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I found an artist


I am currently a writer and want to do a Halloween special for one of my novels. The novel is on Kindle Vella and I thought it would be great to have something to help with promotion. I would like an image of one of the characters in some type of costume with a spooky theme (or with a cute flare with the scary theme) in their own style. Just something to share on my socials you know to help draw in readers.

Pay: $80 USD

Pay Date: October 31st

Requirement: Artist must know how to draw black characters and be 18 or over

Name of the story: The Mystery of Midnight Bay (located on Amazon Kindle Vella)

Feel free to message me

Manga Artists Wanted / Writer Looking for an Artist
« on: September 22, 2022, 07:15:21 PM »

I am a 21-year-old experienced author looking for an artist to work with for a manga. I have some novels published and once published a manga with my old publisher before I had it deleted. That very manga is what I wanted to talk about.

Currently, I want to create that specific manga again, but I want to publish it with Amazon since I have a more trusting experience with them.

Does it have to be a manga? I do not mind if it is in manga form or webcomic form.

Pay? Revshare is revenue share, so I want to split 50/50 of the commission with the person I am working with. At first I did not really know how to explain it since the artist is not automatically paid before any chapter is out but someone told me the word for that. I want to release it chapter by chapter so that it is a more steady stream of income for both of us rather than releasing everything all at once.

So what is the story about? The story is called The Mystery of Midnight Bay, and it is about Eve Howard, who lives a normal life every day until she sleeps. When she sleeps she is transported into another world full of spirits. Once on that train, she loses more of her life and sees the haunting deaths of the passengers. The only way to end this is to find the truth about their deaths. She meets new people who help her solve the mystery and finds love along the way. The story may not sound so bad, but it is kinda dark.

Am I looking for requirements? I do prefer the artist to be eighteen or over besides that I do not mind if they have not worked on a manga or webcomic before. I do want it in mind the female lead is a Black woman, so if the artist does any colorwork, though her hair is straight in this series, she is darker brown skin color.

Genre: romance, mystery, thriller

My experience/ Credentials: I have been writing online since about 2014/2015 (it's been a while :sweat_smile:). I have been writing the Mystery of Midnight Bay since 2015. I started writing new types of novels in late 2020. I released a manga in 2021 (had it deleted before leaving my old publisher, slightly would have been beneficial now but the closest I got are screenshots, and proof in my tags on Instagram, my username is daiesha_bobbitt and my linktree is in my profile as well). Surprisingly, it became a #1 best seller for like a week on Amazon. This year I have been releasing just novels on Kindle Vella, which is a site owned by Amazon. Oh! I did an interview this year, which is on my Linktree too.

Is this story already out?

I have chapters published with Amazon Kindle Vella for the novel version. The name there is still the same, The Mystery of Midnight Bay.

The length would probably be about 40 chapters but each chapter can be released monthly or bi-weekly. It would depend mainly on the artist. I do not want to put a lot of work on them when they have lives of their own.

Thank you so much and feel free to ask questions or message me if you are interested.


Found an awesome artist. Thank you all! 💫


I am a writer who is looking for an artist to work on my manga/ Webtoon Wallflower Blooming. I have a manga out now called The Mystery of Tokyo Bay and another one due to come out hopefully in the span of the next two months called Moonlight Rising.

I am under a publisher called Horizon Publishing who would also like to sign the artist to the company as well. (I admit as an author underneath them they don’t hold me nor the other artist I work with to work under only them). Though if you wish not to join it's okay as well.

Proof of credits:

-My manga, The Mystery of Tokyo Bay, was #1 in the manga section and graphic novel for five days (Can message proof if needed!).

-My publisher is called Horizon Publishing which is also their social media name on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. My Instagram name is 21_wishes_in_a_dream.

 I am offering a 50% split of 60% of the profit with the artist while my publisher, who will be publishing the manga, will be getting 40 % for promotional cost. My publisher focuses the publishing on Amazon books and has had experience with publishing mangas, Webtoons, novels.

Genre: Romance and Drama

The story of Wallflower Blooming takes place in the year 2004 and revolves around two main characters, Niko Kumai and Shunpei Matsumura. Moriko Kumai, Niko's husband, disappears, and shortly thereafter she is suspected of being the cause. Before she is convicted, she goes on the run to find evidence to clear her name. Shunpei is being accused of bank fraud but has no idea how. The moment his girlfriend told him to escape, he decided to acknowledge her words. The two meet soon after, and though Shunpei doesn't want to work with someone who may have committed murder, he realizes he has no choice but to accept her offer. They meet new people, create new memories, and in the way the two starts to fall for each other but knowing what they may have left behind and the possibility of returning back they question if they want to go down the path of new love or return to the road they always knew.

Leave me a message if interested! Also don’t feel uncomfortable asking questions. I have met amazing artists in the past here so I trust coming here to meet more amazing authors. I also hope to find an artist who is able to draw black features considering the fact that one of the main characters is a black woman.  Oh! If you want to also talk to my publisher and me, we can also chat via zoom or Google meetings

Different path. Same goal. Go hard!

Facts! Thank you so much   :D

Hi! I finally met an awesome artist who is willing to work with me. I hope that we can work on getting the manga out sooner  :D

Different path. Same goal. Go hard!

Facts! Thank you so much   :D

Years are not sooo bad xD (spent the last 7 teaching myself to draw so I could draw my own project)  lol.

But yo. Totally lol

Lol yeah, that's true. For me, though it's like I have this opportunity now so why put it to waste you know.

Well if you can land a good stable job after you'll only have trouble picking an artist not finding one :D hopefully one shows up sooner though.

😅 that wouldn't be years from now though. If I can't find an artist I will basically just work with the artist for my other manga.

Yeah I understand that. Its hard finding the perfect style for your project.

I am not a artist for hire or commissioner myself but,
from what I see around artists tend to respond to $$ per page jobs. The other option is trying to befriend one with time xD

Wish I knew easier ways o_o;

Definitely true. I wish I had the money now for that but I would have to wait at least two years from now to finish my master's in college if so.

Best of luck with your project. I imagine it can be tricky to find artists!

Thank you so much! I at first had been nervous to ask you know. I mean mainly because of the commissions part. I am also working on another manga that is due to come out in October with my publisher and he had been looking for artists everywhere but couldn't find one. I am now understanding his pain  :(. I mean some would ask why I am not using the same artist, especially because I want this manga I am working on to come out before October but for me, I just want to do a different style.


I am a writer who is looking for an artist to work on my manga Moonlight Rising. I am offering a 50% split of 60% of the profit with the artist while my publisher, who will be publishing the manga, will be getting 40 % for promotional cost. My publisher focuses the publishing on Amazon books and has had experience with publishing mangas.

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi

Moonlight Rising is a story about two brothers and a woman in Yokohama, Japan, 3022. Due to her nature, Hana King is considered a villain, but she's mainly misunderstood. She meets Osamu and Akihito Kajiwara after killing the leader of the Night Clan. She trains them despite knowing one brother may kill her. Due to the death of Night Clan's original leader, a new leader has emerged, Osamu. In two years, Hana kills someone, causing her to feel guilty. Little does she know, she becomes the enemy of Yuudai Okawa, the hero of  Yokohama. He begins killing people close to her. Thus, awakening a centuries-old evil spirit within her.

Leave me a message if interested! Also don’t feel uncomfortable to ask questions.

I found an awesome aritsit, this thread is now closed. Thank you for your time!


[Closed as of April 19th, 2021]

Hello! I am a writer looking for an artist for my manga, Moonlight Rising.

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance

Sypnosis: Moonlight Rising is about a woman in Yokohama, Japan, 3022. She is seen as a villainess due to her nature but is mainly misunderstood. After killing the leader of the Night Clan, she meets two brothers, Osamu and Akihito Kajiwara. They fight her but after losing in seconds, Akihito asks to be trained by her. Osamu, due to the death of the original leader of the Night Clan, gets voted as the next leader, while taking the price. Akihito Kajiwara. Hana, wanting to train both of the brothers, ends up offering to train him, acknowledging that she knows Osamu wants to kill her. She states that if so, he can learn how to. Hana ends up training both of them. After two years Hana makes the mistake of killing someone while taking the guilt to her heart. Due to this, she ends up becoming the enemy to Yuudai Okawa, the hero of Yokohama. He starts to kill people close to her. The more deaths of close ones, the more she becomes taken over by the evil spirit inside her.

From the writing I've done, I think my series will be about twenty chapters.

I have some chapters written already and I'm willing to share. My email is daiesha33PLZ READ RULES NO EMAIL

I honestly got attached to this story and the thought of showing the world of Moonlight Rising is what pushed me to keep going for this story. I've mainly written on Wattpad since my high school years. Username: 21_Wishes_in_a_dream. This is my first idea I've had to turn into a manga. I do have other ideas too and hope to write more manga with the artist I meet. I hope we can form an amazing bond. 💜

[I was able to find an artist!]

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