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Title: How would your character react?
Post by: addg22 on November 01, 2013, 12:00:55 PM
Im curious on how everyones main heroine would react to an issue.
Try to keep each answer two sentences long. Dont change characters personality.

1) what if the girl/boy they loved died?
Mine would go beserk and go on a rampage without no way to return kind of like a naruto but his love is much greater.

2) how would he react if he were turned into the opposite sex.
He wouldnt be to happy at all. He might think its funny at first but later on be depressed and try and find a way back by any means.

3) what would your character do if he found out a secret that he can blackmail his friend with?

Mine would just laugh at him and probrably blurt it out infront of everyone. Cant hold secrets.

 Im curious to here yours!!!