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General Discussion / Re: Opinions of Collabs?
« on: January 15, 2018, 07:29:30 PM »
In the professional world, co-op comics have their place and are fairly commonplace. Authors like Neil Gaiman, for example, have strong storytelling skills, but drawing isn't his specialty. He has a good amount of comics released, and absolutely none of them has he drawn himself, haha. Comic collabs have a niche within the industry, and it's especially prominent in the western part of the world. Even most of your classic mangakas in Japan will have assistants to help with the art process, editors to help streamline the story, etc. It also isn't unheard of to have a creator duo for webcomics as well, although from what I've seen, it isn't as saturated in the community.

I think collabs are a realistic idea, even online, but it's something I personally would approach with caution. Over the internet, people tend to disappear into the ether sometimes - it's part of the nature of the thing, I suppose - and a project could be stopped at the drop of a hat. Writers are picky about their art, artists are picky about their story, collabs can be an easy experience or stressful and full of tension. Take for example, group projects in school. If you choose the right partners, it'll be a smooth ride and easy to continue. If someone doesn't pull their weight, doesn't communicate, doesn't participate, it's nothing but a horrible experience. Finding a collab partner you trust and have a good time working with is the ideal, but could be hard to accomplish.

I personally suggest the same as Forlorn, above, that short stories are a great way to start. Especially when first starting a relationship in a collaboration. Attempting something on the smaller and easier end will help to warm up both sides to their rhythms of production before going for the throat of your dream comic. If by any chance either side drops, a short story will be much easier to recover from than the beginning of a long epic of a manga.

(also if you find an artist for free, it's pretty likely they aren't incredibly experienced... The extra time spent working on a small comic will inevitably improve the look of your ideal story when you do get to it, versus if you had just gone straight for it)

100% this! Thanks for those thoughts, really insightful. :)

General Discussion / Opinions of Collabs?
« on: January 03, 2018, 01:03:32 PM »
I’m curious as to my fellow manga enthusiasts thoughts on mangakas and whether or not you can be a TRUE mangaka if you can only write, or only draw, etc. Do you think someone can be a mangaka and make a semi decent living if they don’t possess ALL the skills necessary to make a manga, or do you think partnerships can work just as great as one person doing everything?

Develop Your Story / Re: ASTRAL Lore - Hunters
« on: December 24, 2017, 09:05:35 AM »
Thanks! I’ve spent a good 3 years or so creating the lore, world and story. There’s a lot of passion and originality in it. Can’t wait for you guys to read ^.^

Manga Art Gallery / Re: ASTRAL - Gasha Concept Art
« on: December 10, 2017, 12:03:10 PM »
Cool looking forward to it

Thanks man! The first issue is going to be completely free, so everyone will have access to it :)

Manga Art Gallery / Re: ASTRAL - Gasha Concept Art
« on: December 10, 2017, 09:08:53 AM »
Nce dude when will u guys start hha

Already started! First chapter is aimed for June :)

Manga Art Gallery / Re: ASTRAL - Gasha Concept Art
« on: December 10, 2017, 09:04:42 AM »
He is got tha tskeletical sunken eyes look.

Any powers? Whats the manga about?

The manga will follow the foibles of Protagonist Asuko Ryo, an Astral Host who wants to become the Guardian of his Hunter Metropolis. With no father or mother, and no way to train other than to teach himself, we’ll see him go from zero to hero as he learns what it truly means to be a Hunter, and what that word truly means to him. I’ve posted several LORE posts in “develop your story” if you’re interested in more backstory :) the manga is due out mid next year. And Gasha is very powerful - he’ll play a pivotal role in the early chapters of the manga(his name is inspired by the Gashadokuro), and his powers... well, you’ll have to wait and see ;p

Manga Art Gallery / ASTRAL - Gasha Concept Art
« on: December 08, 2017, 09:41:06 AM »
Final concept art for one of my upcoming mangas characters. This characters name is Gasha - and you’ll see him play a pivotal role in the early chapters of Astral. :)

Here’s some early concept art as well! This was a more modernized version.

Originally, ASTRAL was going to be a more modernized Manga. After much trial and debate though, we decided to create a world of our own, in a more fantasy style setting(with some modern and gothic elements).

Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the first chapter of our upcoming manga ASTRAL, due out mid next year!

Develop Your Story / Re: ASTRAL Lore - The Astral Hunters
« on: November 26, 2017, 05:56:15 PM »
*Cracks knuckles*, alright somebody who likes their world building.  :clapping:

Three years in the making eh? I commend you for taking the prep time.

Alright hang on hang on, I feel like I'm missing other lore posts here. *goes to look for other posts* Okay I had a feeling. Just a suggestion for you, I would condense your lore postings to one thread so that it's easier to get all of the needed information.

So to start I'll be going over your first lore post covering the Hunters, and then I'll be looking at the Astral Hunters.
So considering this is a shounen and you probably won't go into these things too much in your actual story I will breeze through this. But here's the deal, you need to clarify where these Hunters stand in human society. If they are a private organization that does not answer to any government then there would in any world be government military forces, now whether or not these forces were as capable of fighting monsters and possibly Hunters is up to you. To bring up a shounen example, in Fairy Tail, it's pretty obvious that Wizards were the most capable forces to protect people from whatever threats tried to face them, however the Kingdom of Fiore where the Fairy Tail Guild resided still had a military force, and while I don't know if Fairy Tail ever included it, I wouldn't be surprised if they had wizards in their ranks. What I'm saying is, if they're a private group like the wizard guilds in Fairy Tail, then there should be clarification and limitations to what the Hunters are allowed to do without repercussions from the nation's they live in.

That leads me to these Hunter Cities, again it brings up the sort of question are the Hunters part of or the entire body of government? It also brings me to ask, are these the only cities around or are these just what I'll refer to as Hunter City States of sorts.

Alright, so can Bloodline Hunters develop their own special powers or are they completely limited to their parents powers? What happens if two Hunters from different Bloodlines marry and have children? Both on the social level and the genetic, so could you end up with kids with both lightning and ice powers to throw out two random ones.

As I continue reading this I get more of a feel of not just a caste system within the bloodline clans, but I feel like in the Hunter City States as a whole. I imagine at the very bottom you have standard civilians without any beast blood coursing through their veins, then above them you have the transfusion Hunters, and then above them would be the Bloodline Hunters with perhaps one specific Bloodline at the top ruling over everyone else. That's just the feeling I'm getting from reading this.  :noidea:

Wait hang on, earlier you mentioned that Bloodline Hunters inherit their abilities from their parents. Unless I read that wrong, in which case tell me if I did. If I didn't though what's the difference between their 'abilities' and their 'mutations'?

Alright those questions aside, this reminds quite a bit of a number of Shounen manga and anime, but I'm guessing that's the point, as this is supposed to be a shounen manga.

Onto the Astral Hunters.
Okay, Hang on. So before I get into who the Astral Hunters are, I have to address this. If Aeon formed the Court, which (correct me if I'm wrong) is basically a world government ruled by the Astral Hunters, there shouldn't be nations left to oppose him. This is just something about human nature, if there are multiple nations there's a reason for it and they're probably not going to take the whole "Hey guys by the way I'm not letting you fall back on your old inter-human warring ways so I'm taking over," sitting down, they would have resisted and fought back immediately there would have been no chance for an era of peace without the Astral Hunters giving the armies of these nations a serious beat down first. That's just my two cents on that front.

So with the souls of the Astral Hunters stuffed inside another person, are they still conscious, and perhaps fighting to take control of their host's body? Just a food for thought there.

All in all, this seems like an interesting world that I look forward to see living and breathing in a story. I hope the points and questions I brought up above are helpful to you in the development process, and if you would ever like to discuss world building in general it is one of my greatest passions, I've spent the past year working on a fully living breathing world of my own from geography, to culture and religion it's my jam.  :thumbsup:

Thanks for taking the time to read! Unfortunately, if I were to put EVERYTHING into one post, the post would be far too long I think haha. So I’m breaking it down into tidbits on a weekly basis. Most of the questions you asked I was going to cover in this weeks post, Society in Astral, but I’ll just answer your questions here instead.

Question 1: Hunters

The Hunters WERE a private group, such as the Wizard Guilds, when they first came into existence. This system however began to frighten the 9 Great Nations And because of this, overtime, the Nations began to create their own Hunters Guilds. The Hunters Guilds operate in tandem with their Nation through a checks and balances system - the civilians of each Nation elect the Guardian(the leader of all Hunters within a Nation, and the protector of their Nation. Essentially, the President.)which is then approved by the Hunters Council. If both parties are in agreement, the Guardian is elected and he or she acts as the commander of the Hunters and the liaison for the Nation - The Hunters act as the military for their Nation. To further strengthen Hunter/Civilian bonds, civilians are permitted to live within the Metropolis under Hunter protection. The power of the Guardian can be limited by the Hunters Council, who can veto any action the Guardian wishes to take. In short - the Hunters essentially make up their Nations government, and are governed by The Guardian, The Hunters Council and The People’s Council, which is made up of representatives appointed by the People. They’re no longer a private organization. 

Question 2: Hunter Cities

The Hunter Cities are massive havens built to house, train, and deploy Hunters. Each Metropolis is one massive city - they are not the only Cities, just the only ones that House Hunters. If you’re a hunter and you leave your Metropolis, you’re Black Booked as a Rogue Hunter. Civilians are permitted to reside within the Hunter Cities as well, though the cost of living is generally high and thus typically unavailable to the lower classes. A Metropolis is the standing point for each Nations Hunters Guild and also acts as a fortress in times of dire need.

Question 3: Bloodlines
So Bloodlines are just families, similar to a Japanese clan. Hunters within a Bloodline are just members of that family of Hunters - and each Bloodlines reputation is different from another. For example, you’ve got the infamous Dark Bloodline Of Sera, and then a far lesser known Bloodline such as the Tanner Bloodline Of Gaiza. Children can inherit abilities from other members of their Bloodline, but the chances depend on the purity of the Blood and how many Transfusions and hemosplicing that Bloodline underwent to achieve their harmony. For example, the Embergard Bloodline is so pure blooded that EVERY member of that family develops the same mutation. Other Bloodlines, like the Soren Bloodline, are very impure in blood and thus their mutations can vary wildly. Which takes me to your next question.

Question 4: Mutations
So, this is going to be a little more confusing - but I’ll do my best to explain it as best I can without visual representation.

So each Hunter is born with naturally enhanced abilities. Strength, speed, endurance, dexterity - all way above what ordinary civilians are capable of. They’re able to manipulate Mana, the energy that makes up all things, to cast spells and incantations just like Monsters. During a Hunters lifetime, they can train to enhance these natural abilities. Some Hunters are more gifted than others, and some excel in other combat styles - for instance one Hunter might be incredibly proficient in casting spells because they were born with extraordinarily powerful Mana and sharp intellect, whereas another hunter might be more physically strong than others, and thus will prefer to fight hand to hand. Every Hunter has access to these abilities - and opportunities to improve them.

Mutations, however, are a tad different. A mutation occurs when the Beast Blood that was transfused mixes with the human blood within the hunter. This creates an abnormality, usually unique to each Hunter, but again, this varies per Bloodline. Mutations are set abilities that Hunters will often work into their overall fighting styles depending on how useful their mutation is. For example, one hunter might have a mutation that allows them to combine more than two elements together through enhanced mana control - but another might have a mutation that simply allows them to run .01% faster than average. These mutations typically cannot be improved, though some can be augmented or enhanced through a spell or other means of alteration magic.

Question: Astral Hunters
A good question! But no, The Court was formed, but it wasn’t formed out of spite - Aeon and his fellow Astral Hunters truly wanted the best for humanity and thus formed The Court to keep humanity safe from themselves. The Court was successful as you said; they kept humanity in check through their immense power and kept them from fighting amongst themselves. They would’ve STAYED successful, but Citicus, a member of The Court, was a Necromancer who was bribed by The Great Nations. In exchange for his help, he would be granted the bodies of his comrades for his own experimentation. He aided the Great Nations, who all banded together, in hunting the Astral Hunters - after which he was betrayed himself by the Great Nations. They siphoned out their souls as a means to create super weapons, by sealing the souls of those Hunters within ordinary Hunters and thus granting those Hunters immense powers.

Question 2: Astral Hosts

So Astral Hosts are ordinary Hunters, except they have unique abilities that only they possess that corresponds to whichever Astral Spirit they have sealed within them. The Astral Host Of Lucia, for example, has the ability to cast Lucia’s Light, a lightning element far more powerful than ordinary lightning that Lucia herself once used. They’re totally conscious and self aware. Since the Astral Spirits are typically sealed within an individual as a means to turn that individual into a living weapon to be deployed by their respective Nation, Astral Hosts are usually ostracized and
Mistreated within their communities out of fear and sometimes hate.

Astral Hosts have the ability to tap into their Spirits Mana Well(this is called “Ascension”, my mangas main form of transformation)to obtain even greater power - basic Ascension grants the Host 50% Of their spirit strength, while ultimate ascension grants the Host 100% Of their Spirits strength. This level of ascension can only be achieved through achieving harmony with ones Astral Spirit - this has only ever been achieved twice. Astral Spirits can have a severe consequence on their Host, as you asked. If put under immense stress, or in extreme danger, the Astral Hosts spiritual defenses can be lowered, allowing the Spirit to temporarily take control. This can range from accidental Ascension to full on possession - however full on possession rarely occurs. Ascension in and of itself causes a dramatic change in personality for the Host and they must train themselves to be able to counteract these side effects. The difficulty of control varies depending on the willpower of the Host and the strength of the Spirit.

I hope this answered your questions man, if you have any more feel free to message me! I’m actually incredibly happy you took the time to read all of my posts and asked such in depth questions. No better feeling as a writer. Thank you :)

Develop Your Story / ASTRAL Lore - The Astral Hunters
« on: November 19, 2017, 03:36:24 PM »
Hi guys! Gasha here. Thanks for taking the time to read further into the upcoming Manga series ASTRAL. This is a project 3 years in the making and, as promised, we’re going to continue giving you guys sneak peeks into the world I’ve created! Today we take a look at one of the most pivotal aspects of the Shounen - The legendary Astral Hunters. Who they were, what they stood for and what happened to them. Thanks for reading :)        -Gasha

The Astral Hunters:

The Astral Hunters were Hunters of unparalleled power that existed over 700 years ago. Where most Hunters of that time suffered negative side effects from Transfusion of Beast Blood, the Astral Hunters were 10 individuals, rumored to be descendants of the First Hunter himself, whose blood blended harmoniously with the Beast Blood and the resulting combination created Hunters unlike anything else the world had ever seen, void of any negativities other Hunters were facing at the time. Their unmatched strength forged them as Heroes in the eyes of the populace, their power being that of Gods; because of this, they were dubbed Astral Hunters by the Nations of the world and together, they protected mankind from the threat of the Monsters.

Once the Monsters had been culled to manageable levels and were no longer a threat to humanities existence, mankind began to turn on itself once again, giving in to petty differences and old rivalries between Nations. Aeon, one of the most powerful of the Astral Hunters, was unwilling to allow the world to revert back to its old ways. Having convinced the other Hunters to join him, the Astral Hunters formed The Court, made up of all ten of the Astral Hunters -

Aeon - the founder of The Court, whose mutation allowed him to manipulate time and space. After witnessing the atrocities of humanity, Aeon decided humans could no longer freely govern themselves and needed a higher power to command them.

Lucia - the most powerful of the Astral Hunters, Lucia’s mutation allowed her to conduct and manipulate a unique form of Lightning Mana far more powerful than standard Lightning - this power was called Lucia’s Light.

Citicus - One Of the most secretive of the Astral Hunters, with questionable motives. His mutation allowed him to perform a new form of magic called Necromancy, which was looked down upon by the general populace. He generally secluded himself from the rest of the Astral Hunters and he founded the Metropolis of Sera.

Kael - rivals with Lucia and forever envious of her power, Kael was a brash and antagonistic Hunter who consistently fought Aeon over the leadership of The Court. His mutation allowed him to not only conduct Fire at unmatched ferocity, but allowed him to Cinderstep, transforming his body into burning smoke and embers and reappear in another location at high speeds.

Payne - the youngest of The Court, Vayne was a prodigious Hunting specialist whose mutation heightened her senses far beyond that of regular Hunters. She could call Mana to a specific sense, increasing that sense temporarily. Because of this, she generally used her heavy crossbows and smaller hand-crossbows in combat, able to accurately hit targets at impossible ranges.

Theron - Theron was considered the weakest in terms of combat compared to the rest of the other Astral Hunters, but he was still leagues ahead of standard Hunters. The gentlest of The Court, Theron’s mutation allowed him to heal any wound on himself or anyone he touched.

Vern - Vern was Aeons elder brother, who disagreed with him on nearly every point. Vern greatly believed in Humanity and believed that someday true peace would be achieved through love and compassion. Verns mutation granted him strength, speed and endurance leagues above average.

Solis - Solis was Vern’s best friend and the father of Payne. His mutation allowed him to directly call upon energies of the Sun, using intense heat and radiation to defeat his enemies.

Umbra - Umbra was an Astral Hunter whose mutation allowed him to open rifts to and from Space. He would often pull entire meteorites from the cosmos to hurl at his enemies. Umbra was considered the most dangerous of the Astral Hunters next to Aeon, due to his ability to pull his enemies into the Cosmos.

Raa - Raa was an Astral Hunter whose mutation allowed him to have full control over ice and cold, however, he could only use the immensely destructive spells in short supply as he could potentially freeze his own body through overuse. He could create entire blizzards and snowstorms which engulfed regions.

When the Court was formed, an era of forced peace began - but overtime, by the actions of Kael(who regularly injured and even sometimes killed disorderly civilians)and Citicus, whose necromantic practices caused fear within the populace, the Nations deemed the Astral Hunters far too powerful to be allowed to live. The Nations of the World made a deal with Citicus, offering his assistance in exchange for the bodies of the Astral Hunters, which he wanted to resurrect and use to his own benefit. Citicus summoned legions of undead, and with his strength combined with the Nations Hunters, one by one the Astral Hunters fell. With Citicus’ help, the Nations prevailed - but they had no intention of honoring their agreement. Instead, with each Astral Hunter slain, the Nations stripped their souls from their bodies and sealed them to be used as weapons, sealed within human hosts, called Astral Hosts. Each Nation received one Astral Spirit, which they sealed within a human vessel. These Hoss inherit a portion of their Astral Spirits power, creating immensely powerful Hunters under the control of the Nation. With the end of The Court, the age of the Great Nations began, and peace was at an end as the lust for power once again took over humanity.

Thanks for reading. Next week we’ll be bringing you more ASTRAL Lore, this time touching on the Astral Hosts and what they are, their abilities, etc. See you next week :)
- Gasha

Develop Your Story / Re: ASTRAL Lore - Hunters
« on: November 14, 2017, 05:27:33 PM »
It is like tokyo ghoul with magic?

I’ve never seen Tokyo although I’ve heard great things about it. I’ll have to look into it to see if my world bears any resemblance :p but tons of magic, yes :)

Develop Your Story / ASTRAL Lore - Hunters
« on: November 14, 2017, 02:54:00 PM »
Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to read. As I said before, I’m going to be giving you guys additional lore about the world I’ve created for my upcoming Shounen ASTRAL. Now I’m not going to try to spoil anything, so most of what I’m going to be giving you here has more to do with the world itself and not actual Characters that are present within the story. Today we take a look at the core of the manga - The Hunters. Thanks for reading! :)


The Hunters are humans who have dedicated their lives to the protection of others. While there used to be a single Hunters Guild that protected humanity against Monsters, Hunters now serve a paramilitary purpose within each Nation, and each Hunter Guild resides within their respective Hunter City, known as a Metropolis. The Hunters serve as the primary means of military power for their nations, and all Hunters reside within the Metropolis, along with civilians.

While the Old Hunters were created through injection of Beast Blood into the bloodstream, modern Hunters are usually born with Beast Blood already within them - through generations of hemosplicing and transfusions, the children of Hunters began to develop their own powers without the need of a Beast Blood Transfusion, as they inherited their abilities from their parents. These families of Hunters are known as Bloodlines, which make up a clan-caste system within the Metropolis. Transfusions can still take place however for children not born into a Bloodline, with much less risk than the original Transfusion method. However, the chances of an adverse reaction are still there, and approximately 20% of all humans who are injected die nearly immediately -  however, 40% of humans appear fine at first, but begin undergoing transformations into Monsters similar to the Old Hunters. These individuals are typically hunted down and executed immediately after exhibiting symptoms by The Inquisition. While typically Transfusions are only applied to children due to their higher resistance to the power of the Beast Blood, adults are able to undergo Transfusion as well - however the fatality rates are far higher.

Hunters are extraordinarily powerful - they possess far greater strength, speed, and endurance than the average human; their senses are also heightened. In addition to increases in their physical abilities, each Hunter also gains the ability to manipulate the essence of all living things in the World, called Mana, and use it through incantations and Hunter Signs to cast various spells and incantations ordinary humans could never dream of. Hunters will also usually develop mutations, unique to each Hunter(very rarely however, a mutation can be shared between an entire Bloodline, called a “True Mutation”). These mutations GREATLY vary in the ability they grant, from incredibly useful to useless, and occur based on how the Beast Blood interacts with their own. True Mutations, such as that seen in the Dark Blood Bloodline Of Sera, are currently a mystery as to what causes them.

Hunters employ 3 basic fighting methods to combat, and are taught all 3 at the Hunters Academy.

Brawling: A Hunters proficiency in hand to hand combat. The most common form of combat between Hunters.

Hunting: A Hunters proficiency in ranged weapon-based combat, through use of Hunter Tools such as throwing knives, grenades, and crossbows.

Casting: A Hunters proficiency in ranged magic-based combat, through use of manipulation of their Mana into spells. The most difficult form of combat, and the fewest number of specialists.

While most Hunters are adequate in all 3 Combat Styles, some Hunters choose to specialize in a specific area, with the most common being Brawling and the least common being Casting. The greatest of Hunters will employ all 3 to defeat their opponents however, as each style has weaknesses, or alter their fighting styles to combat the weakness of their chosen proficiency. More Hunters usually choose their proficiency based on their mutation as well, and which fighting style it benefits the most.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be posting more lore in a couple days :)

Develop Your Story / My new Shonen - ASTRAL
« on: November 12, 2017, 04:03:23 PM »
Hey guys, so I’m starting my new Shonen adventure - ASTRAL. I’ve put about 3 years worth of time into creating this story and I’m hoping it’ll pay off. I just wanted to share the first piece of lore with you all - I’ll be posting a lot more on here as the time goes on and I get closer to the first issue release date, currently aimed for mid 2018 as we put the finishing touches on the art side of things. So, let me know what you think! :) the goal is to create a fantastic Manga that touches on darker themes, invokes your emotions and makes you tied to the characters all set in a cyber-Punkish, diverse and expansive world rich with lore all while maintaining the classic Shonen feel and, of course, badass fight scenes that make the hairs on your arms stand up. Thanks for taking the time to read ??

-The Astral Team


Nearly 600 years ago, in an age where Monsters and Beasts ruled the world and humanity was on the brink of extinction, one man took the fate of the world into his own hands. He became one with the monsters, transfusing their Blood into his own body - and gaining a power unlike anything the world had never seen. This man, the First Hunter, traveled the World protecting humanity from the monsters at their doors. But it quickly became apparent that he could not stem the tide on his own - he needed heirs, humans willing to sacrifice their humanity for the greater good and thus, the Hunters Guild was born. Humans that were injected with the Blood of the Beasts via Transfusion, that gave them strength, speed and endurance of godly proportions. As more Hunters were born, the tide of the war began to change - Hunters of extraordinary talent and strength, leagues above anyone else of their ilk - dubbed Astral Hunters due to their power rivaling that of Gods - emerged, and humanity was once again the dominate race. But, as always, humanity could not help but show its roots.
With the stemming of the Monsters humanity instead turned their attention to their own selfish desires - power, wealth, lust. These traits once forgotten re-emerged, only now, stronger than ever. Individual nations began to breed and spawn their own private Hunters Guilds, not as tools to save humanity, but instead as private militarized units built to serve the needs and wants of their nation. And as Nations began to have their own means of protection, they had no further need of the Astral Hunters - and instead, began to fear them for their power. The Astral Hunters, who began to see Humanity for what it truly was, started The Court - a new monarchy meant to keep humanity in check. But the 7 Nations would not give up their power so easily. They banded together, and the Astral Hunt began. The once - protectors of humanity were hunted down, one by one, their souls stolen from their mortal shells and harvested as a means to create the ultimate weapon. In agreement, each Nation was given a single Astral Spirit, which could be placed within an individual to create an Astral Host. These Hosts were means of incredible weaponry for each Nation. The age of the Astral Hunters had seemingly ended - and the age of the 7 Great Nations had begun. But All was not as it seemed - for in the shadows, a darkness stirred. And a chain of events that would soon change the world forever was about to be set in motion... and its up to the most unlikely person, a boy, to stop it.

Astral will follow the foibles of Protagonist Asuko Soren, an untalented boy who is, unbeknownst to him, an Astral Host - and the Host Of the most powerful Astral Huntress, Lucia. Asuko will give whatever it takes to become the next Guardian of his Hunter City, Gaiza. But how far will he have to go, and what is he willing to sacrifice to get there? He will need to learn not only how to control and master the power within him, but also learn what it truly means to be a Hunter, and how much that word truly means to him.

General Discussion / Re: Question for Manga Fans!
« on: November 05, 2017, 02:25:31 PM »
I’ve seen examples of both. Should I just go with whatever I want to? I’m trying to design a manga with a Japanese partner and she says Japanese names are more apt to attract a Japanese audience, but Dragon Ball is the biggest manga franchise in the world by far, and those names aren’t Japanese inspired - not all of them anyway.

General Discussion / Re: Question for Manga Fans!
« on: October 25, 2017, 02:32:15 PM »
I never understood Japanese names in manga. For example, in Naruto, Itachi means weasel right? How is that cool? Neji means screw right?

I’m just reminded how we have people named blue ivy and Apple over here in the United States. It’s rediculous to us.

I think you should go with exotic names, exotic from an Asian market. So I think westernized names would be cool. Plus you won’t be accused of cultural appropriation.

True, they do translate strangely lol. But I’m going to be moving to Japan, in about two years - which is why I’m wondering if it would be better to use more Japanese culture in the manga. We can’t decide though 😤

General Discussion / Question for Manga Fans!
« on: October 25, 2017, 01:59:55 PM »
So I’m in the process of writing a Manga with my girlfriend, and when it comes to characters, her and I are torn between what Manga readers truly value in a character name. We’re undecided on whether to create authentic Japanese names for our characters, or whether or not to use entirely fictional names. The Manga is set in a Fantasy Setting, so fictional names would work, but do you think it’s worth taking the time to create authentic Japanese names instead? Do you prefer authentic names in the mangas you read? Do you think they add authenticity to the work for aspiring western Mangakas?

Any and all opinions are welcome(As well as any Japanese names if you have some ;p)!

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