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Title: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 16, 2012, 02:17:12 PM
I hope this is in the right place...  :notunderstand:
I wanted to practice writing, and thought "hey! This might be fun!". So here it is!
Turn your day into a short story! I'm still working mine out right now I might even do yesterday. Also I think it would be fun to do just a part of the day...say.... just your morning?
I thought it would be good for developing our writing with out having to use our stories yet. (It makes me so sick of my writing to do that.)
Anyway, hope this sounds as good to you as it did to me!! lol  :biggrin:

I'll post mine sooooooooon.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Coryn on January 16, 2012, 02:46:17 PM
Neat idea. though i'll probably wait until something interesting actually happens to do this one.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: legomaestro on January 16, 2012, 03:04:57 PM
No kidding. Well, i'm having a fairly interesting day today, but you should know, life has no actual plot. Anyhow, i'll keep this in mind.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 16, 2012, 04:26:27 PM
Well, I'm going to have to MAKE my day at least alittle interesting, cause my life is  :bored: .but I guess it would be more for discription and such. And yeah Coryn you need no help in that area.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Coach Fro on January 16, 2012, 09:59:25 PM
this sounds cool. I'll probably do this on a day when my friends are over. We always have some crazy and funny adventures.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Coryn on January 16, 2012, 11:26:01 PM
better yet. i'll wait until the next time i wander back in half drunk and type something up.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Monsterful on January 17, 2012, 01:44:17 AM
Lol If I were to participate it'd be something like:

Got bossed around, like a boss, all day long.

The end.

Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 17, 2012, 11:05:30 AM
oh dear... I thought all day what I would write... :( terrible. :push:
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Nyxy on January 17, 2012, 03:06:08 PM
I wish my day was interesting to write about :p arguing with my 6 year old may seem like it but its truly not lol.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 17, 2012, 04:14:06 PM
oh too true, I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old... I thought about trying to discribe the anxiety attack that always comjes on about dinner time but I was kind of busy just then :push:
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Nyxy on January 17, 2012, 04:21:21 PM
Hehe I hear that lately hes been on an I hate everything about food kick getting him to eat his veggies is a Herculean task :) So I know what your talking about maybe we can both think up a short story about dealing with our young ones it maybe funny at least to us some of the things that come out of their minds and mouths :)
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Nyxy on January 17, 2012, 06:15:02 PM
Okay came up with this one from what happened with me this morning with my little one. Using my name on here and a nickname for my son hope ya dont mind. The story is short but gives you a inkling of the stubborn personality we both have.

"Honey its time for school wake up." Nyxy calls to her young son. He is currently in grade K at his elementary school and is not a happy camper about it. Jay opens his eyes and moans "I don't wanna." Nyxy groans this was a daily event for them. "Come on honey get up." He sighs sitting up "okay." His eyes fill up with tears and he begins to cry. Nyxy goes into panic mode "honey what's wrong?" Jay huffs between tears "I don't like school its scary." Nyxy who at this point has heard this every day since the fall when he started. "What is so scary about school?" Jay sighs "everything." Nyxy sits next to him and hugs him "okay tell me at least one scary thing?" Jay rubs his eyes "They make you do work!" She tries to hold back a laugh at his declaration "Honey you have to do work that is what school is for." Jay whimpers again his eyes filling with tears "Oh okay."

After breakfast, washing up and getting dressed he stares pitifully at his mother "can't I stay home instead?" Nyxy sighs "no dear I have to go out today you would be home alone." He thinks "Then I can just stay home alone." He nods satisfied with this idea. Nyxy groans squeezing her eyes tight then sighs "No honey you have to go to school." This is greeted by more tears. "Come on honey your fish are staring at you and saying "Don't cry Jay." This distracts him and he goes to the tank to smile at the fish. Nyxy grabs the keys to the car to take him to school. "Say goodbye to the fishes you'll tell them about your day when you get home." Jay nods and says goodbye then heads out with his mom. 

Nyxy straps him into the car and he frowns "I dont wanna go." Nyxy at this point is at her patience limit "well your going to go honey and that's that." He sighs and then asks "do dinosaur fish have to go to school?" Nyxy pretty sure she has never heard of such a creature shrugs "I don't know but if its a fish they do attend schools get it?" Jay not amused frowns "Fish don't go to school." Nyxy counters "well in Finding Nemo, didn't Nemo go to school?" Jay sighs "Yes. But then he got to go to a fish tank." Nyxy grins "So are you saying you would rather go to a fish tank then school?" Jay "Yes." Nyxy groans in defeat. she pulls up to his school which had a rule on staying parked too long and drops him off waving. He waves then slumps his shoulders heading in his glasses sliding down his nose. She hears the honk of a parent behind her as she tries to make sure he goes into the building. She watches him hover behind watching other kids go in, then finally heads in when the principal greets him. "Whew one battle down, the next one will be even rougher...Homework." With a heavy sigh Nyxy drives off to get her errands done planning her battle plans to help her son get his homework done that afternoon.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 17, 2012, 07:46:11 PM
Hehe I hear that lately hes been on an I hate everything about food kick getting him to eat his veggies is a Herculean task :) So I know what your talking about maybe we can both think up a short story about dealing with our young ones it maybe funny at least to us some of the things that come out of their minds and mouths :)

That sounds fun! a kid manga colaboration(spelling??)
sounds fun.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 17, 2012, 07:53:58 PM
I loved the story! It was great. not too long, not too short :clapping: He sounds like a handfull!  :push: loved the part where you distracted him with the fish  :angel:
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Nyxy on January 17, 2012, 08:36:07 PM
Hehe I hear that lately hes been on an I hate everything about food kick getting him to eat his veggies is a Herculean task :) So I know what your talking about maybe we can both think up a short story about dealing with our young ones it maybe funny at least to us some of the things that come out of their minds and mouths :)

That sounds fun! a kid manga colaboration(spelling??)
sounds fun.

Hehe id love to work with ya on manga story about our little ones hehe and thanks the fish have been a life saver whenever he gets too tantrum like I use them as a distraction. whew tonight had the epic go to bed battle which I won the homework battle was a challenge to he spent more time asking me why his teacher is making him write his words 3 times each then it would have taken him to do it lol. sigh the life of a parent right?
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 18, 2012, 08:21:49 AM
I thought of your story again this morning when MNM (my son-4) was asking why we got up when it was still dark. (though Im sure he didnt mind) lol

YES! I had a few little comic strips about cute stuff the kids did, I would love to do a project with you. When shall we start? lol :angel:
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: pandasayori on January 18, 2012, 11:45:40 AM
ooooohhh fun idea!! :D I'll be sure to do this soon!
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 18, 2012, 12:46:00 PM
Can't wait to hear it!!
 I am pushing mine back to the weekend. I am not going to say for sure. I have some pressing um... business... lol (I have to knit this  :swear: scarf before it gets cold!)*yeah's never going to get cold*  :push:
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Nyxy on January 18, 2012, 02:48:29 PM
Hehe I am free to start up after the weekend to. Have a podcast planned already set up the interview with some gaming buddies and its the only time I can hopefully get them sober to speak :p after that I should have free time to write again.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 18, 2012, 06:20:29 PM
lol ok, you should message me when you are free then and we will talk about where we wanna start! note: this is going to have to be a slow project for me. I have lots of time... but yet soooo little. lol
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Nyxy on January 18, 2012, 09:46:43 PM
^_^ np heck just tonight was another uphill go to bed battle I swear I feel older and more tired every night  :push: I should have time this weekend after taping the show to think about planning out something see what we can cook up slowly will be fun.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Robs_ugly_artwork on January 18, 2012, 10:44:11 PM
**Here's my short story**

Entitled: The first hour
By Rob



Rob was awakened to a most annoying noise. The same consistent blaring that he'd been hearing every single morning for the past 11 years. Such a familiar sound but, yet he still had never really gotten used to it. "Just 10 more minutes". He thinks to himself, while hitting the snooze button for the 5th time.


He opened his eyes and turned his attention to the alarm clock. While still half awake and his eyes still in a hazy blur he could barely make out the time.


"Damn, I'm late for work again!"

He pulls the covers off and lazily slides out of bed. Turns on the bathroom light and is instantly blinded by the intense brightness of the light that follows. While trying to refocus his eye sight once again, he thinks to himself. "Damn, now this is going to be another crappy day no doubt"


After freshening up a bit, He begins to put on his work clothes. Blue jeans, a faded brown tee shirt that been through the wash more times then he could remember and his leather work boots, that was in need of replacement laces about 2 months ago. It wasn't the best looking attire but, it does do it's job of protecting him from his job hazards.


Rob says goodbye to his housecat, before making his way out the door and sets out for another hard days worth of labor.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: kingwillz on January 19, 2012, 01:37:51 AM
Hmmm... :hmm: this sounds like a fun exercise! But does it have to be about your current day? For some time now my life has been a boring one

Plus I have many great stories from the good ol days
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: pandasayori on January 19, 2012, 09:26:12 AM
Okaaaaay, here's kinda how mines when it comes to getting ready for school:

Remember Panda, the alarm clock is your enemy! There are two ways of defeating it: snooze and disable! Panda thought to herself while yawning, reaching lazily from underneath the warmth of her blanket to find the source of the continuous vibrations. Upon finding her cell phone, she grabbed it, opening her eyes only close them quickly from the blinding flash of her phone. "Owwww...." She groaned, slowly opening it and pressing the 'ok' button to put the alarm setting on snooze. With a content smile, she place the phone down and closed her eyes. Achievement...

After hitting the snooze button numerous times, feeding her tabby cat Tiny, showering, brushing her teeth and fixing her hair, Panda decides to venture outside and start up her car. After opening the door, she immediately stops due to the freezing conditions around her. When did it get so cold?!

Did I remember to do my homework?... She thought to herself as she began to leave the driveway and headed for school. Let's see... Fed the cat, gave a hug to mom before leaving, got gas money- ooohhh something shiny!!!

Around 7:25am
Manages to make it school with slight distractions xD

 :dance: So that's how my early mornings usually go.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Nyxy on January 19, 2012, 03:08:43 PM
Good reads Rob and Panda ^_^ I could feel Rob's pain about getting up and heading to work. And Panda I love the "Remember the alarm clock is your enemy." hehe good stories both of you.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Tostificer on January 19, 2012, 03:54:14 PM
Since we're in the mood for morning rituals I guess I'll throw this in.

The usual school day for me. Wake up, have breakfast, brush teeth, etc. Or not? I was lying in bed, semi-conscious, with the annoying sound of my phone ringing in my ears. It was deafening, at least that's how it felt. I grabbed the damn thing and pressed the first button I saw. The noise stopped. Mission freaking complete, back to sleep.

Again with the freaking noise. I open my eyes a tiny bit and try pressing a button again, a different one this time. But I didn't care: the sound stopped. I prayed to God that it didn't go off again, even though I'm supposedly an atheist.

My prayers were heard. I found out when I shocked awake with only one thought: WHAT TIME IS IT?! I looked at my phone, which displayed in a mockingly large font: 11:20.

I was supposed to be at school at 10:50.

Then I noticed the little symbol in the corner of the phone's screen. A little yellow postcard, indicating I had a new message. With my sleepy head, I opened it up. Might as well just stay in bed if I'm THAT late, I thought to myself. Then I found out the true reason why I was even planning on waking up that morning. The text message was from my girlfriend. She had missed me during break, apparently. So sweet. Well, let's go then.

So I got out of bed. Added a bruise to my forehead when I forgot that I was sleeping in one of those bunk beds. I basically dove head-first to the ground.

I FREAKING FACEPALMED when I got to school and I found out that I didn't have had to go through all the trouble! URRRRGHH! My frustration level was over 9000. Apparently, the teacher was ill that day but I hadn't taken the time to check that on the internet, 'cause I was so late. Well, at least my girlfriend was still there to cheer me up.

GOD FORBID that I finally get what I want: she has classes to 16:15. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! <Insert rage face here>

So I waited, and waited, and then finally we and some friends went to play poker and everything was all right for that day. Sorta.

I still have pain on my forehead. Damnit. >.<
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: legomaestro on January 19, 2012, 04:22:42 PM
Haha man that sounds great. Interesting thing here:

My Day

Woke up at 6, right on time. The alarm rang shrilly and i was ready for business. Or not. I decided to snooze a little, and somehow i'd probably make it to my 730.

Woke up at 730. The classes are like 15 minutes away. Still feeling groggy, i got ready and stuff and headed to the class. Arrived around 9, and oh joy, i didn't have to go through the trouble! The teacher had cancelled, and so had the next.

I loitered about, hit the books, made plans and walked around. Bumped into one of the girls that i liked during this loitering and she ignored me beautifully.

From then on it was a long day of studies and weaving to and fro within classes, head glued to the textbooks. The only eventful thing was when i was trying to save myself a place for a classroom fated to be booked full. Some of the second years were occupying the class at the momet but it didn't look like a class so i just wandered in and placed my bag there. Some douchenozzle began to ask me 'can't you see we're having a class here?' and i blubbered some lame excuse that makes me feel ashamed to this day.

Anyway i made it out of there, but i could here their laughter and i counted my hands, "Lets see... Mordecai: 18 years old. In college. Being bullied. *censored*."

Sadly my anger was only theoretical. I made up some nasty death scenes and almost lost my drive for everything throughout the year, but i think i'll be content with plotting my revenge.

The day ended, i listened to some awesome dubstep and watched some more Breaking Bad. Things are looking positive, and i hope i make a better story tomorrow, when i go out to the local botanic garden...
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Tostificer on January 19, 2012, 04:32:24 PM
I hate walking into places I shouldn't. Makes for such awkward situations.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Coryn on January 19, 2012, 05:00:22 PM
hehe. nice stories guys. still holding out for wandering in half drunk.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: kingwillz on January 19, 2012, 05:09:43 PM
Well it's not a morning ritual story but it's something that happened today.
Whatcha lookin at punk?

So it was about 2pm and an unusually warm winter afternoon in Virginia. I just moved into my neighborhood, I usually jog a lot so I decided to step out, and explore with a nice walk around the neighborhood to form my running route.

After walking around for a bit I found a nice route and walked it several times for memory. After a good hour and some change has passed, I decided that I might as well bring it on home.

So I'm on my way back enjoying a smoke, and this is when things get weird. You know when you're walking around, taking in the sites, not looking in any particular direction? Have you done this and accidentally lock eyes with someone across the street? A very mean looking guy? Well I can relate!

So now my relaxing walk has turned into an awkward staring match! I always hate when this happens. I don't want to be rude, but I don't want to be a punk either. So here we are standing on opposite sides not even blinking a little. Little ol me vs the big scary guy, like david banner staring at the hulk. In the back of my mind I thought Just walk away damn it! Then the opposite happened. He started walking towards me!

Oh great! This is just awesome! Second day as the new kid on the block and I'm about to get beaten up by the town bully! I didn't want to, but I was ready to box! The closer he got, the more riled up I was I knew was going down, but at least I'm going down swinging! Now we were face to face, man vs beast! I clinched my fist braced myself, and was all ready to spring on him until I heard him ask

"Hey bro, mind of I bum one of your cigs?"

Ugh!! :blush:

Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 19, 2012, 05:35:01 PM
Great everbody! happy to see more stories!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
Now Ill try to write...a... morning... I really don't have time! :push: :push
This has been exhaderated for your entertainment.  ;)

A dark blue light came through the window and into a small crowded room. As the light grew brighter, it began to have a yellow color. The light was almost a spot light, revealing stacks of books, papers, clothes and half full boxes. The sound of coffee bubbling into a mug came from the kitchen, whitch was not to far from the bed room where the sun was shining through. Oatmeal was starting to boil. The sweet smell of cooking peaches filled the whole apartment.

A women stood over the stove, stiring the burning oatmeal.  Her poor posture and oversized clothes made her look like a zombie hovering over the meat isle at a grocery store. She had saved breakfast again. Sighing, she served breakfast onto small colorful plates and put then into the freezer to cool.

Laughing and screeming came from the next room. A little boy bounced up and down on the couch nearly falling about every other hop. His PJ's, worn and alittle small, had zoo animals all over them. He jumped off the couch and did a front roll to the middle of the room then punched out.
And then hopped all the way to the kitchen.
"Bong,bong,bong. MooOOoom, is it ready> Is it ready?!"
The woman, still in the kitchen, turned and smiled at the brown eyed boy who was now trying to climb onto the counter. She picked him up and set him back on the ground. They shared a quiet moment smiling at each other, then...
Marcus punched his mother in the knee and ran to the table.
"Really? The mom asked herself as she walked into the dinning room. She took her son, who had suddenly switched back to being an angel, to the bed to sit for a few min.

About an hour later the little apertment was a busy place. A toddler walked around with her shoes on her hands, The boy from breakfast(marcus) had dressed for the day. His pants were on back wards and his socks upsidedown. Hannah and gotten dressed and was trying to clean up after breakfast. She saw what Marcus had done with his clothes. She helped his turn everything around.

A big dog went round and round while the baby laughed until she fell on her puffy bottom, A terrible smell drifted from under her pink dress. 

I think you get it... There is really no stoping piont in my day where I can say "And she walked out the door ready to face the day." or anything like that. lol I think later I'll just do one on when mnm jumps right on me first thing in the morning. LOL OWW!!
Oh yeah... my spelling sucks
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Nyxy on January 20, 2012, 03:09:43 PM
Lego what a rough day hope the next one was better.

Tostificer cool way to end a rough day between you and Lego I have a feeling I am lucky my school days are long over (lol I am old  :( )

Kingwillz omg your story was awesome that build up had me going I thought you were gonna get into a fight love the end :) did you give him a cig?

H Musick love your story I really want to do some short stories about our little ones I can definitely see you have a lively crew at home :) and mmm oat meal ^_^
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: kingwillz on January 20, 2012, 04:35:34 PM
Lol @nyxy yes I did we're cool now. I say what's up to him if I see him while jogging
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 20, 2012, 08:48:20 PM
I'm glad things worked out betweeeeen you two... at least now if you DO run into a big guy your cig buddy will get em' for ya'! lol  :hmm:
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: kingwillz on January 20, 2012, 08:52:37 PM
Haha right! that day was a lucky one. But hey since you made this thread does it have to be your current day? Or can it be a day you'll never forget as well
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 20, 2012, 08:59:19 PM
oh yeah! any day you wanna write about. It's just for fun... and to getcha' to writing :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: kingwillz on January 20, 2012, 09:02:08 PM
Awesome so whenever I think back to the good ol days ill post it here so you guys can laugh with me
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 21, 2012, 01:04:05 PM
sounds good. It's just a way to improve on writing so just keep that in mind.  ;)
(and my spelling! lol)
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Nyxy on January 31, 2012, 04:26:41 PM
Sent ya a pm of the rough draft story H musick let me know how ya like it ^_^
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: h_musick on January 31, 2012, 07:17:50 PM
ba!!! its great. we will have to post a new topic when we get more for it!
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: legomaestro on July 02, 2012, 02:09:45 PM
Exam week. The weekend had ended, and i was downloading last minute anime. It's funny how entertainment suddenly appears when school is just around the corner, or in this case, just 5 hours from that same midnight. The only smart thing i had done was that i'd slept some 4 hours, but other than that? MJB was at it again: Late night downloads at the risk of being sleepy on a chemistry exam.

Meh, whatever. Anyways, long story short, i downloaded ALL of avatar the legend of korra. I mused a little of a future drunk weekend, when i'm on my holidays, then i sank into game of thrones. And... i was impressed.

Two episodes, some things i didn't like, but otherwise interesting. Looks like we're in for a ride, and as always, rooting for the odd ones out.

So, i finally slept, and let the downloads running, including a crapload of for dummies books. I woke up, and found the spoils of war: My Java download had failed, along with some other cool books, but otherwise i now have Chinese, German, Spanish, French and Javascript for dummies, so good haul i guess. Also, Korra was completely done, except for ep3 ugh... too many details huh?

Moving on.

I slept for an hour, woke up and got ready. The weather was cold. I bemoaned the fact that i'm no longer 'that cool guy who isn't fazed by the cold'. Screaming my way through my shower, i got ready, and blasted off!!!

I had a grim wait for the chemistry exam. Tried to cram in some details but was feeling generally hopeless. Updated my facebook status, and entered the hall of doom.

But i was calm. And maybe... sleepy...

Because i ended up starting writing before they even told us too. I thought they had announced it but hey no harm no foul. And then even after that. My mind wandered off and i began thinking of story plots and things on game of thrones. I thought about high fantasy stories and the meaning of superpowered protagonists and villains in the scope of things: Is there any point of the brave army if someone can make a mountain dissapear? Why are jedi so freaking powerful? Is there any logical reason why a select few are so powerful, and these other unique characters, hundreds of them, seem not to have enough will or circumstance to be as equally powerful ? (all this during an exam mind you.)

Anyhoo. I wrote it and finished. In an hour. Two hours early by the clock. And then i got worried.

Hmm... somethings not right here. So i waited 15 minutes. Shifting my pencils and pens around, and went through the paper again. I indeed found some mistakes, and one question suddenly made sense, and then it was done. Zip zilch, finito! There was nothing more to be done. The paper had been easy.

I waited for the first smart people to walk out, and then i handed in my own paper and escaped to glory.

Lunch time.

Boring, waiting for chips, but i was happy. Facebook update. Facebook update, and then, a guy named Yuri appeared!

He has officially become my 'supplier'. He invited me to check out the list of anime he got on his pc, and some other cool stuff, and it's epic. I mean, mecha anime i thought were never done proper. Cool awesome stuff. Superrobot anime to whatever. I wish my external harddisk was alive.

Anyhow, the transactiosn promised and done, i headed back to my flats and lazed around. No exams tomorrow so yeah, i'll take it easy.

And then that brings me here to now. Not a remarkable day... except when i accidentally picked up a horrible horrible story about a girl i thought had a perfect life... man, reality bites hard. Talk about dark secrets.

I also discovered than i'm a horrible horrible human.

The End.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Coach Fro on July 03, 2012, 12:24:52 PM
Nice story Lego! I liked the part where you waited for the smart people to walk out first. I found that funny for some reason.

How many years of college you got left?
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: legomaestro on July 03, 2012, 01:08:21 PM
3 years hehe. Still a ways away
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: legomaestro on September 04, 2012, 07:07:31 AM

Y.A.D.O.M.H  Yet Another Day On My Holiday.
     I suppose this is the thought that must have skittered like a guilty tarantula in the back of my head when I woke up. My brother was all dressed up for work in black, and i instantly jumped out of bed and headed to the toilet. Yes, it was that fast. Maybe Rainbow Six is improving my reflexes.
     I felt pleased with myself because my plan had worked: Last night I had guzzled considerable amounts of water and two cups of tea. It had been my only way to make myself sleep fast … and wake up fast enough. There was a certain matter to attend to at The Place That Must Not Be Named. I needed to get it over with, i needed to walk down to… College… and figure out what was going on. Oh the horror. I already feel the sinking feeling. Oh damn my holiday is finishing. It’s finishing! WAAAH!
     -ahem. Excuse me.
     Anyways, I got ready as fast as I could. Rummaged through piled clothing and my recently sad looking bookcase. Tried to listen to music on my laptop but accidentally turned it off when I dropped my deodorant on the keys. I could go on and on about how sluggish and groggy I felt throughout the process of getting ready, but you get the idea. The Place That Must Not Be Named has that effect on me.
     Before I stepped out of the door, for the umpteenth time i thought: I need to get out of this rut of unproductivity and pessimism. I just must. What happened to my energy? I looked around my room and got a good idea .
      My room was and always has been my psychological mirror in life. The state my room was in was not impressive. With much brooding, I took a cup of coffee to feel relatively cultured and headed out.
     Damn was it hot. The sunlight was ungodly. I know it had something to do with taking coffee after sleeping only 5 hours, but either way it was hell. Accompanied by mad thoughts on what to do with my miserable state of affairs, I headed out to The Place.
     I finally reached college. My heart was doing the tango with my chest and my eyesight was dimming. If i was superman school campuses are kryptonite. I couldn't help thinking and worrying that maybe school had already started, that hidden in the empty classes were people learning while i had overslept past all the classes. When I finally calmed myself down I kept walking and reached the main quadrant where the offices are situated. All the lecturers gathered there. Great. I questioned one of them as he walked a safe distance away from ground zero and confirmed my suspicions: They were on strike and negotiating salary increase, so I was spared investigating when school would open and my grades e.t.c. I face palmed at how badly the guys seem to want strikes and sit-ins, and walked around the empty campus.
     I must admit though, I felt relieved that all my slacking off hadn’t made me miss anything. I had been running on rumors so far so it was good to get a confirmation.
     I reached the law office where an old friend of my dad usually stayed. I knew i wouldn't find him, but i just like the way the place looks. It's painted all white, it’s clean, and tiled and smells of success. There's also this little round table at a corner of the reception room that is regularly replenished with magazines and newspapers, and usually i find something of interest. Hit the jackpot in this case. I found a relatively recent copy of The Guardian. I read two excellent articles about some tabloid gutter type reporter defending his sudden change into a responsible adult. It was funny. It was smart. It was cool. He pointed out something interesting "Life is a series of updates." Updates in computer terms... And the last update? The Afterlife software... that has an inevetible glitch in the middle of the install. Heh, I don’t know why but I found it so sensible.
     The other article? It was about some crazy philosopher. Can’t quite breeze over its description without stepping onto a soap box, so let me just say It helped put things into perspective.
     Moving on.
     I finally found the energy to go home, but then the horrible thought came to me "Go to town." I tried moving faster but it was too late. I was betrayed. I couldn't get it out of my head that i could go buy stuff in town and save myself the trouble of going down to buy them later. No matter how many times i tried, the thought stuck, and i miserably headed out to town. Well, so long as I was away from The Place.
Damn was it hot. The sun was brutal, merciless. I don’t know what I did to piss it off but it kept cooking my brain. I even got a tan.
     Anyways, that business was done and it was time to head back. I took a 20 minute breather to read a novel before I finally gathered enough strength to go on, but I finally, finally, finally reached home. It was bliss.
When I looked at my computer again, i found out strangely that i could write. I actually had the drive to write again! Humming hallelujah (well… maybe not, more like Maestro by Julien K) I typed away. I thought it was a fluke, I still do, but I edited the damn post, so maybe I’m not just throwing out something there. Maybe I’m back.

Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Rojas on September 04, 2012, 07:52:05 AM
Welcome back Lego and also pretty interesting take on your day. Seemed like one of those long sluggish days that have no end. Keep writing as it pulls away from everyday occurrences.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: Coryn on September 04, 2012, 08:42:15 AM


Wake up-6am

It's that weird state of being where you aren't sure if you're in the real world, or if you're still dreaming. I can't really tell, I don't want to tell. My mattress is soft, the blankets are warm. It's nice and low to the floor due to my lack of anything resembling a bedframe, but that's ok.

    But of course as my alarm rings I realize that yes indeed, I have been awake this whole time. Sitting up with ease due to my already apparent state of consciousness, I turn off my two alarms, though quickly realizing I had just been jipped of my last half hour of possible sleep for the night, I turn my secondary alarm back on, and try to take full advantage of these last 15 minutes to garner as much REM sleep as possible.

    Sadly the second alarm is already ringing. I hate that damn tune, it always means bad things. Luckily at least I had long ago learned to stop setting actual music for my phone alarm, opting instead to use one of the pre-programed electronic beats, loud and annoying, the perfect alarm.

     Rolling from bed to the floor I crawl over to my dresser. By dresser of course I mean the 10 dollar plastic drawers I bought from Walmart. Short, flimsy, and only the top drawer holds any actual clothing, with the bottom two containing either miscellaneous electronics or just plain old miscellaneous. Finally retrieving a fresh pair of boxers however, I fumble past the lock of my door, and into the bathroom just across the haul.

     It's still dark outside, so I find myself without the benefit of the eastern facing window of my room flooding with light around 7am. It's a nuisance on days I can sleep past the dawn, but I always miss it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the day of my 2 hour Engineering Physics studio at 7:30 in the freaking morning. Which brings me back to the bathroom, and how after closing the door and turning on the light. I shrink into the corner and shield my eyes from the blinding light like some cave dwelling demon. It takes a very long minute to adjust, but when I finally do I manage to navigate through the normal routine.

     Only 15 minutes later I find myself returning to my room, hair wet, body dry enough to leave my towel behind in the humid bathroom. Fumbling into my clothes I check the time; 6:33, fairly decent for my lack of cognitive function. And after venturing into the dark kitchen of my equally dark apartment, I retrieve a pack of old poptarts and a glass of water for my breakfast.

     After sitting in silence long enough to enjoy what was there to enjoy, I notice that I still have upwards of 10 minutes until I have to start the mile and a half walk to campus, and thus I decide to stretch across my mattress (the only real piece of anything to sit down on in my room), and pull my laptop towards me.

     I fumble around with the wireless adapter for a moment. It's been a pain to use ever since my laptop's built in wireless on/off switch broke in the off position, but it gets me the internet I need and love, so I deal with it happily. Of course the most reasonable thing to do as a college student with time before classes is to check their university email. After all, Professors are known for sending really important, yet supremely last minute emails. Though at 6:45am and little sleep, you're kinda hoping that you don't find out you lost hours of sleep for no reason.

     This of course is NOT what I found out.

     "You only have one studio this week! That studio is what the homework I sent you is for! Make sure to check your schedule."

      Alarm bells are ringing in my head. I've had to go to the follow up classes without the proceeding lecture before. This is college, the professors aren't like that, THE *censored* IS GOING ON. Of course after fumbling through the course homepage to find the schedule it's a mess, a horrible catastrophe of an excel sheet created by my ancient professor, the same professor who forgets how to work his slideshow each and every class. But after deciphering for 5 minutes the truth is plain.

      I have little sleep. It is nearing 7am. I am awake, showered, dressed, full of dried out pastry and cinnamon sugar filling. And I could have slept in to my next class at 3:30pm and there wouldn't have been a soul in the world who would have given a single f*ck.

     My name is Matthew Bunyard, and that has been my day so far.
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Post by: legomaestro on September 04, 2012, 09:39:36 AM
Haha, great entry matt.

And thanks rojas, coryn.
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Post by: Jack Melancholy on September 04, 2012, 05:00:13 PM
My first post on here. I think this'll be fun ^_^

I woke up at 6:45 in the morning. My step-brother had woke me up and told me the time. I got up quickly for I knew i'd be late if I didn't. I got dressed and headed upstairs to use the bathroom. I stopped as I had seen my mother was in there doing her make up. Thought, "OK. She'll be out in a minute. I can wait", so I used that time to put my Physics binder into my book-bag.

After around two minutes I headed back upstairs to see if she was out. She was not. So I went and made myself breakfast. Half way through eating my meal she gets out. I notice this a bit late and head in. As I head back she too was heading back. She asked, "Can I go and put my hair clip in real quick?", I responded with, "I have too pee badly and I have less than a minute to get to my bus stop". She let me go. I did my business and got out.

I grabbed my bag and left. I sped walked to my stop and got there a little bit before the bus. I was a bit happy, but then I thought, "Wait. I could have made a better breakfast than a ham sandwich on semi-stale bread and still be on time? FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU". The bus arrived and I took my seat. It went through its route and after a bit I'm at school. There I headed to a room and stayed for a bit until 1st period started. I went through my day normally. The day ended and I went home.

After getting home I got the mail, punished the dog for eating up the toilet paper, I don't know why she did it, and I headed back to my room in the basement. I turned my laptop on, signed in, checked out replies on threads, saw that people were saying happy B-Day, was happy ^_^, and then went through the "unread since last post". I checked out somethings and found this. I wrote about my day so far.

That's all. XD only the before and after school things I do were worth mentioning.
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Post by: legomaestro on April 18, 2013, 12:09:52 PM
18 April 2013

Life is plotless. There's way too much sh*t going on at the same time.

I'll give you a breakdown as brief as I can.

First thing: This week we've had hellish 6:30 am make up classes because the math lecture is going missing for two weeks. By some miracle i have managed to get to all these classes on time. I have managed to wake up at 4 when it should be night (and one time the day before i woke up at 2 o clock for some reason.)  The last two days i had nightmares about my hair being destroyed and being laughed at in public. I feel so tired and exhausted throughout this week.

Second Thing: That unwritten Law of the World the one that goes like 'if you want to avoid someone desperately YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY BUMP INTO THEM'. The girl that i like i want to hate, so i've decided to give the coldest of shoulders, but the law interfered and had me dancing to its tune. I will not go into specifics. It was a pain. It is still a pain.

Third Plotline: Doing something. Actually doing something out of my element. Something protagonist like. This whole week i had a plan to anonymously paste my poems on the notice board, but clearly it was freaking Thursday and nothing of the sort had happened. Feeling very pissed off, a Volcano of angry thoughts in my head, i drank my tea and started walking down to campus. 6:18. Good freaking morning.

Class. Math. That is all. Thankfully it turns out to be our last class. Everyone is sneezing and by the time i'm walking out i'm sneezing too. Great.

Suddenly I'm brave for some reason. There's a mix up with our Wedsnday class and i was toying aroudn with writing a petition to get the matter resolved. But this was little old Mordecai Banda, right? I don't do things like that. There was no way.

But my hand moved on its own. I finished my draft, turned the paper and wrote down my name on the petition sheet with me as the author. Next step, ask my whole class to support the petition. I tested the possibility of this with a good buddy of mine. He rejected it.

Usually this is the point where i curl up in a corner and give up. But that writer's workshop last week put things in perspective somehow. So i walked around with that one name on the paper and i kept it close. Physics class i got my first signature.

The final showdown: The statistics class. The one the petition was being written for. I passed it around first when no one was really in there, and only amongst good friends who would most definately humour me. Then suddenly the whole class rushed in. Gals and Guys, and the course lecturer himself. I stood there light i was in spotlights. I asked a nearby friend what to do. I thought he'd cut me some slack, say i should just leave the paper in a visible spot that anyone could write on if they wanted to after class. No such thing. He told me to make an announcement. I pretended not to hear what he said at first but when he repeated it there was no going back.

Dammit Mordecai. I grit my teeth.

But there was nothing else. I was like someone else. I felt absolutely no nervouseness as i walked up to the lecutrer and asked him for a moment to talk to the class.

I looked at everyone equally and summarized my letter. I told them the cause. Cheers.

*censored*ING CHEERS.

Doesn't happen to me often. This was the third/fourth time in my entire life.

They would all sign the paper.

I had done something tangible. I had finally broken out of some form of shell. I looked at my pen and said yes, this is my sword.

I plan to use it some more.

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Post by: Coach Fro on April 22, 2013, 02:10:05 PM
Good for you lego! Just goes to show that a little bit of courage can overcome any obstacle.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :clapping:
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Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on April 22, 2013, 05:09:44 PM

My Friday was sort of notable.
When I should have been asleep, I was not. Symphonies were my sustenance. As they gushed through my headphones, I typed essay after essay on the desktop computer, occasionally munching on peanut butter crackers. Before I knew it, the sun had risen. I wasn't finished, but it was all due today, and I could not turn back. I showered and got dressed and headed out to school. I did not have time for breakfast. I learned later that class wasn't over that week, but next week. I could have slept some. I wanted to go home and nap violently, but my sister had been invited to go eat with her friends. My unmotivated self, not having his license yet, had been driven by his mom who happened to be his sister's ride. We stayed out and about for an hour and a half, while my sister finished her quesedilla. Me and my mom talked about my future. I got depressed. I felt like a failure who didn't really have a future in anything. I had been told all my life how "talented" I was at multiple fields, but I knew better. I hadn't been able to write a good song in months, and I had writer's block the past two days. Talent smolders. Finally. Home. I rushed to bed and curled up like a child in its feathered arms. I woke up at six in the evening. My dad was playing a concert. Caribbean music featuring the university steel pan orchestra and big band. I decided to go. It was a great concert. The singer was a natural calypsonian performer. The compositions were long. Just the way I like them. When I got home, I felt the urge to write music again. So I did. I felt the influence of the symphonies permeating through my work. I sort of realized that I had to work hard to create something good. And listen to music, read books, etc. When the good ideas don't come, go to the good ideas.
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Post by: legomaestro on April 23, 2013, 04:46:19 AM
Wow man you seem to have a colourful family. And this kind of story is what in needed to read i guess. It motivates me too!

@ Frono thanks man! And yes indeed a little courage... it's hard to find though most of the times
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Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on April 23, 2013, 02:12:47 PM
Glad the story did some good.
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Post by: legomaestro on April 29, 2013, 02:33:13 PM
A great Monday - Or not.

The monday went pretty well. Detoxing from a nice weekend where i drank for once, happy at the amount of money i had (two of my uncles paid me a visit and gave me some cash! Yes for awesome uncles who think you drink a lot!) And then school was there, examinations looming and panic and school but all in all i was in an optimistic high. I read my bible, I planned out my day, and i managed to get quite a lot of things in track.

The day wasn't excellent, but for a Monday, it was doing well. Until now.

I stay 30 minutes from campus and today we had some biology class till it was quite dark at 6:00PM. So i had no choice but to call a taxi. I was worried about digging into my funds too much, but i figured it was better than getting mugged, since that has been going on for a while here.

Anyways i took the taxi. Just as i was about to get on a couple of students hard pressed for a ride asked to hop along, and i said yeah, go ahead. The guy offered to pay and i declined. Maybe it's wrong but i felt good about that.

Then the taxi guy was driving me home, and then my genius emerged.

I tell the driver that there is a new road that they're constructing and it cuts right through the hill to my house. I knew it wasn't even finished yet, but i figured it beat using the original road, which winds all around the hill before finally reaching my house. I wanted to save time and money.

The driver was confused, didn't quite believe me and then he went off according to my directions.

And then the car got stuck.

When he was supposed to reverse to get out of the cramped (and apparently barely constructed) dirt road, we were in trouble. The car was about to go in a ditch, and the engine wouldn't come on because there wasn't enough fuel in the ride. We tried gingerly easing out into a roll to get the car jump-started but it was getting way too close to the ditch.

After much depressed banter about how bad a situation we had gotten ourselves into, he decided to call a friend to come with fuel to get the car to start quick.

A long wait. A status update later and the fuel was there. But somewhere in the background the total costs are piling up.

I figured our troubles were over. The driver tried to start the car again.

It failed.

The fuel wasn't enough. It was still tilted way back into the car. So now the car just had a little more fuel but the same darned problem.

I ventured to call some nearby gaurds to help with pushing.

After much humiliating explanation about how i got myself into the situation, the gaurd agreed to help. He called some of his friends and in my head there is suicide and self-deprecation.

Finally they get to business and the scathing remarks about how stupid i was stopped and they got into their work quite efficiently.

When they were done, there was this awkward moment and the carmradie vanished and it was all business again. The driver talked to them, offered them some cash. They weren't satisfied but i promised i'd pay them later and it was all cleared up.

We drove back to my house in silence.

I swallowed and asked the total amount i owed him and yeah, it overshot what my uncles gave me on the weekend plus some. Money down the toilet. I'd have been better off boozing at a nearby bar and then getting the same taxi back home.

And i sit here in stunned silence wondering how in all the world this could possibly happen. Science student, huh.

I just don't know, reader. I don't know how or why this happened. I have a hunch that it has something to do with me being an idiot.

If there ever was need for a facepalm. It was now.

On the count of three now...

one... two...

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Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on April 29, 2013, 07:50:14 PM
I could feel the humiliation. It hurt. Sorry about that Lego.

Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: legomaestro on April 30, 2013, 01:42:46 AM
Thanks man. I should probably work more on my writing though, no matter how pissed off i am i could do with better sentence structure.
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on April 30, 2013, 10:34:09 AM
I didn't really notice the sentence structure on this, which is a good thing. There were a couple minor flaws, like starting with the same word. I liked it, all and all. It conveyed the emotion pretty well.
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Post by: legomaestro on May 15, 2014, 01:09:34 PM
Randomly got myself locked in the shower, because the door handle snapped off earlier and none in the family thought to replace the damn thing. But anyhoo. I came from a run, dying and out of breath and then closed the door behind me matter of fact.

2 minutes of recovering from the run. A few more thinking about how ironically, I had just watched an episode of Fargo where a guy is locked in a closet (the other dude used drills to hole him up in there.). I fiddled at the door jamb but found the snapped off handle wouldn't give me any purchase. I looked in my pockets in case there was anything useful, finding myself thinking I should always walk around with a knife. Always be prepared.

I even ended up trying to use my teeth, but clearly that didn't go well. But I tried again after wrapping the handle in my shirt. I thought if I twisted there'd be enough torque. Tried my teeth again but it still looked immovable. I looked around the shower and the only thing of use was a broom stick. Tried slamming that at the door, but it was too hard and the noise would've probably alerted the neighbours.

Ah yes, the neighbours. I really did not want to call out for their help (their door is actually visible from the window), but i did try to call for the house workers who live around the house and help out with cleaning and stuff. No answer. I saw the neighbours were washing clothes but my pride refused calling to them.

The window was too small. Burglar bars. I tried the door again but no dice.

Anyways, I was dumbfounded and slammed at the door again, and was preparing to wait a couple hours till finally the house worker came along and opened the door from the otherside. I immediately went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, found a hammer and dismantled the lock, thanking my lucky stars.

Not the most remarkable experience, and I didn't feel any trauma, but I have some thoughts on the experience.

1. My characters are way too Stu. I completely failed to figure a way out. I'm not sure if the worker heard my call or anything, but in the end I thought of what I could and failed to get that door open. There was a conflict, and I progressively tried one thing after another, but it didn't work out. When it did work out it was only luck, and only (thankfully a small) after some time. The people in my story tend to have immediate resolution of their conflicts. They always have the ability to solve the problem. Sure, I'll give them super powers as always, but I'll try to make the stakes tougher.

2. My stupid pride not to rely on the neighbours to help me out is of interest. I'll try to make my characters stay behind their beliefs, whether antagonist, protagonist or anything in between. Sometimes i make a hero drop a hat and change the way they've lived.

3. I'll have a little more mercy on criticizing characters in such a situation, especially if they don't have super powers.

Yeah. Just thought it an interesting experience.

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Post by: Vacant on May 15, 2014, 01:46:43 PM
What a good thread this is! I never imagined one could learn so much about writing from being locked in the shower!
Title: Re: Your day as a short story:
Post by: legomaestro on May 15, 2014, 01:49:10 PM
Haha. Silver linings from humiliation. Yay. haha

*curls up in a corner and cries
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Post by: Vacant on May 15, 2014, 03:37:02 PM
haha, you're not the only one dude, I think Russell Brand summed my existence up perfectly.  "My life is just a series of embarrassing incidents strung together by telling people about those embarrassing incidents".
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Post by: legomaestro on May 15, 2014, 05:37:31 PM
Haha, that's an interesting quote
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Post by: Vacant on June 11, 2014, 05:16:16 PM
Well here goes the story of Vacant's day (and some ramblings as well :P)

               I woke up this morning, my head a jumble of thoughts and emotions. Now, why it's quite the norm for me to have an erratic thought process, today I had a culprit that I could pin all this onto. Today was the last day I would go to my work. I'd been wanting to leave for a while. Well, to be honest, I'd been coming to that decision since the start of the year, but had dragged my feet.
              "Just hang on until your Holiday, you might feel better!". "How could you leave X and Y behind? They're good people!". These were the excuses my conscience conjured up, the weak case it put forward for staying put. This would usually occur during my daily routine of starring at the door and trying to work up the conviction to drop my headset, kick the door off it's hinges and say "I'm out bitches!". The scene would of played out like the finale of a low budget drama, it was an appealing idea. But alas, the same thing would happen. I would stay seated, press answer on my phone and begin reciting the mind numbing, robotic script I had reeled off thousands of times before. Then would come the stranger's irrational demands and anger, before I would try in vain to introduce Logic into the fray. This would be countered swiftly by insult's and/or Legal threats. Finally, I'd round that off nicely with a "thank you for calling". Which translated to "Thank you for talking to me like I was chewing gum on the sole of your shoe. Do you know I happen to just work here and didn't play a part in your stupidity/misunderstanding? Just checking"
                  As fate would have it, I'd be saved by the most unlikeliest of sources, an Operation. This operation rendered me unable to go to work while I healed up. Now the trade off was pain, copious amounts of medication, more pain, daily visits from Nurses, more pain, basic sick pay and more pain. But knowing that when I woke each morning I wasn't going to have to make the trip to work each day and sigh deeply as I put on that headset was certainly liberating. Fast forward a couple of months to last week and you would see me suited up and sauntering out of a successful interview. Of course, being the consummate professional, I waited until I was around the corner from the building before giving myself a congratulatory fist pump. Now I was still a couple of weeks from being fully fit, but I decided there and then I was going to quit my old job. That very moment, my phone rang. I answered to hear the head of HR from my old job.
                   I'd met her a few days prior to this, as she visited my home as part of a wellbeing visit. So I assumed it was to do with that. I was wrong. She informed me that my contract was coming up for renewal and they had made the decision that based on the time off I'd had that they weren't going to be continuing it. In fewer words they were terminating my contract. I struggled to contain a bemused laugh at the coincidence that had just taken place. A childish irritation dwelled in me that they had beaten me to the punch. However, she sounded genuinely sorry to have to relay this bad news to me, so much so that I felt guilty I wasn't showing any displeasure at what she had told me. So, I promptly backtracked, feigned disappointment and had a conversation about me being at a loss at what to do.
                So that was the tale before I stood outside the office building, the very same door I'd trudged in and rushed out of for the past 2 years. I entered the building and saw the familiar faces, with their familiar expressions. Sorrow, rage, frustration, they were all accounted for.
                But as is usually the case in life, we don't truly know what we have, until it's gone. In my case, it was the realisation I would be saying goodbye to a very good group of people, who got each other through the long hard days, for the final time. Unfortunately, I couldn't say the goodbye that many deserved, just hugs and jumbled farewells that were all that went down. As I made the rounds and cleared my desk, I felt a sad finality as I cleared my papers of the Monthly Status Board. My brain was trying to rapidly assemble a moving Montage of my past experiences there, but I quickly pushed this aside. Instead I realised how very fortunate I was that they were pulling the trigger instead. Since if it was me, I fear my resolve would of crumbled there and then. I kept this in mind as I waved a final goodbye, uttered the phrase everyone associated with me to illicit a final laugh and and opened that old green door. I looked back a final time and saw everyone smiling warmly at me.
                 It wasn't flashy, there was no walking out or removing doors from their hinges with a well placed boot.  No, I didn't go out with a bang or anything like that. As I walked to the car, I didn't turn back. I didn't want to. Those smiling faces were going to be my last memory of the place. To me, that was the best send off I could of asked for.

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Post by: legomaestro on June 11, 2014, 05:23:10 PM
There's something in my eye it's probably just dust
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Post by: GingerStark on June 11, 2014, 05:23:30 PM
Haha, nice story Vacant  :D Operations often can provide a lot of material to write for.
Hmm, lets see if I can give this a shot.

Ginger's quest for the toilet:

"Huh, I really need the loo" Ginger bemused to himself as he felt the mild discomfort his bladder was causing him "But I'm so comfortable... I don't wanna leave this chair"

To be continued...
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Post by: Vio on June 11, 2014, 09:03:23 PM
Oh God! I hope he checked to see there's toilet paper?!   :ohmy:
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Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on June 12, 2014, 05:45:57 PM
Drivers ed today.

-Me, quiet onlooker, silent judge, pun addict
-Male Student A, brother of a Harvard-bound genius sister, father recently committed suicide because of accusations of sexual assault. I gathered that Male Student A did not like his father and had a lot of expectations placed on him. I felt for him, although he didn't seem to care about much else other than clothes at the time.
-Male Student B, not so silent judge, sarcastic, generally pretty funny, with a streak of earnestness.
-Male Student C, overweight, nice guy, probably the easiest to get along with.
-Male Student D, absent. At a memorial service.
-Female Students A and B. Apparently pretty smart according to acceptance into prestigious schools, but only speak ironically. Pretty much unscalable and probably without conscience. Carry on ironic conversations about stabbing Presbyterians, burning nuns, (insert facts about how science has discovered a way for females to live/reproduce completely without males) committing hypothetical genocide against the entire population of males, feeling empowered by it, and becoming lesbians.
-Female Student C, who didn't seem on board with the idea. Nice girl, quiet, a little more earnest than the other two.
-Teacher A, backwoods PE coach in Nike garb who was obviously new to teaching, discussing drunk driving.
-Teacher B, very eloquent, possibly university teacher, consistently interesting, mustached, showed videos filmed with dash cams (apparently a big thing in Russia) of motorcycles crashing.

Story tells itself. I sometimes find it hard to believe that I don't live in a Southern Gothic novel.
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Post by: legomaestro on June 12, 2014, 05:51:19 PM
I really don't want to live on this planet anymore
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Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on June 12, 2014, 06:01:39 PM
It was generally an okay day until those two girls opened their mouths. Worst part is that they whisper, as if no one can hear them, and they were shocked when the teacher actually referenced their comment about stabbing Presbyterians.

Seems, though, that they use irony as a deflection, like there are things they don't want to talk about.
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Post by: MissChurro on July 21, 2014, 03:27:08 PM
Churro’s Rainforest Trek-

The sun beat down directly upon me. I looked up at the sky to see it was full of huge, fluffy clouds… Everywhere but near the sun. I sighed and inhaled that steamy, humid air. I remembered why I dislike summer so much. I tend to forget it, when I’m looking forward to swimming, ice cream, barbeques, and fireworks. But I definitely remember now. I trekked further into the vast wilderness, and began slicing down the large grasses in my way. I knew it was futile. It'll grow back in a few days anyway, even if it doesn't rain. Possibly due to some sort of witchcraft. But I try to keep up anyway. As I was walking I felt a sudden, fuzzy, ticklish sensation on my legs. I jumped and smacked the web off of my legs. Luckily it was empty. I proceeded slicing and soon a group of small lizards scurried from a patch I was cutting down. I don’t mind the lizards. I stopped and let them safely pass. I continued cutting, when something scurried from another patch of grass. It wasn’t the lizards, but rather a group of fanged arachnids. I do mind them. They must have been the ones living on the web I walked through earlier. I violently sliced through the grass. I don’t know if they got away or not, but I’d rather never know, so I can at least believe they won’t be bothering me again. I wiped the glistening sweat off of my face as I continued to slice, then I came to a sudden halt. I heard it. The buzzing in my ear. The buzzing circled my head as I stood completely still. I saw them, and looked into those oval eyes filled with darkness… The devil wasps. I was too far from the poison spray, besides, it was too risky to move. They got nearer and nearer, scoping me out and violently buzzing in my ears. My options were running out, was I going to be trapped here all day, or must I risk unleashing their wrath? Finally, I could relax. For today, they had decided I wasn’t interesting enough. As the little demons buzzed away I sighed with relief, and proceeded cutting my way through the grass. With a few more slices, I had finally cleared it all.

I proudly gazed at my beautifully cut grass. I then went back inside to fix myself some cold lemonade. This morning’s yard work was finally finished.
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Post by: legomaestro on July 21, 2014, 04:34:30 PM
Haha I almost felt that lemonade. You were using... A slasher? I don't know the proper name of those things. They have an l shape at the end? Or something else?

The wasps sound dangerous though. Also, is that some exotic country or something? Amazon? >.> ?
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Post by: MissChurro on July 21, 2014, 04:44:19 PM
Haha it was some refreshing lemonade!
Nah I couldn't really think of a good word so I just called it that, because it kinda slashes the weeds away. A string cutter might be the proper term? It has a plastic string at the end that spins really fast and slashes it all down.

The wasps are dangerous. They don't hesitate to sting, which makes them difficult to get rid of. My mom's gotten stung twice this summer, and the first time was just because she pulled out a lawn chair, which apparently had a giant nest on the bottom. Luckily I've been able to avoid being stung so far, but I don't know how long I'll be lucky. >.>

Nope. America.
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Post by: legomaestro on July 21, 2014, 05:13:26 PM

Ah, I see. And I've heard of those things. Sounds dangerous. Do you get snakes there too if the grass is too high or something?
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Post by: MissChurro on July 21, 2014, 05:23:58 PM
( (
I use this gif too much

Ohh I should've put that in the story. I filled in at least three potential snake holes today. (They could be moles, but they look more snake-sized)
I rarely see any actual snakes though. Just the holes.
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Post by: Saiko on August 21, 2014, 10:15:38 PM
My day:

Got up,slipped,hit my head,and then blede. Walked out the room and sat on the john;john broke in half.Brushed my teeth and toothbrush broke,I blame china(not rasis just reading the MADE IN CHINA lable). Opened the window for some fresh air,bird crapped on my head,I blame PETA. Walked outside and found my car tires missing,and not the only thing, I also missed the buss. Sweaty couse I had to run like 4 miles,almost got fired. Finished work,got out and a car splashed mud on me. Had to call a friend for help,friend told me to stay put,got stood up.

Walked for like,I don't know how long,and got mugged,with no money,I kept walking,drooling over some Doritos near a stand. Kept on walking and accidentally bumped with a granny,I said "sorry" but she hit me with her purse,RAN LIKE CRAZY. Tripped and scrapped my knee and tire my pants. Now hungry,hurt,and seriosly annoyed, I kept walkin in silence and misery.

I walk up to a big building,and I walk in and find a girl,we talk,she messes with me,I whine,then she says her brakes over.As I walk out the building my friend is waiting with a car,we drive to my home,we go inside and i eat Ramen.My friend asks,"Why....Why go to this trouble?Are you stupid?That's stupid,stupid,you walk 8 miles total and you were mugged." I laugh and say "Yea,but still o find peace with knowing that Ramen might give me cancer,hope that doctor sends me the test results soon!"My friend looks at me,and just stares.We say our goodbies and I go to be to start over again.

That's my day,it's terrible,but I couldn't love it more,I eat and have friends,I don't want to complain,and I have no right to.
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Is that even possible
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Post by: Manimal on August 21, 2014, 10:47:56 PM
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Post by: neoraise on June 20, 2015, 02:02:47 PM
"Niw lethul,niw blud"(no bullethole,no blood) as my 4 yr old niece Rese opened my bags,took out some of my dirty uniforms,shirts and ignored my present for her(for the first time)as i came home earlier after two weeks of field work.

"Wus wus" (wash) Rese's reply as i asked her if where she is going to take my clothes.
And came back in front of me minutes later wearing one of them.(i just froze in my seat while watching her in my uniform)

With a chilling sensation not because of the room temperature but because she might follow my footsteps in the future.

My younger sister Maya saw what is Rese trying to do.

"Neil,if she ever decides to have same job as you do in the future?,
-i'll be very proud of her"
as Maya walks away with my bags with no reply came out from my lips..still watching Rese eating some shortcakes i brought as a present while she is wearing my untidy uniform.

Same job? guess its a big NO-(for now)
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Post by: Akane on June 20, 2015, 03:54:37 PM
Hehe, this is so boring for hikikomoris

Let's see:
Upon awakening, I found my sister peeling potatoes. "Bleurgh!" Was my first thought as I imagined her turning those potatoes into disgustingly thick mashed potatoes. I went back to sleep. I woke again to the sound of my sister cutting potatoes. I immediately grabbed my phone and looked at the time. 10:38 I thought. Hewajima is amazing. I unlocked my phone and found the 8th episode of Black Butler 2 at 8:47. I watched to the end and exhaled through my nose in anticipation. I then opened the browser and checked new posts. One post was advice on drawing eyes. I happily decided that before the end of today I would make another self-portrait, however, I would clean my room up and wash the plate before having a shower. It was around 12 by the time I had finished, so I skipped breakfast and feasted on a kiwi whilst watching Black Butler and drawing. There were many interruptions during this time but, eventually, I finished both Black Butler 2 and the portrait. I then baked a caramel-coffee and walnut cake whilst watching the 12th episode of Owari no Seraph. After the credits, it showed the numbers, 2015/10. I threw my phone to the bed in anger before play on a PS Vita. The end (I think?)
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Post by: neoraise on June 22, 2015, 04:45:30 PM
"Get out!" the first words i hear as i wake up this morning.

In curiosity if what is going on downstairs,opened the room,look around and everything seems fine not until i saw my sister Maya holding my .45 caliber pistol pointing out the main door.

As im being curios if who is the person she is aiming for i just turn my eye on the main door-then its Rico(the father of her daughter)

"but that's your husband!" as i insist to drop the gun.

"I don't have any!"as she insists that they were not married in the first place.

With a drowsy feeling because of my 4 yr old niece Rese slept in my room giving me uppercuts and powerkick while sleeping.I just drove Rico away.

"It is almost 4 years-He always came back here every month just begging you to marry him,Why you even got pregnant on him?as i look at her seriously.

-"I just want a kid,no package deal"

"Ohh right." as i head back to my room scratching my head,pitying Rico.
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Dude Neo if that's your real life I am scared
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Post by: neoraise on June 28, 2015, 11:27:32 AM
Im kind of used to it..
-that handgun was just a "cute" one compare to those of my younger sister's collection.. 
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Post by: neoraise on June 30, 2015, 12:03:18 PM
"Hey Neil,the bank called earlier" as my sister Maya informing me while we eat our breakfast this morning.

"How was it?" as i asked her if everything is fine.
-"They said that another few digits were added in your account" as she smiles at me(knowing what she is trying to say).

"Waste it til you can" while peeling some bananas and coat it with some chocolate syrup.

As she were about to go,i told her to buy me a kiddie bike for my niece Rese because she gained too much weight and i can't lift her up anymore.

As she returns home hours later with most 5 big package boxes and the kiddie bike,i asked her if what is inside them.

"Drone,live ammo,maintence kits,oils for our big bikes,paints blah blah" as she opens them one by one.

I just open the door out, took Rese to the playground,teach her how to use the kiddie bike as we leave her mother Maya home.

"Your mother is cute and sweet when we were young" as i keep whinning while cleaning the bruises of Rese as she keeps falling off the bike and try it again..
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Post by: neoraise on July 03, 2015, 01:01:23 PM
"Neil! a call for you!" as my sister Maya shouts downstairs as i keep browsing some recipe's for shortcakes in my room early in this morning.

"Who was it!" as i shouts back with a toasted bread right in my mouth.

"Helix! HR department!..he said call him back" as the sound of her voice seems like hurrying as if something is burning.

Right away i called back the HR using my phone,then
everything was explained to me.

After a couple of minutes,i go downstairs to drink some water in the sister who is stirring some soup which is in the kitchen suddenly ask me if what is it..

"its a secret!"as i replied at her while grinning like a devil.

"you dont want to be hospitalized because taking a bath of some hot soup,do you?!" as she suddenly looks at me seriously while asking.

Truth is,can't hide something from my sister so i told her everything.

"don't worry i already booked some memorial service for you years ago if something might happened,they gave me a discount" as she laughs at me (like a witch).
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Post by: neoraise on July 14, 2015, 02:25:25 PM
"Unkeluu,Mama Newwt Boyyfeiiennd gainouu  (Uncle,mama has a new boyfriend again)" as my 4 year old niece Rese told me about her mom while having breakfast this morning,
I just smiled at her while wiping her face with some milk around her lips.

"Hey Maya,is it true?" as looked at her seriously and waits for her reply.

"Yeah its true,he is so handsome that i cant even resist him" with her reply that seems very happy.

"So where is he from?,do i know him?" as i asked my sister which is cleaning the table.

"He's inside my room,want to see him" as she sits right beside me.

"Now i understand,How much is it?" as i look at her knowing what is this "boyfriend" thing about.

"Around something thousand Blah Blah,"His name is MAC 50,want to see him?"" as she looks at me with a very very big smile..

"Oh right, an anti-tank sniper..good for you-{sigh}

"Maya, someday ill  report you to the police,you hear me?" as i walk back to my room with a cup of coffee and sandwich in hand.

With so much stress i felt because of my last week field assignment i didn't much have more to complain, i just want to watch anime all day to wash all the bad vibes and my lists that was skipped.(basically i stayed in my room just watching anime after that)-end

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Post by: neoraise on July 17, 2015, 12:50:51 PM
As i wake up this morning,my day was scheduled to take my 4 Yr old niece Rese to the dentist to remove one of her broken tooth first thing in the morning after breakfast and later,doing my monthly physical check up and adding some few bags in my blood bank because its running low,but it seems that the little girl gained herself some courage earlier to took her broken tooth out by herself.

As a reward,right after my own check up and giving out atleast two blood bags in the center,i took her to the mall to spoil her just a bit.

As we wait for my sister to give us a ride back home after some shopping,my niece suddenly touch my face asking that why i suddenly look so pale,she showed her arm saying that she wants to give some of her blood too.

I just tapped her head while smiling,felt very proud as my niece proved me no doubt-our blood runs through her veins.

As i enter the car,i noticed that my sister Maya is so pale,i asked her if what's wrong.

"I just did my share" as she hits the gas way home-end
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Post by: neoraise on July 19, 2015, 12:50:47 PM
"Neil,you look like a zombie" as my younger sister Maya stares at me after i made myself up while carrying my 4 yr old niece Rese which is half asleep 7o'clock this morning.

-"Maya,you stink of gunpowder,oil,lead,paint blah blah" as i told her frankly that she smells like hell,no wonder why Rese dont want to sleep with her these past few days.

I just go downstairs, took two glasses and poured some milk on them,give one glass to Rese which is in the chair (almost awake) and go back upstairs to give my sister Maya the other glass and an earful of and most tear dropping words for making my house a dangerous place to live.

After Maya had enough i think?she took a bath and prepared breakfast for us,

And after breakfast, Rese fell asleep again took her to my sister's room,as i opened the door-my sister is soldering something again.

I just go back to my room while carrying Rese,load some anime up and watch them up til now pretending that i didnt scold her earlier or she just never listened to me to begin with.
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Post by: neoraise on July 20, 2015, 02:09:19 PM
"Aaaw!" as another kick of my 4 yr old niece Rese lands on my face that wakes me up before the alarm clock rang this morning.
Just covered her with another blanket because it is sooo damn cold while she is sleeping soundly,took my toothbrush downstair and while brushing,go back upstairs with a toothbrush in mouth,knocked in my sister's room-Maya and as i opened the door-a flying pillow hits my face(i literally swallowed the toothpaste and almost the brush along with it)

Because its too early to argue with someone and my niece is sleeping next door,i just go back downstairs and pretend it didnt happened.

I just opened my laptop connect it to the t.v and watched soon as my niece heared that im watching Minions she came running to sit on lap and watch with a sandwich and milk in both hands,
as for my sister she almost woke up past 10,carrying her custom design MAK 50(her boyfriend,Rese said) for a test.

and later browse some manga to read while letting Rese goes rampage in my room again.~sadlife
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Post by: neoraise on July 28, 2015, 12:45:03 PM
"Wear your eyepatch!" as my sister Maya throws something at me as i about to go early this morning.(I dont have any choice because im not fond of using contacs),with some boxes inside the car,full of clothes and shoes for the children in orphanage,i set out..

As i arrived at the orphanage,leave my car outside,proceed inside to talk to the new superior(because the previous mother already retired) and after a few minutes of conversation,gets back to the car and leave the boxes in front of the orphanage and take myself a leave.

As im about to hit the gas,my sister Maya called asking me a favor of checking her another phone on our pastry shop because she forgot it inside(shop closed for a day) my way on the pastry shop and took it inside..and as i walk back to the car,a group of teenagers greeted me while smiling..all i did is to greet them and smile in return.

While scratching my head wondering who are those kids..i suddenly recalled those faces,
"No wonder i havent seen them earlier"-end
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Post by: neoraise on August 03, 2015, 12:30:47 PM
"Sir!let's go fishing!" as one of my colleagues pulling my shirt to join them after breakfast,with a fishing rod in her hand and a plastic of bread on the other(to be used as bait)just to kill time-i just told her that il be joining them later.

With 2 sticks of cigarrette in hand,lighter and cellphone-i decided to climb one of the containers that i made my special spot in the freighter yesterday.
Do some stretching before climbing(i almost forgot that another two cargo containers added into that spot early this morning),Heads up! "Hell i can climb it!".

Dissappointed and same time irritated because haven't got any sleep for my right eye itch for a reason that there might a storm approaching-i just go back to my team and join them.

"Lets get some sharks! one of them shouts,seems like everyone is enjoying as i joined them.

"so what's the bait?

"Take Mauriene(another personnel like me), and throw her to the ocean" as i suggested.
-Now my body hurts as she almost break some of my bones after hearing it.-end
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Post by: neoraise on August 15, 2015, 12:04:40 PM
As i open my eyes this morning,i find my eyes seems a little bit teary..
with a mainly reason that someone important on our neighborhood just passed away yesterday..

The person who were there when me and my sister lost our parents back in years ago.

The woman who always letting my sister Maya stay in their house when i do my partime jobs every night just to sustain our education and daily needs.

A second mother for me and my sister who were always looking after us from time to time,making some pies and dishes and giving it to us because sometimes we dont have anything to eat back then.

A friend and a parent that will always tap your shoulder either its a "good job" or "just try harder".

And the person who always shouting "Welcome home" despite of her age from afar just for me to hear her after my work assignments.

Not because of her,i am not what i am right now,

-so today,we just visit her family for giving thanks and condolences,
For the person who we indebted to,
Only "thank you" is all i can say.
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Post by: neoraise on August 20, 2015, 01:22:50 PM
"Take a bath now!" as my voice raises up after i wake up and open Maya's room this morning,seeing everything is in chaos.

"but its soo cold Neil" as she refuses to do so.
I just looked at her followed by "yes~" because im so upset about her room that i cant explain what is going on and why it looked so nasty.

Cleaned all of unnecessary things before she comes out of the bath.

"I'll be off for my routines tomorrow,so take good care of yourselves" as i told her she stepped out of the bath,she just nod at me.

So i just back to my room and pack my things up silently because Rese(my niece which is in my room)still sleeping. 

And after i finished tidying my things Maya called downstaires to eat breakfast,i just didnt wake Rese because she sleep so soundly.
i just go downstaires to eat and as i am about to sit,Maya apologized for what happened earlier, about her room.
I accepted it and told her that most of the time i am not around to scold her,after eating i just go back to my room to answer some calls.-end
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Post by: Funkermonster on September 09, 2015, 02:34:07 PM
The day's not even even over, but craziest things have happened today this morning. This all totally happened, totally. I guarantee you:

Earlier today at the beginning of history class in school, a fire drill alarmed us all to go outside on one side of the building. The alarm was extraordinary, weird, and obnoxious: it sounded like a woman screaming on cocaine or something, whatever it was I had no idea what I was listening to. We were outside on one side of the school for quite a while, I was just walking around by myself getting excercise and brainstorming more plot ideas for my stories while everyone else was talking to each other somewhat loudly. The drill seemed to last a lot longer than it usually does and I had no idea what was really going on, but one of the instructors (a.k.a. my former math teacher last year) called us all to go to the other side of the school and forbid us all from talking. As we moved, I saw a fire truck or something leave the school, and there were police officers by the picnic table. The officer said to all of us "Do something like this, and you're going to juvy jail, just like this young man", then I was looking at one of our students being walked back into the building by our school's police officer, handcuffed I might add. I didn't know who he was and don't know what he did, but the principal then gave us a speech about how its wrong to be pulling pranks or making fun of others just because we might think its funny, and that the firemen and police came because our well-being is important to them. She still wouldn't say exactly what the guy did, but just that he did something "he thought would be funny", and my mind was boggling from what was happening. I found it hard to believe he was really being arrested and thought he was taken inside just to be privately warned about what'd happen if he did it again, but as we were to go back to class I then just saw the police come with him outside still handcuffed, and they actually took him to their car, closed the door and drove off! When we got back inside, I found we had been outside for about 40 minutes worth of classtime, and our minds were blown from what happened.

Daaaaaaaang..... never thought I'd see something like this happen around me. I gotta say I feel bad for the guy if all he did was pull a prank..... Who knew pulling a practical joke like this could get you sent to the hoosgow?  :blush:
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Post by: Ballistic on October 09, 2015, 09:51:47 PM
Finally passing out in the back seat of my car after an intense night of work, I was awoken 2 hours later by the military bases' tank training miles away. After falling asleep once more for several hours; a series of knocks beat against my window. I lift the towel on my window to see the reflective vest of Walmart security. The man stares at me--he raises his silver caterpillars which I believe were eyebrows.
"Just making sure that you're alive," he walks back to his car then drives off.
Without any haste, I drive my car as fast as I can across the street then rush into the Dennies. I yank my driver's license from my wallet then present it to the man at the counter.
"You guys give free Grand Slams on birthdays, right?" I ask.
He narrows his eyes while gazing at the laminated card. "*censored*, it is." He beckons me to the table."

The rest of my day pertained to getting more birthday freebies, so there's my short story.
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Post by: Vacant on October 22, 2015, 05:08:01 PM

One of the Management Team at work: "Hey Simon, since you've worked a lot recently and helped us out. How about taking friday off?"

Me: "Cool, shall do"

One of the Management Team at work: "Well deserved, you enjoy it!"

*Go off and make plans for friday, now being free can go see a few friends in Manchester for drinks*


One of the Management Team at work: "Hi simon, about having Friday off....Can you work 7 till 9pm?"

Me: "Oh, I sorta made plans. If it's just 2 hours, is there no one else at all to cover?"

One of the Management Team at work: "No. You know you really shouldn't be having time off when we are short handed. You need to keep business needs in mind at all times. Thanks for being one team" *Cue corporate sponsored thumbs up for quoting a company value*


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Post by: legomaestro on October 22, 2015, 05:13:24 PM
That is amazing hahahaha
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Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on October 22, 2015, 10:33:01 PM
@Vacanstein: (

My day in the style of Ernest Hemingway:

No school.
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Post by: Coach Fro on January 16, 2018, 10:35:43 PM
Randomly remembered this and decided to bring this back for the one time. You might as well start calling me "Young Gravedigger", cause all I do is dig up the past.

*Drops mic*

This little piece was something I wrote when I was sort of having "women troubles" a year ago. It's an exaggerated version of what a typical day looked like for me back then, so it doesn't hold up to this topic's name in the purest of sense. However, I really wanted to share this and I didn't want to make a whole new topic for it, so yeah, fight me.

Warning! May contain inappropriate language not suited for individuals who cannot handle the feels.

He was on a bus. A very old and smelly Cta bus. He sat in the very first seat in the front on the right, just sitting there, his knees jerking up and down as he stared at the blank screen of his galaxy smartphone. There was an older fat woman sitting next to him talking on the phone. She was yelling loud, something about a “dumb bitch that's been trying her at work recently.” He paid no attention to her though. He simply just stared blankly at his phone, focused. There were other loud people on the bus too. The bus was packed full of them. But their cacophony of voices did not reach his ears. Even as the bus rocked and jerked violently during the ride, he remained motionless. Nothing moved him, as his mind was only concerned with the one thought that's been eating him alive for months…

Is she thinking about me…?

They had been talking for at least four months now. He first met her last year at his job when they both came in together as new hires. It took some time, but after a long year of battling anxiety, he had finally asked her out on a date. And to his surprise, everything went amazingly smooth. A couple of a good dates. Even got a nice kissing session out of it. You know, textbook dating at its finest. But there was still a problem…

Why am I so unsure…?

Things were moving slow. Uncomfortably slow. He read in a website article about dating, that a girl, if you've been doing everything right, should be all over you by the second or third date. But they've been on at least six dates and yet things feel as if they're not progressing. She told him that she wanted to take things slow and he accepted that. But for some reason, he felt as if things weren't moving at all…

I feel weird…

The bus jerked to the right, hard. His neck jerked right along with it. A sharp crack could be heard as he rolled his neck around. There might been some pain there now, but he didn't notice. He continued staring at his phone with that same Stoic expression. Waiting. He had texted her earlier, telling her that he thinks about her a lot and that she makes him feel happy when he thinks about her. It's  been two hours since he sent that text, and his eyes haven't looked away from his phone screen since then either.

Maybe I'm just over thinking it…

Suddenly his phone lights up. He eyes bulged in excitement. His fingers moved faster than the speed of light as he eagerly put in the password to unlock his phone. He quickly stabbed the message icon and opened up the messenger app. He looked at the message that was sent to him. He frowned.

“Aye fam you bogish for telling her that. You gave off that relationship vibe and now she's backing off. You tweaked hard.” It was a message sent to him by his friend Skid. It was the last thing he wanted to see.

I feel so damn stupid…

He finally put his phone back in his hoodie’s pocket. He drowned his face in his hands and groaned silently in frustration. He knew he had been getting ahead of himself, but he couldn't help it. The way that she made him feel… he had never felt that way about a girl before. It was weird feeling that he wasn't accustomed to, but it was a good feeling nonetheless. It made him do unnecessary stuff. Well, unnecessary to him at least. They say love makes you do stupid things, and while he was sure he wasn't in love just yet, he definitely felt like he was doing stupid *censored*.

Why am I so pathetic…?

He had been chasing her just a little too much. During his desperate research for dating advice, he had learned that women are turned off by men who chase them too often, and that they are more attracted to men who let the woman do all the chasing. It was agreeable logic and he had been doing that for the most part. But after a while he got comfortable. He felt it was okay to send her a text first every now and then, that it was okay for him to tell her how he felt strong feelings for her so early in the dating process. And because of all this, because of his simple mistakes, she had been slightly flakey as of late. She had been texting him less and their conversations are shorter than usual. It wasn’t like that at first and it worried him. It made him feel uneasy. The mere thought of him screwing everything up ate him up inside. He stomach began to churn at the thought.

Maybe she’s done with me…

 “umm Hi.”

The word had startled him. He had been so deep in his thoughts that he forgot about reality for a second. He looked up to see a pretty light skinned girl with brown curly hair smiling gently at him in the same seat where the fat woman had been sitting just a few moments ago. After a brief awkward pause of him just staring at her, he responded in an almost, uncomfortable tone.

“Um… hey…”

Is this happening right now…?

“I'm sorry about your pants,” She said sounding nervous.


“Your pants. I accidentally spilled some of my juice on them. You didn't notice?”

He looked down immediately and noticed a strawberry scented juice stain on his black cargo pants. He was completely dumbfounded by the fact that he didn't even notice. He felt a little stupid for letting his obsession for this girl completely disrupt his sense of reality. Then again, it was funny still, so he couldn't help but chuckle at the thought.

“Damn. I Guess I didn't notice.” He said with a embarrassed smile.

She giggles. “You gotta wake up man! She said with an energetic voice that kinda excited him in a weird way. “Can't be spacing out like that.“

“Yeah… Yeah you right, I guess. My bad dawg.”

“Oh no, you're fine.”


The two shared a smile for a brief moment before they each turned away to fiddle with their phones. He swiped back and forth on the home screen, confused, as if he was looking for a reason to keep himself from looking at the angel who just enchanted his soul.

That was… weird. But…

He looked away from his phone and pretends to glare at the front window of the bus as if he was looking for his stop, which wasn't coming up no time soon. As he did this, he took calculated glances at the girl. To his surprise, she returned the gesture, but they both quickly looked away from each other every time their eyes met.

Is she really looking at me…?

The thought made him feel nervous, perturbed and excited, all wrapped up into one sandwich of emotions. He wasn't sure what to do. In just a short amount of time, he went from obsessing over a girl who he had been crazy about for at least year now, to obsessing over a girl he just met on a bus. And to be honest, he wasn't sure which was worse.

Should I talk to her?

The anxiety was beginning to build up inside him. The idea of striking up a conversation with a girl he just met didn't make him feel too apprehensive. He's done it before. In fact he's pretty good at it. However, an underlying fear was nagging at him.

How would she feel…?

Granted, they weren't in a committed relationship. Going by the rulebook, he had every right to pursue and talk to other women if he so pleased. The problem unfortunately, was that the idea wasn't so pleasing to him. To be frank, he was prioritizing her feelings over his, and that was major problem. He knew it. Just hated to admit it. The question is though, how long will he let it last?

F!ck it. I don't care. I’ll-


The bus string was pulled and the bell sounded. He turned to his right and his sees the girl getting up from her seat and walking to the door. His heart sinks at the sight. His face ridden with defeat, he looked down trying not to stare at the girl preparing for her exit. As he looked down, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the girl turning around to look at him. She smiled and waves at him. Excited, yet unable to hide his disappointment, he waved back with a rather weakly smile of his own and watched his angel get off the bus.

That was an L… F!ck!

He leaned back in his seat and took a couple of deep breaths in attempt to calm himself down. “Another missed opportunity”, he thought. Then again, even he if he did talk to her and somehow got her number, he probably wouldn’t have went along with it anyways. The idea of juggling between two women sounded too much of a headache for him, and plus, his infatuation for the girl he’s currently dating wouldn’t allow him to. But what if this girl he’s obsessing over was talking to another guy and that’s the reason why she’s been so distant as of late? The thought caused him to pull his hair in frustration.
Suddenly, he felt his phone vibrating. He pulled it out, unlocks it and checks the messenger app. His face lights up. His heartbeat escalates . The girl finally responded. He waited a moment, took a breath, and tapped on her name to read it. He smacked his lips in disappointment.

She responded with “Ok.”

I ain’t sh!t…