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MR Pub / Re: You Guys Were Never Forgotten.
« on: November 09, 2013, 06:10:43 AM »
@Lego: Google translate is a magical thing. I've only got French under my belt, you're ahead of the curve, my friend.

MR Pub / Re: You Guys Were Never Forgotten.
« on: November 09, 2013, 06:06:19 AM »
Its good to see you too! Yes, life, college, art, the triangle of business. How are ya, man?

MR Pub / Re: You Guys Were Never Forgotten.
« on: November 09, 2013, 05:58:14 AM »
They do not, I live! (relatively) *joins jig*

To your report- Very impressive! They shan't dare, and it'll get better. Doodler Guarantee. German eh? Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Glück mit, dass.

I missed you guys too!

MR Pub / You Guys Were Never Forgotten.
« on: November 09, 2013, 05:46:06 AM »
Hasitha, I am disappoint.

Its been so long everyone. Lots of new faces, continued old ones. To the new, welcome to one of the greatest sites around. To the old, a round of Doodle Paint on me.

This isn't a return message, Im probably going to be just as inactive going forward, but I had a sudden need to check in on you guys. I want to know how everyone is doing, whats new, I see volume three of the anthology is out, Im so proud.

Quick recap for me.... hooooly crap. That about sums it up. College. Social life. Art. Preparing for the real world. Creating stories. It's all insane on my end but I'm also really happy. As such, I needed to make this clear. Newbies, listen up.

This site is what made me realize I could be a comic artist. I have striven to improve and will continue to do so because I know my roots on this site is what truly engaged my love for art, community and creativity. You guys were never forgotten, even when I was inactive. I am incredibly grateful to all of you, my old friends, and you, the newcomers for keeping this site as awesome as it was 4 years ago when I first logged onto this place.

Respond with progress reports everyone, Im dying to know how my old peeps are doing and whats changed since my time here.

May the Spam Ninjas always be kept at bay.


Manga Creations / Re: SVK - A Story of Aweosme
« on: January 26, 2012, 06:08:58 PM »
Yea, that and some other stuff bugs me about my writing style... I really have to work at it..

But thanks everyone for the kind words! I'll try and get the new chapter out soon, but it'll depend on when I can hear back from the newbies about some questions I had for them ^^

Cheers everyone!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: My Journal Story
« on: January 26, 2012, 05:59:17 PM »

Seriously, this is some great work! I applaud you and will be going back into your gallery to learn more.

Manga Creations / Re: SVK - A Story of Aweosme
« on: January 26, 2012, 01:34:02 AM »
Well, this went in a totally different direction than I thought it would... all buildign towards a bigger plot though, I promise!


Frono didn’t bother to ask what the beeping sounds coming from Doodler’s jacket was. He had other things to worry about, like the continuous hammering of the pub door.
“Well, nothing is going to happen if you just stand there,” said Aero, tapping the side of his leg with one of his hook swords.
“Frono, your test can’t begin until you open the door,” said Doodler, taking the watch out of her pocket and viewing the stats on screen:
 Aero: 1000HP/3000PP, Doodler: 2000HP/3000PP, Frono:  50HP/10PP.
As he walked towards the door, Frono clutched the cube in his hands even tighter, feeling for the first time the pulsing edges against his skin. He knew it must be time to prove his worth as a Raider…he just wasn’t sure if he was ready. The door came closer, Frono unaware that his feet were moving him towards it. His pulse quickened with each step, the knocking continuing to grow louder. Begging for distractions, Frono heard the skid of the wooden bar stools, knowing Doodler and Aero had gotten up and were preparing for battle. The door was now in front of him. Frono took a deep breath, put his hand on the handle, tugged and revealed—
No one.
Frono stood, shocked. He looked around the outside of the pub, taking in the European design of the buildings around them, looking for the knocker.
Startled, Frono looked down and saw a funny looking black shape, its eyes just visible under a black mask.
“Congratulations!” said the blob. Frono backed into the pub to observe the shape from a distance. As he did so, he saw more tiny shadows appear on either side of the door.
“You are our 1,000,000th customer!” The semi humanoid thing said, stepping closer to Frono, crossing the threshold.
“Frono! ATTACK!” cried Doodler, rushing towards the door. Aero braced himself for impact.
“You are our 1,000,000th customer!” cried the Spam Ninja just as loudly, his comrades now rushing into the pub by the dozen. “Click here, little raider, to claim your prize! DEATH!!!”
With those final words, the lead Spam Ninja leaped at Frono’s face, mouth opening Pac Man style to reveal rows of sharp teeth. Before he could touch Frono, Doodler knocked the spam ninja to the side with all her might, barely missing Frono’s nose. As the ninja was hurled through the air, he started disintegrating into little black bits of binary dust. There was a moment’s pause.
And then all the spam ninjas attacked.
 Zooming in from every crevice they could reach when Frono opened the door, they rushed the elder members first. Some melded together to form larger Spams, others continued to talk in grated commercialized nonsense. The first batch that attacked Doodler were quickly dispatched as she used her pencil in a combo of  bat and  spear- batting away ninjas in droves and stabbing  individuals with her sharpened lead.  At the same time, Aero was using a technique he’d invented himself. Grabbing two or three ninjas with his hooks, he threw them back their comrades, forcing them to meld and chopping off their heads as large Spams before they could disentangle themselves. Soon, the pub was littered with the binary dust, and it soon moved up into the air as Doodler and Aero continued moving around the room and each other, getting rid of as many ninjas as possible.
Frono, awestruck by the display, shook himself off and began punching any ninja he could reach- it was his only means of defense. The ninjas disintegrated, but only after Frono had punched them two or three times and he felt his exhaustion for so little payoff take effect.
Suddenly, the ninjas changed tactics and halted their whole assault.
Slowly, as a collective unit, they turned to Frono.
The chant began, all the ninjas moving towards Frono, like many tiny, dangerous lions cornering their prey. Frono clutched at his cube which was pulsating even harder now and had started to glow again.
The ninjas sprang and before Doodler or Aero could reach him, Frono was engulfed with the oncoming spam ninjas, who had started meshing into a cocoon around their new host.
“FRONO!” cried Doodler and Aero, who began to chip away at the ever expanding wall of spam, but were stopped as three hulkian SPAMS pulled them away from their efforts. A barrage of blows were thrown, the two members eventually jumped back from the attack. Doodler’s left arm was bleeding and had a shuriken in her right thigh; Aero’s head and mouth were bleeding, but was otherwise uninjured. The pile was so large now that Frono’s frame wasn’t even discernable.
Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, the giant tube’s cap had burst with a tower of white energy. Nyosan, Toasty and Lego all stared at the tube, as a clanking, metallic sound began to issue from it. While Lego and Toasty had put themselves in a battle ready mode, Nyosan could only stare as, from within the tube, a giant, mechanical claw extended out of the encasing. Another claw appeared soon after and both arms lifted, revealing inch by inch the fifty foot tall, bronze colored, completely terrifying death robot that emerged. Its glowing red eyes focused on the three warriors and Nyosan could only just make out an insignia on the robot’s forehead: 4Kids Inc.
“Oh for the love of..” said Nyosan, disbelieving, yet scared to death. “Lego, you don’t seriously expect us to take this thing out, do you?”
“Of course not,” said Lego, unsheathing his katana. “I expect YOU to.”
“Wha—,” yelped Nyosan but before he could finish his sentence, a giant explosion sent Nyosan flying to the right. As he flew through the air, he saw the giant robot had extended his arms and expanded several panels, revealing all kinds of guns, from Gatling guns to missile launchers.
Nyosan slammed into a tree, got up and started running just in time to miss another rocket exploding behind him. He started running back towards Toasty, knowing that his best chance was to stick with the guy with the long range weapon.
As he reached him, Toasty let off several shots, all of them connecting to the nuts and bolts that kept the guns attached to the clawed arms. Several of the robot’s scarier looking guns fell into the sea, but the robot was undeterred. Another rocket was let off, but with one shot, Toasty caught it in midair, causing an explosion and smoke cloud in between the two parties. As Nyosan gazed around, he noticed Lego was nowhere to be seen.
“Ahead of you!” called Toasty from his perch.
Looking closely, Nyosan could only just make out a green speck on top of the robot, cutting into it with his katana. He had used the smoke cover of Toasty’s midair collision to reach their foe undetected. For now.
“Nyosan! You still have your cube?” asked Toasty, jumping down from the tree.
Nyosan hadn’t let go of it the entire time and only nodded in response.
“Good,” said Toasty, as a green blur whizzed past them, hitting the tree Toasty had just vacated.
“Lego!” Nyosan ran up to him as Toasty raised his gun to take out another few rockets. Lego wasn’t badly hurt, but his forehead was bleeding.
“Nyosan, this is your test,” the green cat said, rather calmly in the newbie’s opinion. “I’ve already cut an entrance for you so you should have a pretty easy time of it,” he explained, taking out his watch.
“An easy time of what? What do I have to do??” demanded Nyosan, and behind him he heard the clanking of large metal. Turning briefly, he saw the robot had decided rockets were useless and was moving on to the automatic weapons.
Turning back to Lego, Nyosan asked again: “What do I have to do?!”
“It’s simple really,” said Lego, opening the watch again. “You’re going to reprogram the robot for our side.”
With that, Nyosan felt himself being lifted by the collar and the seat of his pants . With one epic grunt, Toasty sent Nyosan flying across the ocean, straight through the smoke clouds of the explosions and towards the twenty foot tall death robot.
Toasty: 800HP/1000PP; Lego: 900HP/900PP; Nyosan: 50HP/10PP, -1 Morale.
Nyxy stood and stared at the horrors above herself, Monster, Coryn and Rob, sure she was imagining things.  There was no way a giant hand covered in green lit binary code could be ripping open the sky. There was no way the rest of its body was emerging, humanoid in shape, but lacking any facial features except for slightly larger bundles of binary where it’s eyes should be. There was no way it had lowered its 100 foot self to the ground of the city and was now towering over them, menacingly. And now there was no way it was reaching for them, an odd glow starting to form in its hand…
Coryn’s yell roused Nyxy and she flew to the left, separating herself from the rest of the group as the hand came down, a beam of green binary code dissolving the street below them into little pieces of disappearing data. Before she could move again, the figure caught her in his hand, raising her up to his height. As she struggled to get out of its grip, Nyxy could feel her cube being pushed uncomfortably into her stomach from her sweater pocket, where she’d put it while climbing the building.
The black behemoth raised Nyxy to eye level (if it had had eyes). Suddenly, a great wave of pain was sent through Nyxy, and she screamed, sure that every nerve of her body was being prodded and pulled. The pain ebbed away as soon as it had come and the giant spoke in a booming voice.
“Nyxy. Status: Newb. Threat Level: Insignificant. Usefulness to Ralph: ZERO.”
With that, the giant threw Nyxy down towards the ground so fast she didn’t have enough time to react. Bracing for he inevitable death, Nyxy covered her head. She didn’t die, however and when she had the strength to comprehend this, she raised her arms and saw Rob had flown down just in time to catch her. Above him, she saw the bursts of energy from Coryn’s swords hit the giant in the head and some sort of zombie like creatures attacking the giant on Monster’s orders, scrolls unraveled and glowing a yellow, haunting color.
“Nice save Rob,” she breathed, Rob flying them to the ground.
“Why thank you,” he said, landing in the same place the original three had arrived in. “now, do you have your cube?”
“Right here,” said Nyxy, reaching into her sweater pocket. But something was wrong. “I don’t believe it!”
“What? What’s worng?”
“My cube is gone!!”
“It must have fallen out as I fell!”
The two stared at each other. Then, at the same time, began running around the blocks, searching desperately for the small cube. Above them, the fight was not going well. Coryn had released several bursts of energy, transported via wormhole around the giant to attack multiple weak points, but without a face, it was hard to tell if the creature felt anything at all. Monster’s ghouls and zombies weren’t doing much better, fighting until their fists and legs dissolved, even resorting to biting the giant, but Monster knew he was wasting too much energy for too little payoff.
Before Monster or Coryn could think of a different strategy, the giant’s body suddenly convulsed, and arms sprouted from the giant’s torso, grabbing Coryn and Monster. Both of them felt the same wave of pain and just as quickly as it had come, the pain left.
“Coryn Sken, Monsterful,” the giant said, his booming voice reaching Nyxy, who hurried her search even more. “Status: Moderator, Hero. Threat Level: Average. Usefulness to Ralph: High. Calculating risk of Absorption..” Coryn and Monster both struggled harder against their kidnapper at these words. “Dammit!!” yelled Coryn.
Below them, Nyxy, had turned and was looking up at the hopeless scene above her. In a moment of desperation yelled: “HEY YOU! BEFORE YOU “ABSORB” THOSE GUYS, MIND TELLING US WHO YOU ARE?!”
The giant looked down at Nyxy, his grip on Coryn and Monster unrelaxing. “Question Understood. Answer in Progress: Start: I am the memory of all things evil. I am the lost hopes and dreams of unwanted artists. I am the torment of various anime and manga forums. I am the disappointment and displeasure of cancelled scanlation websites. I am the embodiment of all things bad, evil and horrible about manga and anime. I am the worshipper of those who would seek to discredit anime and burn manga. I am… VERUS. Master Virus of the darkest points in otaku’s souls. End.”
“Ah. Ok then,” said Nyxy. With that, she turned and ran away.
“Calculating: Coward,” said VERUS, walking towards Nyxy.
Rob, who was still searching for the cube, rose in the air during VERUS’s speech and saw the entire scene unfold. Coryn and Monster were out of action. VERUS was striding towards Nyxy, gaining every second and Nyxy was running towards a building.
“You idiot! He can still reach you in the building, keep running!” he called, flying as fast as he could. “I don’t want to save you a second time!”
But he saw something that made his heart skip a beat: Nyxy wasn’t running at a building, but instead to the side of one, where there was the tiniest glimmer of white…the cube! Nyxy had reached down and grabbed it but before Rob could feel any kind of relief, VERUS’s foot came crashing down on top of her, flattening half a building as he did so.
But to be continued.

Manga Creations / Re: SVK - A Story of Aweosme
« on: January 25, 2012, 11:15:13 PM »
Indeed. Coryn says its changed and it has...not too much though ^^

new chapter will be up tonight..stuff is going down!!

Manga Creations / Re: Darling be Home Soon
« on: January 25, 2012, 10:47:14 PM »
o_o awesome.

Manga Creations / Re: SVK - A Story of Aweosme
« on: January 25, 2012, 09:07:27 PM »
Doodle Paint is basically an energy drink, but tastes like what ever you want it to. Its paint, so it can make anything- in particular, flavor ^^

Manga Art Gallery / Re: I'm a new guy yes....
« on: January 25, 2012, 02:11:40 PM »
I'm with LEgo on this one.. HOLY COW IN A SUPERMARKET, that s awesome.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Legomaestro's Art Box
« on: January 25, 2012, 02:04:10 PM »
Much improvement here Lego! Well done :D

« on: January 25, 2012, 02:03:03 PM »
Happy Birthday Cat boy!! Hope your day is awesome!!!

Manga Creations / Re: SVK - A Story of Aweosme
« on: January 25, 2012, 01:16:23 AM »
@Coryn, yea you would coryn ^^ Something tells me you already know, but Im glad you don't know about the other two! And yes, definitely make that a shirt! ...somehow!

@Nyosan: Don't get too excited Nyosan, you're in for a long, crazy ride!!

Manga Creations / Re: SVK - A Story of Aweosme
« on: January 24, 2012, 09:15:20 PM »
As Coryn, Monster and Nyxy dropped down from the wormhole,  the newbie was surprised at their surroundings. They had landed within a large city block, similar to New York City with its cramped spaces and similar architecture. The only difference from the big apple that Nyxy could see was that…there were no people around.
“So..what am I going to be doing, exactly?” she said, still gazing at the tall structures around the group. She didn’t get a response and when she looked around gasped. Coryn and Monster had started floating in the air and stopped about  40 feet above her.  They  looked down at her, grinning evilly.
“Come on Nyxy, we haven’t got all day!” called down Coryn.
“Can you make it up here?” called Monster, a little more graciously.
Nyxy stood dumbstruck for a moment,  then shook her head and laughed.
“Of course I can!” She put her feet of the nearest windowpane and slowly began working her way up the side of the nearest building, muttering, “And as soon as I get up there I’m going to kill you guys.”
Coryn and Monster watched Nyxy’s miserable attempts at being Spider-Man, trying hard not to laugh.
“You know, we could help her out…” said Monster, trying not to look down as Nyxy looked around for her next handhold, 30 feet below them.
“Oy! Don’t spoil my fun,” said Coryn, shaking uncontrollably. “Besides, after all is said and done, she should be able to do this too.”
“I guess,” Monster agreed.
Both of them looked down to see Nyxy dangling from a single outstretched brick, unable to go any further up the building.
“… I’m going to help her out” said Monster, sighing.
As he flew off, Coryn pulled out a fancy looking pocket watch and opened it up. Inside it, a digital hologram displayed a radar, health points of his group and something else. Coryn looked at the watch closely and then looked around himself.
“When you’ve got a good vantage point picked out, I’ll tell you what we’re doing!”  he called down, as Monster reached Nyxy. Leading her by the hand, they picked an adjacent windowpane at Coryn’s height. The hologram watch continued with its countdown.


The first thing Fronomenel realized as the white light of the C-Tranz faded away was that he was in a classic Irish style pub, and a rather large one at that. The second thing he realized was that there were no people around. The third thing he realized was that both Doodler and Aero had started making their way to the counter.
“ this my test? A drinking challenge?” he said eagerly as he sat in between the two older members.
“Haha, not quite,” said Aero, taking the bar remote and turning on the TVs (which, as Fronomenal looked around, were many in number and had various locations being broadcasted)., “We don’t want to make it too easy on you.”
“Besides, I don’t drink,” said Doodler, reaching over the counter and grabbing three cans of something called  ‘Doodle Paint’.
As Doodler drank heavily from her can, Frono turned to Aero, starting to get nervous again.
“We’re just waiting for someone,” grinned Aero, also taking a sip of the Doodle Paint.
“By the way, trust me on this: you’re going to want to drink that whole can,” he said, drinking deeply and then setting the can on the counter. “Doodle, how are we looking?”
Frono turned his head just in time to see Doodler put something silver and metallic into her jacket pocket.
“Almost time,” she said, grinning. “Frono, whatever you do, don’t let go of your cube.”
“Frono hadn’t taken his hand off of it since they had left the Mortal Combat field and only gripped it tighter with Doodler’s words. Right then, it seemed like he was clutching his only hope of getting out of this mess alive.


Nyosan looked up at the bright sun in the sky, felt the sand already in his shoes and heard the roar of a far off jaguar and knew he didn’t like whatever it was he was about to be doing.
“Guys, are you sure we’re in the right place?” he said, looking at the cat and combat soldier discussing something animatedly. He couldn’t help but think ,“Wow, this site is strange”.
“Oh, we’re in the right spot,” said Lego, tightening the belt holding his katana closer. “We just have to wait here for someone to open something for us, that’s all.”
“Uh huh…” said Nyosan, looking at the deserted beach. There wasn’t any evidence of civilization anywhere, much less something you could open.
Toasty sat on the beach, readying his sniper rifle, letting off a few shots into the ocean to test the scope. Lego busied himself by trying to open a circular device, which is rather difficult when you have no opposable thumbs. HE managed to get it open however and as Nyosan went over to investigate, saw his own picture being projected by a hologram, with HP and PP bars next to it. He noticed that his bars were rather shorter than Lego’s or Toasty’s.
“What’s that for?” asked Nyosan, becoming more curious as Lego snapped the device shut quickly.
“Nothing at all,” said Lego. “Toasty! We’re almost there, you ready?”
Nyosan looked up and realized Toasty was no longer in his sitting position.
“I’ve picked my perch!”
Nyosan looked around and realized the Toasty had climbed up a rather large tree while he had been examining the device. Toasty sat on top of a palm tree, sniper rifle at the ready.
“Good!” said Lego, looking towards the ocean. “It’s time.”
Nyosan jumped and looked around as a rushing noise came from the ocean, which had started to bubble. Before he could react further, the bubbling gave way to large amounts of water pounding out of the surface, as if something large was coming out of it at a huge speed. Just as a colossal burst of water erupted, a small figure appeared, followed by a giant stone tube.
The figure landed gracefully on the beach, wearing a fancy blue shirt and khaki pants, wearing a large cantean around his back.
“Alright, let’s get this started shall we?” said Robs_ugly_artwork, smiling a little crookedly. Nyosan realized he was drunk and immediately felt worse about his situation.
“Hey, Rob! Good to see you!” said Lego, smiling back at Rob.
“Same to you little cat dude, but this is no time for conversation. I’ve got a bit more work to do.” With that, Rob turned his back to the three and started mumbling gibberish that sounded vaguely familiar to Nyosan. As Rob uttered the incantation, the giant tube began to shake and rumble, little streaks of white light appearing as cracks emerged along the surface.
“Right” he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out another C-Tranz device. “You’ve got about 5 seconds, and then the games begin. Remember the objectives and try to have fun!”
Rob disappeared and Nyosan was left with Lego and Toasty to watch as something giant was about to emerge from the tube.


Aero was the first to notice Rob as he was transported into the room, as he had jumped over Aero’s head in order to reach the counter and the glorious golden nectar it promised. Fronomenel was shocked by the strange drunkard’s appearance and backed into the empty seat Doodle had once occupied. Doodler herself walked briskly up to Rob and tugged him off of Aero, who was about to pass out from the stank Rob permiated.
“Hello, Rob” Doodler said, sighing.
“Why hello Doodles! It’s been so long!” said Rob back, cheerfully. “Wew must get a drink after this and catch up.”
“Nothing would please me more,” said Doodler, watching as Aero breathed deeply and Frono got over his shock, “but we’re kind of on a timer here, aren’t we? Have you got it?”
“No problem,” said Rob, pulling out of his pants what looked like a glow stick, bright orange in color.
“Great,” said Doodler, taking it from the drunk. “Now, one more stop for you, right?”
“Too right. Well, have fun!” he called to the two boys, winking at Frono and disappearing with a tap of the C-Tranz.
“What’s that?” said Frono, glancing from Doodler to the stick she was holding and back.
“Just your test, that’s all,” grinned Doodler. She snapped the stick in half and began to wave it around. “now, when they come out..”
“Yes, they. When they come out, my best advice is to take tehm out in droves, because they’re weak but fast. They move slower as a group,” explained Doodler, taking out her giant pencil and sitting back in her bar chair again.
Frono, now on his feet, watched as Aero took out his hook swords and a strange bleeping sound came from all over the room.
“But what do I..?” he began, but was interrupted by the sound of knocking on the door.


Rob nearly lost his footing as he landed 40 feet off the ground of MR City, but Coryn and Monster grabbed him in time, pulling him to safety as he regained his balance.
“Thanks guys, Nice save!” he said, fanning himself.
“It’s good to see you Rob, I was wondering if you’d show up” said Coryn, a look of relief on his face. “We’re going to need an extra pair of hands.”
“Where’s our trainee?” asked Rob, looking around. Monster pointed and Rob broke into hysterics as he saw Nyxy balanced on the window ledge next to them, looking terrified. “Didn’t you guys tell her how to walk on air yet?”
“Nope,” said Monster, looking curious as the sky above them started to turn a deeper blue color.
“Well then, Nyxy, was it? Just think of the air like the ground and you’ll be fine!” called Rob to the ledge, Nyxy looking at him quizzically.
She tried it, and she stepped off the ledge, boyant only by herself. Proud of her accomplishment, Nyxy took a few strides in various directions, then ran towards the group. When she reached them, she kicked Coryn in the back of the head.
“Why the hell didn’t you tell me I could do that???” she said, indignantly.
Coryn rubbed the back of his head, the sky still full of light, but now a deep purple color. “Because it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun” he said, dodging another kick. “And we really don’t have time for this right now.”
“He’s right,” said Monster, getting Nyxy’s attention. “Save you energy, because you’re going to be using it in”
The sky turned fully black, and a large, grumbling sound emitted from above them. Nyxy looked up and saw above her a large, black hand with green script on it, emerge from the sky.



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