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Title: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on January 16, 2019, 07:27:13 AM
2019 music, we talk about the music that comes out in this year.

BAND-MAID have two new singles out today, "Bubble" and "Glory".

"Bubble" is a little crafty, the verses are full of interplay and little grooves. Saiki keeps the melody while the rest of the band does random things. Quite like Misa's bass playing here, she fills things in nicely. The pre-chorus and bridge are great. The who-oh-oh in the chorus is uncreative and a little cheesy, but I'm not too bothered. A very tame solo by Kanami's standards! "Smile" is the most pop song the band have done since "Love, Passion, Matador". Acoustics and strings, which fit very well. I really like this song it has a great melody and a steady feel. Akane drives it along and Saiki sounds excellent. I like that BAND-MAID is going in a different direction, I just hope they keep the heaviness. This song is a very solid purely J-Pop style track. 

If you think they are softening than "Glory" proves otherwise. This song has been out for a few months and I absolutely love it. The riff is fantastic and jams hard, the drums are excellent, it's an urgent fast paced song with a super catchy chorus. The guitar interplay is great. This song just kicks it, I fricking love this track it's such a power song. It's too short! "The whooole wide-o world!". The b-side "Hide-And-Seek" is pretty awesome. It seems the band did one softer single and one heavier. This song slams, and the second pre-chorus is awesome. Great chorus and fast vocal. Again, Saiki is just the best.

I'm really curious what the next album will be. "Bubble" and "Start Over" where softer releases and "Glory" while great is a few pegs down from what the band was pulling off on World Domination and feels a little less meaty. I hope we get some album songs like "CLANG" on the next album. I don't mind the softer sounds, the band really make them work and I like their first mini-album a lot which is more melodic. So we'll see what they do. I still really like "Start Over" and the hard rocking b-side "Screaming".


BiSH have a new song "Small Fish" for some Fist Of The North Star 35th Anniversary album because Wack can't stop making them do tie in songs. It's fast paced but honestly not very impressive on first listen. The melody is boring and the vocals are fine but really it's so standard as a song. I hope BiSH stop doing tie-in songs for a bit and just release another album so we can hear the non-single tracks. I think most BiSH listeners are getting sick of everything being for an anime, game or drama.   
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on February 07, 2019, 04:03:48 PM
the peggies, Hell Like Heaven

At last, my first album of 2019. the peggies seemed to kind of disappear after 2016 but they came ripping back with "Kimi no Sei" the opening of Bunny Girl. It's a great track and it kicks off this high energy, great sounding J-Rock three piece album. Their sound is nothing unusual J-Rock, but Yuho Kitazawa makes it all work. Her guitar is driving and the tone is just fantastic on this record. Her vocals are also quite good and give it a fun tone. It's pretty consitent the whole way, some things break it up like "Fortune" with it's cool as hell beat and groove, and one song with it's chorus guitars, but otherwise it's song after song of high tempo melodic Rock songs. I like it, very solid and enjoyable to listen to. I might order it off CDJapan. I still feel the peggies have never lived up to the potential of "Love In The Tokyo" which was an awesome, wacky, super catchy little ditty that was just a one off in their discography. Nothing else they've done has felt as loose and silly, but for J-Rock this is a solid album. I just wish there was more to break it up.


If I could define GANG PARADE in a word I couldn't because I don't really know what kind of Alt-Idol group they are trying to be. Their music ranges from recycled second rate cliche WACK songs to whatever the hell "HERETIC" is. This album starts awful with "LAST" which is merely BiSH's "Orchestra" but worse. I already don't like "Orchestra" much, and I dislike how WACK keep making the song over and over again for all these groups. But when we get to song 3, "Message" things get interesting. "HERETIC" is sang in some weirdo dialect, it really stands out. There are some good songs, there are some very mediocre songs. It's nothing much, which is what's becoming the norm with Alt-Idol recently, even BiSH have tamed (though "stereo future" is amazing). I hope a cool new group comes out to throw everything off.


Last In My Cult, 1st Demo 

There is a new Punk Idol group in town. A six piece group who make...well Idol Punk music (vaguely). It's been done of course, but we'll see what becomes of this group, right off the bat I can say this demo is perfectly okay. It rocks, but the girls don't really do much interesting. They sing like idols who where given Hard Rocking track to sing over. Even their promo image is just them wearing jackets with obscure Hardcore Punk patches. The music doesn't really reflect that though, it turns into normal J-Rock pretty quickly. But the point of Idols is to watch them grow, for the beginning this is enough to make me want to know what they do next, all we have is a few pictures and this demo after all. I hope the group improve their sound and singing. I'm very much down for more Idol Punk, there are just so many awesome groups to compete with. I wonder what Last In My Cult will do to stand out? Also when is Seiko going to make music with ZOC? Or will she ever...just remembered that...

When it comes to straight up Punk I've yet to see an Alt-Idol group make a more ripping song than BiSH's minute and a half rampage of "DEADMAN" which I've never forgotten since it came out. That and Seiko's "draw (a) drow" where the two times I've experienced real full on Rock 'n Roll music in the modern age in the form of a new song that just blasted me. I was hoping this demo would have some of that power...but it does not.

Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on February 18, 2019, 02:55:59 PM
Seiko what have you done.     

So she gets Sayumi Michishige a former 6th Generation member of Morning Musume and does this. "Zettai Kanojo" is one of Seiko's top 5 best songs so for her 5th anniversary she does...this new version of it that...I don't know, this is just bad. I don't like this at all. The other girl isn't really anything notable on vocals, the sentiment of Seiko collabing with a former Morning Musume member is fantastic, but the song... Stylistic autotune like this is pretty awful when it's done this way. I really don't know why Seiko's done this haha. Maybe if it wasn't a remake of a beloved song it'd be different but I'm no fan of this. I hope the 2 b-sides, one being another version of "VOID", a solo acoustic song from a certain version of Kusokawa Party, are better than this.

I like the concept of this single, just not the actual song. "Zentai Kanojo" is such a great song originally, it kind of is Seiko's signature song to. The original...                                         
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on February 25, 2019, 07:50:35 AM
LOONA, [X X]  
K-Pop album from 12 member group LOONA that starts with 6 new songs and in a strange move reverses the tracklist of last years [+ +] EP for the last half. This album has a lot of elements from contemporary Pop production of the last few years, with the sleek chill sounds that burst into busy chorus with various things flying around the mix. Some of the songs follow the chill verse into big busy chorus formula, and it doesn't always works for me, but sometimes it does. It's in the verses that I really like this, the singing is great and the sound is fantastic in the quieter parts. I really like the tracks "Perfect Love", "Colours" and "Where You At" which are very solid, with all the nice Pop sounds I like. "Hi High" is a great song also, I heard this one last year, it has an awesome verse/instrumental and jamming chorus. The vocal sound is excellent, it has that sentimental department store speaker sound I love at times, which is something I always look for in music, because it's nice. Songs like "Butterfly" and "favOriTe" I don't like so much. I like maybe 70% of this album, it has maybe 4 or 5 songs I'll take away. I think this is the first K-Idol album I've listened to all the way.


Satoko Shibata's upcoming album might be something to look out for. This video/song is, strangely gripping. 
What the...this dork is awesome. How did I miss her before? She might be my new J-Pop love.                     
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on February 28, 2019, 08:17:01 AM
Two new songs from Carly Rae, "Now That I Found You" and "No Drug Like Me". They're enjoyable songs, still some 80's elements but with a lot of contemporary production elements. Neither song makes me go, WOW, right off the bat. The production is not too bad, and the 80's ass bass on "No Drug Like Me" along some other details is cool. So far the three songs we've heard from this are, not bad, but hhhm, I don't know, I think my expectations are unrealistic, these are good tracks 

Seiko has a music video for VOID, a b-side on here next single. Since a Kusokawa Party song in a new arrangement it sounds pretty similar but with a lot more of a rougher sound. It's pretty fast paced and the band sounds trashy. The chorus is great, it's just so clearly an acoustic Seiko gone full band, it's a total rampage through the short run time. It's a hell of a lot better than the terrible "Zettai Kanojo" remake, but it's not anything special. One more song to hear from the single...please be actually good....c'mon Seiko.

Mio, former PASSPO member, is in a three piece rock band now! She played bass in Band PASSPO so it seems like she kept that up. This is really awesome actually! I quite like this tune, certainly I will follow this group, BabooBee.
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on March 11, 2019, 01:11:20 PM
LADYBABY's new song is their best since reforming. "Riot Anthem". With this new line-up they have become more formidable and clear in their goal. More so than the last stint. Rie is certainly a top Alt-Idol. This song is pretty cool, a little wonk it parts though.     

EMPiRE's new single is fairly decent. They still don't stick out too much, I don't know what their thing is, but I like this song. I did order THE EMPiRE STRiKES START on cassette though, since of course I was going to buy an Idol album on tape. EMPiRE, GANG PARADE and the new BiS all kind of blend in a bit, with some good songs here and there. "Jealously Marionette" from LAST GANG PARADE is an absolute jam that I love.

PASSCODE have a new album coming out April 3rd, Clarity. "Taking You Out" and "Tonight" where awesome singles so this album has potential. The group is a great mix of styles in it's own crazy way. Silent Siren have a new album, 31313 coming on the 13th. They always deliver some great tunes so I'll check it out for sure. I don't like all the 13's though. 13 songs, the drummer's birthday is the 13th and it's a year and three months after their previous album. Silent Siren are nothing is not incredibly consistent, they have their own style, and they never really do much else, even that time they wrote an awesome song for PASSPO, but it works. Maybe one day they will change it up...   

I reeeeeally underrated BiSH's "stereo future" from the end of last year. It's an excellent song, in fact one of their best songs. The strings are awesome and it's a real epic, the chorus is fantastic. Aina, Chiiti & Ayuni are the power trio, Ayuni really sounds great on it. I just love this song and this live video says it all. This is the best live performance clip I've seen of anything in recent times besides BAND-MAID. I'd buy the DVD if it wasn't an insane amount, I'll just wait till it's online. I've been watching BiSH concerts recently, their long but awesome. This clip shows how they've evolved as artists since the beginning, the music might not be quite as good but they are much better as performers.     

I think 2019 will be a 90% J-Pop year for my music listening.   
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on March 17, 2019, 09:46:07 PM
Silent Siren, 31313   

The cutest and softest sounding J-Rock band returns with a 13 track album. The band hit their stride with 2016's S, sounding more solid and developed in their sound. 2017's Girls Power had great songs like "Fujiyama Disco" but it was a bit dull by the end. "Mujuuryoku Dance" is awesome, great keyboard parts. "ALC.Monster" is a different song. It rocks really hard but has robotic vocals by...I have no idea who did the main vocal, it doesn't sound like Suu. "Tenkaippin no Theme" is really fun. "Sotsugyou" I loved right away from the intro and it only got better. From verse 1 I was like, okay this is the best song. Yukarun does a small piano part instead of he normal keyboards and it sounds great over the driving music, especially with the quiet acoustic backing. Man this song is excellent, their best one since "alarm" I think! "19 summer note." rocks, actually this is Silent Siren's most Rock album. They've always made fast driving music, but it's songs like this and "Attack", with Ainyan laying down some pretty ripping slap bass, that make me go, damn. Silent Siren can play, and they get better everytime. This is their best album yet. But um, "Happy Song For You" with it's Happy Birthday bit is um...well it's a fun song besides that part.

I'm mostly impressed, I didn't expect 31313 to be this good. For sure one to order on CDJapan, along with the peggies' Hell Like Heaven which is a good companion to this album. 

Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on March 21, 2019, 01:02:17 PM
BiS "Are You Ready"....unbelievable. You really gotta see/hear all of this one.

I haven't cared for this new BiS without Pour Lui, even original BiS I'm a bigger fan of the videos/idea than the songs. I've seen some of the new BiS videos and stuff and it's all been meh, but this video is on a different level. First off all this is basically the first Idol-Prog song I've ever heard. 11:24 minutes and a clear tribute to "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the intro and quick jumps in the song. It's the song and video that make this...modern art. I got goosebumps at the end of this video, it's the old BiS spirit carried on. This is a really fantastic video and, it's one to just watch it attentively and go, wow.   

Rei Kuromiya, formerly in Ladybaby, has a new video for her cool straight on Rock band BRATS. Her voice is awesome! Really cool song as well! I didn't realize they released an album last year...this is a good track! Rei has a Rock voice, she's better cut to front a band like this than be an idol.

and Scandal! Damn! Excellent new song "Masterpiece". That heavy groove! The intro is awesome, and it has that classic Scandal touch. How often does a band stick around for over a decade and make their best music this far into their career? Not often. This is really cool! 

Maison Book Girl are one of the more unique Alt Idol groups that I haven't given a fair chance yet. This new song "Automata" is fricking great. They have a very defined sound and style, and this is another great song in it.
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on March 25, 2019, 08:36:38 AM
Satoko Shibata, Ganbare! Melody 

An artist who just came on my radar last month. Satoko's music is crafty very melodic singer/songwriter styled, not unlike early Seiko but dorky instead of crazy/idol themed and...well actually a lot different. It's a specific brand of J-Pop with great band arrangements that bring life to Satoko's tunes. It's pretty laid back, Satoko is a nice singer and the instrumentals give the album a great feel. "Tears" is a standout with a stupid groovy bassline and head bopping feel. The bass is generally awesome this whole album. There is some nice guitar and horn parts on this album also. It keeps a consistent mood of it's own. It's too busy to be easy going and lazy but Satoko's overall reigned in enough not to make louder songs like "Surprises" crazy. This album is all about starting with an offbeat vocal into a groovy bassline that picks up instrumentation into the chorus. "Wankoro Meter" has a crazy beat. This is a great album! It has a unique tone and does different things throughout the tracklist. Very fun.


Kaqriyo Terror Architect have a new single "The Forbidden Masturbating" with 2 b-sides. Quite the name, and the song's cool to. "Drying Party?" is even better, Idolcore Rap Metal thing. Maybe Alt Idol Dance Metal? It's not too bad. 

I haven't checked on Rinne Yoshida since 2017. The artist responsible for the greatest Kawaii Rap song of all time...I don't even know the English title, Rinne Hip something or other. She has a new single "#film" with 2 b-sides. It's a pretty good song! It has a great sound with rapped verses, still holding Rinne's style. I really like this song, it's a little more "K-Pop" in production. The other songs are fine to, though anyone could of done "MU", DAOKO, Perfume, it's a pretty non-distinct sound, even though I do like it. "Tea For Two" is pretty boring though. Rinne is best when she raps, otherwise she's like any other artist of the kind.     
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: devola on March 26, 2019, 06:10:11 AM
Hopefully I'm not intruding with this, but.. thanks for making these posts. I'm in constant need of music to draw along and your threads have been a great source for that. So once again, thanks for taking the time make these write ups and talk about these musicians, I really appreciate it!

Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on March 30, 2019, 04:10:21 PM
Thanks dude, I like to share! It's not intruding at all, it's nice to know someone is checking out what I ramble on about!

Three albums not worth posting much about.

CHAI : PUNK. Fun high energy album bursting with high vocals, urgent feelings and sugary delivery. The songs are crafty and do some cool things, it has a unique sound. But I don't want to listen to it again or anything, it was good for one listen. The Twilight Sad : IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME. Good I hope it won't because this was so boring I don't even remember listening to it. Heavily accented sort of Post-Punk, if you like boring things like the Cure it might be okay but this album was so unremarkable and plain that it's not even worth a single more word from me. Durand Jones & The Indications : American Love Call. An album amazingly good at taking just about every element from old 70's Soul songs and putting it together to create...nothing exciting. It's not a bad album, it's just really nothing interesting.

The most exciting promo video ever came out. Ayuni D eating spaghett (with ketchup, such a mangiacake thing to do), eating key lime cake, drinking pop like an animal and walking out of a restaurant. It was a thrill. Even more thrilling than watching my favorite Rock 'n Roll idol eat was PEDRO FULL ALBUM THIS SUMMER. Album of the year, called. zoozoosea was SO GOOD and Ayuni finally came out as a real example of the Rock 'n Roll spirit. So we'll see what's next. This is the most exciting possible news for 2019 music for sure. I got my focus on Ayu now. 
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on April 02, 2019, 10:27:29 AM

On April Fools BiSH announce a soon to drop EP STiCKS, and another, CARROTS, next month, ultimately resulting in their 5th album CARROTS AND STiCKS on July 3rd. All new songs! None of last years singles! So two 4 song EP's and then a combined album with 6 new songs. Wow. 

There is a new music video "STiCKS" which is the edgiest thing BiSH have ever done. Even more so than "DEADMAN". This video is...amazing. Oh my God what's going on, why do they look so good in those military outfits. Atsuko is full Top Gun in the flash back sequence. Momoko missed a recent BiSH concert and now there's a video in which we have a VHS sequence of every member killing her and she gets chaingun revenge in the end? There was also the WACK audition, which is always crazy, where BiS disbanded (again) after releasing that crazy video for "Are You Ready?", but BiSH came ripping out with this. and they have new edgy pantyhose face pictures on Twitter and...they're finally doing something crazy again. I love BiSH.   

I mean to be fair this really isn't a good song, but it kind of is? It's so different from everything BiSH have done, but it still holds that spirit. I think they finally decided to be "Alternative" again. I am anticipating the upcoming album! I hope for more of this stuff and less typical stuff like last year. 


Carly Rae's new album, Dedicated, is out May 17th. I will admit, I'm a bit of a hipster. Since I was onboard Emotion from day 1, before that, day 1 for Run Away With Me, I feel like wow about time people caught on. Only took a year or more before people realized. But as long as people find her music and love it then it's fine. It's oddly nice to have that very small album that you love so much, like top 10 love, and only few others know and love it. But no need to be a dick, it's good people are realizing she is more than one song, she found an audience, and we'll see how the next album goes!


The latest from the genre fusing Alt Idols. Clarity delivers the classic and very distinctive PASSCODE sound with a lot of great songs and a bit of variety. They smashed 2018 with the insane single "Taking You Out/Tonight" which where two awesome songs that really shine on here. Besides that there are some good "softer" songs that still have a bit of the screaming but more tactically. I liked "THE DAY WITH NOTHING" the most, it was my favorite along with "Ray", "TRICKSTER" and "WILL". This is a cool album with a lot of songs worth going back to listen to.



Last year BAND-MAID's April Fools was "secret MAIKO lips" where they redid one of there many many masterworks "Secret My Lips" with traditional Japanese additions and a cool music video. This year they took it further with a 7 song mini album! It opens with last year's track, which is great, and goes into a totally revised version of "One And Only" now "TORA and TORA". It's like the Wagakki Band BUT with a kind of bad mix. The traditional instruments clash big time with the band and it ends up sounding like two songs playing at the same time, sometimes not quite in sync with each other. Same with "YOLOSIOSU" where the instruments don't allow the song to breath like before. "ansan" is a bit of an awkward version of "anemone". "Akasimahen" is actually good, it changes up "Awkward" quite a bit and is a total new recording instead of adding on top the original. "Screaming" is also good on here. "Gion Cho" is a new song, and it's pretty good also. As has been a recent trend in BAND-MAID's music Akane and Misa have been doing the heavy lifting, there is less cool guitar stuff going on. It's a neat track. This EP is novel and the song selection is good, but the arrangements at times just don't work. Still a fun endeavor.


A couple weeks till Haru to Shura goes on record...but only 500 copies. Stupid. I hope I can get a copy, I'm willing to pay a bit for that certainly. As long as it's not stupid like $100+ shipped than I'll get it if I can. I love the album the more I hear it. It's a Western press though from some random, French?, Indie label so I'm unsure how the quality will be. I expect cheap but you never know, sometimes Indie labels care.
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on April 07, 2019, 10:33:57 PM

My iron maidens are back again with exciting music. BiSH spent 2018 doing tie-in songs for dramas, games, and anime. It was pretty safe formulaic WACK music, aside from the phenomenal single "stereo future". Ayuni D went off to do an amazing three piece Rock EP and Aina & Chichi had a good double a-side. Now we have STiCKS, as mentioned above the first of 2 EP's before their 5th album CARROTS and STiCKS. This is the dirtiest music BiSH have made, by far. It's lo-fi and nasty at times. "Finally Dead" might as well have no melody and the deliveries are so strange, this song is cool as hell and the more I hear it the more I like it. LingLing's part in the second chorus is great. "PAiN; Friendly Pain", which has a lot of Atsuko, sounds like a garage demo tape from the 90's, even down to the stiff drumming and fuzz wall guitar. "FREEZE DRY THE PASTS" is the same, it even has tape hiss. It does the quiet/loud thing, the chorus is just sudden overdriven noise. It's the best song here. It makes you wonder what the plan with BiSH is, to go from a very commercial 2018 to kick into 2019 like this. I like what's been done here, it's edgy and way different from before. Honestly this isn't going to be something I listen to very often but it's cool.


Seiko on the other hand is about to get some more Western fans with her OP for Black Clover. BiSH also did one so whoever's behind this has amazing taste. The song is "JUSTadICE". Just add ice? It's kind of like a Kusokawa Party song and "draw(a)drow" with more anime. It's a good song and if I was watching an anime and suddenly Seiko did the OP, ya I'd be hyped every episode. Her vocal is pretty excellent on this track and the guitars are cool. The bridge is classic Seiko, that's her signature touch! Someone on Twitter said it's a Nu-Metal breakdown, that's correct. This is a catchy song. It's made me forget that disaster remake she did with Sayumi Michishige already. 

Restating how awesome Maison Book Girl's new song is. I thought it was called "Automata"? Lol, clearly I was reading something wrong, it's "Kujira Kojo". The "EP" it's on SOUP is cool. But man this song is so fricking good, Maison Book Girl is just such a unique and total gem of a group. This is why I love Alt-Idol, so many unique and interesting artists that make music good on the ears! 
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on April 22, 2019, 11:41:34 AM
Seiko's idol group ZOC has their first song "family name".

It's kind of a typical idol midtempo Rock tune, but a decent one, familiar melody and feel. It has the all sing together chorus and guitar hook. I like the video, Seiko assembled a group of rejects basically and serves as the manager. I like the idea of ZOC a lot, the song's not bad, just hoped for something a little different I suppose. 

Carly Rae's new song "Julien" on the other hand is really good.

The other 3 songs have made me go, eh, but this one got me right away. Good groove and feel, instantly catchy and instantly great. The album's finally coming next month, this song has made me feel a little more positive about it overall.
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on May 17, 2019, 07:59:05 AM
Carly Rae Jepsen, Dedicated 

4 years after Emotion Carly Rae returns with my most anticipated album of all time. So, what do we have this time? Not quite what I was expecting. This album is slightly weirder than I thought it would be. There is a strong variety in sound and some unique bits that pop up. Carly and team add a lot more while keeping some of that 80's theme. "Want You In My Room" has some jangly arpeggios and robot voice in the chorus, a common theme on the album with all the pitched up vocal effects and such. "I'll Be Your Girl" is a fiery highlight led by a cool bassline, it's great energy! I really like this song. "Automatically In Love" is an excellent song! "Julien" is my favorite song currently, a strong opener. "The Sound" pulls some neat tricks not unlike "Gimme Love". "Feels Right" and "Right Words Wrong Time" kind of pass by, not bad songs but not highlights. "Real Love" is good but the album dials it down by the end, the last bit isn't bad and there are some really cool sounds in "For Sure", but it becomes less interesting overall. "Party For One" saves the day by ending the thing, this song really grew on me! It's quite catchy and those post-chorus keyboards...yes. It's the perfect song to close this album full of the highs and lows of love.

Dedicated retains Carly Rae's spirit and builds on Emotion with some new elements and a sound/vibe of it's own. This album is distinct with it's production and interesting/fun tricks it pulls in the first half. Of course I'm going to listen to this album a lot, and I outta get both the CD and record, on first listen I like it and certainly the album had it's share of surprises. "Julien", "I'll Be Your Girl", "Party For One" and "Automatically In Love" are my favorite songs. I am just thrown a bit by songs 11 to 14 which while not bad blend into each other. On first listen though I am overall happy with the album and feel it did some cool things.

Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: Manimal on May 20, 2019, 03:13:41 PM
I have listened to Dedicated 3 times now and I have this to say.

It's a good album, but not a great one.
I find overall the style of the album to be less interesting, and the elements I dislike become stronger as the album goes on. I think "Feels Right" is a bad song. The chorus and guest feature stink. and "Right Words Wrong Time" is not very good either. Lyrically the album is consistent and keeps a theme throughout that ends well with "Real Love" and "Party For One". Carly Rae's singing is a little off for me in bits, mostly "Want You In My Room" where she sings in a higher voice. That song is kind of odd but I do like it. That said when the album is good it's pretty good. I do really like "Julien", "No Drug Like Me", "Automatically In Love" and man "I'll Be Your Girl" is such a highlight, it's different from the rest of the album in the best way. "Everything He Needs" has a bit off an off chorus but it's not a bad song.

I don't really like the chorus of "The Sound" and "Too Much" has a bit of a...Taylor Swift verse, though the chorus is pretty decent. and yes, I'll say it again that "Party For One" is quite good, especially as the finale. I might be a bit overly critical, certainly I never thought about Emotion this hard, but it's clearly not as good an album, not that it had to be. It's it's own album. Carly Rae still keeps an edge over every other "Pop Star" simply because she's grounded and sings about her emotions, modestly. Dedicated is an enjoyable album, I will listen to it more and more, but I don't think it's going to be my album of the year unless literally nothing else good comes out. There hasn't been another contender yet. 
Title: Re: 2019 In Music
Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on May 24, 2019, 01:36:37 PM
I like this one more than Emotion, honestly, although I am also not a fan of "Want You in My Room," and "Too Much" and "Everything He Needs" are only decent to me. I love "Real Love" (ending and all) (by the way "For Sure" and "Party for One" are bonus tracks; "Real Love" is the real closer) and "The Sound" (chorus and all) and "I'll be Your Girl," and I like the rest of the tracks too. It's a fun record that's a nice break from all of the weird stuff I listen to. 
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You really like this one more? Go figure. But you where no fan of "I Really Like You" and "Boy Problems". But what is worse to you them or "Want You In My Room"? lol

Ya I was going off the Spotify listing, but than I got the CD which yes ends with "Real Love" which is a good ending, but so is "Party For One", they are both different vibes. I like "Party For One" as the closer, even if "Real Love" is a lot more of statement that goes with the rest of the album, because it's like "When I Needed You" in being a real upbeat ender after some slower songs.

What else have you heard this year that is noteworthy?   

Also pre-ordered the limited ver. of BiSH's upcoming album CARROTS AND STiCKS. For what I spent, not a crazy amount for a group I love, this better be a good album. I mean it comes in a cool metal box with a photobook (likely a smaller one like what came with The Idol Formerly Known As Ladybaby's Beside U), the album, another disc of SOME of the 2018 songs (no b-sides which is annoying) and a concert Blu-Ray with the music videos (but I don't think it's a complete concert which is a piss off, I love to watch BiSH shows). I like what we've heard so far, though no one was uploaded the CARROTS EP for us without Apple Music to enjoy.
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Post by: 50 Words for Paipis on May 24, 2019, 07:15:47 PM
You really like this one more? Go figure. But you where no fan of "I Really Like You" and "Boy Problems". But what is worse to you them or "Want You In My Room"? lol
"Want You In My Room," but I'm less into some of the slow tracks on Emotion these days, like "All That."
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The second EP leading up to CARROTS & STiCKS, it's been out for a month but only on Apple Music. None of my sources ripped it so I was like fine, I guess I'll make an account for a trial. STiCKS was the wild lo-fi BiSH and this is the nice hi-fi BiSH. "I am me." is a fantastic song, high energy, great guitar sound, vocals on point and a very lively track, the music video is really great. Showing the members in the future in their own paths in life and then a flashback to the girl from the "Promise The Star" video designing their costumes and doing the dance with them. It's a bright sunny video for a nice shining song. "Mada Tochu" is totally awesome, it's like late KiLLER BiSH, fits right in with "summertime", a high energy but bright song with lots of Ayuni and an awesome chorus. "CAN YOU?" is hard rocking, an absolutely pounding Pop Punk instrumental with classic BiSH vocals. Aina sounds so good (like always). WOW, where was this energy in 2018? This is the BiSH I love! The production is way improved from previous albums, the guitars rip and tear and the bass is full frontal. "NO SWEET" is a ballad to end the set. Um, excuse me a BiSH ballad that doesn't sound like anything else they've done? It's a good song, not great but it serves it's purpose.

Okay this EP is really awesome. It feels fresh for BiSH, like a life has been pumped back into them to make awesome Rock 'n Roll Idol music again. "Mada Tochu" and "CAN YOU?" are complete jams and "I am me." is really nice. This EP is the exact opposite to STiCKS and has me wondering what else will be on CARROTS & STiCKS. This is a blast of energy back, the mix is so much better there is so much more space and life. Ayuni is more in the forefront, having found her confidence (full PEDRO album in August!) and everyone else is sounding great as always. Good stuff.

(  (   

PASSEPIED, More Humor   

A group that came right back onto my radar with a pretty neat album! I previously only knew "Nagasugita Haru" which was a cool song and it seems PASSEPIED have expanded their sound since. They have all the good J-Rock elements as well as some tricks of their own, high voiced vocals, cool electro sounds, and a...proggy feel? "resonance" is an amazing song, stood out as my favorite right away. "R138" is a mad jam, 80's keyboards and synth bass flying at you, it's so cool sounding. This album is half really great songs half good songs, at a tight 10 tracks I can say this is one of the best albums I've heard this year so far. I outta go back and listen to their other albums.


Seiko's new song "Re: Re: Love" is pretty good! It has a raw feeling and a classic Prime Seiko freakout in the middle. The music video is great.
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BiSH's new song and MV "DiSTANCE" is very good! It's one of their take-off epics but with a really nice sound and a perfect line balance. Atsuko explodes in the second chorus with her best vocal performance yet, normally she is secondary, even though she has the most instantly noticeable look with her fancy glasses, so it was surprising and cool to hear that part. Chiiti also pops out. I can never decide if my favorite member is Ayuni, Atsuko or Aina. This is a good song overall and one to sort of break the standard BiSH formula, atleast in the verses. I keep saying it but it's surprising how the group seemed to stagnant and get caught in the same old thing last year but have now showed three distinct style and image changes in the last few months, released two awesome inspired EP's and ya...I'm thinking CARROTS and STiCKS is going to be a KiLLER album even better than The Guerrilla BiSH.


EMPiRE's new single "SUCCES STORY" ain't bad. EMPiRE have never struck me as an interesting or unique group, but they do some fun songs, and this one is enjoyable. Their outifts are...kinda dumb but, like every WACK group besides BiSH, but maybe their next album will be good.

I've come to really like ZOC's "family name". It has Seiko stamped all over it, the pre-chorus and the double bass rolls in the chorus are completely her ideas. It's actually a really good song, I like it the more I hear it. The b-side isn't good, but as a debut single it's pretty solid. I wonder how long ZOC will last...         
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GUERRiLLA released on Apple Music a few weeks before the July 3rd release date. BiSH's 5th album is unlike anything prior, shuffling three different styles and approaches into one 14 track album. It's rampaging & aggressive, high energy & endearing, dramatic & epic and it changes song by song. This album rips with Punk spirit beginning to end as normal but with a lot 90's Alt in the mix. "FREEZE DRY THE PASTS" is what a 4th Nirvana album might of sounded like and "Yashashii PAiN" is Lo-Fi J-Grunge. "CHOP" is like a lost song from BiS' amazing IDOL is DEAD. "DiSTANCE" is a sharp opener instantly ravaged by "Tsuini Shi" a really intense and cool song with a...unique vocal. "MORE THAN LiKE" is a very nice song, so is "I am me." followed by the decent ballad "NO SWEET". "O.S" is excellent, featuring an amazingly badass Ayuni D rap in the verse. Oh my God I love this song it's so fricking cool, BiSH have never ever done anything like it. "Mada Tochuu" is an absolute pumped up JAM. "Identity" and "MORE THAN LiKE" are good simple songs. "FiNALLY" is badass, ,"CAN YOU??" is excellent, the finale "GRUNGE WORLD" is actually a nice mid tempo song that is not very Grunge besides the guitars in the chorus.

BiSH have evolved from the start, perhaps the best change is Ayuni D's emergence of confidence last year. She's changed from her modest indistinct parts on KiLLER BiSH to being an absolute weapon of attitude and Rock 'n Roll. This album is new territory for BiSH, it lacks the polish of previous records and also changes up the formula with a lot of new twists and turns. Previously they showcased this intensity in small bursts with "DEADMAN", "First Kitchen Life", "Am I FRENZY??" and "SHARR". But both KiLLER BiSH and The GUERRiLLA BiSH couldn't harness the power of these songs all the way and ended up being good but somewhat samey albums by the end. CARROTS AND STiCKS on the other hand is a complete work of Rock 'n Roll power and energy. It's the most creative and distinct work BiSH have yet to do. It's more than the same old, it packs some punches and is overall a jumbled, mismashed rampage. 

A really good record is going to have to come out to make this not be my album of the year. This is pure Rock 'n Roll music, this is more than Alt Idol style mixing, this is natural, this feels genuine. This is joyous, energetic and awesome all around. It's nearly as good as BiS' previously mentioned IDOL is DEAD, the best Alt Idol album of all time & one of the greatest true Punk spirit records, and although it doesn't have the tunes and super fun songs of the debut and FAKE METAL JACKET a few more listens might tell if this is BiSH's best album to date. CARROTS AND STiCKS obliterates everything else I've heard this year so far.

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Oyasumi Hologram, 5 

The Idol duo are back with another album, with two songs from last year and eight new ones. The group have Poppy electro sounds but always bring the prominent Rock guitars. 5 does trend a little more on the dull side at times, after the first three songs, which are pretty solid, it's sort of hit or miss. "Ghost Rider" is an excellent tune but not much else sticks out. The album is good for the background but it's not really all that hitting. The vocals are fine and the production is not bad.


Atsuko from BiSH has a solo song "A La Mode".  It's a fun song and video, the other members are backup dancers and they wear their dorky oversized Life Is Comedy outfits. Nice Atsuko got the spotlight, her voice isn't bad. The English "We can't stop music, I got the best music" is so corny I love it and the pre-chorus part where she gets confused and the other members look puzzled. I kind of love the cheesy M and D dance moves. Atsuko has the best idol smile I've see also. It's a fun song, I have really warmed up to it. It has that old style chorus and I love the piano before the last chorus. This song just works really well. 

I have really come to love Seiko's new single "Re: Re: Love", I didn't realize how good it is when the music video came out. It's a fiery track with very catchy melodies and it increases in intensity. Seiko's vocals are super good on it, and I love when her and Mineta increase the violence in the last chorus. This song is nothing short of classic Seiko, it's what made her good in the first place. I have no idea what the hell she's doing this year though, everything is so dramatically different from the last. A confusingly bad new version of "Zettai Shoujo", the first song with her idol group, a super anime song and now this.
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Maison Book Girl's new single "Yami Iro No Asa" is pretty damn good. The acoustics are amazing and after the chorus it brings some more classic elements of the group's sound. The instrumental feels fresh, I love the room sound on the opening guitars and the big change up that shifts the entire mood of the song. Maison Book Girl makes Idol music in a future of rainy empty city streets. Their last single was top notch and this one, is not as good but still pretty solid. Mainly the chorus melody is just strange in this one, but that aside it's another fantastic production. The b-side "Silhouette" is really good, a super mood piece with a lot of sound effects and a sad piano tone. It is a super good song, once more the production quality is insane, it's extremely well put together. If Maison Book Girl release an album this year it could be AOTY, calling it now.   

BAND-MAID's new single "endless story" trends towards their more poppy Metal direction that "Bubble" and "Start Over" signaled. The song has some good bits like the entry of the distorted guitar in the first verse and Misa's bassline in the second verse. I think this direction isn't as exciting for the band, the chorus is so similar to "glory" and not as good. Like "Bubble" this song doesn't really grip me like World Domination did last year. That said they have something new coming before the end of the year. I just hope for less of...this. I liked "Start Over" a lot but this song on first listen has less impact and catchiness and it tries harder to be catchy.   

SCANDAL's new single "Fuzzy" is sub-par. It's overall a decent track that has the same sort of energy as "Masterpiece", a song I quite liked along with it's nice b-side, but it's sort of indistinct and lacks a certain kick the songs on Honey had. Mami's guitar parts are pretty good, she is the star of the song with her high fretting. It's a perfectly passable track, not bad at all but not great.

Ayuni D has a new album with PEDRO out THUMB SUCKER. I should be more hyped, I have only listened once through. It's good but the production sucks. It's way too loud and shrill, the tremble is way to high and the mixing on Ayu's vocals gets old, not nearly as good as how she sounds in BiSH. Overall I think it has a bad sound, "Edge Of Nineteen" sounds insanely bad, but some of the songs are pretty solid. I really like "Night Night" for the verses and "Skyfish Girl". It's not bad but I get tired of it fast, it's too loud and Ayu, while she is a delightfully bad singer, she really sounds awful in a number of these songs. Not too impressed overall.   


Still really digging Seiko's latest song "Re: Re: Love", it's damn good. Forgetting and remembering then forgetting again that Carly Rae put out an album. BiSH's "CARROTS AND STiCKS" is still standing out, even if it's not as great and randomly sequenced it has a number of awesome tracks like "O S" that I keep listening to.   
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Mary's Blood have a new album Confessions. It's a let down compared to the group's past work. It sounds a little dull and many of the songs are pretty boring for Power Metal. There is an edge on albums like Fate that is not present here. "Hello" is a different track for the album, kind of a bass pumping keyboardy dance Rock song. I feel this album is overall uninspired and doesn't compare the rawness and energy of their previous releases. That said it sort of kicks the life on near the end with "HIGH-5" which is a very enjoyable and fun tune. "GO AHEAD & LAUGH" is good also with a cool verse. Them it goes right back where it was with the following two songs. Not much here, overall a forgettable release.   

Andrew Bird's My Finest Work Yet is a pretty solid album. Some really good songs like "Fallorun", "Manifest" and "Cracking Codes" which is a simple but beautiful love song with a big pick-up in the second verse that makes the song sail. It's a pretty solid late career album. Post Malone's Hollywood's Bleeding was pretty safe and listenable Trap Pop whatever album. I enjoyed it but certainly didn't find it memorable, that said it had some fine songs like "Circles" and "Myself". Tyler, The Creator's IGOR is pretty interesting. I don't think it's anything I intend on listening to again but the songs follow pretty unusual structures and it has it's moments. EARFQUAKE is pretty much irresistable and I liked A BOY IS A GUN*, PUPPET and WHAT'S GOOD

the peggies new single "Stand By Me" and "Dive To Love" is damn good. Both great songs from a group who really stood out this year. Love the guitars in "Stand By Me" and the melody. "Dive To Love" is a really nice song also. the peggies absolutely crept up on me with Hell Like Heaven, which given how enduring the songs have been for me, might well be by top album of the year.

December will have two massive for myself releases with BAND-MAID's CONQUEROR and Maison Book Girl's Umitouchunokodomotachi. BAND-MAID have been spotty recently. I liked "Start Over" but it won't be on the album and while "Glory" was good "Bubble" and especially "endless story" fell short for me. So I feel their best work is behind them. I mean you don't beat an album as intensely good as WORLD DOMINATION. "anemone" will forever be their greatest song.

Maison Book Girl on the other hand have had two absolutely fantastic singles this year so I have pretty solid expectations for their album given how remarkable their output is in general and how much I like "Kujira Koujou", "Yami Shoku no Asa" and "Silhouette". Their previous album "Yume" was also top notch. I suppose Seiko Oomori won't be continuing her yearly streak, likely for the better. However I do like "JUSTadICE" and "Re:Re:Love" a lot. That said her idol group ZOC's second single "Dansyari Kareshi" I'm not so into. 
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BAND-MAID kicks the doors down with new video "Reincarnation". This is a ripping track with fierce energy and a classic feel trademark of the group. It kicks, has a great chorus pick-up and a unique solo from Kanami. A really cool song and a video that is really badass as well, this is likely next album's "DICE". 

SCANDAL have their third music video this year with "Saishuheiki Kimi". This song has a bit of a different feel with some cheesy keyboards and an autotuned verse. The groove is great and the bass is rumbling. But the song itself I'm a little less thrilled at. I don't really like the chorus or all the effects on Haruna's voice. However the song does kick hard, like "Masterpiece" and it seems SCANDAL are doing something different with their recent set of songs.

BiSH play it safe with "KiND PEOPLE". A fairly boring and standard song that mixes a lot of different BiSH tricks together into something that feels sort of soulless and lacking. The verse is good, I like the instrumental just fine but the chorus is boring and it's just an extremely underwhelming song. Even the video isn't all that exciting. This is basically 2018 era BiSH back again, I'm not thrilled by this. The ballad that came before was so bad and so painful that I won't even bring it up past that.

BiS come and BiS go. I think without Pour Lui the group is not BiS, and even then the original generation ran it's course but here we are with the new third gen. That said, the new song and video for "Dead Or A Lime" is pretty neat. It's a spicy tune, I think this 4 member BiS is a lot more interesting than whatever nonsense was going on with the constantly changing line-up and gimmicks of the second generation. 

ZOC's second single "Dansyari Kareshi" is pretty neat. It has Seiko energy all over it and in the context of an idol group it works pretty well. The track as well is a cool production, I didn't really like it at first but it's certainly grown on me. It's basically a stepped up version of Kusokawa Party's style, and it comes together quite well here. "family name" was a good song but not what I expected a Seiko brained idol group to be, this song on the other hand is more what one would expect. 

PASSCODE's newest single "ATLAS" is ripping. A wonderful track with all the melody and musical variety the group brings. The chorus is fairly standard and sounds a lot like other songs, but the song is really good and there are plenty interesting parts.
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Last year BAND-MAID delivered in my opinion the greatest Modern Rock album WORLD DOMINATION an absolute statement of Hard Rocking that completely blew me away. Following this was the Poppy single "Start Over" which has the name implied indicated a new path for the group, and further singles "Bubble" and "endless story" showed this as well. Now we have their 3rd full album CONQUEROR, an album which right from the start shows this is a different BAND-MAID than the girls who smashed our skulls open with songs like "CLANG" and "I Can't Live Without You".   

The album starts really light with the acoustic "inspiration" song "PAGE", which was kind of dull. "glory" kicks it back up, that is a song I love with a great groove and lots of energy. The first half is full of light balladly songs like "At the drop of a hat". "Mirage" was pretty interesting though and reminds me of "Awkward" with it's slow feel and cool guitar bits. Something this album is full of. Kanami's guitar parts are quite crafty and she plays many simple but neat riffs. Some of the songs like "Liberal" are unique and full of interesting bits. In some songs I think the cool bits overshadow the song, like "The Dragon Cries" which I don't really like the vocals on nor the overly loud production. 

This album in general flows and sounds a lot different than the group's previous works. Miku backs Saiki a lot with high vocal parts and there are a lot of small details. "flying high" is a good example of this, it's actually a pretty tight track with a lot of different parts. But something is lacking for me that makes it an overall good song. The songs just don't kick it they don't active my ape brain and make me jam. and the melodies aren't as good. But they aren't just doing the same thing again, there are plenty new things on here.

"Catharsis" is a really damn good. Easily my favorite on the album, it has a really great groove and the change up of rhythm in the second verse is satisfying. The chorus is great as well. "Blooming" also is amazing right from the start, it's fast and kicks ass. The album puts things into overdrive in it's last three songs. "Reincarnation" is just badass and as an album ender it kicks the doors down like "DICE" and "Shake That" before it. It's here that I wish the rest of the album made me feel this way. The last 3 songs and "glory" are the only tracks that I really like on first listen. It might take a few more listens since this is a new sound in a way and there are plently of details in the music, but right off the bat these 4 songs are all the hurtles my gurtle. Where as every song made me explode on WORLD DOMINATION.

I need to listen again before I decide if I like this album. It doesn't hit you right away and I'm left thinking it was 4 absolutely amazing songs and some decently solid ones. "Blooming" is the best song on the album and one of the greatest in BAND-MAID's catalog. It is NO DOUBT the best song I've heard all year and I keep listening like oh my God this song is amazing.