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You're right. It is actually based on the album name. And I will admit that I may have taken the title from it. However, though I may change it, I find myself invested in that name, that I've built sort of a mythos around it for the character. A sort of saint who's seeing the crap that goes on and has had enough.

Though it may be a ripoff, I'm hoping that it won't be too much of a problem.

One more character I forgot to talk about:

Kaede Okazaki: Having the seeming of a demon, she is a student that is transferred to the high school that Scott works at due to multiple cases of bullying.

Age: 16

Aesthetics: She is what Scott calls a "youkai", or a mix of a human and a lovecraftian creature, in this case, a demon, bearing horns and eyes that make her seem like a demon.

Emotions: She is another stoic character who refuses to use any form of slang.

Since I cannot draw, I have stuck to writing. I am looking for an artist to help me with this manga story that I have been writing. I am nearly finished with the first volume of the script.

Here is a synopsis:

Inspired by my favorite Metallica album, Saint Anger is a story about an American born police officer  stationed in the day shift as a high school security officer, and at night, working with FBI to solve crimes. His name is Scott Morizaki.

In his days as a cop, he has developed a fatherly relationship with a young orphan named Aya. He eventually decides he wants to adopt her, but the day after he fills the forms; the day that he was supposed to pick her up; the orphanage itself is ravaged, leaving some dead employees, and all the children are gone. Scott attempts to investigate this, but because of nearly snapping at a suspect due to his anger issues, he is kicked off the case.

He tries and tries to have faith in his fellow officers, but he finds that to be nearly impossible, so he decides to investigate on his own, becoming the vigilante called Saint Anger.

Here are the characters I have so far:

Scott Morizaki: The main character of the story who becomes the vigilante to find an orphan he was supposed to adopt and the other children that were indeed kidnapped. He works the day shift at a high school in Tokyo, and the night shift with forensics. He is both despised by students he has to arrest and exalted by students that he helps.

Age: 28

Aesthetics: Slightly muscular, long black hair split along the center of his scalp, a full beard covering his face. He usually wears a black T-shirt and jeans. He can also be seen wearing technological glasses called a "combat HUD", used for scanning for evidence, objects, managing ammo count, etc.

Emotions: A grim person, known for having anger issues and a deep hatred for immoral acts and people. He is known for being annoyed by typical behavior from teens, almost taking on the seeming of an old man.

Skills: Highly skilled in firearms, known for his strength and agility. Expert in forensics and gadgetry.

Saint Anger: The vigilante by the same name of the title. This is when Scott Morizaki finally decides that he can't have faith in other cops and sets out to look out for the orphans himself. Along the way, he will become the man that is suitable for the nightmarish dark to bring salvation to those who suffer.

Asthetics: The mask is similar to the mask worn by the main characters in "Army of Two", except that it is black, but with a savage, animalistic phantom-like skull carved for the face. Under it he wears a balaclava to cover the rest of his head. He wears a black cape used to conceal all his gadgets and weaponry, along with gliding. He wears an armored vest with pouches containing different calibers and variants of ammunition, gadgets, etc. He is armed with various weapons, ranging from his MK18 MOD1 assault rifle, shotgun, and various pistols. He also wears gloves and gauntlets to protect his arms and hands. Same goes for boots.

Emotions: This is the Scott Morizaki that has had enough. He will do what is necessary to save a life or multiple lives, whether it be scaring the hell out of a criminal with his shadowy presence, or sooth a victim by removing his outer mask so they only look at the balaclava with his combat HUD.

Nerine Shizune: Scott's childhood friend. She is a teacher at the high school that Scott works at, teaching martial arts.

Age: 28

Aesthetics: A beautiful woman, her long hair is blue with some streaks going over her shoulders, slightly large breasted (I know describing it is weird, but what're ya gonna do?). She wears average summer clothing, nothing revealing.

Emotions: Nerine is pretty much almost the exact opposite of Scott. Being his childhood friend, Nerine is one of the people who can actually make him smile. She has a kind heart, and is one of the people --as described by Scott-- that can "Look past the cop and see the man who they know to be their friend."

Yuko Shizune: Nerine's mother, working with her daughter as a history teacher at the high school.

Age: 57

Aesthetics: She is an old woman, with white hair tied back in a bun, and spectacles. A very simple description for a character isn't it?

Emotions: She has a fond friendship with Scott, seeming to have some of the same emotions as Nerine.

Sasuke Itou: No he is not like the character in Naruto! He is the superior officer at the police station where Scott works. The man who kicked him off the case concerning the kidnapped orphans.

Age: 55

Aesthetics: Slightly chubby, almost taking on a Santa-like structure. He has a mustache that travels down to his chin. He usually shown wearing a black dress shirt, and khaki jeans.

Emotions: He treats Scott as if he were a son to him, worrying that his anger issues would get the best of him, but also respecting him for what he does to get things done. He himself regrets kicking Scott off of a case due to Scott nearly snapping at a lawyer and suspect.

Aya: The tragic child of this series. Aya is an orphan after Scott kills her mother due to her threatening to kill Aya herself. Scott's memories of her both bring sweet dreams and nightmares.

Age: 9

Aesthetics: She is a small girl, with pink long hair with the bangs cut flat, streaks running down her shoulder which are also cut flat at the ends.

Emotions: In the past, she was grim and quiet. She is like a daughter to Scott, since he feels that he needs to take care of her after killing her mother. Before her kidnapping, she was very happy to learn that Scott was indeed going to become her father, showing that Scott indeed has compassion for a little kid.

Star: One of three vigilantes before Saint Anger comes in. She is the leader of the group and a vigilante that Scott described as "one of those superheros on Japanese TV rather than the heroes I remember." She is known for the manipulation of light intensity and shape to use it lethally or non-lethally.

Age: 18

Aesthetics: She is a lot like one of the characters of those mahou shoujo manga and anime. She wears sort of a frilly costume with colorful patterns going about the upper part of it, and a skirt. She has short pink hair. (Yeah it's a bit weird for this style of writing but I will admit, I am satirizing mahou shoujo while also giving it some respect)

Emotions: Just as Superman is described as a boy scout, this character is pretty much a girl scout. Being the leader of the group, she manages the emotions of her two other partners, and has mixed feelings about the rise of Saint Anger.

Flora: Another of the three vigilantes, known for the manipulation of earths elements.

Age: 18

Aesthetics: A more commando look is inspired with her costume, wearing jeans, and a jacket with multiple pouches. She also carries a staff with a blade at the end of it. She has brown hair in a ponytail.

Emotions: She's the more aggressive with the group, having very negative feelings about Saint Anger when the group meets him, and needs to actually know people more to trust them.

Psycho: The third vigilante of the group. It is unknown whether the name comes from a mental instability or her use of telekinesis, mind reading, or any other psychic power she has.

Age: 18

Aesthetics: A magician looks is given to her, as she wears a robe. Her hair is short and white. Her weapon of choice is a samurai sword.

Emotions: She's the stoic one of the group, at times taking on other people's emotions. When encountering Saint Anger, she knows right away that it's someone familiar.

Manga Creations / Re: Saint Anger
« on: July 16, 2012, 09:25:00 PM »
Chapter 1: Hated Part Of The Job

Page 1. (Two panels)

1. (Full page) A shot of students sitting at tables left and right with the main character SCOTT MORIZAKI -- Slightly muscular, wearing a black t-shirt, and jeans, long black hair split in half across his scalp, a full beard covers his face. He is also American -- in the background with his arms crossed, slightly glaring at the students. At the bottom left reads “Chapter 1: Hated Part Of The Job”

I sometimes wonder if being a cop isn’t really a good idea, that I should’ve -according to some of the students here- gone for a more respective job. Or that I shouldn’t have this job at all.

Then I remember... The students who suggested I be something else or not anything at all were students I unfortunately had to arrest for unacceptable behavior in the school. I then give off a small chuckle.

2. (Bottom Right)  A front view of a smug smirk, only showing his mouth.       


Page 2. (Four panels)

1. (Top ? of page) Various students chat and eat in a cafeteria of a Japanese school with no care, some chuckle, a group of girls make a friendly witty comment toward a specific girl. One a bit snooty, one excited, and the specific girl flustered and embarrassed.

Hey! Any idea what you’re boyfriend’s up to?

Yeah! I’ve been waiting to hear what’s been going on between you two!

Uh... I’m not in the condition to be talking about that...

2. (Middle Left) A close up of the snooty girl’s face, giving off a sinister smirk.

So... It’s personal?

3. (Middle Right) The flustered girl becomes more embarrassed.


4. (Bottom) A left side view of SCOTT taking a drink of milk from a small glass. His eyes are closed.

Some teens nowadays... They tend to say some weird *censored*...

Frankly, I don’t give a damn.

Page 3. (Three panels)

1. SCOTT takes notice to his radio, which someone from the main office is trying to contact him.

SFX: Crrzzt!

OFFICE (Burst)
Officer Morizaki. Please pick up the radio.

2. SCOTT’s hand is shown pressing on the talkback switch on his radio between his taser and pistol (an M&P .40 to be specific) .


Go ahead.

We have a situation up in room 3-B. We advise that you get there quickly. (SFX: Crzzt!)

3. SCOTT lets out a sigh of disappointment and distress, the shadow of his brow covering his eyes.

I’m on it.

I’ve always hated this part of the job...

Page 4. (Full page)

1. SCOTT is shown at the end of a hallway making a sliding turn.


Evidently he is a frantic hurry to get to the situation at hand.

The hallway is bordering the outside of the school, the windows shining in, causing a shadow to be cast to the wall. One of the rooms is marked with a sign saying “3-B”.

To introduce myself, my name is Scott Morizaki. The first name due to me being born American. That all changed when I was adopted when I was six. That’s when I was given the last name of Morizaki.

I don’t have much time. The situation is getting progressively worse with every millisecond. Thankfully the majority were either eating or having class. I can hear yelling and a scream coming from the room. No time to use the combat HUD...

Page 5. (Four panels)

1. A rear shot of SCOTT quickly sliding open the door, light shining past him making him almost a shadow.


2. A side view of a student causing the problem throwing a book. Another is shown in the background attempting to get to a female teacher while another student blocks him. Other students sit in their desks in shock at the situation.

STUDENT 1 (Student throwing the book)
Piss off!

3. A shot of SCOTT’s eye wide open showing a reflection of the book being thrown at him.

They knew I was coming...

4. SCOTT ducks the oncoming book used as a projectile, ready to charge at the student.

But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna let them beat the pulp out of that teacher...

Page 6. (Three panels)

1. (Top)  A shot behind the student backing away in fear as SCOTT charges at him.

2. (Bottom Left) SCOTT grabs the student-who is now even more scared- and pinnes him to the wall.


SCOTT’s teeth are clenched in anger.

Don’t you curse at me.

3. (Bottom Right) The disgruntled SCOTT slams him to the ground and cuffs him.


Page 7. (Five panels)

1. (Top left) SCOTT is shown dashing back up toward the other student, just as another student goes to hold down the student SCOTT cuffed.

Hold him!

2. (Under Top Left) The student preventing the student trying to attack the teacher pushes him away.

Back off!

3. (Over Bottom Left) The student that was pushed away attempts to throw a punch at the other student.

You mother--

4. (Bottom Left) SCOTT’s hand catches the AGGRESSOR’s wrist.

5. (Right) SCOTT cuffs the AGGRESSOR as he looks toward him in anger.

Gragh..! Let go of me you cop piece a’--

Hey! I said it to the other guy, I don’t need to say it again, so shut up.

I always hated the way some of these kids cursed... They always seem to say it just to say it... I guess I’m a bit different.

Page 8 (Eight panels)

1. SCOTT looks over to the teacher, who he refers to as YOKO -- An aged woman, wearing spectacles, her grey hair tied in a bun-- as he takes both of the students to the office.

We’ll talk when I’m done with them.

Yoko Shizune... A good friend of mine and the mother of another friend.

2. A shot of YOKO still scared, but is now smiling.

She’s a good soul.

3. SCOTT is walking the students down the halls.

With a hated part of the job is always a favorite part of it... Sure, I do enjoy the stereotypical cop donut from time to time but...

4. The two students are sat down at a table as they grumble.

I have a friend here who seems to have more respect for me than any student in this place. Out of the friends I have, along with some students... She’s the closest...

5. SCOTT pounds his fists on the table as he sits down in front of the students, glaring. (SFX: WAP)

Alright. I want an explanation on why you two decided it was a good idea to assault one of your teachers.

6. The aggressor who tried to get to the teacher in the situation gives off a snicker.

And why should we--

7. A side shot of SCOTT’s angered face, teeth clenched staring down at the aggressor’s face which is inches in front of him.

Because if any of you don’t, not only will you both face expulsion, you’ll both also be facing jail time, and believe me when I say that you will not want that! So I suggest you tell me what happened!

8. The student, slightly intimidated but still gives off that snicker. SCOTT still glaring at him.

Fine. Throw us in jail. I’m still not gonna--

I’ll tell you.

Page 9. (Six panels)

1. SCOTT looks over to the student next to the aggressor, slightly less frustrated. The aggressor looks over to the student in anger, the student is afraid.

There we go...

You shut up!

Evidently this student doesn’t want anyone to say anything...

2. SCOTT stands up, the aggressor is looking up at him.

That’s enough out of you...

3. SCOTT stands the aggressor up, looking down at him. Of course he meets with some flailing.

Let go of me you--

Curse at me one more time and I’ll extend your jail time.

4. A shot of the room outside of SCOTT’s office. A receptionist -- he is skinny, and has black short hair -- sits at his desk. SCOTT is walking out his office door with the aggressive student over to a chair.

Could you watch him please?

5. SCOTT removes the cuffs from one wrist and cuffs it to the leg of a table.


Duty calls?

You can say that.

6. SCOTT opens the door to his office about to walk back in. The receptionist chuckles.

Don’t push yourself too hard. You just might pop!

Strange... I thought I already did before.

Page 10. (Five panels)

1. SCOTT sits down facing the student, the student is still scared.

Okay, go ahead.

2. The a shot of the students face, evidently still terrified at the situation, he is unable to say anything.


Evidently I went too far... I need to calm him down...

3. The student looks back up to SCOTT, still scared.

Listen to me.

4. A front view of SCOTT giving off a reassuring face, even though he is not smiling.

I know I am threatening. I know I cuffed you the way I did, and I apologize. But I’m not here to be a bad guy. I’m just doing my job.

5. The student is hesitant, and slightly less terrified.


Good. Go on.

Page 11. (Seven panels)

1. (Top left) A flashback, the classroom is shown just before the outbreak occurred. The aggressor in the flashback whispering something to the student who is next to him.

The description is a bit shaky... He’s still terrified. But he’s still able to make out what happened.

2.(Next to Top Left) YOKO SHIZUNE  is shown slapping her hand on her podium with an angered look.

Miyazaki! Stop bothering Sato!

3.(Next to top Right) The aggressor referred to as MIYAZAKI stands up in protest, he looks toward the teacher in anger.

Hey! I’m not disrupting anything!

4.(Top Right) YOKO SHIZUNE wags her finger toward MIYAZAKI.

On the contrary, you are right now! Take a seat!

5.(Middle, stretching across the page) A front view of an angered MIYAZAKI - who is pointing at YOKO - and other students in the background giving him a look as if to say he’s gone crazy.

Why should I?! You started this!

BACKGROUND GIRL (Whisper, small text.)
Jeez... What’s his problem?

6.(Bottom Left) YOKO takes a pen and writes on a slip, most likely a detention form. She is glaring down at the paper through her spectacles.

That’s it. You will serve a detention tomorrow.

7.(Bottom Right) MIYAZAKI jumps moves out of his seat about to walk toward the teacher.

The hell I will!

1. A student blocks MIYAZAKI with his arms spread out. Chatter begs for him to cease and desist.

2. MIYAZAKI tries to get past him by pushing him away with no avail, he only stays there and struggles to keep him away.

3. The student blocking MIYAZAKI looks back at YOKO, yelling.

Shizune-sensei! Get help!

4. YOKO’s hand is shown pressing on a button under the surface of the podium.

I suggest everyone stay seated... You need to keep out of his way...

5. SATO (the student explaining the situation to SCOTT) sits in his seat terrified.

Sato! Guard the door!


6. MIYAZAKI looks back and glares at SATO as he struggles against the student trying to block him.

You better... I don’t want that cop coming in here!

7. SATO gets out of his seat grabbing a book. His face showing remorse. A group of students look on to him in disbelief.

You’re joking right?!

8. A side view of SATO standing ready to throw the book.

Page 13. (Full page)

1. SCOTT is shown opening the door as SATO is about to throw the book. SCOTT is all a shadow in the shot.


Piss off!

That’s how it happened...

Page 14. (Two panels)

1. (Left) Back to present time, SCOTT puts his elbow on the table with his face leaning on his clenched fist, his brow casts a shadow over his eyes, making SATO wondering what his emotions really are at the moment.

So yer’ telling me that the kid I put outside is some bully or something?

And a discriminative one at that...

2. (Right) SATO looks down in guilt.


Page 15. (Four Panels)

1. (Top Left) SCOTT puts a hand on SATO’s shoulder, he looks up in shock.

2. (Top Middle) A shot of SCOTT with his arm extended off panel, his arm covering the lower half of his face.

Let’s go talk to Shizune-sensei. I need proof.

3. (Top Right) Both SCOTT and SATO walk out of SCOTT’s office, SCOTT’s hand is behind SATO’s back, holding the cuffs so he can’t run.

Seems like a good kid... Then again he could be giving me *censored* for all I know...

4. (Bottom) The shadows of both cop and student cast upon the floor to the wall as they walk. (The windows are on the side of the characters as if the reader is by the window)

The kid’s trembling.

I seem to have either scared him *censored*less, or he’s just afraid of the situation itself...

Page 16. (Two Panels)

1. A far side view of a shadowy silhouette of SCOTT and SATO is shown with SCOTT knocking on the door.


2. A shot from behind SCOTT and SATO looking to YUKO who had just slid open the door.

I believe you owe me that talk ma’am.

Page 17. (Six Panels)

1. Shadowy figures of SCOTT, SATO, and YUKO discussing what SCOTT learned from SATO.

I explained the scenario the kid gave me to Yuko. She’s the only one at the scene who would either judge this as what exactly happened--

--Or that the kid is full of crap.

2. A side shot of SCOTT facing YUKO casually.

So what’s your point of view? Is he telling the truth?

3. A shot of YUKO’s face with her hand placed upon her chin. Her glasses are glared so the eyes aren’t shown through her glasses.

4. The same shot of YUKO, but this time her looking up to SCOTT (who is off panel) with the glare no longer hitting her glasses.

It’s all true. This student is telling the truth.

5. A side shot of SCOTT (reader facing wall) with a slight glare as he holds SATO

What about punishment? He still threw the book at me.

6. A shot of SATO’s slightly scared face.

You’re the judge and jury ma’am.

I can feel the kid trembling again... I don’t blame him.

Page 18. (Five Panels)

1. (Top left) A shadowy shot of YUKO raising her hand into the air with a finger pointed out.

She always will do this.

2. (Next to top left) A side shot of YUKO’s raised hand with the index finger pointing out.

She will always raise her finger to the air...

3. (Next to top right) The hand is now in a diagonal position, as if it was being lowered.

Tumble it down...

4. (Top Right) The hand is now in a horizontal position, pointing to the student.

And point at whoever her subject is.

5. (Bottom, taking up half of the page) A diagonal shot of all three of them, looking up to YUKO with SATO next to SCOTT, YUKO is pointing down to the student.

You will finish the day and receive a month suspension!

That was always one of the strange things I liked about her.

Page 19. (Three Panels)

1. A side shot of SCOTT uncuffing the cuffs behind SATO’s back. (SFX: CLLLK)


2. A shot of SCOTT’s hands removing the cuffs.

But let yourself be warned, kid.

3. An angled shot of SATO looking up at SCOTT as he moves away from him slightly.

I won’t hesitate to bring you in if you do it again...

Page 20. (Five panels)

1.(Top Left) SCOTT looks down at SATO with a slightly confused face.

Do you understand--


2. (Top Right) YUKO giggles looking down at SATO

I think he understands now.

3.(Middle, taking up ? of the page)  A side view of SATO bowing in apology with his eyes clenched.

I’m sorry for throwing that book at you! I’m sorry for everything!

4. (Bottom Left) YUKO looks to SCOTT with a smile on her face.

Well, isn’t that nice?

Yeah... I guess.

5. (Bottom Right) A side shot of SCOTT -- his arms now crossed-- looking down at the bowing SATO.

Page 21. (Four Panels)

1. SCOTT looks over to the door with a shadow casting from his brow over his eyes, SATO goes off panel back into the classroom.

2. A side shot of both SCOTT and YUKO, showing the door close. The two look at each other, SCOTT’s eyes are still covered in shadow while YUKO gives a smug smile looking up to him. They both shake hands. SCOTT’s free hand is in a pocket while YUKO uses both her hands to shake


Thank you so much for your help.

Thanks for calling me.

3. A shot of both their hands disconnecting, as if SCOTT is moving away.

Now if you’ll excuse me...

4. A diagonal shot of SCOTT walking away from YUKO. YUKO gives him a stare as if questioning what he’s going to do. SCOTT gives off a slight glare.

I have police business that I have to attend to.

Manga Creations / Re: Saint Anger
« on: July 16, 2012, 08:53:21 PM »
The thing is that I have it written in script format. Do you mind if I post a sample or something?

Manga Creations / Saint Anger
« on: July 16, 2012, 08:45:47 PM »
Inspired by my favorite Metallica album, Saint Anger is a story about an American born police officer  stationed in the day shift as a high school security officer, and at night, working with FBI to solve crimes. His name is Scott Morizaki.

In his days as a cop, he has developed a fatherly relationship with a young orphan named Aya. He eventually decides he wants to adopt her, but the day after he fills the forms; the day that he was supposed to pick her up; the orphanage itself is ravaged, leaving some dead employees, and all the children are gone. Scott attempts to investigate this, but because of nearly snapping at a suspect due to his anger issues, he is kicked off the case.

He tries and tries to have faith in his fellow officers, but he finds that to be nearly impossible, so he decides to investigate on his own, becoming the vigilante called Saint Anger.

Hello. My name is Cam Turner, and I am a writer. Simple enough, but I am beginning to write in comic format, as I am writing a script for my own manga series entitled "Saint Anger." I am here because I cannot draw to save my life, and I was hoping that I could collaborate with someone and possibly get this published.

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