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FanFics / Re: The Orphan Warrior
« on: November 17, 2008, 08:26:07 PM »
thanx guys.. i really appreciate your reviews.. they really helped me out.. i'll be adding the next chapter very soon and it's going to be entirely different than the previous thanx again    ;D

FanFics / Re: The Orphan Warrior
« on: November 08, 2008, 10:56:33 PM »
thanx guys i appreciated! the reason im writing in present tense is because this is dream/thought/memory and you'll find that out in the next chapter, not this one below.

A/N: Here is part 2 of episode 1! Thanks to the reviewers..well let's say my dear beloved fans, I really love you all, you all made my day and that's what kept me motivated to write even more.

Anyways.. Important notice! This is usually not the way I write stories.. The reason I'm writing like this is because... well.. eventually you'll find out in the next episode. So please just bear with me a little while as its going to get much more interesting than it is now. Trust me.. it's going to be a huge surprise when you find out next time.


The Orphan Warrior

By: Nabolion


" The Orphan Warrior "

Episode 1

--Lost and Found--

--Part 2--

--Title Page--

"You've lost those that are precious to you

And the one who did so

Was just provoking you in order to make you unlock

Your true hidden power."

Morunar noticed someone and looked to his right and felt a very strong aura flying towards him at an abnormal speed. Morunar smiled and glanced at Nemjiro.

"Oh-I almost forgot to mention, If you do come, then don't forget to bring your true power with you!" Morunar said with his legs lifted from the ground slowly as if he was ready to take off while looking over his shoulder to Nemjiro.

Nemjiro gazed at him very surprised as he never saw something like that before, someone ready to fly that is. Nemjiro pulled his face slowly higher towards Morunar.

"WHAAIIT? Where am I going to find you? At least tell me your name, God damn it" Nemjiro shrieked loudly and Morunar was already half his way up in the sky taking off like a rocket and disappeared without a sign as if the wind blew some dust.

"You'll find out sooner or later, son. However long it may take, I shall await you at the top." Morunar whispered as if he was talking in someone's dream. Nemjiro glimpsed at the empty sky with his left fist pointing at nowhere and was very shocked.

"NOOOO..WHAAAIIIT? DAMN YOU.. DAAMN YOUU" Nemjiro wailed with pain and sorrow and dropped to his knees and cried.

He stared at his motionless family in front of him. The heavily rain that was pouring like never finally stopped as if the evil spirit disappeared along with it and the sky cleared the way while the sun shined selfishly than ever.

Daichi was flying at an abnormal speed, he slowed down as he looked beneath him and noticed Nemjiro's weak aura. Daichi finally landed down and disappeared. He appeared in an instant standing tall behind Nemjiro. His body was all muscled and well build and wasn't that scary looking, but instead you could say a bit old looking.

Daichi had short spiky white hair that really suited him along with his black eyes that looked like a hawk that made you want to hang around with him, yet keeping a distance from him. He had a long white beard that made you want to touch it. Daichi was wearing a long black cloak with two symbols traveled along with him, a symbol of a lion on the back and a dragon on the front.

Nemjiro noticed someone behind him and was too scared to look back and couldn't bother to. He looked already worn out of what happened to him today. Nemjiro changed his mind and took a look over his shoulder and tried to look behind him and half way his turn with his right eye, he already realized who was standing behind him and an innocent smile came out with a painful tear with it.

"Grand Pa..?" Nemjiro exclaimed with his face dramatically changed to a happy one. Daichi is the grand father of Nemjiro, however we don't know yet why he was late or why he wasn't living with his family. Nemjiro was a little thrilled to see Daichi as if he never saw him before.

"DAMN..I..Was..Late..Again.." Daichi shouted and stared at the sky for a minute as if he already knew who did this horrible incident. Daichi looked at his lifeless family and stretched his fists out of anger while Nemjiro looked at him with sorrowfulness and pain.

"Grand Pa..They're dead..They're all dead" Nemjiro said dispirited. Daichi glanced at him depressed and miserable.

"I know son, I know." Daichi replied downhearted and took the first step towards his family. Daichi shambled towards his motionless family and appeared next to Nemjiro as he didn't had anything to offer him and stretched his long arms and picked Nemjiro's mother with his right which is his daughter and with his left he pulled Nemjiro's father and placed each of them on his massive muscled shoulders. After Nemjiro saw this; he quickly dashed and grabbed his little sister and rested her on his back.

A couple of days later both Daichi and Nemjiro appeared standing opposite their respective family graves praying where they buried them where they had died, at their back garden that is. Nemjiro's closed sorrowful green eyes and his cute little innocent face made you want to cry along with him.

Daichi's serious and pitiable face made you feel as if he was going to die along with the flow. He looked at his grand son for a moment and as soon as he peeked at him, Nemjiro wretched as he couldn't hold it any longer and jumped at Daichi and gave him a big hug as a sign that he is the last one that he have. Daichi looked at him dejected with a long awaited tear along with it.

"Son..Go and pack your stuff..We're leaving this place" Woebegone announced Daichi while Nemjiro peeked at him forlorn.

"Leaving? Why?" Nemjiro asked jumping from him his shoulders in a surprise.

"I'll tell you later." Daichi told him.

"But..Where are we going? And when are we coming back?" Nemjiro asked him in confusion. Daichi got a bit annoyed as he knows what he's talking about.

"I said I'll tell you all about it later on. Now, I need you to go and pack everything you have. We don't have much time to waste here." Daichi repeated with a satisfying stare.

"Daichi? You're really scaring me now" Nemjiro exclaimed taking a step back.

"Son, I'm sorry. Just listen to me, OK?" Daichi requested enjoyable.

"OK" Nemjiro said with relief and rushed to the door that lead him to the stairs to his room and got there safely and packed everything he got or thought that is important to him and as he left his room and walked out of it, he stopped by and checked his father's and mother's room that was being shared between them for eight years since he was born.

Dad..Though you were strict and cold sometimes...

You treated me with respect and always tried to spend more time with me so you could train me and widen me with your wisdom.

Mom..Really what made you special to me is that you always knew what I went through and how I really felt.

You had that ability to see underneath the underneath...

At the end you were always the one that made my day go unnoticed and you and my sister always made the house look so cheerful.

And lastly as he took some memories along with him, he came across his little sister's small room filled with colors and puzzles and teddy bears. Nemjiro swung his feet smoothly as he couldn't take it anymore peeping at his little sister's room. He closed the peaceful door gently with some tears left at the door panel.

Dear sister, how are you? I hope you can hear me out there, resting in the heavenly heaven.

I hope you're watching me now, I really wish you were here by my side cuddling me.

If there's one thing I'm regretting right now; Then it's me being lazy not bringing you the special ice cream that you love on time...

Because it was too hot that day and I was thinking when I got home, how you were going to beat me in pieces but...

Sadly enough when I got there it started to rain and the ice cream melted and it was such a waste.

Even more pitiable and miserable is that it was the same day that you whispered to me to run because you all were...

Y-you w-were a-all..Not among the living anymore.

Truly..You all are phenomenal and adorable to the extent where I, hereby promise of a lifetime to you all that one day that I will avenge all of your blood from that monster and hopefully I will thereby come and visit you all to be there with you...For once and for all...

T-thank y-you..May heaven always be there for you..May I be there soon with you..Thank you...

Nemjiro thought to himself silently. Meanwhile, Daichi took a last glimpse around the house. He saunter to the living room and gazed at the motionless furniture and as he was coming out of the living room, he noticed something that caught his sharp eyes. He slugged down silently and picked an object from the floor. He peered at it pitiable and dejected with a depressed smile.

"I'm sorry. I guess I'm going to break that promise" Daichi spoke to him self and stared at the object even more, which was a picture that showed his daughter along with her husband, little sister, Nemjiro and Daichi all together standing next to each other connected their hands and shoulders and were all elated and blissful.

Nemjiro jumped from the last remaining steps of the stairs carrying along a bag on his back and Daichi swung his head and looked at him as if he missed him already.

"Nemjiro? Here, Take this with you" Daichi called downhearted. Nemjiro took the picture and not long before he dropped his dispirited tears as if it poured rain again. Daichi closed his eyes wretched.

"I suppose you'll need it. Let's have a minute of silence." Daichi believed disheartened leaving Nemjiro and him praying towards their respective family for a moment.

"Are you ready, Son?" Daichi asked gently. Nemjiro was a little relieved and looked more focused and serious.

"I'm ready, Pa." Nemjiro repeated overjoyed.

This boy...He's already getting used to the sights that recently happened around him...

Perhaps now is the time...What am I saying...

Now now...This is definitely the time...And I knew that very well all along...

Nemjiro...I really hope for you to become a truly recognized warrior among this world.

I know that it isn't going to be easy for you...Whether you make it or not...

You only have a limited time...As for me...My time breathing is finally coming to an end.

And besides you have your mysterious power that I sealed it within you which I too once had...'Sotenkigo' that is.

No wonder I got older by the time I realized it...Well what can I say...I guess it's time for you now to take it all.

Although your 'Hadazun' is very low right now...I assure you that one day it's going to be incredible strong.

May I now wish you luck with your life...May you make it somehow at the end...

Whichever the case turns out...You're going to be among the top 'Karosamu'...If not the strongest.

Well...Let's just say with 'Shikanumi' and 'Runushu' that are going to be travelling along with you...

Then there's no way you'll be lonely anymore...Nor weak...And of course not losing a battle anymore.

Oh my, Oh my...What am I thinking in a time like this...I better hurry and take this kid to 'Uchutamu'.

Before that dimension time limit runs up...Nemjiro...It's going to be all fine...For once and for all.

Daichi spaced out for awhile. He sighed as he was more relieved that his grand son is able to cope with the situation and took the first step towards the door that will lead them to the outside world. He stretched his right arm and placed it at the door panel with its muscled strong hand and inched the old, heavy grumpy door slowly while looking over his shoulder at Nemjiro one more time with confidence and a pleased smirk.

"Good, Because..We're..Leaving..This..Place..For..Ever..." Daichi announced pleasurable. Nemjiro crawled towards him lighthearted. The two disappeared in a flash light as if they were going to be away for a long time.

A/N: "Sotenkigo" meaning 'The Legendary Twins'.

A/N: "Hadazun" meaning chakra, aura, energy or paranormal. For example in Naruto they use 'Chakra' and it's their main source of power. Well in this case, I've looked around and done some research where I could use something similar to that and I came up with this title that I, myself have invented. It's a mixture of letters meaning 'Body & Mind', but I recall it paranormal or aura as I've stated above.

A/N: "Karosamu" meaning wise or knowing warrior.

A/N: "Shikanumi" meaning 'Lion God'.

A/N: "Runushu" meaning 'Dragon Goddess'.

A/N: "Uchutamu" meaning the 'Dimension of Space and Time'. Again, I invented this phrase as it's something unique and to do with the story. I got the idea when I was thinking where could I let Daichi train Nemjiro and then I came up with this idea and I won't spoil it for you, but if you're smart enough then you can have a rough idea from the meaning itself that I stated above.

A/N: "Akaplini" meaning the 'Red Planet', 'Aka' means red in Japanese and 'Plini' means planet in the Lojban language. It took me ages to come up with a title for this world.

To Be Continued...

The tragic incident happened, Nemjiro lost his family and has been found by his grand father, Daichi that is.

Daichi is taking Nemjiro somewhere, whether he's going to reveal the truth about him or simply train him.

He's going to guide him into becoming a true warrior in the world Akaplini.

Find out what happens next as Nemjiro will finally start his vengeance adventure.

Hope you liked it and please continue to review! I really treasure those reviews as they help me out a lot.

Be sure to review and check back weekly for my updates!

Questions? Reviews? Characters you like or hate so far? Feel free to drop me a line.

Thank You in Advance...

FanFics / Re: The Orphan Warrior
« on: November 06, 2008, 09:32:25 PM »
wat u sed is tru and i just cudnt find any other words for that villian.. but it were only just a few words and it aint dat bad either.. so anyway dis is only the beginning and you'll be surprised by the coming chapters.. so stay tuned..

FanFics / Re: The Orphan Warrior
« on: November 06, 2008, 08:00:37 PM »
A/N: Episode 1 is finally out! Hope you all enjoy it and I'm looking forward for them feedbacks and thanks to the reviewers so far and I promise I'll keep you entertained and updated as much as I can... Peace.


The Orphan Warrior

By: Nabolion


" The Orphan Warrior "

Episode 1

--Lost and Found--

--Part 1--

--Title Page--

"When you loose those that are precious to you

And you know that no matter what you do

That you can't bring them back

Then there's one thing you can do to feel satisfied

It's known as vengeance."

In a world that's not meant for the weak, where no man can look back, only the strong can survive.

There was a time when the Universe had only one place to look after, it was the planet Akaplini.

It's also known as the 'Red Planet' to some people, as the name suggests, it is a world that surrounds hell.

A world filled with blood and where hell rests its fire and where mighty cruel warriors kill with no mercy.

Those warriors carry a code along, known to them as 'Honor, Pride and Respect.’

The race of those warriors is called 'Karosamu', just like we're called humans.

The Karosamu race, they're without doubt the most feared and strongest race in this world, the planet Akaplini that is.

Karosamu consists of three advanced bloodline limits only known to warriors when they're born.

And by the tender age of five you got trained to become a true warrior in order to succeed your next generation.

Although peace never revealed itself in this world, there's someone out there that is trying to bring it.

Actually, this person does not want just to bring peace, but to destroy this utter world to let the peace to be born naturally.

Whether he turns to be good or evil, at the end of the day he'll be recognized as 'The Destined Child'.

And now... Take us gently to the past and let us witness the sights that happened that made the world as it is now.

The rain is relentless, down pouring as if the floodgates of heaven had opened up in the morning sky. Lightning illuminated the way ahead and the thunder echoed through his body like a massive war drum. Tai*censored*i, a small village somewhere in the world Akaplini wasn't anymore peaceful because if the rain ever poured, then something terrifying would soon take place.

"Wh-where's everyone?" Whispered a young eight-year old boy as the wind aggressively went through his body with a shocking, strong and life threatening aura which was scattered all around him.

Wet and disheartened, Nemjiro slogs through the muddy, wet grass until he sees a pool of blood ahead of him which made him worried and trembling. He then accidentally walks over something familiar to him, he looked underneath him only to see a little innocent hand with its five finger nails juddering his toes while his eyes started to widen up as if he saw a monster ahead of him.

He bends down the cloud of smoke which appeared like the fog city and saw some familiar eyes blinking in and out at him and quickly realized that the small innocent eyes belonged to his little sister. He kneeled down the muddy grass surprised as he didn't knew what to say or to do while his little sister started to cough some blood out.

"Br-brother? I-If you have the time, Please... Run!" The little sister requested with a little of hope for him if he'll ever make it out alive.

With that last emotional phrase being said, Nemjiro finds himself standing over the corpses of his family. The smoke began to fade away in slow motion while Nemjiro's family appeared to be all dead lying down next to each other connected with their hands in a triangle as if they were in some sort of a puzzle. The little sister faded her last look at him with a smirk as if she'll be waiting for him in heaven.

Nemjiro slowly fades away with snow tears being dropped and becomes speechless as his mouth stretched wide open along with his eyes that couldn't believe what it just saw. His family were all covered in blood, landing his hands on top of them, only taking some blood of each of them to covered it on his face.

"No-nooooo! Wh-why? Un-unforgivable!" bellowed the young boy once more looking in despair at his lifeless family ahead of him.

While Nemjiro's life is turned upside down, a scary and heavily breeze heated the atmosphere as Nemjiro was facing his lifeless family with a deep stare and noticed that someone appears before him, standing tall opposite him with a smirk and scary face along with it's long black hair that waved like a storm and the medium sized red eyes that looked like a demon and the massive muscled body that made you want to touch it. This person was wearing a white long cloak with three skulls in the middle and had huge boots that looked like those lost cowboys in the desert and his name is Morunar. Morunar is going to play a bigger role as the story goes on.

"Oh my, Oh my. Stop being a crybaby! People die everyday..Raise your self child?" Morunar blubbered looking at the handsome little boy in front of him.

As soon as the heavily aggressively wind went by, Nemjiro couldn't help himself but to shake like an earthquake and wetting his pants like a pool of water and tried to look up to this stranger, Morunar that is. Nemjiro looked very slowly up his way to Morunar so he could see this cursed face of his that killed his motionless family lying next to him.

"Wh-why?" Nemjiro cried with some hesitation.

Morunar ignored Nemjiro or better yet, he pretended to be deaf while looking up in the sky as if he was spacing out and Nemjiro couldn't take it anymore as he was still kneeling down with his face covered by his family blood and for a second he closed his eyes with despair.

"I said why? What the hell did they do to you?" Nemjiro exclaimed opening his eyes set straight at Morunar.

"Huh! Nothing really" Morunar replied gently.

Nemjiro stretched his surprisingly eyes wide while in shock and fear and Morunar addressed him a look of fear and smiled at him selfishly.

"Nothing, you say?." The boy whispered softly while Morunar gave him a serious face expression.

"I just played with them!"

"Just played with them, hu." Nemjiro again replied gently and smoothly as Morunar gets annoyed by him a little and stared at his family with a smirk.

"Uh mm... Yeah! That's what I just said, boy!"

Nemjiro couldn't take it anymore and stretched both his hands which were full of blood and pointed his left fist towards Morunar as if he were challenging him or if he dared to say that again while his eyes became focused.

"Don't screw with me, You monster!" Nemjiro hollered aggressively and before he could catch a breath, Morunar walked up to him slowly with a huge sword on his back.

"Monster! Now now.. Watch what comes out your mouth, boy" Morunar called taking a step forward.

"Stop screwing with me you damn monster, I said why the hell did you kill my family?" Nemjiro waged while Morunar switches serious and stretched his right arm towards Nemjiro with one of his long fingers pointed straight at Nemjiro's innocent face.

"You see, I just wanted to play with them, but unfortunately they didn't want to play along, So...!!" Morunar stopped.

"So...!" Nemjiro interrupted raising him self up.

Indeed.. This's the child that I was looking for all this time.. To think he was in a place like this.. He's definitely the one.
Morunar thought for a little while.

Nemjiro waited patiently for an answer, soaked to death and tears dropped from a second to second and looked at his beloved dead family and wished that if he was in their place instead of them lying down selfishly like slaves while Morunar took back his stretched right hand that was pointed at Nemjiro and instead opened his hands freely as if he was talking about politics or if he was the president, along with a smile and a look at Nemjiro's dead family for a second.

"So... I stopped playing, as.. you.. can.. see...!" Morunar continued.

"And... For what reason?" Nemjiro raised his voice while Morunar totally ignored him and instead paid his attention at the beautiful, evil sky as if there lies something behind it that we, with our very own eyes couldn't see.

"Why don't you come with me, boy?" Morunar exclaimed while Nemjiro looked straight confidently at Morunar and started to bite his teeth selfishly while his hearth was burned with anger and hate towards him.

"SHUT UUUP... What do you know about me, Huh? You killed my parents, my little sister and now you want me to go with you?" Nemjiro shouted and Morunar smiled at him, pointed one of his scary fingers at him.

"Oh my, Oh my, You don't understand? I know a lot about you, boy. I've been watching you before you were even born. Just like I know your name, Right Nemjiro?" Morunar revealed.

Before I was born.. What the..! Nemjiro thought for a moment.

Nemjiro began to gaze at Morunar as he didn't know what he was talking about and at the same time very confused likely not because he was still a kid, but because he was shocked from his family death that are lying next to him and simply couldn't cope with it as his legs were shaking like an earth quake.

"I SAID... SHUT UUPP... I'M GOING TO KILL YOU" Nemjiro shouted with pain while Morunar laughed selfishly while his eyes popped out like a frog.

"Kill me, Huh?" Morunar whispered with both hands stretched fully out on his chest as if he killed him self.

"That's right, boy. If you want to kill me, then curse me, hate me. Scream miles away, bring out your anger, your vengeance. Live your ugly life.. And run.. Run.. Cling to life.. And one day when you think you're ready, Come before me. That is.. If you ever make it" Morunar announced and Nemjiro listened walking slowly towards him with his green eyes full of sorrow that sparkle like that of a stream.

A sudden change, not too long ago before someone was flying high in the sky, nothing interesting could you see from this person except just a part of his old face and spiky white hair along with its black eyes and was flying at an tremendous speed like flash and his aura was pretty much strong and dangerous, and maybe you could compare it to Morunar, or maybe not. He was flying with a far vision and worry on his face and this person name is Daichi.

"Please.. Heavenly heaven.. Let me make it in time." Daichi's mind screamed silently. His mouth formed the words but no sound would come.

To be Continued...

Morunar appeared out of nowhere, killed Nemjiro's family as if nothing had happened.

Nemjiro's life is turned upside down, but who is this person that is trying to make it in time.

Find out next time.. Same place.. Same time..

Be sure to review and I'll update soon.

Hope you liked it and please continue to review! I really treasure those reviews as they help me out a lot.

Questions? Reviews? Characters you like or hate so far? Feel free to drop me a line.

Thank You in Advance...

FanFics / The Orphan Warrior
« on: November 04, 2008, 09:56:42 PM »
A/N: Helloooz people! Helloooz readers and writers around the world..!

Welcome to my story.. this is my first ever story and I actually had it locked in my mind for quite awhile and I finally said to my self.. you know what! I'll give it a try and share it with the world.

BTW! The picture in my avatar is Nemjiro! The main character in this story and my character designer did it for me.

So below is some junkie info about this manga story filled with action that will get you started and of course a short prologue that definitely will pump you up good..!

OH I almost forgot!.. PLEASE..Please if you read this story then Please DO REVIEW BACK.. Because I know people if read it then many just go back and leave..It's fine with me..But if you read and liked it then PLEASE leave a review to show your appreciation to me..It's not that hard you know..just submit something whether it's good or bad..I honestly don't mind..Anyways enough with the big talk and let's get on with the show..Peace.


Title: The Orphan Warrior

Author: Nabolion

Rating: PG-13/ T

Pairings: Shounen-ai / Hetero

Warning: Violence, intense battle scenes, language, nudity, some sexual content, angst, gore, suicide, mass death

Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Supernatural / Humor / Drama

MXM MXF FXF: Male vs Male / Male vs Female / Female vs Female

Tagline: Life, Death , Revenge in between.

Summary: "In a world that's not meant for the weak, where no man can look back, only the strong can survive. A young orphan named Nemjiro, spent his childhood training under his Grandfather when he discovers a mysterious hidden power within him, a power with limitless speed, power, and ability. Harboring a thirst for revenge against the planet Akaplini for their actions against his family, Nemjiro wages war against Morunar, the cruel warrior who murdered his family. Using his newfound mysterious power known as Sotenkigo, Nemjiro goes in an all out mode in attempts to fulfill his childhood vow, to destroy the planet Akaplini."


The Orphan Warrior

By: Nabolion


" The Orphan Warrior "

Prologue: Introduction

--Title Page--

"Vengeance is mine.. I created it.. That's right.

I created it.. Lived by it.. And will die before it.

So.. I ask you to stand tall and be ready...

My dear avenger.. The time has finally come."

I'm an orphan that was destined to be an avenger...

Though I don't recall the time when this happened...

But what I'm sure of is that I'll be seeking revenge for an eternity...

At least finding the mighty cruel warrior who made me into this and make him suffer as I did...

And of course still 'I am suffering'...

Until that day approaches.. I'll be ready for it...

But right now.. I'm nothing more than a wasted trash.. Likely because of that feeling...

That feeling of happiness and calmness.. It just happens to be lost...

Or perhaps it died a long time ago...

Or to put it simply.. It might not have been even existed in the first place...

I always thought to myself how people get their happiness and calmness from...

When I see someone smiling.. It reminds me of my old self... Always caring and happy...

Until.. Until I lost the most precious thing in my life.. My dear beloved family that is.

They weighed more than the Universe.. and yet they blew like a breeze from a mere human...

Or so I thought...

Could you define the word 'Revenge' for me?

Better yet.. Did you ever lived or went through vengeance?

Even so.. I don't think you'll ever understand how I felt that time...

A time where emotions were sealed...

A time where my soul was stolen...

A time where I was lost...

And where I was found.. Once again...

How would you feel when there’s no light to be seen.. No sound to be heard and no imagination to be thought off?

But.. How would you feel if you lived in that world?

Which you can only see is darkness.. Hear voices of your beloved dead family in the background..

And imagining them when they were happy back alive.

You’d probably feel the loneliest and saddest person in the world.. Right?

Not for this young orphan anyway.. I feel exact the opposite of you.. Why?

Because I'm a man with no feelings.. Certainly not.

It's because this world is only meant to be created for me.. just me.

I and only I can live and die in this wrecked world.

And when finally the day approaches.. I’ll turn this world into an endless dream when we meet again an eye for an eye.

Till that day comes.. I will not allow a single light, sound and picture into my world...

Not until I avenge my family blood that I’ve been holding it and storing it in my heart for years to freeze and disappear.

The possibilities are endless... I'm coming Akaplini...

My name is Nemjiro...

And here is my story...

To Be Continued…

A/N: Here you go folks! If you liked it and is interested then by all means please let me know by leaving a review. If it doesn't get many reviews then It'll be a while before I update it again..So if you want this to continue..Then please review now!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Infernus Bushi: The Characters
« on: February 21, 2008, 03:29:52 AM »
thank you, thank you, I appreciate it..

BTW, Is there any Artists in here, cuz I'm really looking for one right now, well i've been looking for him for a long time actually, but damn.. he's hiding somewhere I!

FanFics / Re: Infernus Bushi: The Manga & Novel
« on: February 21, 2008, 03:24:51 AM »
futuristic, hu? I don't know about that!, It's actually more historical and fantasy, adventure, drama and ofcourse but you'll know that later on in the story, that is ofcourse if you'll read it, which I hope you    :D

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Infernus Bushi: The Characters
« on: February 17, 2008, 09:43:55 PM »
thanks guys, I really appreciate it.. as for the story line, you can read it in my blog ( the link is below ) and as for the drawing, man.. I wish I was good at it, but it's just not my thing, lol.. is my characters designer and he's really talented, anyways.. Thank you again. Peace   ;)

Manga Art Gallery / Infernus Bushi: The Characters
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Main Characters


The main protagonist of Infernus Bushi, Rakopan is an 18 year old youth. Rakopan can be quite cocky and arrogant at times, but is always able to back up his statements with his mysterious fighting skills. He always stands up for himself and others and he's unafraid almost to the point of recklessness, but rarely gets angry or out of control. Most of the time, he is serious, quiet, and not talkative. Rakopan ultimate goal is to avenge his family blood whom were killed by a stranger ( from the planet Mavors ) called Morunar in order to provoke Rakopan to unlock his mysterious hidden power.


Daichi the Guardian, he's the grand father of Rakopan. He takes Rakopan under his wing since his daughter (Rakopan mother) and her husband and Rakopan little sister were murdered. After the tragic incident Daichi takes Rakopan far away from their home to train him in a secret place called the Dimension of Space and Time. At that time Rakopan was only 8 years old and Daichi tells him about his mysterious hidden power within him and Daichi trains Raidon for 10 days in reality, but in the dimension of space and time it's 10 years.

Further characters are currently under development.

I'm doing the best as I can to produce the rest of the characters, so don't forget to check from time to time.

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OK, Hello everyone, I know this chapter is really late and I'm really really sorry for that as I was busy doing other things. Anyway, I've changed the names again, but I promise I'll never ever change them again, Raidon just had to go, i found out it's being used too much and Elroy as well, so They're Rakopan and Morunar now. hope u like them because I really do and they have meanings, but ain't goin to tell anyway enjoy the chapter and let me know what you think... Peace..... :D

Infernus Bushi , The Manga & Novel

Chapter 4 - The Dimension of Space and Time

Page 1

Panel 1: Rakopan and Daichi are standing next to each other while Daichi serious face facing Rakopan and while Rakopan staring at him shocked and confused, They're still in the white room.

Daichi: ..........!
Rakopan: 1.....10 daaaaays, You say?
Rakopan: Nooooo waaay?

Daichi: I'm afraid it is, Son.

Rakopan: Daichi? Hold on a second?

Panel 2: Rakopan puts a silly face towards Daichi while Daichi is smiling at him.

Daichi: What is it

Rakopan: Uhm, How on earth is 10 days going to change me?

Daichi: Well, That depends on how hard you work.

Panel 3: Rakopan and Daichi drop to their knees and sit down while Rakopan is confused and sad.

Rakopan: Ah, I see. Rakopan: Well, If that's the case then, I'm sorry!

Daichi: Sorry about what?

Rakopan: I..... I just won't do this.

Panel 4: Daichi is surprised while Rakopan is mad and serious.

Daichi: Is that so?
Daichi: I didn't knew that you were the type to give up that easily.

Rakopan: And you're right, It's true that I'm not.

Rakopan: But, What the hell did you think of when you said that we only have 10 days left?

Daichi: Rakopan?
Daichi: So, You really think that 10 days isn't enough, Hu?

Panel 5: Rakopan looks at Daichi like he doesn't care and Daichi puts a serious face towards him.

Rakopan: .....Yeah.....
Rakopan: What you'd expect?

Daichi: You're really mistaken there, Son.
Daichi: Those 10 days will really do the work.

Rakopan: What work?
Rakopan: Daichi, 10 days is impossible to turn me into a warrior?

Page 2

Panel 1: Rakopan lays down and puts his hands underneath his head like a pillow and closes his eyes while Daichi puts a smurk on his face.

Daichi: Instead of us urguing wether the time is enough or not, We should start...
Daichi: The training instead, Don't you think so?

Rakopan: Daichi, Please?
Rakopan: 10 days is just enough for me to learn flying instead.

Daichi: Ha ha haaa, Really?

Panel 2: Rakopan is still laying down in thw white room while Daichi lays down as well with his eyes open looking up.

Rakopan: ..........!

Daichi: Son, I can teach you flying in just 6 hours, But...
Daichi: Not before you get your lazy ass up and start taking this seriously.

Rakopan: Saaaay whaaaat?
Rakopan: 6 hours? Are you kidding me?

Panel 3: Rakopan opens his eyes while laying down surprised and Daichi closes his eyes instead.

Rakopan: That's amazing, Please teach me?

Daichi: Son, As I said before, Time is running out.
Daichi: So, We can either start the training now or never?

Rakopan: Daichi? If it's 10 days we have, Then it's 10 days we get.

Daichi: ..........!

Panel 4: Rakopan stretches his upper body and puts his arms around his knees like he's doing push-ups and Daichi is still laying down with his eyes still closed.

Rakopan: Well, Come on?

Daichi: ..........!

Rakopan: Heloooo, Do you even hear me?

Daichi: ..........!
Daichi: It's been a long time...

Panel 5: Rakopan is still sitting with his arms around his knees while Daichi opens his right eye and smiling.

Rakopan: ..........!

Daichi: Since I came in this room...
Daichi: Ever since I sealed the legendary Mavors power into you.

Rakopan: ..........!

Daichi: Oh well, That just brings back memories.
Daichi: Ah, That just shouldn't matters anymore.

Page 3

Panel 1: Daichi opens both of his eyes with a serious face and Rakopan is still sitting with his arms around his knees looking surprised and angry.

Rakopan: What have you been doing then, Daichi?

Daichi: ..........!
Daichi: You need not to know that right now.

Rakopan: NO, I do?
Rakopan: I want to know what kept you busy all these years...
Rakopan: That wouldn't let you stay with us?

Daichi: ..........!

Panel 2: Daichi lifts his upper body with his legs stretched out and looks at Rakopan with a
serious face while Rakopan is staring at him with a serious face too.

Daichi: Rakopan, I'll tell you everything while I train you.

Rakopan: I don't think so, I'm not a kid anymore, You know.
Rakopan: I have the right to understand everything, Now?

Daichi: And I said that now it's not the right time.
Daichi: Son, Trust me. You'll know everything in time, But...
Daichi: Right now we should train and make the most out of those remaining days.

Rakopan: OK, If you say so...

Panel 3: Daichi and Rakopan are still sitting the same as they did before while Daichi is looking at him with a serious face and Rakopan too.

Daichi: Well then, Before we finally start on the training...
Daichi: There's some things that need to be made clear.

Rakopan: ..........!

Daichi: First of all, This white room that I've created long ago...
Daichi: Is a secret place that no one can reach us in any means...
Daichi: In other words, We're in an another dimension right now.

Panel 4: Rakopan and Daichi finally stand up and they're standing next to each other with Daichi scary face and Rakopan surprisingly, shocked and confused face expression.

Rakopan: ..........!
Rakopan: Another dimension?

Daichi: Thats's right, Son.
Daichi: So, You shouldn't call it a white room anymore or...
Daichi: Else we'll be stuck here for ever, Before you know it, Ha ha haaa

Rakopan: Daichi, So you mean since I ever came here...

Daichi: Yeah, You basically left the outside world and entered this dimension.

Panel 5: Rakopan is surprised and is staring at Daichi while Daichi puts a smurk on his face.

Daichi: This dimension is unique and at the same time very dangerous.
Daichi: So, You'll have to stick with me all the time, Otherwise...
Daichi: You'll get lost and if you do, Then you're pretty much dead.
Daichi: Just think of this as if you were alone in the jungle, What would you do?

Rakopan: Uhm, Try and find out a way out of the jungle, I suppose.

Daichi: Not only that, Because before you know it you'd be dead...
Daichi: So, Before you try and find a way out, You should survive first, Just like a snake.

Page 4

Panel 1: Rakopan is confused, surprised and a little scared as Daichi smiles at him, they're still standing next to each other.

Rakopan: Daichi, what will happen to us now?

Daichi: Isn't it obvious?
Daichi: I'll leave you here on your own and run...
Daichi: Let's just hope that you'll make it out of here, Ha ha haaa.

Rakopan: Daichi, That's really not funny.

Daichi: Relax son, Even if you get lost, I'll find you.
Daichi: I'm still the creator of this dimension, Remember?

Panel 2: Daichi and Rakopan are both still standing next to each other with Rakopan innocent, shocked face and Daichi strong willing face expression.

Rakopan: Ah, You love to scare me, isn't?

Daichi: Not really, Anyhow the second thing you should know is a little more details...
Daichi: About this dimension, Don't worry, We're still in the planet Earth, So...
Daichi: Can you tell me how you felt ever you stepped your feets in this dimension?

Rakopan: ..........!
Rakopan: Uhm, How I felt, Hu?
Rakopan: I felt my body weight is getting sucked in, That's how I feel till this moment!

Panel 3: Rakopan lifts his hands and looks at them while Daichi's serious face is staring at him.

Daichi: I see, And do you know why or should I explain it to you?

Rakopan: Uhm, Maybe because we're in a different dimension, I don't know!

Daichi: Yeah maybe, But also because this is an dimension where the space and time...
Daichi: Are completely running differently than the outside world.

Rakopan: Space and time.....?

Panel 4-5: Daichi looks up with his right arm stretched out and hand pointing up while Rakopan looks up as well surprised and shocked because there's no ceiling, it's just all a white space.

Daichi: Rakopan, This room or dimension is the key to your vengeance!
Daichi: Without this, You'll have no chance against the First Seven and...
Daichi: Definetly not Morunar.

Rakopan: ..........!
Rakopan: I must say, This place is giving me the chills already.

Daichi: Son, I see you haven't noticed it yet?

Page 5

Panel 1: Daich and Rakopan look at each other while Daichi is smiling and Rakopan is confused and surprised.

Rakopan: ..........!

Daichi: In that case I should explain it to you.
Daichi: Listen, Why do you think your body weight is heavy in this dimension?
Daichi: It's not just because of the space and time that are running differently...
Daichi: In other words, The space and time in this dimension are crawling like a turtle.

Panel 2-3: Daichi puts a smurk on his face and looks at Rakopan while Rakopan is shocked and is looking to his left amazed.

Rakopan: You m..... mean the time and space in this dimension i..... is.....

Daichi: Is slower than you can ever imagine.

Rakopan: ..........!
Rakopan: So, Wait a minute, If it's that slow, Then why do we only have 10 days left in here?

Daichi: ..........!
Daichi: Well, That's the point that I was reffering to all this time.

Panel 4-5: Rakopan looks at Daichi confused and surprised while Daichi is staring at him with a smurk.

Rakopan: ..........!

Daichi: Look, As I said before this dimension and the outside world are both set apart...
Daichi: But, We're still in the planet Earth or, It's just that we're somewhere between...
Daichi: The Earth and the Universe, That's all to it.
Daichi: So, The point is that the space and time in this dimension are different from the Earth.

Rakopan: ..........!

Page 6

Panel 1: Daichi and Rakopan are standing next to each other in a diaganol angle while Rakopan looks amazed about this dimension and Daichi puts a serious face towards him.

Daichi: So, Since we ever came here, The time we been in this dimension is...
Daichi: Only about 30 minutes in the outside world, But in this dimension is...
Daichi: About a day and a half.

Rakopan: A..... a day and half, You say we been in this room for a day and a half?

Daichi: Yeah, That's how this dimension works, So in other words a day in reality is...
Daichi: A year in this dimension, 12 hours in reality is 6 months in this dimension...

Panel 2-3: Rakopan puts his right hand on his stomach and his face expression is like he's hungry while Daichi looks at him with a smile.

Rakopan: Yahooooo, This's amazing, Really amazing.
Rakopan: Now I get it, So if 1 day in reality is a year in this dimension, Then that means...

Daichi: It means that we're going to stick here for a while, 10 years that is.

Rakopan: Amaaaazing, Yahooooo, 10 years is bloody long though.
Rakopan: And besides, I'm really hungry right now, No wonder the time and space go slowly.

Daichi: Food can wait, there's plenty of it, But not before I tell you everything.

Panel 4-5: Rakopan and Daichi are still standing in a diagonal angle and Rakopan looks tired probably from the hunger and is surprised and shocked at Daichi while Daichi puts a smurk on his face.

Rakopan: Ah, And here I though that I'm finally going to eat, So what else you want to say?

Daichi: Well, For 10 years you going to train to be a real warrior and for the...
Daichi: First five years, You'll turn to a powerful warrior and as for the...
Daichi: Second five years, I'm going to turn you into a demon.

Rakopan: A d..... demon.....?

Daichi: Well, Do you want to take revenge or you changed your mind?

Rakopan: Ofcourse I'm going to take revenge, Even If you turn me to a demon!

Page 7

Panel 1: Daichi puts his right hand on Rakopan's right shoulder with a serious face while Rakopan is surprised and serious too.

Daichi: Well, That's good to hear.
Daichi: Anyway, I'm going to divide the training into two parts, The first parts is...
Daichi: Turning you into a strong warrior and the second part is to be a demon...
Daichi: So, You'll be a warrior and at the same time a demon, Don't forget that?

Rakopan: Uhm, Sounds fun to me?

Panel 2: Rakopan and Daichi are staring at each other with serious faces while Daichi hand is still at Rakopan right shoulder.

Daichi: Fun, Hu?
Daichi: We'll see about that, But for now this's going to be the real thing.
Daichi: And at last this's the final word from me so we can start the training.
Daichi: This isn't to do with this dimension or I call it The Dimension of Space and Time...
Daichi: But instead it's to do with your inner power, The legendary Mavors power...

Panel 3-4: Daichi puts his other hand on Rakopan's left shoulder and looks at him with a scary face while Rakopan is a bit scared and surprised.

Rakopan: ..........!

Daichi: I think it's time for you to know about your power now.
Daichi: You see, The name Mavors is named after the planet Mavors and also...
Daichi: It's something to do with the people living in that planet and that's also...
Daichi: Their race name, The people in the planet Mavors aren't human, But they're...

Panel 5: Rakopan is surprised and shocked at the same time while Daichi is smiling.

Daichi: MAVORS... That's their race and that's what they're called, Just like we're called...
Daichi: Humans, But they pretty much looks like us except they're much more pretty.
Daichi: And also, This's the most important thing about them which is, They excel with...
Daichi: Skills and powers far higher than any normal human being since they were born.
Daichi: So, This's an introduction about them, But from now on it's going to be about you...

Rakopan: ..........!

Page 8

Panel 1-2: Rakopan is shocked and surprised while Daichi is still holding him with a serious face expression.

Rakopan: That says much, But I don't care how pretty they're, In the end I'm going to...
Rakopan: Destroy all of them along with their planet.

Daichi: Let's just hope so, But do you think you can do it on your own even if I turn you...
Daichi: Into a warrior and a demon?

Rakopan: ..........!
Rakopan: Why else would I be here then, Hu?

Panel 3: Rakopan holds Daichi's left arm which Daichi is putting it in Rakopan's right shoulder while Rakopan is serious and Daichi is surprised and smiling.

Daichi: Oh my, Oh my, You're already getting used to this.
Daichi: Well, What I mean is that you can't do it on your own even If I turn you into a...
Daichi: warrior and a demon, But you can do it together with your power.

Rakopan: Together? What do you mean?

Daichi: I mean that you and your power are apart and at the same time, The same in one.

Rakopan: ..........!

Panel 4-5-6: Rakopan is surprised, confused and shocked while Daichi pulls his hands from his shoulders and instead stretches his right arm with one of his fingers pointing at Rakopan's chest and Daichi's face is serious and puts a smurk as well.

Daichi: Your power consists of two powerful sources and those two sources along with...
Daichi: You can destroy anything within an instant, That's what I meant.

Rakopan: ..........!
Rakopan: So, Without those two sources, I wouldn't stand a chance, Hu?

Daichi: Yeah, You can pretty much sum it like that, But then again they're sealed within...
Daichi: You, So they're part of you too.

Rakopan: Ah, I see. So, What exactly are those two sources?

Daichi: ..........!
Daichi: They're what you call, The legendary Mavors and they're two gigantic beasts...
Daichi: Which are, A lion and a dragon, That's who they're, Son..........!




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Chapter 3 - The Truth about Raidon

Page 1

Panel 1-2: Once again, it's Daichi and Raidon standing in the black room and all you see is just black, no light. Daichi is looking at Raidon with a serious face while Raidon is standing still, shocked, surprised and looks like he's deaf and blind.

Daichi: Raidon, Are you with me?

Raidon: ..........

Panel 3: Raidon's mouth and eyes are wide open while he's staring at Daichi even though he can't see him and at the same time he's very nervous, likely of what Daichi just revealed to him.

Daichi: Well?

Raidon: So, Do you actually mean that I'm with you of what you just revealed to me.
Raidon: Or you mean if I'm with you in this bloody, pathetic, black scary room?

Panel 4: Raidon closes his eyes for a second as their is no point opening them if he can't see anything and Daichi is staring at him.

Daichi: He, I suppose I meant the first one.
Daichi: As for the second, Hmph, I can clearly see you.

Raidon: Seriously, Daichi?
Raidon: You need to stop toying with me?

Panel 5: Daichi looks down and closes his eyes while Raidon eyes are also closed.

Daichi: Raidon?

Page 2

Panel 1-2: The view changes and it appears from the top showing Daichi and Raidon standing opposite each other. Daichi is looking down with his eyes closed while Raidon is the same except he's looking straight.

Raidon: STOP *censored*ING SAYING MY NAME.
Raidon: How could you do this to me?
Raidon: You sealed this *censored*ing so-called the legendary Mavors power into me.
Raidon: Because thoses seven warriors so-called the First Seven told you...
Raidon: That you're not the chosen, just for that?

Panel 3: The view changes and this time it appears from the left showing Raidon angry and shouting while Daichi is looking down with his eyes closed as like he's feeling guilty.

Raidon: Well, Come on, Answer me?
Raidon: Or is the question hard to answer?
Raidon: And plus now, You're telling me to destroy the planet Mavors or...
Raidon: Whatever it is, Like I'll believe that there's another planet out there.

Panel 4-5: All of a sudden the view changes again, but this time it's not from the top, left or right. It's from the bottom, It looks like this black room isn't just a normal room. It looks like a mirror showing Daichi and Raidon from underneath.

Raidon: No answer, Hu?
Raidon: Well, Daichi?
Raidon: How about you open my damn eyes and free me of this wrecked darkness?
Raidon: It sure isn't hard for you to do as you're the one that brought me here in the...
Raidon: First place and got me blind or something, Or is it?

Page 3

Panel 1: Daichi is still looking down with his eyes closed while Raidon tears are dropping.

Daichi: Son, You sure talk a lot?

Raidon: Talk a lot?
Raidon: Is that all you could say?

Daichi: ..........

Panel 2: Raidon puts his hands on his face and Daichi finally looks at Raidon with his eyes still closed.

Raidon: What kind of a grand father are you?
Raidon: Daichi? Today is my 8th birthday.
Raidon: YES 8th, I'm just too young for all this stuff.

Daichi: Oh my, Oh my, Raidon?
Daichi: It's because you're too young that I'm telling you all this stuff.

Panel 3: Raidon is getting annoyed by Daichi and his face turn serious.

Raidon: WHY, WHY?
Raidon: Why are you doing this to me, Hu?

Daichi: OK, Enough is enough.
Daichi: Right now, You haven't got a choise.
Daichi: The past is going to be and stay as the past.

Panel 4: Raidon opens his eyes which are full of tears while Daichi puts a more serious face.

Daichi: My son, Listen to me.
Daichi: As you can see, I'm very old and that's likely because the legendary Mavors power...
Daichi: Took more than my remaining half span as I've previously told you.
Daichi: So, Please, Just listen to me, I know you're still too young for this, but...
Daichi: Just this time, Please for once let me do the right thing, Got it?

Panel 5: Raidon is surprised from Daichi and puts a more serious face while Daichi is looking at him straight with his eyes still closed.

Raidon: But, Daichi?
Raidon: It's just that there's something not right about this?

Daichi: Son, I'm going to answer all your questions later on.
Daichi: But for now, We haven't got much time to waste on talking.
Daichi: Believe me, I can't hold this any longer!

Page 4

Panel 1: Daichi finally opens his eyes and is looking straight at Raidon.

Raidon: ..........
Raidon: Can't hold what any longer?

Daichi: Well, I can't hold controlling your eyes any more!

Raidon: Controlling?

Panel 2: Raidon is surprised and Daichi closes his right eye, but it looks like he closes it because it hurts him.

Daichi: Raidon, Since you ever stepped into this room.
Daichi: I had to control your eyes, In order that everything...
Daichi: I tell you would seems like a dream.
Daichi: I know it sounds stupid, But I just had to do it to see your reactions.
Daichi: Raidon, This is all a reality now and it's the truth.

Panel 3: Raidon is shocked, surprised and Daichi opens his right eye, But it still hurts him controlling Raidon eyes.

Raidon: What are you talking about?

Daichi: Raidon, In a moment I'm going to free you.
Daichi: But not until I tell you the rest of your real truth.

Raidon: Well, What are you waiting for then?
Raidon: Just tell me, So I can get the hell out of here.

Panel 4: Raidon is scared because he heard enough of Daichi and can't take it anymore while Daichi puts a scary face.

Daichi: OK then, I just wants you to trust me in everything I've said and going to say to you.
Daichi: So, The story I told you earlier about the planet Mavors and The First Seven...
Daichi: There's still something unfinished there.
Daichi: The one that made the deal with me, Elroy. He's one of the strongest warriors in...
Daichi: The First Seven. And the truth is, He's the one that killed our family.

Panel 5: Raidon all of a sudden drops to his knees and his body is trembling with fear. He remembers his family when they were lying dead.

Raidon: WHAAAAT?
Raidon: Are you, Are you really serious?
Raidon: And you, You know all of this all along, Is that why you were late?

Page 5

Panel 1: Raidon is crying and screaming out loud while Daichi is looking at him with a drop of tear.

Daichi: Son, I just happened not to be in the right place and right time.

Raidon: So, How did you know it's him then, Hu?

Daichi: I felt a strong aura coming from the planet Mavors and...
Daichi: I then soon flew to you lot as I know his aura from the time he and the...
Daichi: Other warriors when they came looking for me in the past, But I just...
Daichi: Couldn't make it.

Panel 2: Raidon is still on his knees while Daichi closes his left eye because it hurts him.

Raidon: So, Elroy, Hu?
Raidon: I still remember him when he was standing there, In front of me while...
Raidon: While my family were all lying dead holding hands together.

Daichi: So, What else did he say to you?

Panel 3: Raidon gets up and Daichi hands begin to shake.

Raidon: He said to bring my true power with me.

Daichi: Aaaaah!

Raidon: What's wrong, Daichi?

Daichi: Don't worry about me, It just seems that I'll have to end it here.

Raidon: You mean my eyes?

Panel 4: Raidon is scared and Daichi puts both his hands on his forehead.

Daichi: Yeah, This technique is taking much more of my energy than I have expected.
Daichi: So, Elroy told you to bring your true power, Hu?

Raidon: And then he disappeared without telling his name, But...
Raidon: Now I know it and will definetly never forget it.

Daichi: I see, Raidon?
Daichi: That's why the deal was to join forces with the planet Mavors, But...
Daichi: I added something to it that they obviously don't and will never know which...
Daichi: Is to destroy the planet Mavors as a whole.

Panel 5: Raidon is surprised and smiling while Daichi looks at him shocked.

Daichi: What with the smile, Son?

Raidon: I'm just happy and excited that I'm going to kill that bastard and at the same...
Raidon: Time destroying the planet.

Daichi: Raidon? I know we sounds evil to have a revenge like that, But...
Daichi: It's not just Elroy or the planet Mavors that are going to pay for...
Daichi: This, I also wants you to have a revenge at me.

Raidon: ..........!

Page 6

Panel 1: Daichi hands are still in his forehead with his eyes closed while Raidon is shocked of what he just heard from him.

Daichi: Because I'm the one that sealed this power into you while I could've passed it into...
Daichi: Someone else, So the least that I could do to you is to train you and to...
Daichi: Fulfill our dream, ambition and the promise we made together earlier.

Raidon: Daichi? I already promised you, with my life on the line and...
Raidon: Besides my mind is made up now.

Daichi: Well, Well, I quess then I'll have to turn you into a real warrior.

Panel 2: Raidon is more relieved now as his mind is set up and Daichi looks down with his eyes closed and hands on his forehead like he's doing something.

Raidon: A warrior, Hu?

Daichi: That's right, Son.
Daichi: A warrior without limits.
Daichi: A warrior with limitless speed, ability and power.

Panel 3: Daichi stretches his legs and makes space for himself like he's about to do something, While Raidon is excited and at the same time, Still can't see anything.

Raidon: Daichi?

Daichi: I know son, I know.
Daichi: I'm in preparation of freeing you of this darkness.
Daichi: It's just taking much time than I've expected.
Daichi: I suppose I'm just old enough to die now, Ha ha haaa.

Panel 4: Raidon is nervous as he doesn't know how he's going to be able to see again.

Raidon: Finally, I'm going to see, Pheew!

Daichi: Forgive me, Son.
Daichi: I just had to do this, You know.

Page 7

Panel 1: Daichi finally moves his hands from his forehead and instead puts them in his chest and it's making a loud noise while Raidon is scared.


Daichi: Raidon, I'm almost finished.
Daichi: Prepare your self?

Raidon: ..........!

Daichi: The legendary Mavors power, I, Daichi the second servant of yours...
Daichi: After the king Kiros, The first. I beg you to free Raidon, The third and...
Daichi: Last servant of yours, To free him from this darkness...
Daichi: RELEASE...!

Panel 2-3: Finally, The long awaited moment for Raidon is released. The black room all of a sudden turns to a white, big, empty space.

Panel 4: Raidon eyes and mouth are wide open. He's smiling and happy that he's released from this black scare room.

Panel 5: Daichi puts a smurk on his face and looks at Raidon with his left eye closed, He looks very tired.

Raidon: YAHOOOOO..!
Raidon: It felt like I was dying slowly in that black room of yours.
Raidon: So, This's the origanally room, Hu?

Daichi: Yeah, This is the room that I, Myself have created when I was...
Daichi: Training with the power you had.

Page 8

Panel 1: Raidon is standing next to Daichi and they're both smiling at each other.

Daichi: Raidon, I hope you're okay now?

Raidon: Oh yeah, I'm definetly better than before.

Daichi: So then, Are you ready to be a warrior?

Raidon: From now on, This will be my first step into transforming into a real warrior.

Daichi: Good good, You've done well so far, Oh, By the way?

Panel 2: Raidon is shocked about this room as it looks just white, there's nothing to see except just that everything is white.

Daichi: Remember when I told you about Elroy and the deal?

Raidon: What about it?

Daichi: You're really at an advantage as Elroy doesn't know that you're my grand son, But...
Daichi: Don't worry, It isn't that important, He.

Raidon: Daichi?
Raidon: I'll make sure that he'll remember you and me.

Daichi: Oh well, He might not remember you after all?

Panel 3: Raidon looks at Daichi surprised while Daichi is smiling.

Raidon: And what do you mean by that?

Daichi: Well, Do you really think that I'm going to train you for ever?

Raidon: Uhm, I don't know, You tell me then?
Raidon: Whenever I'm strong enough, Then that will be it, Isn't?

Daichi: Ha ha haaa, I'm afraid it's a lot more complicated than just that.

Panel 4: Raidon is surprised and Daichi puts his right hand on Raidon left shoulder.

Daichi: Raidon?
Daichi: My days are almost over in this world.
Daichi: So, The last thing I'm asking from you is...
Daichi: To listen very carefully to what I say to you from now on.

Raidon: OK. I will do the best I can.

Daichi: You certainly will, I hope.

Page 9

Panel 1: Daichi puts his left hand on Raidon right shoulder with a serious face while Raidon is surprised.

Daichi: OK then, Son?
Daichi: First of all we need to unlock your true hidden power.

Raidon: Ah, You mean the legendary Mavors, Hu?

Daichi: Yeah, This is your mysterious power which will guide and...
Daichi: Protect you from any harm.

Panel 2: Raidon is getting excited while Daichi puts a more serious face while holding and staring at him.

Daichi: Raidon? I'm afraid we only have a little time left.

Raidon: Little? How much is little?

Daichi: Little is really little, And I mean it.

Raidon: ..........!

Panel 3: Raidon is concerned about the little time left while Daichi is about to reveal something to him.

Daichi: My son, As I'm sure you've asked your self many times about this room...
Daichi: This isn't just a normal room as you can see.
Daichi: This room is really unique and special and...
Daichi: At the same time very dangerous.

Raidon: ..........!

Panel 4: Raidon is surprised and confused at the same time. Daichi puts a smurk on his face.

Daichi: But, Before I tell you more about this room, There's one more...
Daichi: Thing that you should know off.

Raidon: ..........!

Daichi: It's about your hidden mysterious power.
Daichi: Your power is enough strong to destroy this planet and the planet Mavors.
Daichi: And maybe the Universe as well, just maybe.

Panel 5: Raidon is just getting more and more surprised while Daichi face expression turn to a serious one.

Raidon: PHEEW, My power is that great, Hu?
Raidon: Well, Is there something else you want to say besides that?

Daichi: Yeah, Something more important than that.
Daichi: As you know, This power took me more than half of my half span to control it.
Daichi: So, The little time we have now, It might just not be enough for you.

Raidon: Well, Tell me how much time we have then?

Daichi: The time we have left starting from now on is...
Daichi: Is only ten remaining days, Only 10, No more and No less.....




FanFics / Infernus Bushi: The Manga & Novel
« on: February 06, 2008, 06:26:50 AM »
Chapter 2 - The Secret behind Daichi
Time Skip - 7 months later

Page 1

Panel 1-2: The clear blue sky is appearing, the birds are singing, not for long the birds are disturbed and fly away.

Panel 3-4: Daichi is flying high in the sky at an abnormal speed and Raidon is on his back.

Panel 5: Raidon is holding tight on Daichi, he's scared and at the same time surprised that Daichi can fly as he never imagined himself would be in the air flying one day. Raidon also never thought about Daichi flying nor did he thought that humans could ever fly.

Raidon: Daichi...!

Page 2

Panel 1: Daichi is looking straight as he's flying and is ignoring Raidon.

Panel 2: Raidon gets annoyed as he didn't got an answer.

Raidon: Helloo, Do you even hear me?
Or is the wind too much for you?

Panel 3: Daichi is still ignoring Raidon and he raised his speed a little.

Panel 4: Raidon holds tight and puts his hands on Daichi shoulders.

Daichi: Son, I know what you're going to ask me?
I'll tell you all about it when we get there.

Panel 5: Raidon is frustrated as he got a tons of questions to ask.

Raidon: OK then, I'll wait.. if that's what you really want.

Page 3

Panel 1: Raidon takes a big breath and puts his head on Daichi shoulders as Daichi is flying at a very high speed.

Panel 2: Raidon tries to look down and get's all scared.

Panel 3: He tries to look again and his eyes becomes very blury.

Raidon: ha ha haaa..!

Daichi: ......

Raidon: woow.. this is really fun..
I wish I could fly like this.

Panel 4: daichi puts a smurk on his face.

Daichi: Raidon..! in a moment, this isn't going to be fun anymore.

Panel 5: Raidon face expression changed and he became quiet all of a sudden.

Page 4

Panel 1: Daichi looks down as he's flying with Raidon on his back.

Panel 2-3: Daichi stretches his long arms and flys straight down while Raidon is surprised and scared.

Raidon: aaaaahh..! Daichi.. we're falling down..
at least.. you could've told me.

Daichi: Son, hold on tight..!

Panel 4: Daichi flys down at a very fast speed and Raidon is scared and screaming all the way.

Panel 5-6: Finally, the long journey Daichi took with Raidon comes at an end. They look in a middle of nowhere and as soon as they get there, the place all of a sudden becomes all black and there's not a single light.

Page 5

Panel 1: raidon is standing next to Daichi in a middle of nowhere, the place is all black.

Raidon: What is this place, Daich?
How come i can't see anything?

Daichi: Raidon, How come I can see everything..!

Panel 2: Raidon is scared as he can't see anything except that everything is black.

Raidon: I'm serious, Daichi? It's not funny?

Daichi: ha ha haaa..! Didn't I tell you when we were flying that it isn't going to be funny..!

Panel 3: Raidon is losing his temper and starts shouting.

Raidon: aaaaaahh..! Daichi.. stop this.. turn the light on?

Daichi: ha ha haaa..! Light?
Raidon, I'm afraid that there isn't going to be light for a while.

Panel 4: Daichi is standing next to Raidon and he can see him, but Raidon can't see him and he's getting really annoyed.

Raidon: OH.. I get it.. this is a game right?
you blindfonded my eyes or sealed them, Right?
In preparations of a surprise for me or something, Right?
ooi.. Daichi.. talk to me? You there?

Panel 5: Raidon is really pissed off while Daichi is smiling and looking at him.

Daichi: Raidon, let me tell you this?
My eyes are clearly open and I can see you now, you're standing next to me and you're eyes are open too, but you can't see me.. Do you even know why?

Page 6

Panel 1: Daichi moves forward and he's standing opposite Raidon while raidon eyes are clearly open, but at the same time, they can't see nothing.

Raidon: Daichi, how can i know if I can't see you.. while you can see me..!

Daichi: Raidon..! Listen carefully..!
I'm only going to say this once and I don't like repeating myself.

Panel 2: Raidon takes a big breath as he's confused and scared.

Daichi: In order to see in this black room..
We need to make a deal first?

Raidon: ......! What deal? What kind of deal?

Panel 3: Daichi comes closer to Raidon and touch him in his forehead. Raidon felt something touching him and is wondering.

Raidon: Daichi.. Is that you?

Daichi: yeah.. It's me

Raidon: So.. what's the deal?

Panel 4: Daichi is staring at Raidon with a very serious and curious face as he's thinking about something.

Daichi: Son.. before you decide on anything, think carefully.. OK?

Panel 5: Daichi is still staring at Raidon, he looks like he's feeling sorry for Raidon or something, or not!

Daichi: Just to let you know, that this deal is very dangerous and as soon as I tell you about it, there's no way looking back..!

Page 7

Panel 1: Raidon begins to shake all of a sudden.

Raidon: Daichi.. that's enough?
Just spit it out, Please?

Daichi: Raidon..! The deal is in order to see in this black room.. is to promise me something that's very important to me and ofcourse you too.. It's a promise of a lifetime..!

Panel 2: Raidon is starting to wonder about this deal and looks very confused.

Daichi: Well.. I want you to promise me that you're willing to.....

Panel 3: Raidon is shaking and his teeths too, like he's freezing and can't wait to hear what the promise is.

Daichi: To..... Destroy..... The..... Planet..... Mavors.....!!

Raidon: .........!! WHAAAT!! THE PLANET... WHAT...?!

Daichi: Raidon.. the planet Mavors..
Is after the killing of our family..!

Panel 4: Raidon all of a sudden remembers his family death and tears are starting to fall.

Daichi: Raidon.. think carefully.. I can't tell you anything else.. only after I hear your anwser..!

Raidon: Daichi? Did you know that today is my 8th birthday?

Panel 5: Daichi is surprised all of a sudden from Raidon reaction.

Daichi: Sorry son, I know it was somewhere in August, but I just forgot when..
I quess I'm just getting older, Hu!... ha ha haaa..!

Page 8

Panel 1: Raidon lifts his right arm and touches Daichi hand which Daichi was putting it in Raidon head and Daichi is very surprised.

Raidon: Since our family died 7 months ago by that stranger ( Elroy ) I've lived every day in pain, till this day.. the pain is what made me live.. without it.. I wouldn't be standing here and whatever the planet Baby - Lon is or what kind of people that live in.. today.. my birthday.. I'll mark this day in my diary as the start of my journey in towards.. The.. Destruction.. Of.. The.. Planet.. Mavors..

Panel 2: Daichi is very surprised of what he just heard.

Daichi: Son.. I'll take that as you've accepted the deal?

Raidon: Daichi.. Could you please open my eyes now?

Panel 3: Daichi smiles at Raidon as he looks more relieved.

Daichi: Deal then, ah.. your eyes..! They're open, but in the same time they're not open in the inside?

Raidon: ah.. I see.. so.. how do I make them open in the inside then?

Panel 4: Daichi moves his hand from Raidon.

Daichi: Well.. in order to see.. you need to unlock your true power..!

Raidon: ........!!

Daichi: But.. before we start on that.. you need to know something which is very important..!

Panel 5: Raidon is getting more and more confused.

Page 9

Panel 1: As Raidon is standing there, in a black room, thinking and confused, Daichi is putting a more serious face as he's about to reveal something very important to Raidon.

Daichi: My son.. listen.. this is how it all started..!
Long ago.. before you were born or even your parents or.. even I.. There was this man.. his name is Kiros and he's the founder and the king of the planet Mavors. He was the strongest warrior in that time, till today he's recognized as the greates fighter, until one day he had enough with being the king and being the strongest. He then accidently sealed himself in his power, so-called The Legendary Mavors named after the planet it self and then that power was passed and sealed into someone else in the Universe.

Page 10

Daichi: At that time.. sadly enough.. I was just born and that power.. unfortunatly.. somehow was sealed into me. Since that day.. that power just took control over me and as I got older and older while I was constantly training and training in this black room that, I.. myself have created to overcome that power. Little by little I got used to that power and at the same time.. took control over it, but I paid a very high price for that.. which is.....

Page 11

Daichi: Which is.. It shortened my life span more than half and one day.. seven warriors came from the planet Mavors.. looking for me.. as they've noticed a strong aura coming from the planet Earth. Those warriors weren't just warriors.. they were powerful warriors.. called.. The First Seven.. and what they wanted was this power, The Legendary Mavors which belonged to their king Kiros, and One of those seven warriors, his.. name.. is.....

Page 12

Daichi: ELROY... Elroy then made a deal with me and at that time I was powerless against those seven warriors, better known as The First Seven. Elroy said that this power is special and that I'm clearly not the chosen one as it took me more than half of my life span to control it, no wonder I got older by the time I realised it. So the deal was to seal this power into someone else which could be described as the chosen one, but in exchange not only will I lose my powers.. I also paid my second highest price.. which.. is.. the one that will get this power.. will have.. to.. join.. forces.. in the planet.. Mavors... FOR... EVER.....

Page 13

Panel 1: Raidon is stunned, surprised, confused and most of all, he's starting to wonder and asking him self.. is this.....

Raidon: Is this.. Daichi.. is this.. all.. really.. true?

Daichi: OH yeah.. son..
This is not all true, but instead you can say that.. THIS. IS.. THE.. TRUTH.. RAIDON..!!

Panel 2: Raidon is still in shock and can't believe what he just heard. Daichi comes closer, standing in the middle opposite Raidon while Raidon still can't see anything.

Daichi: Raidon.. this is the secret behind me that only I and your parents knew off and now including you now..!

Raidon: So.. why now? why are you telling me all of this?

Daichi: Well.. I promised your parents not to tell you about this, but I recently.. broke that promise..!

Panel 3: Raidon can't take it anymore and is getting really angry.

Raidon: Aaaaahh..! Please.. Daichi.. Stop this..
You're telling me a hell of a story while i'm blind and you want me to believe it and at the same time.. I can't see you.. you really got me there..!

Daichi: Oh my, Oh my, you think I would be here with you all of a sudden to tell you a story for nothing and besides that happened in the past.. now.. we need to focus on the present.. right now..!

Raidon: OK.. let me ask you this then?
Why did you broke the promise you made with my parents?

Panel 4: Daichi stares at Raidon and Raidon does the same even though he can't see him.

Daichi: I had no choise and besides I always knew that one day that I'll tell you this..!

Raidon: ah.. I see.. you had no choise, Hu?

Daichi: Meaning.. that.. now.. I'm going to tell you.. the.. truth.. about.. you?

Panel 5: Raidon is even more surprised now, that Daichi is going to tell him the truth about him.

Daichi: You see.. the story I just told you..!

Raidon: What about it?

Daichi: It.. isn't.. finished.. yet..!!

Page 14

Panel 1: Raidon opens both his eyes and mouth wide open as there's more to come.

Raidon: It isn't finished yet? well.. Daichi? How about you finish it quickly? Because I can't take it anymore.

Daichi: ha ha haaa..!

Raidon: You think that's funny, Hu? It's easy for you because I'm the one who is locked up in this bloody darnkness..!

Panel 2: Daichi puts a smurk on his face.

Daichi: Raidon? Allow me to continue please?

Raidon: OK.. carry on..!

Daichi: So.. what I did was.. I accepted the deal from that warrior, Elroy and then the seven warriors, better known as The First Seven, they vanished.

Panel 3: Raidon all of a sudden gets excited.

Raidon: And then..?

Daichi: I sealed The Legendary Mavors power into someone that only I could choose and believe in..!

Raidon: And that person? Where is he? Is he still alive?

Panel 4-5: Daichi all of a sudden puts a serious and scary face and stretches his long arms. Raidon can't wait for Daichi to spit it out.

Daichi: Oh hell yeah.. that person is doing all right now and he's very much alive, Infact.. he's.. here.. somewhere..!!

Raidon: .........!! Say whaaaat..! He's here somewhere, you say?
Where? You mean in this black room of yours?
Oi.. Daichi? Open my eyes, I want to see him?
Maybe he's going to kill us?
He's definetly going to kill us?

Daichi: ha ha haaa..! ah.. I don't know about that..
Him killing us, that is..!!

Panel 6: Raidon is freaking out as Daichi just revealed that the person he sealed his powers into is in this black scary room somewhere and then all of a sudden Raidon suspense and wonders and Daichi goes to Raidon and puts both his hands on top of his head.

Raidon: Daichi? Don't just stand there? Talk to me?
Ah.. again.. why you putting your hands on top of my head?

Daichi: OH MY, OH MY, You still don't get it, Hu?
Well.. my son.. Raidon.. You're.. the.. chosen.. one..
You're the one in this black room..
You're the one that got the legendary Mavors power..
Since you were born.. and you're the one that's going to.....
Join.. forces.. in the planet.. Mavors..... FOR..... EVER.....
And finally.. you're the one.. that.. is.. going.. to...



NEXT WEEK.........

FanFics / Infernus Bushi: The Manga & Novel
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Chapter 1 - Lost and Found
Page 1

Panel 1: Raidon is standing over the corpses of his family. He's standing outside in the rain shaking and wetting his pants.

Raidon: Dad! Mum! Sister!
Why are you all lying down?
Wake up everyone, come on. Mother! Father! Sister!

Panel 2: Raidon comes in tears, mouth big open and he's speechless. His eyes can't believe what it's seeing.

Panel 3: Raidon family are all lying down in the grass. His father, mother and sister are all next to each other holding hands and they're all covered in blood.

Panel 4: Raidon walks closer to see them, he walks very slowly. His eyes and mouth are both shocked that they seem to be falling.

Panel 5: He reaches them and drops to his knees.

Page 2

Panel 1: He put his hands on all of them and they become full of blood.

Panel 2: He put his hands on his face and covered it by the blood.

Panel 3-4: Raidon family are all dead, he starts crying and shouting out loud.

Raidon: No.. Noo.. Nooooooooo...!!!

Panel 5: Elroy shows up.

Page 3

Panel 1-2: Elroy is standing in front of Raidon. He's tall, massive big and has long hair. He's wearing a white long coat with three skulls in the middle and he looks very scary. His eyes are medium sized and are pure black. Elroy is going to play a bigger role as the story goes on.

Elroy: Yeah! Blood! Blood!! Isn't nice?

Panel 3: Raidon looks up to Elroy. Aslan is very surprised as to who this big guy is. Raidon gets very scared and his body begins to shake like an earthquake.

Raidon: Why!

Panel 4: Elroy is ignoring Raidon and is looking up in the sky while one eye ( his right eye ) is looking down at Raidon.

Elroy: ...!!

Panel 5: Raidon is very surprised and and for a minute he closes his eyes.

Raidon: Why! What the hell did you do to them?

Elroy: Huuh..!!

Page 4

Panel 1: Again Raidon is very surprised and opens his eyes wide open.

Raidon: Nothing!!

Panel 2: Elroy looks down at Raidon with a smurk.

Elroy: I just played with them..!!

Raidon: Just played with them, you say..!!

Panel 3: Elroy looks down and smiles.

Elroy: Uhmm.. yeah!
That's what i just said!

Panel 4: Raidon stretches his left arm which is full of blood and points his finger at Elroy.

Raidon: Don't screw with me, you monster..!!

Elroy: monster!! ha ha haaa.. very funny u know..!!

Page 5

Panel 1: Elroy is laughing while Raidon stretches his right arm and points his fist at Elroy.

Raidon: Stop screwing with me you damn monster.. i said why the hell did you kill my family?

Panel 2: Elroy face expression is all of a sudden serious and points his middle finger straight at Raidon face.

Elroy: I just wanted to play with them.. but they didn't want to play..!!

Raidon: ...!!

Panel 3: Elroy opens his both hands and smiles and he looks at the family bodies who are lying down on the grass.

Elroy: So.. i stopped you.. can.. see..!!

Panel 4: Raidon is shocked and his tears are falling a little. Elroy looks at the sky again and this time with a smile while Raidon is wondering and staring at him.

Raidon: And for what reason?

Panel 5-6: All of a sudden we see something unexpected. The picture gets all black with white shining small objects. It's the Universe, the planet Earth and those white shining small objects looking like diamonds are the Stars. There's an another planet opposite the planet Earth, it's very far away and it looks all red filled with blood darkness and there's no other planets except the moon and the sun.

Page 6

Panel 1: Back to the planet Earth, Elroy looks down and puts a smurk on his face and looks straight at Raidon.

Elroy: ...!!
This planet is really boring..! don't you think so..!!

Panel 2: Raidon looks at his mother, father and his little sister. He smiles while looking at them and tears are dropping down from his eyes to his family.

Raidon: So it's because this planet was!!

Panel 3: Finally, Raidon starts to get up while his face is facing the ground. Elroy looks at him while he's getting up and smiles. Elroy stretches his left arm as if he's calling Aslan.

Elroy: Why don't you come with me, boy..!!!

Panel 4: Raidon lift his face which is facing the ground and his eyes are dead serious. Raidon is angry and he's biting his teeth.

Raidon: SHUT UUUUUPP...!!!
What do you know about!!
You killed my parents, my little sister!
And now you want me to go with you..!!

Panel 5: Elroy smiles and points his finger at Raidon.

Elroy: Oh my, Oh my, you don't understand?
I know a lot about you, boy!
I've been watching you before.. you.. were.. even.. born..!!!
Just like I know your name..!!
Right Raidon..!!

Page 7

Panel 1: Raidon begins to stare at Elroy face while he's confused. He's doesn't understand anything likely because he's still shocked from his family death whom are lying down dead in front of him.


Panel 2: Elroy starts to laugh out loud and pops his eyes out to Raidon. His eyes looks very scary while Raidon is looking more serious and is looking straight at Elroy eyes.

Elroy: Kill Me..!!

Panel 3: Elroy face changed to a scary type. He looks at Raidon while bringing his right and left hands and puts them on his chest.

Elroy: That's right boy..! Scream..!!
Bring out your anger!.. your hate!
And one day when you think you're strong enough..!!
Come and look for me.. if.. you.. really.. DARE..!!

Panel 4-5: Daichi is flying, however we don't see his face and he looks old.

Daichi: Please.. let me make it in time..!!

Page 8

Panel 1: Back to Elroy, he looks to his right and notices a very strong aura coming fast.

Panel 2: He smiles and looks at Raidon.

Elroy: And if you do come.. then.. don't.. forget.. to.. bring.. your.. true.. power..!!

Panel 3: Elroy looks like he's lifting his foots from the ground like he's ready to take off. He's flying from the ground bit by bit like how a rocket takes off.

Panel 4: Raidon is surprised and lifts his face higher and looks up to him.

Raidon: WAAAAAITT...!!
Where am i going to find you?
At least tell me your name, god damn it...!!

Panel 5: Elroy is already taking off and he's disappearing slowly.

Elroy: You'll find out sooner or later...!!

Panel 6: Elroy disappeared. Raidon is shocked and points his hands towards him.


Page 9

Panel 1: Raidon drops to his knees and is crying out loud.

Panel 2: The heavily rain finally stopped.

Panel 3: The sky is becoming clear.

Panel 4: The sun shines.

Panel 5-6: Daichi is flying and looks down and notices Raidon.

Page 10

Panel 1-2: Daichi finally comes down. He's standing behind Raidon. Daichi looks very old and his body is all muscled and well build. His appearance isn't scary, his eyes are small and pure green. Daichi hair is short, spiky and has long beard. Daichi is wearing a black long coat with the picture of a Lion on the back. Daichi is going to play a bigger role as the story goes on.

Panel 3: Raidon notices someone behind him and is very scared and don't want to look back.

Raidon: Hmmmpphh..!!

Panel 4: Raidon looks back and half way through with his right eye he sees and realises who's the one standing behind him.

Raidon: Grand Pa..!!

Panel 5: Daichi is the grand father of Aslan, however we don't know yet why he's late or why he isn't living with his family. Raidon is very surprised to see Daichi like he never seen him before and at the same time very happy.

Daichi: *censored*!!
I.. Was.. Late.. Again..!!

Page 11

Panel 1: Daichi looks up in the sky and stares at it for a minute.

Panel 2: He looks at the family dead bodies including Raidon mother which is Daichi daughter.

Panel 3: Raidon smiles and looks at Daichi and is very happy to see him.

Raidon: Grand Pa.. they're.. all.. dead...!!

Panel 4: Daichi looks at Raidon with a very sad and at the same time a serious face.

Daichi: I know son.. I know..!!

Panel 5-6: Daichi goes and picks the bodies and Raidon helps him. They both are standing at their family respectives graves. They buried them in their house back garden where they were killed by Elroy.

Page 12

Panel 1-2: Raidon is in tears and hugs Daichi. Daichi looked at him with a face expression of sadness and sorrowness.

Panel 3: All of a sudden Daichi face becomes very serious and scary.

Daichi: Son..!!
Go and pack your stuff..!!
We're leaving this place..!!

Panel 4: Raidon looks at Daichi and is very surprised of what he just heard.

Raidon: .....!!!

Daichi: I'll tell you later..!!

Raidon: But.. Where are we going?
And when are we coming back?

Panel 5: Raidon is still very surprised and confused. Daichi gets a bit annoyed.

Daichi: I said I'll tell you all about it later on..!!
Now.. I need you to go and pack everything you have..!!
We don't have much.. time.. to.. waste.. here...!!

Raidon: Daichi.. you know you're really scaring me now..!!

Page 13

Panel 1: Raidon is scared and confused as he have to rush as what Daichi just told him.

Daichi: Son..!
I'm sorry..!
Just listen to me..!

Raidon: OK!

Panel 2: Raidon is more relieved now and he rushes to the stairs.

Panel 3: Daichi takes a look around the house.

Panel 4: Daichi notices something on the ground.

Panel 5-6: Daichi picks the object from the ground and looks at it and mainly he smiles at it.

Daichi: I'm sorry..!!
I quess I'm going to have to break the promise...!!

Page 14

Panel 1: Daichi is still looking at it with a smurk. It's a picture showing his daughter, Raidon father, his grand daughter, Raidon and him.

Panel 2: Raidon comes down from the stairs with a bag on his right hand.

Panel 3: Daichi looks at Raidon and smiles.

Daichi: Aslan..!!
Here.. take.. this.. with.. you..!!

Panel 4: Raidon picks the picture from Daichi.

Panel 5-6: Raidon looks at the picture and his whole face expression changed dramatically.

Daichi: I suppose you'll need it..!!
Let's have a minute of silence..!!

Page 15

Panel 1: Daichi and Raidon are both standing opposite each other.

Panel 2: Their faces are facing the ground and their eyes are closed.

Daichi: You're ready.. son..!!

Panel 3: Raidon looks relieved and his face became serious.

Raidon: I'm ready..!!

Panel 4-5: Daichi goes to the door and looks back at Raidon and smiles.

Daichi: Good..!!
Because.. We're..

" The End "

" Stay tuned for next week chapter to find out what'll happen "

break Room / Baby - Lon , The Manga & Novel
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hey folks i'm new here and love this idea and all.. i'm starting my own manga and i'm working hard on it right now and I really need you to review it, rate it, post comments on my blog or just spread the word.. Thank you in Advance.
( below is a little summary )

" In a world that's not meant for the weak, where no man can look back, only the strong can survive. A young orphan named Aslan, spent his childhood training under his Grandfather when he discovers a mysterious hidden power within him, a power with limitless speed, power, and ability. Now his target and goal is to avenge his family blood through living in the shadows of the planet Baby - Lon. "

I've posted the first two chapters in my blog already.. so Please have a look and tell me what you think.

FanFics / Narakilem
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hey folks i'm new here and love this idea and all.. i'm starting my own manga and i'm working hard on it right now and I really need you to review it, rate it, post comments on my blog or just spread the word.. Thank you in Advance.
( below is a little summary )

" In a world that's not meant for the weak, where no man can look back, only the strong can survive. A young orphan named Aslan, spent his childhood training under his Grandfather when he discovers a mysterious hidden power within him, a power with limitless speed, power, and ability. Now his target and goal is to avenge his family blood through living in the shadows of the planet Baby - Lon. "

I've posted the first two chapters in my blog already.. so Please have a look and tell me what you think.

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