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break Room / Re: Where are you from?
« on: September 24, 2016, 01:13:06 AM »
More lately, Ive been thinking Canada is substantially more tolerant and more fit to be "#1". Does Canada have a Country they see as better at all?

Develop Your Story / Re: Too much for PM
« on: August 06, 2016, 05:56:27 PM »
I understand its pretty cringe worthy so im glad you made it to the end haha:3

Develop Your Story / Re: Too much for PM
« on: August 03, 2016, 11:41:50 AM »
Hello MR! I got some more stuff that is ready for you guys to review if you have the chance:3 Im working in it but moving on to get the story down before I forget it all so let me know how this first draft is!:3

Sancto Ferio: Holy Fist
Umidus Scuti: Shield made of Ice designed for phisical impacts.

“Excuse me, Chief Vulcana!” A young apprentice addressed a woman, “You have somebody who wishes to speak to you!” Bowing her head she waited for her elders response.
“Thank you Marisol, carry on.” Vulcana thanked the girl genuinely, “Make sure you’re staying hydrated, and give the others a break. It’s a hot one today aint it?” She stood up and walked over to the two from her smelting station and bench.
“Yes ma’am!”  Marison responded before turning to step out of the stone hut, but hesitated as she stared at Bito for a few moments.
“Something wrong?” Vulcana asked in a humourless tone, she placed her arm on Bito and turned her head slightly as she looked at the apprentice.
“No ma’am.” She responded before turning and quickly walking away.

“Well Bito how can I help you?” Vulcana wiped dust off Bito’s clothes and smiled down at him.
“ Degan sent me to ask about getting more of his bullets,” Bito answered dusting himself off as well, now that she was doing it.
“More?” Vulcana asked loudly and standing up, “ What does that man do with them?”
“Target practice?” Bito shrugged at her sudden mood change, then he remembered and reached into his pocket, “Wait, he asked me to give you this too.” He produced the gem from his jacket and handed over to Vulcana, but she hesitated.
“Yes...Thank you Bito,” Vulcana quickly snatched the gem and shoved it into her pocket, “Tell him I can have a few ammo boxes ready by next week. Do you need anything?”
“What do you mean?” Bito asked confused.
“Handgun, Sword,” Vulcana reached over to grab an oversized, heavy hammer, “I prefer a hammer, it allows me to store a great amount of energy and utilize it in one strike if I choose to.” She demonstrated by striking the dense floorings, sparks jumped up and them she laughed, and leaned against the hammer.
“No thanks, I think I'm alright for now,” Bito awkwardly rejected being handed the hammer, and slightly bowing his head subconsciously.
“Well do not hesitate to ask, little one,” She placed her large hand on his head, “ First weapon’s on me,” Vulcana winked before turning back to work. “Let Degan know I’ll get working on them, he should have them in a couple of days.”
“Thank you, have a nice day,” Bito politely turned around and walked out.
“Be Careful Bito,”  Vulcana sighed under her breath.

     Bito walked down the dirt road more carefree and observed the clouds and birds pass by overhead, he refused to acknowledge the paranoid stares that were aimed at him. The sandy ground slowly turned to soil the more Bito walked and eventually he reached a hill that had patches of dirt leading up and over, and when Bito reached the top, he saw a grassy hillside leading to trees. This was familiar to Bito as he jumped off the peak of the sand pile into the grass, a slight purple glow appeared under his shoes, but Bito was focused on riding the hill onto a ramp. He sped up and snatched a long skinny stalk with a bright red bulb on the end, flailing in the wind, Bito launched off the ramp aiming at the tree line. He flipped over mid air, looking down he dangled the bulb and laughed as cats jumped up trying to catch it.
As he rolled and landed he looked over his shoulder and saw the cats rushing towards him,” Nyaa!!”
Playfully Bito rushed into the forest and trailed the bulb behind him, he sprinted a tree and hopped up a thick branch. The cats clawed their way up as well and jumped after Bito as he leapt towards another tree. A river could heard not far from the small group, as soon as  Bito dropped to the riverside he flipped to the other side. The cats walked back and forth on the other side of the river as Bito flailed his plant in the air, he entertained the cats as he inspected the water.
“Where are all the fish?” He asked out loud, “Do you know where the fish are?” He asked the group of cats, one of them finally jumped to the other side to Bito’s side rubbed against him chasing the bulb. “Well do you?”
A splash caught Bito’s attention and he looked over to see fish leaping out of the water, catching small flies grouped over the water.
Bito held the bulb straight up and the cats seized their cries, watching carefully, Bito slowly pointed it towards the direction the fish were and crept slowly. The cat on his side trailed slowly behind him, while the other two retreated into the bushes on the other side.
Bito kept his distance from the fish and watched them leap, waiting for his chance to strike. He pushed off a purple glow and rapidly snatched a fish out of the air, the other cats following his lead and each grabbing a fish as well. The fish flopped around in Bito’s palm as he waited for the cats to finish their meal before handing it out. From the bushes a quiet shaking distracted one of the cats, he looked over at the shrubbery carefully and then walked over to Bito.
“Nya!” The cat demanded attention.
“What’s wrong Winston?”
“Nya!” The cat looked up.
“Do you want this fish?” Bito dangled the fish over the cat's head, the small creature leapt up and snatched the fish before running into the bushes, and returning to eat his original fish. Bito looked at the bushes carefully as they shook more, “Hello?”
“Bito,” a voice called out from the bushes, embodied only by a hooded figure in the dark shrubs.
A loud crack startled Bito and a fast zoom shook his ear and burst a nearby tree, the cats yelped and the person dashed out from the bush away from Bito, deeper into the dark forest.
“Don’t just stand there! Get that damn thing!” Razzis popped his head out of the water, slowly the rest of his body was pulled out and he walked towards Bito. He grabbed Bito’s collar and scolded him, “ It’s bad enough having these pest stealing from my profits, then you come along and steal even more, and it's all because of Degan.” Razzis scowled at Bito before letting go, “Nevermind, why don’t you just help me get rid of that thing?” He aimed his fingers up and created a small orange crystal that burst high in the air, “ I have my own party out here already, but that creature may have ran into the village, why don't you just stay there until we find it?” He walked past Bito and into the forest, created a sharp crystal around his hand he used to hack at the plants.
The cats reemerged and flicked their tails looking at Bito, “It’s alright guys!” Bito reassured them, producing the bulb once more and distracting them again.

*Bito returns to the village, maybe another trait about the world is introduced, and comes actually comes across the hooded person again.*

He looked down at the person from rooftops as they ran in the street, he looked and finally realized it was running towards the green forest, the sun began dipping behind the thick trees, shadows reached and pushed the sunlight away as they wrapped around buildings. He saw a crowd walk around a corner, right before the forest, causing the thief to duck into the first alley they came across. 

Bito leaped over the large gap in between the buildings, he reached towards the edge and saw it was out of reach. He looked down and was surprised to see how far away the ground was. His heart pounded and blurred his vision.He glared at the edge before he shut his eyes, he felt stone underneath his fingers and then opened his eyes. He quickly pulled himself up, and watched the wave of shadows continue spreading. He turned and saw the person run towards a corner that would lead to a wall. Bito waited until the person turned the corner before dropping down into the alley, his prey was unaware of the wall hidden by shadows in the distance.

Spinning around the grey hood had realized it was trapped, it backed until the wall pushed against them. Bito slowly walked towards the creature , he was so intrigued and his prey was within sight. Instinct kicked in and like a cornered beast, the beast  fought back; pushing Bito, it managed to surprise him, yet was yanked back as Bito grabbed the hood. The person fell on on Bito and caused both of them  to fall on the cold floor.

A dark red river of silky hair rolled through Bito's hands as they tumbled, the small amount of light revealed the crimson silk and pale skin. Bito turned to look down the alley and saw a group of light approaching the corner. He looked up to see a full moon and how it was lighting up the alley, he looked at the girl in amazement. Her skin bounced the moonlight and stood out in the dark, assisted by her glowing hair.

"You're a girl..." Was all Bito could say, he was so taken aback, unable to think.
She stared back at him blushing wildly, her brown eyes rounded in fear. She whimpered yet failed to form any words. Terrified she struggled to escape from his grasp, she only stopped when she heard a voice boom orders.

“Bito!” Razzis called out from the party of hunters, “You actually caught the damn thing!” He laughed then commanded his men towards Bito.

He pulled back as the girl fought him, he watched as they turned the corner. A small group approached the end of the alley, they marched inspecting everything they could.
“Please Bito they’ll kill me!” The girl pleaded as she fought against Bito, but he would not let up, he did not let go, “ This isnt you Bito, please!”
His mask showed no emotion as Bito gripped her firmly, “How do you know me?”

Chapter Two: Bito’s Hell

Razzis stopped as the target and Bito slipped into the shadows, “Bito come out!” He demanded, “ You helped us find it and that’s enough, you can go away now!” Razzis’ orders were met with silence from the end of alley, “I will kill you boy, you may not remember what you did but we do.”
“Kill him already!”
“He’s a probably responsible for all the things happening around!”
“He killed our brothers and sisters!”
“Silence!” Razzis raised his hand up and the small group of townsfolk quieted down. “Bito, Do you know what you did yet?”
“.....No.” Bito’s voice echoed.
“You corrupted this village, you almost wiped us out again, right when we were recovering from the loss of our parents to those damn lizards.” Razzis’ mood became neutral as he explained, some of the crowd members lowers their faces. “We lost so many, and then you corrupted those left, granted not alone, but still enough to almost tear us apart.” He reached out and a slick ice javelin shot out of the ground, “ This generation stands together against anything, even you Bito!” He launched the weapon towards the shadows, but behind him a purple aura weakened his party and caused others to collapse. Turning back to look he saw Bito jumping out and reaching a hand out towards the javelin and a green flash emitted from his hand. “Emporetica Vitis!” The vine strangled and shattered the javelin mid-air then returned near Bito’s feet.
“That’s enough You Brat!” Razzis smacked his palms on the ground and Crystals shot out of the ground around Bito, leaving only his mask revealed. “We can just say you died trying to save us all again,” he mocked standing up and walking over, “I am the one in charge, not Degan, everybody listens to me. You are an inconvenience to me and bring everybody's spirits down, I think it is fair to say theres only one option.” Another weapon formed in the air, this time a ice crept on his forearm, creating a more deadly version of the weapon he used to hack plants. “You did save this village from being slaughtered by that Mana-Crazed freak, that's the only reason you were spared and allowed to continue living in the village. But we are all looking for a reason to force Degan to get rid of you. And well here-!”
A roar interrupted Razzis and a dark purple flash smashed against the ice prison, Bito dropped to the ground surprised and looked up to see a beastly humanoid standing next to him. Black messy hair covered up fangs, features twisted into a Lion’s and eyes ready to strike, it roared once more and revealed claws with a purple glow, as it intensified the people behind Razzis groaned in weakness.
“No Bito!” The masked person shouted reaching out as the creature launched at a still startled Razzis. The vine wrapped around Bito’s neck and other reached out from the masked person's Jacket, the hood fell down revealing red hair that rolled down their back.
“Sancta Ferio!” Razzis finally responded, he gained speed as he ran and his fist intensified. Razzis shouted angrily as he ran closer to the Mana-Crazed Bito, he grunted and closed his eyes as he threw his fist.
“Umidus Scuti,” the barrier completely absorbed the impact and lodged Razzis fist. The vines lifted Bito up effortlessly and carried him away from Razzis and the group, the crimson haired target ran once more, back into the dark, dangerous forest.
“You are a target now Bito! Do not return!” Razzis shouted angrily

Video / PC Games / Re: Pokemon Go
« on: July 30, 2016, 07:52:59 PM »
You can use Pokevision to let you know where the pokemon are and how long theyll be there for. It makes it too easy for some players so its up to you:3

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Ruined Ideas
« on: July 24, 2016, 03:38:14 PM »
Originally, did you come up with it first, then got irritated when you saw luffy do it?

Yes, that exactly. It always happens, I come up with an awesome idea. Then I watch an anime/read a manga then have to change things because of extreme similarities! One piece isn't the only thing that made me change parts though. Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball, Bleach, etc... are also big inputs to the changes. It annoys me but helps me to come up with more unique ideas!

Yeah the feeling of wanting something new makes me come up with ideas I thoroughly enjoy because of the sheer amount of thought I put into creating it haha:3

Develop Your Story / Re: Too much for PM
« on: July 23, 2016, 06:32:47 PM »
Wow thats amazing thank you for the pointers! Bravo and Degans roles got switched at the end but it doesnt really matter its fixable:3 Would it be possible to just keep posting on here and keep getting feedback as I write, its Some work on your part so I get it if youre too busy It would just help me at least get the light novel stage of my manga out of the way:3

Manga Artists Tools / Re: How to get motivated/Stay motivated?
« on: July 21, 2016, 10:27:08 PM »
Agreed my wife and I both think taking too long of a break affects you, art and writing are just hobbies of mine I do to keep myself distracted during my free time. So if you are planning on being serious with either I suggest listening to some of these Hero members haha:3

Manga Artists Tools / Re: How to get motivated/Stay motivated?
« on: July 21, 2016, 10:14:50 PM »
I have an unsual approach to being motivated, I kinda just wait for it to hit me. I dont force it, If I feel like making something ill sit down, If I end up not being able to come up with something naturally I wait or walk away for even a few days again. Its really bad if you want to consistently practice and get better but I find it easier to think up of ideas I honestly enjoy. This is all some random persons opinion on the internet so do you! In the end there is the amazing resource of youtube filled with pages of teachers with some free time on their hands.

Welcome Center / Re: Hello I'm the newbie
« on: July 21, 2016, 03:31:16 PM »
Welcome to the site! Dont worry Im pretty crazy myself and Im sure everybody else on this site has at least a little crazy in them haha:3

Develop Your Story / Re: Too much for PM
« on: July 21, 2016, 02:57:58 AM »
Dope thanks for the feedback! Tyrael is just acting, he does know who Bito is and all he has done, but decides to "forget" all about it and him. The Degan-Bravo conversation is gives a lot of details I agree, Is there a more subtle way of conveying the same message?

Develop Your Story / Re: Different Story, same universe.
« on: July 21, 2016, 02:54:05 AM »
I actually wanted these two stories to be entwined to my other one, the main character from my other story would be a supporting one in this one and would show even about that period of time more than I want to in his story.

Video / PC Games / Re: Pokemon Go
« on: July 19, 2016, 12:39:48 PM »
My wife ended up getting cut about a week ago, I think it uses wifi slightly,much much more GPS usage though.

Sup action! There's been a couple of these on the site but Ive never gotten to be in one either so maybe we can start this back up.  :noidea:

http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w55/mkaot29/Drawings/Bito_zpsyb0gnjyu.jpg Bito, created by Miska on this site!

Layout of Character Profile:

name - Bito, “The Savior from Below”
gender - Male
height - 5’8
weight - Approx. 130 lbs 
age - 19
job -  Takes it upon himself to help those in need.
behavior -  Will be quiet until he can determine what kind of person you are, if person seems verys shady he will stay quiet. If not he will talk more and joke around to try to make friends.
likes - Spicy food. Shredding the guitar,  looking at all the interesting patterns and colors his spells and techniques make, and playing with wildlife.
hates - People who are too serious or take advantage of others, people who say his guitar style is too noisy and not music.

combat style - Defensive, slowly absorbs energy from walking or  impacts as he fights and he uses it to attack.
strengths - Able to sustain moderate amounts of damage, over long  periods of time by converting part of the enemy energy into a resource for his attacks. The stronger he is compared to the enemy the more attack he can absorb.
weaknesses - If he builds up too much energy without using it  he begins to be sluggish and risks losing control and becoming “Mana-Crazed” Attacking every living thing to absorb its life for Mana.
main weapon - First and Dagger made from the large fang of a Chimera.
attacks -
 1. Claudo infirmiter - Light poison jabs, over long periods of time can heavily corrupt enemies body.

2. Demitto Animi -  can steal energy from physical and magical attacks to use as energy, the more energy he possesses  the more reckless he becomes. More of a passive.

3. Occidi intorsi - Projectile sphere, using different amounts of energy creates different sized projectiles.

4. Cudere Veneni- Grasping hands together he can slam down and crush dense objects or seriously corrupt a persons body.

5. Occisus inpello- Uses large amounts of energy collected in a heavy strike.

6. Funus spiritus- revives small life forms to attack for him.

7. Solidus Scuti- Uses all energy available for shield, then absorbs it again.

8. Meavi Inumbro- Uses energy to drop into any shadow, usually his, and can jump out of another shadow.

Special attacks:
1. Postremus Displosio- Steals life from all small or weak organisms nearby and unleashes all in concentrated burst.
2. Fatum Erupti- Place hand on, and explode with energy

3. **Cometes Incendium- Can only use while in Overdrive, All available energy is used to create massive orb that blocks out sun, Bito dashes around and strikes his opponent down using this will most likely result in a draw.

dreams - Finding a way so that he and Koi can live in peace surrounded by people who cooperate to improve and change together.
brief bio -
Usual Personality:
He wears a Gas Mask that is purple and has a filter on each side, he wears a black jacket with a woven black backpack, he has a significant other that drives his very existence.  He is quiet but gentle and nice, loves animals. He will not hesitate to protect anybody, he is an expert at parkour and martial arts, mostly through muscle memory he does not actually remember where he learned it from.

When Bito, or anybody is his universe, absorbs too much energy they begin to become addicted, can take as little as a few minutes,  to it and Go into Mana-Crazed mode.  Mask comes off; he has fangs, black claws, and red eyes; Has little to no self control, in extremes he has no regard for any other life forms, except his lover of course, Roars ferociously, Much more aggressive and beastly, can pour massive amounts of energy into attacks. Attempts to devour any living thing, may get distracted from battle to attack weak animals for energy.

Think I got everything, but then again theres always room for error!

Develop Your Story / Re: Too much for PM
« on: July 19, 2016, 05:07:32 AM »
I got a rewrite in the works, this one may actually be too much information if anything haha I added a few of the other characters that appear in the series, as well as tried to give Bito a bit more dialogue, though im not sure How I exactly want him to be. Parkouring laid back dude with a mask? Let me know guys!:3

Descriptions of Characters or other important things Spoiler.
*This is set in a different dimension so any phrases are used to describe a subject in a more relatable form.
1. Salamanders: Common Summon for Fire Discipline to fight against large crowds or maintenance order. They are all demons who have been trained so having a large amounts means having the resources to maintain all those troops, color of skin and gems depend on what faction they belong to.
2. Aufero Aridus: Powerful Water Discipline spell that creates many sharp crystals in the atmosphere that rain down at the will of the caster.
3. Kemono: Bito’s twin brother who shares the other half of their soul. He is almost identical to Bito, except the fact that Kemono has white hair, uses Light as his main Discipline, and is able to learn advanced techniques quickly. Light/Shadow Hybrid.
4. Bito: One of the main Characters, he is typically quiet but when he is comfortable enough he will not hesitate to be casual and hold relaxed conversations. He is 5’8 has black messy hair, wears a snug black jacket and is nimble and fit due to the amount of parkour he does to get around the village. Shadow/Light Hybrid.
5. Tyrael: The only person who seems to have survived the incident that killed all the adults in the Dimension. He is a scholar who wears clean brown pants and thick green coat under his White and gold cape that reached down to the top of his boots at mid-shin. Member of the Light Race.
6. Chef Bravo: A stout tan man, thick arms and legs to support his round torso. His goatee formed an almost permanent scowl. Red chef coat and dense black pants with thick rope around his waist that held slots for his knives on both sides of his apron that draped to his knees. Nature/Fire Hyrbid.
7.Sheriff Degan: The most respected man in the village, he organizes the town's trading, with help of Razis, and makes sure the village is safe. He wears black logger boots hidden under his jeans and makes sure his hat is always secure on his head. Does not have a particular pistol he likes but actually bullets specially designed by Vulcana for him. Wind/Water Hybrid.
8. Razis: The short stacked, brainiac who organized the trading in the village and helped organize the village along with Sheriff Degan. He prefers to be in the shadows due to his awkward social skills. Water and Light hybrid.
9. Vulcana: Chief Blacksmith, she is 6’2 has dark brown hair and an Irish* accent, developed strong arms and build due to the many years she spent learning to meld metal from her mother as a child,  she is proud of her heritage and wears a red bandana along with her black robe uniform, which sets her apart from all the other white uniform workers in her stone huts.  Fire and Shadow Discipline hybrid.
10. Knight Watch: Group of villagers who patrol the night in order to keep things in order, first responders in case any kind of emergency were to occur. Members tend to earn respect as the task presented to Knight Watch are usually vital to somebody’s life or the village.
11. Marisol: Adolescent blacksmith with blonde hair and tan skin. Her tough and hard working attitude proves that she is more capable than many of her larger and older blacksmith peers and has earned the right to be Vulcana’s apprentice. Fire/Nature Hybrid.

Explosions sent chunks of houses flying through the and smash more buildings. Children ran into the forest with some of their mothers while other village people jumped out of the new openings in their homes and towards the invading forces. Red Salamanders(1) screeched as they marched from the desert in massive numbers beginning to engulf the entire village, both displayed their impressive powers as they fought in the streets and houses. The parents had been ready, revealing traps they had laid in anticipation they cut off the steady stream of invaders by collapsing homes and blocking the alley ways. The next set of parents began letting out an invisible gas that filled the air with a nauseous scent. They jumped back behind houses and towards their families in the woods before more parents shouted as they jumped high into the air and caught fire as they spiraled down, igniting the gas and smashing into the enormous crowds of lizards. The plan had done noticeable damage but the remaining forces easily blasted their way through the barricade shortly after.   

   Extending hands out, ice shot out from a dark-skinned mothers and pierced the invaders breast plate, falling down the corpse kicked up a cloud of a dust. The other soldiers pressed on a slashed at the parents, some of them producing flames that trailed behind their sword with each swing. The woman who had shot out was now being pinned down as she distracted danger away from her children, running down a street  one of the Salamander held a staff up and flung a dense ball of fire. It exploded on a building and blocked her escape, yards away.

   She turned and began fighting once more, slashing back with icy blue claws she had produced, she fought back and killed many warriors but was being outnumbered and was growing tired. As she shot out her final icicle she huffed but refused to fall; from behind the stone barricade powerful winds lifted and pushed the giant stones over the woman's head, and Thick clouds followed a light skinned man as he dashed towards soldiers and began grappling with them, he moved rapidly out of the way of sharp swings and pushed his enemy away remarkably as he punched them. The clouds cracked every time he shouted as he fought, the small army stood united and pulled back their swords in unison. The man looked around and was trapped, he steadied his stance as he stared down the mob. The circle roared and a ring of fire sped towards the man, leading with his left arm he pushed up, heaving, and the flames spiraled above him towards the air. The woman from before stood on top of a tall broken home and pulled her glowing blue hands down as she yelled out, “ Aufero Aridus!” (2) Giving up their lives the parents pierced everything with sharp endless Ice, taking out a chunk from the still formidable group.

   Kemono (3) frantically moved stone after stone from their collapsed wall, he threw the stones over his shoulder leaving a large pile of rubble surrounding them. Finally reaching Bito (4) he dug even faster and pulled his brother out. "What is that?" He stopped and looked at Bito's purple mask, the symbols were lighting up and spinning. "Bito," he called out to his brother, " Bito wake up!" He slowly reached out to the mask's edge but burned his finger on it. Jolting back and yelping in pain he dropped his brother back into the snug spot he found him in, the front door kicked in and a small figure blocked the light coming from flames outside, the brother spun around and pointed a finger-gun with one hand while he held his burnt fingertips behind his back.  “Get away! If you touch my brother I’ll shoot you!” The child’s hand trembled as the person stepped closer, bright beams shot out from his fingertip towards the stranger but missed as a result of his shaking.

The pale hand slowly pulled out a knife and stepped even closer, the boy shot the person through their shoulder in response, causing them to stand in place. Knife in hand a green aura surrounded Bito in his pit. "They are only seeking out the adults, but You and Bito will be hunted. Make sure Bito stays Alive." The person commanded turning around, out the door frame towards the cried of more children.

10 years later
"Hey Kid, wake up," Tyrael's (5) outline was backed by fluffy white clouds as Bito looked up at him. "You're not dead are you?" Tyrael nudged the boy with his foot and waited for him to move.

"Im Sorry Am I In your way?" Bito groaned half awake beginning to stand up.

"I didn't mean that, I mean you're a sitting target out here in the open," Tyrael picked up two shiny apples and cleaned them on his robe, " Somebody will steal your food if you're not vigilant," reaching out his hand, Bito grabbed it and was yanked up.  ' What's your name?"

"My name is Bito, what's yours?" Bito asked on his feet fixing his mask and small bag, he pulled his hood over his mess of hair and waited for Tyrael's response.
Tyrael inspected Bito before finally responding, " The Name is Tyrael of the Noble Hawk Family. Where did you get a fancy mask like that, young Bito?"

"I've always had it..." Bito answered reflexively, “It’s all I really need, well I and food I suppose,” he admitted finally reaching out to grab the juicy apples.

“Well it's quite impressive, remember to take care of yourself and that flashy mask.” Tyrael helped the boy dust himself off, and then kept walking through the broken home Bito was laying next to. “This is my house so don't be bringing trouble around here, understand?” 

“Yes Sir,” Bito stated with respect and then turne  into the busy streets. They were mostly dirt and debris, but many stands offered colorful distractions by demanding the attention of any passerby. Bito strolled through the streets inspecting the merchandise that was being displayed, weapons, books filled with spells and techniques being demonstrated, and a diverse selection of food from across the Dimensions. One stand in particular, it advertised their signature “Spiciest Dish in the 6 Dimensions”,  and caught Bito’s attention.

“Excuse me, how much is a dish?” Bito asked behind his mask, reaching into his pocket.

“Hey Boss! The Bito kid wants to know how much a meal is for him!” The teenage looking merchant shouted back at the man preparing food.

“His meals free, In fact I got it right here.” Chef Bravo (6) walked over with a fresh plate and handed it to Bito, just as Bito was going to grab it the Chef threw it all on the dirt ground. “ Damn kid, get lost.”
Bito did as commanded and turned, slowly putting his head down he sighed as he watched people look away from the scene.
“That’s Enough Bravo, You know Bito doesn't remember anything, in fact he’s a changed soul aint that right?!” Sheriff Degan (7) laughed as he dropped a heavy arm on Bito’s shoulders, “Now fetch me up a plate seeing all this food going to waste makes me hungry!” Degan obviously winked at Bito.
“Yes Sheriff,” Chef Bravo grunted and began preparing another meal.
“How you been Bito?” Degan smiled at Bito, his white teeth and slight stubble created a smile underneath his hat, Bito could hear women gasping and talking about Degan, “Don't mind them I'm just a little popular.”
“I’ve been the same, I was going to go feed the cats by the river some fish,” Bito answered from behind his mask.
“Yeah I let Razis ( 8 ) know so if he gives you any trouble be sure to let me know,” The Sheriff tipped his hat at the Chef as he reached for his plate, “Thank you Sir.” Taking a single bite the chef began exclaiming in pleasure, “Spiciest Dish in the 6 Dimensions! Best batch so far Chef!”
“Thank you Sheriff I actually had the Kitchen Pewee make the sauce this time.”
“Well Both of you got my seal of approval!” He laughed and took off his hat to fan his face, “Here Bito help me out boy,” Exclaiming again the sheriff happily wiped the sweat off his forehead and nose.
Bito lifted his mask just enough to take bites of the meal, “This Spicy Goodness,” Bito stated eating more and more of the meal, “Thank you so much Chef!” 
“Whatever Kid,” Chef Bravo turned and continued making food for his other customers.
“Say Bito you mind doing a small favor for me?” Degan asked Bito, who was still eating
“Sure Degan, What you need?” Bito answered with a mouthful of food while handing the plate back to the Sheriff.
” I kinda used up all my bullets during target practice with some kids, mind asking Vulcana (9)  if she can make some for me?” Degan took more food into his mouth and turned to look at Bito happily.

“Thanks! I got reports of some of the forest critters stirring up lately so I want to be sure I’m not caught with my pants down!” He laughed and finished off the plate before handing it back to the teenage Kitchen Pewee, “Thank you Son,” Degan fixed his clothes and had then turned to look at Bito, “ She should be at her workshop as always, that woman is a maniac about steelwork,” reaching into his pocket he pulled out an outstanding red and yellow gem, it looked glorious in his palm before Degan quickly shoved into Bito’s, “ Give this to her as a gift for me won’t you?” He winked.
“Where did you even get this? Its incredible!” Bito glared at it in his palms.
“Yeah well careful with it, don't let anybody even see it, can you manage that?” Degan asked worried he had to put the gem away again,” You familiar with the shortcuts around town?”
“Yeah I think I'm getting the hang of it, it's much easier when you can jump over everything though,” Bito used his hands to show jumping over an object.
“Too old for that now,” Degan laughed, “ Hey thanks again Bito!” Degan turned around towards the food stand again, signaling Bito should leave.
Bito began his journey by ducking into the closest alleyway, making sure his hood was set he jumped up on empty crates and debris, grabbing a ledge and lifting himself up over it. Running he kicked off a side wall and pulled himself even high up in the complex but rotting structures.

All of them were damaged, either scorched or looted and defaced with graffiti. Bito disregarded the rest of the world as he jumped off a ledge and catching himself on poles designed to dry clothes, he quickly swung bar to bar and rolled onto another rooftop, turning around he saw families on other rooftops sharing meals or  living on the hot dirty roofs. Looking down he saw more children laughing and running around with dirty clothes following him,   he spotted a broken tower and aimed for it as he reached the wooden hand rails and dropped on the platform before rolling onto the ground.
“That’s so cool!” The biggest child exclaimed, Bitp walked over to them and gave them high fives and fist-bumps as they showed off their rolling skills to him.

“It’s been well over a year and he has been nothing but a kind soul,” Degan reminded Bravo, “I know he helped cause terrible damage to the village, but he’s trying. “Who knows maybe he can be in the Knight Watch (10) , then he can help out from the shadows,”
“Give him all the responsibility you think is wise,  I’m not changing how I treat the punk, I just don't want to see him.” Chef Bravo responded angrily, “Savior from Below, what a load of crap.”
“Stubborn as always Bravo, fine I’ll see what I can arrange, just leave him alone for now,” Degan responded seriously, “How have the animals been?”
“They’re even more vicious than before Degan, things are getting worse.” Chef Bravo responded lowly.
“Thank you Chef,” Degan tipped his hat and nodded his head, before walking away and greeting the admiring village children.
“Excuse me, Chief Vulcana!” A young apprentice addressed a woman, “You have somebody who wishes to speak to you!” Bowing her head she waited for her elders response.
“Thank you Marisol, carry on.” Vulcana thanked the girl genuinely, “Make sure you’re staying hydrated, and give the others a break. It’s a hot one today aint it?” She stood up and walked over to the two from her smelting station and bench.
“Yes ma’am!”  Marison responded before turning to step out of the stone hut, but hesitated as she stared at Bito for a few moments.
“Something wrong?” Vulcana asked in a humourless tone, she placed her arm on Bito and turned her head slightly as she looked at the apprentice.
“No ma’am.” She responded before turning and quickly walking away.

break Room / Re: How do you want to die? Hypothetically of course
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Here I come with the emotional response!

I always wanted to die saving somebody's life, pushing them out of a cars way, giving up organs etc. I just thought if I were to die early then I would want it to mean something? The other more recent way of dying I have deemed acceptable is literally dying with somebody you've spent your life with, as lame as that is! I do have a girlfriend I seem to be crazy over so the last one may have been a bit influenced haha:3

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