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I'm going to cut the crap and get straight to it. I've started a manga that I honestly believe could end up becoming really successful with proper writing and adequate artwork. For now I want to focus on the writing (script) and finish the story. I've already completed chapter 1 and I have material for 3 entire arcd. The reason I'm looking for a writer or a group of writer's is because I would like to really make something out of this idea and material that I have.

Reply or PM if you're interested. I'll explain the details of you choose to be a part of this project.

Thanks for your time and stay awesome!

Edit: Currently not looking for anyone. For now we already have a full team.

Oh yeah, I know Berserk, it's a great manga/anime.

Welcome Center / Re: Hello! I'm a new writer
« on: January 14, 2017, 06:25:53 AM »
It's always been a passion of mine, ever since I read my first manga but I never really had any original ideas until now

Manga & Anime characters / Choose a character
« on: January 13, 2017, 06:21:56 PM »
If you could be any manga/manhwa/anime character in this world, which one would you choose to be.

Personally I'd like to be either Saitama, Mob from Mob Psycho 100 or Sasuke Uchiha.

Manga & Anime characters / Dream Wife (Anime)
« on: January 13, 2017, 06:16:42 PM »
A mix of Yuno Gasai, Anna Nishikiyoma and Esdeath would be my ideal wife tbh. There's nothing like a yandere girlfriend who is willing to kill for you.?🔪

Welcome Center / Re: ToxicWaste97
« on: January 13, 2017, 06:03:56 PM »
Thank you and I'm glad to be here.
You can check out my story in the topic (Manga Writers wanted).

Welcome Center / Hello! I'm a new writer
« on: January 13, 2017, 05:57:43 PM »
Not really sure how I should introduce myself, lol. I'm new here so I'll just list a couple of things about myself.
• I'm 18 years old (Male)
• I like manga and anime though I've only been a fan for about two years
• My fave animes are AoT, Mirai Nikki, Overlord and Naruto.
• My fave mangas are AoT, Vinland Saga, Killing Stalking and Sweet Guy. (Mushoku Tensei is also pretty good)
• I'm currently writing my own manga, which I'm really enjoying
• I would love to collaborate with other writers so feel free to send me a message
• My manga is very original, and I know that this is something pretty much every writer would say to sell their product, but I honestly believe that my idea could end up becoming extremely popular (like Naruto or AoT)

So yeah, that's all the important stuff I guess. I'm nice person so there's no need to be afraid to talk to me. I'm not a weirdo or anything (that's usually what a weirdo would say😂), but you get what I'm trying to say. So if you are interested in potentially working together, even if it's just to feed of each others ideas or talk a little about manga writing, then please feel free to send me a message.

P.S. I created a topic, in which I describe the plot of my manga so go check that out👍?.

Manga Writers wanted / [Collaboration] with manga writer and/or artist
« on: January 13, 2017, 04:49:24 PM »
Hey! So I'm a new member here so I'm not 100% sure how things work here or in general how you're supposed to ask for help on a forum, lol. So I'm just going to get to the point.

I'm quite new to the anime and manga world, though I've always loved movies and cartoons.

Basically I've been thinking about writing my own manga for some time now, though I lack artistic skill, I'm creative and good at writing. I'm obviously no Shakespeare, but I can come up with original and interesting ideas, especially when I work together with others.

Recently I've been working on a manga, which I personally think has a great plot and is very original. I'm simply looking for someone who is enthusiastic about manga and anime, and would be interested in investing some time to talk about ideas and maybe even collaborating with me.

Manga Synopsis: The story revolves around a character names Masego, who grew up as a slave due to his village having been overtaken by one of the great clans, namely "The Holy Empire". Masego lives a very good life for a slave as he is considered extremely attractive. However in a world filled with pain and sorrow Masego can't help but feeling the need to do something. So eventually he decides to take on the weight of this cruel world, he considers to be his personal hell, by attempting to become "God". It's a dark adventure about how the good guy isn't always the good guy, and about the struggles and pain that the weak go through on a daily basis.

*This world is based on our world and I basically want to show the good and bad of our world in this manga. Oh yeah, this fictional world is made up of various clans who fight for territory and power, which consist of psychics with the ability to manipulate, create and destroy things with their minds.

If anyone is intrigued in the slightest, I would like to further elaborate on my manga and answer any questions you have. And as I've said I'm looking for someone who would be interested in collaborating on this project.
P.S. I've already written the script for the first chapter??

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