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Manga Artists Wanted / Re: Looking For Artist
« on: July 07, 2018, 01:59:54 AM »
Also if any of you have any questions on anything in or about the story, feel free to reply or pm me  :thumbsup:

Manga Artists Wanted / Looking For Artist
« on: July 06, 2018, 05:56:49 AM »
Hey I'm just gonna leave the first chapter here. Title varies as of right now between somni proxy, envoy somni, dream agent, and the mole... but i'm looking for an artist for this and i'm willing to slit the revenue 50/50 or 60/40 to the artist that is willing to take a chance on helping me create this. But enough rambling, if your interested to read more or interested in this oppurtunity just reply here or pm me and i should respond asap.


Manga Writers wanted / Re: Manga Writer here
« on: June 11, 2018, 12:40:50 AM »
uppity up :sheep: :sheep: uppity up

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [Unpaid For Now] Looking for an Artist
« on: June 10, 2018, 12:33:21 AM »
I've been writing for all three stories again by now so if anyone is still interested, just post here or pm me ;D ;D

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [Unpaid For Now] Looking for an Artist
« on: June 04, 2018, 08:22:17 PM »
Guess I'm back here again.... I want to focus more on the spy manga Idea too since I generally like it more than the others but if anyone is interested to help just reply or pm me  :thumbsup:

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [Unpaid For Now] Looking for an Artist
« on: April 19, 2018, 05:41:31 PM »
So I would like to do it, but the progress may be relatively slow since I am still in school. If you don't mind that, you can contact me via Instagram(zkatty.art) or email. ;D

I PMd u 😉

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [Unpaid For Now] Looking for an Artist
« on: April 16, 2018, 03:28:15 PM »
If the manga is drawn, what will you do with it?
Probably try and publish it or get it picked up by a manga magazine

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [Unpaid For Now] Looking for an Artist
« on: April 05, 2018, 12:31:58 AM »

Suggestions And Feedback / Re: Spoiler bubble thing
« on: March 29, 2018, 08:13:25 AM »
Check the tool boxes above post editor. There is a button "SP" on right side. Click that and write inside the tags
Wow lol thanks for the help 👍

Suggestions And Feedback / Spoiler bubble thing
« on: March 29, 2018, 04:08:06 AM »
Does anyone here know how to put text in that spoiler bubble. Im surprised i havent figured it out yet lol

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: Seeking an artist[paid]
« on: March 29, 2018, 04:03:26 AM »
You should already have your story/script planned out before you search for an Artist.

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [Unpaid For Now] Looking for an Artist
« on: March 05, 2018, 01:06:10 AM »
Update.2: I now want to focus more on either Dream Agent or Dragonstone rather than Waynack but still looking for an artist who's willing to go on this journey with me  :D

Manga Writers wanted / Manga Writer here
« on: February 26, 2018, 11:15:57 PM »
I'm a Manga Writer and I'm willing to help out anyone on here that is in need of a Writer to write or help out on their story.
I enjoy writing Manga, Short stories and sometimes even poetry and even full length stories (concepts at the most right now though).
I like more of the Shonen based manga more than anything but I wouldn't mind writing another genre.
That's about it and really wanted to use this thing  :sheep: lol

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [Free] Looking for an Artist
« on: February 17, 2018, 02:45:59 AM »

Manga Artists Wanted / [Unpaid For Now] Looking for an Artist
« on: January 22, 2018, 02:47:06 AM »
Hello, I'm a writer and I'm looking for an artist to help me out with my story. I have multiple stories that I wrote and I don't mind whichever the Artist wants to help with, I just want to go on this creative journey with someone. Ok, well the two stories i have are called Dragonstone(for now) and Waynack.
- This story is about a boy by the name of Ace Barnett. He lives and works in a scrap shop with his grandfather and his job there is to search for the scraps or antiques. one day, while he's out searching, he stumbles upon a crashed cargo airship. After searching through this airship, he finds a very powerful stone that gets stuck within his hand. this story takes a long journey into the unknown and Ace's life takes a huge turn as he is seeing the power that this stone has and how many people want it.

- Waynack is a fantasy medieval story that follows the adventure of William Waynack and his quest to fulfill his dream, to find the Holy Grail. The legend is whoever finds the Holy Grail is granted to be the King of Terra/King of Kings. He is bestowed this journey along with help under Merlin of Camelot. others will also be looking for the legendary holy grail as well. Who will find it First?

both stories are shonen action/adventure and both have a lot of fun characters. Dragonstone is set in a fantasy, futuristic setting and Waynack is in a fantasy, medieval setting. I hope i could find an artist and if i do and we turn any one of these stories into profit, i will be more than happy to share the profits 40/60, that means the artist will get 60% of the profits. I hope someone will be willing to take the chance here. If you would like to know more or read some of the scripts please reply or PM me.

More Info On Dragonstone
Dragonstone has various futuristic looking cities and post apocalyptic looking cities as well, but it is in the future. there is many large and unique cities in this story. there is also different classifications and roles within these cities defense forces and there is also bounty hunters within this world. There is a group known as the Astro 13, which is a very prestigious and elite group of bounty hunters that will also symbolize the Celtic animal Zodiac, which will be cool. there are other Drragonstone's within this world but very rare, each holds their own unique power. A dragonstone also holds the spirit of a dragon within it and that dragons specific ability.
Other  Characters are:
- Artemis, a teenage girl who is supposedly a tracker for her clan (her back story is very dense) and found Ace KO"d after the stone got stuck in his hand. she is an expert with her blade and also a tracking expert and a good fighter. 
- Jax Landers, a professional bounty hunter who went out to capture Ace for a bounty but ended up joining Ace on his adventure. He has a robotic arm and is good at combat too but tends to rely on his arm.
- Trivy, Ace's trusty cute robot companion, he's very small compared to the other characters and has been with Ace since Ace built him. Ace is good at inventing things.
There are many more unique characters and different and dense Arc's within this story as well.

More Info on Waynack
Waynack uses inspiration from various folklore such as Arthurian Mythology, Greek Mythology, and Mythical Beasts as well. Waynack is from a small village which is claimed under the Pendragon Kingdom. There are many different Kingdoms within this story as well and the Top 12 Kings/Queens of the Top 12 Kingdoms are known as the 12 Wonders of the world. Other 12 Wonders are Dracula, Mei Liang, General Hanzo, King Arthur, etc. Dragons are also present in this world put are very rare and people are afraid of them because it's believed they only bring chaos and calamity into the world. There is also Greek Gods within this world but not as present mainly for prayer than anything until much later into the story. what makes up a powerful kingdom that would be recocgnized by the wonders are 3 or more powerful clans that join together to create a kingdom. For Example, the Pendragon Kingdom consisits of Powerful clans such as the Emrys clan, Du Lac Clan,  Calvados Clan, and much more. There is also Elemental powers, Magic, and Magical weapons within this story as well
Other characters are:
- Pierre Emrys, the youngest son of Merlin Emrys and from the Emrys clan. A new teacher of Magic before he was sent out to accompany William on his journey for the Holy Grail by his father. Expert in Black Magic and holder of the Sword of Eternal Darkness. Very intelligent as well.
- Forest, a baby dragon that William happens to find and keep within the story and he becomes the Tamer of this Dragon, A Tamer is someone who is given the abilities that the dragon has by the dragon to share.
- Raynard, an old friend and ex class mate of William during there time in Knight school, he was inspired by William to also search for the holy grail on his own path and become the king of kings, unfortunately his path will be alot darker compared to William's but they are destined to meet again someday.

There is much more content and characters in both of these stories and would be more than happy to share if anyone is interested just reply or PM  ;D ;D

I have another story called Either Dream Agent/Dream Agenda/Trance Agent/Trance Agenda or maybe something else but it is about a teen kid who recently lost his father in an accident and now lives alone. He recently found himself in a crazy situation and found out that his father was killed rather than an accident and that he used to work for the IJA (The International Justice Agency) which is a high up law enforcement and secret operations agency. Driven by the news about his father, he joins the IJA and gains a personal mission to gain the strength in order to be able to find the person who killed his father.

More Info:
This is a shonen/action-adventure/school based manga and also has a very large cast of characters. The power system is unique and cool where people use dreams and memories in order to gain a special unique ability they can keep. Their is also different classifications of Agent Rankings ranging from C class all the way to S class. You would have to join the Youth program to train you the skills you need to learn in order to become a professional agent at the IJA. There is also a name for the top Agents within the IJA, titled the Ju-Genju. the power system just doesn't include the special unique ability and other parts of it is very complex.

Yuki Madota- Our Main Character, he is a bit of a hot head and he is driven on finding the killer of his father. he is willing to do whatever it takes to become stronger in order to gain the strength to find who killed his father. he believes that this is his destiny. his special ability that he gains is plasma energy.

Asami Kowal- A classmate within the Youth Program of Yuki, she is also a daughter to one of the Ju-Genju. she is quiet and nice, she also has a bit of a lack of emotions. she is trained and pampered by her father. her special ability is Mask of Memories, which is a Mask that allows her to change the appearance of herself using the memories of her own or from her enemy.

Jerome Murasaki- the teacher of the Youth class and an S class agent at the IJA. He didn't want to teach the class but was chosen to do so. He is very skilled at combat and his special ability is the use of neon energy.

Maria- She is an S class agent who is introduced within the first chapter and helps Yuki and brings him to the IJA. she is also excellent at hand to hand and even better with weapons like knives. her special ability is called Hawk's Eye/Eagle's Eye where when she uses it she gains a target that only she can see and whenever she gets a direct hit on the target she can see in longer distance and the target gets bigger and easier.

That and the other two are still available and still looking for an Artist. if anyone is interested in either one of the three up there and want to know more or read a chapter of one of them, just reply or send me a PM.

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