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Manga Creations / Destiny Wanderers Chap 26: The Real Deal!
« on: January 20, 2018, 04:55:54 PM »
Here's another chapter for you guys!!!


Destiny Wanderers Chapter 26: The Real Deal!

The 7 Combatents lined up alongside each other in the now empty arena. A large door opposite the entrance slowly opened with a groan, standing there was a familiar face. Electro. He clapped slowly and smiled as he stepped into the arena. Wander stood ahead of Mist, almost hiding him from Electro's view. "Well, hello! I congratulate you all for making it this far.", He spoke calmly with a touch of elegance. He was completely fine as well, no scuffs from Wander's clash with him. He stepped closer still and moved his hands to connect behind him. "You have all qualified for the finals, and I'm sure you all know what that means". Electro chuckled and pointed to a part of the wall nearby. It suddenly flipped over and became a large screen of sorts. "This will randomly determine the order of which the matches shall take place". Electro turned to face the fighters once again. "As you all should know, I am known as Electro. I don't really care what any of your names are so we'll skip that part and move onto the main event". He glanced around the large room as the smaller arenas were taken away by men in suits. "I want you all to relax and get prepared for your big fights, but there is one exception", Electro trailed off, noticing Mist hiding behind Wander. "You will need to leave, no hard feelings but you didn't even make it into the preliminaries", Electro spoke down onto Mist, his voice was hoarse and condescending. Wander stepped forward, now fully blocking Electro's view of Mist. He sighed and turned to face Mist. "I'm sorry Mist", Wander apologized. Wander glanced over his shoulder, back to Electro. HE smiled and waved towards Mist, Wander sneered and led Mist away. As he left, the men in suits returned. They brought with them beds, chairs, couches, tables and trays upon trays of food. Electro threw his arms outwards. "Enjoy! In 24 hours, the games will begin!", He cheered out. Electro turned after his speech and left the arena through the doors he entered.

Wander and Mist reached the original entrance, seeing a pair of suited men. They smiled at Mist and stopped them from leaving. "You may stay, he was simply playing around.", one of the men said. Mist's face lit up and faced Wander. Wander scratched the back of his head and smiled back. "Thank Goodness, I don't know what I'd do for 24 hours on my own...again", mist said, bringing his ego down a peg. Wander smiled and patted him on the back, "Hey, don't bring yourself down, man! You're with us now, remember?", Wander sympathized. Mist perked up after hearing this as they made their way back to the group. Merc and melissa had quickly passed out in a pair of beds. Wander and Mist noticed this and sighed. "They do deserve it though", Mist spoke out. "Welp, that food isn't gonna eat itself!", Wander called, already running towards the food table. On the table were trays upon trays of amazing looking food. There was everything, from stuffed crust cheese pizza to freshly prepared lobster. Wander grabbed a small plate from the side and started piling it up. Mist followed suit quickly.

Within an hour, Wander and Mist had filled themselves up. "Ah~ That was the best food I've had in awhile, it reminds me of the food in Tumbleweed", Wander spoke, closing his eyes. Mist sat next to him on a couch. "Tumbleweed?", Mist asked. After hearing this Wander flung himself forward and started reminiscing about Continent 3 with Merc. As he spoke, a large man in a white suit sat opposite the pair. He smoked a pair of thick cigars and he wore a white fedora, just covering his eyes. "Hey kid, you seem familiar...", he spoke slowly with a smoker's cough. He took out the cigars and put them out on the table between the 2 factions. "Wander faced the hulking man. He pulled out another cigar and lit it up, taking a deep breath with it. "...You're that 'Xen' guy, right?", he took another puff as Wander put his hands together. "Yeah, you're talking to the 'Xen kid', even if I AM in my early 20s-", Wander was about to finish but he was cut off by the man laughing. "Aha, I have heard great things from you, boy", he chuckled as he spoke. "You're the one that bastard won't shut up about". Wander's smiled faded, his eyes thinned with anger. "Kingpin. The Mafia Legend! You know him, am I right?", he placed his hands on his knees and smiled. Wander stood up and faced him down. "What do you want with Kingpin?", Wander asked, his voiced shot daggers at this man. "Just a little debt that he hasn't paid. 10 Million MnY. And if you know him...", he pulled a gun and aimed it at Wander, "...Then you will need to pay for him". Wander didn't even flinch at this. "I am Father Stromboli! The owner of one of the undersea mafias", Stromboli gloated. Wander sat back down and sighed. "Another enemy? we're already mid-way through an arc...", Wander sighed. Stromboli put his weapon away, before the suited men came closer. "After this, I will be after you", Stromboli spoke, standing up and leaving, tossing the cigar towards Wander. He chuckled as he walked away. "Damn, what a dick", Wander retorted. Mist sighed a breath of relief. "Who is Kingpin?", Mist questioned. Wander chuckled. "You'll see soon enough".

The last 3 combatents were doing their own thing in their own time. A man in a suit of red armour slept silently, helmet still on. Another man in a tight, black latex suit was relaxing on another one of the couches. He had short brown hair and wore black lipstick as he almost passed out. The last combatent was a woman wearing a cheerleader's outfit, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to skimpy, like more than St.Trinians skimpy. She swung her baseball bat around, flinging her bright orange hair around with it. Wander looked around and eyed up the competition. This was gonna be pretty tough.

A day had passed.

Wander and Merc were playing Go Fish at one of the tables, neither knowing how to play and yelling about the wrong rules and then getting annoyed. Melissa watched and laughed alongside Mist. Suddenly, a voice appeared on the intercom. "You have 10 minutes left". It blerted out. All of the fighters stopped what they were doing and lined up, facing the screen. A timer was shown, counting down from 10 minutes. Each fighter strecthed in preparation. Mist watched from the safety of the couches. "5 minutes remaining". "Alright! I'm feeling pumped!", Merc shouted, flexing. Wander chuckled, "Yeah? Well if you fight me then that'll go quickly!", He chuckled. "Is that a challenge?", Merc retorted, both of them butting heads. "Time Up!!!". The intercom called out. Wander and Merc stopped and looked towards the screen. A pair of slot machine spinners appeared and started spinning. "Let the games BEGIN!!!". As the intercom finished announcing, the spinners slowed down. eventually landing on the first 2 combatants.


The large doorthat Electro had entered through finally opened up again. Wander shook around with excitement. The man in the red armour glanced over and noticed this, quickly looking away. The 2 fighters stepped forward and made their way to the exit. "Cheer for me! Okay!?", Wander called, waving to the trio he had left behind. As he returned to face the light from the exit, Red Fencing put their hand out to shake. Wander smiled and shook enthusiastically. "That man is gonna die", Stromboli chuckled. Merc sneered at the man, making him stop before he said anything more.

Wander and Red Fencing emerged from a gateway into a large, colosseum esc. arena. People from Old Topaz City were calling and cheering as the pair made their way into the arena. "Let me ask you something", Red Fencing spoke. It was a monotone, electronic voice. "Are you really worth your bounty?", They asked, forming a golden light from their hand, it extended and formed a silver rapier with an elegantly designed handle. He pointed it towards Wander. Wander cracked his knuckles and got into a fighting stance. "You can bet your ass I am! I'm the real deal!", Wander called as a airhorn was played out loudly, signalling the beginning of the battle. Red launched themselves towards Wander, trying to pierce straight through and get a quick win. Wander dodged to the left and backed away. Red turned and continued his onslaught.

"Geez, He is just going for it", Black Steel spoke, flamboyantly. The rest of the fighters were watching from the same large screen as the first match went down. "Wander's gonna have a hard time with this guy. He's just too fast", Merc thought aloud.

Wander dodged back again, almost being clipped by the rapier's edge. He was caught off-guard as Red went for another piercing attack, striking through Wander's left hip. "Ahh!", Wander yelled, glancing back up to his foe. The crowd cheered louder. Wander grabbed the blade and held it in place. Red attempted to pull it out, but it wouldn't budge. He yanked the sword out and threw Red back. He held his wound and let out breathes of pain. Red stood up quickly and carried on attacking. "Dammit, there's no openings here!", Wander thought to himself. Red dashed forward and attempted a jumping thrust. Wander dodged to the right and watched Red land with precision. Wander dashed towards Red and readied an attack. "Hand-Cannon Shotgun!", He called, landing an uppercut on the helmet, launching it into the air. Wander was silent. Under the helmet was a young woman with bright red, short hair. Her expression was everything now, a mix of shock and fear. She scrambled around, trying to find her helmet. Wander caught the helmet before it landed and stepped back. "Hey! G-g-give it back!", she called, flustered. "I'm sure you can fight without it", Wander stated, glancing at the helmet. She ran towards Wander and tried to reach for the helmet, Wander held it above his head quickly. "I need it! It doesn't make me look cool enough! C'mon! Just give it back!", she cried. Wander sighed and tossed the helmet back to her. "How the hell could someone like you give me this wound?", Wander asked himself as Red reattached her helmet and the fight continued. She was slower, more sloppy with her attacks. Wander was able to quickly dodge most of them, but was skimmed with the others. "Alright, if you think you can get sloppy then you don't know who you're fighting against!", Wander shouted, launching a "Hand-Cannon Launcher", but barely missing the mark. He fired another, then another. All missing. He dodged another attack and countered with a swift "Hand-Cannon Shotgun" to the gut. Red quickly got back up and tried to counter. Wander saw straight through this. "Hand-Cannon...", Wander swiftly dodged the attack with his back to the enemy. He swung his right arm overhead and brought it down fast on Red with a back-handed fist, "...MACE!!!", Wander yelled, creating an impact on the ground that knocked a few of the spectators out cold. Wander glanced at his opponent, the helmet had been destroyed and she was out cold with a painful looking bruise on her cheek. "Told you I was the real deal", Wander smiled, gritting his teeth as he felt a surge of pain from his wound. "The winner of the first match is Wander Xen Plorer!!!"

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Manga Creations / Destiny Wanderers Chap 25: Constant Clashing
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:07:14 AM »
Welcome to the first chapter of Destiny Wanderers for the new year! I hope you enjoyed the Christmas Special as well! Let's just get right back into the story!


Destiny Wanderers Chapter 25: Constant Clashing

Wander and Mist were stood spectating the fighters of arena F, both taking note of the way that they fought, the way they had either won or lost and any techniques that seemed useful. "There are so many different fighters here. Is it a special event?", Mist questioned as another fighter was eliminated. "Why do we care? I'm only here to put that bastard in his place", Wander replied, gritting his teeth in determination. Mist sighed, "I just want to know the reason for everybody else being here. I doubt it's as simple as 'I enjoy punching'.", Mist stated, getting a glare from Wander at his statement. "I dunno, I guess they could be here to get noticed by passing outlaws or something", Wander answered, rolling his eyes and showing no enthusiasm for once. As the next fight started, Mist perked up, Hey, I wonder if Merc and Mel are gonna fight against each other". Wander smiled. "Now THAT would be a fight I want to see, but I doubt it", Wander answered, "By that, I mean that their scores won't be similar enough to get to the same arena. But...", Wander trailed off into thought. Mist noticed this and gave a questioning look. Wander came too quickly and carried on. "...But we don't know about the qualifying round", Wander finished. "Isn't this the qualifying round?", Mist asked. "Well, there are six arenas. Using basic tournament knowledge then there should only be 8 fighters going into the actual event. That means there will be too many fighters.", Wander hesitated, doing the calculations in his head and giving Mist a surprise. "There's the 6 fighters from the arenas, then me and Electro and any fighters that got in early and bypassed the preliminaries", Wander finished. "So, even if all of you guys get through, there's still a chance that you'll be knocked out, right?", Mist finished as Wander smiled and snapped his fingers at Mist, "Bingo". "But they'll be fine for now", Wander reassured.

The new machine was up and running as Melissa stepped towards it. She swallowed her doubt as she was given the all clear. She threw her arm towards the machine, changing into a spirit at the last minute to get that extra punch. The machine rattled and shook. The score appeared on the monitor.


The fighters around the arena were shocked once again. Some fighters had reached this score during the preliminaries but nobody could have expected this. The suited man jotted down the score and pointed towards one of the arenas. "Arena B please", He spoke. Melissa nodded and walked towards arena B, winking at Merc as she left. "Damn", Merc spoke under his breath. "209!", the man shouted, Merc ready for his chance to prove himself. He walked up to the machine, loosening his shoulders. The suited man gave the all clear as Merc stretched out his arms. It was his time to shine. He reeled back and let out a deep breath. His fist trembled with this pressure, to beat Melissa, to beat Wander. He threw his arm forward, letting out a battle cry. As he started though, the area around him was tinted blue once again. Time had stopped. But Merc didn't care, he carried on with his attack, landing a blow on the machine. Within a second, time continued and the machine jolted and creaked as it was pushed back slightly. Merc had imprinted his fist into the punching area. Nobody had saw what happened but Merc had felt this feeling before, it was almost his to control. He noticed his score, the suited man jotted it down.


The suited man gulped as he finished writing. "Uh, Arena A sir", he spoke to Merc. Merc walked past the man, smiling and heading towards the best fighters of this tournament.

Arena B was filled with fighters of many different species and races, but all were strong. Another suited man was in the arena, holding up a pair of cards with the numbers of fighters on them. Merc noticed the same thing and both waited patiently for their matches to begin.

Within a few minutes, Melissa was called up. Wander and Mist noticed her and dashed over to Arena B. Cheering and clapping for her. As she entered, an extremely muscular man entered as well. He wore a blue spandex suit and had a brown handlebar moustache, making up for his baldness. He flexed as they stood at opposite ends of the arena. The suited man exited and threw down a flag, starting the fight. The man stood and flexed. "I am one of the Stromboli brothers! I am here to show you that I mean...", He was promptly cut off by a drop-kick to the gut, throwing him out of the arena. Mel smiled, but had no time to rest afterwards. Another man who was almost identical to the ast other than his red spandex suit entered the arena and flexed. "I am the younger of the Stromboli brothers!", He called. Melissa just sighed.

Merc was destroying most of his opponents, ending almost all of his fights with a single punch, now was different though. A man similar in proportion to Wander was stood there, his head covered in fire and body loaded with tattoos. He launched a ball of fire towards Merc. Merc dodged out of the way and charged, being hit by another fireball and being thrown backwards. "Damn, you're so annoying!", Merc shouted, pulling out a grenade and tossing it upwards. As the fire user watched the grenade, Merc dashed in, landing a gut-punch, knocking the man unconscious. Merc caught the grenade and deformed it, "Alright, who's next!?", He called out.

Melissa was going blow for blow with a strongwoman. With each attack one landed, the other countered with equal force. Melissa leapt up and hooked her legs around the fighters face, aiming her claws at the foe. A surge of energy pulsed through the claws as Melissa called out, "1 Pronged Needler!", The energy was released, creating a bright light for a split second. As the light cleared, the woman was knocked out and Melissa stood triumphant.

An hour had passed as the 2 were finally relieved. Wander and Mist congratulated the pair on their fights, but neither could answer. A suited man appeared before all the fighters and listed off the names going into the next round. "Wander Xen Plorer. Mrs. Valentio. Father Stromboli. Red Fencing. Black Steel. Melissa Struass. Merrick Gunman. Would all other combatants please leave the arena", Wander hugged the pair before they collapsed. "Yeah! Alright Electro! Here we come!!!".

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Manga Creations / Destiny Wanderers Christmas Special!
« on: December 21, 2017, 05:10:03 AM »
Welcome to a Destiny Wanderers Special Chapter! It's here just in time for Christmas so let';;s hurry and get down to it!


Destiny Wanderers Christmas Special!

A snowstorm was viciously belting against the land of Continent 2. The city had been coated several times with a pure white, crystal layer. The streets were almost empty, bar the person attempting to travel every now and again. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city...

"Ah!", Merc yelped, burning his lip on a fresh cup of tea. "I told you to wait a second for it to cool", Mist remarked. "Well, It's not my fault that it's -10. Not to mention that we have no source of warmth", Merc spoke as he was wrapped tightly in a blanket. Mist nodded, being in the same state. "When do you think Wander's getting back?", Mist asked. Merc sniffled for a minute, "Hopefully soon, I feel like I'm becoming Ice right now!", Merc sniffled as he talked as well.

Wander casually walked his way through the city's roads, helping people get from place to place. He was in his Flare Drive, coating his body in hot flames to melt the snow and ice that had formed on the roads. "Not much longer now!", Wander called to a car following him, the 2 of them travelling slowly.
Soon they arrived at their destination, a superstore in the center of town. A man got out of his car and thanked Wander, handing him 20MnY and rushing inside the store, away from the cold. Wander slotted the cash into his wallet and headed inside as well. As he entered, large groups of people were huddled together and shivering. A stout man from an upper layer rushed down as Wander entered the area. "Oh thakn goodness someone like you is here!", he greeted. Wander looked puzzled. "You see, our heating system has been frozen over. If you clear it out, I'll give a major discount on anything you want!", He pleaded. The MnY signs were spinning and glowing in Wander's head. "Let's do this! Where to, Big Man?", Wander chuckled. The stout man led Wander to the back of the store and into a large maintenance room. As he entered, Wander noticed a large machine coated in ice. The stout man pointed at the machine and Wander gritted his teeth. His hands were coated in fire, Wander stepped closer to the machine, pushing out his arms towards it. As his hands made contact, the ice disappeared within an instant. The stout man clapped happily and attempted to shake Wander's hand, burning his own in the process.

A few minutes had passed as Wander walked around the superstore with a small token in his hand. '99% off any purchase!!!', it read. Wander soon found his way into the electrical section. He walked up to the cashier and glanced around at the products. "Hi, do you have any heaters that don't need electricity?", Wander asked politely. The cashier nodded and pointed to a small machine with a crank on the side. "I guess I'll take it then", Wander said to himself, handing the token to the cashier as well as a small amount of Muney.

"Phew, Merc and Mist are gonna love this!", Wander stated, leaving the store. He carried a small box that held the heater alongside him. As he stepped back onto the road, Wander could hear somebody making some noise. He stopeed and tried to listen in better. The wind blocked everything out. Wander shrugged this off and continued on his way. This time, more sounds could be heard. He turned to find, again, nothing. Wander was suspicious this time and walked towards where he thought the noise came from. A small pile of snow had appeared out of thin air as he got closer to the suposed noise. Suddenly, a loud sneeze broke the silence. It came from the pile. Wander got closer and poked the pile. It was hard, not like snow at all.  Wander smiled and placed his hand on the 'snow'. His hand was coated in fire, heating up the 'snow'. "You'd better come out if you don't wanna get cooked", Wander called, a little white flag poked out of the top of the disguise soon after he said this. Wander stopeed increasing the temperature and crouched down to see who was under this. A pair of boys aged around 10 years old were huddled underneath. As Wander opened the disguise, one of the boys leaped for his heater. Wander reeled back and pulled away before he could get close. "Damn, so close!", the boy cried out. "Hey! What the hell!", Wander shouted. The other boy shivered and sniffled, he looked scared and cold. The pair of them wore black, scruffy jumpsuits and jeap looking sneakers. They both had scruffy black hair but one had longer haired boy was laying on the ground behind Wander after a failed theft attempt. "I told you this was a bad idea Max! Let's go!", The scared boy shouted. "Fine! Matt, bring the dome!", The other boy yelled as the pair dashed into a nearby alleyway with Wander in close pursuit. They cut past a corner and scrambled into a hole in a fence. Wander saw this and sized the hole up...There was no way he was getting through that. He tried to see another way through, noticing the top of the fence. Wander stepped back and ran towards the wall on his left. "Midoriya, don't fail me now!", Wander said to himself. He leapt onto the wall, bounding off of it and jumping between the 2 walls. As he reached the top of the fence, he noticed the 2 boys running into a large hut put together with scrap metal. Wander cleared the fence and landed on a bag of garbage, covered in snow of course. He lit himself up temporarily to melt away the snow. As Wander approached the building, he heard a woman shouting. She was yelling something about stealing a heater. At this point, Wander decided to act. He knocked on the door and the structure was silent. The woman shouted out again, this time to Wander. "What do you want?!", she yelled. Wander yelled back, "Look, I can get another one! Just take it!". The structure was silent. After a good minute, Wander heard the door creak open. It was one of the boys. Wander sighed and handed the box over. The boy hugged Wander and took the box inside. Crying and cheering could be heard inside. Wander smiled and checked his wallet, making sure he could afford another heater. As he left he heard the woman shouting a "Thank You!" to Wander. Wander waved back as he left the area.

"It's about time!", Merc stated as Wander closed the van door behind him. within minutes, the heater was up and running, Merc spinning the crank as a training method. The 3 of them drank warm drinks and laughed together until a banging came from the van's door. Wander got up slowly and opened the door. In the piles of snow was a knitted scarf with 'Thank You' sewn into it. Wander picked it up and smiled, closing the door behind him. "What's that?", Mist asked. Wander wrapped it around his waist, "Oh, just a gift from someone", Wander replied, satisfyed with himself.

Have a great Christmas! Chapter 25 will be out later!

Manga Creations / Destiny Wanderers Chap 24: The Power Behind a Punch!
« on: December 10, 2017, 02:38:46 PM »
Welcome to another chapter of Destiny Wanderers!
Let's Go!


Destiny Wanderers Chapter 24: The Power Behind a Punch!

Wander and Mist walked through the crowd of many races of people, each and every one staring at them. Wander held a few boxes with labels covering them with names of foods, brands and the specific ingredients with them. Mist, on the other hand, held nothing and was devouring a sugared donut. "So, what do you think?", Wander asked, adjusting the boxes. Mist turned to face Wander, his face was lit up so bright it would blind any normal person, "I LOVE IT!", Mist exclaimed, after swallowing. He faced back forwards and carried on eating. Wander chuckled as they returned to the entrance of the hotel building. "Wanna grab the door for me?", Wander spoke up, Mist returned to reality as he finished his snack. They entered to find Merc and Melissa waiting in the reception area. "There you are! What took you so long?!", Merc shouted. Mist flinched and hid behind Wander. "Just grab the boxes and I'll tell you", Wander answered with a serious tone in his voice, this threw the entire crew off guard, it was rare that Wander spoke like this.

Sasha helped the gang get their stuff upstairs and helped them unpack. "It's about time", Merc said to himself, grabbing his new clothes and retreating to the bathroom. Wander explained what had happened to them concerning Electro, Sasha shivered as she heard his name. "Anything I should know about?", Wander asked. She took a sip from a bottle of water before answering. "Electro is a dangerous man, currently he is the only outlaw in Old Topaz City with a bounty over 3000. He practically runs this place", Sasha explained, Wander, Mist and Melissa kept quiet as to not interrupt her. "Well, he usually drags outlaws to the Colosseum to kill them off in front of a big crowd", Wander clenched his fists. "He gets paid by a very rich man after every kill too, he's practically a millionaire at this point", She finished off with a sigh. Wander stood up, placing an almost finished slice inside his mouth. "*gulp* ahh. Why don't we give him a show that he won't ever forget?", Wander smiled as he said this. "That's the spirit!", Melissa piped up, "If you enter, I will too". Everyone was taken aback by this statement, but Sasha spoke out. "It's not that simple, I'm afraid", Sasha said. "If you want to enter then there are preliminaries to determine the final 8", Sasha finished with another sigh. "If we're the only outlaws then it can't be that hard!", Wander laughed. "Count me in then!", Merc bellowed, emerging from the bathroom in new attire. He still wore a pair of beaten leather boots but now had a pair of black jeans held up by a heavy looking leather belt and silver buckle. Going further up, he now wore a navy blue vest top with a comical bullet holding a pistol and wearing a pair of sunglasses. "These are pretty good, but I think I'll do some shopping of my own next time", Merc stated. Mist stood slowly and placed his hand atop his staff. "I guess I'll enter as well, it'll give us a better chance of getting into the finals", Mist smiled timidly. Sasha was in awe of this group of people, nobody had stood up to Electro in at least a year. "I'll take you there tonight, the preliminaries will be held overnight so I'll give you a few hours to prep", She said, standing and carefully making her way to the door. The room was quiet. "I'm gonna go get some fresh air", Wander said, exiting the room soon after Sasha. Merc propped his legs up against his bed and started doing sit ups, counting as he went. Mist and Melissa carried on with the snacks, thinking of the preliminaries.

Wander climbed the flights of stairs until he opened the door to the roof. It was starting to get dark, but the lights from the city countered this quickly. He walked out and looked over the city. Loads of people were still walking about and going about their business. Wander stepped back and glanced at his arm. He put it out infront of him, closing his eyes and focusing. The area around him went black as he concentrated. 4 orbs suddenly appeared and slowly rotated around him, each one being differently coloured and holding a different element. One was sky blue and inside was a tornado, another was red and held an inferno, the next was silver and held a shield. The last, however, was pitch black and held a black hole. Wander grabbed the silver orb with his left arm, as his right was still out infront of him. "C'mon, you got this", He spoke to himself. He tensed his arm and gritted his teeth. The orb started to give off a dim light and lit up the black abyss. The tip of Wander's index finger Flashed as it was now coated with a dark silver metal, it spread down until it reached his hand. Wander opened his eyes and everything vanished, he panted and leaned over in fatigue. He glanced at his hand, his finger still coated. He smiled and gave himself a small fistbump.

"I knew I'd find you here", A familiar voice spoke up. Wander froze, quickly turning around. Electro stood there in the same wear as before. "Well now, it's a pleasure again", Electro spoke formally, Wander clenched his hands into fists. "What do you want?", Wander asked. Electro took a step closer. "I was just makig sure that you didn't escape, that usually happens you see", Electro answered with a smirk on his face. "I wouldn't run from a challenge, and you can bet your blonde-haired electric as5 that I will be there. In the finals. Kicking your as5!", Wander smiled. Electro's smirk faded. Wander launched himself forward as Electro did the same, both attacking with a punch. They clashed as electricity flew everywhere. Electro's face was hit by a wave of confusion, Wander smiled as the 2 leaped back. "What?!", Electro shouted. Wander dashed towards the enemy, attacking with his left arm and completely fazing through him. Suddenly, Wander stopped on the other side and spun to his right, is arm extending outwards. "Hand-Cannon Mace!!!", Wander called, hitting Electro with a backhanded fist to his side. Electro let out a grunt of pain as he was tossed aside. He stood up as Wander's fist was pointed towards Electro. "Don't get too cocky, kid!", He called out. Electro just grunted again and shot away as an electric bolt. Wander watched him go, just to make sure. He looked over to the metal on his hand, "I think I have a plan...".

Wander busted open the hotel room door to find Sasha debriefing the others. "Guys! I've got it!", Wander shouted, grabbing a nearby leaflet and pen. Everyone went quiet. "Okay, here's the dealio", Wander said, closing the door and standing before the rest of the gang. On this paper was a pair of crudely drawn stickmen. "You're gonna become an artist?", Merc presumed. "No! Ugh...This is us and Electro!", Wander answered, th others tilted their heads in confusion. "We are people who hold elements", Wander stated, drawing a little swirl in the first stickman's hand, "But Electro IS the element". He drew a Lightning bolt over the second stickman. "Here's the link. WE can't touch his element because none of us can actually use electricity", Wander drew a '=' in-between the 2 stickmen with a line crossing through it. "BUT!", Wander shouted, drawing an 'E' above that. "We have this!", Wander said triumphantly. "What is THIS exactly?", Merc asked. Wander smiled and held his right arm infront of him in his left. He pointed his index finger towards Merc, Wander tensed his arm and gritted his teeth as his finger was coated in the same dark silver sheen as before. "This is Elementium, the ultimate counter to Elements. And 2 of us have that", Wander stated as everyone's attention was directed towards Merc. "Don't worry Merc, If I can do it then we win!", Wander said happily. "No!", Merc shouted. "I wish to do this as well", Merc said, crossing his arms. "I'll teach you then, but I'm not gonna guarantee that you can use it yet", Wander chuckled. "I'm sorry but you're not gonna be able to that. It's almost time for the preliminaries to start", Sasha spoke up. The crew followed Sasha out of the building and out onto the high street. Wander had only just noticed that Sasha was now wearing light yellow turtle neck jumper with a white long skirt, she obviously had only recently finished though.

After 10 minutes of walking down back streets, they had finally arrived. "Woah! Talk about luxurious!", Wander called. The Colosseum was lit up with bright lights, although it was round, it looked more like a concert hall from the outside. "Good luck, I hope you come back if you win", Sasha says to the gang. Wander nodded and shook her hand as they entered the building, Sasha waving them goodbye. As they entered, hundreds of people swarmed the reception area, but it still felt humongous as they barely filled the room. "NEW COMBATANTS COME TO THE RECEPTION DESK TO GET YOUR NUMBERS! THANK YOU", A female voice came over the intercom, convenient huh. The gang made their way over to the reception desk. "Yeah, can we get numbers?", Wander asked, pointing to the 4 of them. The man sitting there was your average joe, had brown hair, medium build, solid 6/10 and probably a harem protagonist. "Here you go sir, good luck!", He spoke, handing Wander 4 badges with the numbers 206, 207, 208 and 209 on them. Wander handed them out, in order the crew would now be Mist, Wander, Melissa, Merc. "Now, make your way down that hallway", the receptionist stated, pointing to his right. "Thanks!", Wander called out, jogging towards the hallway. He entered first follwed by the others. The hallway quickly dispersed into a huge indoor area. 6 smalls arenas were positioned around the area with a large machine in the center. Each arena had a letter, going from A to F and fighters were crowded around them in large groups. The group were pushed into a line leading to the machine. They re-organised themselves as they came to finally make out what it was...

A Punching Machine.

A crowd had formed around the machine as combatants were called up one by one. A large man in a suit was stood next to it and pointed towards the specific arena that catered to the fighter's score. He called out, "Can I have 205!", as a small man walked up to the machine and cracked his knuckles. *SLAM!!!* The machine rocks as the man hits it. A number is displayed above the punching area, in this case it's 130. "Alright, over to Arena B", the man says, jotting something down onto a clipboard. "206! Here now!", he called. Mist timidly walked up and readied his staff. "No, son. With your hand", He says, but not in an intimidating way, more sympathetic than that. Mist sighed and placed his staff on his back, hooking it on a belt. He reeled back and readied his arm. "HYAH!!", He called out, punching the machine with all of the force he could give. 5. "Sorry son, you've gotta score at least 40 to get in", The man spoke, reassuring Mist. Mist slumped over and waddled back to the others, Wander patting him on the back. "Alright, 207!", He called out as Wander walked up to the machine, brimming with energy. Wander cracked his knuckles and started loosening his muscles. "Hey, do you have a spare machine?", Wander asked. The man nodded, signalling over to another suited man to bring another machine. As they machine was placed next to the original, Wander chuckled. "What's goin' on?! Hurry up", Some of the fighters who were waiting shouted. Wander positioned himself in front of the first machine, ready to strike. "Haaaaaaaaaaaa....", Wander called as he readied himself, wind swirling around him as he yelled. "HAAAAHHH!!!!!", Wander shouted as he struck the machine. As Wander made contact, the arena shook, people around the arena were knocked back from the shockwave. The machine creaked and groaned as it was pushed back a god 10 feet. The punching area had fallen off and the machine had compressed itself from Wander's impact. The number came up and nobody spoke a word. Complete silence. the man in the suit was taken aback as he jotted down Wander's number and score. "W-Wait until you are c-called, sir", he spoke up to Wander. Wander smiled, shaking the smoke from his fist. He signalled to Mist and the pair left for Arena F.

Merc and Melissa were shocked and intimidated by Wander's act. Merc had Wander's score indented in his head as a score to beat.

Combatant 207 - Wander Xen Plorer - Score:


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Manga Creations / Destiny Wanderers Chap 23: Old Topaz City
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Destiny Wanderers Chapter 23: Old Topaz City

The group sit in awe of the sight before them. A small steam train had pulled up to them inside an old subway station, steam coated the ceiling as the driver asked the group again. "So, you gettin' on board or not?". Merc helped Melissa to her feet as Mist stepped behind Wander. He turned to look at the other 3, Melissa's foot injury was red and sore now, Merrick was covered in bruises and Mist was still weak and practically unable to fight. Wander sighed loudly. "Yeah...yeah we'll get on...", Wander spoke quietly. The driver smiled and tipped his hat. "That's the spirit! Head down to the 2nd car and find a seat, it's gonna be a long ride!", He chuckled, pointing down to the car. Wander nodded and lead the group to the car, opening the door and letting Merc help Melissa in, closely followed by Mist. Wander waved to the driver and hopped in, closing the door behind him. The inside of the car was very clean, groups of 4 seats were placed together in a square with a table in the center. There were several of these lining the sides of the car as a red carpeted walkway split the car in 2, white walls on either side matched with the black and grey seats and tables. The other 3 had sat themselves in the nearest group of seats. Melissa's attention had been grabbed by a flyer on the table saying 'Express yourself! Old Topaz City Welcomes All!'. She smiled and revealed her fox spirit features. Merc was sat next to her, applying a small amount of cloth to her sprain. Wander sat opposite them, next to Mist and closest to the aisle.

They were exhausted. A wave of realization hit Wander, causing him to jerk upwards, frightening the crew. "Merc! Where is the van!?", Wander yelled. Merc was silent for a moment before joining Wander's realization. "Sh1t! We left everything there! I have nothing!", Merc cries out. "We left my sword, our cash, supplies, food, equipment, EVERYTHING! We're screwed!", Wander shouted. The pair sunk down in their seats, defeated looks on their faces. Both of them let out painful groans in their dismay. Mist opened his mouth to speak, but was met with a loud grumbling noise. Mist wrapped his arms around his stomach, "Ah, damn", Mist spoke quietly. Mist joined Wander and Mercs' groaning. Melissa sighed loudly.

20 minutes had passed and Merc was asleep. Melissa was propped up next to him, also flat-out. Mist wiped his hand up and down his staff, attempting to clean it. Wander slowly stood up and sat on the table on the opposite side of the car, Mist now looking over to him. Wander crossed his legs and formed an instrument in his hands, forming a glittered gold guitar. Wander tested the strings and started strumming a slow, steady tune. Wander smiled as Mist watched on. Wander opened his mouth and started to hum a melody, it matched the instrumental and Wander began to sing.
"The wind will guide you, forward, so please don't cry~
It may be tough, at first, so please just try~
I'm here, for you~ Never leaving your side~
The wind will guide you, forward, so please don't cry~"
Mist smiled to himself as Wander carried on humming the tune. "Where did you learn such a soothing melody?", Mist asked. Wander continued playing but stopped humming. "My Mom would always sing me this song when I was younger, or, at least, that's what I was told", Wander answered. Mist looked confused. Wander continued strumming and explained his situation to Mist. "Well, when I was about 16 I lost my memory. Ev'rything went poof. thankfully I was saved by my uncle, who trained me for awhile. During that time I met Melissa and I found my own spirit. 5 years later and here I am!", Wander chuckled, Mist was in awe of this story. "Wow, I guess not nobody's perfect then", Mist spoke out, moreso to himself than to anybody else. Wander started humming again as the train came to a sudden stop. "Old Topaz City Main Station", a voice came up over the intercom, causing Merc and Melissa to awaken. Wander put away his quitar as the group got up and headed towards the door. It opened to a similar subway station. The driver called out to them, "Head upstairs and check the signs, you're looking for Market street!". Wander gave a thumbs up as the driver started the train up again, leaving the group at the station. Wander lead the group upwards, out of the station.

They emerged onto a large street with several large roads going in and away from their location. people of many differing groups, species and races filled these streets, peacefully going about their business. Next to the roads were several extremely tall buildings which were draped in cloth banners and graffiti. "Holy cr4p! So THIS is Old Topaz City!", Wander exclaimed, he was in awe of this sight. Mist followed suit as his mouth lay open in surprise. Merc helped Melissa along, both of them looked around at the sights. Wander turned to see a ginormous hotel complex, people occassionaly entering and exiting. "Hey, this way", Wander called out, leading the party over to the nearby sanctuary. Inside the hotel were several broken ATMs and dial-up phone machines, a large lunge area was to the right of them, filled with loads of hotel stayers relaxing. In front of them was a large reception desk where a beautiful blonde woman waved at them. She wore a white shirt and had Hazel eyes, the name badge on her *COUGH* well-endowed chest *COUGH* spelled out her name as 'Sasha'. Wander walked up to the front desk and laid his arm down across it. Sasha noticed this and chirped up, smiling at Wander. "Hello sir, how may I help you today?", she spoke softly and calmly. "Yeah, um, I was wondering if we could get a room for 4?", Wander asked. She nodded and started typing away on a computer hidden behind the desk. She looked back to Wander and smiled again. "Why yes, we have room 508. How long will you be staying?", she asked politely. Wander pulled a set of notes out of his pocket. "How much will this get me?", he asked. She scanned the notes, making sure the were legit. "Well, for 5 nights it'll be 100MnY". Wander collected the rest and handed over the 100. "Alright, I'll take you to your room", she smiled, grabbing a key from behind the desk. She strangely shuffled along the desk until she got to a small door between the desk and the lobby. She opened it and squeezed through. She wore a navy blue skirt and strangely shaped, round black pumps. As she exited the desk the crew looked her over. She was a genuine centaur. Wander's face was coated in joy as he ran to er side. "Wow! I've always wanted to meet a centaur!", Wander shut up for a second and whispered to her, "That isn't offensive, is it?". She blushed and shook her head. "Awesome! C'mon guys!", Wander called as the group timidly followed.

They crammed into an elevator, heading up to the 5th floor. Wander made conversation as they walked along the empty and quiet hallways. Sasha stopped and pointed to the door in front of her. "This is your room, I hope I talk to you again~", she says, trotting away and blowing a kiss to Wander on her way out. Wander chuckled. "Wander, what did you do?", Merc asked. Wander turned and smiled, "I may have swooned a centaur", Wander said, Merc sighed and pushed him into the room. The room had a pair of bunk-beds on either side with a bathroom off to the left. In front of them was a large window which overlooked the city. "So, what now?", Merc asked. Wander put his hand to his chin and snapped it a few seconds after. "Alright, I'm gonna head down to market street to get us some food and clothes. Who wants to come with?", Wander asked. "I'm out", Melissa piped up, laying down on one of the beds. "I'm gonna stay here with Mel then", Merc said following Melissa's statement. "Well, I'd like to pick out some clothes and get a bite to eat", Mist spoke up. "Alright, see you guys later!", Wander calls out as Mist follows him out of the room. Merc sighs as he turns to Melissa. She's out cold. Merc sits down next to the bed and leans up against it, dozing off soon after.

As Wander and Mist leave the lobby, Sasha winks at Wander. He chuckles and winks back, Mist notices this but tries to ignore it. "So, where's market street?", Wander asked himself. He looked around and noticed a large post with several plates pinned to it. They glance at it and head away from the hotel. Soon they notice a large amount of stall and small building appear at the end of the street. Each stall had differing things to sell including metals, food and ingredients, drinks, clothes, weaponry and more. Wander and Mist glanced around until their eyes stopped at a large shop with a sign on top, 'Barley Clothesmiths'. They entered to find a large aray of clothes and outfits plastered on rows along the store and it's walls. A small, old lizard lady notices the pair and lets out a quiet "hssss". Wander and Mist look around the store, going through outfit after outfit. "Do you mind if we try these on?", Wander called out. The lady pointed to a door at the back of the store with the words 'changing room' written on it. Wander thanked her and lead Mist over. Wander entered first, ripping away his tattered clothes and exiting in new attire. He wore thick, black boots with navy blue jeans above it, a brown leather belt with a silver buckle holding them up. A white t-shirt with the word 'WrecklesS' were plastered over it in black text, underneath a black hooded jacket as well. Wander stepped out and smiled. "Sweet!", He exclaimed as Mist entered the room. He emerged with almost identical clothing, keeping with formal attire in his white shirt and black pants. He wore black leather shoes and had slipped on the same trench coat. Wander gave a confused thumbs up and slipped a few clothes into a bag for Merc. They left the store with a bargain. Wander laughed as he patted his pocket, still having 350MnY left to spend. "Wow, these feel amazing", Mist exclaimed. Wander nodded.

Mist drooled at the sight of several stalls selling cakes, sweets and candied fruits. Wander smiled and dashed up to him. "Here", Wander said, handing Mist 20MnY. Mist looked at Wander with a tear in his eye. "Just save some for the rest of us", He says as mist dashed towards the stalls. As Mist ran towards this stall, he collided with something. He took a step back and rubbed his head. He was met with a cold look from a blonde man with a single bang over his face. He wore a black and yellow tracksuit and several bracelets and rings on each hand. "Sorry, I was trying to...". Mist was cut off by the man who had grabbed Mist by the collar. "Did you just threaten me?", the spoke with a deep tone in his voice. Wander had noticed this and ran to help Mist, "Hey, leave my friend alone!", He called. This man saw Wander and cringed. "Oh, so YOU'RE Xen. The Outlaw Rookie", He glanced around as a circle formed around them. The people started whispering, "Is that Electro?", "Did that guy just hit Electro?", "What's a Xen doing here?". Wander stared at This man. "You must be Electro then, or at least that's what I'm guessing these people are whispering about", Wander spoke out. Electro let go of Mist after this, Mist stepping back behind Wander. "Well, that would indeed be me", Electro doesn't smile. Wander clenched his hands into fists. "We don't want any trouble, my friend just wanted to buy some food", Wander explained. Electro tilted his head and stepped towards Wander. In an instant, Wander let out a burst of blood from his mouth. Electro had planted a clean punch to Wander's gut. "Come to the coliseum. That is an order", Electro says, pulling his fist away, Wander clutching his stomach. Wander suddenly jolted upright and attempted to tackle Electro. Wander had completely fazed through the man, landing behind them on his front. Electro smirked. "Don't try anything funny. I want to kill you with a larger crowd", He says, disappearing into the crowd. Mist ran to Wander, checking him over. "Wander, are you alright?", Mist asked. Wander wiped the blood from his lip, thankfully his clothes were still clean. "We'll tell the others, for now though...", Wander trails off, pointing to the stalls of food, "Get us a feast", Wander exclaims.

Electro was sat atop a building, looking down on the city. HE glanced over to the poster in his hand. "Wander Xen Plorer...Finally a challenge..."

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Manga Creations / Destiny Wanderers Chap 22: The Last Psychic
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Destiny Wanderers Chap 22: The Last Psychic

Wander paced back and forth, waiting for Merc's arrival with supplies. He kept glancing towards the pathway leading to the school, it was empty still. Mist lay on the ground, staring up to the sky and basking in its glory. "It has been almost 5 months since I've seen this sky. It's still as beautiful as I remember it", He spoke quietly to himself. Wander overheard and chuckled. At the edge of the large school entrance, Merc appeared with a small plastic bag. "Hey! Wander!", Merc called out. Wander turned towards Mist and helped him sit upright. Merc arrived and pulled from the bag a small loaf of wholemeal bread, a stick of butter and a bottle of water. "Here, this is all we could afford". Wander rubbed the back of his head, "Just, spread te butter onto the bread", Wander said slowly. Merc did just that and slapped some of he butter onto the bread and used another slice to spread it around. Merc handed the 'Sandwich' to Wander, he broke it up into small pieces and fed them to Mist one at a time, followed by a few swigs of water. Mist blinked a few times and slowly got up on his own. He stretched out, his bones could be heard cracking into place as he did so. Merc and Wander prepared another 'sandwich' for him and ate alongside the man. They finished the supplies in a matter of minutes, each taking a sigh of relief afterwards. "Would it be bad if I said that this was the best meal I've ever had?", Mist asked, sitting upright once again. Wander smiled, "Just wait until I cook us something!", Wander stated. Merc rolled his eyes at the statement, "Yeah right, you've almost burned everything I let you cook", Merc remarked. "Yeah! Almost~", Wander smirked. Mist smiled at this.

Melissa finally returned to the group, the look of confusion hit her as she saw Mist. "Oh my god! Are you okay?", she knelt down next to Mist. "He should be fine for now, just needs to get some meat on 'im!", Wander explained. Melissa still looked confused. Wander explained what had happened to her, government base an' all. Melissa was taken aback. "I'm so sorry! I should've known about this", Melissa apologized. "No, it's fine now", Mist reassured Melissa. Melissa wiped a tear from her eye and introduced herself, the 2 sharing a handshake. "Oh! I almost forgot, here's your pay", she recalled, handing Wander a handfull of bills making 500MnY. Wander gave out a "Yes!" under his breath, sliding the bills into his pocket. "Wait, what about the kids?", Wander asked. "While I was gone, I gave my co-worker the key to my office. She's gonna take care of them whilst we're busy", Melissa explained. "Cool, she knows right?", Wander asked in reply. Melissa nodded. "Good, I couldn't imagine what would happen if the public knew", Wander exclaimed, remembering to hide his spirit features, followed by Melissa. "I wish people wouldn't discriminate", Merc said, when their attention went towards Mist, holding his staff. "If anyone asks, he's cosplaying", Wander said quickly.

"Systems almost fully operational. Power supply? 15% left on both units, charging mechanisms failed", A monitor flashed. "Damn! Release them, I want that Outlaw destroyed!", The Commodore yelled, one of his bodyguards was typing on a small computer. "Commodore Jones, sir. I will activate them immediately, but they will be unstable and may cause destruction to parts of te city, not to mention they'll only be active for 20 minutes", The bodyguard spoke as the Commodore smiled. "Do it", he spoke loudly. "R-O Units 20 & 19 have been reactivated", the computer stated. The Commodore smiled. "Nobody pulls the wool over Commodore Jones' eyes!", he yelled, laughing.

Deep in the government base that had been locked away, 2 chambers opened. A pair of identical androids emerged, completely robotic and looking like human sized Transformers. They glanced at each other and nodded, breaking down the walls in front of them and noticing the exit Wander had created.

"I guess our jobs are down here then", Wander said, stretching out. "What about our clothes?", Merc asked, glancing at the pairs tattered clothes. "I would agree with Merrick", Mist spoke out. "All right, looks liek we're shopping!", Wander called out. Melissa followed behind them. "I'll show you guys around then", she said, leading the group away from the school. Suddenly, a loud 'BANG' was heard from the storage area. Wander walked back over to the hatch and peeked inside, nothing. He shut the latch and dashed back over to the group. As soon as he returned, the latch blew open, destroying the door. The group watched as 2 android emerged, standing side by side and facing the group. "Targets scanned. Wander Xen Plorer, bounty of 3000MnY. Danger rating of 65%. Merrick Gunman, bounty of 2550. Danger rating of 50%. Mist Isaac Que, no bounty. Danger rating of 90%. Melissa Strauss, no bounty. Danger rating of 90%. Main targets are the Psychic and the Spirit", The androids spoke in unison. They got into mirroring battle stances. Wander smirked and stood in front of the group, "Don't worry, I'll take these guys. Merc, get Mel and Mist out of here!", Wander yelled Merc nodded, leading the 2 away from the androids.

"Targets escaping, pursuing imminently", They were in unison. "Oh yeah?! How about now?!", Wander called, transforming into his 'Spirit Wielder' form. The Androids flinched. "Wander Xen Plorer, Danger Rating 95%, engaging target", they spoke out. Wander reverted back and chuckled. The pair dashed forward, punching at the same time with mirroring attacks. Wander caught the punches with his own hands, struggling to hold the 2 back. He was thrown backwards, barely landing on his feet. 20 dashed towards Wander, swinging their arm upwards. Wander dodged, moving further backwards. 19 had moved behind and attacked with a powerful kick, throwing Wander into 20's punch, sending Wander floorbound. 20 reached towards Wander's neck, 19 getting closer as well. Wander reacted quickly, hooking his legs around 20's neck and throwing him to the side. Wander got up, his back to the school now. 19 dashed towards Wander with another kick. Wander retaliated with a 'Hand-Cannon Rifle' and the 2 clashed, a small shockwave could be felt in the immediate area. Wander saw his opportunity and let off another 'Hand-Cannon Rifle' with his other arm, making a dent in 19's chest. They landed on their feet, glancing at their chest. Wander smirked, before being sucker-punched by 20. Wander was stunned. 19 returned to 20 and they redied an attack. They dashed forward with the same attack that Wander had blocked, this time it connected, launching Wander through the building and out the other side. Wander slid into the road, stopping traffic instantly. 19 and 20 dashed towards the downed Wander. Suddenly, 20 was hit by a shot from a sniper rifle. 19 looked towards the sound. Merc was deforming his sniper rifle. "Wander! I've got your back!", Merc called, readying himself. 19 launched themselves towards Merc, readying a punch. Wander leaped in the way, punching 19 quickly. "They're fast!", Merc stated. 20 got back up, a whole in the side of their head. "So, any plans?", Wander asked. Melissa appeared from behind them and stood to their side. "We hit them, REALLy hard", she stated. 20 launched forward towards Wander, Merc blocking the attack, but being kicked by 19. Melissa roundhouse kicked 20, but nothing happened. "Ow!!", she recoiled, clutching her leg. "Mel! Get back!", Wander called, catching a punch from 20.

Melissa limped out of the way quickly, Wander defending her. Merc wasn't getting anywhere with his fight. 19 was dodging around Merc, avoiding each of his punches. 19 leapt into the air, spinning and attacking Merc with a spin kick. Wander noticed this and jotted it down in his memory. Merc moved out of the way just in time. 19 rebounded from this attack and swiftly bodyslammed Merc. Merc landed on his side, reeling from the attack. 19 jumped and used another spin kick. Merc closed his eyes, bracing himself. Nothing. Merc opened his eyes to see the world in a slightly blue tint, time had stopped. He stood up, looking around, time had indeed stopped. "What the?", Merc asked himself. He then remembered 19's attack. He stepped out from beneath the android, placing a claymore down for when time resumed. He leaped out of the way as time resumed, 19 missed and hit the claymore. A huge explosion happened, almost catching Wander, Merc and 20 in the blast. rubble from the road was everywhere, people had formed a crowd around the area watching the fight. Wander and 20 were going blow for blow, punch for punch and kick for kick. They were at a stalemate. 20 noticed 19, the explosion had taken a tole on the R-O unit, most of the armour had been destroyed and parts were burned off. 20 dodged Wander's next attack and ran towards 19, checking them over. Wander and Merc got closer, surveying the 2. An electric field covered the 2, a shield of sorts. Wander tried to punch the shield, finding out that punching an electric shield isn't one of his brighter ideas. Once emerged, 20 looked different. They were taller, more armoured and looked more intimidating overall. "R-O Units 19 & 20 have combined. Danger levels now halved for all targets", 20 glanced around, looking at mainly Wander and Melissa. Suddenly, a voice called out, "Take this!!", Mist cried. He darted towards 20, staff in hand and swinging it over his head, the rubble from the road glowed with a purple aura. Each piece was pulled to the tip of Mist's staff, forming a gient ball of tarmac over the wooden staff's end. Mist leapt into the air and threw his staff overhead as if it were a giant mallet. "Psycho Slammer!!", Mist called, landing the blow and slamming the attack onto 20, causing 20 to be sent towards the ground. Mist landed behind the android, catching his breath. Wander and Merc launched forward and threw their combo attack. "Heavy Hand-Cannon Assualt Rifle!!", They hit the android with an immense force, breaking through the armour and forming a hole straight through. "Systems failing, battery power depleted. Shutting down...", the mech stated, blasting into several different pieces. Mist was passed out on the ground as the crowd around them erupted in cheers. "Sh!t! We need to get out of here before any more come!", Wander yelled, slinking Mist over his shoulder and leading the overs away from the crowd. "There!", Melissa yelled, pointing towards a subway tunnel that was chained up. Wander leapt over the chain wall, followed by Melissa and Merc.

In the station underground, lights were still on but it was abandoned. "Whew. That was tough", Wander said, wiping some blood from his lip. Merc helped Melissa with her injury, Mist awakening during this time. The crew were stuck. "What were those?!", Wander yelled in confusion. Nobody answered. "I think I remember a project that the government was working on concerning the R-O units", Mist answered. "Wait, R-O? I thought they were extinct", Melissa piped up. "They were relocated, apparently. To the New World", Merc spoke out. Wander sat down on the edge of the platform, "Well, whatever they were. We're stuck here. If we go out there then we're f4cked!", Wander was freaking out when all of a sudden, a train could be heard coming closer to the station. Wander got out of the way as a small steam engine purred into the station followed by different carriages. The driver noticed the group and tipped his hat. "You guys coming or what?", He asked. Coming where?", Wander asked. "Where? To Old Topaz City of course!".

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Manga Creations / Destiny Wanderers Bonus! 2000 Views & Anniversary!!!
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Thank you all for over 2000 views!!! It's been over a year now and I'm bundling this with the 1 year anniversary special! (Sorry for the delay on that, I thought I started this in mid November). For anniversaries or special events (maybe every 1k views from now on, idk) I've decided to use the title "Destiny Wanderers Legends", these will be side stories about legends in the Destiny Wanderers world, taking place between arcs to add a small amount of continuity. I don't know whether to class them as canonical or not, so you guys can think what you want about it.

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Destiny Wanderers Legends: The Light of El Dorado

There is an old legend, passed down through generations. Some even speculate that it was around even before elements and spirits appeared and changed the world forever. A fair few still believe in what most call a kid's story. There was a tale that had hundreds upon thousands of outlaws searching across both the Old World and the New World for the legend that was "The City of El Dorado"! This was huge! The search went global in a matter of days and nobody hadn't heard of it, until a year later. The year was 2506, the search for the city of gold was still at large and most had given up. 1 Strong Outlaw hadn't though. Her name was Carmen Minerai, she was the daughter of a prospector and a semi-famous Outlaw, head of a gang named "The Rocky Rumblers". After a falling out among themselves, she went on her own to find the city. After digging for a week straight, she found it. In a man-made mine on the edge of Continent 3, she found the city of gold. She told everyone she could and became the richest person in the world. She had become infamous throughout the worlds. Then, in a tragic event, her old gang members found her and murdered her in broad daylight. They took her and buried the body in the same mine the city had been found in. As they covered the body, a bright light appeared from where the city had supposedly been and engulfed the crew. No bodies were found, not even Carmen's. The City had vanished too, just a large cavern. The legend was lost, until outlaws kept searching for the city and only found the light. The light became a legend on it's own, and to however found it, great fortunes would follow. Outlaws seek this prize to become more than outlaws, but around 500 years have passed and nobody is any closer to that fortune. The light is nowhere to be found.

"So, what's on the menu?", Wander asked, putting his arms behind his head and leaning back to rest on the walls of the van. Merc shrugged as he continued driving the van. The spirit children were passed out in the back, still tired from the days of travelling. "Check the bags, I think we've still got some meat left over", Merc finally replied. Wander slowly sat upright and leaned towards the bags nearby. "I'm feeling some smoked pork tonight", Wander decided, pulling out a small slab of pork from one of the bags. "It's gonna get dark soon, so pull over", Wander stated. Merc nodded at this and slowed the van down to a halt. The afternoon sun was setting above the horizon and Wander was smoking the pork, whilst Merc was regular smoking. Wander took a whiff and gave of a few excited noises from the scent. Merc put out his cigarette and sat down next to the fire, rubbing his hands together. "Hey, kiddos! Come and get some grub!", Wander called, waking the spirits up and getting them to slump out of the van and next to the fire. Wander dished the food up and they started to feast.

The fire burned brightly through the darkness of the night. An hour had passed since the meal and Wander laying on the van's roof, staring at the stars. Merrick was sitting at the van's side door, guarding the area. "Hey Merc!", Wander called, leaning over the roof's edge and looking at Merc. "Do you see that star?", Wander asked, pointing to a golden star. "Oh, Isn't that an Outlaw legend?", Merc questioned. Wander dropped down from the roof and stood next to Merc. "Bingo! That's the light of El Dorado. I've heard rumors back in Tumbleweed about the mine that it was supposed to be", Wander smiled. Merc sighed, "Let me guess, you want to go there?". At that moment, a gust of wind picked up, the van rocked a bit and the suspension creaked. The ground moved with the wind, knocking both Wander and Merc off balance, and then, nothing. It was as if nothing had happened. Merc readjusted his tattered clothes as Wander rubbed his head. "Was that an earthquake?", Wander asked. Merc looked out into the darkness, "I don't see anything", Merc answered. Wander grabbed a piece of wood from the fire and lit it, using it as a makeshift torch. Merc formed his pistol, closing the van's door and locking it. "Let's go", Wander said, leading Merc into the darkness.

They wandered for a good minute until the van was clearly out of sight, they were blind except for the light in Wander's hand. Something rustled from behind them, Merc darted around and aimed his pistol at the darkness. "Who's there!?", Merc called. "Merc, I don't think that's a good idea", Wander said. Merc turned to find that Wander had a knife at his neck. A man wearing all black and a pair of night-vision goggles was holding Wander hostage. Merc felt a knife behind his neck and stood completely still. "Come with us, resist and you will be eliminated", one of the figures spoke out, threatening the pair. The figures dragged them off into the darkness. Nearby was a derelict mine-shaft, bordered off from the outside. Wander and Merc squinted to make out the shaft's entrance. It was small, barely fitting an adult and thin. The dragged Wander and Merc through the gap and into the darker cave.

Lights flickered inside, more figures moving stone and rock, digging and searching. The 2 were finally left in front of a door. As it opened, they found a stout man in a business suit and bowler hat. He smiled when he saw Wander and Merrick. "Ah, you two are the Destiny Wanderers. Yes?", he spoke slyly, asking them a question. Wander nodded, slowly followed by Merc. "Good. How would you boys like to work for me for a bit?", He put his hands together and pointed the question to them. Wander and Merc looked at each other, confused. "Oh, I should explain what I want you to do first of all", he grabbed a lantern and lead the pair out of the shaft and into a larger cave. "In legends, this is where the City of El Dorado was". He pointed to machinery darted around the place, carving out the ground and causing small earthquakes. "I am Mr. Antonio. I run a small mining business and I've taken the task of finding this legend". Merc noticed people along the sides of the cave, their ankles were chained up and attached to a post nearby.

They returned to the office after the small tour. Mr. Antonio sat down in his chair and smiled once again. "So, you boys want to work with me?", Antonio asked. Wander squinted and Merc didn't seem pleased. "I don't...", Wander was cut off as the lights went out. They were knocked out cold.

Wander came too, cuffs around his ankles and a pick-axe next to him. A figure came near, signalling to Wander to start digging. Wander stood, holding his head. Merc was already working, digging away at the wall. "Damn, we let our guard down", Wander said, picking up his pick. Merc spoke up, "We could take 'em, I've had a look around and none of them have any firearms. The only problem is...", Merc pointed towards the cuffs. "...Elementium. I can't summon my guns and you can't use the air", Merc stated, continuing to dig. Wander suddenly had an idea. "Merc, stay still for a moment", Wander said, pulling back his pick. "As soon as the cuffs drop, start shootin' the cuffs off of the other prisoners", Wander continued, slamming the pick onto Merc's cuffs, breaking them apart. Merc formed his pistol and ran towards the other workers. Wander reeled back and took out his own cuffs. The guards had noticed this and started running towards Wander and Merc. "Nobody keeps me imprisoned! Hand-Cannon Launcher!!", Wander yelled, blowing away most of the guards. He helped Merc free the workers, letting them escape through the shaft. "Yeah! Go on!!", Wander called as a crowd of people dashed out of the cave. Antonio appeared out of the crowd, staring down Wander and Merc.

"How dare you!! I was so close!", he yelled, charging them. "You got this", Merc said, dodging out of the way. Wander smirked and charged towards his enemy. They both punched at the same time, their fists clashing. They both backed away, "You're pretty good", Wander said, stretching out. Antonio dashed forward and headbutted Wander, knocking Wander back, followed by a swift kick to the gut. Wander landed on his feet and readied a 'Hand-Cannon Launcher'. Antonio stopped him by striking his arm, making Wander slide a few feet back. Wander felt something small at his feet. An unlit stick of dynamite. Wander snapped his fingers together, creating a spark and lighting the explosive. He picked it up and launched an attack. "Hand-Cannon Dynamite Launcher!!!", He launched the stick at an amazing speed towards Antonio, causing it to explode on contact. Dust was kicked up, blinding Wander. Suddenly, Antonio appeared and drop-kicked Wander, sending him to the ground. Wander rubbed his eyes and finally came to, getting up and dodging a sucker-punch from Antonio. Wander charged again, "Hand-Cannon...", Wander swung his arm back and clicking the air lock. He leaped at the last minute and swung his arm overhead, "...HAYMAKER!!!", Wander's attack connected, hitting Antonio square in the face and swinging his face right into the ground. Wander jumped back, grabbing a pick-axe. Antonio got back up, his face was burned and angry. "The legend was mine! I WAS GOING TO BE RICH!!", He darted towards Wander. Wander chuckled, reeling back with a pick-axe. "I'll show you what your after!!!", Wander called. Antonio was face-to-face with Wander. "HAH!", Wander yelled, swinging his pick-axe upwards, spiking the enemy upwards. He was suspended in midair for a few seconds, Wander took his chance. "Hand-Cannon...". Wander dashed beneath Antonio, giving out and under-arm punch, "SHOTGUN!!!", Wander swung his arm upwards, towards Antonio, hitting him dead-center in the gut. "NOOOOO!!!", Antonio screamed out in pain. Wander finished his attack, finally launching Antonio upwards, hitting the roof of te cave and breaking straight through it, Antonio opened his eyes. The sun was rising, he smiled. "YES!! The light...of El Dorado...Come to ME!!!", he called, being blinded by the sun and falling back into the cavern.

Merc was waiting outside of the shaft, watching the sunset. Wander slung himself out of te shaft, even more tattered than before. Wander smiled at Merc. Merc sighed and shrugged as they departed to head back to the van. Wander looked back at the cave, there was a bright light in the shape of a figure. It bowed to Wander and waved as it faded away. Wander smiled and the 2 returned to their adventure. "So, after we heal up, are we still gonna head over to Continent 4?", Merc asked, finally noticing the van in the distance. "Hell yeah. But I need some more grub", Wander answered, chuckling to himself.

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Destiny Wanderers Chapter 21: "Wander Xen Plorer, my life is now in your hands!"

Wander and Merc were still surrounded by darkness, pitch black nothingness as far as they couldn't see.
"So, Is there an exit?", Merc asked as Wander picked up the girl and slung her over his shoulder, "I don't know but there IS another one of those doors", Wander said, pointing over to another large metal sliding door on the far side of the room. It was identical to the last that was now in pieces on the ground behind them. "What about this kid?", Merc pointed at the boy lying still. "Cover him up and bring him with us", Wander said, not looking towards him. Merc wrapped him up in the janitor's clothes, taking his off and now looking default. Wander took his clothes off as well and the 2 returned to looking like they were homeless. "Remind me to get us some new duds when we're done. In fact, Mel owes me this time". This door opened, surprisingly, with the scraping noise of metal following. Wander noticed the tracks below and above the door. Both were rusty and broken. "How the hell?", Wander proclaimed, Merc reaching for his pistol. Nothing, the next room was empty. All that met them was another door and stairs leading upwards.

Melissa dashed around the complex, finally coming across the janitor's closet and destroyed door. "Ack! I should've given them the key", she told herself, facepalming. She walked in but noticed nothing. "Where the hell are they?", she stated, leaving and going to check on more rooms. Frappe waited outside, anxiously. she turned and noticed the hatch to the school's basement storage. The door shook and rattled. Frappe ran over and hesitatingly opened the hatch. Wander and Merc leaped from the opening. they lay on the grass and panted. "Thank F4ck!", Wander shouted, still showing his spirit features. Merc rubbed his eyes and squinted to the sky. Frappe took a step back in shock. Melissa noticed from the lobby and exited the building. "There you are!", she noticed the girl passed out, "Is that the killer?", she asked. Wander sat upright and nodded. Melissa sighed, "So much potential wasted, she was almost top of the class in every subject". Melissa picked the girl up, "What is that?", she asked. Merc stood and handed the covered body to Frappe. "It's a casualty", Merc answered slowly. Frappe nodded and carried the student away from the building and out of sight. "She knows what to do", Melissa said, following behind. "Can you 2 stay here for a few minutes?", Melissa asked. The 2 nodded. She left them and with a sigh of relief, Wander and Merc collapsed. "We need a break", Merc said. "I heard that there's a hot springs nearby, should we go?", Wander asked in reply. "Yeah, sounds cool", Merc answered, giving Wander a fistbump.

"Hey, what do you think was behind that door?", Wander asked. "I don't know, but you're gonna find out on your own. I'm gonna take a breather", Merc started to relax. Wander sighed and returned to the hatch, not closing it behind him as he descended back into the basement. He passed through the storage area and found the hole in the wall that Merc had made to exit the facility. Wander made his way through and back down the stairs into the darkness. He had grabbed a lamp on his way through the storage area and placed it on the ground, lighting it soon after. The area was illuminated but still looked the same. Wander rubbed his hands together and walked up to the door, taking a deep breath in. He pushed his hands into the area where the doors connected. "Haaaaah!!!", Wander yelled. The doors jittered and shook. It moved an inch, not enough. "Come on!!!", Wander shouted, now being being able to get his hands firmly into place. He yelled louder, pushing the doors apart. "HAH!!!". The doors shuddered and creaked ad with a jolt, Wander had opened the door. He panted. He was sweating, what a workout. He looked up and saw only one thing. A thin man wearing a cloak around him. He was curled up into a ball and wasn't moving. Wander garbbed his lamp and walked into the room. It was empty, but not clean. Bodies were scattered, all skinny and bare. they wore the same, simple uniform. Each baring the government symbol.

Wander hadn't moved an inch after seeing this. Something twitched out of the corner of his eye, he darted to look at it. The man who was curled up looked at Wander, tears in his eyes and dying. He slowly stood up, grabbing a staff to help. "You there", he spoke quietly, not having enough energy to enforce his voice. Wander said nothing, the man slowly staggered towards him. "I...am Wander Xen Plorer, the Outlaw", He spoke with vigor. The man kept moving. "I will help you!", Wander called, the man fell onto Wander, clutching Wander's back in a painful hug. "Thank you", he said in a coarse voice. "I wasn't going to die here", he stated. Wander smiled and put the man's arm over his back and helped him out of the room. He still held his staff in the other hand, helping him walk. "We need to hurry, you need some food!", Wander said, speeding them up and eventually leaving the facility. He sat the man down at the broken wall. Wander looked around the storage area for any food, there was only a small amount of bread there. He grabbed it and handed it to the man, This man pretty much swallowed it whole. He stood on his own now. Wander helped him out of the area and finally into the sunlight. "MERC!!! I NEED AS MUCH FOOD AS POSSIBLE!!", Wander called, Merrick jumped and noticed the man. "HURRY!!", Wander called. merc said nothing and darted off.

"Wander, was it?", The man asked, laying on the ground. "Yeah, that's right", Wander confirmed.

The man stood, staff in hand. "I am Mist Isaac Que! A Psychic and a Researcher for the Government. They tried to kill all of us off by sealing us in there! I thank you, no!", He stuck his staff in the ground. "Wander Xen Plorer! My Life Is Now In Your Hands!!", cried out, tears streaming. Wander sat and smiled. "You're welcome, now c'mon, don't use up too much energy".

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Manga Creations / Destiny Wanderers Chap 20: Of Spirits and Spirit Wielders
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Destiny Wanderers Chapter 20: Of Spirits and Spirit Wielders

Wander and Merc darted in and out of rooms, searching for any shred of evidence to go off of. Wander closed one of the classroom doors behind him as he exited. "I feel like this is a lost cause", Wander said, stretching out his legs quickly. Merc returned from another room opposite Wander. "What makes you say that?", Merc asked. "Well, if I were a murderer...", Merc gives Wander a stern look, "Not that I am! I'd probably have good knowledge of the location, knowing the ins and outs as well as secret passages. Then I'd choose a time and location to strike on a pre-determined victim. Only an idiot would lash out without a backup plan", Wander spoke with vigor, making Merc nervous. "Your point is?", Merc questioned. "We're looking for either a student or a teacher that has access to any secret passages that nobody else would know about as well as knowing the layout of the campus". Wander eyes suddenly grew larger as he realised something. He gasped and suddenly took off back towards the main lobby. "Where are you going!?", Merc called out, following close behind. "We need to get back to the Janitor's closet!", Wander shouted back as the 2 darted towards their destination.

"I want everyone to remain calm!", The woman who had helped guide the students shouted out in the crowd. She wore a name badge bearing the words 'Ms. Frappe' (Pronounced 'Frap'). "I want everyone to listen up!", She called again. The students heard this and gathered around her. She stood confidently. "All of you shall have the day off. Lessons shall resume as normal starting next week. That is all", She spoke with a slightly high-pitched voice. The students slowly started to leave the area. As they dispersed, a slightly shorter man appeared. He had a blonde comb-over and a stubble with small, beady eyes. He was barely shorter than Frappe. He wore sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt as well as beaten sneakers. Over all of that though, he wore a black trench-coat with the words 'Commodore' plastered across the back with white writing. Behind him stood a pair of tall, well-built bodyguards, dressed in suits and wearing sunglasses. They towered over everyone. "What seems to be happening here?", He spoke with a gritty, high-pitched voice. Frappe cringed a bit as she prepared an answer. "Well, We were doing an experiment and it got a little out of hand", She shrugged as she said this, trying to play it off as an accident. "Would that explain those 2 men?", The Commodore spoke out, pointing into the building and towards a confused Wander and Merc looking for their way at the main lobby. Frappe froze for a moment, peering into the building and noticing the 2. She quickly turned towards the Commodore and shrugged once again, letting off a fake embarresed smile, "Ehehe. Those are the new janitors we are testing! Yeah, we were giving them a trial tody but an experiment went wrong so they're here to clean up!", She spoke quickly, attempting to get the commodore to leave. "Oh, that's fine. But none of you teachers will be paid for the days needed to fix this!", The Commodore spoke out. Frappe snapped inside. "Wait WHAT!?", She called out. The Commodore turned and started to walk away. "Oh yes, and all of your pays will be cut as off next week", He spoke louder, letting all of teachers in the area know. Frappe clenched her hands into fists, but just stood their, watching him walk away. "My pay can't get any lower, I RUN this city after all", He snickered maniacally. He left with his bodyguards in tow. Frappe sighed an scratched the back of her head, "What's Mel gonna say about this?", She said to herself.

Wander and Merc were still standing in the main lobby, thinking to where they came from. "Was it that way?", Wander asked, followed by a swift, "No", from Merc. "This Way!", Wander shouted as he dashed toward an entrance, followed closely by Merc. After a good minute of running, they came to the Janitor's closet, the door was still broken. Wander entered the room, still pitch black. No lights in there. He snapped his fingers, creating a small flame. Wander instantly noticed a strange looking air vent cover, it was beaten and was only propped up against the wall. Merc formed a pistol and Wander took a deep breath as he slowly removed the cover, revealing an opening to a hole. "Welp, the only way now is down", Wander said as he carefully got into the opening and disappeared into the darkness. Merc shivered in his place, but followed soon after.

Melissa came to the main lobby, only to find Frappe waiting by the entrance. Melissa walked over to the door and Frppe entered the building. "Have you seen anything outside?", Melissa asked. Frappe explained what had happened with the Commodore briefly. "What!? He can't do that!", Melissa shouted. "We need to sort this out and fast! Where are those 2 'Janitors' You called in?", Frappe asked. Melissa had a sudden realization, "Oh Crap! Where are they!?", She called out, peering back into the building. The lobby was empty, hey were nowhere to be seen.

Wander landed on a soft mattress with a thud, he quickly moved, letting Merc get a soft landing. Merc stood and looked at where they were. Underground, but it looked high tech, futuristic. "Was this a laboratory?", Wander asked. "I'd heard about a research lab that never saw the light of day but I never thought those stories were true", Merc spoke out. Wander went into his 'Flare Drive' creating light for the 2 to make their way around. The saw a single doorway in the room that they were in. Wander tried to open it, but it was automatically locked. Merc and Wander came up with an idea, reeling back and getting ready for a punch. "Hand-Cannon...", Wander called out, reverting from his fiery form. "Heavy...", Merc called, flexing his arm and tensing his muscles. The 2 stepped forward and hit the door as hard as they could with a pair of punches, "...Assault Rifle!!!", The door shot into the next room, creating a tremendous noise. Wander heard a noise and quickly ducked, dodging a knife being thrown. In this new room, lights were everywhere. Only a teenage girl and boy were in the room. The boy was pale, his neck had bruises and his eyes were dull. Merc gasped. The 2 looked towards the girl's direction. "How dare you disturb me during Senpai's Birthday!", She called out. She held a bloody knife in her hand and her clothes were soaked in the stuff. "Found the killer", Wander said, standing back up. She smiled, freakishly. She took a step towards the 2 and they both flinched. She giggles to herself. "Merc, don't shoot her, we need her alive", Wander says, Merc puts his firearm away with this statement. Wander stepped forward and cracked his knuckles. "Hey Merc...", Wander says, "Do you wanna know ho I met Melissa?", He asked. "Kinda a bad time", Merc answered. Wander tensed up and was enveloped with a golden aura, fox ears and tail forming on him.

"I'm a Spirit Wielder, the counterpart to a spirit", Wander says confidently. The girl attempts throwing another knife, but Wander grabs her hands in an instant. He flipped her over his head and slammed her onto the ground, causing her to lose consciousness. "That was overkill!", Merc called as Wander brushed his hands off. "You're explaining this to me as well, not now though", Merc said, gesturing to Wander's new features. Wander smiled and sighed. "Looks like we aren't very good Janitors".

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Destiny Wanderers Chap 19: Murders at Yandere High

Wander giggled as Merc's face became a darker shade of red. Melissa walked back over to her desk and sat down, Merc following suit and returning to his seat as well.
"Wander, I know you didn't come by just to say a quick hello and dash. What do you want?", Melissa spoke cheerfully and sarcastically. "Well, now that you mention it...", Wander replied but trailed off. A knocking was heard at the door. "I'm in the middle of something!", Melissa called out. "Principal Schwartz! It's happened again!", after this, Melissa sprang up, *Jiggle Physics Engage*. "Close of the school, NOW!", Melissa shouted, pressing a button hidden underneath her desk. A siren could be heard throughout the building as all exits to the outside world were blocked off. "I'll be there soon!", Melissa called as footsteps from outside the door got further and further away. "Alright, you 2!", she shouted, pointing at Wander and Merc. The 2 jumped out of their seats and stood to attention. "YES MA'AM!", They replied. "Go to the Janitor's closet and get some overalls and caps on. I don't want people getting scared because a gang is locked in with them", Melissa ordered. Wander and Merc nodded and ran out of the room and down to walkway and taking a right at the end. "IT'S THE OTHER WAY", Melissa called out as the 2 returned to the cross way and went in the opposite direction. Melissa walked over to the kids and comforted them, "Don't worry, just stay here. Kay?", The kids nodded and Melissa hid her Spirit parts and dashed out of the room, closing the door and locking it after her.

Melissa chased after the person who had been knocking. A crowd of people had formed in one of the lecture halls. Melissa pushed into the center, only to find a body. The corpse was covered in stab wounds and lying in an ever expanding pool of blood. Melissa covered her mouth with a look of disgust. "Everyone! Back away!", she called as the circle grew larger. Another voice called out, "Everyone, we need to get you all to a safe place. All of you will leave through the selected doorway". Another woman pushed her way into the center of the circle. She wasn't as tall as Melissa and wore a casual attire, sticking with a fleece and white pants. She had short blonde hair, tied bak with a head band. All of the students followed her instructions. "Principal, c'mon", she stated as Melissa followed the crowd to the exit. Before each student left, they were checked for anything suspicious.

Whilst this was happening, Wander and Merc wandered the hallways and classrooms, looking for the Janitor's closet. Finally, a blue door appeared. "Ah, that's gotta be it", Merc said with a quick sigh of relief. He grabbed the door knob and tried turning it, nothing. "Why is it locked?", Merc spoke, confused. "Don't worry! I got this!", Wander called from the other side of the hallway. Wander started running towards the door, getting faster and faster. Merc quickly dodged as Wander shoulder-barged the door, crashing into the room and destroying the door. Wander fell to the ground with a quick shout of pain. "Ahh, my knee!", Wander called clutching his knee and rubbing it better. The room was dark, but with the door open a small amount of light was let in. Merc entered and looked around. He quickly spotted the overalls and handed one to Wander as he slipped his on. Wander slipped his on as well and the 2 donned matching caps. "Alright, lookin' cool!" Wander proclaimed, checking himself out. "I never want to hear you say that...Ever", Merc replied with an annoyed sigh. The 2 emerged from the room, propping the broken door up next to it. "Time to find the big boss lady then", Wander proclaimed and the 2 started their search.

After each of the students had been checked and let out, the other woman left to secure the outside area. Melissa waved a good luck and turned to find Wander and Merc appearing from a nearby hallway. "Hey, Mel! Wait, if all of the students are outside, why do we need to wear these uniforms?", Wander questioned. Melissa sighed and pointed at all the students looking in on them from the outside, filming it with their phones. "ah, that explains it", Wander answered. "Alright, I need you 2 to find this killer", Melissa ordered. Wander and Merc gave her a confused look, tilting their heads in unison. "Ugh, go through that door there, then it's third on the left", she gave directions and the gang dashed towards the location.

The other woman was studying the exterior of the building somebody approached the area. A shorter man, wearing a long, black trench coat with the word "Commodore" plastered on the back in white. He wore a long sleeved t-shirt and beige shorts, he had a full head of blonde hair as well. "What seems to be the problem then", he spoke slowly, but with a slightly high-pitched voice. The other woman turned to find the smaller man standing there. "Oh, Commodore. It isn't anything serious. It's just a hazard drill", She spoke calmly, trying to drive the Commodore away. He chuckled and walked up to the blocked entrances at the front of the building. He looked inside and saw only Melissa. He soon returned to the other woman, "Well, I hope you wrap it up soon. People are getting concerned and if a Captain got word of this then I'd be thrown out on a whim, Ya Hear!?", The small commodore shouted, causing the woman to flinch. He dusted himself off and walked away, silently. The woman gave a sigh of relief and returned to surveying.

Wander and Merc returned with blank expressions. Melissa started giving out her plan. "I need you 2 to find this killer and get them secured, no killing, no bloodshed and NO destruction!", Melissa gave her orders. Wander gave a disappointed "aww", before being hit in the back of the head by Merc. "I'll be searching too, but you should stay together", Melissa stated, Wander and Merc nodded as they split up and diverted into opposing hallways. Melissa dashed around, darting in and out of rooms, revealing her Spirit abilities. Wander and MErc split up between rooms to search for more.

"Don't Worry, my love", A young girl was in a pitch black room, holding a boy in her arms, his hands and feet tied together, his clothes were stained red. "They won't find you..."

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Destiny Wanderers Chap 18: Continent 4 - New Topaz City

The crew emerged from the tunnel with a harsh ray of light striking the van. In front of them lay a long open road with a humongous city waiting at the end. "Ah, it's nice to be on steady roads", Merc stated as Wander hopped into the passenger seat. "Wow, it's huge! I was honestly expecting less", Wander stated as the gang made their way towards the great city. The soldiers had stopped following them as soon as they exited the tunnel. Wander looked at the orb in his hands, it shined, as if it were metal but seemed to be a liquid of some sort. In wander's hands it looked like a shiny, grey bubble. "Merc, look at this", Wander said, holding up the orb. "I don't really wanna look away from the road right now Wander. We can't afford to fix this thing if we crash it or something", Merc replied, annoying Wander slightly. Wander sighed and placed the orb on his lap, putting both of his hands on either side of it. He tensed his arms and slowly, divided the orb, creating 2 smaller, identical orbs. Wander then placed one of the orbs underneath his t-shirt and onto his chest, absorbing the orb. Merc, surprisingly, saw this from the corner of his eye. He was confused. "What is that?", he asked cautiously. "'IT' is an element orb. It holds the power of an element inside of it", Wander said, stretching out. "So, do you absorb all of the through your chest?", Merc asked again. "Well, it's just the easiest way", Wander replied cheerfully, handing Merc the other orb. "Do you know what element it is?", Merc asked but Wander replied quickly, "Should be a type of metal, probably elementium". "What?", Merc hadn't heard of this metal. "It's pretty much a weaker version of titanium that isn't as heavy or stable but it can reduce damage from elemental attacks, sometimes nullifying them". Wander spoke with pride, showing his intelligence. "I don't like the idea of using elements. I'd rather win a fight using my own brains and brawn", Merc spoke pridefully, showing his determination, before quickly changing his mind and taking the orb. He absorbed it with ease. "When will I be able to use it then?", Merc asked. "Well, because you've never had an element in you before, it'll probably take about 2 hours to kick in, then you'll need to get a feel for the element. Pretty much, you've gotta know how to turn it on or off before knowing what you can do with it", Wander finished rambling and stuck his arm out in front of himself. "But, for somebody like me...", Wander stopped and tensed his arm. Suddenly, it was coated in a grey, shiny metal up to his elbow. "...It should work almost instantly". The kids in the back were amazed by this feat. They applauded whilst Merc scoffed. "It's rare to find elements like this, if at all. Usually it's just fire or electricity. Personally, I prefer the air", Wander chuckled as he finished speaking. Merc scoffed again. "I think I'll just take the one thanks", He spoke quickly.

The van entered the city through a small gateway, as soon as they got there, they hit traffic. But looking around, they were mesmerized. Skyscrapers were everywhere, taller than the eye could see, shops littered the sidewalks and people of all different races crowded the busy streets. This was...New Topaz City!

After getting through the first wave of traffic, The gang found themselves in the city center, Wander pointed out a parking space and Merc pulled over. Before exiting the van, Wander got into the back and helped the kids tuck in their tails and hide their ears inside the rags that they wore. He got out with them as Merc waited, lighting another cigarette. Merc locked the van as they went to explore. "Stay close to us at all times!", Merc ordered as the kids nodded. Wander checked his wallet, a pair of 200MnY bills were alone in there. "We should've picked up the bounty for that hunter guy", Wander said, placing his wallet back into his pocket. Merc put out his cigarette as they passed a bakery, "Well, it WAS your idea to come here first", Merc said. Wander noticed a store up ahead and pointed it out. It was a clothing store. Wander took the kids inside and Merc stayed outside to look at the surroundings. Wander waltzed up to the counter. "Hi, I was wondering...uh...Where are the changing rooms?", He asked to a store worker. He pointed them towards the back of the store. On their way there, they passed through the kid's section. Frank, Sally and Ed all picked out an outfit with a pair of shoes and socks to go with them. After changing, Wander made sure that none of them were revealing their Spirit features. He took them back to the counter. "That'll be 195MnY, please", the cashier stated as Wander sighed and, begrudgingly, handed over his 2 bills, getting a smaller bill as change. they exited the store and Merc returned to them. Ed and Frank had chosen almost identical outfits of shorts, hooded sweatshirts and cap with a pair of sneakers each, whilst Sally had chosen a red summer dress with a black beret and pumps. "Jeez, you're probably broke now, huh", Merc chuckled as Wander nodded sadly.

After more browsing and a quick meal, Ed spoke up. "So, where are we supposed to be going?", He asked Wander quietly. "There's a school nearby that we need to visit", He answered, the kids shuddered at the thought. "Why do we need to go to a school of all places?", Merc asked, lighting up another cigarette. "I know people outside of Continent 3, okay?", Wander replied as they turned a corner to be greeted with a large building that was behind a smaller garden. "That's it", Wander said, pointing towards the building. A sign reading 'New Topaz High'. They walked up the stairs and entered the building through huge, open walkways. Inside, there was a food court next to the large plaza that they were in. Walkways and balconies were everywhere above them, It was like a maze. Wander walked up to the reception desk, "Hi, is Melissa still here?", Wander asked. "Oh, you mean Principal Schwartz? She'll be in her office on the top floor, you can't miss it", she spoke kindly, as if she knew Wander. "Thanks", Wander replied, leading the gang to the nearest elevator and up to the 20th floor. Once there, they walked down a walkway before coming to a single door at the end. 'Principal's office'. Wander knocked twice. Then three times and finally once more. A voice could be heard from the other side of the door, slightly muffled. "Could you stop knocking?! I heard you the first time!", A woman from the other side spoke. Wander pushed the gang to the side and stood in the center of the doorway, clearing his throat. She opened the door. It was a semi-tall woman (she came up to Wander's nose) with rich, orange hair that was curled down past her waist. She wore a very tight white shirt and a straight black skirt as well as a pair of glasses, placed on the end of her nose. She had a pair of leather, high heeled boots on that made her seem taller than she actually was. Wander smiled and bowed, "Your majesty, I have returned from my epic quest to recover the holy grail", he spoke in an english accent as the woman started laughing. "Is that the best you've got, I expected you to be in a clown costume!", She laughed louder and Wander joined in. After a solid minute of laughing, she invited the 5 into her office. Wander and Merc sat down and the kids stood near the door at the edge of the room.

"So, who' the stud you brought with you?", she said out of the blue. Merc blushed heavily. "That's Merc, he's part of my gang now", Wander spoke cheerfully whilst Merc felt even more awkward. "And...the smuggled infants?", she stated as Wander quickly corrected her, informing her of their names and why their here. "Oh, spirits huh", she said nonchalantly. She stood up from behind her desk and rubbed hair hair, revealing a pair of orange fox ears, from behind her, a big bushy orange fox tail with a white tip appeared from thin air. She crouched in front of the kids and reassured them. "We'll get you guys home soon enough", she said lovingly. Merc stood up, confronting the woman. "What should we call you then?", Merc spoke confidently. Melissa rose back up and turned on her heels, she walked towards Merc and was inches away from his face. "My name is Melissa"...She looked him up and down, "...But you can call me Mommy", she winked after this as Merc had the most awkward sensation of his life. Wander giggled.

Is Melissa a new ally? How are the kids getting home?
Find out these questions and more in the the next Chapter of Destiny Wanderers!

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Personally, i feel that this chapter is very filler heavy, but I'm glad that we can get underway with an arc that I've been waiting for since the beginning to show!!

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Thank you all so much for 1500 views, I was going to get this out sooner but a few personal issues came up. Well, here you guys go! I'll see you again with another one at 2000 views!!

I hope you guys piece together where these entries go, they aren't just for show ;).


"Another one, lost...". A thin man was holding another in his arms, the other was limp and still. He laid the body down and stood slowly. He was wearing a cloak bearing the Government's sigil and underneath, nothing but a pair of sweat pants and sandals. He was incredibly thin but had very long, black hair. "That'd be 4 left besides myself", he spoke to himself.

The area was dark, and smelt of death. The walls were metal and silver, computers and research stations were scattered around in the 2 storey area, the top having an open wall that looked down onto the lower. Only one computer was active, layers of coding were spread across the screen. The thin man leaned over it and started inputting more text. A buzzer could be heard after each line was input and then immediately erased. After a good few minutes, he struck the screen at full force, no damage was done. He wandered over to the balcony, looking down and forced a louder voice, "Are you all still alive?", his accent was noticeably british. Silence for a few seconds before a pair of moans. "That's 2 now", the moans suddenly stopped and a quick grunt came from the same area before silence. The man sighed and slinked down the stairs, before collapsing on the last step, he groaned in pain.

He now sat at the back of the first floor, facing the door from the opposing side. Crawling up into a ball and tucking his head into his arms, he had never known despair like this. He looked to his side, a staff rolled to his side. It floated up and the tip pointed towards the door. He gritted his teeth, but the staff fell to the ground. Tears streamed from his face. He was quiet, he threw his robe to the center of the room. It was still dark, the walls and floors were coated with corpses, starved to death, beaten to death, suicide...He was the last one left, barely clinging on to life. He cried. He cried more, realizing there was nothing he could do. This wasn't fair. He didn't deserve this. His people didn't deserve this. He knew he wouldn't get out. So he didn't even attempt. He closed his eyes slowly, his stomach devouring itself, his throat rough like sandpaper, his mind torn apart.

"I hope...Somebody finds us...To...avenge us...".......

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Here's Destiny Wanderers Chapter 17: Border Patrol, as well as a bit of filler... ;)


Destiny Wanderers Chapter 17: Border Patrol

It was Midday on the wasteland, a single van traversing across it. Wander was asleep in the back, Merc was wide awake in the driver's seat still. He constantly checked the back of the van, making sure that the children were okay. "Spirits...", Merc said to himself quietly. HE had never heard anything of the sort, then again, he'd never been away from Continent 3. Merc checked back at the kids, they all looked pretty young, none seemed older than 10, yet they'd seen more action than he had in the 2 years of time as a mercenary. They were still covered in bruises and sore marks. Merc turned back to face the open land in front of them. He sighed and stopped the van, getting out for a cigarette break. None were awake but him, it was too quiet.

"So, do you understand what you need to do?", A young Captain Johnson was speaking harshly towards a young bald man. "Y-yes sir...", he spoke quietly. "What did you say!?", the Captain seemed offended. The man quivered, "YESSIR!", he jumped when speaking. "Good, I'm glad we could resolve things peacefully. I didn't want to blow a hole into your other leg, too much hassle", Johnson put a pistol into a holster on his hip. The man stood, shivering. "Now then, Merrick was it?, your dorm is down the hall, second entrance on the left", Johnson points to the door. The man slowly limps out of the room. Once in the dorm room, a paramedic came to the bedside and carried him to the medical bay.

3 days passed, Merc was lying there, his leg finally healed. He wandered out of the area and was greeted by Capt.Johnson waiting for him. "There you are, come, training has started without you", Merc simply nodded and made his way over to the training area. The head nurse came over to Capt.Johnson, giving him a slap as soon as she could. "If you keep going on like this, he won't make it! He's lost a fifth of the blood in his body already and you'd better not expect him to perform on a semi-healed leg!", she shouted at the Captain. She had long, brown hair and was quite short as well, only coming up to the Captain's chest. Johnson sighed, "Can't you just back-off, that's my new trainee there!", He spoke quickly but was soon countered by the head nurse. "Yeah, well that won't be a good excuse when the top here about tat, you'd be stripped of everything!", the Captain sighed once more, "Well, if everything goes to plan then this will all be swept under the rug. Speaking of which, how are the recruits for the new commodore coming along?", He said. The head nurse turned and walked away, "Well, A 'Alex Thompson' is doing very well, he's the only one with an element after all". The Captain chuckled, "Merc, you have a destiny to fulfill", he spoke to himself, sinisterly.

Merc tossed his finished cigarette to the ground, jumping back into the van and starting it up again. With a slow roar, they departed once again. After a few minutes of driving, Wander awoke, slowly climbing into the passenger seat. "*Yawn*, so...how far away are we?", Wander spoke slowly. "I'd say another five minutes and we'll be at the coast", Merc answered. Suddenly, something appeared on the horizon. A giant wall blocked their view. "What the hell is that?!", Wander exclaimed. Merc answered quickly, "I thought you'd know out of any of us". They stopped the van a mile off from the wall, spotting a building and checkpoint tunnel attached. Wander walked up to the wall, it was made of solid metal and was at least as tall as a house. The top was covered in barbed wire and guard towers were scattered around. Wander dashed back to the van before they could spot them. "Alright, what do we do?", Merc asked. "I think we should break through it", Wander stated as Merc gave him a hit to the head, "D'you know how thick tha thing is? How would you break it?", Merc exclaimed. "It's alright, while i'm making a scene, you go through that checkpoint over there and i'll come through after, simple", Merc was stunned by Wander's plan. They both nodded and the plan came into action.

Merc revved the engine as Wander ran towards the wall. "HEY! I'M GONNA PUNCH THROUGH THIS WALL!!!", Wander shouted loudly. Merc charged the van towards the checkpoint as armed soldiers ran out towards Wander. Wander started flailing his arms around, seeming to attack the wall, he was soon surrounded by guns. Wander smiled, "Oh, so sorry. I didn't know this was a wall meant for keeping me in!", He spoke sarcastically, "Well, do you wanna see something cool?", nobody answered. "Flare!!", Wander erupted in flames, the soldiers opened fire as Wander escaped, towards the exit in his base form. "Later losers!!", he called back. All of a sudden, Wander ran into a steel wall, he fell over but quickly got up. A woman wearing a different uniform to the soldiers appeared, she was slightly shorter than wander and had mid-length silver hair. She clicked her fingers and wall of steel came out of te ground behind Wander. "Wander Xen Plorer, you're a wanted man", she spoke with no emotion. Wander readjusted himself, "Sorry, but i'm not looking for a relationship yet, thanks for offering though", Wander said cockily, looking her over. She was unfazed and got into a battle stance. "By the name of Officer Smith, you will be captured and executed". Wander sighed, "Well, I'm in a bit of a hurry", Wander said, dashing forward and choke-slamming the Officer. She was powerless, for some reason. She blushed. Wander got back up, hastily followed by Officer Smith, Wander wiped his hand on his hip. "Well, I didn't expect that", Wander said. Wander was then kicked in the back, pushing him forward. He turned and tried to counter with a punch but in the process, punched a steel wall. He reeled as the Officer roundhouse kicked Wander to the ground. She put her foot onto his neck, Wander was losing his breath quickly. She looked down on him with condescending eyes, "Nobody has ever treated me like that, that is why you will be punished, here and now", she pulled out a whip and cracked it against the ground. Wander, in an act of desperation, grabbed her thigh, squeezing tightly. She lost all power in that leg, letting Wander push her aside and getting up. "Hand-Cannon Launcher!", Wander called out, launching a force of wind towards the officer. She snapped her finders and a wall came up in front of her, Wander dashed and leaped over the wall, kicking her in the jaw and knocking her unconscious. Wander crouched over her, before promptly ripping open her top and placing his hand between her breasts. The wall that was blocking the soldiers from Wander was coming down quickly. Wander closed his eyes and focused, a small amount of light appearing from her chest, An orb appeared in Wander's hand, as soon as he had this, Wander ran towards the checkpoint.

Merc was waiting at the edge of the tunnel, the children now worried for Wander. Wander appeared from the entrance and jumped into the van from the back doors, "Drive!!", he shouted as Merc made the van set off quickly. Soldiers swarmed the entrance, firing at the van, Wander hastily closing the back doors as the gang made their getaway, after a good minute, they emerged from the tunnel. "We made it! Merc, Kids, this is Continent 4, home to New Topaz City, the biggest city in the world!".

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Welcome to the 16th chapter, after a long-ish break.

Destiny Wanderers Chapter 16: What makes a Hero!

Wander and Merc gather the supplies that they have left and leave the town as the sun sets. Nobody waves them off. Soon enough, darkness befalls the continent, Wander stretches outwards as he gets out of the passenger seat and into the back of the van.
"So, how do you figure in this fight?", Wander asks Merc. Merc scoffs and continues to drive. Wander returns with a bottle of soda, "Because I think i'll be alright". Merc stays quiet once again. After a few minutes of silence, Merc finally speaks. "Can you take the wheel for a second?", Merc asked as Wander finished his soda. The 2 swapped seats and Merc scrambled into the back. He pulled out a small device and slipped it onto his wrist. He slowly got back into the passenger seat, the device flickered with a bright blue light. Merc presses one of the buttons on the side and stays still as a blast of light hit him head on, Wander was nearly blinded and made the van swerve. He attempts to speak but is instantly cut off by Merc. "I stole it before I left, it supposedly scans a soul and determines how powerful the being is", Merc checks the device over, "Now stay still", he blasts Wander with the same ray of light as before, the van swerves more. "Jeez, what the hell!?", Wander said, rubbing his sore eyes. "How do I...Oh, here we go. I guess these number are in 'Soul Points'", Merc determines from the screen. "Why don't you just use 'Power levels'?", Wander suggests, "Because 'Power Levels' are bullsh1t!", Merc exclaims as a pair of numbers appear on the device's screen. "Alright, mine is 8sp. That's pretty lacluster...", Merc trails off. "Oh, and yours is apparently 11sp", Wander lets out a small "yes!" as Merc fiddles with the device a bit more.

Midnight finally arrived, no sight of the 'Outlaw Hunter' anywhere. "Let's hit the hay for tonight", Wander decided, stopping the van and crawling into the back. Merc followed suit, until a light came through the windshield. Merc glanced back, but couldn't make out what it was. He opened the side door and stepped outside, into the pitch black. The only thing brightening the area was the lights from through the windshield. Wander hopped out and rubbed his eyes slowly. Another van slowly came closer to the pair. It stopped infront of them and a tall man wearing a cap got out. "You these guys?", the man asked, tossing Wander's and Merc's wanted posters towards them. Merc fiddled with the device, shooting a beam of light at the man. "Is that a party trick?", he asked slowly as Wander stood infront of Merc. "7sp!", Merc called out, Wander smiled and cracked his knuckles. "You just lost the draw, buddy", Wander got into a fighting stance, the man simply stood there, hands in his pockets. He walked to the back of his van. The 2 seemed confused by this. He then threw a young boy to the ground in front of them. "Holy Sh1t!", Merc exclaimed. This boy was thin and was tied up in chains, one going across his mouth, he was covered in bruises and his clothes were damaged. Wander stared into the boy's eyes. He was scared, crying, fearing for his life. The man returned, holding a pistol, Merc quickly unsheathed his own pistol and aimed it directly at the man's face. "Don't move, I will shoot", Merc threatened. The man seemed to become angry, "If you were a real outlaw, you'd already have pulled the trigger", he spoke slowly, but with more vigor in his words. He fired a shot into the boy's leg, he squealed as blood slowly poured out. Wander just watched, "Is that it? Everything you got?", Wander questioned. The man then aimed upwards towards Wander, "Oh, I'm sorry. Is something wrong? I just thought that this is what all you outlaws did", he spoke sarcastically and Wander clenched his hands into fists.

"I know who you are, Outlaw Hunter. I could never forget a face like that", Wander spoke out. He formed his revolver into his hand and aimed it at the boy's head. The scene had become a stalemate. The Outlaw Hunter faced his gun to the ground. Wander took in a deep breath, "Neck-Cannon Buster", Wander stated, launching a force of wind towards the Outlaw Hunter, He was knocked over. Wander leaped onto the O.H's gun-wielding arm, causing him the release the pistol. Wander fired a shot into the man's head, then another, then another, then another. Wander deformed his gun and turned to Merc, "I'm sorry, I don't like it when lives are on the line", Merc was stunned. Wander walked to the, now deceased, O.H's van and opened the back door, 2 more children were lying there, in the same state as the other. Wander stepped in and carried the 2 out and placed them next to the boy. Wander wasn't finished, he inspected the van again, this time finding some ammo and a baseball bat. Wander couldn't see clearly in the dark. He snapped his fingers together, creating a small flame. He now saw what nobody should ever see, it was wearing a white and red spotted dress, more so red now, it didn't move an inch. Wander's face reeled in shock and disgust. He slowly picked up the 'body'. He carried it out of the van and placed it onto te ground, out of Merc's sight.

Merc had untied the children and was comforting them. Wander stood over the body. He was motionless. "Flare", Wander erupted into flames, igniting the body. The children watched as Merc walked over to Wander, only to instanly return to the children. No words were spoken. As Merc tended to the child's wound, Wander reverted from his 'Flare Drive' and just stood there, watching the body slowly fade away. Merc set up a quick campfire and started cooking some food for the children. He checked his watch, 00:10, Merc sighed and stood up. Wander was still standing over the body. Merc walked over once again. "Merc", Wander said slowly. Merc looked at Wander. "This person...they didn't have a soul. That man...He destroyed it.", Wander clenched his hands once again and ran over to the Outlaw Hunter, punching him repeatedly, holding back tears. Merc pulled him off and dragged Wander into the van, closing the van after him. Several bangs came from the inside the van for a few minutes, then all was quiet. Merc dragged the man's body behind the van and burned it, removing any trace of his existence. He lit up a cigarette and took a long drag of it. The children were now asleep, Merc smiled and checked them over, making sure they were still alight. He decided to sleep where he was and soon passed out.

Morning came quickly, Wander came out of the van quietly and sat opposite Merc. Merc lit up a cigarette and sighed. "Did he...hit a nerve?", Merc asked, Wander grunted in response. "Never-mind, I'm just glad you didn't actually shoot that kid", Merc smiled, Wander grunted in response. One of the kids awoke, followed by the other 2. Wander stared at them. The kids yawned, all gathering around Merc, who handed them a slice of toast each. "Hey", Wander finally spoke. The kid's attention was now towards Wander. "Come here, all of you", he spoke slowly. Merc stood quickly, "Wander...", Wander put his hand up, Merc was still worried though. The children slowly made their way to Wander. Wander stood slowly and put his hand onto one of their heads. He glanced at the group once again, 2 boys and a girl, "Merc, d'you know their names?", Merc answered quickly. "The girl's name is Sally, the boy's name is Ed and the one that you've got your hand on is named Frank", Wander chuckled, "Y'know, I don't know what I expected from these kids", Wander said happily, ruffling Frank's hair. In doing this, a pair of cat ears were revealed. "Spirits, all of you", Wander spoke, more sternly. The other 2 kids gasped, slowly revealing their own pair as well as a tail. "Spirits!?", Merc was taken aback by this. "You kids sure are rare", Wander said, the children seemed scared again, "Don't worry, I'm against slavery. Now then..." Wander stood up and stretched out. "Where did you kids come from?", Wander asked. "Spirit village!", Ed shouted out. Merc checked the map. "Uh, Wander...It's not on the map", Wander smiled and grabbed the map, shoving it back into the glove box, "We may not know where it is, but I know somebody who does!", Wander said courageously. The kids started celebrating. "You're our hero!", Frank cried out, followed by the other 2. Wander stopped in his tracks and turned to them, "I am no hero. Last night was just a reminder of that, i shouldn't be seen as a hero when my actions are near to that of that man", Wander spoke with a dark tone in his voice, Merc felt chills down his spine. "So...uh, where to then?", Merc asked, starting up the van. Wander got the kids into the back along with himself. "Merc, we're off! To Continent 4!!!", Wander shouted out, as their next journey was about to begin!

This chapter was a bit longer than intended, but I still think it went well!!

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Welcome to chapter 15 of Destiny Wanderers! Let's do this!


Destiny Wanderers Chapter 15 - Outlaw's Mardi Gras

Wander and Merc are stunned by the sight of so many people in a single area, not because they were special but because it was a rare sight to see so many people in a single place.
"I've never heard of a celebration for outlaws, but I'm definitely on board with it!", Wander speaks out as he comes back to his senses. "Yeah, no point wasting good hospitality", Merc added. they started walking down the residential street and saw more people waving and setting up food stalls and other small games. 3 women came up to the 2 and pulled them aside, "You look injured! Let us help you", they spoke softly. Merc's bandages were removed as they started applying creams to the wounds, he winced a bit every time but afterwards he stood up as if he had never been injured. "Wow, what is this stuff?", Merc asked, looking himself over. "It's a special healing formula that we've created from plants that grow over in the first continent", one of the women replied as she attempted to remove Wander's bandages. Wander had even more wounds than Merc, mainly the giant frostbitten area on his chest from the Commodore's attacks. The woman gasped when they saw it, Wander clenched his fists as to stop the pain. Merc wandered over to one of the nearby barbecues, when he got there the man running the grill handed him a can of soda. "You guys had it rough", the man said, flipping a burger. "Yeah, but I doubt that that's gonna be the hardest thing we do", Merc stated as he took a sip of his drink.

Wander was finally healed, only a small bruise was left on his chest now. Merc came over and handed him a drink. They clanked their cans together and took a long drink, until both were empty. "Ahh, hits the spot", Wander says, putting his empty can to the side. "What now then?", Merc asked, grabbing Wander's can and crushing both cans. "We need to find a bounty, isn't there a post office down the road?", Wander asked. "Yeah, just around the corner. We gonna take 'em on tonight?", Merc asked back. "Sure, we need the cash after all".

The woman was sat on the counter as Wander and Merc walked in. "Oh, it's you two! I'd heard you were in town!", The woman got down and stood behind the desk. "Thank you! Uh, do you have any bounty posters for nearby outlaws?", Wander asked slowly, "But of course!", the woman replied quickly, "This continent has the highest density of outlaws in the world after all, just take a look at these", The woman pulled out a collection of varied posters. Wander quickly chose the one with the highest amount on it. "Are you sure?", Merc asked. Wander smiled and walked out of the post office, he felt confident and was ready to fight again. "I'm coming for you, Outlaw Hunter!".

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