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MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2020
« on: October 21, 2020, 08:32:19 AM »
I love Chinese food so I'd definitely go with something noodles :P
I've been cooking a lot of new Chinese recipes since lockdown too.

Awesome that you're working on a manga project!
And welcome back!
I always procrastinate doing big projects like that haha
Definitely getting a Roman vibe from that last one!
Looking forward to seeing more as you work on your manga!

CosPlay / Re: Suuper's Sewing and Crafts (Not quite cosplay yet)
« on: October 20, 2020, 05:35:38 PM »
Ahaha just YouTube videos!
I love working from scratch so working from nature is an automatic favourite, like making huts in the middle of the forest kind of thing (not done yet but would love to try :P)
Mostly I Google tutorials for everything I do but if I see there is a large variation with different tutorials then I just take all the information and make up my own mashed version XD

I like trying out simple craft projects, especially stuff that doesn't require anything specialist, so just paper, card and glue that sort of thing.

Members Workshops / Re: SKETCH SURVIVAL!!!!!!!!
« on: October 20, 2020, 05:30:16 PM »
I think you could probably manage sketch survival as like a warm up exercise like I did and then carry on with projects? Either way good job on keeping it up :)
Pretty good line control on the last one :P

Members Workshops / Re: Inktober 2020
« on: October 20, 2020, 05:27:13 PM »
Great sketches!
It takes that long? I always figured they were quicker somehow XD regardless, it's worth the time since your quality is always incredibly consistent :P
I think I mentioned it but I never gave a date, I'm on a little holiday at the moment so I'm not making any progress on Inktober at the moment :'(
That's why I was saying that this probably wasn't the month to suddenly go for a massive project with the injury and holiday haha (T_T;)

CosPlay / Re: Suuper's Sewing and Crafts (Not quite cosplay yet)
« on: October 16, 2020, 02:26:05 PM »
Made some natural cordage with some wisteria branches. I noticed while cutting them down that the bark was super flexible and was peeling away rather than snapping, which hinted that the insides were perfect for making cordage.

The resulting cable was only about 3-4mm thick, but was so strong I couldn't break it by hand, and it could hold 15-20kg no problem which makes it the strongest natural cable I have made ever.

A few hours after making the cable I noticed some strange shrinkage maybe because of moisture being lost but it didn't seem to affect the strength of it. I'm going to try and make some more with dried out fibres to see if that makes a difference. I really want to spin some into thread and do some weaving on a loom but I have neither spinning wheel or loom so that's a pipe dream until I make the tools for it.

I'm going to try more advance processing like soaking it to see if I can get a more consistent result and method for making thinner thread/cable. Even individual fibres thinner than a cotton thread are resistant to breaking so I have high hopes for this.

Members Workshops / Re: Inktober 2020
« on: October 16, 2020, 02:19:28 PM »
@Echo thanks, I think I'm going to go wayyy over my time quota with colouring :/ I might have to drop the quality a bit to finish within a reasonable end point.
I've not been paying attention to the prompts but those you mention Buildings/Armor/Rockets seem easier to me than the Rodent/Slippery/Disgusting ones, so that really shows that one's style really affects how well you can work with certain prompts.
All the same that's yet another fab set of sketches, you have such a perfect style for dishing out sketches.
How long are they taking you to do each?

In my own news, I've not done any drawing yet today was busy gardening and also made some natural cordage with wisteria, of all things.
But with my holiday coming up this Monday I'm thinking that with the injury and the time I'll be away this probably wasn't the best time to start a large scale maximum quality skill test. I really don't want to stop as it'll be a huge fail in my books but I also dont want it to go past November, so I don't know how to resolve that issue. I'll have a think once I've done all 4 and see if I can drop the quality (ouch) or increase my speed (hopefully).

I managed to convince myself to get SOMETHING started on my piece, so here's 5 minutes instead of nothing:

very proud of this sort of mentality I've been getting myself into. If I could collect every 5 minutes that I put off drawing because it's only 5 minutes, I could probably double my productivity.

And more often than not, it ends up being 15 minutes that I could have drawn but put it off because I thought it was only 5 minutes. So ALWAYS DRAW is the advice.

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: October 16, 2020, 02:03:09 PM »
Dropped Anime:
-Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae
I dropped this 4 episodes in, it just felt like very weak reason for people getting cursed, like Conan murder level motives. Didn't seem to be an overall plot with each episode being a different situation. I almost never drop an anime so that's how pointless I felt it was.

Finished Anime:
-Monster Musume no Oisha-san
Could have been really good but catered to the ecchi/harem more than I would have liked. Trying to force a harem situation on a doctor who obviously will see and touch patients bodies was painful to watch. Humour was forced a lot of the time for the same reason. Otherwise it felt like an animation of a monster girl wikipedia. Also for the same reason no male patients? I guess they can just go die then /s
-Kekkai Sensen & Beyond
Really good second season, pretty much the same crazy plot. Nice episodes and lots of funny moments. Epic battles with crazy abilities.
-The God of High School
Went just like the manga, a good watch but really one season didn't get far into the manga at all. Nice music and animation.
-Gekijouban Toaru Majutsu no Index Endymion no Kiseki (Movie)
Same as all the rest of the Index range. An interesting watch with the same characters as always.
-No Guns Life 2
A continuation from the first series. A cool plot and good characters. Interesting action. Overall a good watch.
-Bungou Stray Dogs
I put off watching this for ages but it was recommend to me by a friend. It was very enjoyable with some good action and overall plot arc. Interesting abilities of each characters and good character development.
-Re.Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season
Ended on a strange point same as last time. Waiting for a continuation. Otherwise a pretty good watch, although I miss the feeling I had in the first half of the first season.

Anime I'm picking up this season (based on first episode alone)
-100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru
Interesting spin on an Isekai
-Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka III
I don't know if it's cliched or what but I really like it so far.
-Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Raihousha Hen
More of the same I'm guessing. OP main character is great.
-Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
I've read the manga, great Isekai with a nice OP character. I hope I like it.
-Majo no Tabitabi
Not sure which way this will go plotwise but so far a nice fantasy watch.
-Akudama Drive
Seems like a Danganronpa style anime so far.
-Assault Lily
Not sure if I'll watch this
-Hanyou no Yashahime - Sengoku Otogizoushi
Wait, isn't this just Inuyasha 2?
-Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou Arui wa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen
A modern fantasy feel. I'm a sucker for these regardless of the plot.
-King's Raid - Ishi o Tsugu Mono-tachi
Fantasy again. Why not.
-Maoujou de Oyasumi
Might drop this
Strange I thought this had an anime already, although I hadn't seen it. I've read the manga.
-Tonikaku Kawaii
Romance, reminds me a bit of Ore Monogatari.

Members Workshops / Re: SKETCH SURVIVAL!!!!!!!!
« on: October 16, 2020, 01:37:23 PM »
I think your days in a row is higher? you got up to 4 and then reset to 2 again, might have been because I mentioned day 1 haha

Well if it's any consolation, I've totally been there done that for how you're feeling. I think when old habits return it's a lot easier to get rid of them the second time, like with my eternal battle with slant.

I think I also need to use a heck of a lot more construction for a heck of a long time. I'm very good at seeing images in scribbles and stuff but having construction a part of my process might help me not overthink coming up with images. At least I've done enough stick figure regimens to get used to this more, but I can consciously do it for characters now. Maybe this'll help.
As an overthinker I support this analytical process. Once you find what you're lacking you can really boost yourself up. Sometimes it's just method, sometimes it's how you think, etc. And plenty of trial and error! Even knowing what methods don't work will help later on with future problem solving.

Something that has helped me, is doing a maximum high level piece, as you say a polished finished work. I did it with cute girls (TM) and now I'm doing it for Inktober, and it REALLY gives you an insight into your abilities. Especially with an iterative development style, you can improve your proportions and concepts over and over to get to a high level.
So I really recommend you try that out. It might take a bit of courage because you might fear that the end result won't be great or whatever, but it will still end up being higher than normal because of the time and effort put in.
And then afterwards have a good think about what went wrong, what went well, how you would have improved it etc.
The main advantage to this is that you use skills at every level, sketching to fine linearting, colouring to shading. It gives a proper value to all your skills.

Members Workshops / Re: Inktober 2020
« on: October 15, 2020, 09:31:25 AM »
@Kesashi love the character! great expressions and crazy weakness :P
tbh that sort of randomness can add so much depth to the character - it raises so many questions XD

Anyways, after 4.5 hours I've finished day 2 lineart
Will definitely fix up the hands as best as I can before colouring.
Nature is scary is what I've learnt :P
There's so many details it's hard to see them apart without colour or shading, hopefully it pop nicely in the final one.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Echo Archives
« on: October 15, 2020, 03:14:10 AM »
Yup same been shelving any good idea I had because of not wanting to ruin it completely.
Although having the general art skill helps I think in feeling the motivation and the confidence to get started.

In that regard I think you have a great style for a manga Echo :D

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Hati's Inventory
« on: October 15, 2020, 03:11:36 AM »
ooohhhh snazzy sculpture!!
Looks really good!
I always want to try it out but I never do :P

Members Workshops / Re: SKETCH SURVIVAL!!!!!!!!
« on: October 15, 2020, 03:10:22 AM »
nice sketches Lego!
I like day 1 the most, probably the eyes :P

Members Workshops / Re: Inktober 2020
« on: October 14, 2020, 03:16:35 PM »
Yeah I'm making it up for the plants at the moment, but it really helps to have some sort of experience in it to give ideas for shapes of leaves and stuff. And yup I'm filling the gaps with moss and dirt :P

Great stuff Echo for the new days! I like slippery the most, very cute :D

Still working on the same piece, about 2 hours in now.
I'm hoping to fix up the hands once I'm done.

I'm hitting an unusual block but it could just be my work as my days have been messed up this week.
I'm trying to floor it with picking up the pace but's there's not much acceleration, I'm still stuck on the first 4 days and barely half way through that even. I mean this was a massive challenge I set myself but I think injuring myself and getting behind so quickly made me lose my steam and enthusiasm a bit.

But bizarrely I think my painting skill is starting to take shape, unfounded but it's a strong feeling I have based on the coloured sketches I did recently.

Members Workshops / Re: Inktober 2020
« on: October 12, 2020, 03:56:11 PM »
Thanks Lego!
Yeah apart from taking up a ton of time, it was basically quite easy to plan the building location and whatever. When I do it again I'm sure I'll be able to do a better job. My advice would be to give yourself a large amount of time like 2 or 3 hours and give it a shot. Putting in a lot of time gives you the chance to hit your full potential because you are putting so much thought into it. You literally gain the skill as you are doing it. Very jump of faith kinda thing. Works well with iteration.

Yeah overthinking is a pain. I just noticed that my note taking app has passed 47000 words in it. Almost all of it is my rambling thoughts and stuff that I want to try out. So the best way I personally deal with overthinking is to procrastinate it and write down what I will think about "later". The trick is that "later" never comes, but you always trust that it will, and so you keep writing down things that you will think about. And because you trust you will think about it later, you get on with whatever you were doing. And the few times that I have actually thought about it later, half the problems have solved themselves anyway or had really easy solutions.

Anyways work was super long today and I overslept because of the cold morning feeling.
But finally managed to overcome a mental block that was preventing me from jumping straight into important projects, and did a little regardless of my feelings. This is a super major step and I hope that I can keep that up.

It's a start. Also I can't draw any sort of plant I instantly realised.

nearly 1 hour in, making progress slow but steady. Lots of regret at not knowing what I'm doing but it's making me very aware of areas I need work in so it's actually quite beneficial, at the cost of my emotions :P

EDIT2: work was crazy, didn't get much drawing done the rest of the day

drew possibly the worst hands ever for my second piece. I'm going to fix it up but man that's a lot to fix. being ambitious can have it's drawbacks, but as always, learning how NOT to do it is just as vital.

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