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Title: [Free] Anyone Want To Do Concept Art For These Characters?
Post by: OhGodHelpMe on March 26, 2019, 04:44:38 PM
Howdy all.

I kind of hate asking, especially as I have nothing to offer in return, but I was wondering if there were any artist here that wanted to draw up some concept art for some of my characters from Death by Ex-Girlfriend and Senkumo War Stories. I'm especially lacking in the SWS department. Most of these characters are female and some have supernatural characteristics.

You can just pick any character that interests you and go to town with it! This went really well when people were doing art for the DbEG cast  :clapping:

Characters With No Concept Art

Taeko Senkumo
Hair: Long and black, typically wears it down

Eyes: Green. There's also a point in the story where she loses an eye in the battle against Shogun Yoshihisa. After that, she wore a white bandage around her head and covered her missing left eye.

Skin: It's Japan we're talking about here. All the characters have light skin and I don't care too much about specific tones.

Clothes: Usually wore the traditional black kimono of the Senkumo clan. It was tied with a white obi and bore the Senkumo crest on the back. The crest is three red clouds assembled in a triangular fashion. Interpret that how you will.

Other physical features: Laceration scars on her back, received from Bishamon as punishment for disobeying her lord's orders.

Personality: Before she lost her friend Ebina, she was a playful, flirtatious girl. She was always light hearted but very smart and able to analyze situations with a clear head. After Ebina dies, Taeko takes over Ebina's duties as she continues managing her own. She becomes bitter and much more cruel in her methods. She's generally an angrier, vengeful, 'the ends justify the means' kind of person. Do whichever you want.

The Man in Black/Orphan of the Katsura River

Hair: Shoulder length, unevenly cut black hair, but this is usually hidden beneath a tattered, wide-rimmed, black hat

Eyes: Red

Skin: White and pallid, like that of a corpse. He was brought back to life by Kagutsuchi (The Phantom Maiden) and Shogun Yoshihisa (The Phantom Soldier), two fiery ghosts that had been stalking Tsukiakari. His body had been dumped in the Katsura river after Tsukiakari's clan massacred his village, so he was quite literally a corpse.

Clothes: Tattered, black robes, the sleeves rolled back a bit to reveal his arms. Sandals.

Other physical features: Besides the pallor of his skin, his body is also riddled with slight deformities from the wounds and decomposition. Not sure if this is something you can really capture, but one of his arms is bloated, while the hand on the other is nearly skeletal. Face is malformed by burn scars.

Personality: Vengeful, but calm and calculating. Phantoms of the past are a big theme in Senkumo War Stories, and he represents a piece of that theme. He obscures his face with his hat and most of his body with his robes. He remains hidden, appearing and disappearing from shadows, the two fiery phantoms always at his side.

Noriko/Phantom of the Well
Warning because this one is gross and I doubt anyone could draw all of this anyway.

Noriko was one of the people killed in the village massacre that resulted in the Man in Black's death and revival. When Tsukiakari's men stormed the village, they beat her with a hammer, raped her, and threw her down a well to die. She was about 7 months pregnant as this happened. She's rescued by Tsukiakari, but she dies in premature childbirth caused by her wounds. Tsukiakari later finds that her spirit settled in the well, where she experienced true, child-like fear of death and the dark.

Hair: Long and black, flowing down to her breasts

Eyes: Completely black.

Skin: White, just like the Man in Black's. Her phantom form is akin to a giantess, so she's really big.

Clothes: None, other than her bruises

Other physical features: Like I said, giantess. She has long, talon-like nails in her phantom form. Also, and this is the gross bit, an umbilical cord and deceased, giant baby are hanging out from her vaginal opening. The baby is also pale and has no eyes in its sockets. In the story, Phantom Noriko is desperately trying to climb her way out of the cavernous, dark depths of the well, out of her fear of the dark.  As she climbs, her deceased baby hangs from its umbilical cord, motionless.

Personality: Severe Nyctophobia.

The Phantom Maiden
The Phantom Maiden is the corpse of Taeko's friend, Ebina, possessed by the fire goddess Kagutsuchi. Kagutsuchi had her body destroyed and became an Onibi, a spiritual essence of fire. Seeking form and flesh, Kagutsuchi returns to war-stricken Japan and feeds off of the emotions of people around her, possessing the bodies (or attempting to) of those that died with hatred in their hearts.

Hair: Gray, ashen color.

Eyes: Luminescent red. Her face is completely masked by darkness

Skin: Pale, as she is a corpse revived by Kagu.

Clothes: White or floral yukata, torn and dirtied. The sleeves are too long for her and obscure her hands

Other physical characteristics: She levitates most of the time, and often appears and disappears without being seen. Her feet are black with soot.

Personality: Doesn't really express once since she's a phantom. She finds herself beckoned by the hatred of several characters, including Tsukiakari, Taeko, The Man in Black, and others. She's constantly, silently seeking stronger hatred in order to try and possess the host and gain the body she lost.

Characters that do have art, but their appearances change and require new art
Osamu Ashikaga

Here's the big one. Osamu Ashikaga is the main character of Death by Ex-Girlfriend. Senkumo War Stories is a separate series, in a sense, but the two are connected. They share worlds and a lot of characters. SWS is really more like a prequel to DbEG. Just in case you're wondering he we can go from nyctophobic phantoms with dead children to this.


Hair: He had long black hair that went pretty far down early on, but his appearance changes in the War Cloud arc. His hair is like a black version of Robert Plant's hair here


Eyes: Brown

Skin: White, in a normal, living human being kind of way lol

Clothes: He has no defined outfit. He changes clothes everyday. He does wear a blue button up, white jeans, and bullet belt in Inari Standoff though. He also typically wears a silver peace sign necklace, or sometimes a Male symbol necklace.

Other physical features: He's pretty average build, but a little muscular too

Personality: Can't stop helping people to save his life. He's a pretty upbeat guy, always smiling and trying to help out however he can. He's a good natured man with a badly wounded heart.

Speaking of Inari Standoff, there's no art of him with Inari! If you want to take a crack at that, here's a pic of Inari for ya. The two had a fateful encounter in an empty airport, where Osamu agreed to help her fight off her hunters. They have a deep bond. Initially distrusting of Osamu, Inari eventually opened up to him. Since the both of them were brokenhearted at the time, the two made a promise. "We either win together, or we die together." They found solace in knowing that they would very likely die together trying to fight off the exorcists.

Inari is eating a heart here because devouring blood and flesh heals her and makes her more powerful. She has fallen very low since her appearance in SWS, where she was a gentle goddess of foxes, beloved by her peers and people. She's now a flesh-eating fox "demon", loved only by Osamu.


It's a very melancholic bond and the story is filled with tears and blood, as you can imagine.

I have to go, but I'll add more characters later. Do let me know if you're interested in any of these!  :thumbsup: Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: [Free] Anyone Want To Do Concept Art For These Characters?
Post by: Fap on March 28, 2019, 05:08:15 AM
Senkumo Taeko


Instead of bandage, flower eyepatch.

It's Japan we're talking about here.
Green eyes???

Title: Re: [Free] Anyone Want To Do Concept Art For These Characters?
Post by: OhGodHelpMe on March 28, 2019, 12:16:26 PM
Oh nice! The flower eyepatch reminds me of Zero from Drakengard  :clapping: That actually matches her later personality too. Thanks for this, Fap  :thumbsup:
Taeko's grandmother is actually from Russia, hence why she ended up with green eyes.
Title: Re: [Free] Anyone Want To Do Concept Art For These Characters?
Post by: Florence Agnam on May 12, 2019, 12:06:33 AM
Okay, so I'm a pretty traditional artist in the sense I've ONLY really worked with a pencil and paper (then I ink it so the lines pop). I don't do color and I still don't know how to digitize my work yet. BUT, I still did some concept art. All of them aren't done, but I thought I'd post the ones I've finished.

Also, I like to sketch out my character's faces before doing the whole body pic. So I've got just head pictures without the clothes, but I'll be adding the outfits when I finish the other full body sketches. Anyway, here you go, let me know what you think :)

Noriko (Head Pic)

Noriko "Full Body" Pic

The Man in Black (Head Pic)
Title: Re: [Free] Anyone Want To Do Concept Art For These Characters?
Post by: OhGodHelpMe on May 12, 2019, 12:17:32 AM
These are pretty sick, Florence! They're kind of scary and unsettling in their own way, which is a good thing for these characters  :clapping: First time I've ever felt a little unsettled by my own characters lol

The Man in Black really looks like a guy risen from his grave and living off of vengeance. Great job with that one! Love the various facial scars and the tissue rot on his ear. Noriko unsettles me the most, being a giantess trapped in a well and all. I just imagine Tsukiakari watching her climb up from the dark depths, her body riddled in those bruises and scars.

You should definitely keep posting your work around here. I like the style of your art  :clapping:
Title: Re: [Free] Anyone Want To Do Concept Art For These Characters?
Post by: Florence Agnam on May 17, 2019, 01:37:01 PM
Okay, I'm still working on the Man in Black (Sheesh, body positioning is so difficult to settle on), BUT I did finish this beaut. The kimono detailing and shading killed my hand, but it was all worth it to complete this x3 Honestly this is probably has become one of my favorite pieces to sketch, so thanks for giving my the opportunity to darw this. It was really fun and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Phantom Maiden (Full Body)
Title: Re: [Free] Anyone Want To Do Concept Art For These Characters?
Post by: OhGodHelpMe on May 19, 2019, 12:52:02 PM
I’m only just seeing this! She looks absolutely stunning and horrifying! Really great job on the kimono and the obi there. And you got the flaming hair right! Love this one!