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Manga Creations / Re: MR: War Arc: Invasion
« on: January 14, 2019, 12:57:30 AM »
Great opening chapter. Looking forward to the next one.  :clapping:

Welcome Center / Re: Hi I'm Zach :D
« on: September 02, 2018, 05:29:10 AM »
Welcome to Manga Raiders Zach! I look forward to seeing your work, and I too wish you luck in improving your craft.  :dance:

Oh man these look great Suuper,  :thumbsup:

On the skin colour, I was just using the general term, I suppose the more accurate term would just be caucasian.

On X's design, the only detail you got wrong were the gaiters (those covers over the trousers/breeches) which were supposed to be black not white. But it looks good anyhow. :clapping:

Keep up the good work dude can't wait to see your art continue to improve with this rapid fire practice!

I suppose I'll start off your thread's inevitable wave of requests with a few of mine.   :biggrin:

Number one, Corporal X 'Mud Eyes' (Yes his name is quite literally a single letter)
X is one of the main characters of a story which has the WiP title of 'Pride of the Invalids'
It takes place in my fantasy world during the 1830s, and X starts the story as an infantryman in the Silestrian Army (Silestria is a nation in my world)
I'm a massive military/history nerd so if it seems I'm going too deep into detail forgive me  :D

To keep things orderly we're going to go from head to toe.

At the head the standard Silestrian infantryman at this period would be the bell crown style Shako which looks like so

Then they wear a Prussian style jacket and equipment like the example provided.

In this shade of sky blue

and at the bottom we have trousers worn with long gaiters like the example below

To give a full summary and the in depth details.
The standard Silestrian infantryman in 1830 wore a Bell Crown Shako with a white pompom (like shown in the right hat example image), a sky blue double breasted jacket along with the necessary carrying equipment, (like the example) along with white trousers and long black gaiters over the shoe. That along side a musket with a bayonet makes up the Silestrian infantryman.

Now onto X himself. (I'm going to steal Music's old list for character description for this)

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Personality: Hardened Veteran Soldier with a chip on his shoulder.
- Body type, natural strong build (By that I mean he gained strength through his military experience not by body building)
- Skin colour, White
- Eye type + color, Light mud brown (A trait of his ethnic group earning his nickname of Mud Eyes)
- Hair colour + style, medium length ash blonde hair kept in an 18th century style men's ponytail. (like below)

Number two, Nurse Liliana
Nurse Liliana is another character from 'Pride of the Invalids'
Genre of your story: War, drama, romance, coming of age.
Name: Liliana
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Personality: Warm and bubbly
- Body type, petite
- Skin colour, white
- Eye type + color, stormy grey
- Hair colour + style, long, dark brown style I'll leave to you
- Clothing a VAD style nurse uniform (like the examples provided) however instead of a red cross, there is a red star of life (example also provided)

Number three, Sergeant Aurel Radiek
Yet another character from 'Pride of the Invalids'
Age: 47
Personality: Loud and proud, but wise with years of experience
- Body type, strong, but age and years of stress are starting to take a toll
- Skin colour, white
- Eye type + color, milky clouded over grey eyes (He's blind)
- Hair colour + style, short grey hair.
- Clothing Aurel wears the Invalid Corps uniform which is made up of the following (I'll put examples below) A wide forage cap, a grey shell coat with black trim, and the same white trousers with black gaiters as the infantry.

(Sorry about the sideways view)

and two special things about Aurel are that he is for one blind so his eyes are clouded over and he has some minor burn scars around his eyes (Caused by his musket having a malfunction and shooting burning powder into his face)
and second is that he only has one arm, the other (His left arm) was amputated from the elbow down so he has the famous 'empty sleeve' think Admiral Lord Nelson with the empty sleeve pinned to his jacket's chest to keep it from flapping around. (I'll provide a couple of examples)

Hello Lord Nelson

Well, I hope these are to your liking for practice, I'd like to apologize again if I went over the top with examples and description. If you should choose to draw any of these it would be much appreciated, and I wish you luck with continuing to improve your craft!  :thumbsup:

Thanks for the reply Suuper.  :thumbsup:

Yeah, if the servants had a good pool of mana to draw from zombies would be a complete cake walk. But if a servant ends up with an unskilled master like first act of Stay Night Shirou, or Caster's Master from Fate Zero, then eventually the servant might have some trouble when their mana store gets low.

Good picks, by Rider, I'm assuming you're referring to Iskander. But Archer, are we talking Gilgamesh or Rin's Archer? I would in all likelihood prefer the latter myself.

Without a doubt all of the Fate series I've seen have been very enjoyable, from the deeply depressing Zero, to the ultra happy Carnival Phantasm.

The Kingdom of Surlyn

Five years have passed since the death of King Edward ‘The Wise,’ and his eldest son and heir Prince Astor. It was a time of heartbreak for the proud Kingdom of Surlyn, the King and eldest prince had been so beloved that many of the people had doubts when Prince Joss took the throne following the news of Prince Astor’s death in the Holy Land. But now most of those fears and doubts are long gone as King Joss has proven to be his father’s son, and more for those who seek reform. The defense of the kingdom’s borders have been consolidated. Taxes for the crusades have been moved to funding and support of schools and the arcane colleges. Within such a short period of time, the now beloved King Joss and his Queen Isabella have not allowed King Edward’s work to be brought to ruin, but instead have expanded upon it bringing happiness and the beginnings of an improved standard of living to the people of the kingdom.

It is unfortunate that the reign of King Joss is built on a false claim. On the horizon, the truth comes calling for Joss’s head on a fleet of three hundred ships with black and red sails. Prince Astor The Dragonheart, a man who has spent a decade in foreign lands fighting for God and the Kingdom of Surlyn returns to his homeland with a shattered heart and fire in his eyes. For five years, he has gone without the knowledge that his father was dead, let alone that his family and people thought he and his army were fallen. Now he comes home, with his army at his back, a force of twenty thousand battle hardened veterans, including the remnant of his original force of crusaders, the rest made up of soldiers of his second homeland, those of the Kingdom of Karshotat, the homeland of his love and wife, Princess Asimat, a powerful Magus known as the Lady of Silver Light.

With the arrival of the fallen crusader prince on Surlyn’s shore, the kingdom faces a crisis. Honor and tradition dictates that the throne belongs to Astor, but this is a man who they have not seen for a decade, one who comes to their lands with an army made up substantially of heathen foreigners not least of which including a witch who calls herself his wife.

The fate of Surlyn now lies in the hands of the people and their loyalty. Will those who support tradition claim victory over the usurper? Or will the supporters of King Joss, who has committed his life to serving and reforming the kingdom carry the day?

Oh I didn't see this until now. I may have to join this.  :clapping:

Members Workshops / Re: MR fanart
« on: June 12, 2018, 11:35:37 PM »
Damn, these are awesome Lego! don't know how I didn't see this sooner  :clapping:

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
« on: June 04, 2018, 12:53:06 PM »
So, story time from one of MR's resident ghosts. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the shower in my home. On the love end, it's a damn good shower that's very comfortable to use... So long as nobody else in the house turns on the water. So the sink, the garden hose, flushing a toilet, turning on the washing machine. All things that most people do unconsciously. So between four and six times now I have lost the game of shower russian roulette and experienced incidents where I'm in the middle of my shower and then wham freezing cold, or what happens more often and what is far more painful, scalding hot that is enough to burn. Typically the person using the water outside the shower will quickly figure out their mistake and turn the water off after they hear me yell out a string of profanity. Today's incident however was the worst case possible, that being where I was in the very middle of the shower, and the effected household item causing my extra shot of adrenaline for the day was the washing machine which basically renders the shower unusable until the wash is done. All in all, it's a very unfortunate thing to happen in the moment, but human suffering is damned hilarious even for the person suffering in retrospect so to anyone who's writing a slice of life type of story feel free to use this sort of scenario as a bit of comedy.

Alright, story/rant done,  back to the shadows with me. I hope you guys all have a wonderful rest of your day.  :thumbsup:

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Devola's Stuff
« on: June 01, 2018, 11:15:12 PM »
That's pretty kick ass, makes me want to read a story about their adventures! Also I didn't know you had a discord, how would a fellow Raider get on it?

Keep up the good work man I love your art style!  :thumbsup:

Welcome Center / Re: Hello, Everyone!
« on: May 31, 2018, 03:40:58 PM »
Welcome to MR Cruesade!

I'm Fortis a fellow writer on the forum (If an elusive ghostly one.) I look forward to seeing you around the forum and reading whatever stories you post.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!  :thumbsup:

Alright so a little context before I post up the first part of the prologue. I've had this idea for an alternate reality of North America for about a decade if not longer. This is just me actually getting down and solidifying that idea.

Feedback is always appreciated so feel free to leave comments, questions, criticisms etc. in replies to the thread.

As always I hope you enjoy the read and I hope you have a good rest of your day.  :thumbsup:

Prologue Part 1: Welcome to the Divided States of America
No one exactly knows what happened in Washington DC on January 24th 1995. What we do know is this. Early on the morning of the 24th, elements from an organized group within the United States Army executed their attempt at a violent coup. The three main targets of the operation were the US Capitol Building where the State of the Union was being held, the White House, and the Pentagon. Among the most famous members of the coup were the four hundred members of the 75th Ranger Regiment who were the main compliment on the assaults of the White House and US Capitol Building.

For three hours the eyes of every American with access to a television screen were solely fixed on Washington DC as reporters from every major news network in the country broadcasted live firefights between the traitorous Army Rangers and security personnel at the Capitol and White House.

Then, just like that, everything went dark. Little did most of the country know that three nuclear missiles had landed smack dab on Washington DC. From what historians can guess, the conspirators' plan was not going their way and so they employed their backup plan. That plan of course being to use the nuclear football assigned to the recently assassinated designated survivor to flatten the national capital and wipe out the entire US central government.

The days following the destruction of the capital were harsh. The world was shocked by the brutal fall of the blue head of Earth’s superpowers. If any nation had been expected to evaporate in nuclear fire from a violent coup it was the Soviet Union, but they had already passed into history with a relatively peaceful change of power.

Fortunately for the broken US States, the other NATO powers and the UN were quick to respond to the crisis providing aid alongside the disheartened American forces in the affected States. None more so than the United Kingdom and members of the old Commonwealth.

In those early months there were talks of re-building the US government and keeping the nation together, but the slow grind of bureaucracy had been slow enough with Washington holding everything together, and without it, the chances of a fully united nation in a short time disappeared.

With little place else to turn the American people looked to their state governments. Governments which found themselves in an ocean of problems with the rescue ship blown to pieces and their life preservers stuck full of holes. But the American people and their leaders, scattered as they were, persevered. States that were close together united under new banners. Among the first were the Pacific States Commonwealth, The Lone Star Republic, the New England Confederacy, the Great Lakes Alliance, and last to unite but certainly not least was the New Confederate States of America.


Six years after the fall of Washington, the former United States were in the full swing of recovery. The American economy was beginning to tie itself back together by alliances between the successor states, and their soldiers were even starting to take part in UN peacekeeping operations again.

But it was then that the world was struck with another tragedy which would change the course of history. On September 11th 2001, the British isles suffered a major terrorist attack by radical islamists led by Osama Bin Laden. 2 commercial airliners and one cargo plane were hijacked for the attacks. Buckingham Palace was struck by the hijacked cargo plane that was loaded with explosives. The two commercial airliners hit the Ministry of Defence Headquarters in Winchester, and Big Ben in London respectively. All three attacks were successful inflicting thousands of casualties including the Queen of England along with two of the Princes, Charles, and William.

Following the devastating 9/11 attacks, the British Prime Minister, backed by the young, newly crowned King Henry IX gave a speech to the British people assuring them that the United Kingdom would stay strong in this time of grief, and more importantly, he announced his declaration of war on Terror. Truth be told, the war had been on for two weeks already, with British Special Forces notably the Royal Marines spearheading operations into Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and most controversial of all Pakistan.

One today might wonder the relevance of the start of the Fourth Anglo-Afghan War to the Former United States and the start of the Wars of American Re-unification, but one glance at the political and military situation at the time can shed some much needed light.

While on the surface, the period of peace and resurging prosperity of 1998 to 2001 may seem just as it says on the tin, the reality of the time was quite different. The two emerging powers in the Former US, the Great Lakes Alliance (GLA), and New Confederate States of America (NCSA), respectively were both quite keen to be the ones to reclaim the legacy of the United States of America. However, neither group were politically very fond of each other. The GLA had imposed Socialistic and at times near communistic methods to help their people recover, and with the Cold War in full deeply ingrained living memory, it left a sour taste in the mouths of people in the NCSA. Not to mention the uncomfortable trend in the GLA leadership for a sense of superiority to be a citizen of the ‘Founding Five’ states of the GLA over citizens of the newly incorporated states from the midwest. On the other hand, the GLA were more than a little wary of the large proportion of the Former US Military now reformed and refitted in the NCSA Defence Forces The same military which had launched the coup that shattered the nation in the first place. Add the GLA’s loss in the bid for the absorption of the Lone Star Republic on top of that and the truth of the matter becomes obvious. The only thing stopping the GLA and NCSA from ripping each other apart like wild dogs high on copious amounts of meth was the UN peacekeeping forces headed up by and majorly garrisoned by the Royal Army. And with their complete withdrawal from the American Continent coming to a close in May of 2002, there was little the woefully undermanned Canadian and Irish UN peacekeepers could do to stop the long prolonged storm from striking the continent like Thor's Hammer.

I highly recommend watching Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks if you haven't.

To give you a quick rundown, the Fate series is centered around an event called the Holy Grail War, in which seven Mages called Masters summon a Heroic Spirit called Servants. There is one of each class, those being, Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Berserker, Caster, and Assassin. A Heroic Spirit is as the name implies the summoned spirit of a hero from humanity's past, present, or future. Granted history is slightly different in the Fate Universes because Mages actually existed, so there are a fair number of figures from mythology as well.

Alright, I couldn't fit the exact wording of my question for you guys in the subject but here it is.

If you were in the zombie apocalypse, and you could have one Heroic Spirit be your companion, who would it be?

I was inspired to write a little zombie apocalypse story recently and I was recently rewatching Fate Stay Night UBW and I thought up, what if I had the protagonist of my zombie story ended up with a Heroic Spirit for a companion. Initially I was just thinking Saber, but I'm not entirely sure. So I decided to write up this topic.

So any fellow Fate fans feel free to put your two cents in.  :thumbsup:

Manga Writer workshop / Re: Describe an every day object
« on: May 03, 2018, 01:43:24 AM »
Could you make that any easier Green XD

The answer of course is

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