create gradients and soft transitions much easier. With acrylic paint, you could technically do this, but you would only have about 30 seconds to pull it off as apposed to the weeks you can get with oil. It's also typically more lustrous and saturated than Acrylic paint. However most of the chemicals involved in oil paint are extremely dangerous and toxic. Acrylic paint is much safer.

You can even save oil paint that you didn't use for later. I've had acrylic pain globs dry on the pallete before I had a chance to put them on the canvas. Aside from that there's also some interesting things happening in the game. After I finished Caroline I started working on the character that I just redesigned. I actually redesigned her because I wanted to work on her.

(She isn't actually doing 4 million damage that was an error in the UI)

This character also has some interesting mechanics. Her attacks create explosions when she's using "explosive stance". This involves a completely new set of animations where her attacks are heavier, but slower. The explosions occur in such close range that they damage her too, so I had to create two separate attacking modes so you wouldn't always have to hurt yourself. It feels incredibly satisfying to disregard your own health to blow up groups of people and do massive damage.

Also when using abilities that consume mana points, if she doesn't have enough, she can drain her own health for the mana costs. It's really fun being able to bypass your limitations. Because of this I had to add a feature where characters won't get points towards their ultimate ability for healing self-inflicted damage. That way you couldn't just abuse self-damage to build your ultimate quickly.

These characters have been nothing more than a Microsoft Word Document page for the past few years, but there's no way to tell exactly how things will be until you're actually playing them. I had to make a lot of little changes when I thought things were perfectly balanced. I had to reduce her damage and increase her attack rate to make things feel nicer.

These are also some other concepts I've made and at the end we can look at the whole hero roster based on all the concept art that's been drawn.





General Discussion / Re: Art Contest
« on: February 01, 2019, 08:31:14 PM »
I remember when I was in high school, my school did a fundraiser where we made art and sold it. I attended an exclusively STEM school so that little bit of art was like a breath of fresh air. I ended up liking the piece I made so much that I made my mother buy it back. I still don't think she's forgiven me for it yet.

But it was a great experience and sometimes I wish I had more. Later in life winning contests could be something nice to put on your resume or in your art portfolio when applying to jobs or colleges.

It could be safe to enter in the piece you did on perspective. I'm not sure what your art class was like, but most high school art classes typically have you do a one point perspective piece. They're interesting to look at and pretty simple. It might also be a good idea to ask your teacher which one he or she thinks would be good to use, but (s)he'll probably tell you that you should pick so that it'll be more meaningful.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: January 15, 2019, 02:32:23 PM »
Another redesign. The original artwork is all the way from 2017.

Her sword causes explosions whenever it cuts when she uses a particular fighting stance. The explosions are in such close range that they hurt her too, so you would have manage how you use that stance in the game.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: January 10, 2019, 02:05:54 AM »
I don't have much art recently because I've been in Unreal Engine working on Caroline. These past few weeks I've made some crazy levels of progress.

I've only got a few more of Caroline's abilities left to program. The next step is to start a video series on each hero's ability breakdown and strategy. I've only done a few other sketches I can show right now.

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