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Title: Manga Writer here
Post by: Vikings1428 on February 26, 2018, 11:15:57 PM
I'm a Manga Writer and I'm willing to help out anyone on here that is in need of a Writer to write or help out on their story.
I enjoy writing Manga, Short stories and sometimes even poetry and even full length stories (concepts at the most right now though).
I like more of the Shonen based manga more than anything but I wouldn't mind writing another genre.
That's about it and really wanted to use this thing  :sheep: lol
Title: Re: Manga Writer here
Post by: Chronos on April 09, 2018, 04:41:35 PM
Well, I don't know if you are still available, but I am always thankful for a bit of input on the concept I posted in the "Develop Your Story"-subforum. The story is titled "Sordem" and should be on the first page (I would post the link, but I am unsure whether I may or not, since I don't have 25 posts yet.). In short, the setting focuses on a Fantasy World in its beginning stages of industrialized trench warfare, where the study and understanding of magic (This work does feature a Hard Magic system, if that is of interest) is only in it's early stages, yet is nonetheless already being weaponized by most of the major powers in an attempt to gain the upper hand in this worldwide conflict between the various races.

If that premise sounds interesting to you, I would be grateful if you could look over a few more of the details I put in the respective thread and give me your opinion on it.
Title: Re: Manga Writer here
Post by: Rushded on May 02, 2018, 06:54:14 AM
I know I'm replying quite late, but I would really be grateful for any help. I am writing a manga called "Deifics". It's a fairly dark manga about a world similar to x-men, but where people evolved too quickly and many used their power for their own selfish gain.

My story will take place 20 years after a great war. There is once again world order, but policing is a lot more extreme. We're introduced into this world through a character called "Will", who unlike everyone else, seems to have no power.

His school has a ranking system based on a persons usefulness to society. Will of course goes to Class "F". Surrounded by people with semi-useless powers like growing their nails long or changing hair color, etc...

One day at school everything changes. He saves someone from being bullied by someone from Class "S" who then threatens to kill him. He is targeted for assassination by a mysterious organization and a girl who he has never met, saves his life and tells him that she has been looking for him for a long time...

I've written several pages and know how the start, middle and end will play out, but I would be extremely grateful for any help. If your interested, let me know. Open to criticism and willing to  :sheep:*work on it. lol (kinda wanted to use it too)
Title: Re: Manga Writer here
Post by: 4l4k4z4m on May 06, 2018, 08:20:40 PM
I am an amateur manga artist, but I have been in development of a shonen manga for about a year now. Ultimately what I am working for is a consistent partner that is serious about the creation of this manga. I plan to keep in touch daily but weekly minimally. I am in love of lore and the feeling of complete immersion in a story/world.

To tell you about myself: I'll go by 4l4k4z4m[alakazam] for now, and you can see my art profile on Instagram @4l4k4z4m. I have a dream to build a manga series that engages fans and expresses my art style and storytelling. I am not in this for money, purely a hobby. I do wish to acquire fans and readers.  I have been working 2 jobs for a while and have feel of my development. I have also been battling with motivational issues, but I have cleared room for me to work on my story. I only have one job and now have a perfectly clear schedule to start developing.

Conditions: I am willing to credit for all work done by you, and if we become true partner creators i will split it half and half. I am looking for serious energy and commitment because I believe I have created(or started to) the new best shonen manga!

Title: [wip] "What is Mana?"
Summary: In a literally divided world, a young human was recently discovered to be part of an advance race of demi-gods. Traditions forcing him to become a citizen of the land beyond the wall, Tadasu [MC] is over-encumbered with amazement, knowledge, and power. Tadasu's journey takes off as he strides to understand the all powerful energy of mana, and also climb the political latter to change the world for the better of all living things.
Genre: Fantasy

Hope I get a reply or direct message.

Title: Re: Manga Writer here
Post by: Vikings1428 on June 11, 2018, 12:40:50 AM
uppity up :sheep: :sheep: uppity up up up
Title: Re: Manga Writer here
Post by: Vikings1428 on July 18, 2018, 12:58:49 AM
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