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Manga Art Gallery / Re: Robin's Art
« on: March 18, 2019, 10:01:12 AM »
Blaaa... Dropped the ball on posting stuff / being active here so I'm drop a lot here this time. Also thanks everybody. ^^

Beware inconsistent styles and a sketchdump. Been practicing a lot lately.

Was going to say Deron was my fave but Firefly is bosssss

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Mahlua's Lair of Drawings n' Stuff
« on: March 18, 2019, 09:59:33 AM »
So I might not go the full 1,000 route just yet, but I will go for 100. It's a little bit more manageable and less intimidating, I think.

The shapes are definitely starting to come to me a little easier, but I don't think I'm quite ready to start doing these from imagination yet, so as I wrote on the paper, these are copied. I'm having fun reading through the magazine as I sketch the figures, lol.

today's sketches
figures done: 30/100

So where have you run off to?!
Come back and bang out some more of them figure drawing drills!
haha I feel like I've been hit by many michaelangelo statue of david statues in your study.

You acknowledge certain points in your study that show you're on your way if you stick at it  :dance: more!

It would also be nice to use some red hues on the skin. There are particular areas of the body that are more red like the nose, the cheeks, the elbows, and the tips of your fingers.

You might even see some the red from that cloth reflected onto her skin.

Noted!  8)
Nicely spotted on ambient light, usually my fave part of a piece and I neglected/forgot about it here, thanks for the reminder!

Aphrodite/Venus for Valentine's Day makes a lot of sense, and I'm glad that we've been graced with it.

I think to me what makes the image look a little odd is that the colors on the shading and highlights are very saturated in their color. It kind of conflicts with the skin in some places. But hey, I don't want to critique the image to high heavens so much that it gets difficult for you to look at. It's still good.

That's a fantastic observation on your part, mahlua

I had seen a video from KNKL on the colour boomerang as opposed to doing my highlights less saturated and my midtones more saturated I flipped, it round, right now I think more than ever I'm trying to test/push things - (albeit even to the point of 'incorrectness') to find things I would want in my final style.

Thanks for dropping by!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Devola's Stuff
« on: March 18, 2019, 09:52:00 AM »
Yeah I definitely need to adjust some proportions on my next pass at the character! The wind effects are actually supposed to be like "ice energy", it's meant to look and feel like ice in motion which I know is physically impossible but anime amirite.

I'll have to do more research into how to make good and convincing particle effects, it's an entire thing of itself to try and do.

Anyway, the last female character in a set of 6 has been sketched out! Here's a sneak peek at whats coming up:

Mercenary Captain Rayne
Class: Ranger
Element: Fire

I love coming back online to see yours, mahlua's, suupers, and a couple others pieceso f work
Nothing's changed love your style as usual, maybe the proportions aren't even that bad - provided it's your style and you know how to replicate intentionally, I say it works pretty well! I love the tall 'lanky' figures closer to 8/9 head proportions e.g. Kubo's Bleach design, pleasing to the eye and reminiscent of the old renaissance classical styles!

Love the piece good work as usual!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: March 18, 2019, 09:49:17 AM »
Man it's such a subjective statement I know but traditional work like this really sells me. I just love the idea of it being real and there in your workspace after working on it.

Until you have to find a place to put it, But seriously, you take it for granted when you do a lot of traditional work. I can tell I have a very different relationship with my own digital art. I wasn't even sure if I should include it in my own portfolio when applying to have the university review it.

So many characters...so many...ugh, you're like me. All the OCs. Just about every stereotype and trope will get covered eventually if people like us aren't stopped.

Yeah and I've been trying to go back and flesh out some of the characters I worked on a long time ago. Most of the characters of Izabel have already existed, like Izabel herself, but with different identities. That was originally the goal with Blade Regalia, but then I ran out and had to create brand new ones.

That's called forgery a cool idea.

Not exactly incorrect. Contemporary artwork can have copyrights. I recently found out buildings can be copyrighted. Architecture and interior designs require permission to photograph if it's recognizable.

The more I draw this piece, the more I come to hate Da Vinci for putting me through it.

I love Izabel's design, very simple cute and creepy at all once. I'm curious about the game's story already just from the character designs! Great work with the assignment, you definitely captured Da Vinci really well imo.

During some play testing I've successfully been able to terrify family members without using jump-scares or any audio. Huge win for me since it is my first time working with horror. And it's a bit challenging as I'm trying to avoid gore.

You guys may recognize some of the older works of art in this room. While the game is going to be a reflection on me, the artwork in this room is actually made by the "Mother". The next "enemy" I'm working on is the maid who has been blinded. There will be more artwork that I will have to draw especially for the game because I want the paintings to be your main source of information about what's actually happening. There will be a lot of family portraits. Currently not sure if I want to use any dialogue, so it may be your only source. There's also a few new Blade Regalia characters




Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: March 18, 2019, 09:39:35 AM »
Your skills are growing and your characters definitely become nicer to look at over time. One thing I could suggest is to do more "masterpiece" work. Drawings that you spend a large amount of time on. The fear of days of work going to waist because say for instance, on the 3rd day, you realized the eyes weren't symmetrical, will pressure you to setup your artwork more efficiently to make those kinds of errors impossible.

That's a very good point, if one stays in practice (safe) mode one isn't obliged to stay sharp as the topic of study is what is prioritised; but finished pieces forces you to reconcile all of what you've learned (and to a presentable standard).

That said he's come a long way and we are starting to see the fruits of his labour - for me in particular as I'm here sporadically it's nice to see where he's at now vs a month/2 months ago. :dance:

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« on: March 02, 2019, 01:52:25 PM »
If you're still curious how I'm approaching the cursed sword character. You lose control over abilities 1 by 1 until you reach 80%. Also at 80% you lose control over your ability to walk around and jump. It goes down by 2% per second so if you hit 100%, it will take 10 seconds to get below 80%. The only way to force control early is to use your ultimate which will give you 100% corruption but with full control. It only goes up when you try to use abilities without the resource necessary

Here are some new characters



Some character Redesigns. I've got a lot more of these I'm working on right now.





Love Arianna's design *crushing*

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Devola's Stuff
« on: February 27, 2019, 03:23:21 PM »
Just a small update, Sael's final concept sketch is done!

Here is the front/back, back is still a rough and I haven't figured out what to name her sword yet  :hmm: all I know is, it's gonna be real edgy haha.

I see Super's influence now, haha
sick work as usual, Devola! Still got an edge to your style (and poses) that I envy to possess in my own work.
Good details on garments too.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: February 27, 2019, 03:21:29 PM »
Well I had a bunch of time today so I figured I'd try and copy Devola's art style (as I said I would) and engage in a bit of self-loathing at the same time XD
I have never spent so long not knowing what I was doing, seriously.

Took THREE AND A HALF hours, almost the exact same time for each piece. Just look at all those stacked numbers. That's how many stages I went though for each piece.
Also I spent an hour beforehand copying a bunch of Devola's art to try and pick the style up. Probably if I did that a couple of times I might have gotten it down a bit better but had to balance my time.

-First time IIRC properly trying to emulate someone's style. I noticed my own style habits kicking in all the time so the pieces were leaning towards my own style more than I wanted.
-Got lots more respect for your skill now Devola although I had plenty before.
-Like how do you shade even?
-What does the grey even do and why is it so confusing lol
-Don't mind the sloppy erasing that caused a funny shadow border around the charactersFixed it mostly never mind
-Feedback welcome

Click to enlarge

I learnt a ton about shading and I've certainly got some ideas I want to try out now and trying to think outside my normal pieces was a good experience.
At least my DA can be busy next month :P
I'll link back to your DA page Dev if that's alright.

I see you're still stubbornly devoted to your studies, impressive to a scary level - but here as Coryn said you now changing background means you're forced to get some values in your body studies, something (i personally) haven't seen in your work before (but maybe that's because I've been gone so long lol)

It's good to see the improvement you've made in a short span of time but I think even more so to see the extra dimension added (value) to your work allows me to see where you're at a little better, you're doing well. Onward and up


Aphrodite/Venus - not manga related but thought I'd post anyway for late valentines x
Not really interested in being to impressed with current work, just pumping out stuff and taking note of the lessons learned along the way.

Self notes here: not to shy away from darker values, better edge control, and for accessories to make sense (scarf  :dance: )

Onto the next!  :sheep:

Manga Art Gallery / Re: The improvement continues @ninoartem
« on: February 27, 2019, 03:10:45 PM »
Again thanks guys, my apologies for my 100-year reply  :sleep: !

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: October 23, 2018, 04:31:38 PM »
You got any snippets of the overdrive work?? :o

haha I fully understand ya, sequential work can be daunting. You might need an accountability partner to get on you so you can set some concrete goals towards getting started again! ;) haha

Manga Art Gallery / Re: SpartanG Art others
« on: October 23, 2018, 11:04:13 AM »
Just love your style. Good proportions and structure as usual

Manga Art Gallery / Re: The improvement continues @ninoartem
« on: October 23, 2018, 09:55:44 AM »

May be my fair share of fan-art done for this year, but enjoyed this one.

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