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Develop Your Story / Re: Free Story Plots
« on: November 03, 2016, 11:22:26 AM »
This is stupid funny, totally would read a manga based on this.

You just totally know there is going to be a pillow fight episode in this one :D

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Characters that are overpowered.
« on: November 02, 2016, 08:53:15 PM »
To me, "overpowered" only really applies if the character outmatches everyone else, and there seems to be no reason for a story, since the character should apparently be able to solve any conceivable problem just by sheer OPness. Once there's two overpowered characters in conflict, but neither has the upper hand, then it becomes more interesting, as the two can attempt to outmaneuver each other, strategizing how to make the best use of their own abilities and stuff.

That being said, even with just one OP character, you can still make a good story - as long as there are some areas where their OPness is essentially useless, so they have to deal with it in some relatable way, as opposed to just falcon-kamehame-rasenganing the living bajeebus out of everything ;D

Develop Your Story / Re: Free Story Plots
« on: November 02, 2016, 08:37:19 PM »
A boy's sister is kidnapped by a weird wizard, and transformed into a talking animated dakimakura. Boy sets out to rescue his sister, and defeats the wizard. His sister tells him that the spell can be broken by a kiss of love. He breaks the spell, but in the wizard's stash, they find a collection of other dakimakuras - odd characters ranging from mystical warrior princesses to aliens. There's no helping it - the boy must make the dakimakura girls fall in love with him, so that they can be set free. Harem manga style hilarity ensues.

Welcome Center / Re: Another transfer student
« on: November 02, 2016, 08:25:44 PM »
Are you on fanfiction.net by any chance?

I am not - I made an account here because this site was a product of searching for the keywords of "looking for manga artists" ;D My motivation is to give my ideas a visual form rather than a written one, but I lack the artistic skills to do so myself. The only reason I've put my ideas into writing is that there simply is no other convenient way of communicating them to people who might be interested in helping me fulfill my wish (hence why the sample episode piece I posted has a more screenplay-like form, rather than novel-like form) ;D

Welcome Center / Re: Another transfer student
« on: November 02, 2016, 06:43:17 PM »
Welcome to mangaraiders! How long have you been writing?

Like I said, I wouldn't exactly call myself a writer, because my creations hardly ever get to the actual "written" stage (unless you count various monsters, magical items, spells etc. that I created for a certain clone of Dungeons&Dragons... then the answer would be 10+ years, I guess?). This RWBY fanfic I have in mind is the first project of this kind that I'm seriously pursuing.

FanFics / Re: LDBG (RWBY fanfic) sample episode
« on: November 02, 2016, 08:16:20 AM »
Thanks! Just did it  ;)

Welcome Center / Another transfer student
« on: November 02, 2016, 08:14:03 AM »

TheJersy here. I'm a dude by birth and an apache helicopter by choice, I've been walking the Earth for some 25-ish years, and I come in search for talented artists to share my vision, which is to bring to life a RWBY fanfiction I've been working on. This would probably make me a writer, but that's perhaps a too grandiose a term, since most of it is still just in my head.

Anyway, I hope you'll treat me well, and I'll see you around, I guess ;-)




I am looking for an artist (or artists) who would be willing to bring to life my RWBY fanfic ideas (a sample "episode" is listed in the FanFic section of the forum, under the title of "LDBG (RWBY fanfic) sample episode").

The comission for the moment is for an entire "episode" or "chapter", which in itself is a self-contained story. The quality requirements are not high - Sketches of reasonable quality would be quite enough - as long as they are detailed enough to convey the content. Advanced line-art and coloring techniques are not necessary, but appreciated.

I have some basic visualizations of the characters and I have one WIP commision with a certain artist to draw the characters in more detail, but the ETA is impossible to determine at the moment.

The sample episode does not contain all the background information to the individual characters and their design, but I'll be more than happy to discuss that in more detail with anyone interested in drawing for me ;-)

It's the first time I'm attempting something like this, so if you have any questions, if I have left anything unclear etc., then let me know!

Thanks in advance,


FanFics / LDBG (RWBY fanfic) sample episode
« on: November 01, 2016, 10:10:52 PM »
LDBG (RWBY fanfic) sample episode

(Team LDBG/Ladybug - Prototype visualization - Created via Anonymous D's anime character creator)

This episode is a proof of concept - it's not the first episode of the fanfic (because I have not progressed to having a bigger story line that would span multiple episodes or even a whole "season"), just a small, more or less self-contained story. Since I keep thinking about this fanfiction in visual terms (how it would look on screen), I decided to use a form roughly inspired by screenplays. The main purpose of this text is to attract artists willing to help me convert this into a manga.

Scene 1:

Episode starts with a view of an airship port and a winged airship. The view zooms in, revealing the team - Lonán, Derrie, Beltz and Gorri - standing on the deck, admiring the scenery and enjoying the sunlight.

Scene 2:

Exposition time! Conversation reveals the team is on a mission of providing some extra security against possible attacks of the creatures of grimm on the airship, since it's traversing a remote area and a government official is on board. They conclude that as long as at least one of them always keeps an eye out for nevermores and other possible signs of trouble, the others can just relax and enjoy the trip.

Scene 3:

Two shady figures, deep within the bowels of the airship, sneaking about, carrying suspicious packages. Those are ultimately revealed to be time-bombs, that the figures place on the wall in some secluded compartment of the airship, and disappear.

Scene 4:

The airship has been on its way for some time. Beltz is training, Lonán and Derrie are enjoying some desserts in the airship's cafeteria and chatting. Mid-conversation, Derrie checks her scroll and points out it's time to take her turn on watchduty, so she'd better go get her weapon and relieve Gorri - then she gets up and leaves.

Scene 5:

The timers on the bombs approach zero. As Derrie is walking across the deck towards her cabin, the hull nearby erupts in a fiery explosion, knocking her off the ship. Dazed by the shock and unable to react, she starts falling toward the forest below.

Scene 6:

Panic on the airship. The crew frantically tries to stabilize the vessel, but the damage does not permit it to stay airborne - the only option is an emergency landing. Meanwhile, Lonán, Beltz and Gorri are seen trying to organize the panicking passengers.

Scene 7:

The airship is hurtling towards the ground. The navigator spots a clearing in the forest ahead, the rest of the crew then makes the best effort to reach it. The airship breaks through the tips of the trees around the clearing and carves a long scar across the clearing's grassy surface.

Scene 8:

The team is seen getting up from various awkward positions, where they ended up after the crash. The crew and passengers appear to be mostly just bruised, people are gathering outside the ship, some of them administering first aid. The ship survived the impact mostly intact.

Scene 9:

The team meets up outside, puzzled by the apparent lack of Derrie's presence. They try to contact her by a scroll, but there is no answer (Derrie's scroll is shown cracked, but still ringing, lying somewhere in the mud). The team searches the ship, but they only find Derrie's weapon case, still in her cabin.

Scene 10:

Lonán concludes, that Derrie was probably caught in the blast while on her way to get the weapon case. In the meantime, Gorri tinkers with his scroll, and manages to find a way to approximately localize Derrie, by following her scroll-signal. The team is just about to rush off into the forest, but the Government Official breaks through the crowds of people, and stops them, claiming that it's their duty to stay and protect him, as dictated by their mission. Lonán snaps at him, saying they cannot just abbandon their friend.

Scene 11:

The airship's captain joins the conversation, and reminds them of the possible presence of creatures of grimm in the surrounding forests, and that it would be a bad idea to leave the airship undefended. The team acknowledges the risk, realizing that the fear in the hearts of the passengers will sooner or later attract the grimm's unwanted attention, and Beltz volunteers to stay, and defend the ship with the help of its crew. Lonán and Gorri then rush off into the forest.

Scene 12:

A small lake in the middle of the forest. Derrie bursts through its surface, gasping for breath. She makes her way to the shore and gets out of the lake. Soaked in water, she tries to get her bearings. She looks around, suspicious of her surroundings. She arms herself with a stick and jumps into the trees.

Scene 13:

Lonán and Gorri are advancing through the forest towards the signal of Derrie's scroll. They stop for a moment to ascertain they are going in the right direction. Then they are alerted by rustling in the bushes, and a lone boarbatusk charges forth. Combat sequence time! Boarbatusk is defeated quite easily, although it's enough for the duo to feel uneasy about Derrie being on her own, unarmed and possibly hurt, knowing that where's one, there could be more.

Scene 14:

Derrie, hiding in the treetops, barely avoids being detected by a small pack of beowolves. Silently, she moves away from them, seeking shelter. She happens upon a cave, and decides to explore it. Inside, she finds herself in a hollow space, with several dust crystals protruding from the rocks.

Scene 15:

Back at the airship, Beltz is helping to organize defenses, while passengers seek shelter inside the airship, and the crew attempts to fix the ship. Then, one by one, several beowolves start emerging from the forest. Beltz yells at the armed crewmen to get ready, and the beowolves charge.

Scene 16:

Lonán and Gorri reach the lake and find Derrie's scroll. A quick survey of the surroundings reveals the place where Derrie got out of the water, and some tracks and pieces of fabric caught on some thorny bushes gives the duo an idea in which direction Derrie wandered off.

Scene 17:

Derrie is shown sitting at a small campfire, still inside the dust-y cave. She appears to be working on a makeshift bow and dust-tipped arrows.

Scene 18:

Beltz smashes the head of a beowolf, and it dissolves into nothingness. It appears that the wave was repelled, without any casualties on the defending side. She looks around and informs others that for now, that it looks like that was the last of them. Just to herself, she adds some words of hope, that the others are okay.

Scene 19:

As Lonán and Gorri try to follow the faint trail that Derrie left behind, they run into a sizable pack of beowolves. Battle is inevitable. Halfway through, a large Ursa joins the fray, and the two find themselves under pressure. Lonán is forced to use her semblance to create a protective cage around them. While the Ursa is pounding on the cage, Gorri is keeping the beowolves at bay.

Scene 20:

Back at the airship again, a new wave of grimm is attacking, this time in greater numbers. Repairs on the airship are progressing, but it is not capable of taking off yet.

Scene 21:

The protective cage around Lonán and Gorri is cracking. The ursa delivers another mighty blow, and the cage breaks. Lonán falls to her knees, and in last desperate act of defense, Gorri steps forward, attempting to block ursa's next blow with his shields.

Scene 22:

The ursa winds up for a devastating blow. An arrow pierces its eye and explodes. The ursa stumbles. Lonán and Gorri look up, and Derrie stands there, clothes torn and dirty, messed up hair, firing more arrows into the grimm. With the battle turned in their favor, Lonán and Gorri retaliate against the grimm with renewed resolve.

Scene 23:

The airship engines come to life and rumble. The vessel sets itself straight, and the crew shouts that it's ready to go. Everyone is in a hurry to leave - several crewmen were hurt during the last wave, but Beltz urges the captain to wait and give the rest of her team some time. Captain agrees, but at the slightest danger of getting overrun, he's taking the ship to the sky, with or without them.

Scene 24:

Lonán, Gorri and Derrie defeat the last remaining grimm, but there is no time to stand around and enjoy the reunion. The ground is shaking, and dark shadows are advancing through the forest. The trio starts running, this time using the signal of Beltz's scroll to guide them to the airship.

Scene 25:

The airship cannot wait any longer - more grimm are emerging from the forest, and the few crewmen firing at them from the Deck and Beltz from the ground cannot hope to stop them. The captain yells at Beltz that the ship has to take off, and throws her a rope, so that she could get on board. She ignores it for the moment, and keeps firing at the grimm - meanwhile, the airship slowly begins to move, gaining speed and altitude. At that moment, Lonán, Derrie and Gorri run out of the forest - they notice the airship is just about to leave, and run towards it. Behind them, two large groups of grimm merge, and pursue them. The team reaches the rope, Lonán and Derrie jump on without any problems, Gorri barely grabs the end of the rope, and Beltz, who was until then firing at the advancing grimm, has no option left but to grab Gorri's legs. The engines of the airship roar, and it lifts the team, dangling on the rope, away from the danger.

Scene 26:

The crew pulls the team up on the deck, where they can finally enjoy their reunion. They walk towards the rear of the ship, and watch the grimm below disperse back into the forest. The skies are clear, no further danger in sight. Derrie breaks the moment by saying she needs a hot bath.

Scene 27:

Upon reaching the destination, the team contacts the academy to debrief. The headmaster listens to their story, says that what happened definitely requires further investigation, gives some remarks on how they handled the unexpected situation, and congratulates them on a job well done, since their mission was technically successful.

Scene 28:

A meeting of shadowy figures. The leader is adressing two of their underlings, disappointed, that the government official apparently survived the airship sabotage. Underlings express the wish of trying again, for they will surely succeed this time, but the leader says that they have a different task for them.

THE END (of sample episode)

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