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Im in but panty raids i would be the one that gets grabbed by the collar just my luck lol.

Develop Your Story / Re: lost gate
« on: June 15, 2017, 08:10:58 PM »
Ok thanks. it was a old idea from my old account  that just resurfaced and i had to get it down before it left again.  I have to copy and paste period s but if it will get more reads then here goes.

Develop Your Story / lost gate
« on: June 15, 2017, 06:05:58 PM »

Heaven use to be carefree we all did what father said and enjoyed his love their was nothing else,  then the oldest son Lucifer became uneasy about fathers new children so did others that was when the war started.

Chapter 1

We see a teenage boy staring out the window "yo Kaz why do you always look so lost as if yo in are searching for something outside that damn window me and mac are going out with these chicks we need one more you coming "another teen with a perv smile "i got things to do today maybe next time and wipe the old man smile off your face yo in ain't getting any no time soon" kaz. "man why you always got to be like that and you dont know since you have turned into mr shut in right when i got yui to come, she wanted to see you sooo bad hahaha" friend ."maybe next time" the bell rang and everyone started leaving Kazuma walking alone thinking "why do i always blow them off i have nothing better to do plus cute yui will be there maybe ill call... ". before he can finish he hears a loud slamming sound coming from the alley of his favorite roman shop he runs over without thinking "what the hell am i doing" when he gets in sight he is amazed at what he sees.  From the alley he sees golden feathers falling everywhere and as he gets closer he can see smoke and a giant crater inbetween the two buildings and the shadow of a winged human "what the Fuc... " .before he can finish he sees descending from the sky a figure covered in black aproaching the location Kazuma quickly looks around to his surprise know one seems to notice whats happening except for an elderly woman out sitting outside her house with her broom laying across her lap. when she sees kazuma looking at her and the sight happening that only they seem to notice she gives him a saddened smile and quickly gives him the shoo motion with one of her tired old hands and as she did so a sweeping wind pushes him back when he turns to get a glimpse of the two creatures he gets a sickening feeling in his stomach standing before him a figure wrapped in a Aura of pure darkness is staring down at him slightly tilting its head questioning what kazuma is. The figure cloaked in a fog of black turns towards the figure with the Golden wings who was struggling to get on its feet in doing so the wings swing open revealing a woman with pure white hair bright blue eyes shined between the closing eyelids a scar running down her right cheek down her neck which had a golden ring hanging from it.  She grabs her spear staff and slams it hard on the ground causing the whole block to shake followed by a light so bright kazuma had to scream but his voice lost in the blinding light. he can feel something that he cant remember but he knew he felt it before creep up from the pit of his stomach first surging up his torso down to his arms then a jerk of energy blast through his hips and legs causing him to fall to his knees before he could speak the dark figure lets out a loud hiss and leaps into the air before dissappearing into the heavens. Kazuma still a little blinded by the light trys to get back to his feet but notice that blackness has claimed his eyesight his body non responsive realizing that he is passing out falling back to earth he hears a voice "look at my poor child once again joining the battlefield, i gave you a chance of a normal life but you continue to fight stop and come home" the voice had continued to talk but kazuma no longer could hear he was out cold.

Thats just part of chapter 1 the post was getting a little to long i continue when someone tells me if it sounds like it could work

Manga & Anime characters / Re: The 'Batmen' of Manga and Anime
« on: June 14, 2017, 11:59:19 PM »
id say takezo from vagabond and baki the dad and son both titled as the strongest on earth

break Room / Re: What would be the biggest mistake you did as a kid?
« on: June 14, 2017, 09:46:35 PM »
Ok here goes i was about 8 and it was a friday back in the 90s one could get a good used game or 10 bucks anyway my mom would give us 20 bucks each friday but the week before me and my cousin broke the car window so no money for me.  My mom had a bottle of long island ice tea not knowing that it was a adult beverage i downed the whole bottle being greedy before the vomit fest started i went in the woods to climb a highest tree when i heard where is it it was in the back seat and where is shaud thats when the branch broke i hit every branch in my path before the thud and complete blackness i wasnt hurt beside scratches and a massive hangover and burned throat from the vomit.  I regret it not because of the tree or the yelling at but now i cant drink any tea without remembering the whole ordeal and blush in embarrassment.  I laugh about so does my family every time they get together they bring bottles and on holidays when everyone leaves their are about 8 bottles left and since i dont drink they seat there laughing at 8 year old me the drunken monkey fall from a tree by by the way  if anyone need any long island ice tea their are like 15 bottles still in the shed its yours this monkey cant stand being mocked any further plus taking up space

break Room / Re: Drunk Drawing (dont know where to put this, sorry)
« on: June 14, 2017, 09:31:31 PM »
Im not tryin to judge i pefer dreeni just dont drink i got drunk once with my sister(who out drank me mr 1 beer and a shot) threw up everywhere all the way home plus it just makes me sick so if i offended anyone my bad

Manga Art Gallery / Re: im back (you already used that one)
« on: June 14, 2017, 09:25:38 PM »
Thanks i was feeling that way to but i was lazy but now i know

break Room / Re: Drunk Drawing (dont know where to put this, sorry)
« on: June 14, 2017, 03:41:22 PM »
I find this tread funny not the drawings but the drinking (fyi kids if you do anything be it beer shots or green do it in moderation and dont do anything that will get you into to much trouble and stay away from the hard stuff )

Develop Your Story / Re: I'm back
« on: June 14, 2017, 03:18:31 PM »
Sorry for the long working on two side stories on relating to the vampires orgins and werewolves and the other on the churches group of hunters (think van helsen in fact he will make an appearance but the side stories will be set in different times but well meet in this story.  So ill start with the church hunters.  They are people that have angel blood that grants them gifts that doesn't mean they are good young Frankenstein has some blood that is why the experiment worked the way it did. The church uses a fallen angel as their leader he fell do to disobeying the order to kill a demon that looked and acted like a small child (later revealed to be the blind girl that finds young Frankenstein i changed the blind man into a woman).

Now demons are children of the fallen angels.  Due to their evil their appearance changed from their parents. The base of their abilities are similar to angels and hunters the angels being the stronger of the three on average (meaning more angels have more power on their side due to demons being like humans a branch from the same species).

The werewolves and vampires turn.  Werewolves have been around for an unknown amount of time (well since cains transgression). They differ from vampires from the obvious appearance the are not immortal exept for
Cain. Werewolves are children of cain that carries his curse to remind cain of his past. The curse isn't as bad as cains when he transforms he goes mad and primal.  The full moon isn't the only way to transform it just makes them stronger and the transformation is out of their control they still have the ability to retain ther thought (although the more blood they take the higher the chance of losing to the ability to change back and go mad.  Vampires are immortal they age but very slowly but wont die due to age. The older a vampire gets the more power they gain.  The change doesn't happen right away infact for some it takes years.  Vampireisim happens like a disease those who happens to survive an attack eventually turn not all vampires souls enter through the teeth and mixes with victim (vlads was part of his curse to never be with a human due to his transgression so every woman he loves are stricken with it you know sex 😊 the urge takes over) vampires eventually lose some of there humanity over time due to their isolation from humans they can only roam at night (only full bloods the ones in transition can walk in the day but powers are drastically weakened and they tend to be sickly at night their abilities reverts to normal self they usually blend in human society)

Thats it for now thanks for reading the long post i will be back later (booooooooooooooo)  (i said im sorry😫)

Develop Your Story / Re: I'm back
« on: June 14, 2017, 01:04:19 PM »
So i decided to give back ground the my Frankenstein world. The world is dark the lords of lands are at constant war and behind that dark things stir.  In lands close by an evil king rose to power by using force.  Whispers began to spread of how the king drinks the blpod of his enemies and only comes out at night.  Screams can be heard coming from his castle he even have stakes with human heads outside the castle walls this new king is young and unknown to his people he will never see old age. Stories of people vanishing and then reappearing changed isn't uncommon. In the lands across from this one people are living in fear of a beast that walks like a man but looks like a wolf started to feast on the people the only thing they do know is that this beast comes out on a full moon. They dont know that this thing is a man by the name of cain brother of abel cursed to roam earth as a beast on the new moon due to his transgression towards god. This beast has given birth to others like him he is known to them as king.  They live of the lands and roam in clans like wolves the public unkown of their unholy dark side named these people gypsies. And in the dark coners are those who practice the dark arts and science. But its not all evil in the lands of valintina (name may change when i decide to name the others) the lord of the lands is known to give to his people and is well known for his skills as a doctor.  He and his family are well loved and held in high esteem. In these lands the churches hold little power and seek to gain more so they are looking for a chance.  All around the world the church holds power Unknown to the public they hunt those who go against gods law and fight the evils that roam the shadows of the world they also have corruption among their ranks.

There will be more but this is just to let you know that the world in my story will differ from the original telling in mine i will have magic (not a lot ) demons vampires and werewolves. To answer some future questions the werewolves are ar war with the vampires due to cain seeing them as agents of Lucifer and wish to please god but he dont know that the man known as vlad aka Dracula is his brother abel who when he went to heaven at gods feet pleaded to god to smit his brother but god had other plans and laid a curse on cain. Abel in raged by the fact his brother can still walk among the living is cast down and he himself cast from heaven and must feed on the living (which vlad/abel hates since he was a loving person) cain has walked the earth alot longer than his younger brother and forgot his brothers face (part of the curse effect although he remembers killing him and the self loathing afterwards). And the church is at war with the demons and has a special groups to hunt the vampires and werewolves. They themselves are responsible for some of the demons appearing in our world and a dark order originated from the church they worship the dark gods. There (sweat dripping from everywhere)

No problem im working on writing a story and now im going back and do the world setting so thank you for the help

Manga Art Gallery / Re: im back (you already used that one)
« on: June 14, 2017, 10:57:26 AM »
Thanks i dont know why they keep doing it i use two diffrent browsers chrome and uc browser so i will try to fix it here is a simple sketch till i upload the rest     
   i cant use a mouse young Frankenstein

Manga Art Gallery / im back (you already used that one)
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:17:55 PM »
Been away for awhile and for got my old password so anyways some re draws

hello i like what you have done alot of people myself included write just about the main character and hint at their worlds but you have A full glimpse into tours that leaves plenty of side stories and fan made stories without taking away from your own no criticism here keep at it

Develop Your Story / Re: I'm back
« on: June 13, 2017, 03:22:37 PM »
OK after the sons revival he shows signs of being touched by the darkness so the Dr sends him to the church hoping that they can cure him but he finds that their is no cure. The church hides the fact that they plan to use him as a weapon and telling the Dr that they disposed of him.  After years of secretly working for the church they find that the boy has began to regain his humanity fearing his power and new found ability they send him off on a suicide mission. The child survives but the darkness grabs a tighter hold on him causing him to destroy a branch of the church before he regains his former self.  The church housed the boys younger brother who happens to survive the massacre unknown to him that the monster was his older brother he seeks him out for revenge.  The story follows young Frankenstein (the son) as he is reborn and cast into darkness and him being alone against what seems like the world demons vampires and the church even his family he slowly gets his humanity back but it's to late he now seeks to find a place to be free. To answer the question about the vampires he was created to hunt them all down which he does until I finds that not all are evil. I have a ending well two possible endings but it's just I have trouble with how should I start since young Frankenstein is seen in different lights to all three entries for example his father loves him and blames himself for hi sons torment his younger brother sees him as a monster and the blind man (didn't mention much😫) sees him as a friend/son.

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