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Manga Art Gallery / Re: Narutogod's Drawings :)
« on: February 16, 2018, 05:35:08 PM »
Could I use one of those Monster in the mist paintings as my desktop background because those are awesome!


Manga Art Gallery / Re: Narutogod's Drawings :)
« on: February 03, 2018, 12:06:24 PM »
A series of paintings I painted called "Monsters in the mist"

Destruction page 2 color

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Narutogod's Drawings :)
« on: December 28, 2017, 03:35:15 PM »
Nice! Only spot I'm seeing where you're having a bit of difficulty is where the hands are holding the sword and the perspective it's trying to be put into. A good way to try to fix this is to determine a vanishing point for the blade of the sword so that you can arrange all the boxes where you need them to be.

Granted I've been working on drawing boxes in perspective for the past couple of days and I'm starting to see them everywhere, so I may, in fact, be going out of my box--erm...mind.

Yeah I see it I will fix it later

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Narutogod's Drawings :)
« on: December 18, 2017, 03:05:27 PM »
thats a gorgeous woodland background!
i love it when the light shines through the trees and everything is green :P

Thank you ! I love painting environments so I'm glad you like it!

Really like your colourwork Narutogod. I like the flow of the comics too. Destruction doesn't seem like my cup of tea personally, but it's an interesting concept for sure. Keep at it!

Thanks you I love to experiment with color, I'm glad you like the flow of my comics I always look at how professionals do composition I practice it a lot. Thanks for reading anyway :)

Your work with texture is amazing, especially with the woodland background as Suuper said. It kinda makes your comics look a little blocky in comparison because of the flat color, but I suppose comics typically have a certain level of texture to save on printing costs. Then again, what do I know? Both look nice. A little bit of cleaning up and those pages would look fantastic.

Yeah I wanted to try a simpler color style for my comics cause coloring every page in a painted style is torture and takes too long. So I just settled with experimenting which turned out alright. Thanks for the compliments :)

Something i'm Working on

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Narutogod's Drawings :)
« on: November 11, 2017, 12:35:18 PM »
Nice to see you around again! Beautiful color and brushes as usual. A few things might need some refinements, as the brush strokes in some places look uneven where more evenness might enhance the focus of the images, but, overall, great works.

Thanks man I'm glad you like my stuff :D

Tips and Tutorials / Re: Tips for a beginner?
« on: July 09, 2017, 06:10:35 PM »
I made a guide with all the books and tutorials in a google word document here:

Members Manga / Destruction - Comic
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:30:46 PM »
This manga is called Destruction


Summary: Creatures that are born from a strong emotion can bestow humans unique powers. When certain emotions are at its peak the creature will appear before a human.

In Rase’s case her Rage caused her to gain the power control dark fire. The power she has gained will cause the leaders of the World to take action against her.

Here is what I have so far.









Manga Art Gallery / Re: Narutogod's Drawings :)
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:17:37 PM »

Cover page for my comic "Destruction"

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Narutogod's Drawings :)
« on: December 29, 2016, 08:05:30 PM »
Here is the updates for my story :D









Rase Yartza colored version

Dangan Ronpa Fanfiction Fanart Sketch


Members Manga / Re: Change - Comic
« on: December 29, 2016, 07:57:10 PM »
Here is the updates for this story :D












Manga Art Gallery / Re: Narutogod's Drawings :)
« on: November 06, 2016, 03:27:00 PM »
nice tokyo ghoul one, the colouring and shading is nicely done, it makes it feel very gritty :P

Thanks glad you like it :)

Finished stuff


Manga Creations / Change (Script)
« on: September 06, 2016, 02:49:15 PM »
I just wanted to post my script since drawing the story is pretty hard. I will post my comic when it's done. I realized too late that I screwed up with the pacing. Oh well live and learn lol

Change Synopsis : Being a good person has it's benefits or in one individual's opinion misfortune. Aaron Starter, a boy that always seems to have trouble following after him but still manages to be a respectable human being. For his good deeds, He is bestowed the gift of immortality with a catch, each time he dies the power transforms him into the last thing he sees. Now he has no choice to find the ones that gave him this ability, and force them to get rid of it. Meeting new friends along the way, that help him on his journey and old ones to that will always be by his side. Even though gaining new friends kept him sane there are also enemies that wish to take everything away from him.

Script chapter 1

      SCENE 1: Opening, shots of the world and creatures. A shadowy figure is shown in the cave.

Page 1

(Full panel of the sky is shown an enormous rock with weirdly shaped textures takes up the foreground.  )

Narrator : There are things on Earth that has yet to be seen.

(A desert is shown with a creature looking out at a beam of light is shining down through the clouds)
Narrator: Unexplored landscapes.

(Black and blue creature is shown sleeping with her child in a  cave with one light shining on them)

Narrator: Creatures that could take our breath away.

Page 2

A shot of of mysterious hidden cave is shown.

A figure is shown hidden behind a curtain

Narrator: The mysteries of the Earth may never be fully understood, but the unknown will destroy what peace humanity has …

A zoomed in shot of the figure smiling

   Scene 2- Aaron is on the verge of death, after getting shot by a man named Trebon

Page 3

[Macy is shown holding onto Aaron left hand. ]

They are in an abandoned building


[Aaron is shown on the wooden floor of the abandoned building with wounds on his chest,]

[he tries to grab at his chest to stop the pain]

Macy: “Stop! You're only making the wounds worse!”

Page 4

Panel 1 Trebon body trembles in fear at what he did.  but then shakes his head his resolve to finish what he started.

Trebon: “That's what you get! You shouldn't have come here to help this bitch!”

Panel 2 (walks slowly to Aaron and Macy Aims a gun at Aaron)

Panel 3 : Trebol cocks his gun back

Panel 4
Macy is frozen in fear but speaks anyways

Macy : No, Stop it!

Macy tries to take the gun from Trebon

Page 5

Panel 1: Aaron coughs and trembles in pain his thoughts scrambled

Aaron (Thinking): “*censored*… I'm going to die…”

Panel 2: Trebon punches her away she falls to the floor

Panel 3: Trebon rushes to Aaron

Panel 4 Aaron (Thinking) “I don't want to go yet… I want to live” 

Trebon aims the gun in front of Aaron's face 

Panel 5 : Close up on the gun

Aaron: “This isn’t fair...”

Page 6

[A gun goes off]

Page 7

      Scene 3: Aaron has Breakfast with his family


Page 8
Aaron wakes up to his alarm clock and sees a box on the floor, he sees a note that says “Hope you like this , Gabe.

[The shirt is pink says “Extreme Dog Lover” with an arrow points up at him .]

Page 9

Aaron (Thinking) : Of course, another stupid gift. I swear he always thinks he's funny

 Aaron glares at the shirt then smiles and hangs the shirt up.
Aaron (Thinking) : Oh well, can't hate him for it.

Page 10

Natia (off screen):  Aaron are you up yet!? Breakfast is ready!

 [Aaron opens his door and yells downstairs]

Aaron : Yeah, mom! I will be down in a second!

Page 11

    [His dog runs in and knocks Aaron down and licks him Aaron is laughing happily]

Aaron :  Haha, Down boy, I love you too.
    [Aaron pushes his dog  off him and kisses Star's forehead he stands up and looks at him

Aaron : Come on, Star let's go eat.

Page 12

   [Star barks and goes downstairs Aaron goes downstairs too and sees his parents. His dad is reading the newspaper and his mom is watching the news]

Natia: (Smiling) “Good morning, Aaron how are you?”

Aaron : (looking tired looks down at the food ) “I'm fine…”

Gerald : (looks up from his newspaper) : “Geez, a new company has shown up. They took over the radio station I listen to.”

Page 13

Natia (Eating her food) “What new company?”

Gerald (Grumbles he puts down the newspaper) : “Some idiots called the Radians preaching that everyone should appreciate the earth all the damn time. They sound like a bunch of hippies to me.”

Natia : (Chuckles) : “It doesn't sound that bad we all care about certain things, they just want to get the word out.”

Gerald : (Irritated) “Well they should have taken over another radio station so I wouldn’t have heard that garbage.”

Page 14

Aaron : (eating watching TV he sees a few cartoons and decides to turn on the news)   

Natia remembers something.

Natia : (Smiles) “Aaron, I heard from Gabriel that you got into a new club at school. Did you make any new friends?”

Aaron: (eats and his eye twitches at the mention of the name Gabriel) Not really, no one seemed to be interested, They only stayed with their own group.
Natia : (looks disappointed ): You should try to get their attention, show off your skills in sports like Basketball or-.

Page 15

Aaron : (He cuts her off) I'm not interested in that stuff, I just want to make new friends my way.

Aaron: (takes his plate and puts it in the sink) : I'm going to go get ready for school I will talk to you later.

 Gerald  (Sighs) : Of course he acts like this always dismissing us. I swear that boy needs to be taught a lesson about respect.

Natia :  If he was the only one that acted a little grumpy in the morning I would be concerned, You know how he is Gerald like father like son.

Natia (Looks down sad): I wonder if he is still mad about moving abruptly after what I did.

Gerald (Sighs): Natia, I'm sure he will get over it eventually. Aaron is not one to hold grudge from what I've seen.

Natia (smiling sadly): Your right...

(Natia goes to the coffee maker)

Natia: Do you want more coffee?

Gerald (smiles): Yeah, thanks

   SCENE 4 :Aaron is on his way to school, he stops to listen to a preacher

Page 16
(Aaron gets ready and leaves after he says goodbye to his parents)

(Aaron walks to school and is seen interacting with the environment)

(Showing off architecture as he looks around)

Page 17

[Aaron is is walking to school and sees a giant glass statue]

[A preacher is shown in front of the Statue called Manre.]

Preacher: This world is always filled with hate but we can change that! No matter how small the gesture, if you show someone enough kindness I truly believe you will be rewarded!

[people cheer]

Page 18

[Gabriel surprises him by hitting his back]

Gabe : Good morning!

Aaron(Irritated with him) : Good morning... I'm already done with you today, after the “present” you gave me.

Gabe: (Laughs):  I'm glad you saw the shirt I left for you, It should fit you perfectly.

Page 19

Aaron (Scoffs) :  Giving me a shirt that says “Extreme Dog lover” is not a good gift.

Gabe (smiles): Well I think it is, You used appreciate my selection of novelty items given as a token of our friendship.

Aaron (Smiles) No sane person buys weird gifts like a miniature totem pole that is made out of legos.

Gabe (looking offended): Hey that one was from the heart!

Aaron (he shakes his head smiling) : Yeah yeah.

[Gabe looks at the preacher]

Gabe: So, another one of these guys are preaching in front of Lady Manre. How many of them are going to appear?

Page 20

Aaron : Who knows, there is a new person that comes here everyday to talk about the same thing.

Gabe: That's weird... Why do you stop here to listen if they don’t say anything new? You just don’t want to be on time for school, Right?

[Gabe nudges him in the side playfully]

Page 21

Aaron: I don’t know, maybe I find some truth in their message…

[Gabe looks at him confused.]

Gabe : Whatever you say.

[Gabe looks at the time on his watch it shows it's 8:15]

Gabe : We should get to class.

[Aaron nods and they take a bus]

[Gabe and Aaron goes to school]

      SCENE 5 : Aaron and Gabe have class and sees that Rachel is being bullied
Page 22

[Gabe and Aaron enter the classroom]

[Macy is shown bullying a kid she is holding a lunch bag]

Macy: Is this the lunch you brought? Look at that there is a little note from her mommy. How adorable her mommy packs lunches for her even in high school.

[The girl who is being bullied tries to get the lunch back ]

Page 23

Aaron : Hey Macy, that's enough! Give the lunch back!

Macy : You again? Why do you always have to ruin the fun?

Aaron : Gee, I dont know. Why do you have to be a bitch to everyone?

Page 24

Macy : Who the hell are you calling a bitch!? You piece of *censored* don’t try act high and mighty just because you kicks out of defending people!

Aaron : No I don't! I just wont stand for someone as despicable as you, to always ruin everyone's life!

Gabe (thinking) : Looks like things are going be troublesome again.

Page 25

Gabe: Alright guys, there's no reason to get so hostile. Macy, just give back Rachel's lunch there's no point in continuing to pick on her.

[She breathes in to calm down]

Macy : Whatever, I'm bored anyway.

Page 26

[Macy puts the lunch bag near Rachel and flips Aaron off and he does the same to her]

[The school bell rings the teacher enters the door]

Mr Peterson : Alright class, go to your seats and take out your homework.     

Page 27

[they have class then the teacher finishes the lesson about the history of this world]

Text book of the eriens is shown

Mr Peterson : Remember class you have a project due next Wednesday on the history of the Eriens. 

      Scene 6: Aaron and Gabe have lunch out side then sees a creeper at the school gate

Page 28

[Now it is lunch break]

[Gabe and Aaron are seen eating school lunch outside]

Gabe : I have to wonder, Do the pilots of Mecha in different series have to pay money for all the damage they cause after fighting in a city?

Aaron :  The robots are usually paid for by a government, Right? My guess is they take the money out the pilot's paycheck.

Page 29

Gabe : So I can fight a monster in a battle to the death, destroy multiple homes and monuments. Then when all that is over my only punishment for collateral damage is losing money out of my paycheck? 

Aaron (Distracted): Yeah, Pretty much.

[Aaron sees a guy at the school gate with a hood staring at some girls walking by.]

Page 30

Gabe (Excited): Man I seriously want to use a Mecha then, I wish they were real!

Aaron (Focused on the guy): Gabe I will be right back.

Gabe (Confused) : Alright…

[Gabe continues to eat food]

Page 31

[Aaron walks up to the guy]

Aaron :  Hey, I noticed you were standing here for a while do you need help with something? Or are you going to keep staring at students?

[the guy flinches and laughs nervously and waves his hand at Aaron showing he means no harm]

??? {Trebon} (Nervous) : Sorry man, I don’t want no trouble.

Page 32

[The man walks away and Aaron glares at his back and returns back to Gabe]

Gabe : Hey man, what was that about?

[Aaron sits down]

Page 33

Aaron : Some guy was staring at girls so I confronted him about it. I wonder where the security guard is I don’t see him anywhere.

[Aaron and Gabe looks around]

Gabe: That's weird, maybe he's in the school?

Aaron: Let's go find him.

Page 34

[Aaron and Gabe goes into the school and sees the security guard is walking down the hallway counting a wad of cash]

Gabe : Mr Harrison?

[Mr Harrison quickly stashes the money in his pocket]

Mr Harrison : Yeah kids, you need something?

Page 35

[Gabe points at Aaron]

Gabe :  Aaron said there was a guy at the school gates, being creepy to female students.

Mr Harrison : I see… What does he look like?

Aaron : I couldn’t get a good look at his face because of the hood he had on. From what I could see, he wore a black long sleeved jacket, and blue jeans. That's all I can remember…

Page 36

Mr Harrison : Ok, I will keep a look out for him. You kids go enjoy the rest of your Lunch Break

[Mr harrison goes to the direction of the station that has monitors for the cameras]

[Aaron and Gabe watches him go]

Page 37

Gabe : Hey Aaron did you see him counting all that money?

[Aaron nods]

Aaron : Yeah, I did… I wonder why would he bring all that cash to school?

[Gabe Stretches]

Page 38

Gabe : Hmm, whatever I don’t feel like thinking about it. I'm going to go chill outside, You coming?

Aaron (frowns): Yeah.

[The school bell goes off]

Gabe : Damn it! I wanted to get a quick nap in before going back to class!

Page 39

[They go back to their lockers to get their books]

Gabe : Oh Yeah, Aaron I've got to go home early to help out my dad out with cleaning out our garage. So I wont be able to go to the mall after school.

Aaron : That's fine, I'm probably just going to pick out a game anyway.

Gabe : Alright, don't miss me to much.

[they go to thier classes for the rest of the day ]

      Scene 7: Aaron goes to the mall by himself and see the weird guy that was at the school gates

Page 40

[It is now after school Aaron goes home to take a shower and  wears his causal clothes.]

[He texts his mom and dad telling them that he going to the mall]

[He Arrives at the mall and sees the girl from his class, Rachel]

Page 41

[She approaches Aaron]

Rachel : Hello Aaron, I just wanted to thank you for sticking up for me again.

[Aaron smiles]

Aaron : It's no problem, I just hate when people bully others for no reason.

Page 42

Rachel : I'm happy you help your classmates, I hope I can be as brave as you one day. To stick up for everyone is truly a gift.

Aaron : I'm not brave… Neither do I have a gift... I just don’t like seeing people hurt.

[Aaron looks dazed like he is thinking about something then smiles again]

Aaron : Anyway, what store are you going to?

Page 43

Rachel (is confused but starts to speak): I'm going to Toy At Us, I want to get a new toy for my little brother, Kyle. Since he broke his other ones he is such a troublemaker.

Aaron(smiling) : I can help you pick out some toys, I'm probably going to end up buying toys for my dog, Star.

Rachel (Smiling): What kind of dog is it?

Page 44

Aaron : He's a Wolfdog hybrid, Star is never picky about toys As long as it squeaks he will love it.

[Aaron is going on about how he loves animals as they walk to Toy At Us]

[They get their toys and leave the store]

Page 45
Rachel: You really love animals, Huh?

Aaron: Yep, I want to be a veterinarian, It has been my dream since I was a kid. Animals will always need help when they get sick and I want to be able to take care of Star at any time.

Rachel(smiling) : I see, if you need help with anything, I can help you out.

Aaron Smiling : Really? That would be nice...

Page 46

[Aaron sees the man that stood at the school gate]

[The man is staring at the girls from his school and sees Macy in the group.]

 Aaron (frowns) : That guy…

Rachel(Confused): What is it?

Page 47

Aaron sees the guy on the move and sees Macy going out side the mall by herself

Aaron :  Sorry, I have to go.

[Aaron follows the man out.]

Page 48

A few minutes earlier

Francine: So Macy, when are you getting another boyfriend?

Macy is looking down at her food and picking at it distracted.

Francine(Irritated): Earth to Macy, are you still here? I asked you a question.

[Macy perks up]

Macy : Oh, Yeah What was the question again?

Francine : I asked when are you getting another boyfriend?

Macy : Not anytime soon, Most guys are pretty lame or try to hard to impress me. It gets irritating to deal with.

[Macy crosses her legs]

Page 49
Macy: I do wish guys would just leave me alone for awhile.

Lea : Oh Girl, come on you calling those guys lame but you need expand your options to see who is cool.

Macy : Eh, whatever.

Macy (looks at her Phone) : Well I'm about to go, See ya tomorrow.

[Macy is seen walking down the street]

Page 50

[Macy sighs and looks up at the sky]
Macy : If only something good would happen to me…

[The sun beams down on her as she looks up she puts her hand up to protect her eyes from the sun.]

Macy : Oh well, no point in moping around I got to get home before my parents do.

Page 51

[Suddenly a hand covers her mouth and feels blade at her throat]

Trebon : Don’t you dare scream, if you do your throat is getting slit.

[Macy is scared as she is dragged into an abandoned building.]

[Macy is thrown onto the wooden floor]

Page 52

Trebon : Now then it's time to have some fun.

[He takes out his knife tries to cut her clothing off.]

[She punches him in the face and tries to run]

[He catches her by tackling her]

Page 53

Trebon : *censored* it, I was going to slowly enjoy this but since you don’t want to play nice. I'm going to *censored* you until you can't move!

Macy starts to cry

Page 54

[Suddenly Aaron comes into the building and tackles Trebon to the ground]

Trebon : What the *censored*!

They scuffle on the ground then Trebol stabs Aaron in the shoulder

Aaron: *censored*!

Aaron gets up the knife still in his shoulder

Page 55

Trebon : You bastard! Why the hell are you here!

Aaron: Why the hell would would I tell you!

[Aaron holds his bleeding shoulder and grimaces in pain]

Page 56

Macy :Aaron…

[Macy is surprised that he is here to help her of all people]

Aaron doesn’t take his eyes off of Trebon.

Trebon : So you guys know each other, You dating or something? That would explain why you would come save this bitch.

Page 57

Aaron : I'm not going to explain anything to a psycho.

Trebon : It doesn't matter if you do...

[Trebon goes into his jacket pocket and pulls out a gun and aims it at Aaron]

Page 58

Trebon : If you think I'm going to let a kid get the best of me, You've got another thing coming!

[Aaron stares at the gun in a panic]

[The gun goes off and Aaron is shot in the chest.]

[Aaron falls on his back and coughs up blood]

Page 59

[Aaron's vision is blurry and he tries to keep himself conscious]

Aaron (Thinking): “*censored*… I'm going to die…”

(looks up at Macy)

Aaron (Thinking) “I don't want to go yet… I want to live...” 

Trebon aims the gun in front of Aaron's face 

Aaron: “This isn’t fair...”

Trebon aims the gun at Aaron's face The gun is the last thing Aaron sees as Trebon pulls the trigger

Page 60

[As soon as the bullet goes through his head Aaron losses consciousness

[Aaron opens his eyes]

[He is in a white space]

Aaron (Thinking) :Where Am I?

Page 61

???:  Aaron Strater for your good deeds you shall receive a reward. You are a rare being, not many humans die before gaining the 'Gift'.

Page 62

Aaron (thinking) : 'Gift'?  Who are you? My head hurts…

[Aaron flinches and clenches his head]

???: Fear not Human, I just happen to like you. The kindness you had shown while you were alive made my black heart warm at the sight. Take this 'Gift' and love yourself for a change!

Aaron (confused but thinking) : Love my self? That's pretty hard to do…

???: I know you can do it, Aaron Strater… You humans worry about others so much you don’t care about yourselves. You cant help anyone without caring about yourself first. Remember that...

Page 63

[Suddenly his vision goes white]

Members Manga / Re: Change - Comic
« on: August 18, 2016, 03:14:13 PM »
I really like the concept a lot. I think it could be a very interesting story showing both sides of human nature, the good and bad with in a person. However I would expand the dialog a bit.

Thanks I'm glad you think the concept is interesting, I hope you enjoy the story. Dialogue is not my strong point but since you mentioned it, time to go back to the drawing board! My script has bothered me for awhile so I'm going to fix the boring parts. 

Thanks for reading what I have so far, Hope to see you in the future!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Narutogod's Drawings :)
« on: August 17, 2016, 11:46:26 PM »
love the paintings! they look really 3D :P

Thanks glad you like them :D

I completely forgot to post my fanart in this thread.

WIP Dangan Ronpa Fanart


Tokyo Ghoul Fanart


Naruto Fanart


FanFics / Hold Me Close (The Seven Deadly Sins One-Shot)
« on: August 16, 2016, 08:57:28 PM »
Summary: As he sleeps in his own room for the night, Meliodas has a nightmare about Liz. (Liz x Meliodas) (Elizabeth x Meliodas) (Angsty!Meliodas)

I wanted to write a fan fiction for The Seven Deadly Sins for awhile, So here it is I hope you guys and gals enjoy it. I'm going to work on something that isn't just a One-shot for this fandom so look forward to that. This story is quick and to the point I just wanted to write some Fluff and Angst just cause. Tell me what you think!

The open blue skies clear of clouds allowing the sun to light the grass field, that held one lone house. A man with a stature of a child lays in front of the house admiring the view of the open plane he relaxes with his arms behind his head for support. The armor he wears identifies him as a knight shifts as he stretches his arms while yawning. His emerald eyes sparkles as he looks to the towards the sky, the way the wind felt makes his bright blonde hair caress his warm skin. The sun beams down on his fair skin making him feel at ease as if the world was at peace just for a little while. He closes his eyes to enjoy the moment.

"Hey, Meliodas!"

The man opens his eyes seeing a woman with light brown hair she wore armor similar to his. He tell could tell she wasn't happy with him, since her expression is that of irritation.

"How long are you going to sleep here? You were suppose get supplies from town, we need to eat you know!"

She lectures him, complaining that he need to do his job, while he just blinks at her and smiles.

"I thought you were going to get them, Liz?" He stands up to face her, his carefree attitude irritates her even more. She brings up a piece of paper to his face It says "Meliodas has to pick up supplies"

"It's your turn you promised to do this today." She points to the note for emphasis to get her point across.

"Hmm, I thought girls liked to shop," he puts on a thinking pose then with great speed he gets behind her and grabs her boobs "I got to make sure you're a girl." He says his face forms into a lecherous grin, while groping her chest. Liz quickly makes a fist and tries to hit Meliodas he dodges easily the grin still on his face. After their playful fight she is panting, her body titling forward, hands on her knees as she catches her breath.

Meliodas holds out his hand to her she looks at him with a flushed face "I would rather be shopping with you than by myself." A genuine smile is on his face as he says this.

She blushes and turns her face trying to hide her smile

"Fine, but you're carrying everything." She takes his hand and stands upright a blush still on her cheeks. He smiles up to her, "Alright, since I already have money we can go now." They begin walking towards the town that is a not far from where they live. He can feel the warmth that was Liz's hand he lightly squeezed it happy to keep her near him.

"Meliodas… Do you love me?" He stops walking to look back at her "Of course I lo-" He couldn't finish, Darkness consumed the light all around him, the trees, grass everything collapsed leaving nothing left but him and Liz.

"Never forget our time together, Meliodas…"

Liz slowly crumbles into the darkness a stray tear flows from her visible eye.

"Please live on..."

Meliodas feels the warmth escape from his hand that held Liz, he cries out to her "Please don't leave me! I-I love you!"

Wind blows in his face as though to shield him from the pain of seeing his loved one disappear, he closes his eyes. When he opens them again the scenery changes into a familiar scene.

The country where he lost the love of his life, where he had so many memories…

The place he destroyed…

The deep hole that is void of anything but the darkness he used for the country's destruction.


Sorrow flows through him taking over his senses, he let's out his cries of anguish



Meliodas wakes up in a cold sweat his small body tangles in the covers of the bed he is in. The blond breathes in deeply to calm his nerves, he looks around the room while relaxing. Four wooden walls with different desk and objects pressed up against them appears in his vision. He breaths out a sigh he was in the Boar Hat. As he thinks that his hand moves slowly rubbing his face, he yawns and looks out the window. The dark sky indicates it's still night time, the moon giving a distinct light to slightly brighten the night sky.

"Hmm… I guess it was a nightmare." A flash of dark thoughts of Liz dying floods his mind for a few seconds, he flinches and quickly shakes his head. He has no time to think about the terrible thoughts, but he knew if he stayed in the room by himself the memories would resurface. So he untangles himself from the covers and goes to the door.

When he walks downstairs he looks around the bar and sees his friend Ban snoring on the floor with a bottle of Ale in his hand. Meliodas chuckles and decides to get some from the shelf for himself. He goes behind the counter, then chooses his favorite brand. After grabbing the bottle he grabs a medium sized cup from under the shelves to drink. While drinking he starts to think about Elizabeth, he knows he will find comfort in sleeping next to her, knowing that her just being there will wash away all his nightmares.

In the corner of his eye he notices movement, he puts down his drink to get a better look. It's his talking pig companion Hawk.

"Pugo Pugo Meliodas, Why were you screaming earlier?" Hawk walks to the counters looking at Meliodas "It's weird for you to get so loud for no reason especially at night" Hawk sniffs the blond causing the pink pig to snort "I came in your room to see how you were doing but you were gone."

Meliodas smiles while taking a sip of the from the cup in his hand he puts it down, and begins to speak "It's nothing to worry about, just a bad dream." He pours himself more Ale taking another swig, he turns his head away from Hawk not wanting to talk about the dream.

"Hmph, if you say so but remember Lord Hawk is here if you need comfort!" Hawk squeals loudly

"Huh, At least Lord Hawk is good for something other than ham." Meliodas smirks as Hawk gets angry at him "Of course I am you idiot I'm more than just food!" Steam comes out of the pig's nose as he snorts angrily at the blond.

"I guess I learn new things everyday"

"Hmph! I'm going back to bed Lord Hawk need his rest!" Hawk scampers up the stairs still fuming about The man's comments.

Meliodas smiles feeling better than he did earlier, he shakes the bottle in his right hand side to side, checking how much he had left. The bottle's content is almost gone, he pours his last cup for the night and gulps it down. He sighs as the warmth fills his body relaxing him, and takes the bottle and cup to trash. The blond stretches glancing at Ban who was still sound asleep he wonders how he didn't wake up from his conversation with Hawk.

Not thinking much of it he goes up to Elizabeth's room and opens the door slowly. When he steps in he gazes at the silver head girl that is curled up in a relaxing slumber under the white covers. Meliodas smiles and quietly lifts up the covers and slides in he looks up at her face and breathes out a happy sigh. He wraps his arms around Elizabeth and pulls her closer. Sad thoughts begins to creep into his head, what if he lost her just as he lost Liz? His grip tightens around her waist as he buries his face into her chest. If he couldn't protect her he didn't know what he would do.

"Lord Meliodas?" Meliodas looks up to her the girl's face is red with embarrassment, Her visible blue eye sparkle as the moonlight causes them to glisten.

"I-Is something wrong?" Though she was used to him sleeping in the same bed as him, for the last week he told Elizabeth that since she was injured against the Weird Fangs he would sleep in his own room for awhile. She felt better from the herbs the doctor gave her but was still a little sore.

Meliodas just stares at her "Nothing is wrong I just wanted something to hold." He grabs her boobs a squeezes lightly "See?" he says with a perverted grin.

"Aa..." She blushes as he feels her up "If that is all then it's fine" He stops groping her puts his arm around her waist again. The blond relaxes and goes back to his previous position of burying his face in her boobs. Elizabeth tries to relax too but her heart is beating fast at how close they are.



"… I will always protect you, No matter what..." Her heart skips a beat, looking down at him and smiles happy that he said this. She wraps her arms around him.

"I know, Lord Meliodas… Thank you..."

Meliodas squeezes her to his chest acknowledging her, He just wants this moment to never end but he was tired and she was too

"Night, Elizabeth."

"Goodnight, Lord Meliodas..."

They drift off into the land of dreams embracing each other, their warmth reminding them that the other was there and meant comfort for both of them….

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