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Title: Redline Me! (Art Critque Workshop)
Post by: legomaestro on November 18, 2018, 08:09:01 AM
Some raiders take it upon themselves to give in depth pointers on a piece of work by redlining the artwork and showing where what could be fixed, but I thought it could be nifty to actively ask for some pointers on something that you've drawn/done.

Of course, be merciful, and most of all helpful if you can.

I'll start with myself.

This was done for my inktober. Thoughts?

Title: Re: Redline Me! (Art Critque Workshop)
Post by: Coryn on November 18, 2018, 08:45:04 AM
I'd love to do a full redline for this, but as we all know I'm an art scrub, I'll just say two things.

1. The is the most detailed drawing I've ever seen from you. Wtf?

2. I have no idea what's going on with that tail. It doesn't look like she's holding it, but if it's attached, it's got to be connecting to her left thigh or something.
Title: Re: Redline Me! (Art Critque Workshop)
Post by: Gabryel on November 18, 2018, 12:20:23 PM
Oh this is perfect, I was just about to ask if there is something like that here because I do like redlining but I don't want to do those without being asked for anymore, so, perfect! I'll try to be gentle Lego  :heart:

First of all, I like the lizard theme to the character design. I also like the details of the pants specifically, because that looks very plastic.
Now, the proportions you chose remind be a bit of one piece, with a very small head, long limbs and a small and slender torso. I tried to keep that and bring it to a bit more balance. Overall the movement would be a bit more natural if you give it a bit of a tilt or a twist around the waistline, but since you did not draw it like that, I tried to keep it straight too.


The shoulder region looks like you had trouble. If you look at a skeleton now, the shoulderjoint is real close to the chest, floating underneith the clavicles outer end. So the shoulders should be mit more in, part of the torso and less pointing out. Joints in general are a bit difficult to wrap the head around, which I would say is like that on her left ellbow and the knees - as long as the left (her left) foot is not supposed to be behind the right foot, the knee should be about the same height, slightly lower than the right one.

I like the thiccness of the thighs however where the legs go into the boots, they should be getting thinner because the ankle is the thinnest part of the lower leg. I made the feet just a bit smaller as they look really huge, but since that can be a part of the concept or style, I didn't change it much. the angles of the feet are good.
The tail looks a bit off, imagine how it's connected to her rear and how thick it has to be, so it looks like that at the pointy end. from there, you get a better idea of the curve it should have.


To the Torso-region: The pants are really nice especially on the upper part, but the lower part does not quite align to the hip. This is high level nagging, I know hips and butts are a pain in the ass to draw (har har), but you should always try to align at least the part where the pants are real close to the body.
I am not sure how the collar is supposed to look, so I made it so it would be kinda symmetrical. If it was meant to look asymetrical, my apologies.

Last one is more a question of taste. The cute face-to-head-ratio is based of how we percieve small children, and there the eyes are just below the midline of the head, which is already a BIG difference to the being above them like on adults. On your pic, it'S where the brows start, making the face really small on the head. Since the rest of the body makes her look very big with the long legs and big feet, I would maybe balance it out a bit more. But as I said, this is pure taste.

I hope this was more help- than painful ^^° Tell me to tone it down a notch if it's too much.
Title: Re: Redline Me! (Art Critque Workshop)
Post by: legomaestro on November 22, 2018, 06:32:39 PM
Nope not rough at all, and when I see redlines I facepalm and say 'Why didn't I notice that before?' Even the collar looks so much better!

@Coryn yeah the tail was supposed to meat up with her hind but it didn't turn out quite well. I think the gesture of her left hand is too passive so it looked even weirder. And yes, with that pen in particular I love the sharp lines so I take longer drawing there lel. Otherwise you know me dude, always rushing everything.

Thanks so much for the feedback guys
Title: Re: Redline Me! (Art Critque Workshop)
Post by: Suuper-san on November 27, 2018, 10:07:45 AM
@gabryel that's quite cool how you red-lined the body separate to the clothes, I wouldn't have thought of that. really, thats a good way to draw clothes in the first place, to make sure that they follow the body properly and everything's good.

Why didn't I notice that before?
yeah been there, done that.
I think experience is the key to noticing those mistakes earlier. nothing fancy, just having made every possible mistake there is to make in art, and you'll start to figure it sooner I think.
Title: Re: Redline Me! (Art Critque Workshop)
Post by: KeanFox on November 27, 2018, 03:50:10 PM
Gabryel did great. No more to add so I wanted to draw the muscles. It's not accurate to real muscles but this is how I go about it. The tail starts at the end of the spine. But you as the artist estimate how you want to do it. look at animal bones for ideas.
Title: Re: Redline Me! (Art Critque Workshop)
Post by: Gabryel on December 23, 2018, 06:46:58 PM
Oh this is great! I think I'll use that for my sketches too, I'm still terrible at muscles especially around the hips/legs. And torso. And arms... well, basically everywhere lmao. Good job!