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break Room / Re: The Status Of Our Fellow Raiders
« on: January 15, 2023, 07:13:46 AM »
@crystal Yea pretty much Blender is one of the main reasons I'll need to upgrade. I'm just finding out about Grease Pencil and tools like it. Blown away by how far technology got. Haven't been keeping up

break Room / Re: The Status Of Our Fellow Raiders
« on: January 14, 2023, 01:22:42 PM »
Hello everyone, hope you doing fine.

Building the PC can be cheaper than prebuilt. But it will cost you time. It's like lego for grown-ups. It can be fun, you can custom-build it to your needs. About research, there are sites and forums that will compare parts for you. Even if you post here I might give help. Just say the budget and what it will be used for.
There are hour long videos on youtube that cover the basics.

Right now people building PCs is a trend. The last two years parts prices have been crazy. Hopefully, they are starting to get down a bit.

My PC starting to show its age, I was going to buy a $200 laptop just in case it dies on me. Then It just hit me that I need a new PC. I use my PC for everything, use it more than my smartphone. I don't buy things for myself and when I do I feel bad. A new PC will cost a bunch. I keep saying to myself I don't need it

Hopeful and optimistic for 2023

break Room / Re: The Status Of Our Fellow Raiders
« on: November 01, 2022, 11:33:11 AM »
Over a year ago whenever I try to get into this site I got a red warning page. Partly why I haven't been around as much. lately started to hit me how off social media I am. Even when I draw something I don't post it.

Video / PC Games / Spiders not allowed in video games.
« on: December 11, 2021, 07:42:54 AM »
Arachnophobia warning
Spoiler tags have spiders in'em

Spiders are cut because of people with arachnophobia. It's a common phobia.
Spiders used to be a staple enemy in video games. From horror to action-adventure, there are always spiders somewhere
The removal of spiders is not a creative decision. Most decisions are made in movies and video games by test audiences and focus groups.

Focus groups are used by companies to decide how to make the perfect spaghetti sauce and whatnot. Then they found their way into gaming.

Fallout 4 had base building mechanics because at the time all the kids they did focus groups on wanted Mindcraft.

As a company even if 1% of the focus groups say they will not play a game because of the spiders. 1% is a lot of money
When Skyrim came out in 2011 I remember people saying they will not play it because of the spiders. After that spiders started showing less and less in games.

Now if spiders are put in a game they are made to look less like spiders and more like crabs. Fewer eyes, legs less spidery. Because those parts of what trigger the phobia. 

To the point now they are scraped from remakes like the Resident Evil ones. I played the Resident Evil 3 remake when it came, it's partly what made me write this. RE 3 remake and FF7 remake are the first games I pick after I stopped playing video games for a couple of years. So I'm noticing how games are different now.
Grounded is a new game with spiders in it. Later they added an option to remove them. Which I think is the perfect solution to please both parties. But most of the time they just cut them outright from games.

Who cares. They are just spiders. Spiders are not creative. I'm glad they are gone. Modeling and animating spiders cost soo much time and money. They don't fit modern games. We have much better enemies to replace them. Be grateful you have a game in the first place. Don't get your knickers in a twist.
Those were some of the counterarguments.

Mostly by gaming journalists. Those people are the worst. Watch FF7 remake world map get cut and them defending that with the same arguments.

It's not just a matter of spiders getting cut. A lot of decisions are made this way.

Like I know nowadays when they make horror movies, they try to make them not too scary. Because it might scare off some people from watching them. 

Imagine when they made The exorcist, it was too scary for audiences. so they made it less scary.

Pet Sematary book, the original movie, and remake spoilers
In the remake they change it where the older sister gets hit by the truck. Then said it was to "Subvert your expectations"
Was it?
Or a scene of a toddler getting killed by a truck was too upsetting for audiences. People won't go watch a movie that will upset them. So the movie makers go for the safe creepy little girl trope.

"Subvert your expectations"
Whenever they say things like that, it's just for media consumption.

And I'm consuming a lot of remakes and adaptations lately

Remakes/adaptations serve to show how our beloved media won't be made today. Part of me didn't want to write this, don't want to be the grinch grump. I'm trying hard to not break into song and rant.

It means something to me as someone how loves those media and aspires to create. Horror was my first passion. This feels like a weird form of censorship

Do you guysandgals remember 4kids? In my part of the world, we had a severe case of the 4kids. Now imagine if the anime companies making the shows gave the 4kids treatment to their own shows.

Back then. Watching DBZ heavily censored beyond recognition. Little ol me knew the show is not supposed to be like that. I knew out there in the world exists an unsullied version. One day I might get to experience it. 

Playing RE3 remake. Spiders and other monsters cut, areas cut. Character design changed. The story changed. Dialogue is all swearing and fluff. Characters are made into one-dimensional tropes. Zombies made to be not scary. Extra game modes and bones cut.

And most of those were not creative decisions, something I would have respected. 

I felt like I was experiencing the 4kids-ish censored version. This time around the uncensored version doesn't exist. Because that's how the company made it. And I feel deep dredd, thinking about how my favorite new media might not even get the chance to be the best version of itself.

Spiders cut from media to not scare people with Arachnophobia from buying them.

Companies arrive at those decisions after doing a bunch of test audience and focus groups. It's not a creative decision.

Thinks being cut is reminiscing of how shows used to be censored, except now it's done by the creators.

I'm not against test audience and focus groups, It's a tool, can be used good or bad. The way things going everything might end up vanilla flavored.

Thank you for reading

General Discussion / Re: How To Get Started As A Manga Artist
« on: November 14, 2021, 02:12:11 PM »
If you have a short attention span for ideas and can't be helped. Integrate it into your style of story-making by making shorts. Tied together by a theme. Example Black Mirror is short stories tied by the theme of technology is dangers yata yata...   

As a goal, I want to become a manga artist is open-ended. Having short-term goals like I want to get a chapter done etc might be more manageable. Also, ask yourself why you want to be a manga artist. Money, fame, self-fulfillment, passing the time. Because making a manga might not be the only way to get those. Knowing where you want to go might get you there faster.

When it comes to deadlines. Even though one might not have the traditional deadline to worry about. Our time on earth is finite. Sorry to sound morbid. Is it just me? Feels like the week goes in a blink.

Between trying to make a living, family/friends etc, we only have a couple of hours a day to make a thing and get it done. Better make it count.

Know your shortcomings and strengths, work with them and around them.
Know what do you want and go for it, eliminate the necessary steps.
Make good use of the time you have. It's finite.

break Room / Re: Viral marketing in the membrane
« on: April 15, 2021, 11:09:18 AM »
A guy goes to the store wearing blue lives matter mask, he buys white chocolate snickers candy bar, the cashier call him racist
4.6 mil views on youtube, probably more on tick tok.

Very odd. Did someone just use racial tension to sell candy bar?  The way they show the product clearly to the camera, suspicious.  '

Usher goes to the club to makes it rain on dem respectable lady entertainers. when the dancer goes home she finds he gave her usherbucks.

She takes it to the internet and here we are. This one is clearly a publicity stunt, In hope of going viral. Usher trying to promote his new vegas show or something

break Room / Re: What do y'all do during class?
« on: April 10, 2021, 08:31:48 AM »
It's been decades since I been in a classroom. But for the last year, I watched my 17 yearold brother go to classes on his phone, while in bed wrapped up snug like a bug in the rug. He also PvP Dark Souls 3, watch anime and youtube. Whenever someone goes out in the car he tagalong. The funny part he gets high grades     

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Young Pro Mangaka
« on: April 08, 2021, 06:32:03 AM »
Generally speaking. Do not let goals blind you from opportunities. There are many roads that can lead to your goals, or perhaps lead to better places. Try to not get stuck or insist on one road. No shame in taking shortcuts or asking for help or hitching a ride(Just watch out for serial killers tho). Because no one made it big by themself.

Self-imposed handicaps are the worst thing one can do to himself. The time we have on earth is finite, to waste trying to figure it out by ourselves when somebody already did figure it out.
And yeah. don't forget to enjoy the sights, stop and smell the roses. Was the friends we made along the way.

I guess when you start early you get ahead. And when you live in a country that supports anime/manga it helps a lot.

When to comes to hard work, for every Oda there are properly one-handers guys that worked just as hard but didn't get to be successful. Masashi Kishimoto has an equally talented and skilled twin. But he doesn't get to have his own Naruto.

Plague of gripes wanted to be a writer. I think I heard him say he studied creative writing in college. I think he never imagen he will find success at 30 something, playing Dark Souls analyzing bricks placements, and drawing "not furry P word"

As for me personally, I'll be 31 32. I look back and I'm full of regrets

Welcome Center / Re: Hi, I'm new here!
« on: April 08, 2021, 04:23:50 AM »
I thought you said cat pigeon. What type of comic/manga do you like making?

The pages look nice. Good have a shonen-type liker. Oddly enough I don't come across people that want to make shonen as I used to.


break Room / Re: Viral marketing in the membrane
« on: April 01, 2021, 09:02:08 AM »
Japanese female "kawaii" biker went viral. When they tracked her down for an interview she turned out to be 50 year old guy. In the "news" segment/interview they ask him how did you do it? He whips out his phone and shows how easy to do it on the faceapp.

Up to this point, I was thinking Oh cool this faceapp seems fun and easy to use. Maybe I'll give it a try...Hold on a sec, did I just get marketed at whiteout my consent.

Is this whole thing faceapp viral marketing campaign?
If anyone wants to see it lookup Japanese Woman Biker faceapp.

We skip, tone out, install AdBlock. Viral marketing gets over all that. Companies pay millions of dollars just to get a couple of seconds of air time in the Super Bowl.  With viral marketing, they reach millions of people at a fraction of the cost. And the best part you don't even know it's happening to you. 

There are laws and regulations for ads and marketing. One of them if someone is paid to promote something they have to do disclose it.

Feels like the internet is getting less and less fun. I used to enjoy creepypasta. Until every other story became marketing for something.   

Like I said when you see viral or controversy, look for the product.

I mean like lil nas x old town road got that big with viral marketing/memes. Now he is back at it again with controversy by giving satan a lap dance.
I watched the song and other lil nas songs now I got all of the viruses. I have been humming his songs all week. I knew all of his songs from TikTok and stuff but didn't know all of them are from the same artist.

Followed it by a satan shoe that also went viral with a controversy

It cost 1018$ and only 666 of them made. Sold out in an hour. That's 677988 Dollars! That's a house!!

When Vine first started things genuinely got viral.
In the middle of a hard gangsta rap song A guy throwing his hat up in the air then seductively shake his Azz while singing "About a week ago a week ago" The internet took that and ran with it. A genuine internet gold nuggets right there

(By the way its called the shmoney dance)

Hi NO1SY Thanks for typing all that, I been enjoying it. Coryn covered some of what I wanted to say.
I want to ask you what (just a random question) do you want to write a novel or a manga/comic?

The dark lord stuff, yea. I have been thinking about it. I might talk about it here later or just make a new topic

break Room / Re: Viral marketing in the membrane
« on: March 19, 2021, 12:57:10 AM »
I don't think they changed her design for the controversy. They might have used her redesign for the controversy after the fact.
I feel like they announced the movie a couple of months ago but it wasn't getting attention and the numbers they were hoping for. So they went with this tried and true classic controversy. That's known to get overreaction from some people. Bait and pit them against each other and then sell them stuff.

A tweet here, a couple of paid articles there. Drama YouTubers pick it up. Now we have the classic internet overreaction. Viral marketing campaign success.

Dear God, they changed the design of a character we can all agree was weirdly overly sexual to begin with. It's been 25 years, they're entitled to bring her up to speed with the times. It's not like there hasn't been several other, non-hyper-sexual Lola designs between then and now.  :sure:
Your comment is the equivalent of coughing after getting the virus. Only shows how viral this thing is. I'm at the fever stage. They got me here drawing Lola the bunny fanart and crap

break Room / Re: Viral marketing in the membrane
« on: March 16, 2021, 08:32:58 PM »
Tldr controversy is used for viral marketing. Celebrity start their memes for viral marketing

Burger king's attempt at viral marketing.
They start with that to start controversy and go viral. Then followed it by saying they meant more jobs for women. So the company comes out of it like saints.

I have a theory that most controversies are manufactured for marketing. Like with Lola redesign controversy. Could be made up just to sell you movie tickets. I mean like. I didn't know about this space jam 2 until this silly controversy. Now you know about it. Gave it to you like a virus.

In either case, it's good to be aware of viral marketing.

I have another theory. Will Smith memes are started by his marketing team.
I love Will, I watch his youtube videos. There is a team of people that help him with his ticktocks and whatnot. Won't be that far-fetched they also start his memes


Develop Your Story / Re: New Plot idea need comments
« on: March 05, 2021, 08:25:23 PM »
It communicates your idea clearly. I personally see nothing wrong or lacking. Being a silent manga, most of the heavy lifting will be in the drawing stage.


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