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Title: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on March 29, 2013, 05:31:29 PM
~ The Sad Hero only wishes to waste away on a hill next to his broken sword, having given up on absolutely anything at all. However, he is suddenly cursed by a strange golden egg, and while it doesn't seem to be doing anything at the moment, he knows it's only a matter of time before he is thrown into some sort of adventure. He immediately searches for a way to get rid of the tattoo to avoid this. However...


Someone lies in long grass. If it wasn't for his long frame and the giant sword that pressed the grass into the ground besides him, he would be completely invisible. As it was, he was barely even there as a presence, as thin and silent as he was.
     The idyllic landscape was disturbed only by gentle slopes and the bright colours of the giant pink mushrooms. The occasional wind turned the grass in silent waves.
     The someone felt like he could lie there forever. In fact he planned to... He had already been there for a day and hadn't moved an inch. The rain from the previous night was still drying off him. His hands behind his head, he kept on breathing slowly. Peacefully.
     This is it. I will sleep like this forever. Sleep and sleep...
     ... and sleep... until the sleeping is done...
     The music was quiet at first, subdued. It blended well with the scenery and he had nothing to do with it. The pitch picked up however, and the undeniable warm feeling that rushed across him spoke that some sort of enchanted object was coming his way.
     Victor opened his eyes. Even despite his day long sleep he could move his muscles freely. He didn't bother changing his position, staring at nothing as his ears analyzed the situation. He closed them again even though the music was picking up, hoping it would pass.
     The music was a cheery, melodic tune. And it kept on getting louder. He couldn't deny it anymore, whatever it was  was heading straight for him.
     Victor sat upright. Grass stuck to his hair as he looked around. He was tall enough to clear the tall grass and he only had a second to spot the floating golden egg before it was upon him.
     It hovered around him, and he followed it with quick movements like he was dodging a mosquito. Finally, before he could react it slammed straight into his right shoulder, searing him with a burning pain.
     "Oof!" Startled, he was shoved back into the grass. He grabbed at his shoulder and rolled around, trying to toss away the egg. But nothing of the sort was happening.
     "Ach!" He stood up and frantically brushed at his shoulder, but there was no point. The egg had embedded itself into his skin. No - embedding was the wrong word. Where the golden egg had impacted was now a golden tattoo. It bore the image of the egg, with two small angel wings growing around it. Under this tatoo was a foreign alien language he couldn't read.
     There was nothing else apart from the burning pain on the skin. Even that faded away.
     "What in the world?" Victor stared at it. He stayed like that for a long time and sighed a long deep sigh. He stared upwards at the sky,
     "Can't i just atrophy in peace? I've done enough, right?"
     The heavens were silent.

     Victor leaned over and picked up the giant sword. Well, it was mostly a giant sword. It was snapped off at it's middle. The stone like visage with rune markings ended with a jagged edge. Despite his thin frame Victor seemed to have no problem hoisting it and walking with it towards the only landmark in the distance. A castle.
     It wasn't grand by normal standards, but obviously a castle. Its overall shape was short and squat. There were old battlements blackened with soot, and 4 giant pots set on each wall. The wear was mostly from age rather than war.
     No guards were in the watch towers. They were long gone. So were all the people who originally inhabited the place. Victor walked over a haphazard path of stones to cross the moat since the drawbridge was destroyed. Circumventing the main entrance, he walked along the edge of the wall, until he finally found the portion he wanted. He stabbed his half-sword into the grass and proceeded to lift away some parts of the rock. One... two... three huge slabs of rock were set aside, and Victor stepped in. He replaced the heavy stones and continued into the compound.
     The streets and pathways were silent. Hedged in by empty houses. There was barely any stone anywhere, and even the neat cobblestone path that begun at the castle area was coated with dust.
     Victor made it through the empty gates, ignoring the lavish design and the decorative greenery. He made it into the cool shade of the castle, entering the middle building.
     The castle was quite expressive. Not a single space was wasted. Arts and crafts in all shapes and sizes, ranging from portraits to golden suits of Armour populated the palace. The floor was made of reflective marble that managed to maintain a sheen even though everything was covered in dust. The walls were never simply flat, instead bearing intricate markings and calculated depressions.
     The place was as silent as a crypt, and Victor's footsteps echoed loudly everywhere as he headed for the library.
     The library had around 20 book shelves. They were all dark looking books, which was a correct look for them. All the books in this library were mostly books of dark magic. It would take some time to research them. If Reichstein were here...
     Victor wondered where that old fart was now. Probably as lost as he was.
     He remembered he's final sarcastic words: "You won't make it, Victor. With the amount of work you put into becoming a hero, suddenly dissapearing and dying a quiet death is impossible. Destiny will find you."
     "Wanna bet?" Victor had replied then. He had set aside his blade and lied in the grass. That had meant to be the end of it all. The end of his long toilsome journey.
     But now this tatoo was burnt into him, and he just knew something or someone would come after him sooner or later. If he didn't move now, Reichstein's prediction would be right, and he hated it more than anything when that old man got the better of him.
     Reichstein had left him a trunk. 'For when it finally catches up to you' It taunted, with a crudely drawn caricature of Victor on its face. No, rather it was a highly detailed charicature. 'Drawing ability is important for magic'. Reichstein always said. Of course it sounded like simple sound advice for everyday use, but the level to which the man could do it was truly astounding. He could draw complicated sigils in 3 seconds flat. He was a legend for a good reason. He's superhuman drawing ability was even enough to guarantee him to be dangerous enough against most people in hand to hand combat.
     Victor snorted at the note and opened up the trunk. He knew what was inside. The old man always insisted that Victor learnt more magic to his base fighting strength. If he needed something to get rid of his curse, he'd need this trunk.
     He tried to peruse some of the books for a quick hint to help with his curse, but it was too complicated for him to do in one go. He wasn't a stranger to learning and training, but that would be a problem. He wanted to solve this as soon as possible. If he trained, he would have to live very long.
     "I'll need a mage to help decipher this-" He stopped and held his face in the palm of his hand.
     "So that's the way it is huh... bastard." Reichstein's comment still held strength. Either he trained or he travelled to find someone to help, which meant going to town. This would clearly put him at risk in being drawn into adventure.
     "I'm not going to let that happen." Victor muttered, shutting the trunk and hoisting it on his back. The analogy that would make the best sense was that he looked like an ant carrying a large boulder. The thin and almost skeletal frame of the teenaged boy didn't look like it'd be able to handle such a heavy looking trunk, but he hoisted it over his shoulder simple enough. The heavy sword he held one handed with his left arm.
     "Off... to my last... Travel..." He hated to say adventure.
     He grit his teeth. "I swear it will be the last."
     His tattoo stung a little and he sighed again, walking out of the silent and empty castle.

Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Darksquirrel on March 29, 2013, 05:40:03 PM
Beautiful, although a little quick( I suppose it is a short story though). Anything inspire you to this?
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Tostificer on March 29, 2013, 06:21:15 PM
I have no clue what is going on, which is good because now I want to know what will happen next. Please write more Lego
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on March 29, 2013, 06:42:24 PM
Thanks toasty. I'm really worried i'm not communicating enough, but i'll keep on writing this way. I have some more. I'll refine it and post it later.

@ Dark was inspired by the end of some dream i'd written down long ago (i saw a golden floating egg that played music flying over some valley) and the song Venus by H.I.M. It's going to be a short story of about 5-7000 words... I'm glad you like it
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Darksquirrel on March 29, 2013, 06:44:37 PM
Anything strange is going to attract me. Right now I'm working on bi-pedal badger pirate warriors, so good luck  :tongue:
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on March 29, 2013, 07:16:14 PM
bi-pedal badger pirate warriors? I must see that.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Darksquirrel on March 29, 2013, 07:19:15 PM
Lol, I'm still working on it but I made a poem and you can see the first paragraph or so on my writing topic:,7702.0.html
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Chelleka on March 30, 2013, 01:34:39 AM
Wow...this! I'm too tired to actually fully appreciate the quality of your writing but I'll reread it in the morning for sure! *o*

Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on March 30, 2013, 02:06:16 AM
Thanks a lot for that. hope you enjoy it when you do.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on March 30, 2013, 03:30:24 PM
Is 8000 words too much for the anthology?
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Darksquirrel on March 30, 2013, 03:40:05 PM
I wouldn't think so, but it's at least a couple a4 pages, so I think you'd have to use a small font.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on March 30, 2013, 03:49:45 PM
Got it. I'm done typing the story. I'll post my first draft tomorrow.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Darksquirrel on March 30, 2013, 04:04:24 PM
Cool, looking forward to it.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: KagePen on April 02, 2013, 06:22:01 AM
OMOSHIROI! :D aka its super interesting :biggrin: And very well written, I'm definitely looking for to more! :biggrin:
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on April 02, 2013, 11:43:16 AM
Thanks Kage!

The nearest town was a good 3 days walk away. Because he was moving around after sleeping for so long his legs were aching for action. Literally. He hadn’t reached that point of no return yet, and slowly smells and taste were returning to his vision, followed by sound and then colour. He still felt like there was a muffler over his ears and that what he saw was all grays, but soon he would be wide awake again.
     The 3 day walk would be a piece of cake. In his more… active days he had ran an entire week to the final battle field, the same battle where his sword would get broken in half...
     The same battle field where I became alone. Victor added. He shook his head and walked even faster. He desperately wanted to get this done and over with.
     The only thing he could be thankful for was that he was still dazed and confused from sleeping so long, so the hours slipped by uneventfully enough.  The scenery changed from the free green grass and pink mushrooms to the subdued browns and greens of farmed land that was growing wheat.  The nearest town, being one of the only three on this island was the port town Delmaza. It was nicknamed 'the only town around' or 'footstool of dreams' because firstly, it really was the only civilization around for this large yet empty backwater island. (The other two were ruins.)
     It had once been under the rule of the monarch of the castle some centuries ago, but it fell against a revolt. Over the next couple of decades the island soon became the optimum spot for people to both finish their journeys or to begin them. It attracted all kinds of people.
     The ‘footstool of dreams’ connonation came from the fact that the families that were native to the place were of famous blood. It  was almost a ritual where they produced children who would become legends within their generation. So far, except in a few odd cases for the smaller native families, the trend hadn’t been broken.
     In the blink of an eye, three days had passed, but by then Victor could feel the heat of the sun, he could hear the bustle of the city and the pang in his stomach from hunger. Let alone the burning muscle pain in his feet. Painting as he lay down the heavy trunk and stabbed the sword into the ground, he surveyed the scene before him: He was at Delmaza.
     Victor hadn't expected to see the place ever again. It took some time to reorganize his thoughts. He hoped that it was the last time he looked at the town like this. He wanted to return to nothingness as soon as he could.
     No. Wanted was the wrong word to use. He had no more desires anymore.

     Victor made it into the town. Even the farmland  feel had long since vanished, and now there was the salty smell of the sea and the cold bite of its winds. Ocean air. The waters seemed to be a bit restless today, so that even the noon sun was a bit subdued.
     Delmaza’s living population was around 500. On this special island, it served as the main hub of the island. Each of the families that took up residence here were mostly from the distinguished families from the past kingdom. From what Victor had heard, the original king Hero of Light Kageru had conquered a piece of this island and settled with his remaining acquaintances.
     His kingdom consisted of the soldiers who had survived the wars and their families; he's ancestors from their home village and of course the love of his life Iron Queen Armani. With the island's distance and the knowledge of the sheer power the people held, it was finally found out that no one would bother their peace, at least, that is, until the revolution. Two towns were destroyed as a result of the revolution, and centuries later the descendants of those people lived in this place. The legends that were known for all sorts of goods or evils across the world came here for various reasons, the chief one being rest and recuperation. Truly, it was amazing how no major conflicts occured.
     There was some sort of silent agreement that whatever happened on the outside world, did not come on to the island. Victor knew for one that Reichstein's mortal enemy had once come to the island while he was there, but none of them even acknowledged the other's presence. This was the kind of island that this place was.
     It wasn’t hidden history, but no one knew about these truths if they didn’t look for it. In any case those who knew and came to the island did so with a lot of effort, since it was very far from the mainland. Victor only knew of it because of Reichstein’s relentless story telling.
     Delmaza had a mix of people. While there were many fishermen and other sorts of menial labourers, they were all wealthy people. The shops were exotic and well kept, each boasting the amount of years they had been in business. Victor only knew five major families that dominated the market, but in the end the entire community was made up distinguished bloodlines. The King Kageru Hiroaki was someone Victor had modelled himself after, originally at least – in his younger brighter years.
     Troublesome thoughts are already starting to come to me. Victor thought. He hadn't thought about The Hero of Light in a long, long time.
     Jackals Den. That was Victor's destination. It was one of the best bars, set in the middle of the township. He navigated the dusty walk ways, hardly drawing attention despite his broken sword and the heavy trunk he carried. The others were far more mysterious and intriguing. The general clothing wear was a travelling cloak with a hood, but there were odd one outs – half-giants, beast men, gaudily dressed wizards or knights. Now that he thought of it Victor had chosen the worst possible day to get cursed by whatever he had been hit with. Most of the people had decided to visit the town at the same time as he did. The port town was in full swing.
     Jackals Den finally stood before him in a relatively large space. Compared to the other buildings this was the ugliest looking place, but perhaps the most down-to-earth. It was chiefly made with dark timber and seemed dusty. It’s plank sign hung at a poor angle, put up with wooden pegs. However its service was good and the interior was cool, dark and spacious.
     Due to the anonymity that the island demanded, bars in the town were usually just places to pass by and get a quick drink or meal, but the Jackal's Den brought up the prospect of the island residents actually actively engaging each other in conversation. Of course this meant that once in a while bitter enemies would acknowledge each other’s presence and begin a death match, but that rarely happened. Not even Reichstein tried to exploit that, as sneaky a man as he was.
     Victor was counting on this. Now that he thought of it, an up side of many residents being in town this day meant that at the very least he was going to meet a magic user. And being here in the island meant you were talented, no matter what you did. Of course, unless you were one of those children of the families about to set off on an adventure. Victor didn’t expect to meet any of those in The Den. It was not a place for beginners.
     Victor walked up the creaking steps and stopped on the threshold.
     Darn. Forgot to get my money. He thought.
     He looked at his blade.
     Maybe i'll just hand this in instead?  But that thought disappeared harshly and he never brought it up again.
     Victor entered the bar and immidiately found himself a place. It was cool inside and a light fruity beer smell was prevalent in the air. Victor was even more surprised at how many people were in here. He estimated aout 50 patrons this time around, and the darkness inside was thick enough to warrant some candles being lit around some of the tables. Most of them seemed to be deep in conversation, whilst others were laid back chatting about various matters. There was a strange blend of secretive silence and merry making. What was happening today?
     No matter. Victor walked towards the bartender. He set the heavy trunk next to his stool and ordered some water.
     The bartender looked at him.
     "Victor..." The bearded man began. He couldn't believe his eyes.
     Victor just looked back, "Yes. It's me. You’re… Bax right? Don't be so surprised."
     "But..." The bartender just stared. He shook his head and shakily poured out some beer and handed it over to Victor. Victor looked at it,
     "Water please." He said.
     "Ah- sorry." He corrected the mistake, handing in ... a beer again. Victor sighed,
     "What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you the calmest barman in the south?”
     "The only one in the south.” Bax grinned, but he quickly returned to his revering mood, “Even if you say that." He clasped Victor's free hand, "I can’t believe you’re here. Reichstein told me you were… gone for good I thought you’d never be seen again. You never even came for a drinking party after all that business with Arctus-"
     “Oh for Varlo’s sake, you saved the world! You defeated the dark king Arctus and you-”
Victor pulled away roughly, "Bax. Stop. Nothing changes here and that’s all history and everyone who fought is dead. Leave it be.”
     “It’s a pity about your friend Victor but-“
     “I've just got a problem that interferes with my sleep. I'm still done. I am just a ghost now."
Bax studied him, then he nodded as he closed his eyes, "I see... The Sad Hero huh… It’s not that I blame you, what you went through…”
     Victor stared at him sharply. Bax held up his hands in apology,
     “I don’t blame you at all. Well... even if you’re still planning on wasting away, i'm glad i could see you again. It’s always a treat for a bored bartender.”
     "... I'm looking for a magic user."
     "Eh!?" Bax was taken aback. He was known to be a loud bartender so not many eyes turned. He leaned in, "First you say you’re the same as before but you’re looking for a partner? You're going on an adventure somewhere!" Bax seemed overjoyed, confused and accusing at the same time.
Victor waved it away and showed him his right shoulder. Bax looked at the golden glowing tatoo.
     "What's that?"
     "That's what i want to know. When i was at the castlea glowing egg floated over and sunk in my shoulder. Now it's like this. I'm assuming it’s a curse. But nothing bad has happened yet and I can’t feel anything suspicious. Anyways if it got past Dawneater’s magical defense runes it's definitely high level magic, and it’s probably something that will attract trouble or get me into it, and that's directly against my plans. I need it gone, so I need a magic user."
     Bax looked confused, "Why didn't you just go to a magic shop?"
     "For one thing. I have no money."
     Bax nodded, "Say no more. I think that explains everything from this point on.”
     Delamaza had an idyllic look, but if it wasn’t food or other utility items for daily use, it was usually something very expensive. That was never a problem for its native habitants. Victor had refused to take a single iota of wealth he had amassed on the mainland however.
     "Hmph. Reichstein does mention a lot that you should learn more magic. You could’ve solved this yourself."
     "That walking relic talks too much. Magic isn't that easy to learn along with combat skills you know. Everyone has their own specialty.”
     "Well... normal people... for a Sword Saint like you however..."
     "Stop it."
     There was silence. Victor broke it by kicking the trunk,  “I have he’s books here but I don’t have time to go through them.”
     “Victor, I'm sorry but i don't think you'll be going to that castle for a long time."
     Victor stared back at him. Bax didn’t flinch this time,
     "Coincidentally, there's been this over eager girl mage who wants to go on adventure.”
     “Who’s this?”
     “Millandria Rosella, she's the adopted daughter of the Rosella Magic shop. She’s just a young sap, but she's a genius and she's been coming to this bar looking for someone to team up with. That's the one i can recommend you meet, and probably the only one you'll be able to meet to be honest."
     “But she’s never actually gone anywhere before right?”
     “I’m telling you, she’s good.”
     “If she’s so good why hasn’t she found a partner already?”
     “Well… see for yourself, she's a bit- ah, here she comes right now." Bax chuckled, "I'm telling you Victor. Something is up with today. I doubt your chances of not being involved in anything."
     Victor turned around.
     The girl of interest was a teenager dressed in gaudy white robes with blue linings on the hems and sleeves. It looked like it was made of high-quality silk, and fit her neatly. It covered a lot of her form, and she had a hood up, but it was more of a decorative hood that was roomy and revealed lots of her face. She had ginger-red hair and her eyes were wide with the wonder and optimism of youth. She looked around the room, completely ignoring the solemn atmosphere and bellowed,
     "Round fourteen of Millandria’s super special offer! Let’s have it, you mysterious bunch of people, who wants to team up with me and GO ON AN ADVENTURE?"

- continued
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Darksquirrel on April 02, 2013, 01:07:35 PM
That's certainly original. I'm assuming you've worked a lot on the background(Well, either that or you made up loads of ancient names as you go along, like me lol)? I'd say you need to work a bit on your punctuation and grammar. For one thing, you shouldn't use "he's" as a possessive, as it is a connotation for "He is". I'm not trying to be pedantic, but critique is what this forum was made for. I'm looking forward to the next part, as the little ginger girl is promising to be quite a comedic/wacky character :)

Also, would you mind giving me some thoughts on the badger story? I've posted the first chapter but I just want to see what people think of it.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on April 02, 2013, 01:28:58 PM
Well it's a little bit of both in terms of world building. I have some mythology i developed way back when so i remember bits and pieces of how it works. After writing a purely 'felt-out' draft i've been able to refine it and solidify the backstories much better. Going over it again i've spotted quite a few crazy mistakes, and even now i'm not sure if the island makes much sense.

Ah and understood about the he's. It's supposed to be written 'his'. It slipped my radar thanks.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Darksquirrel on April 02, 2013, 03:09:42 PM
Well it's a little bit of both in terms of world building. I have some mythology i developed way back when so i remember bits and pieces of how it works. After writing a purely 'felt-out' draft i've been able to refine it and solidify the backstories much better. Going over it again i've spotted quite a few crazy mistakes, and even now i'm not sure if the island makes much sense.

Ah and understood about the he's. It's supposed to be written 'his'. It slipped my radar thanks.

What I got is that it's some "out of the way" island where not much happens. And something about monarchs  :blush:

I'm hoping that's accurate lol
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on April 03, 2013, 03:54:09 AM
Yeah that's good enough haha. You don't really need to care about the world anyways. Victor doesn't anyways.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Darksquirrel on April 03, 2013, 05:44:48 AM
That seems fair. I know Tolkien did the LOTR trilogy from the viewpoint of a hobbit, so one didn't always get the full picture.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: KagePen on April 03, 2013, 07:56:38 AM
Yosh! The story's getting more interesting haha :D This would do well as a novel or light novel, not a manga though, the vast amount of description would add too much narration and that would totally kill it. But its a very good story :thumbsup: I'm looking forward to more ! :biggrin:
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: Darksquirrel on April 03, 2013, 08:22:33 AM
^ It would look great in the anthology as a short story.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: KagePen on April 03, 2013, 08:28:02 AM
Definitely! ^^
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on April 03, 2013, 09:59:34 AM
Thanks I really appreciate it. It's actually what I'm aiming for. I'm going to illustrate it with 1 to 3 pictures when i submit it. I just hope it's not too large.
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: KagePen on April 03, 2013, 10:10:39 AM
That'll work perfectly lego!  :push:
Title: Re: Dark Peak
Post by: legomaestro on April 07, 2013, 05:47:32 AM

Hm, i'm okay with the story, but i'm not too happy with the writing. I prefer shorter faster sentences than long descriptions. Next time i guess. Two more posts and then i'm done.


   Her call echoed throughout The Den. Everyone froze for a moment. Others seemed used to her constant intrusions, but the newcomers couldn’t help but look.
     "My name is Millandria Rosella Skywind! I'm a magus in training and people call me a genius which is incidentally true! I can do 20 pushups without stopping so i'm pretty energetic even though I’m beautiful. I can memorize anything that I’ve read so long as it's interesting! If it's boring i forget it so unfortunately i'm not too good at healing spells hahaha!"
     "I don’t even know how to react to that.” Victor commented.
     "Er. Millandria?..." Bax began to say but she had one final thing to say. She put her hands on her hip,
     "Don't worry! If you’re evil i'll just turn you into a good person and so i don't discriminate! You can talk to me since i'll be sitting over there chatting with Big bro Bax. Unfortunately i am not interested in love now so don't get any funny ideas! I'm only 15 years old after all haha!"
She was oblivious to the resulting silence. She walked over to the bar and took a seat next to      Victor, for some reason whispering her order,
     "Two cups of milk please Bax."
     "Y-yes. Coming right up."
     She looked over at the beers at Victor's table, "Beer is bad for your health you know. You should at least try to drink one at a time."
     "I don't drink beer."
     "Liar! Look! you’re in a bar!"
     "Stop being childish. One thing does not mean the other.”
     "Yes it does!"
     "You ordered milk."     
     She laughed, "Milk isn't beer. I~di~ot.”
     Victor stood up and knocked on the counter, "I'll be going now Bax."
     "Oy... Victor... Calm down. If you really are in a hurry just suck it up.”
     “I can’t deal with this kind of person.”
     “You’ve dealt with worse, Sad Hero. Entire armies and a band of mismatched heroes couldn’t possibly be as bad as her. Come on, here's some water for real now."
     “Bax I hate it when you talk about me like I’m not there. I’ll hex you.”
     There was a flash of light and Bax’s head turned into a frog. He seemed used to it though and he carefully poured a glass of water for Victor,
     “Usually you say that as a warning Millandria. Could you turn me back please?”
     A flick of her finger and his face returned.
     “Honestly…” Bax wandered off to attend to other patrons who had neared the counter.
     When Bax came back he saw no progress was being made. Victor was silently sipping at his water and Millandria was drinking her milk.
     "So... Will you introduce yourself already?" Bax said to Victor.
     “Two more cups please.” She said. “My chest doesn’t grow on magic you know.”
     “Yes yes Millandria.” He said as he poured two more cups. He glanced at Victor, who seemed to have no intention of talking. Bax sighed heavily, “Millandria. There's someone who needs your help."
     Bam! A loud crash as she set her tumbler on the counter,
     "Really!? Someone wants to go on an adventure with me!?"
     "N-no not really, please calm down Millandria."
     She seemd a little sad as she sat down, "Hmph. I hope it's not a healing job or anything petty like that. I'm not a salesperson i'm a magus! A beautiful lady magus of adventure!"
     Bax stared at her. He's annoyance showed on his usually mild face. Finally he stated it simply,
     "Millandria, meet Victor. Victor, meet Millandria. Chat well."
     "Oy- Bax!" Victor sputtered.
     "No. Deal with this yourself. Like I said, I doubt your chances of getting back to that hill again."
     Victor watched as Bax escaped to another corner of the counter, cleaning the table top that was already pretty clean.
     It looked like Victor was on his own for now. This really was against everything he had aimed for on that hill. At this rate he would get involved. The only hope he had was to get it all done and over with as soon as possible without falling in too deep, and finally when he dispelled the curse he would be free to do what he wished.
     "So... strange sad looking man, what do you want? And like i said i'm not a salesperson." She seemed a little annoyed.
     That's my expression you fool. Victor thought and started calmly.
     "My name is Victor."
     "My name is Millandria. I am a beautiful genius magus."
     Victor deleted that sentence because he didn’t know hot to respond to it.
     He proceeded to show her his tatoo. She blushed furiously, "W-what are you doing? Your stripping!? I told you I’m not interested in- "
     Victor showed her the tatoo. "Of course not. I'm showing you this tatoo." He had said that obvious sentence to stave off the many stares that he had received because of her comment.      Their attention didn’t immediately vanish, however.
     "Oy... who's that strange guy... he's really talking to that girl?"
     "You don't know? It's Victor. The Sad Hero."
     "Oh... I thought that trash was rotting away on a hill somewhere."
     "Guess he got hungry."
     Victor heard every word perfectly well. He didn't have time to deal with them. He continued,
     "I got cursed by this tattoo all of the sudden, and i want to know a way to remove it. Help me. I'll recompense you with any amount of money you want."
     "No." She said resolutely.
     "If you don't work for money then i have some rare magic books i'm sure you'd be interested in reading."
     "No. You know what i want."
     Victor sighed, he bent down and unlocked the trunk. Opening it, he showed the girl one white bound hardcover of one of the books Reichstein had left him.
     "Defense spells for foolish depressed heroes?" Millandria stifled a laugh as she read a paper note that was caught in the teeth of the first page. Victor hurridely snatched it away and tore it up,
     "The one who gave it to me is a bit of a comedian. But he’s an a-grade magician. Immortal Reichstein."
     "Uncle Reichstein? Really?" Millandria’s expression changed.
     “Uncle… Reichstein?” Victor tried to catch Bax’s eyes for confirmation, but he was busy polishing the clean counter and ignoring the conversation.  Victor spilled his water on purpose just to spite him.
     Millandria removed her hood, delicately balancing the book on her knees. She flipped through the pages of the book like it was made of glass.
     She looked up to him, "This book... how did you get it? Even Reichstein didn’t teach me anything on this level. He’s left you his Grimoire, his life’s work!”
     Victor was a bit surprised. He had no idea that’s how precious the books were. Before Victor could reply she wrote something in the air quickly, and a light blue rune appeared there. It crackled for a few seconds, flashing electricity, and she closed the book. Her playful demeanor was gone for a while. There was something akin to fear and awe in her eyes...
      “Impressive.” But Victor knew that this was beyond the level of ‘impressive’. Performing a spell that quickly simply didn’t happen. It just didn’t.
     Millandria was leaning in with interest. Something seemed to be dawning on her.
     “Wait. Depressed guy, thin as a stick, strange black clothing, perpetual circles under his eyes... and a broken runesword... you .... you’re The Sad Hero?"
     Victor didn't wish to respond. He simply spoke, "Will you be able to dispel this or not?"
     She grabbed both of Victor's shoulders, "Are you’re really him? Victor The Sad Hero? The man who ended the last war? Then ran away? What- i thought this rock wasn't so amazing. So an amazing person like you was really here!"
     Victor looked around once. People were starting to notice him. He brushed off her hand, "So can you help me get rid of this or not? The books are pretty good right?"
She just stared at him.
     "Skywind.” Victor prompted.
     "Eh? Ah- sorry." She shook her head and held out her hand tentatively, "Erm... excuse me."
Victor just stared at her, and she leaned forward to look at the tatoo. She pressed over it, seeming to knead it with her hands. She blushed as she did so.
     "Um... i'm not too good at rune reading as much as my other magic but... this seems hm..."
     She rubbed the back of her head "You need erm..." She seemed to look in the air for a moment, then at the side, as though remembering something, "The Ale of Bictor."
     "The… Ale of Bictor?" Victor frowned, "Are you sure? What is this?"
     "It's not something that's specific for this." She stuttered, "This is a pretty heavy curse so you'll need The Ale of Bictor to get rid of it. It's like a do-it-all draught that cleanses a large amount of curses. Even some cast by gods."
     Victor rubbed his face in frustration and leaned back, "So it's serious? What does it do?"
     "F-for now... nothing. It's probably going to activate in a month from now or after. I think. From what I can see."
     "You think?"
     "I can't help it! It's written in some dead language and even my Babel Eyes don't help - they're supposed to be able to read most ancient languages but i can barely make out what it's saying."
     "So where can i get this Ale?"
     "It's somewhere pretty far away. So you'll definitely need a-"
     Victor stood up. "You can keep the trunk. I won't need it. I don't really have enough time to study those magics."
     "W-wait!" She jumped in front of him, "You can't be serious. Only I and my family know about The Ale. And even if you got to it you need a spell to get rid of all the defensive magic, and to collect The Ale itself!"
     "I'll figure it out when i get there."
     "It's in a remote place! Very far far away!” She was sweating now, “You won't be able to hire anyone."
     "I know what you want. I said no."
     "Why?" She punched him in the shoulder. "I can help you!"
     "I have my reasons."
     "I won't charge anything!"
     "Fine. Just know that if you don't find it as fast as you think you can, you're gonna die."
     "Die?" Victor looked at her.
     "That’s what’s going to happen when it activates."
     “And of course you only mention this now."
     “Because it’s not something to worry about with me around!”
     “If you’re lying…” Victor spoke with a different tone of voice that sent chills down her spine.
     "Yes! Ah- no I’m not- so will you go with me?”
     “Fine.” Victor stood up and started walking towards the exit, “Let’s go.”
     “Yes!” She jumped up and hopped around. One person nearby choked on his drink.
     "Okay, i've had enough of this farce." Someone spoke up loudly.
     It was a man in a cloak like the rest of them. He was flanked by two other figures. He stood up proudly, ripping off his cloak to reveal gold armour that was in top condition. Despite its impressive craftsmanship it clearly bore marks of use. Undoubtedly he was a man who had been in many battles.
     "Lazarus Fang. Knight of Wind."  He introduced himself. He had blonde hair and a face almost bordering on beauty. He wore flashy silver earrings and his sheathed sword had jewels inset in the hilt.
     Victor kept on walking towards the exit. The man calling himself Lazarus grabbed Victor's left shoulder to hinder him.
     "You're Victor. The sad, sad cowardly hero right?"
     Victor looked at him.
     "Firstly, I just want to say, bravo on ending the war. Hero." He smiled derisevly, "Of course, i'd also give you respect, if you didn't just go and completely disappear after that. It's good and all to use your sword to end battles, but what good is it if you don't follow through to the end?"
     He grabbed Victor's shoulder harder. Victor flinched a little at the strenght, and Lazarus grinned, "Did you know? After you defeated Arctus it seems his high priests were still around. They managed to transform countless people into the undead. They've gained enough force and are now a constant bane to the mainland. An evil band of undead, made up of men, women, children alike. Do you have any idea how many have been killed because of them? How many are facing a fate worse than death?"
     Victor looked up at him with empty eyes. "What do you want me to say?”
     Why did I say that? I should’ve just groveled and let him humiliate me. Dammit this is troublesome.
     Lazarus snarled.
     Smash! Victor was slammed across the room and he slammed his head against the counter, sliding down until he sat.
     I must admit I did not see that punch. Victor thought weakly. His nose was broken.
     Victor snapped his nose back in place and wiped away the blood.
Millandria was shouting, “What by Sybord was that for? Don’t go calling Victor a coward just because you’re a jealous insecure fool!”
     Victor didn’t even look at her. He walked forwards towards Victor, intending to finish the job. Victor found he could barely move.
     Ugh. I haven't eaten in days and i walked non-stop.
     Lazarus stopped, looming over Victor, "I know we're supposed to act like we don't know eachother on this island. It's only proper etiquette. Even if one of those damned priests was in here I wouldn’t acknowledge them. I know this." He raised his voice, "But if anyone, i mean anyone, no matter what god demon or nothing you are behind - is against me killing this man, then go ahead and resist  me. I'll take my leave."
No one spoke.
     He unsheathed his sword, "Victor. Everyone loathes you. Die." He raised his blade.
     "No!" Millandria began to draw something, but suddenly her left wrist was snatched up and a dagger was at her throat. One of Lazarus's companions had come for help, and like Lazarus her speed was also astounding.
     The after wind of the person's move blew off the hood, and it revealed a beautiful yet fierce looking girl.
     "Nele Fang. Squire of The Knight of Wind. Don't move at all." She said. There was already blood at the tip of her blade. She wasn't joking around. Millandria remained still.
Victor struggled to get up, amazed at how weak he felt.
     Lazarus swung down the blade.

- continued
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