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MR Pub / Re: MR Visual Novels
« on: February 27, 2018, 12:51:42 PM »
I'm just now coming across this, man am I slow, but the idea sounds really cool!

I might be able to offer some art or sketches at least, but another would most likely have to finish the process if the sketches were to be used due to my work load. I wish I could partake 100% 😅


Character in image is my own OC Razi

Collaboration (Art Exchange) / Re: Storyboard Collab with writers?
« on: February 24, 2018, 04:10:07 PM »
I'm down! Would you like to post them here or send the info through pm?

General Manga writer discussions / Help with story writing?
« on: February 22, 2018, 01:35:58 AM »
So I want to dedicate to a story that I'd like to share on Webtoons and other sites but keep finding myself stuck on fleshing out the entire story and script layout. I haven't even reached the storyboard portion.

To put it simple, I need help. 

A graduate who, even when in school had always kept to himself, is still trying to figure out his life. Work is difficult and he's generally annoyed by others so he tends to keep to himself until one stormy day. The MC comes across a stray cat and decides to take it in to only become aware that it's no normal feline.

Character Ark:
I plan for this introverted character to begin opening up, find friends, and eventually find love. While at the same time the female gains trust and acceptance. Something she's always struggled with.

The twist:
The neko had actually gone to school with the main protagonist yet he never noticed her unlike her who noticed him. Before senior year she went missing. The story starts 3 years later after she has been living alone, mainly as a cat, since that life changing decision.

Things to note:
I don't plan to make them instantly fall for one another or even have the 'love spark' happen quickly after realizing the cat he rescued is the girl who went missing in school. All I know at this point is I want love to eventually bloom along all the other things I've already mentioned in the character ark above.

My original idea behind the 'werecat' is based on a family curse that dates wayyyy back. A curse that only activates when they lose hope in life. When that applies to her, it's because of her outlook during school. The way she is treated and how her loneliness and being bullied is leading to negative thoughts. Then bam, turned into a cat with no idea how to turn back.

The style of manga I want to attempt capturing are a mix of  Orange, a slice of life manga (example: https://sliceofasianlife.com/2015/08/29/orange-manga-review/ )
And My little monster (example: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/65/e1/89/65e189d08f903b0c97e67ed004b7e725--monster-manga-my-little-monster.jpg )
AND if I can manage it, Blue Exorcist ( example: http://images.mangafreak.net/mangas/ao_no_exorcist/ao_no_exorcist_13/ao_no_exorcist_13_1.jpg )

break Room / Re: What kind of tablet is good for drawing?
« on: October 03, 2017, 11:32:14 PM »
As noted above, the Wacom Intuos Pen tablet is a pretty good beginner tablet. I used it at one point in time myself though I personally used the small one. I liked it for traveling purposes. My first tablet was a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet but they no longer manufacture that one. I now use the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. This tablet is on the expensive side so I don't normally recommend it unless you already have experience in digital drawing and can afford it. The cintiq companion is a display tablet where you draw directly on the screen that you are looking at. It also runs like a computer, windows 8 to be exact, which is useful in my opinion. Like two birds one stone metaphor.

However, since you are going into digital drawing for the first time you should be aware of the level of difficulty it may present to you. The main one being how you'll need to adjust to drawing without looking at the tablet but the monitor screen instead. That seems to give beginners to the digital world the most difficulty at first. Next would be what art program to use than next being how to use it to your style. Eventually you will adjust to this new way of drawing so don't let that deter you! So many pick up a tablet to only get frustrated and shortly after quit. Just keep in mind that we all went through that phase of adjustment.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Razkit's Random Art
« on: October 02, 2017, 11:29:30 PM »
Some Halloween spirit art, my main persona dressed up as a witch.


I can't right this second, give me a couple of weeks for example since I am currently at the academy, but I will most likely pick a few descriptions from here and draw soon. My goal is for it to help me get out of this 'no art' slump. So if anyone would like to post up to date requests please do so!  :thumbsup:

Keep in mind that the outcome may just be a sketch

Welcome Center / Re: Hello
« on: September 20, 2017, 07:26:00 PM »
Welcome to MR! I hope you enjoy your time here in the community. Feel free to post art or stories, ask questions if need be, request criticism if desired, and basically relax in the break room every now an then.

Overall, we aim to be a fun and friendly forum that helps out when we can. =)

General Manga writer discussions / About Webtoons
« on: September 18, 2017, 07:17:29 PM »
Hey everyone, I'd like your opinion on Webtoons and the type of comics on there that you personally like.

I'd like to eventually begin uploading work on there but feel a little intimidated. If I were to go through with it, it would be drawn in the normal manga style (black & white with tones) but I mainly see these full on illustrations. ^^;;

My top favorites are: I love Yoo, Super Secret, Lumine, and Lackadaisy.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Razkit's Random Art
« on: September 18, 2017, 06:34:42 PM »
I really appreciate the tips everyone! I'll see if I can update with more art soon =D

Again, thank you Sir Jangos and Devola! 

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Razkit's Random Art
« on: September 18, 2017, 01:36:15 PM »
I get you and can relate to the music side of things; when I did write I did the same thing lol. I appreciate the tip and will see what I can find to get some inspiration flowing.

With Halloween around the corner maybe I will find something to spark some interest =)

Welcome Center / Re: Hello!
« on: September 18, 2017, 11:16:57 AM »
Welcome to MR! I hope you enjoy your stay here =)

If you haven't yet, try to post some of your writing projects down in the writers section of the form. Or if you just have ideas to toss out there than theres a place for that here too.

You might not find someone right away to work with you so be patient. Also, patreon doesn't always kick off at running speed, it may take time to gain anything though I am sure you may already know that.

Either way, welcome!

As already mentioned, it is best to study from real life at the beginning of learning how to draw. The only time I'd recommend studying from manga is to see how those mangaka went about capturing scenes and interactions. Even paneling and background dynamics can be studied from analyzing other manga. However, if you are just starting out, real life is your best bet.

There are tons of tutorials out on the web and real life poses to look at while drawing too. Remember that nothing is accomplished overnight however. So keep practicing and studying! Even famous artist are always learning something knew everyday.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Razkit's Random Art
« on: September 18, 2017, 08:10:43 AM »
I've been in a art slump as of lately. Like, when I draw nothing seems to come out right. It's similar to an art block but not at the same time... I mean, I know I haven't really been able to draw for the past 6months till recently but still. The pic above is only full on piece I've accomplished other than scribbles on paper.

Any tips on how to get back into the spirit of drawing?

Manga Art Gallery / Razkit's Random Art
« on: September 15, 2017, 02:53:33 PM »
I had a gallery at one point but it's now full of old projects so here's a fresh gallery! First art piece I want to upload is an OC of mine, Hikari Katsumi. A character that has gone through a lot of changes through the years, lol. I included the steps I took to make the illustration.


Develop Your Story / Light & Dark - ongoing project
« on: September 15, 2017, 03:23:59 AM »
Author note: Roughly a year ago I began a post in the gallery about this project: Light & Dark. It has been an on going thing of mine for years with even more work to be done. It's like a never ending piece of work, lol. Anyways, I've officially sat down to write it out yet I still have not reached even 10% of the story in the narrative form I am aiming for. Though I do know where I want to go with it, all the steps from the starting point to the finish line, so now it really just falls down to all the details. In the old gallery I had concept art of the characters, the world map, and so forth but I think I will change up some of the characters- again, so I won't link the old gallery since some things have been revised since then.

Dark & Light
Mature for language and violence.
Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, and Action.
This story will be a mix of where many creatures live however, 'worlds' do separate the species usually.
For example, the main world takes place in a universe full of Kitsunes. Where they pretty much fill in the spot of humans, etc.
The time era is a tad older too with a strong Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese origin.

Every 10,000 years two kitsune's are born with unique orbs, a black and white one. With said orbs comes a prophecy of destruction. That the world will be destroyed if the two were ever to cross paths. So an organization that can be perceived as old as time takes it upon themselves to hunt these cursed kits down and do away with them before anything can be done. It is how it has always been and how it will continue to be done. However, what happens when centuries go by and the story becomes folklore? That the families that bare the next generation of white and black orb kits decide to protect their children by all means instead even if it means death? Better yet, what happens when one is thrown into a different realm, with no clear way of returning, while the other is on the run? Will they ever meet up? Besides if they do, what good will come out of it anyways?

Final note:
Elements and magic do play a role. I mean, the main characters are kitsune's so that should be a given.
Other than the two main OCs, every Kitsune has an element of the basic four: water, earth, air, and fir.
Some families have magical skills too though they range on what type of level depending on said family line.
Really it all depends on where they end up on the society scale on how they go about using their abilities in their day to day life.
Just think of Avatar the Last Airbender and you pretty much get the picture.


My name is Hikari and I'm the last of my kind, my race, my species that I know of.

The moment the world was ripped away from me I was merely a child, but to be honest it actually started shortly after I was conceived. My mother and father did not know this would happen. It wasn't like it was in their DNA so there was no warning, no manual-script. To be exact; I was picked randomly for this gift, for this curse. I was just born at the right moment, the right year. At first, they didn't even know why I was so different and tried to push it off as an abnormality until the Organization came to our small village; scourging around talking nonsense about a prophecy. Of course, at the time they played it off as them spreading an old wise tale, a story you'd tell your children, but it was only a cover up for them to dig around in secrecy. Their ears and eyes shifting, hoping their story would trigger a certain response.. and it did.

My father over heard the story one day as a leading Guard of the Organization told it to a bustling crowd of villagers in the square. The story described, well, it basically described me. A kitsune born of not a regular elemental orb: Not of Fire, Water, Air, or Earth but instead one of a clear crystal. He also spoke of another just like me but instead of white, their orb is pure black, the complete opposite of my own. The ancient prophecy went on to describe that we, the kits born with these unique orbs, will cancel out the entire world. Destroy life as we know it, especially if captured an raised by the wrong hands. So this organization brought it upon themselves to wait for every ten-thousand-years; when kits of these powers are reincarnated, to kill them and prevent the destruction of the world.

To put it simply; they were here to kill me..

At this news, my father fled. He rushed back to our farm home as quickly as possible but his action did not go unnoticed and he was pursued. At this time I was an infant, only a month old, so of course, I could not defend myself. I was just a ball of fur curled up around my orb, powerless. Once my father came bursting through the door, frantically explaining what little he could in what little time he had, my mother quickly acted. She bundled me up, kissed her mate goodbye, and we fled. That was the last time she'd ever see her lover.. but what else could she do? She had me to protect so I can't and won't blame her for fathers death. She had a choice and her decision kept us alive for roughly a hundred-years and even though I've never met the man I still look up to him for being so brave. For defending us so we could escape.

We were always on the run from that day on. Never staying one place for too long and basically treating our lives like gypsies; Trading goods to make a living. There were some close calls but we always seemed to get out of town before anything could majorly happen.. until one day. I guess it was only time before the Organization caught up with us to try once again to kill me.

Even though I am one-hundred-years old I don't look to be over twelve and my short stature, chubby face, and childish manner does not help my case despite a number of years I have been alive. This is to be expected though since our species live as long as ten-thousand-years. Though naturally, from what I've come to understand, living anywhere over eight-hundred is rare. That only royalty live to be of that age and upon reaching the ten-marker is when they descend to the cosmos and become a matter of some sort that looks down upon us, to guide us, some mojo like that. If you choose to believe in that. Why do they do that? Why can't we live older than ten-thousand? Simply because our mass and power at that rate become so difficult to maintain that us just breathing is sucking the life force out of the planet. So we disperse our energy to become one with the land, air, and sea to give life to our world so it may prosper longer- at least that is how my mother explained it to me. But of course, the average citizens don't normally see over the eight-hundred marker for multiple reasons, especially depending on where you sit on the social meter, but the most important reason is that no one is allowed to be that powerful but the King.

Through our travels, I've come to realize how our world revolved. We live under one King but also four head families in which those head families are tied into the four major cities. As you probably guessed; each family represents an element. Their blood is the purest of the pure in which cross breeding elements is a huge no-no in that family chain. What do these family do? Well, the four families have the highest of responsibilities under the said King; the first son takes over his father's position, the second takes over their military, to give you an idea. Outside of those family, it is okay to fall in love with another element but at the same time, it is not. It does not break any laws or rules but yet it is seen as something to be ashamed of- I do not understand now and I don't understand it then. Other than being a number in the army, the working-class is basically the manual labor to the middle and upper-class citizens. Blacksmiths, farmers, shop keepers, and traders tend to fall under that class and we are like the bread to their butter because without us they would not have the material to create their luxurious clothing and houses. The Middle-class have the higher end jobs, fewer hands on, while the Upper-class are basically the four major families since they work right under the King.

How our country was set up is with the Kings establishment in the center, four large cities are set up on each corner, smaller towns on the outskirts of those, and then villages even further from those. The further out you go the more farms you see and the closer you are to the King, the more prosperity you see; shops of all types with the finest cotton and silks, you name it. Of course, I've only visited the main district once so my memory of the place is very vague. I remember large crowds, shiny objects, beautiful robes, and a gigantic fountain with a beautiful lady statue in the center, but that is all. I think, if I had the option, I would go back to that place to check it out once again.

Anyways, that is my world and where I am from. Now the moment that the world that I've come to understand was ripped away from me is the moment I was helping my mother load up our cart with a fresh bundle of new hide. We had just traded our recent bundle of wheat for this stack and planned to visit the North City to trade once again. A route we have been using for a few years now that have done us fairly well. Even up to the point we even have a room waiting for us in North City for the winter. Everything was looking pretty good but I guess that should have been a warning for us since usually when something is going so well, there is always something terrible waiting around the corner.

It happened so fast that we were completely caught off guard. One moment it is just me up in the cart taking a bundle of hide from my mother's arms, over and over, when suddenly our horse freaks out and jerks into a full gallop. Sending me rolling out of the cart smack dab into my mother causing both of us to fall into a disjointed heap on the dirt path. Instantly my mother goes into panic mode but before we could even react properly we are surrounded by the Guard. One snatched me up by the back of the shirt, having a firm grip on my vest, while two others pinned my mother down with their weapons. I couldn't just stand by either so I course began to thrash around and scream while my mother begged for my safety. All they did was sneer and yowl out threats until eventually I freaked out altogether and summoned my element. Doing something I promised my mother I would never do for fear of my life yet I had no choice but to break it; from my perceptive, they were going to kill us so this was my only option to save us.

I feel I should explain at this moment that my father was a fire-kit and my mother an earth-kit. A child born of two elements tend to lean toward one or the other depending on the dominant gene upon birth so no kit is born with both. Yet you already know I was born with neither but that has already been explained. Since my mother asked me since I could comprehend 'doing something bad' to always hide my orb I have never known what my element could do completely. It was uncharted territory but despite that, I have never expected what happened.. to well, happen.

When I summoned my element I instantly started to glow white and the guard behind me quickly let me go, probably due to fear. Even to this day, I am unsure if my anger was controlling my actions that day but I can still hear their screams of the first beings I have ever killed regardless. As soon as that Guard dropped me the white mass surrounding me shot out and covered him. Just as quickly as he dropped me he sparked into a burning mess, my element taking on the effect of fire without appearing like fire. He yelled, ran, rolled, until finally falling silent and just burning there in a motionless heap. I could feel myself facing the two holding down my mother yet I had no control over my body. I could feel my emotion fueling me and even though they quickly dropped their weapons and ran it did not stop me. My arms shot out, the white mass following my motions in which they snaked out to reach their fleeing forms, then they too were swallowed up in the white fire. Falling just like the first Guard.

I wish I stopped there but I did not.

My vision shifted to the form of my mother. The smell of fear rolling off her as her large green eyes stared up at me from her seating position. She was scared of me. At that moment I could hear my self-growling but could not comprehend why. I was angry but why? It almost felt like an outer-body experience. I felt my body shift closer to her and watched as she shrieked and tried to crawl away from me. With inner turmoil I watched my hand rise from my side, engulfed in the white power of my element, dancing like flames, and aim for my mother. And with tears falling down my mother's cheeks I heard her speak the last words I never wanted to hear from her; 'You are the one to end us all.' Something she denied for so long, her baby could not be some monster, I was no monster, but now it was like a vial was lifted from her eyes.

Before I uncontrollably lashed out my destructive energy against my willpower her lips formed an enchantment with her left hand pressed flat against the ground. Her right hand shot out and grabbed my outstretched wrist and with a mouthed 'I'm sorry' the ground opened up beneath me and I was swallowed up. My mother had just used an ancient ability that only elders knew of- that was forbidden for us to practice yet she knew because of her mother, she had open up a portal and just threw me into the frey. Blackness swallowed me whole as my body fell with no way to tell which way was up or down. I fell for what felt like forever, long enough for my element to fade, for me to realize what I have done, for me to realize that my mother just cast me away. The world I was born into was no longer a plane of existence for me.

As far as I knew it was now the last of my kind, my race, my species for I was no longer welcomed in the world where my kind lived.

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