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an interesting concept indeed. I can't say I like those sort of videos personally (I'm a wall of text guy haha) but they're not bad :P
welcome to the forum!

Thank you, suuper-san!

Welcome to MangaRaiders!

Quite an interesting angle you are approaching the forum with! I hope you manage to find people to network with because it sounds like a great project.  ;D

Thanks~ Hopefully. Its a long shot but we try :)

01. Your real Name

Since its online world, so for now, Liam is fine. But Shiai is better as that is my online 'real name'.

02. Gender

03. How did you find the forum ( Google, FaceBook, Hi5, Other Forum etc )
Some other websites

04. You are an artist, writer , just Manga/Anime Fan or Webmaster
Actually I am none of those, but a learning designer. I basically design online classes

07. Your Favorite Manga and Anime
For now, it will be Gundam 00, Attack on Titan

08. Your others interests / Hobbies
I actually shoot videos and hope to shoot B-rolls and MTV one day

09. what you like to do in forum .. ( Post your drawings, Stories, Talk about Manga/Anime etc )
Quite direct here, I am looking to see if there are any like minded manga artist willing to help me bring manga style art into teaching. If you are wondering what do I really mean, here is an example:

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