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MR Pub / Re: glad midsummer!..
« on: June 30, 2018, 03:12:14 AM »
They do have an special charm ~  :heart:
which is why they get stuck kinda close to the hear =^,^=

thkn most people would consider it awsome weather...
i personaly had liked if there was a little moe clouds at the sky... I DON´T like the SUN...


MR Pub / glad midsummer!..
« on: June 22, 2018, 03:40:57 PM »
 and then it was time once agian to wish everyone a glad midsummer =^,^=

glad midsummer everone, and have a wonderful day~  :heart:


break Room / Re: Your religion and/or beliefs
« on: June 17, 2018, 05:21:25 AM »
This can be interesting... =^,^=
It ain't anything i have thought so hard about before, so here i go...  :biggrin:

I would like to call myself a Pagan with some influences by Anton Lavey.

Were born into the Christianity in Sweden.
And believed in it until around the time when i got Confirmation (in then end i just did it since i had my friends there)

My mother have always believed in spirits and most of us in the family have been in contact with spirits...
Guess that is what lead my into the occult, which i explored for a couple of years... made some friends with other that was interested in the occult which of one was a satanist.
That lead my own path a little off the pure occult path, and i soon found out about Wicca... which i felt was more of a place for me since i had love the nature for many, MANY years... The only problem i found was the gods. Didn't quite felt that it fitted in, but still tried to hold on to it...

Since then i have hold on tighter the wheel of year then the gods, so with the time i lost my believes in all the gods...
don't say that it doesn't exists any gods, they might be real as long someone believes in them. But i won't pay them any attention...
During that time my satanic friend told me a little about Lavey's satanism.. which off i researched a little more and got influenced by the thought that it was okey to be egocentric. Of course some of the rules to (which of some i found painful obvious.)

All that was what have made me believe in what i believe in today. There can also be other points that i have missed, but that can be my headache for another day ~  :heart:

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Feeling like trash
« on: April 01, 2018, 08:09:08 PM »
I think that is, as you say, a widespread problem not only for writers but for everyone that is creative somehow.

I also think that it can be something that is hard to get pass.
Since all creators has a vision of how we want it to be, and we know every little flaw in the "trash"...
But i believe that one of the great ways to get passed it is to put you heart into the creating, and love it just because it is "trash". Our own "trash". The "trash" no one else can create. the "trash" that almost is dripping of our own individuality.

There is no wasted time if you love to "waste" time at what you do.
Enjoy your writing, enjoy your time doing it. Enjoy what it is teaching you. And most important, hold you head high.
Because you are the only person that can give your work the individuality it is drenched in.


break Room / Re: LAGC 2018
« on: February 16, 2018, 12:54:35 AM »
And now i will be a horrible person and drag about my adventure...

Next stop ENGLAND, LONDON and LAGC !!!

ADVENTURES!... =^,^=


Welcome Center / Re: Back again - i guess
« on: February 11, 2018, 01:20:20 AM »
Nyoosaaan ~  :heart:

you did found your way back here at last =^,^=


Manga Creations / Re: Project: Cure for those demons
« on: February 04, 2018, 02:54:29 AM »

the MC is new to the world... think i pull it up more in chapter 2... have to check that up and in worst case put in some indicators to that...

maybe that also is something i have to think about...
but the only thing i can blame is that the first chapter is more of an introduction to this "new" world...

... needs to check the other things before i do anything els...

Manga Creations / Re: Project: Cure for those demons
« on: February 04, 2018, 02:36:33 AM »
thanks  :D

yesh, yesh.... feels more natural for me to build up stories that is build on emotions =^,^=

might be something that i will think about... maybe even change t today... if i get my ass in gear... =~,~;=

might be something that i have to think on as i am continue writing...

i try to build it in something similar to a Victorian era (might be clearer in future chapters),
so if i have got it right, it's disgraceful to have children outside a marriage.

you are giving me some really fun ideas for side stories ~  :heart:

there is more chapters, but since this didn't seem to go nowhere i started to only upload it at feacebook (facebook)(@novelmidsummerfeast)...
but i might need to think about to put up the other chapters here to... so can i maybe spread this little work a little further...


break Room / Re: LAGC 2018
« on: February 04, 2018, 01:23:55 AM »
Maybe, maybe...
as you said, let us see what the future holds =^,^=


break Room / Re: The Status Of Our Fellow Raiders
« on: February 04, 2018, 01:20:19 AM »
good morning =^,^=
lets give this a try...

status: writing in silence (don't say much here, unless i have something to say)
progress: yes.... yes?.... it´s going forward... writing my things on the tab (project: cure for those demons)
improvements: everything?.. nothing?.. Something!... WHERE´S MY CIGARETTS!..  :ohmy:

something like that... i think... =^,^=


break Room / Re: LAGC 2018
« on: January 21, 2018, 03:33:58 PM »
That sucks  :confused:
Would have been nice to meet you there again...


break Room / LAGC 2018
« on: January 21, 2018, 02:48:50 AM »

Good morning. :tongue:

Out of curiosity, i'm wondering if here´s anyone that will visit LAGC this year?..


Manga Creations / Project: Cure for those demons
« on: January 07, 2018, 05:20:18 AM »
Then it´s time to fail or fall.
I will give my work a chance and hopes for the best =^,^=
And I DO apologis for the pain to read this  :tongue:

short summary:
what happens after you dies?.. Is there a afterlife, or is it only a void waiting for you?
A young girl Ellen was a bad girl and did something unforgiving, so it's her turn to find out.
So here´s her adventure, filled with happiness, pride, love and much more you can expect and not.

It was a cold, dark space with nothing to be heard or seen. It was only a deep and almost 
empty space there Ellen were floating. She felt like she had been there for an eternity, which
were hard to prove true or false. 

Pictures of her death cause flashed through her mind, causing her to once again curl up like a little ball.

” I’m sorry, I’m really sorry”, she mumbled silent to herself and tried to curl up so it wouldn’t be anything of her left.
It had all started when she had taken a "magical pill ,as the person wished to call  it, by one of the
customers of her father. The pill would help Ellen get the courage to live her own desires out and to
caught the one she was holding close to her heart. 
She truly believed that it was true and took the pill and waited while searching up some good advices on
the internet of how she would catch her beloved father, this could have been the chance that she had
waited for.
When the pill kicked in her memory became weaker until only fragments remained, but to be honest
the pill really did help her live her desires out. All in a disturbing matter that Ellen never had wished
The first fragment she had was from inside her fathers "working room".
It was a dark filled room, with a lot of cans. Ellen had never been in there before and wished to be
impressed of how her father's working room looked like, but it seems like her body and mind was
separated from her thoughts.
Without knowing the reasons, she was... Angry?
She looked at a small bottle in her hands, it gave her a strange feeling of satisfaction. That was
something she had wished for, something that she liked.
Ellen covered her eyes, she really didn´t wished to see it all happen again. It had really been an
unforgiving act she committed, without any chance to be forgiven by anyone.
Ellen couldn´t see anything but could hear her little sister talking with her, she seemed to be upset by
something. After something in the dark was slammed to the floor Ellen regained her vision. 
Laying at the floor was her little sister Alice with her face twisted in pain after hitting the clinker clothed
floor. Ellen herself was sitting on top of her and smiled, " It´s hard to believe that something so obscure
as you have tried to seduce our poor father".
Ellen wished it all to stop, this was not the desire she had wished for when taking the pill. She had only
wished to gain courage enough to tell her father about her true feeling for him. Not to hurt that weak
and dirty playing little "princess".
Alice was mumbled something in pain that Ellen couldn´t hear. Ellen's body was no longer the kind girl
she used to be and answered her sister with one across the face.
"Don´t try to act weak as usually, it isn´t working at me. You can trick and gain sympathy and love from
father, but it really won´t work on me. I am not as stupid as everyone else"!
She wanted to stop this madness but she seemed to be a mere marionette for her own desires or what
ever what was driven her.
Sure Alice had always used the fact that she was weak to gain sympathy and to charm others, but she
really didn´t deserved this treatment. If that even was true since she had been weak since birth and
needed some extra care.
Things were really about to go down when Ellen all of sudden picket out the bottle she somehow had
gained in her father's workroom and downed the content before throwing the bottle to the other side
of the room and grabbed her sister's trout n a firm grip. Forcefully made Alice drink some of the liquid
while swallowing the last herself. Ellen did feel disgusted that he act like that and at the same time
terrified since she knows deep inside that it was something bad with the liquor. Alice looked at her,
teared up by her strange behaviour. Only to be meet by a smile and some more beating.

Ellen opened up her eyes and looked at the roof, it had only been a dream. It really didn´t happened
again. She wasn´t in that strange void again, she really wasn’t there.
She rose in the bed and let out a heavy yawn. It had been at least 3 years since that happened and
she did die. Almost bringing Alice with her, almost bringing that little "princess" with her if it shouldn't
been because her father had called the ambulance. Then being charmed by her and waiting by
her side, letting Ellen die and sent to that void all alone.
It sure had been a horrific act by Ellen and she knew she never would be forgiven for it, but it was hard
to believe that she deserved to both be locked up in the void for what had felt like eternities and to die
without anyone by her side. Forced to remember her terrible act over and over again until she finally
was saved and revived by her father.
With a heavy sigh she walked out of the bed and straight to the window. The view outside the window
was like it had been taken from a history book about the Victorian age. Old two-floored houses with
pointy roofs and big windows, filled with so-called "upper-class" people that always looked disliking at
their house. Ellen dropped another heavy sight and walked over to the wardrobe that she and her sister
shared, picking out a red dress that clearly wasn´t made for someone with her body. She looked at
herself in the mirror at the other side of the room and saw the same usually disappointing person as
always. A not good looking, flat girl that almost reminded of a rectangular box. A truly disappointed
view in comparing with her, now, time glass formed little sister. Not even her shoulder long hair was
worth to compare with Alice's silk like white hair that reached halfway her back.
Ellen dropped yet another heavy sigh and dressed up in her sister's dress. 
It had really been 3 years since she died, 3 painful years she had spent in that void before being revived.
During that time the years had passed for her father and sister. They had both become older and got the
time to die once, of which Ellen found it hard to believe that they died. Even harder to believe was that
they now were "living" in the afterlife. 
Both her father and sister were spending their morning in the kitchen, Alice was preparing breakfast
while her father waited at the table for it to be done.
"Good morning Jack" she happily greeted her father, trying to ignore Alice.
Her father that was a thin build man looked back at her, "good morning Ellen".
He had scolded her harshly so Ellen had been worried that he had revived her so he could kill her with
his own two hands. Ellen suspected that she had been saved by telling him that she was acting weird 
because of the pill she had taken, she wasn´t forgiven but it seemed a little calmer then at first.
Just by fluke in the confronting about what had happened that evening Ellen opened her mouth a little
to wide and exposed her love for him.
Ellen took a place in beside him around the table. Jack had that day told her that they wasn´t bound by
the rules they once had followed, so if she could show herself worthy. She maybe could have a chance
get closer to him. But then she at least had to start by calling him his name and not father, if she did that
they could make up the fact that she was adopted. Which could make it possible for her to get her wish
"Good morning Ellen", Alice suddenly interrupted while serving Jack a cup of coffee.
Her now well develop body irritated Ellen, she had become a beautiful woman with all her bodyfat
placed around her chest. Not to mention that Ellen always had an advances since she always had been
older then her, but not even that was true anymore. 
"Good morning" Ellen answered in a monotone voice. She really couldn´t trust Alice, who know, she
could still be trying to steal poor Jack from her.
Soon Alice served the breakfast and everyone enjoyed it during silence. It was one thing that hadn´t
change since before she died, all the time everyone was gathered around the table it was silent so you
almost could cut it to pieces. Jack had never told any of the girl why he wanted it like that, but he had
made it clear that he wanted it to be like that. 
" I would like to exterminate your artificial parts when I come back home", Jack declared
before finishing of his last coffee. Ellen first looked dumb fooled at him as if he was joking, before it
became clear. She wasn´t used to the fact that he had been forced to give her an artificial heart and
"Oki", Ellen answered with plain happiness. 
It was something that had to be done to make sure that she would stay alive with him.
During the day Ellen didn´t had to do anything special but making sure that she kept training her
body. It mainly seemed to be because the body of hers had been weakened during the time she
was dead, however that now could have happened.
A thought suddenly struck her. If she had died in the other world, wouldn´t that mean that her body
had been buried there to. Which would make it very complicated for her father to get his hands on
her body in this world. Right?
Ellen stopped and looked at the plain, one colour wall paper, as if it holds the answer away from her.
It was all very strange but maybe she could ask him about it when he exterminated her. If he now
wanted to tell her. Of course she wouldn´t pressure him for an answer, but it would be nice to know
how that possible could have happened.
" Would you like some tea Ellen"? Alice asked her when she passed the kitchen.
Ellen glared at her and nodded slowly. She sure didn´t like the fact that Alice would make something
for her, but this far she need the help she could get.
If they had warmed up the water at a cooker, she could easily have done it herself. Even if they had
used a stove, she could have made it herself. Or anything that would have been typical for the Victorian
But instead of using any of those this world had invented a strange gear that gave of heat of while
spinning. Of which Ellen still didn´t understood either how it worked or how to use. 
Something similar was used in Jack's working room there she had woken up, but there the strange gear
gave of a light instead.
The noise from that kind of gear had been bothering her during the whole time inside the room, almost
driven her mad.
Ellen let out a light sigh and took a place around the table while Alice prepared the cup of tea for her.
She couldn´t help but to look at Alice from time to time, her body looked even more perverted then
when she almost had killed her. She had always had a strange charm to make others fall for her, but
with a body like that she could and had probably spend every and second night with a guy. 
That is really a perverted little "princess" for everyone.
Of course she couldn’t help to feel a little bad for her. As Ellen had understood it, so had poor, poor Jack
been arrested after it all. He was the one that had been suspected for Ellens deed.
Alice had been moved into a foster home, there she had lived until the day she took her own life.
But she felt guiltier about that Jack had been judged for it and forced to live a hard life in jail before even
he took his own life. She could almost see in front of her how he had to fight for survival every single day.
Fighting for a so simple thing as being alive.
“Here’s your tea Ellen”, Alice said and gave her a cup. Interrupting Ellen thoughts.
Ellen gave a simple thank and took the cup of tea. It did bother her that Alice was so calm around her,
especially since what had happened that night. Ellen had tried to kill her own sister, yet Alice had thrown
herself at Ellen and hugged her tight when they finally met again. It was if she holds no grudge
against her, or that maybe was what she wanted Ellen to believe. 
That little “princess” could easily wait until Ellen dropped her guard and then take out her revenge.
Either by almost killing her or even worse, snatch Jack way from her. It could only be a matter of time
before she acted out her plans and took her revenge on the monster like culprit.
Since Ellen didn’t want to let her guard down and only sat silent around the table, sipping her tea Alice
began to ask about Ellens training was going. Slowly she got a normal conversation started about how
life now was going and about the world they now were living in. The part that interested Ellen most was
that Jack even claimed that Alice was adopted. Apparently it seemed like it was disgraceful to have
children without a marriage. So therefor it was better to claim that they were adopted, which would
mean that less people would threw an evil eye at poor Jack. Ellen couldn’t help but to wonder if that
meant it still would be okay for her and Jack to fall in love, without everyone would give him a hard time.
She could only hope and trust Jack’s word.
The conversation lasted longer than their tea and until it was time for Alice to get out and buy food so
she could make the dinner, just in time for when their father arrived back home. She even asked Ellen if
she wanted to follow but Ellen quickly declined. Not because she was afraid that Alice would act out any
plan, but instead because she still felt uncomfortable with this new world. A new world would mean new
people, lot of new rules and norms. It was all new and she would need to learn it, at least if she
wished to fit in. So it was better for her to stay inside instead of doing anything wrong.
Ellen looked out at Alice when she left for her errand. That princess sure was lucky to have living in this
world long enough to not be worry about looking like an idiot if she did anything wrong. Not that
the shameless “princess” would have any problem if she did something wrong and look like an idiot.
Ellen laid on a metal clothed table in Jack’s working room. Her upper body was nude and most probably
a horrific view for even Jack to see, but it was necessary when he exterminated her artificial parts. They
seemed to be well hidden behind a lid in Ellen back, or that was at least what she thought. It wasn’t that
it would be impossible for her to look herself with the help of a mirror, but she rather didn’t want to see
it herself. After all she was still hesitating if she still was really a human with parts like that.
So far it seems like everything work”, Jack said in a plain voice.
Of course it worked, it was after all him that had done it. Ellen let out a small sigh, he was a great person
so he needed to hesitate a little less at himself.
“Have you apologised to little Alice yet?” He asked while Ellen felt how he clearly thumped at her heart
with a finger. It was a like all her blood vibrated in her veins, easy said a very uncomfortable feeling.
“Not yet”, Ellen answered weakly. She really didn’t wanted to hear that question since it was like the
perverted “princess” already had Jack in her iron grips. Which easily could mean that she already was on
the way of stealing him away from Ellen.
Jack dropped a disappointed sigh and tapped his finger at her heart more frequently. “You have to
apologise to her, don’t forget how much suffering you caused her”.
She knows that she had caused both Alice and him a lot suffering, but yet she didn’t want to apologise to her.
Or rather, Ellen was both drowning in guilt of what she had done that evening and she didn’t have the courage
to even talk about that time. So it was a really small chance that there ever would be
an apologise, but that wasn’t anything Jack needed to know.
Ellen felt guilty to lie Jack right into the face when she said she would apologise to Alice. It was all out of
necessarily, this wasn’t a situation she wanted to be in for any longer. Only the singel fact that Jack
seemed to be angry was more than enough, that or also involved that night only made it even worse.
Jack didn’t spare any nagging and went on for another couple of minutes before he finally stop, closing
up the lid at her back before leaving the room for his library.
Ellen looked frustrated after Jack when he left the room. He could have spent some more time with her
instead of hurry of to the library. And that extra time could have been without nagging her about
apologising to Alice. 
Except from the frustration of the nagging, Ellen got the same feeling as when she had woken up a bit
from Alice that night. By some reason she had taken distance from Alice and then fainted. A voice she
know well could be heard. Following the voice, she could see Jack beside Alice, even though it all was
very blurry she knew clear that it was him. 
Feeling weak she did her best to talk, “Father, can you please call an ambulance”. 
Jack looked terrified at her before he picked up his cell phone to make the call. He never once left Alice.
“Father, I don’t feel well. Do you think i will survive?”. Jack looked serious at her and finally talked with
her, “I am sure you will survive. You are a very strong girl after all”.
Ellen had felt betrayed by both him and her own little sister. Couldn’t Alice let their father be with Ellen
during a time like that, and couldn’t he have tried a little harder to break free from her charm.
Ellen let out a heavy sigh, did Alice already control father with her charm or was it someone other that
control her poor, poor beloved one. Who ever it was, Ellen had to find a way to snatch him back. 
The faster the better.


MR Pub / Re: Happy New Year my Raiders! Bring on 2018!
« on: January 01, 2018, 03:55:06 AM »
A little late... But, but...

Happy new year =^,^=
and i wishes you all a year full of joy and intressent new thing  :dance:


MR Pub / Re: Merry Christmas MangaRaiders !!!
« on: December 25, 2017, 03:42:26 AM »
merry christmas /yule greeting from the fool in far away sweden =^,^=


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